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Those stem ginger cookies ingredients...

Chris Evans | 14:01 UK time, Thursday, 3 May 2012

So get these ready for tomorrow's bake-along!

350g Self raising flour
1 tablespoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
200g caster sugar
115g unsalted butter
85g golden syrup
... 1 medium egg, beaten
35g crystallised stem ginger (add more to taste - Tash used 5 pieces)
3 baking trays greased with butter

Peace and love





  • Comment number 1.


    Thanks for this, only I will be in the car when the back along happens - not sure what it says about that in the highway code - but think it may be on the list of DO NOT DO activities.

    Hello to all others - and if you make some biccies please send some over - they sound great

    Baggy (who has a smile on her face today)

  • Comment number 2.

    Afternoon blogettes:

    Just popped in to say hope all have a great Bank Holiday weekend. I'm off tomorrow as well so a four day weekend. I could get used to that.

    Friends visiting on Saturday and we're taking them to Port Sunlight and the Art Gallery. They've visited Liverpool on many occasions but encouraging them to visit the other side of the Mersey. Keep your fingers crossed for no rain.

    Regards PJ

  • Comment number 3.

    Afternoon All,

    I'm afraid I won't be able to cook along as I, like PJ, have tomorrow off. In fact I have Tuesday off as well ::)) But I'll make a note of the ingredients and make them another day.

    I am off on my annual pilgrimage up North to visit friends in Lancs and I for one cannot wait. It's a long drive but I shall keep myself amused by waving to bloggers who live along the M25, M1 and M6. (well not along but you know what I mean)!

    I hope everyone is in fine fettle and I wish you all a most pleasant and enjoyable Bank Holiday Weekend.

    Lots of love

  • Comment number 4.

    Hello Chris.

    D'oh! Too late Chris, my shopping has now been delivered and put away, I only have two of those ingredients in the house and I'm not going back to the shop.

    I do however have a Jamaican ginger cake which I am partial to at the moment topped with custard.

    Good luck with the bake-along!

    MM xxx

    Debs-that was the very same scooter. Thanks! I'll remind him of that should he say anything:)

  • Comment number 5.

    Ali - happy driving
    I am jnt 5 of the M4 and can almost see the M25 - do I get a wave????

    Needy? me? Never!


  • Comment number 6.

    Sorry don't do grams can you not tell us in ounces?

    Still won't have time to bake, too busy sewing my daughter's dress for her first Holy Communium, week on Saturday.

    Peace to all and have a great weekend, mine starts now.

  • Comment number 7.


    You've had two days to come up with something and we get this...

    I'm afraid that lately this blog is a recipe for disaster.

  • Comment number 8.

    Hi Chris, thanks for the recipe. I don't like ginger so will put something else in instead of ginger. Have a good bank holiday everyone - hope the weather is nice.

  • Comment number 9.

    I love all things ginger and I am backing along tomorrow - in fact all my ingredients are already all measured out on the side - it looks like Saturday kitchen in here!!! Hope we get to send pics with our results!!! Hope Tash is excited to share her recipe with the nation!!! x

  • Comment number 10.

    Evening each from sunny (and warm!) Fife

    Like Baggy, I'll be in the car tomorrow morning, so won't be able to participate in the cooking, but look forward to hearing how other bloggers got on.

    Cloudless blue sky and sunshine this afternoon but, sadly, doesn't look like it'll last - weather forecast is for snow and frost. Bums.


  • Comment number 11.

    The Stem Ginger cookies sound de...li....cous! I will be baking some! Can't wait to taste them bet they're mouth wateringly scrumptious! Thank u so much Chris great start to the bank holiday weekend. Xxx Bank holiday greetings to all have a good one!

  • Comment number 12.

    Evening all

    Vexed that I don't have any stem ginger in the storecupboard. I love all things ginger but I could kill for all things marzipan!! Not everyone's taste I know.

    Hope all ok with one and all?


    Susan xx

  • Comment number 13.

    Baker's dozen...

    Unlucky for some.

  • Comment number 14.

    Hello MBD

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 15.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Lots of love to you all.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 16.


    Sorry Chris, I prefer a different breakfast in the morning to your recipe post.


  • Comment number 17.

    Morning all, see that the carfest ticket site has stalled due to high volumes! Hope all that wanted tickets get a stab at getting them, and good to know that there are about 800 south tickets available at a later date.

    Just listening to the candy man, so huzzah it must be friday!

    WOW 8.07 and ALL weekend tickets gone!!!! Good on ya Chris for yet another brilliant way to support CiN.

    Happy Friday everyone

  • Comment number 18.

    Someitmes I really don't like the job I do. This is one of those days when the worst happens

    Hug please

    Sarah xx

  • Comment number 19.

    Please let us know the reg.
    to cook the biscuits. I am looking forward to eating these.

  • Comment number 20.

    Hi Chris,

    For the second time i had all my fingers poised to try and get Carfest Tickets....but again no luck (boo hoo). Just though i would have a look on ebay (not that i would buy them from there)to see how quick they would appear.....surprise surprise there are already a number of both South and North tickets available being offered at silly prices......It never fails to amaze me how greedy some folks are when they know that they are for charity and that there nare thousands of genuine buyers who just wanted a weekend of fun with friends......I really hope the ebay ticket holders fall right on there well fed and rotund bums........not that I'm bitter you understand

    anyway its friday and I'm on holiday next week so things aint that bad really,
    Love to all


  • Comment number 21.

    Hi everyone:

    Just having a wee catch-up, while having a quick cup of tea.

    Sezza: here's a big hug from me {{{{xx}}}} sorry you are having a bad day.

    Tracey: I agree entirely about the tickets being on sale on eb*y - so unscrupulous. I am certainly no saint, but I would never indulge in such greedy activity. Sorry you didn't get your tickets - bums, as Annie would say.

    Wasn't it lovely hearing Tash on the show this morning? She sounds such a nice person, so down to earth, just lovely.

    Hope you are all well - happy Friday (not for you, Sezza, I know xx) and I'll pop back later.

    C xx

  • Comment number 22.

    Afternoon all

    Sorry for the absinthe, no excuse apart from life taking over and a bit of a detour and I am stupidly busy at work. Can see my home life taking more a change very soon might be quite a drastic one but shall tell more when and if it happens.

    Sorry not keen on Ginger really but if you feel nausea's it is a good thing to take to help.

    Not alot planned this weekend was going to do a boot sale on Monday but that may not happen what with this ghastily weather no point doing a boot sale if it is persistently raining.

    Well have a lovely weekend you lot and a good bank holiday weekend at that.

    Traceyd I hear what your saying, I had it last year with Billy Connolly tickets. It makes you sick when all you want to do is go out and enjoy a family treat and these people are still trying to make more money do they realise that they are touting.

    Anyway take care you lot

    CB xx

  • Comment number 23.

    Afternoon everyone!

    Tracey, I agree, its so unfair when you are a genuine fan and then others grab the tickets for their own gain, even more so in this instance as its for BL***y charity!!!!!

    Maddy - so you have solved one of the great unknown mysteries of modern times - non of us could work out where he got the scooter from - ask him about my vision - I was in the multi storey car park waiting for the lift - and a bingo in the scooter came slowly up from below in the clear glass lift - priceless!

    Sezza, big hugs, can kind of imagine what might have happened :-(

    And AliB - enjoy your weekend opp norf - dont forget to have a pie!

    Right back to Olympic planning.....

  • Comment number 24.

    Afternoon each

    Home early from the Friday baby-sitting duties and the sun's appearing but it's still bloomin' cold.

    Chrissie, I agree, Tash sounded just lovely. I missed the Candyman (always makes me think of Mary) and the wee boy in the bath who always makes me smile on a Friday morning.

    Tracey, hopefully those nasty people with tickets to sell will get their comeuppance one of these days.

    Debs, I remember Bingo arriving in his Mum's scooter - he did tell us it was hers - were you at the bar at the time???

    Sezza, hope your day has got better. xx

    Hellooooooooooooo to everyone else.


  • Comment number 25.

    ha ha Annie - me at the bar - really????

    And I heard Tash this morning, I'll never forget the chance that AliB, Sezza and I had to meet her at CiN phone duty 2010, she was sooooo lovely and chatty and open, within seconds you can see why Chris fell for her, she is so warm and of course stunningly beautiful - I think we had almost 10 mins chatting with her, just lovely - and Noah was sat on the table next to Chris eating quavers much to her disgust! How lucky I feel to have such a memory. (she was giving her account from Chris's book of the "girl on the sofa" and the "first bacon butty" :-D )

    Right might seem a tad early for some, but me, I've had a long ole week, been at it since 7am this morning, tea is already done (some more of last nights lasagne) therefore

    I declare the Bank Hols weekend FNWC truely open! Enjoy whatever you get up to tonight and I'll see you on the morrow

    as Chris says,
    love peace and appyness

  • Comment number 26.

    Debs, i was going to have lasgane for dinner but I forgot to start it when I got home so now it's too late!! oh well, that's tomorrow's dinner sorted!

    Been a sad day at work today and going to go on a bit next week too.

    Definately need fnwc this week and all my lovely radio 2 blog memories

    Not making sense here! Back later!!

    Sezza x x

  • Comment number 27.

    Debs, so glad you've declared the bar open - off to open a bottle of something nice.

    I'm slightly worried about my camellia japonica which I planted out in the sun the other day. Got it from sister-in-law for my birthday in March and I've nursed it since then.

    Forecast is for frost tonight and Saturday night. Bums.

    Sezza, I'm thinking of you. xxxxxx

  • Comment number 28.

    Now, I might be completely wrong so don't take my word for it but I seem to remember that camellia's originally came from the himalayas so hoepfully will survive a little frost

    Strangely, haven't poured any wine yet - to busy hanging out with Gibbs! I've booked his first visit to the poodle parlour next week! First visit is just a look-see and maybe a blast with the hairdryer! He needs to get to like it as he'll have to go quite often

    Just everyone at work could have met him

    Sezza xx

  • Comment number 29.

    Hi all,

    Couldn't pop in this morning , as the internet was playing up so had to give in.So got off to work a little earlier today ,but late leaving .

    decided to do the big shop tonight so that one chore out the way for tomorrow ,and Ken has hoovered ,and I put the washing on this morning . so for me tomorrow it;s going to be a good lay in and a lazy day ,and if the forcast is antyhing to go by that will do me fine.

    I'm sorry chris didn't get to hear Tash this morning ,so I will listen tomorrow over a coffee. and I quite like ginger ,like cockneybird said it;s good for you if your feeling queezy,and also godd for the digestive system ,in fact Ive got some in a jar theat we had at christmas...sorry to have to say that word so early but I have ..really.

    Sezza ,I see that you have had a bit of a day and are in ne of {{{hugs}}} so there you are ,and I hope they help ,and I hope things get better ,just give thst gibbs a squeeze that will make you smile.

    Ali , hope you got to your friends Ok ,and enjoy . And safe trip back.

    Annie if you're worried about you Camillia can you chuck some straw around the base ,just for a bit warmth it might help !!.

    Nice to see Debs and Crissie today and some newbies ,nice .

    Well it looks like it's getting to that time of night ,that I shouldn't be hear so i'd better go ,not long till tucking into bed time ,infact its past that .

    So I will wish you alll a very good night and sleep tight ,and don't let the bed bugs bite,and see you in the morrow.

    Take care ..and God bless ..Bids.xxx.

  • Comment number 30.


    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 31.

    morning all!
    well there is a bit of blue sky here today so lets hope it stays that way, if it does i'll be doing a bit of garage clearing, tip runs and an attempt to tackle the grass - with my trousers firmly tucked into my wellies on account of the frogs!

    Sezza here is a big hug {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}} you really sound like you need one

    Hope you all enjoy whatever you get up to

    PS Annie re your plant can you get some fleecy stuff from the garden centre?

  • Comment number 32.

    Hi everyone:

    I didn't get a chance to come back yesterday, just to wish everyone a happy Bank Holiday weekend.

    We have been landed with a huge project at work for our most important client, at one point it looked like we would all be in on Monday! But, we got ourselves organised a bit yesterday, and it looks like we'll just have to work late on Tuesday evening instead!

    PJ: hope you have a lovely weekend with your friends. I do indeed have my fingers crossed that the weather is kind to you.

    AliB: hope you have a lovely weekend, too. I am sure that long drive will have been very worthwhile.

    CB: hope everything works out for you on the home front.

    Annie: yes, I really miss Candyman, and wee George every Friday. I always listen again, but nothing beats actually hearing them at the correct time! Isn't that lovely that you think of Mary when Candyman is on. xx

    Debs: that was such a lovely story about Tash - and yes, how lovely that you have that memory. I am lucky, too, the day I met Chris at his book signing, I will never forget. Being there with Mary, meeting up with Rips and Dreamer - it was all just fabulous. And, of course, Mr Evans was just sublime!

    Sezza: thinking of you - sounds like you have had a very tough time this week, and I hope it's not too awful next week. xx

    Bids: hiya - well done on getting "ahead of the game" by doing your shopping already. I have that pleasure to look forward to this morning!

    Well, I shall take my leave and head for the M store, then on to see my sister for a wee visit. The rest of the weekend will be very quiet - poor MrS is still struggling with the tendonitis - he is a wee pet lamb and is just desperate to get back to normal - he is missing being at work, so much!

    Have a great weekend, all.

    C xx

  • Comment number 33.

    Oh Chrissie, I so feel for MrS, I know how frustrating it is when you are laid up imobile, give him a wee hug from me and I hope he is fit enough to join us in june - yes NEXT month!

    Coffee anyone?

  • Comment number 34.

    Afternoon all,

    Well that's half of my Saturday gone ,and I haven't done anything yet,just chilling .that was my plan all along you know ;-))
    funny old day here weather wise not quite a grey day if you get my drift ,and every where seems to be very quiet...so Ill talk softlty ...think it might have something to do with a football match being on somewhere !!

    Debs ,I hope you get to do all that you wanted to do ,and that the frogs don't get you ..lol. we have the pleasure of the shed clearing to come ,but not this w/end .

    Crissie , I'm sorry to hear that the lovely Mr C is still suffeing ,not a nice thing when it drags on ,and so frustrating ,he needs exta hugs Crissie..

    The Candyman , whenever I hear that I can just imagine all of us with a big smile on our faces and doing a little jig to go with it ,so uplifting isn't it ,and of course when Chris plays it ,we all know it's Friday .

    Sezza,I hope that it's a beeter day for you today and that you are able just to forget ,for the w/end at least ..and not long now is it ,just a couple of days,for the big escape. Gibbs then wil be joining the big boy league with Randall and Henry.

    PJ , Isn't Port sunlight the village where there is a village to do with the fellow that was to do with the soap business and he built the village for his workers ??

    Right ,must be time for coffe ,so I'll be off ,but I'll pop back later ..take care ..


  • Comment number 35.

    Thank goodness my wife made a batch of these cookies yesterday after the show - it's all we have to eat today - hard life eh? Nom Nom
    [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]

  • Comment number 36.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 37.

    MMM xxx

  • Comment number 38.

    Ooops! Just come back and seen this! Don't know what happened, should be photos of Port Sunlight!

    Going to try and get this removed!

  • Comment number 39.

    Never being one to give up:)

    Bids-you are absolutely correct, Port Sunlight village was created by William Hesketh Lever for his soap factory workers.

    Not going to attempt the link again :) but if you google Port Sunlight and then click on to images of Port Sunlight village you will see lots of lovely photographs.

    MM xxx

    PS It's not too far away from moi!

  • Comment number 40.

    Afternoon each from sunny Fife - still cold though.

    The Camellia seems to have survived but thanks for the tips on keeping it warm, I'll bear them in mind if it gets any colder.

    Chrissie, hope MrS gets better soon.

    Maddy, Port Sunlight sounds like our New Lanark, another village set up for workers in Lanark (quite near Mary actually).

    Debs, hope no frogs jumped your way and your jeans are firmly tucked into the wellies.

    Bids, your day sounds lovely and relaxing. Enjoy

    CSN, hellooooooo - and to Roger

    Have just cleared up the kitchen after providing lunch to daughter, son-in-law and gorgeous boys. Daughter ordered my red onion and tomato tarts (again!). Youngest son has ordered them for next weekend - I'm getting bored with them already!

    Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. I'll be working Monday afternoon but I'll think of you all in your pjs.


  • Comment number 41.

    @ brightAnnie-G hellooooo to you toooo

  • Comment number 42.

    Well, that's nice Roger. Not often we old'uns get an acknowledgement from newbies. Hope you stay around.


  • Comment number 43.

    I’m a (relative) newbie too - can I stay around too please?? :~) BTW, Tash’s cookies are amaaaazing.....and almost all gone already!!! I am taking the last two to my rehearsal with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra tomorrow - yippee!

  • Comment number 44.

    Hello Berni

    The cookies sound yummy, must give them a try. Good luck with the rehearsal tomorrow.


  • Comment number 45.

    'Lo everybody

    Busy doing nothing today! I keep looking at those ingrediants but I haven't got any further than that but all the reports of the good results are tempting me!

    Must make some cupcakes for a WI do on tuesday - now there's pressure!

    We took Gibbs out for a trip this afternoon. We went to the pet shop for more suppies so he got big fuss from the girls there!

    Quiz nighting tonight so must rest the brain a little before I go out! Talking of quizzes, how is Mtd? Have missed you recently unless you're off travelling of course!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 46.

    Welcome Roger & Berni.

    Just been changing all my passwords after the link error.

    I haven't done any baking for a long time, used to do a lot but now get ready made stuff but I really want to try Tash's recipe which sounds delicious so all ingredients will be on my next shopping list.

    MM xxx

    Liv-er-pooool! Liv-er-pooool! Walk on walk on, etc!

  • Comment number 47.

    Maddy, think I might put the ingredients on my next shopping list too.

    Sezza, good luck with the quiz.

    Has anyone had a nail drop off? My thumb nail, which I shut in the car door a few weeks ago looks as if it's cracked at the bottom. Can't bear to think what is going to happen next.


  • Comment number 48.

    There is a real community feel to this set of comments . . . which is nice.

    Let's hear more about the cookies!

  • Comment number 49.

    Hello Pedro

    There's always a real community feel to this blog. Welcome.

    Just had an unexpected visit from lovely stepson. He's now gone round the corner to daughter's to discuss the Edinburgh half-marathon with son-in-law.

    Think I'll investigate last night's bottle of vino collapso, I'm sure there's some left.


  • Comment number 50.


    Back again as promised ...just written a post and lost it so will try again ..Well i'm still enjoying my very lazy day ,I just think if you have a day like that ,you must need it .And I have certainly recharged my batteries today.
    Just had dinner and now chilling yet again,and ready to watch my casualty.

    Annie ,dont worry if you loose your nail ,it will grow back ,i've lost my toe nails through doing 14 mile rambles ,which take ther toll eventually,but they do grow back ,unless you've damaged your nail bed but I doubt you have .

    Lots of new bloggers I see ,so welcome ,and yes it's a lovely place to be here ,wich if you hang around ,you will find out ..


  • Comment number 51.

    Good morning all.

    Just had a nice early walk with Holly and didn't get wet. LOL!

    Hello and welcome to Roger, Berni and Pedro.

    Annie, hope your thumb nail heals soon. xx

    I have lots to do this morning but hopefully I will get a relaxing afternoon with my Kindle.

    Happy Sunday to you all.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 52.

    Good morning all,

    Another day much the same as yesterday down here on the south coast ,so we wont be going far . Feet up up and a telly day today ,but I'm not complaining as you can see.

    Maddy ,thanks for the information on Port Sunlight ,and yes it looks lovely ,was saying to Ken that when we are up that way soon we might just have a run out that way ,and if it's anywhere near New Brighton ,then we'lll pop there as well,just to see how much it's changed in the last 40 years :-))

    Don't know what you've all got planned for today ,but whatever it is ,enjoy .

    back later ..take care ..Bids.xxx.

  • Comment number 53.

    Morning all!
    and welcome to Pedro, Berni and Roger
    Tackled the grass - 4 frogs attacked me so there was screams and cussin! GD has promised to do it in future, but wont hold my breath!
    So got a dog to wash and the garage to sort today but not much else as I fell asleep on the sofa last night so I guess I need a lazy day like Bids had yesterday.

    So enjoy your sunday whatever you are up to

  • Comment number 54.

    Hi everyone: it's looking like a lovely day here today, hope the weather is ok with the rest of you.

    Welcome to Roger and Pedro - Berni, I hope that you did see last week I replied to you.

    Debs, Bids and Annie: thanks for your wee messages for MrS. xxx Debs, I really do hope he will be able to come to Edinburgh (I know, it's not long now!) we'll just have to see how things go in the coming weeks. Of course, you know better than anyone what it feels like to be imobile. xx

    Today, I am meeting up with my lovely daughter, to assist with some clothes shopping, ahead of her holiday with her boyfriend - they leave next Saturday for a week in Spain - she is getting very excited! She asked me yesterday if I would come with her to the shops - I must confess that when she was a teenager, I hated traipsing round the shops with her - it took hours and hours. But, since she grew up and didn't need me to be there, I have missed it so much! You know, we don't know what we've got until it's gone!

    On that happy note, I am off for a wash and brush up to make me look presentable! Have a nice day, everyone.

    C xx

  • Comment number 55.

    Morning all

    G'won then, slap me on the wrists for Services To Tardy Blogging of late. There's no excuses, other than just not enough hours in the day.

    Helloooooo to the newbies!

    Chrissie: have a fab day with your lass clothes shopping (sucuh a hard life!) and I hope MrS is soon up and running. Yes, literally.

    Well, as alluded to above, I've been really busy this past week. There are some weeks where all of the networking events I go to seem to fall at the same time and that just about sums up the last 7 days. Also (as a result of the networking) have had some new projects/clients come my way, a dog to wlak (more on that in a mo) and all the other general day to day stuff that needs doing.

    Nic and I had a very rare totally free day to ourselves yesterday. Yes, we could've both knuckled down to clean the house but as it wasn't raining we had a fantastic day out together, starting with taking The Rascal Randall out to a local beauty spot and we let him off the lead for the first time ever. We held our collective breaths, fearing the worst, envisaging running after him, rallying him up but he was as good as gold. Never strayed out of our eye-line, came back when called, trotted along happily beside us and even went for his first tentative paddle in a small lake. We even shared a bag of chips between us (Nic and I) as Randall sat patiently on his lead waiting for us! Then we went to a local National Trust house, full of history about The Civil War and Charles II, and quite possibly THE BEST tour guide I've ever experienced. The day was finished off with Nic taking me out to a local country pub for dinner.

    Rare, but perfect. and all because his cricket gig got cancelled because of the bad weather and a water logged wicket!

    Today Nic's out with his lad so I'm going to do some work for my clients as I've got more networking this coming week.

    I'll pop back later - he's just taken Randall out so time for me to run round with the vacuum (it distresses four paws when he's in the house and I vac!)

    See you all in a bit.

    x x x x

  • Comment number 56.

    What a lovely unexpected sunny day it has been in these parts! Out earlier window shopping for furniture and had to put the top down for the journey back.
    Lovely stroll after lunch and although cool for the walk back it has been so nice to see sunshine.

    Hello to all and sounds as though BHW is going just the way everyone wants it to.

    Just having a little glass of vino while chicken cooks - I do like these mands offer weekends!

    Susan xx

  • Comment number 57.

    Is it the end of the day already?

    Not quite sure where it's gone cos we haven't done much except hide form the rain and cold!

    Thank goodness we have tomorrow too - I'm determined we are going to do something whatever the weather!

    How is everyone?

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 58.

    And another monday its coming, i hope it wont rain tomorrow couse it will really depress me

    private top 100 servers

  • Comment number 59.

    Morning all
    Wet and windy here today, supose its too much to ask for 3 whole days without rain at the moment!

    Just catching up with last nights BGT before a boring 2 hour conference call with my euro colleagues - they dont do bank holidays boooo

    Then picking up GD and we are going to spend the rest of the day watching back to back DVDs couched up on the sofa.

    So happy bank hols to you all and I'll catch you at the end of the week as I have a busy 3 days out and about with work.


  • Comment number 60.

    Hi everyone:

    Just catching up, and having a listen at the same time to Ken Bruce. I so seldom get to hear him - he's wonderful - the show so far has been fabulous. Remember last year when Rob Brydon did a whole show pretending to be Ken?! That was brilliant, because RB is a genius - but I do like the real Ken!

    Cheryl: thank you - yes, I hope my lovely man will soon be well. xx Sounds like you and Nic had a fabulous day on Saturday - no doubt about it, the housework can wait! Isn't that great about Randall being so good off the lead. The boy done good!

    Susan: sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your wee glass of vino!

    Sezza: I know - where does the time go? It seems like five minutes since I left the office on Friday, and here I am fretting about getting the laundry up to date before I go back tomorrow!

    Spukos: welcome to the blog - hope it's not raining with you today!

    Debs: oooh, I love watching DVDs back-to-back! We recorded "The Ladykillers" last week - a really old black & white comedy, and it is a brilliant movie. That's for us this afternoon, followed by the finale of Homeland - I'll be hiding behind the couch watching it!

    Finally, just to say, I had such a wonderful day with my daughter yesterday. We were both laughing at how I used to hate shopping with her, as I said yesterday. How things have changed - she's cool as a cucumber, it's her own money she's spending, as opposed to ours (!) and the whole experience was just lovely. I truly could go right off her, of course, because everything she bought was either a size 6 or 8 - aaaarrrggh!

    Have a lovely BH Monday, all, and apologies to some of our lovely bloggers who are working today!

    C xx

  • Comment number 61.

    hi-di-hi peeps, hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday - big sighs for those who have to work.

    I've been mia, again so apologies. Just had a catch-up with goings on and lovely to see some new names. Hello and welcome :O)

    Haven't tried to cookie recipe yet, as like a few folks said, not got all the correct ingredients to hand.

    Not planning on doing much today as although it's dry outside, it's not very warm.
    Yesterday I bought two sets of lights for the garden - you know the sunlight charged kind - I just can't think what their proper name is!!
    Anyhoo ... bargain from A**A. 10 in a box for a TENNER! Only little lights and black plastic, so not particularly classy, but then my garden isn't all that classy so they fit right in.
    They looked lovely in amongst the plants and stuck into the tops of the pots of herbs.
    Just need some warm evenings to sit out and appreciate them!

    Chrissie - so sorry to hear about MrS. Now tell him this .. if he isn't up and about and able to join us in Edinburgh, we will all be jumping in taxis and 'popping round' to yours to visit! That ought to get him on his feet! Can you fit 20 odd of us in your lounge???

    Treated myself to a kindle yesterday so have had some fun downloading free books. thought as they cost nowt I might try giving something new a try.
    Any book recommendations?

    Right need a cuppa and possibly a biscuit (bought sadly not home-made), so
    ttfn, Crumpy xx

  • Comment number 62.

    'Lo everybody

    Well, we've had a better day today

    Nice Geochaching walk this morning. About 4 1/2 miles so too far for Gibbs' little legs but the sun shone on us so it was very pleasant.

    Now i've made the cup cakes for an evening I am going to tomorrow so that's one job off the list, the uniform is ready to go and I have got time to put my feet up

    Debs, my old next-door neighbour used to work in London for the EU and if a date was a bank-holiday in more than 3 countries, she got that day off!! Ended up with about 6 extra days off!

    Crumpy, A Kindle? You'll enjoy that I'm sure. Someone else here has one but for the life of me, I can' think who!! ;-)

    Chrissie, i remember the Rob Brydon day too. It was brilliant the way he played it straight all morning!

    There was a chap called Ryan Tubredy(sp?) on instead of Chris this morning. He's sat in for Graham Norton before now and I really like him. I think he is soemthing on Irish radio? He said he'd be back in June so hopefully he's Chris's paternity leave cover!

    Doggy Paws is just destoying a hide chew all across the carpet - lovely!!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 63.

    Hello all

    long time no blog for me. Well we went to Truckfest yesterday and saw Sally Traffic. I passed on hello's from all the bloggers and Sally got excited and asked where we all were. Explained there was just me and she asked if we were going to be helping this year. She then had her pic taken with the boys, such a cool, cool lady.

    So how is everyone????


  • Comment number 64.

    Morning all,

    No time to chat after catching up, so have a great day everyone.



  • Comment number 65.

    Good morning all,

    Well that w/end went by quickly,and it's been a feet up quiet one here and not much has been done ,not coplaining as the weather hasn't been at it's best.

    So it's back to the old grind today so I wonder if we'll see the sun??

    Have a great day alll and take care .


  • Comment number 66.

    Bought all the ingredients eventually.....finally have the time to make the little darlings this morning BUT can't find what temperature to cook them on and for how long.......help!

  • Comment number 67.

    Morning blogettes:

    Busy BH weekend in PJ household. Managed to catch up with everyone's blogs.

    Visit to Port Sunlight went very well. Our visitors were very complimentary.

    Sunday was partly spent putting up bunting for the Jubilee.

    BH Monday visiting Mr PJ junior. His birthday so he had to put up with a visit from his parentals. He took us to Cannock Chase - reminded me of the picnic last year. Were in a different part this time. A lovely place but the weather was so different than the picnic. Did you order the weather specially Deevs?

    Better get on with it.
    Regards PJ

  • Comment number 68.


    Chris has put the recipe & full method on facebook.

    170 degrees C for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. (preheated oven)

  • Comment number 69.

    Afternoon folks,

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend, not long to go until we get the super extended version is June.
    Not much to report from Cheshire , just working and eating Chocolate - same old same old :-)))

    Hugs to all,
    MC xxx

  • Comment number 70.

    Evening each

    Hope everyone is well and had a good Bank holiday weekend. Little boys have just gone home so will be back in a bit when I've caught up.


  • Comment number 71.

    Crumpy - a Kindle????? Yeeeeha. Loads of book ideas - just read Sing you Home by Jodi Picoult and The Soldier's Wife by Joanna Trollope. More titles available is these don't appeal.

    Chrissie, Am off shopping tomorrow with gorgeous daughter. Thank goodness the teenage days of Saturday clothes shopping are long gone - I just hated them, was so glad when she was old enough to just give her money and let her go off with her friends to Edinburgh.


  • Comment number 72.

    Evening Warmth Ter CLP Boy & ALL Bloggers...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    CLP - Ginger Cookies.... Sounds most right up yer street pal!!!!!!!!!! Most up yer street!!!!!

    The ingredients sound most interesting:

    Self raising flour - Me shrink once told me ter buy some of that when a was suffering under confidence!!!!!

    Ground ginger - Reminds of the time a saw CLP on the ground floor at R2!!!!!

    1 tablesppon of bicarbate soda - A would take that through airport security.... Sounds dangerous even though it's under yer 100ml limit!!!!!

    200g caster sugar - Reminds of the times a bought some 200lb rated casters at me local DFS ter straighten me wonky sofa!!!!!!

    Unsalted butter - A didn't know yer could get not unsalted butter!!!!!

    85g of golden syrup - Reminds me of Jezza Vine's slick on air style!!!!!

    A beaten egg - A never did like violence!!!!!

    Crystalized ginger - reminds me of CLP winning a top radio award at the top radio awards!!!!!!

    All in all.... Soubnds most good.... But don't forget ter add nuts CLP pal!!!!!!!

    Tatty bye!

  • Comment number 73.


    Have you forgotten your sign-in id and password again or is this finally the end of the blog?

  • Comment number 74.

    Bingo, your post made me laugh out loud. xx

    Chris, where are you hiding.

    Hello MBD.


    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 75.

    Annie and Crumpy.

    I love my Kindle.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 76.

    Night Annie, Bingo, MBD and everyone.

    Sleep well and sweet dreams.

    CSN. xx


  • Comment number 77.

    Hi Does anyone have the instructions for baking the Ginger Cookies. I am ready with all the ingredients


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