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Can't do Stairs!

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Carrie | 17:59 UK time, Monday, 6 October 2008

Good evening to all - again apologies for the late entry - thats the bummer of working all day on a Monday!
But rushing around has not been easy today - I am SO SO stiff from doing the Run to the Beat Half Marathon yesterday. Really pleased that I managed 11 miles without stopping and probably only walked for a about a minute just to get my breath back on the final 2 miles! The last mile went on forever!! Well done to any of you who did that race and the thousands of you who ran the Great North Run!! Any tips for recovery??

I really need it as basically I can't move! Stairs are becoming a real issue, I have to turn sideways and go down them one by one. Really quite embarrassing. I'm also walking a little bit like John Wayne and if I sit still for more than 5 minutes its like trying to start an old robin reliant getting me going again. Everything hurts, hips, calves, thighs and mainly knees.
Thought I had done ok with loads of stretching and a hot bath, but apparently not. The Captain reckons I need to run again or at least go on my cross trainer for 10 minutes to try and loosen things off. But to be honest any exercise is pretty much the last thing I feel like doing, especially when I look ridiculous meerly trying to put one foot infront of the other.
Now my sister wants me to do the Marathon next April - its definitely a box I'd like to tic but after 2 great norths and yesterday the thought of having to double up is v scary.
So any recovery tips greatly received. At least I can look forward to some shredded beef tonight Jamie Oliver style. Just need skates to get around the kitchen with minimal effort!


Carrie x


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