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George the Hypnocat is back

Chris Jackson | 15:10 UK time, Friday, 11 December 2009

Keep your eyes peeled for Monday's special network edition of Inside Out in which my pet moggie stars once again.

George the cat with his certificatesGeorge the Hypnocat is one of three reports from Inside Out teams across England that are being showcased across the country.

George's antics caused headlines across the globe and even made "Have I got news for you".

If you missed it first time round then you'll see George pull the wool over the eyes of some hypnotherapy organisations who accept him onto their registers without any questions asked.

Last week's show sparked some interesting comments on New Towns and just what we should do with them.

I also got some interesting emails on debt management. Thanks to "G" from Teesside who told me how debts started racking up until he owed an amazing £11,400. That would be enough to frighten the best of us, but with the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau he managed to have it written off after proving the credit companies were in part to blame.

Just goes to show you should seek advice. For those of you that wanted more info on the government scheme we featured you should check out Money Made Clear.

I'll be keeping this blog updated a couple of times a week, even though we are off-air until January so please do check back here to see what I get up to when I'm not on the telly.

In fact this might be a good time to confess. I've just got back from a mammoth trip to Scotland for a film in the next series. The crew and I arrived at our B&B after 11pm and were out again by 7.15am.

There was no-one about and it wasn't until later that day we realised we'd done a runner. We hadn't paid.

Talk about having to clear your debts! A cheque and a huge apology are in the post.... honest.


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