Meet the new blog, same as the old blog

edits this blog. Twitter: @chblm

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed a new announcement under the turquoise typewriter to the right. Yes, this blog has moved.

We had an offer accepted on a vacant blog: no chain, plenty of room to grow, all bathrooms en suite.

But seriously.

Over the past few months we’ve expanded the remit of this blog, from its original journalism brief to the whole of the BBC Academy’s agenda – including broadcast, production, online and technology.

To reflect that we’re moving from this, our old College of Journalism site, to a new address, consistent with our new interests:

The good news is that you probably won’t know anything’s changed. It looks exactly the same and all our current and past blog posts are there. And we’ll be carrying on publishing blogs without missing a beat.

To find older posts, including from earlier in 2016, click the relevant year under ‘College of Journalism blog posts’ in the right hand column.

This blog homepage will stay as it is, frozen in time. Unless we get a decent offer for it from another blog of course.