The BBC College of Journalism and Global News are proud to launch an Essentials of BBC Journalism DVD for all the Corporation's international reporters and stringers. This is an opportunity to share BBC learning - especially when access to the College website is difficult. (See the video introduction to the DVD above.)


Some of the key content of the DVD has been translated into 21 languages including Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Russian and Swahili. The aim is that every new recruit to the BBC, wherever they are working, will have this essential guide to BBC journalism from day one.


The DVD mirrors the College of Journalism website in many ways. You can find a selection of films and guides from the website as well as content developed for international reporters.


In close collaboration with the language services of Global News, the DVD is tailored to cater for the specific learning needs of different services. For instance, it includes advice for reporters and stringers on the emotional trauma of being personally affected by a story in their locality. 

The DVD also concentrates on handling relationships with commissioning editors, who are often thousands of miles away. 


Essentials of BBC Journalism has a special section on English for broadcasting - a series of interactive films and quizzes to help reporters improve their English pronunciation.

The DVD will be distributed to BBC staff in the coming weeks. 

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