12 and 13 November 2009, Cardiff University, Cardiff

The BBC College of Journalism ran a series of workshops as part of the Radio 4 University Tour.

On 12 and 13 November, we held sessions in Cardiff, looking at the future of news in the digital world, how to make the toughest editorial decisions and debating what makes a great journalist.

1) Making the tough editorial decisions, with Simon Ford 

Thursday 29 October, 9am - 11am 

Simon Ford, a senior producer at the BBC College of Journalism, led a workshop on making the most difficult editorial decisions. He took the audience through a series of interactive scenarios, asking what decisions they would make. He then discussed what was right, what was wrong and what would send the producers running to the lawyers.

2) Numbers and the news, with Michael Blastland 

Friday 13 November, 9am - 11am

Michael Blastland, the journalist and author of the book The Tiger That Isn't, looked at how the media uses data and statistics. He discussed when it works, when it doesn't and when numbers can be used to mislead.

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