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Sorry its a late one!

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Carrie | 18:07 UK time, Monday, 29 September 2008

Good evening all - apologies this entry is a bit tardy..Been busy up at Arsenal today. Fair to say Arsene Wenger's not a happy man after that defeat by Hull on Saturday. Kolo Toure even admitted he's more scared of playing Hull than Manchester United cos everyone just expected them to win before they'd stepped onto the pitch! Hull fans have got to be pleased with that - meanwhile down the road its not going so well at Spurs - they face Hull on Sunday..that will be interesting!

Well I had a lovely relaxing weekend with the Major. Was so shattered after Cardiff (and a big night out including eating a viscious chilli) I was asleep by half past 9 - Tom not happy with his wife for that!! Our neighbours up north have just had puppies, all very exciting as in a few weeks time we're choosing one for my Daddy for Christmas. (don't worry we've had dogs before and he's all prepared!!) They are border collies and sooo cute, they just crawl all over each other and make the sweetest squeak. They still hadn't opened their eyes yet but that should be happening anytime now! Can't wait to see them again when they'll start developing their little personalities. Tom's a bit nervous that I won't be able to hand it over or I'll start clammering for one to keep ourselves! But I think our big boy Nemo might be a bit put out!
Had loads of sleep this weekend so finally feeling like have got over the jet lag now - big challenge ahead tho the Sony Ericsson Run to the Beat Half Marathon on Sunday. Good luck if you're doing it. I am with my sister, Rach, Mally and her brother. Tom was meant to be doing it but he's torn his groin playing cricket so can't exercise for 2 months! He's getting properly grumpy about that! Feeling very nervous as really haven't done much training..Well pretty much zilch to be honest - Did 7 miles yesterday and it was v painful.
Feeling right stiff now so next monday's blog entry should be interesting! I'll be lucky if I'm able to walk I reckon!
Anyway must dash over and out for now! Wish Rach and I luck for Sunday!
Carrie x


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