Getting the scale of the UK's debt - and therefore the coalition government's measures to deal with it - into a) scale and b) proportion isn't easy.

Phrases like 'eye-watering' are too cliched now and never meant very much anyway. Overstatement doesn't help much either - this first pull at constraining spending is a mere clearing of the throat. Which most of the press reflected this morning, avoiding headlines with 'slash' and 'axe' in them - though not the Mirror or Sun ... while the Express had a 'shockwave'.

Problem with overstating the scale of the current £6 billion is that you're lost for adjectives and metaphors when the real spending reductions/tax increases start. And they will.

The Independent had a good ruse - or a 'brave front page', whichever way you look at it. Works for me ... a lot better than those headlines telling me what I'm supposed to think.

While BBC Radio 4's Tim Harford had another shot both at explaining the scale of the debt and debunking one of those myths about it that keeps coming round.

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