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Is it a pie or is it a pudding ?

Chris Evans | 11:23 UK time, Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Where did this one come from ? Well I suppose it's a product of the more you do, the more you do syndrome. We talk cakes versus pies for CarFest and then out of nowhere scrutineering and the need for rules comes into play. I love it. There are things in life that are important and then there are things in life that are only important because we all agree they are. And, 'is banoffee pie a cake or a pie?' is definitely one of them.

Let's do all this again tomorrow, and then the next day and the next and the next and so on.

Peace and Love.





  • Comment number 1.


    Sounds like you need the advice of a WI judge! If they can't tell you difference between a pie, pudding and cake then no one can and there's nothing they don't know about judging the perfect Victoria Sponge!

    Keep on doing what you're doing my friend - it's always a pleasure to wake up with you!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 2.

    Good morning Chris.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 3.

    Morning Sezza.

    Banoffee pie!

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 4.

    Bought my Proclaimers tickets last night - for my wife and I - seen them previously in warwick a few years ago, and they were great!!

    Mmmm - puddings v. pies - sweet and savoury I love them all!

  • Comment number 5.

    Thank you Sezza, I am getting there slowly. xx

    Ali, the loo situation worries me too and not sure if my bones would like sleeping in a tent. xx

    Deevs, have a lovely lunch. xx

    Welcome Newbies. xx

    I don't seem to have much energy today. LOL!

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 6.

    All this thinking about wether banoffee pie is a pie or a cake is giving me the munchies now!!

    I think Sezza's idea is great - have someone in from the WI to discuss the above and maybe bring you in some samples to try!!

    CSN - sending you energy positive vibes x x

    Nealy time for lunch thank goodness - pate on toast for me.

    Lots of love bloggers

    C x x x x

  • Comment number 7.

    Hey CLP and the rest, I think the only person qualified to make a call on Bannoffee Pie would be the Queen on baking herself, Mary Berry! Personally I can't abide it, as bananas are the devils work in my opinion!

    Hope everyone is well, I'm back in the 'burgh after a week in my hometown of Liverpool, mingling with celebs, I spotted Ricky Tomlinson and Marco Pierre White in less than an hour on Monday last week. Hugs to all those feeling under the weather (and to Bids' grandson).

    No sun in Edinburgh today either.


    PS Paté on toast for lunch for me too!

  • Comment number 8.

    Thank you, Cathmel, enjoy your lunch. xx

    I might have a Kindle afternoon.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 9.

    Eeeek! Just remembered that I meant to post earlier and say a thank you!

    MC, Thanks you for passing Room onto me! I received the parcel before I saw your post so had a lovely "What is this parcel for me" moment while I opened it. Thought I'd just look at the start of the book - looked up and realised nearly an hour had gone by! Totally gripping! I think I'll pass it on to my Mum and maybe a friend before it goes back into the blog-stream!

    Rosie, you don't want to come to my house at the moment - we have the biggest bananas I have ever seen at the moment! Never mind a fuit bowl, I need a fruit vat at the moment!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 10.

    Hello CE & Everyone.

    Chris-I've been thinking this over carefully and a banoffee pie should be called a tart in the same way as bakewell, jam, etc.

    Reminds me of the latest advert for jaffa cakes. Are they cakes or biscuits? We call them cakes but treat them like biscuits.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 11.


    Chris, I agree with Sezza what the WI don't know about cakes etc isn't worth knowing. They're your women and of course the lovely Mary Berry.

    csn, Enjoy your Kindle afternoon xx and I agree about your bones after sleeping in a tent. I've been camping every year since I was 9 but now it gets harder to roll off the lilo in the mornings and by the end of the week, my back is shot to bits!

    Rosie, Glad you had a good time in the pool xx

    The preacher/speaker at church on Sunday, who is a man in his early 70's, said he doesn't buy green bananas any more. Took a while for it to sink in but made us chuckle.

    Just having a slice of homemade lemon drizzle cake....yum yum.


  • Comment number 12.

    Good afternoon everyone

    I was too quick and posted on yesterday's blog instead. Oh well, such are the joys of being new to this game.

    On the subject of rules - do you have to cook the pie/cake actually at CarFest or would it be legal to bring one you made at home the night before?

    Or - another thought - could you weigh out the ingredients, make the pastry at home then 'construct' the finished pie and cook it on site.

    The more you think about this the more complex it gets. I love cooking in my caravan, but usually keep it to healthy meals using local farm shops for ingredients.

    The Caravan Club run cooking competitions every year at their National Rally, usually a cake involved somewhere - perhaps we should ask them about rules and judging.

    As for the Banoffee thingy - it is made with a biscuit base, so surely neither pie nor tart.

    I think I'm going to find some easy recipes, just in case caravans are allowed at the CarFest. What do you think Christoph?


  • Comment number 13.

    Afternoon all

    Truly madly busy here again.

    So fleeting visit.

    Umm pie - banoffee pie I have to be in the mood for as it is extremely sweet. Lemon Meringue I think would be a pie, but what about the guy that was on Simon Mayo's show last night who does the pudding club maybe he could be at car fest.

    I had a parsnip and walnut cake the other day and I have got to be honest it was bloomin lush. So moist it was unbelievable and didnt taste of parsnips at all it was a bit like a carrot cake actually.

    Anyway back to work nothing too exciting going on at the moment.

    Take care one and all.

    CB xx

  • Comment number 14.


    If you can eat with your hands it's a pie, if you need a dish and spoon it's a pudding.

  • Comment number 15.

    Evening each

    Sorry, but I don't care what Banoffi Pie is as long as I get a huge slice. The best I ever tasted was in Doolin, Southern Ireland - to die for.

    Back in a bit when I've caught up - I may be some time as little boys are visiting while Mum and Dad are off to the 9yr old's Parents Evening.


  • Comment number 16.

    Evening all,

    Well, I have a slight confession to get out of the way .......... I stole the sun !
    It was grey here most of the weekend, and then all day yesterday , so i just borrowed it for a few hours ....... i didn't think you'd notice :-)

    Sezza, so glad it arrived , sorry my note was brief, but i did it on my lunch hour. It's a good story, enjoy !

    Pies and Puddings, well , what's not to like , they all go down well with me.

    Bids , hope your grandson continues to improve .

    Chrissie , huge congrats to your daughter , i can just about remember being 21 :-)
    and all those plans to marry Donny ........... we could have been sisters in law !!

    Hope everyone is ok , high fives to all

    MC xxxx living life in the sunny lane

  • Comment number 17.

    Evening all.

    Just thought I would pop in while the roast is cooking.

    Annie, hope you are having an early midnight feast with little ones before their Mum and Dad come to collect them. xx

    MC, so it was you who stole the Sun today. LOL!

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 18.

    Hi All

    Sorry I've not been around, not a lot to say really but I have been lurking.

    Too many people to mention but welcome newbies, (((hugs))) where needed and congratulations where appropriate as well.

    Did anybody else think of 'Man or Muppet' when they saw the title of this blog? It's been going through my head most of the day #is it a pieeee or a pudding???#

    I love banofee pie, but I suppose it is a pudding really.

    I wouldn't mind going to the carfest but I would have to stay in a hotel - the loo and camping situation does not appeal at all (maybe there are some caravans nearby - that wouldn't be so bad - just not a tent......).

    Time for tea.


    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 19.


    PJ-I knew the answer to 'Where's Fred?' tonight, ten miles from Chester, was it your village? Been there too.

    MBD-I can't eat shepherds or cottage pie with my hands but I can eat Yorkshire or black pudding without a dish and spoon.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 20.

    Well, 9yr old got a glowing school report - just as well as I'd have been round there in the morning.

    Bids, hope your grandson is improving - how worrying for you all.

    Chrissie - Happy 21st to Ms S.

    CSN - you guessed it - chocolate was available.

    Child No. 7 has just joined the family - stepdaughter had a little girl at 7 tonight. 7lb 5 oz with lots of dark hair. Can't wait to see her.


  • Comment number 21.

    Annie, Well done to your lovely grandson.

    Congratulations on your new addition to the family.

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 22.

    Night Annie and everyone.

    Sleep well and sweet dreams.

    Deevs, lovely photo of you and Randall. xx

    CSN. xx

  • Comment number 23.

    Good morning everyone,

    Congratulations CLP and Team on your awards!

    Belated Happy Birthday to MsS.

    During the break in the song this morning I was stirring my porridge.

    These light mornings are just fantastic aren't they, they fill you with positivity (that soon gets squeezed out of me mind you), it's great to walk the dogs in the morning, especially since we haven't had any rain for at least 3 days now! When I'm driving to work and a great track comes on the radio, I would love to just keep driving and see where I end up, that would be brilliant.

    Congratulations Annie XX

    Have a great day everyone.



    p.s. I nearly bought tickets for the Proclaimers as I love them but when I mentioned it to D he made a face, so I didn't buy them:(

    Hope you all have a great day.

  • Comment number 24.

    In Germany "pudding" means "custard".
    I didn't know that when I moved to the UK and the first time my boyfriend asked me what I would like for pudding I was very confused. Obviously he meant what I wanted for dessert but what I understood was: "What do you want for custard?"

  • Comment number 25.

    Morning chums,

    Chris, listening to the Breakfast Show is bad for my health. Official! I am trying to crack on with some work and there's you talking pies, puddings, desserts ...... and I'm now sat here longing, yes longing, for a pork pie! My mind has raced ahead to long hot hazy summer days, rugs on the grass, a loopy dog and a packed picnic hamper. I can almost smell the ripe cheeses, warm bread and chutneys, the rustic pork pies, organic Scotch Eggs ...... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    What are you like!?!?!

    Congrats on the Award, btw.

    We watched Top Gear last night. I'm not sure which was more priceless - your face when Captain Slow asked if he could take "THE" car out, or his face when you asked him to remove his shoes prior to entering your garage!

    Annie - congrats on the new addition. Very cute indeed! Enjoy the cuddles xx

    Gail - sorry, but porridge is The Devil's Work.

    csn - as predicted, as soon as Nic got back from seeing his lad last night, the loopy four paws lad went mental. The peace and calm were nice whilst they lasted! Roll on post-injections when I can take him out proper to run off some of that Springer energy.

    Maddy - good point re puddings/pies! My nan was born in Leeds and when I was growing up she insisted that a Yorkshire Pudding wasn't something you had with a roast and gravy, but something you had cold, for afters, spready with jam!

    Right, as CLP hasn't chosen my excellent Gobsmackers this morning, I think it's time to shower. Despite working from home all by myself, I still like to make an effort!


    Laters lovelies.


  • Comment number 26.

    Good morning all,

    Well It's definitely not me today who has the sun :( but hopefully might get a glimpse of it some when today.

    Chris congratulations on your awards..and I see the pie/cake discussion is still continuing. It looks as though there are going to be some named people at the car fest. Mabe Sezza he heard you yesterday as he mentioned the WI...

    Dozer ,Can you let me know when that said track comes on your car radio ,as I'll be there with you ,what a great idea. shall I pack a hamper ? And nothing can squeeze the life out of you as you've got so much .

    Went to see Ben last night and very pleased to see that he's breathing a lot better as they have put a drain into his lung to get the fluid off ,still got a temp but it's to be expected.
    The result of the scan showed that hes had a bleed between the rib cage and his lung. This must have happened a week earlier when he was slammed up against a wall wilst playing footie at school ...if you remember a few weeks ago he broke his wrist..well he was still in plaster so as he saw this incident about to happen he raised his arm to safe his arm in plaster ...hence the impact hit his side hence the bleed.
    But ...he did go to the doctors then and the doctor wrote him a letter and sent him up to our A+E to have an (Xray) those in charge poohood it and said hed just brused his ribs and hed be fine,and sent him home .
    Now I'm not saying that things wouldn't have been different ,but they wouldn't have
    been so bad and ending up with a poorly boy,so as you can imagine we're not happy about it .

    So please if anything happens like that to you ,stand your ground and insist that you get the attention that you think that you or your litte ones need ...you are the ones that know them best of all and you know if things aren't right ...

    Sorry to off load ...

    Just having my last cuppa before heading off ,have a good day all and take care all.


  • Comment number 27.


    Just to muddy the waters a bit more, isn't Black Pudding really a sausage?


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