Jobs in journalism are hard to find. Maybe it's time for a change of direction?  

How about a job that requires you to eat and think about chocolate all day? Not to mention working from an office in West London's Berkeley Square with "a fair amount of travel" thrown in.

Among the executive jobs in yesterday's Daily Telegraph was one for a Taste Assistant with the Green and Black's chocolate company.

Salary: up to £35k with a "generous chocolate allowance" in case you haven't had enough during your day's work.

Qualifications? "A strong passion for good food - particularly organic farming and especially chocolate."

Even if you don't want the job, it might be worth applying because the interviews will be followed by "a cookery-based challenge", presumably involving chocolate.

Now, isn't that worth thinking about for all job applications? 

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by hawky94

    on 10 Dec 2010 02:45

    I'm almost finished my schooling, got a couple of years left, and have an interest in journalism, specifically conflict journalism, and sports journalism, I also have interests in current affairs, and military history. Once I finish my schooling it's something that I'm interested in.

    Anyway you might be able to send me a list of specs... qualifications... that type of thing. Cheers.

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