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Getting On: Dr Pippa Moore's Casebook

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Matt Callanan | 13:50 UK time, Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Welcome to Ward B4, a backwater in an NHS Trust Hospital. This is the world of slips, trips and hips, this is healthcare at its least glamorous. Getting On forms part of the Grey Expectations season of programmes dedicated to understanding life's twilight years on BBC 4.  Ahead of the first episode that goes out tonight Doctor Pippa Moore has given us an insight into her daily routine....

Dr Pippa Moore - Consultant Gerontologist - King Edward VIII  Foundation Hospital Trust

Time Management Task/Activity Schedule. July 8th 2009

5.30 am. Running late - only time for a 'tart's wash'.

7.30 am. Look for red zone parking space at Ted's.

8.30 am. For the love of God....

9.00 am. Find a blue zone space, which will have to do.

9.30 am. On to B4 for Ward Round. Troublesome liver with renal complications in Bed 6.  Mr Harvey has over-ridden my beds allocation and has nosed one of his Angina's into bed 7 - I could spit. Have a pressing 18 weeker which I'm desperate to sign off. Will have to have a chat with the patient's GP, as luck would have it a fellow badminton player. We might be able to fudge it. Ward Sister Den Flixter rather offhand. Seems to have some private joke with the new return to practice nurse, Kim Wilde. Another comfort eater by the look of it.

12.35 am. Decide to cut out the middle man and make a call to Howard Gibson C.B.E. Chief Exec of Teds, to make a complaint.  Who's palm is Harvey greasing? His PA books in a telephone appointment for a week on Friday. Interrupted by call waiting - it's Phillip - Air Traffic Control have grounded him in Phuket for another 24 hours.  Says not to worry he won't be bored- he's got the latest Robert Harris page turner,  and I made him promise not to go back to the bar where that woman shoots coy carp out of her vulva.

3.00 pm. Forgot to have lunch. Oh well too late now. Head to multi disciplinary team meeting. Tedious beyond belief. Have run in with the social worker. Honestly. What my son might call a  'waste man'. Where do they find these people?

6.00 pm. Just finished my private Dementia Clinic. Treating the former head of MI6 - tragic wastage of a brilliant mind. Looking into Stem Cell Therapy options as last resort.

7.00 pm  Car park. Can't leave the red zone. Barrier won't open due to wrong pass and ticket now expired. Traffic Enforcement Operative is on his tea break. Back in 25 minutes. Listen to The Archers whilst munching a packet of pumpkin seeds. I'm going to miss helping my daughter finger Little Jack Horner on the piano. Oh well, something's got to give.

And here's a brief candid interview with Dr Pippa Moore as she takes five minutes out from her shift

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  • Comment number 1.

    This is the best medical comedy I have ever seen. The whole cast is fantastic - I love them all - but the character of Dr Pippa Moore is so astutely observed. The clothes, the mannerisms, the facial expressions, the intonations. Her preoccupations. I just love it. Please can we have more.

  • Comment number 2.

    Incredibly well written, acted and directed. But why only three episodes? We get umpteen episodes of utter tripe, year after year, and then an absolute gem comes along (as this is) and we're starved to just three episodes?

  • Comment number 3.

    Shockingly brilliant! The acting, the writing and the concept, quite stunningly good! It looks as though there are only 3 episodes, which is a shame. It clearly deserves more but, with a jaundiced view on British Televison, I expect it won't get it! I have just read the other comments; clearly we all agree and all expect to be disappointed!
    For me, my previous medical favourite was the unmatched 'Cardiac Arrest'... until now! This is shaping up to beat it!
    My wife is in medical research in the middle of huge 'study' so I KNOW how accurately Dr Moore is 'drawn'!!
    We want MORE of this!

  • Comment number 4.

    Comedy masterpiece and so accurate it is scary! Please please let us have more of this.

  • Comment number 5.

    More please! This is the best comedy I've seen in ages. Wonderful scripts and the leads are brilliant. So real and so funny, I love it.

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi, How can I see these episodes. I cant access them anywhere and everyone I have spoken to states I ahve to see them!

  • Comment number 7.

    The series has just been shown in Australia. I was frantically looking for episode 4 as I just had to find out how Dr. Pippa Moore's Research Project presentation went with the word change to 'plop plops' - still makes me laugh whenever I think of it. I was devastated to learn only 3 episodes were made! This was just too good not to do more! Please please please make some more, this was just pure gold!


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