Welcome to the CoJo website

If you're visiting this site for the first time, welcome.The site has existed inside the BBC for three years - but hasn't been accessible outside. From today, it's freely available to all in the UK.

The site plays an important role in supporting the College's remit: to design and deliver training and learning for BBC journalists in the UK and around the world. That learning is delivered through face-to-face training, one-to-one coaching, a programme of events - and this website.

One of the key principles of the site is that journalists like to learn from people they respect. So all the online 'tutors' are experienced experts in their field. But although the site is mostly by BBC journalists for BBC journalists, we fully recognise that there's rarely ever only one way of doing things. There are tips and guides from some of the best in the business, but nothing here is the last word.

The site has grown a lot in three years, so for a quick tour try Jeremy Vine's video guide to CoJo. Otherwise just dive in and find what's relevant to you. If you're just starting out in journalism, try basics. Otherwise there are sections covering skills, ethics and values, knowledge and law, featuring hundreds of video and audio examples as well as modules where you can test yourself.

Some parts of the CoJo site are also available in other languages; in the New Year, this English language site will be available outside the UK by subscription.

We hope the site will contribute to the discussion about the future of journalism and provide practical help, food for thought and inspiration for existing and aspiring journalists alike. Let us know what you think.


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