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We're all going on a summer work-based trip!

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Comedy Dave | 11:01 UK time, Thursday, 7 August 2008

Dear Onliners,

Dave here with quite possibly the quickest of all the Thursday blogs. The reason for this is simple. We're just about to leave the office here at Radio One HQ in London and journey to the far wild west of England for our summer outing.

Destination Cornwall is the plan with us heading to Truro tonight to do the show from the BBC there in the morning. Then at about lunchtime we journey over to Watergate Bay for our show live from The Boardmasters Festival tomorrow afternoon. We're on air from 4pm, but the heat really gets turned up from 6pm with the soundclash between me and Chris. Once we've finished, Cornwall closes, but get there if you can (and only if you have tickets for the Boardmasters Festival!) for what should be the best soundclash in Cornwall ever done by me and him.

Anyway enough talk. Time to go and get on the train and get amongst it. Until next time...

P.S If you like the blogs (not necessarily this one which isn't the best) why not comment on it in the box provided underneath? It's all about bums on seats with us and we like to have a competition to see how many people comment on our individually penned drivel. It's obviously not really a competition, because we don't do those anymore so if you want to say hello you know what to do. Bye.



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