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2 big fixtures

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Comedy Dave | 15:24 UK time, Friday, 9 June 2006

060606_yh_dave_70.jpgDave here live from Germany, settling into our villa and new continental lifestyle in the middle of nowhere. We’ve not really had a chance to explore properly as yet as we never arrived at our Hansel and Gretel style chalets until about 9pm Thursday night, and then were straight up to do Friday’s show live from the deep dark forest, but we’re hoping to go off and find out what local attractions there are on offer shortly.

One thing that did catch our attention as we tucked into our welcome meal of pork stew and sauerkraut, was a pamphlet for a nearby monkey park which features chimpanzees on quad bikes and Orang Utans on BMXs or something, which is something that everyone around the table was keen to explore further by the end of what was a tiring and emotional night.

The weather is currently very pleasant , and the holiday camp which contains our chalets is actually very pretty; albeit quite remote in a rural setting that’s a bit like the German equivalent of Norfolk, but with more trees.

The immediate plan is for myself and Chappers to head off to Baden Baden for some disco disco action, as The Chappers and Dave World tour becomes truly international with our first ever gig in continental Europe. Granted it’s for a load of lager swigging England fans all getting ready for tomorrow’s game in Frankfurt, but the fact is that we are technically abroad, and are therefore one step closer to achieving our goals of global domination.

Before that though, a dip and kip beckon as I gear myself up for a blistering set of world class dancing music tonight on the wheels of steel, and then tomorrow’s journey north for the first of England’s group matches against Paraguay. For those that can make our Chappers and Dave world cup curtain raiser, It’s two big fixtures in the space of 24 hours, so let’s hope that neither disappoint, as we soak up the atmosphere, culture and at times rather workmanlike food, in the country that we like to call, Germany.

We’ve all been asked to write these blog things on a sort of daily rotation system, so I’ll no doubt be back at some point later with my thoughts and observations on our time out here, which will be something for you all to log on and look forward to at an unspecified future date. Until next time then......willkommen und Guten Tag.

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  • 1.
  • At 09:59 AM on 02 Aug 2006,
  • Jonk wrote:

Omfg0rz hax!

Only j/k nuber Dave, 1337 blog FTW.

  • 2.
  • At 07:10 PM on 15 Jun 2006,
  • alistair smith wrote:

sarah for goodness sake please dont distract dave you no he will be bragging now to chris that a nice 17 year old has the hots for him grrr lol

  • 3.
  • At 09:23 AM on 14 Jun 2006,
  • lee23 wrote:

Hi Dave,
Hope yous are all having a good time,i know it can be very stressful working away from home but
life isn't always easy!
Anyway I am an Rep. of Ireland fan
but unlike the scottish i am cheering the English on,they wern't so good on
saturday second half was more than
dissapointing a bit of a let down to
be honest but although it was a "really hot day".So hopefully yous can turn it round on Thursday.

P.S Why dont you bring the Chappers
and dave tour to Ireland?
Cheers Lee.

  • 4.
  • At 09:04 AM on 14 Jun 2006,
  • Lorie wrote:

Coming back on the the "nipple" discussion. It is actually spellt "Brustwarze" which is the kind of technical term. You can as well say "Nippel" which is pronounced as in english ...

  • 5.
  • At 10:28 PM on 13 Jun 2006,
  • alistair wrote:

ok here it is i try to listen to your show daily as i drive to work and tune you in on our workshop radio and to put faces to names on here was quite cool
i started listened to embrace and felt the humour and warmth in the studio liking the fact comedy dave denied the fact that he left a smell in the toilet when the whole team knows that his bottom smells like longmans kebab leftovers lmao
enjoy your work and thanks for entertaining me and the folks back home

  • 6.
  • At 05:52 PM on 13 Jun 2006,
  • amy x wrote:

Hiya gen I just wanted to say I totally agree with sarah! You have a really sexy voice! lol xx

  • 7.
  • At 01:44 PM on 13 Jun 2006,
  • sarah-lou wrote:

Hey dave! jus thought i'd say... great blog and i hope you av a fun time! while you are erm.. working :D
Also.. I've always wanted to tell you how sexy your voice is :D
Plus.. its not as if im old either to like you :P! Nope i am 17 and i think you are v.v.fab! I hope to chat oneday!
_l_o_v_e_ sarah xxxx

  • 8.
  • At 10:42 PM on 12 Jun 2006,
  • Liz wrote:

Hey Dave, you're slipping in the Blogs stakes - when are you gonna post again?

  • 9.
  • At 07:14 PM on 12 Jun 2006,
  • Glen Smith wrote:

HI Dave

Loving the show, always cheers me up on the way to work sitting in the traffic.

Must admit though mate Me and the missus couldn't help noticing you look like a fatter version of JK, sorry mate

  • 10.
  • At 07:04 PM on 12 Jun 2006,
  • Walshie wrote:

G'day Dave

You must be happy with Everton boy Tim getting 2 in for the Soceroos! Perhaps they can be your 3rd or 4th choice team? The Aussies will welcome you on board the bad wagon. Come down to Munich for a few quiet lagers on Sunday

  • 11.
  • At 10:22 AM on 12 Jun 2006,
  • Matt Hall wrote:

Hey Dave,

Just wondered, is Acer the bloke from Jimmy's Farm???

keep up the good *work* (cough)


  • 12.
  • At 10:12 PM on 11 Jun 2006,
  • Mark wrote:

Another favourite there, Antony! It's spelt Brustwurz (pron. brust-vurts) and does indeed mean "breast wart". German is such a romantic language. My friend Neil once accidentally pronounced it Brustwurst ("breast sausage"). From that day onwards he has referred to breasts as "bra sausages" because he's that kind of person.

hi dave,hope chris shared that crate of beer with you ! please could you slip our song on whilst your out there,(savva nuvva by English Pride)
we are headlining at the fifa festivial on the 20th june !
cheers mate,and thanks for taking the time to stop for a photo !

Smutz Smith

  • 14.
  • At 07:01 AM on 11 Jun 2006,
  • Antony wrote:

Anyone mentioned the fact that 'nipple' in german translates into 'breast wart'??? not sure on the spelling but its something like brust' odd............Antony

  • 15.
  • At 09:11 PM on 10 Jun 2006,
  • Mark wrote:

Hey Dave, I loved the German lesson on Friday's show. I wondered if you could manage to squeeze in the word Luftkissenfahrzeug at some point? As a man of your education well knows, it's pronounced luft-kissun-fart-soig and means hovercraft (literally: air cushion vehicle). It's my favourite German word and to be honest it can be tricky to get through a conversation without it.

Enjoy the Fußball and also das Discodancing!

  • 16.
  • At 09:02 PM on 10 Jun 2006,
  • amy x wrote:

Hiya Dave!

Your great,Always make the begining of my day so great!

Im glad you have done your little blog thingy! It's great, You actually make me laugh in writing!

Well you don't really care what I have to say! So I'm going to go! Have a great time in Germany even with Aled! Joking x

Lots Of Love
Amy xxx

p.s: Your soooo cute!

  • 17.
  • At 10:53 PM on 09 Jun 2006,
  • Liz wrote:

Hiya Dave - just wondering, in that picture of you and the tractor, is that your radio or a can of beer in your hand?

Liz XX.

  • 18.
  • At 10:13 PM on 09 Jun 2006,
  • Robin wrote:

Guten morgen!

Im glad you're doing this - i wasn't sure whether u would be bothered so its very nice to here from such a legend of the radio world :D.

Seriously Dave, i've been listening to u for 8 years and u really are a legend - never fail to make me smile!

Loved the Country guides you do and also the learning German thing this morning - as you can see from my opening line ive learnt a lot already!

Enjoy the game tomorrow - i cant wait!!!! I just love the World Cup!!

Time for me to go now so Auf Wiedersehn Pet, Dank, Robin

PS Ive now learnt to count to ten in German..
You've inspired me to learn Dave, so Dank :)

  • 19.
  • At 08:17 PM on 09 Jun 2006,
  • Stacey wrote:

Hey dave...happy the weathers nice for you all, but here, i bet, is even better...26 degrees here in glasgow it was today...phew!

Oh have a good night at the chappers and dave world tour thingy, i wouldnt know how good it would be since you NEVER HAVE CAME TO GLASGOW. Ahem, but thats no reason to judge, chappers and dave, i love you still =D

Anyway, have a great time in germany, and coming from a scot....i wish england all the best of luck. I would have added a nice little joke consisting of what can only be described as scottish and english banter, but that qould ruin my true sportsmanship. No, seriously now, good luck ;-) xxx

  • 20.
  • At 04:38 PM on 09 Jun 2006,
  • karen wrote:

Hi Dave
Lovin' the show and the blog.
Hope you have a great time watching England win the world cup.
If you see my sister Angela (you never know!!!!)say hi she's on her honeymoon over there with her new husband.
Anyway have fun and keep away from those dodgy German farmers :)


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