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Paul Mason, Newsnight's Economics Editor, outlines his brief as "people, planet and profit" rather reading the runes of the latest statement from the Bank of England.

"I insisted on it as part of my job description, before I took on the role," he told an audience at the Frontline Club. "I've done plenty on people and profit - rather less on planet. But we have consciously moved away from covering economics through graphs and charts."

Nonetheless, despite not having an economics background, he stressed the importance of being able to explain the story as if he was talking to a man in the pub:

"If I don't understand it, I've got no chance of explaining it - so I'll go back and work on it until I do."

Paul talked about the influence that journalists like Ray Gosling, George Orwell and Martin Adler had on the way he goes about his work. And he also explained how blogging and social media have become an integral part of his work.

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