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Snow fun at Annan Athletic

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Chris Jardine | 12:02 UK time, Saturday, 26 December 2009

It didn't really come as a great surprise when our home fixture with Livingston failed to beat the weather on Saturday.

The weather has been causing havoc up and down the country ever since late last week and the Berwick game is off this weekend too.

I've mentioned in previous blogs that we are lucky down at Annan due to our training facility at the ground and when other clubs might have struggled to get any work done we managed a decent work-out on Saturday afternoon.

As usual when I received the text from the manager to say the game was cancelled, I started to think about what lay ahead for us and it wasn't pleasant; but I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable sessions for a long time.

It was made even more interesting when Harry split us up into two sides; one made up of the boys going to Preston for the night out and the other of those who were staying at home.

We had a quick meeting at the start of training because there had been a few late call-off's since the initial booking was made.

The result of the little get-together meant that the boys pulling out at the last-minute were being fined.

Let's just say there were a couple of none too happy bunnies in there and it certainly made for an interesting training session after Harry's teams were picked.

It was all in good fun though and the banter was flying back and forward as us boring boys headed into the final game needing a win to claw back some much-needed pride.

After some seriously dodgy line judging by our physio, Ross Goodwin, accompanied by Harry's ridiculous point tallying, we were 2-1 down after three of the games.

I'm willing to admit that we lost the dodgeball fair and square but we rallied to destroy the 'Preston Boys' (their choice of name, not mine) at head-tennis
Next up was possession, and, after winning four and drawing one of the first seven points up for grabs the score was somehow 3.5-2.5 in our favour.

Needless to say we ended up losing that one and had no luck in the match either.

Results-wise, it wasn't a great day for my team but as I said it was one of the most enjoyable sessions I can remember - there really is a good atmosphere at the clubat present.

Not that this guarantees success, but it certainly makes a difference when everyone is pulling in the same direction and getting on so well with each other.

That's not to say that Galabank hasn't always been a good place to be, because it has - but I've just noticed a bit of a difference these last few weeks - and long may it continue.

Unfortunately I can't divulge into any of the goings-on at the team night out - but only because I wasn't there.

The boys certainly seemed to enjoy themselves and everyone managed to get home safe and sound although some were slightly delayed.

While the boys were away partying, Graeme Bell and I had a bit of a quiet night when we met up with our old team-mate, Lewis Walker.

Lewi has been in America since August when he began a football scholarship so we had a wee catch up over a couple of beers before heading home to watch Match of the Day.

I was constantly looking at my phone while I was at work on Monday, expecting a message telling us that training had been cancelled for obvious reasons.

It never came and we headed through to the ground wondering what Harry had in store for us.

It was clear the training ground was a no-go and when Derek Townsley told us to hang fire on getting changed we sensed a wee darts and dominos evening coming up - how silly of us.

We got the gear on and ran down the back of the ground to a large grass area where we managed a 15 minute run in about four inches of snow - great fun once again.

We had some more heavy snow this week, so I'm sure it will be much of the same at training again on Wednesday.

I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas.


  • Comment number 1.

    "I'm willing to admit that we lost the dodgeball fair and square but we rallied to destroy the 'Preston Boys' (their choice of name, not mine) at head-tennis"

    Sounds like a great way of developing the skills of scottish players, games of dodge ball and head tennis, great stuff i can see barcelona catching onto this phenomenon with immediate effect. Belter of a training session indeed. Who came up with that quite marvelous idea, the two jimmys?
    Merry xmas by the way

  • Comment number 2.

    Is it just me or did anyone else not understand the part about "the boys pulling out at the last-minute were being fined"?

  • Comment number 3.

    No... it's probably just you. That rule has been in place for those who practise catholicism for centuries too!

  • Comment number 4.

    I hope your lads enjoyed their game of head tennis and dodgeball :) great way of improving the skills of scottish footballers, genious idea. I also hope they enjoyed their binge session in preston, absolute model pros im sure youl all agree :) Merry xmas

  • Comment number 5.


  • Comment number 6.

    Bit late on commenting on this one. John - Mate, lighten up its Christmas, I'm sure even footballers are allowed a bit of a laugh at this time of year!? Sounds like a good crack to be fair, love a bit of head tennis during training. Not sure I agree with Preston as the destination of a night out though!

  • Comment number 7.

    Nice blog as always, Chris. I like hearing about the whatsgoingson of the Scottish Leagues.

    I'm originally from Dumfries myself, but live out in the Czech Republic now, but it's great to keep up with things.

    Good luck to Annan (rather them than those Doonhammer plonkers!).

  • Comment number 8.

    is it just me or does john - go on be offended (cracking name by the way) stick on celtic fan!!! needs to get a serious grip. most teams prob did nothing, the fact the lads are out there and bonding is better than nowt!!!

    100% wa&k!!

  • Comment number 9.

    Seem to have ruffled a few feathers here haha. Sorry to offend some of you with having an opinion on why scottish football is so poor at all levels. And russel having an opinion does not mean i need to get a grip, people like you coming on here raging about them means your the one who needs to get a grip sunshine and accept opinions without crying about them. Now come back when youve grown a set :)

  • Comment number 10.

    John, leaving aside the fact your on the wind up, head tennis is one of the most effective (and fun) ways to work on a players touch. Works for the Brazilians and guess what, looks like barca have been scouting annans training because they play it too. It's the general level of coaching from grass roots up that's the problem with scottish football. The bevvy might have something to do with it too though!


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