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Picfog is a clever tool for realtime searching of pictures on Twitter. It's a great way to get an instant view of what kind of images are being uploaded, since it includes a Breaking Now list as well as access to previous popular subjects.

Just as useful to journalists, it allows search by word and location. Below is a selection of what it came up with for 'floods'. Or you can search by the name of a town. If you hover the mouse over each picture, it shows details of Tweet and author. 

If you have nothing better to do, don't search for anything - just enjoy the mesmerizing flow of random images that are being sent into the Twittersphere all the time. 

Picfog was just one of the sites I heard about on Friday on an excellent day-long course on social media for journalists, Making the Web Work for You by Claire Wardle and Chris Walton. 

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