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The Invasion Of The Bloggers ll

Chris Evans | 11:59 UK time, Friday, 18 November 2011

After a wonderful week of generosity from The Breakfast Show Listeners, today we bear witness to The Radio 2 Children In Need Jukebox. It's the Music Marathon with a new name. A good idea in my opinion, as a marathon sounds like something one is forced to endure, as opposed to choose to enjoy.

And so, the pledge lines are once again taken over by The Bloggers. Adorned in signature T shirts, how resplendent you all looked. Except Rips who obviously didn't get the e mail, and turned up in one of his signature untucked shirts instead.

By the way, I hope you didn't peak too soon - as you were all bubbling over with energy and enthusiasm - and your nine hour shift hadn't even started yet. But good luck to you. A merry band that started off as virtual pen pals has evolved into a close knit band of personable and slightly crazy forces for good.

Enjoy your post pledging pizza. You deserve it. Not to mention cold beer or ten - Rips !!!

Peace and Love and thanks for another unforgettable Children In Need week.





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