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Alf Hermida, formerly of BBC News and now of the journalism school at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, has produced this impressive account of blogging at the BBC - how it began and developed and its current status.

Called "THE BLOGGING BBC: Journalism blogs at 'the world's most trusted news organisation'", it's a must read if you're at all interested in future journalism.

This is how Alf introduces his study:

"Blogging has shifted from an activity largely taking place outside established media to a practice appropriated by professional journalists. This study explores how BBC News has incorporated blogging in its journalism, looking at the internal debates that led to the adoption of blogs and charting how they became a core part of the corporation's news output. Using a case-study approach, it examines the impact of blogging on BBC editorial values and considers how journalists have sought to maintain their authority in a digital media environment by integrating a new form of journalism within existing norms and practices."

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