Ageing in China: from personal story to multimedia BBC News project

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A BBC News competition gave Carol Yarwood, a producer in the BBC's Chinese service, the chance to turn a personal interest into a multimedia news project.

Carol’s father, living in China, had been taken seriously ill. When she visited him, she started thinking about China’s changing demographics: the one child policy means there are increasingly fewer younger people supporting a growing older population.

She wanted to compare the situation with the UK. She put forward the idea in the News competition, and won.

The result was a project that included two successive nights of reports on the BBC News at Ten and a multi-page presentation on the BBC website. Online, innovative graphics allowed users to run comparisons between UK and Chinese demographics over changing time periods.

And original research offered projections to show the impact of the one child policy on the population of China.

Here, Carol talks about her work on the project, her passion for the subject, and her occasional frustration in trying to coordinate work across so many different parts of the BBC.


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