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Whitehouse as Evan Davies

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Danny Robins | 20:35 UK time, Friday, 13 March 2009

That was quite an unsettling Evan Davis impression by Paul Whitehouse in Victorian Dragons Den. There's more of those coming up.

Keep the money coming in. It's going well so far. That's my Bob Geldof bit there. I am less sweary than him.

So, if you are watching on TV and reading this blog at the same time, well done. I think you should go on and see how many different forms of communication you can use at once. Speak on your landline. Tweet on your mobile. Stick the radio on. Possibly get some flags and  semaphore. Maybe smoke signals if you can do that in a safe none setting fire to furniture way.

A prize for the most types of communication used at once. It will probably be a non-real prize. Like just my love or something.

Jonathan and Claudia coming up. Davina and David - the double Ds - are coming off so I will try and get my mitts on them for you.

By the way, I meant to mention earlier - in the Harry Hill's TV burp section - I knew the bloke who was in the Holby City clip. Yes, that's how well connected I am.


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    RSS feed of blog into Outlook, Tweetdeck, Twitterific on iPod, and TV... not as many as I'm sure I could manage! :) loving the blog, but can I swap places with Davina pleeeeeeeeeease? I'd double whatever she paid for the snog...


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