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What to do with a rare Saturday off?

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Chris Jardine | 17:12 UK time, Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Much to the boys' surprise, we have been given the day off this Saturday.

Obviously with it being an international weekend there are no competitive fixtures for us but we fully expected to be in training in the morning at least.

It's my reckoning that Andy Aitken has possibly influenced the manager's decision with this one because I can't remember the last time Harry gave us the day off. I was starting to forget what a "free Saturday" felt like.

It might also have something to do with the fact that Mr Aitken has a wee trip to Blackpool organised for the weekend.

A few of the other boys have things organised as well as it's not often you get this time to get away during the season.

It was Aaron Muirhead's 20th birthday on Monday so some of the lads are heading round to his place for a barbeque. Originally I was meant to be there but I'm off up to the big smoke for a night out for one of my other mates' (Gary McMenamin) birthdays, and we've got a decent wee night planned as well.

Gary used to play for Annan and is now in the junior ranks with Cumnock so we're starting off with a trip to Beith to watch him in the afternoon.

We've booked an apartment in Glasgow so we'll have a few beers there before we're off to a bar for virtual golf and some food and Gary tells me we are on the guest list for some club so we'll see what happens there but I'm expecting things could get messy!

But before we get to Saturday we've got the small matter of Scotland and their first qualifying fixture in Lithuania.

I don't think I'll be venturing out so it'll be a quiet one at home with my fingers crossed for a positive start. I think we've really got to be looking at maximum points from the opening games against Lithuania and Lichtenstein.

It's going to be so tough against Spain and Czech Republic that we need to be taking maximum points off the other two teams to give ourselves a chance. Of course, four points wouldn't be a disaster but imagine the confidence we could take from a 100% start.

I would say that the draw we achieved at Montrose on Saturday was just about a fair result. Although we were the team looking mostly likely in the second half I thought Montrose were the better side in the first half.

I can't remember too many clear cut chances being created by either side although we had a few near misses after Bryan Gilfillan's equaliser.

Harry spoke to us at training on Monday about how important it is for us to turn these draws in to victories. We've finished our last two games very strongly but haven't managed to get the three points and it's allowed teams to creep up on us.

Even at this early stage of the season it's important to get as far ahead from as many teams as possible. We're already looking around to see where another victory could potentially take us.

There has been a new forfeit introduced at training these last couple of sessions and although I'm potentially setting the boys up for ridicule it's been that hilarious that they've all insisted I tell the story and even the manager has joined in.

Instead of the head first dive in to the sand pit, the losing pair at possession now have to stand on the goal line baring their backsides while the rest of the boys hammer balls at them from 18 yards.

Kevin Neilson took a bit of a battering last Thursday and it was the turn of David Cox and Graeme Bell on Monday when myself and Gilly terrorised them both.

We're just waiting on Lewis Sloan to get up there because I can't see anyone missing that target!



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