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Comic Relief Liveblog Round-up

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David Thair | 13:55 UK time, Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Did you have a fun Comic Relief night?

Our man with a keyboard, Danny Robins, proved to be an insatiable liveblogger, racking up 43 posts over the evening. In fact, he made such an impression on this author that later that night I dreamt we could not get Danny to stop and he continued to blog about nothing in particular as the studio packed up and the lights went out.

Danny Robins at Comic Relief
Our liveblogger, Danny Robins, doing something funny for no money

If you wish to re-live the experience one evening, visit Danny's archive page and start reading at 7pm - but pace yourself. Don't read them all at once.

Otherwise, here's a convenient round-up:


We had a huge number of celebrity guests in our special blogging area. Danny most certainly was NOT making it all up, because we got pictures and everything.

Some of them even blogged for us: Noel Fielding revealed his crush on Ruby Wax, while Ruby gave an insight into her relationship with Sir Alan Sugar following her Apprentice appearance, and gossip-nozzle Ben Shepherd stirred things up with curious mutterings about Ronan Keating - though when we later quizzed the man, it simply turned out he's not too good at identifying primates. And who could have predicted we'd have John Humphreys in the house and live to blog about it?


The Comic Relief liveblogging teamTeam liveblog - can you spot the Mountie?

Slightly unusually for this sort of thing, behind the scenes of Comic Relief really is like you'd imagine. We were a bit like a mollusc in the Comic Relief rockpool, feeding on the celebrity plankton carried in by the rhythmic tides of the telethon (though regrettably we didn't literally feed on them - that's why Danny was provided with this sausage).

What with it being Friday the 13th, Danny became preoccupied with the number for text donations, as it contained "the number of the beast".  But thankfully that didn't seem to put anyone off - and it's nice to think that in some small way, our posting a picture of Noel Fielding contributed to this year's record-breaking Comic Relief total.

It was pretty surreal being backstage throughout, but probably came to a head when the drag queens and strippers were limbering up. That's right. In fact it turned out that one of the drag queens was none other than Graham Norton, and as for the strippers? Well, you've probably already heard about that.


So that's the Comic Relief liveblog well and truly rounded-up. But most importantly, even if you missed out on the night, it's still not too late to donate:



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