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Wedding, Oxygen Chambers and Gary Barlow

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Aled | 12:51 UK time, Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Hi readers of the Chris Moyles Show blog, I hope you're having a good day. Firstly I must apologise for the lack of blogs from me & the rest of the team over the last few weeks. We've given ourselves a kick up the backside and will now be back on form. Promise!

So...what do I write about? My life is pretty surreal at the moment. Each day I'm either training for Kilimanjaro, planning my wedding or producing the show with the likes of Keifer Sutherland and Will Smith dropping in! I sometimes have to pinch myself to work out where I am. On Sunday, I went to a wedding fayre in Kidderminster looking at cakes and dresses with my Mum, the next day I'm training in an oxygen chamber with Chris, Ben Shepherd and Gary Barlow. As I said it really is surreal at the moment, but I love it.

It's 4 weeks until Chris and the other celeb climbers head to Kilimanjaro. Chris is going to be making calls into Radio 1 each day of the climb, so you'll be able to hear how it's all going. I'm going along to make sure everything runs smoothly. My training is going pretty well and what's even better is that I've managed to lose a bit of weight too. I think I've turned into a bit of a bore harping on to anyone who will listen about my training programme, but I am so shocked at how good walking is for you AND better still it's so easy. You don't need to get all sweaty in the gym, you just need to get your boots or trainers on and go out. Obviously you need to do a bit of a distance and maybe some hills, but it beats going to the gym.

The Kilimanjaro climb is all for Comic Relief, which you probably know anyway. Make sure you listen on Monday as Gary Barlow will be on the show. That's the day when we'll launch the donation pages for the climb and we'll be starting our mision to raise as much money as possible.

Right, that's all from me, I better get on with some work!
Have a nice day now
Rachel x


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