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Reuters journalists have long been known for their strict adherence - some would say devotion - to the news agency's way of doing things.

Now they've decided to share The Reuters Way with the rest of us by publishing their Handbook of Journalism. The document, or something very like it, has existed for many years but for internal consumption only.

Unsurprisingly, the Reuters handbook covers many of the same areas as this website - standards and values, style, guidance on tricky editorial choices.

And rather like this website, it's not a set of rules but a collection of good advice, wisdom and aspiration.
In common with the BBC, Reuters stress the importance of accuracy:

"Always hold accuracy sacrosanct
Always correct an error openly
Always strive for balance and freedom from bias
Always reveal a conflict of interest to a manager
Always respect privileged information
Always protect their sources from the authorities
Always guard against putting their opinion in a news story
Never fabricate or plagiarise
Never alter a still or moving image beyond the requirements of normal image enhancement
Never pay for a story and never accept a bribe." 

along with independence and impartiality ... or 'freedom from bias' as the handbook puts it.
Worth a read.

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