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Everyone Loves Kirsty and Phil

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Carrie | 11:40 UK time, Monday, 17 November 2008

Good Morning to one and all! Its all a bit Monday today..Tired, cold and not feeling like there's much to look forward to. But the perfect tonic to Monday Blues....yes Phil and Kirsty from Location, Location, Location and other such offshoots!
Such lovely lovely people..Definitely cheered me up this morning - absolute legends of the property world. If you missed the show and need some advice then listen again - they talk buy to let, first time buying and trying to get a bargain. And of course all about careers in the housing world. There's loads more information at Radio Online too.
Apart from all that chat it turns out we all love them. Dave a bit more than the rest of the team and I can safely say I wasn't the only one feeling slightly uncomfortable with his obsession.

The idea of them both doing a mouth kiss on Dave did not sit well on the porridge at half past 8. Still I think everyone would like them as NBF's and to help sort out all our housing issues!
My main concern is how Dave will be when we have Sir Alan on the show on wednesday. I can't imagine he's into much mouth kissing or even hugs for that manner! Oh well we'll have to wait and see.
I have quite a dull monday ahead now - seem to have an absolute mountain of washing to do, and been trying to get some christmas shopping done - although with a hang over (yesterday's quest) it was not good. I now HAVE to go and get some bulbs too as down to the last one in the bedroom and can't see a thing! Living room and kitchen too - why do they always go all at once?? Think there's some conspiracy theory going on.
Anyway I hope everyone elses Monday's are a bit more exciting!
Lots of love

Carrie x


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