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On the way to work...

Chris Evans | 06:03 UK time, Tuesday, 1 May 2012

5.30 a.m. May 1st 2012.

Never before have I seen rain like I'm seeing now! It's not so much pouring down, it's more like giant waves are dropping out of the sky every few seconds. It's all rather dramatic. I haven't checked but if the tide's against us, I might be late for work. Still you get a better view with high water.

Peace and Love and Waterwings to you all.





  • Comment number 1.

    Good morning CLP and everyone else,

    Living in the West of Scotland, I know exactly what you mean, it's dismal when the rain is as heavy as that, I hope it clears up for you soon, it's very windy and cool here but dry at the moment.

    What a shame they had to cancel Badminton Horse Trials at the last minute due to the weather, it must be such a difficult decision to make when you think about the planning that goes into an event of that size.

    On Vanessa's show this morning, the person chose Donald Where's Yer Troosers as her Wake Up With You song, and she said that it reminds her of when Chris played it on radio 1 and revived it, but I am sure it was Simon Mayo who revived and played it a lot on radio 1, can anyone help?, am I getting that completely wrong?

    Anyway, nothing of any interest to report from here, so I hope you all have a good day.



  • Comment number 2.

    Morning CLP and Dozer (and anyone else who snuckles in whilst I type this!)

    Hmmm. The weather. Yesterday was glorious here. Today, it's back to normal - showery, windy and cold. I didn't get too wet when I took The four Legged Terrorist out for his walk this morning, but I fear that the Biblical downpours referred to by CLP are heading our way as the day unfolds. Deep joy.

    On the plus side, my new wellies should be being delivered today, so no more trenchfoot or soggy socks.

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Great Gobsmackers. Love The Smiths and Adam & The Ants just has me dancing around like a loon .....

    Oooh, events. Congrats to Duran Duran on the Olympic gig in Hyde Park. What an accolade. Although Nic was somewhat puzzled at the choice of band to represent England, to put it mildly ....

    Not had a chance to catch up with all the posts since Friday, and yesterday was major hectic, so huggles to anyone who needs one, and I'll endeavour to have a read when I have a coffee break mid-morning.

    Today is an office day and I'm feeling all fired up and raring to go!

    Laters taters.

    This Charming Deevs
    x x x x

  • Comment number 3.

    Morning Greetings CLP Man & ALL...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    During this 'oespipe ban..... Am VERY much upter me neck in it!!!!!!!!
    Upter me neck in what yer may ask..... A will tell yer..... WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And terdee is the first dee of the month..... Remember the first dee of the month sets a president for th emonth a'ead prediction of mine..... looking outta me window presently..... All a csan say is..... OH DEAR!!!!!!!! OH DEAR..... OH DEAR...... OH DEAR.. OH DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All a can add is at least it's nice ter feel like we are all in safe 'ands with the goverment using excellent judgement in their drought order ter 'elp save water!!!!!!!!!!

    Tatty Bye!

  • Comment number 4.

    PS For any who missed me blog yesterdee.... At least we're noot upter our neck in it like these dudes are :


  • Comment number 5.

    Hiya Chris: very impressive, your early blog today!

    Really sorry for everyone who is being soaked at the moment - it's really no joke and certainly very dangerous on the roads - take care, everyone.

    Phoenix: nice to see you here last night - hope you are ok. I hope everything was alright with the Lifeboat crew - they are heroes, every last one of them. xx

    LL: very exciting for you to be going to CarFest - I am slightly envious!

    Dozer: I just switched on the radio in time for "Donald" so I didn't hear the back-story. Sorry, I don't know who revived it, but someone on this lovely blog will know, I am sure. Ooooh, I loved the days, when I was about 10 years old, when "Donald" was my song for singing at the regualar parties my Mum & Dad used to have. I thought it was great fun, but I bet I was a total pain in the neck!

    MrS and I went out last night to the local pub to watch the second half of the City-United match. I couldn't tell you the last time we were ever in a pub on a Monday night - certainly before the arrival of MsS -so that's at least 22 years ago! What great fun, we felt like we were mixing with the grown ups - I couldn't believe how many people were in the pub, watching the match! I'm normally in my PJ's by nine o'clock of an evening, so this was a bit of an experience!

    Have a good day, everyone.

    C xx

  • Comment number 6.

    I was thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time......but from the warmth and comfort of my (water) bed!!! There was one single roll of thunder that just sounded like another planet just fell on our planet!!! Love the new ad for Radio 2day, btw!! x

  • Comment number 7.

    Early blog today Chris, very blustery here but no rain at the moment thank goodness.

    Chrissie I have two Utd fans in the house and last night it was not a good place to be! I hid upstairs with the telly turned up loud to drown out all the shouting.

    Agree with Bernie the Radio 2day ad is great.

    MM x

  • Comment number 8.

    Hello CE & Everyone.

    No rain here yet but I think it's coming in this direction shortly. It's all very still and dull and feels like the calm before the storm.

    I enjoy a good thunderstorm as long as I'm not outside in it.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 9.

    Hi Yall!
    Quick hi and bye from me - working in my Telford office today - *waves at crumpy and CB!*

    Weather on way up was shocking and looks like will be for trip home too and it drives me insane the way some people dont take account of the pouring rain and the worst thing the spray. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    and breath....

    And Maddy, I agree, I love watching lightening if I'm safely indoors!

    Right got a health and safety manual to start so best look busy!

    Happy Tuesday to you all

  • Comment number 10.

    Just popping in ter say/ write:

    I think it is very good that we are getting alot of rain at present as it is VERY needed!!!!!!
    But we 'ave 'ad such a dry period of low rainfall over the winter that many farmers are on the edge of being bankrupt with failed crops etc!!!!!!!!!!
    There was recent talk of 'ow food prices would go through the roof due to a shortage and 'aving to import stuff/ 'appenings!!!!!!!
    This also further pushing up fuel prices.... all on top of the already ever upwards food and fuel prices!!!!!!!

    So in that respect I personally am more than ok with alotta rain!!!!!!
    Yes a did think after me 'oliday in Thailand in March a would be coming back ter the end of our winter and sunnier times in the UK!!!!!!!!
    This 'as not 'appened.... But am ok with this.... Even though too much rain is starting ter affect some work I need ter do on the foundations and drains under me 'ouse!!!!!!!!
    AND a can't cycle ter work and back lately as a keep getting soaked through.... This is leading to a direct increase in the size of my belly!!!!!!!!!
    Me daily cycle was the only excercise a was getting of late.... Due to me not 'aving ANY spare time ter go te rthe gym and keep the spare tyre under control!!!!!!
    A mean when do a get time renovating a whole 'ouse and working 60 'ours a week delivering food for unappreciative members of the public!!!!!

    But not being selfish.... am glad the rain is saving the farmers!!!!!!!
    Try and imagine yerv invested all yer money into a business and then it's on the edge of totally being destroyed by no rain!!!!!!!!
    Just not too much or the crops will equally be destroyed by flooding!!!!!!!
    Looking at ti from this point of view, a can put my plans on 'old for a little while!!!!!

    All a can say is buy an umbrella and get on with it.... There's many in the world who 'ave far LARGER problems than the rain we 'ave now!!!!!!

    Let's not forget I am 'out driving my truck delivering food to supermarkets in all weather.... From the floods now ter snow and ice!!!!!!!!!
    But a don't complain..... a just get on with it..... And ALWAYS look at the positive side of life as much as a possibly can!!!!!!!!

    Admittidly not always easy when people of complain to me.... For example when i'm making deliveries I get people moaning that they ave ter walk 30 feet around my lorry..... 'ow the 'eck do they think the goods get into the damn it supermarkets!!!!!!!!

    I find it so refreshing when I go abroad to see 'ow people in other countries seem to get on with much worse problems with less moaning!!!!!!!!!

    The UK very much is in danger of becoming a nation of selfish and spoilt moaners!!!!!!!!

    We live with such a wonderful 'igh standard of living in this country.... People should be ashamed of themselves ter complain about such trivial 'appenings!!!!!!!!!

    What am trying ter say 'ere.... Is resist the negative people.... DON'T let their poison infect you and yourself turn you into one of them!!!!!!!!!!
    Always moaning and seeing the bad in life!!!!!!!
    Buy an umbrealla.... Buy a rain coat..... And enjoy the rain.... Something that many people starving and dying of aids in Africa can only dream of!!!!!!!!!!

    Am off ter buy a boat!!!!!!!!

    'ope this 'elps!!!!!!

  • Comment number 11.

    Pertinent Bingo!

    My new wellies have been delivered, so it's time to put them to the test. It's STILL raining here in the Shire of Cannock.

    x x x

  • Comment number 12.

  • Comment number 13.

    Evening All,

    Another busy day on the Western front! I've been to Croydon and back today, life on the edge :)

    According to my local FB friends I missed a cracker of a storm last night! Didn't hear a thing. I went to bed at 9pm as I was shattered as didn't get much sleep the night before, put my ear plugs in and woke up with the alarm this morning. I did notice a lot of surface water on my way to work and the church car park was flooded, which is a sure sign of lots of rain.

    It's been lovely and sunny today, the temp in the car said 18 degrees.

    Fajitas for tea tonight, so I best get on with the chopping and slicing.


  • Comment number 14.

    Evening each from sunny Fife

    Just seen the news and the floods in the south-west, and a poor, scared young woman in her car. Huge puddles scare me too, I'm always sure I'll be the one who gets stuck in the middle. I'm so sorry for those who've been caught in downpours.

    Back in a bit when I've caught up. xxxxx

  • Comment number 15.

    Here's a scene that faced me on my way home the other night Annie.

    After being rescued once before by the Fire Brigade, I did a swift detour.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhCZ4Rm2uaY&feature=share :O

  • Comment number 16.

    Here's a sunnier one... :)


    Happy days :)

  • Comment number 17.

    Sal, no wonder you made a detour, looks awful. Loved the sunnier one - I'm sure my brothers had those stations on their Double O train set - including the milk churns. Hope the water is receding.


  • Comment number 18.

    Milk churns Annie, something you dont see these days eh? Growing up in North Wales countryside, they were a regular sight.

    Yes, its all going now, as if some one has pulled the plug out. Its brought a lot of coastal birds into the fields, which is nice to watch through my superscope :)

  • Comment number 19.

    How nice Sal, I love watching the birds - have a RSPB garden birds identification thingy but all I see here are magpies, wood pigeons and blackbirds. I've now got the Observer leaflet on wildflowers in my bag - I like to think I'm a country sort of person but, honestly, if I saw a field mouse I'd run screaming for the hills.


  • Comment number 20.

    I would like to know more about wild flowers Annie.

    If you dont like mice, maybe best not watch what happens to them on the Barn owl site, that a few of us are following :O

  • Comment number 21.

    Evening all, it looks as though the north/south divide weather wise has been in Scotland's favour. Sympathies to those affected by rising floodwater.

    I made the most of my day off by having a mini adventure to Stirling and Aberfoyle. I started off at the Wallace Monument (climbing 246 steps to get to the top!). Then I carried on to Aberfoyle and the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. Carrying on the ornithological theme, they have cameras trained on a couple of Osprey nests and a Buzzard's. At the moment one of the Ospreys is sitting on egg, so hopefully by the end of the month there will be chicks.

    Saw the 2 day trailer this evening, shame it's on my first day back at work! Will have to catch up later.


  • Comment number 22.

    Rosie, saw your lovely photos on FB.

    Sal, the one time I had a mouse in the house I had to run away and stay with son for 3 days.


  • Comment number 23.

    Rosie, that sounds right up my street, albeit a bit far away. Is there a website for it?

    I saw ospreys once in the Guerande region of France, and was thrilled :)

  • Comment number 24.

    Sal here's the link to their blog, and you can see images from the webcam between 10am and 5pm:


    You can also follow them on the other side, just search for Aberfoyle Ospreys.


  • Comment number 25.

    Thanks Rosie. I always think Aberfoyle sounds so Welsh, guess that Aber must mean the same in both countries?

  • Comment number 26.

    Well this isn't that helpful!


  • Comment number 27.

    Um, I think so. Aber and Inver mean "river mouth" in Scotland, is that the same in Welsh?


  • Comment number 28.

    Of course it does Rosie, me having O level Welsh too! Havent had much call for it in the last 30 odd years of being in the West Country. LOL!

  • Comment number 29.

    Here's the owls webcam Rosie.

    Havent looked in for an hour or two. But big worries today, as havent seen Brenda, the Mum. Just about to see what the situation is..

  • Comment number 30.



  • Comment number 31.

  • Comment number 32.

    They are observing Barn owls at Aberfoyle too Sal, except the owl keeps hiding underneath the camera!


  • Comment number 33.

    Just popped into say I agree with Bingo's post today, we all moan too much about things in this country.

    Marjie, love the webcam link on FB about the owls. xx

    Hi Annie, Rosie, Ali and Sal.

    Awful weather here at the moment.

    CSN. xx

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  • Comment number 35.

    Wonder where Marjie and MBD are tonight.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 36.



  • Comment number 37.


    Coming in loud & clear CSN:)

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 38.


    Getting onto even numbers, I'm no fool:)

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 39.

    A friend of mine today has ask me to help him rehome a little nine month old bichon frise puppy he can't keep any more. very sad!

    Hello Marjie.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 40.

    Come in MBD and play.



  • Comment number 41.

    Ah! That is sad CSN, I hope you and your friend can find a loving caring home for the little puppy very soon.

    MM xxx


  • Comment number 42.



  • Comment number 43.

    42! Too good to be true?

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 44.

    Thank you Marjie, I will start phoning around to some people tomorrow that helped me when I was breeding these dogs a few years back.



  • Comment number 45.

    Come on Marjie.

    Lets get to 50!



  • Comment number 46.

    What number will it be now.



  • Comment number 47.

    CSN-I've just googled bichon frise and had no idea that's what breed little Hollie is. A merry temperament it says, I can see that in Hollie's photos on facebook. She's so very cute:)


  • Comment number 48.

    LOL! My numbers are getting worse!

    48! Am I too late?

  • Comment number 49.

    She is very cute Marjie but MAD, just like me. LOL!



  • Comment number 50.


  • Comment number 51.

    Well done Marjie on the 50th post tonight. xx

    Shame MBD couldn't join us. Bless him!


  • Comment number 52.

    Merrily mad CSN. A lovely way to be:)


  • Comment number 53.

    Very true Marjie.

  • Comment number 54.



  • Comment number 55.

    Night Marjie and everyone.

    Sleep well and sweet dreams.

    If anyone is interested in my above messages about the little Bichon puppy. Please send me a personal message on FB.

    Lots of love to you all.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 56.

    Hello all

    Annie and Ali, we had the most awful thunderstorm here last night, luckily I'm reading a good book at the moment that took my mind off it. xx

    Jillygoat, hope your mum is recovering from her fall. xx

    Tiggs, glad all is going well with your new job. xx

    Chrissie, glad you enjoyed the football with MrS last night at the pub. xx

    Debs and Marjie, are you both mad. I hate thunderstorms. xx

    Deevs, hope Randall likes your new wellingtons. xx

    I didn't sleep well last night and don't think I will tonight either.

    Sorry if I have missed anyone.

    Hello and welcome to all the new people.

    Hope Gibbs, Randall and Henry are are doing well. xx

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 57.

    Good morning all you lovely people

    I admit - I am rubbish trying to rememnber who said what, but hello to all, hope the new puppy gets a good home soon (I'm not allowed any more pets, think the hubby may notice a dog around the place).

    Have had a funny couple of days weather wise here in the shires, never really know what to expect but if we can have a bit of sun on mr bp birthday on Saturday I will be pleased.


  • Comment number 58.

    Good morning all,

    Morning Baggy,hope that your well this fine morning ...It's a bit of a grey day here at the moment ,and I'm hoping for it to clear to brighter skies later as the washing is busy twirling around behind me in the washing machine.

    Had a lovely time in the Cotswolds at the w/end ,albeit the weather could have been better ..bought some nice new bits for my kitchen ,one purchase was a very large lime washed twig heart to go on a wall that Ive been waiting to put something on ,so was pleased to find it .Deev ,next time your over that way there are a couple of nice shops in Broadway .

    The barn dance like you said was great fun and a big turn out lots of yeehah's and some dosey do's,but I must remember next time not to wear a woollen shawl as i spent half an hour when we got back to the house picking hay off of it ..

    Well just time for another brew as our lovely scoobs says so off to put the kettle on ,any one else while I'm there ..

    Have a lovely day all and take care ..Bids.xxx.

  • Comment number 59.

    Hi bids
    sounds like you had a great time - i do love a good doesy doh!


  • Comment number 60.

    Morning all

    Hope you're all ok and haven't been washed away.

    Baggy, I think Mr Baggy would notice a dog arriving in the house - they do make a BIG impact!!

    Bids, barn dance sounds like fun - glad you have a good time

    Michael Johnson on the radio just now - he has a voice like melted chocolate - I could listen for ages!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 61.

    Sezza - I scared mr bp this morning by telling him there were four cats outside the bedroom and we only have three - when pressed I did admit that a toy cat had also been bought upstairs by one of the cats :-)

  • Comment number 62.

    ....picking hay off shawl...!!

    I want to hear all about that when I see you later in the week Bids ;)

    Morning all, today the weather is doing, ermm well, nothing really.

    They are talking about hump day next door, I think we heard it here first?

    A happy one to everyone :)

  • Comment number 63.

    Mornin' all !

    CSN - thank you x Mum a bit bruised and shaken but otherwise is doing OK. Dad and I are attending a meeting of all mum's therapists at the hospital this Friday, and we should find out what the programme of care is going to be for the rest of her stay and her eventual discharge. I'm going to make lots of notes as poor dad hears about 50% of what's being said and then only remembers about 50% of that, which doesn't leave much!!!!

    Bids - glad you enjoyed the barn dance. I used to go to them regularly and they were always a hoot. Ooh, and the hay gets everywhere ...... !

    At last the rain has stopped in the a**e end of Kent but the sun is still being a bit coy. Fingers crossed for a fine weekend though.

    Laters all

    jillygoat xx

  • Comment number 64.

    Afternoon each

    Bids: Glad you enjoyed the barn dance - fairly sure you would. Last wedding I went to they had a ceilidh (the bride was Scottish) it was great fun - people in their posh frocks and very high heels trying to 'Strip the Willow'. Lots of falling over and that was before the drink.

    Weather blustery but dry here on the borders.

    Regards PJ

  • Comment number 65.

    Evening all!

    Sooooo tired tonight. Don't know why really. Maybe I just need an early night

    Speak it quietly but it hasn't rained here!!! Very strange!

    Took Gibbs to have his 2nd injection today so one week til walkies!!! He was a very good boy and made a new friend with the vet nurse

    Right, taxi run to do then feet up!

    Sezza xxxx

  • Comment number 66.

    Evening each from sunny, but very cold Fife.

    Bids, love the sound of your twiggy heart. I've got a heart on my kitchen wall with lots of photos of grandchildren stuck in it, and lots of wee hearts round my living room - one of them says Love you Gran.

    PJ, I love a ceilidh - you describe it so well - lots of bouncing off walls and falling over.

    Our weather forecast said more cold weather expected and snow on the hills. Bums!! Shopaholic friend is in New Orleans, just had an email to say they're having a great time in the heat. Double bums.


  • Comment number 67.

    Evening bloggers

    I've had a crappy day on the whole - 8am meeting & a clinic that ran from 9am right through until 4.30pm (should have finished by 1pm but lots of poorly peeps!) then straight off to have a deep filling. It all ended well tho - my new iPad was delivered & I LOVE it so much.

    So I'm off to bed fingers crossed for a decent sleep & the energy to do it all tomorrow (not a filling thank goodness)

    Nighty night all

  • Comment number 68.

    MM and CSN

    I really thought that I could count on you two ladies!

  • Comment number 69.

    Morning all,

    Glad you enjoyed the barn dance Bids, I don't do Celidh dancing, I've got no co-ordination what so ever, the gay gordons is the only one I will attempt, but I do love watching everyone else.

    Nothing of any interest to report, so have a good day everyone.



  • Comment number 70.

    Good morning all,

    GG,nice to see you this morning ,hope the worlds Ok in your little corner ...If yoo and Annie mean Scotish country dancing ,I can say that we did do that at school, and that's going back a bit know.

    Fine drizzle here this morning ,it looks like we're in for a couple of grey days. but we should be having a dry w/end.

    Sezza ,bet you're looking forward to taking Gibbs out for his first walk ,wonder what he will think of that big wide world that he's about to meet.

    Jilly, sorry to hear about your mum and her set back ,must have shaken her up ,so here's hoping that there will be no more and she will be on the up very soon. Also for your dad bless him ,good job that we don't know whats before us eh!!

    Right must be off ,got to go and pick up one poorly g/son for his granddad to look after,just had a phone call from no2 daughter .

    Take care all,and have a good day.


  • Comment number 71.

    Morning all

    I have woken up more tired than wnet to bed!!! And I was exhausted then!

    I am really looking forward to the long weekend but I do hope the weather is a little nicer than today!! Yesterday was quite nice but back to the deluge today!

    I feel sorry for anywhere like the village I work in that has a May Fayre planned for Monday. I just hope the weather is better

    Bids, i am looking forward to taking Gibbs out (although I am thinking of buying him a harness instead of the lead he has. Something to try!) He stands to attention in the garden now, listening to everything going on outside the wall and trying to work it out!

    Right, best look busy - before I doze off!!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 72.

    Just checking in to say hi. I have no news to impart - it's just been one of those weeks where I seem to just be at work all the time - but I do know I have definitely gone home at some point, because I am wearing different clothes!

    I really am sorry for all the people getting the truly terrible weather - whatever has happened here, I have no idea, but today is really lovely ... sorry, again!

    Take care everyone, and Happy Thirsty Thursday to all!

    C xx

  • Comment number 73.


    Glad you enjoyed the Barn dance Bids. I too did Scottish dancing in school many moons ago and like Gail I did the gay gordons. I am wondering can we say gay gordons in this day and age or is it politically incorrect to anyone by the name of Gordon? There have been one or two occasions in my life since that this has come in handy. But mostly it's been the latest dance craze at the time.

    Sezza-I bet you are looking forward to Gibb's first walkies as much as he is, he has many new things to explore.

    MBD-Sorry I was unaccounted for on here last night:)

    Got my scooter jammed on a pavement this morning, a council lorry was blocking the onle available ramp in the road around the corner so I attemped the high pavement and got stuck. I called to the council workmen for help, they came together with a passing jogger and at that very moment Bingo and his girlfriend drove past and stopped. So all was well except that Bingo will now think I'm always getting myself into trouble but it was a one off and not of my making.

    Looks like the new doors are going to be done, they've done next door but one and should be coming here next.

    MM xxx

    PS Alovely spring day here, let's hope this is the start of the summer for all of us!

  • Comment number 74.

    Sezza, how exciting for you and Gibbs - will it be a big family walk? Take pics! I know when I first took Bob and then the dears out for their first walk - they couldnt wait for the return back to the house! Now of course its their favourite thing - unless its wet and then cant get them out of the door!

    Bids hope poorly g/son is better soon,

    GG - I'm with you on the country dancing - best to sit it out! you know what happened the last time I danced!

    Sitting waiting for a conf call to start - isnt hold music awful!

    Right after that I need to go and get my photo on driving licence renewed - it runs out today Yikes! and then its touch and go will it be back before holibobs - if not we shant be hiring a car DOH!

    back in a bit

  • Comment number 75.

    Hiya to MM and Chrissie who posted during the 3 hours it took to post mine!

    Lots of knights in shining armour then maddy :-) And can I just say, that Bingo on a scooter in Liverpool a couple years ago also got into a couple of VERY public scrapes in the hotel lobby so dont feel bad!

    AND bonus, all morning I've been thinking its Wednesday - and seeing Chrissies post checked and of course its Thursday! whoop whoop one day closer to the weekend!

    Right back at it - next, call with the FD......


  • Comment number 76.

    New Blog

  • Comment number 77.

    Good night all :X:X:X
    A new week starts tomorrow and i have to be fresh for a job interview...wish me luck

    rift private server


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