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Putting match on ice cools problem over my calf

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Chris Jardine | 21:57 UK time, Thursday, 2 December 2010

The weather is causing havoc up and down the country and it's no different down our way at Galabank. Although we haven't had the volumes of snow that some of you may have seen further north of the country, there was still enough to see our Scottish Cup replay postponed last weekend.

Following the referees' strike, the club were one of the lucky ones to have officials appointed to the fixture as the Cup took priority over the Scottish Football League. As it turned out, they weren't needed and the game is now being scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of every week until it gets played.

On current viewing it doesn't appear that the weather forecast will allow that to happen any time soon.

We all had an idea that the game would struggle to go ahead when we were at the club for training last Thursday night as it was starting to freeze even then. The club put plans in place to have the inspection at 1.30pm on Friday and, if it was playable, they were purchasing covers to protect the pitch. Unfortunately, it failed and, for purely selfish reasons, I was one person that wasn't too disappointed.

The initial tie against Brechin was played on a very heavy pitch and, when you get to my age, it tends to take it's toll on the old muscles, so I was still a bit sore come Monday night's training session. A few of the boys had already pulled (we call it Mondayitis) out, so I didn't want to deplete the squad even further.

I had a bit of a problem with my calf that, as the session went on, grew in to a bigger problem and I eventually had to pull out. I was unable to train on Thursday night and knew then that I wasn't going to make the game.

We've got players waiting in the wings for their chance, including new signing Neil MacFarlane, and it could have meant losing a place in the team that I've only recently got back.

The extra rest has hopefully done me the world of good and I'll look to get training again tonight (Thursday) so that I'm in contention for our match at Hampden on Saturday. On that note, I've just checked the Queen's Park website and the match has unsurprisingly been called off.

After the Scottish Premier League postponed every match in the top division on Wednesday afternoon, it didn't leave much hope for the rest of us, so we'll now look to getting the replay with Brechin on next midweek.

Like most other clubs in the country, we'll be scrambling round to see if we can get ourselves some better training facilities I'd imagine. We tried and failed to get an indoor hall on Saturday, but it was too late in the day and the boys ended up on our training pitch in the snow.

Although I didn't train, I went through with the boys and they actually managed a decent session. That was until young Muirhead and Halsman got a telling off from the manager for some naughty behaviour, but I'll say no more!

The majority of the squad made it into Galabank for 11.00am; even Neil McFarlane got down the road from Dunoon. There was, however, one noticeable absentee and it came as a surprise.

David Cox is a player that very rarely misses a training session, so you assume that there must be something wrong and you only hope that it's nothing serious. Well, there was something wrong and I suppose it was fairly serious because I have heard that it's not a very good idea to put £58 worth of petrol in a diesel motor!



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