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Which is going to kill you first - climate change or cycling to work?

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Shanta Barley | 13:31 UK time, Thursday, 19 March 2009

goodies226x226.jpgThere's no doubt that cycling is a cunning and cost-effective way to tackle Britain's twin problems of climate change and obesity. But most Brits say that until safety conditions improve on the road, they won't be caught dead cycling. Happily, a new mash-up by Times Labs maps the location of every cycling accident reported in Britain over a year (2007), thereby helping potential pedal-pushers avoid the blackspots.

Blackspots-wise, the map makes one thing particularly clear: exercise extreme caution on roundabouts, where 10% of all reported accidents involving cyclists occur.

As the Department for Transport's 'Cyclists at roundabouts' report puts it (not exactly forcefully, mind): "As part of a range of actions to increase cycle use, highway authorities may like to consider engineering measures to improve the safety, convenience and attractiveness of roundabouts to cyclists." Quite.


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