Since the Stephen Lawrence court case there has been a raft of stories which one way or another concern race. Stephen Lawrence's murder and the whole 18-year saga of his parents' fight for justice and all that that entailed has been described as a 'Rosa Parks moment' in British history.

So what better time to consider how BBC News covers race?

With the furore over Diane Abbott's tweets, a glut of stories about racism in football, reports published on immigration and unemployment, and the announcement that the Met Police are reviewing 'stop and search', race and how attitudes to race shape our society have hardly been out of the news.

Much of the BBC's reporting of the Stephen Lawrence story, including Mark Daly's Panorama and Philippa Thomas' lives from outside the Old Bailey, were widely praised. But is this representative of the BBC's wider coverage of race and immigration?

The panel at this event included: Mark Easton, BBC News home editor; Hugh Muir, author of the 'Hideously Diverse Britain' column in The Guardian; and Max Wind-Cowie, head of the Progressive Conservatism Project at Demos.

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