Eurozone leaders may have bought themselves a little time but what happens next will have profound implications for both democracy and the future of the European project. That's the view of the BBC's Europe Editor, Gavin Hewitt, who was one of the speakers at a Big Stories seminar on the EU and the Eurozone chaired by BBC Director of News Helen Boaden.

The past 18 months have been full of summits and meetings to rescue the European single currency, but there are several key tests looming. In these videos, you can hear the views of some of the BBC specialists who've been covering the Euro story:

Gavin Hewitt begins by exploring the domestic challenges facing the woman he calls the EU's most important leader, Angela Merkel, and the growing divergence between the views of many of Europe's political elites and its citizens.

The BBC's Chief Economics Correspondent, Hugh Pym, says there's now a "mainstream assumption" that Greece will default on its debt. More than anything, he argues, this crisis is all about the health of the Eurozone banks.

Business Correspondent Jonty Bloom looks at the historical legacy behind the single currency and the role of the "grand idea" in EU policy making.

The UK's global role is analysed by Diplomatic Correspondent Bridget Kendall. She argues that the current crisis isn't just about politics and finance - it's also about a bigger shift away from the West to the emerging economies in the East and the South.

And Chief Political Correspondent Norman Smith spells out why he believes the Eurozone story will be a very big domestic issue for the Westminster government over the coming months.

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by roni

    on 19 Oct 2011 15:02

    Hi there,

    I have a big question about the Asian Communities. Some of the UK communities says that they are not happy with what the government is doing at the moment. I mean, they say England should withdraw from European Union Zone. I strongly disagree with this statement. And I want to give a valuable explanation why UK should not withdraw from the EU. If UK would agree to come off the EU Zone, then I personally think there will be some huge protests on the roads everywhere in the UK, because this will affect so many people who are already stabled in this country. And I do not want to think of the bad impact on people who would be forced to live this country. This decision would put so many people on the street and make them homeless. If UK thinks that they are the most richest place in the world, then let them do whatever they like. But if you will accuse the Europe for deficit and grow in poverty, then I have to say UK is wrong.

    I really want to say this about immigration from Asia. This is from my own experience:

    9 out of 10 people in an Asian society (even through they have been rise here or born)they are still going to Pakistan, Bangladesh or India to get married to someone who is either relative (cousin)or someone who has never seen in their life before. Their parents forced their children or do an arrange marriage to in Asia. Once this is planned and wedding is done. Husband or wife from UK will return back to the UK and leave his/her husband/wife behind in Asia. As soonest the person will apply for the foreigner from Asia, they can come to UK and do a test even through they do not have a good understanding of English or non, the government will still realise a passport for them. I totally disagree with this and I think UK should strictly stopped these kind of weddings. As so many immigrants are coming into this country from Asia continent. And do not forget UK is in Europe and not Asia. I also know so many illegal immigrants from overseas who's visa has expired five-six years ago and they are still surviving in this country, hiding because they do not want to renew their passports..

    How can UK do not like European people, if they are from Europe?? Have you ever seen an European HUMAN keep getting married in outside the UK and then on purpose bring them into the UK? No, because Europe is normal compare to South Asian countries.

    I think that one day there will be no English people. And UK will turn into a Bangladesh or India.

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