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The joy of a cafe menu

Chris Evans | 13:33 UK time, Thursday, 13 October 2011

Posh cafe granted, but cafe nevertheless. Just look at some of the delights on offer:

Tuna Melt
Hot Dog Special
Toasted Chicken Wrap
Eggs Benedict
Home Burger
Filled Croissants

Oh my goodness, the choice is too much.

But lo what's that I spy on the glass shelf just behind the orange juicer?

A whole giant Victoria Sponge.

Run for your lives! I want it all.

See u tomorrow.

Yours Fatty Evans

Peace and Love




  • Comment number 1.

    Just reading that menu make my arteries harden.

    Victoria Sponge and a cuppa - delish.

    Cut the cake in half and all the calories fall out. Isnt that right ;-)

    CB x

  • Comment number 2.

    Hiya Chris

    Please may I have a Toasted Chicken Wrap with a large alcoholic beveridge?

    Will be back soon when I've had the chance to catch up.

    Mary xx

  • Comment number 3.

    Afternoon each

    Eggs Benedict and a brew for me please Christoph! See, food always brings me out of the woodwork!

    Have been hopelessly busy at work which is good but havent even been near here since my hols. A VERY belated thanks for all my lovely birthday wishes.. had a great week!

    Rugby..dont `totally` understand the scoring bt enjoy watching it (NOTHING to do with the gorgeous hunkiness of the players you understand) so will be rooting for the Welsh boys on Sat. Wonder if CLP will go with Deevs suggestion of Delilah on Fri instead of the Candyman.. be great if he did! Promise i wont sing along...

    Happy birthday to CSN little man, mini Nic and also belated for mini Rips.. they all grow up so quickly nowadays! Enjoy the celebrations..

    Right, thats it for the mo..shall try get back later!

    much love and wotchas,

    mSc x

  • Comment number 4.

    Hello CE & Everyone.

    That posh cafe menu sounds good CLP.

    Today I was planning a healthy lunch, the usual low fat sarnie and yogurt and then suddenly without any warning at all I stopped outside Gre*g* , in I went and bought a large sausage roll and an apple cream tart.

    Sometimes we just have to stop and enjoy the food we used to enjoy in the days before we were constantly being told that everything we love is bad for us.

    MM xxx

    PS No roof on my abode today!

  • Comment number 5.

    Afternoon One and All,

    Tuna melt please and a brew....ta :)

    Maddy, I hope it's not raining!! And I hope that it gets put back on again ASAP xx

    Happy Birthday's to the "Little" chaps who are celebrating this week :)

    Gail, Sorry to hear your news, scumbags indeed. I hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits! xx {{{}}}

    Hi Scoobs xx

    Sezza, I had a bit of "I can't go on like this" moment the other week when I worked out how many years I've got left to work. So I quite understand where you are coming from. Have a hug {{{}}} xx

    Someone I knew once said that he thought it was ridiculous when people said they were tired! But I am soooooooooo tired!! I haven't had a proper holiday since April and I would like nothing more than to lie on a beach for a week, but that ain't gonna happen. Roll on Saturday when I might just get a lie in instead. I do have the first week of November off, but that's to decorate my bathroom!!!

    Brew time.


  • Comment number 6.

    Hi Chris: don't know whether you will see this, but just want to say the show was terrific this morning: the choir singing Men of Harlech was just wonderful, and then, Puppy Love as the golden oldie ... what more could a girl ask for!

    Annie: I absolutely agree regarding living on £50 per week. Surely, practically impossible. Sorry to hear about your situation, I hope that won't have to happen. Just in case I don't "see" you before you go, have a really lovely holiday ... and don't forget that spider chatcher! xx

    JG: good to see that you feel you have come through the other side - you have had a very tough year. xx

    Bids: sounds a bit of a nightmare with your kitchen - I hope things are not too awful.

    CSN: a very happy birthday to your gorgeous grandson. I hope he is having a terrific day!

    Hope everyone is ok.

    C xx

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Chris,
    Listened whilst driving to a meeting this morning. Was crying when you were discussing Welshmen with Moira. You Sir are a comic genius!

  • Comment number 8.

    Afternoon everyone

    Not having a very good day today for various reasons, but just to say Chrissie - Puppy Love was the first song I heard this morning and yes, I immediately thought of you and MC (where is she, btw!?)

    I love a good cafe!

    Laters peeps.


  • Comment number 9.

    Afternoon 'ello's Ter CLP Man & Each Blog Dude & Dudess...

    Bingo Star 'ere... Just 'aving a quick break from banging me waterpipes in....

    Ave gotta problem in me new old 'ouse:

    Ave drilled a 'ole through me ceiling.... Ave sawn 'alf me floor boards & lifted them so a can run me pipe from under me porch up me wall... then under the upstairs floor boards, calling at me new bathroom am gonna build, from the front of the 'ouse ter the back & the present bathroom that am gonna turn inter a shower wet room/ washroom.... Then me pipe is gonna drop down ter the kitchen in the kitchen!!!!!!!
    Although presently me kitchen isn't a kitchen.... just a bomb site!!!!!!

    Although don't dial 999.... there's noot really been a bomb... a just mena it looks like there 'as as the demolition man 'as been in ter me new old 'ouse!!!!!!

  • Comment number 10.

    Any way ave gotta problem.... Am trying ter save 25mm mdpe pipe as yer get it in a BIG 25m length... So am using that inside me 'ouse aswell as outside what it's designed for ter go ter the water mains under the street.

    (reason am doing this is ter change me old lead pipes in me 130year new old 'ouse... And presently ave got no stopcock... so if me water pipes blow - Am swimming!!!!! Plus too much lead in yer pipe causes madneess.... And a wanter keep sane!!!!)

    Anyway... Me problem is me 25mm pipe won't go around sharp corners.... So th eonly way ter solve the problem is ter buy 90 deegree corner joints... Ter join me pipe on the corners/ make corners!!!!!

    The only problem it's gonna cost me 30 quid for the bits.... Which is more than if a simply 'ad used the standard 15mm water pipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is life NEVER easy!!!!!!!

    Any ideas all 'ow a can get around this problem, Without: making BIGGER BIG 'oles in me ceiling; sawing me floor joists until they are bowing so bad the buildings inspector goes ape when 'e comes ter see me loft conversion next year; Ending up in court for the theft of 25mm polypipe joints!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any ideas all?????


  • Comment number 11.

    PS CLP - On the sponge cake/ visit ter the cafe- A was in one meself earlier... Although a resisted the cakes & went for the bacon 'n' egg BIG bap istead!!!!!!!!!

    But a did pop inter the shop next door for Galaxy cake bars - wrock on!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 12.

    Cheryl: awww, thanks! And, yes, where is our lovely MC?

    MC: we are missing you!


  • Comment number 13.

    Evening each

    Wow Chris, I do hope you didn't eat the whole victoria sponge!!

    Back from the park & ride and bus marathon in Edinburgh. Those buses don't half pong, but it cost me nothing - love my bus pass.

    Back in a bit when I've caught up.


  • Comment number 14.

    Bingo, my advice to you is get a plumber.

    Maddy, hope your roof is back on.

    Ali, I had that 'fleas of a thousand camels' poster on my wall for years. I'll give you a passing thought tomorrow when I set off up north, although I definitely won't be lying on a beach next week.

    Chrissie, the spider catcher will be the first thing I pack, followed by the hot water bottle.

    Deevs, hope your day got better.

    And hallo to Scoobs and Darren.


  • Comment number 15.

    Evening all

    Loved the show this morning. I don't know about Lynne - I had a tear in my eye and as far as I know I am as un-Welsh as you can be! At least, most of the time I am.

    Loved Simon starting the show with Delilah today but Boy1 did the ha ha ha's so loud I couldn't hear if Sally had done hers!

    Bless you all, I must have sounded really down yesterday. I'm not- just having a think about what I want to do and whether, just maybe, I'm already doing it

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 16.

    Hola Chris,

    Listening to Lynne this morning and her pride and joy in her countrymen, makes me wonder how you react to YNWA?

    Happy to share a blether and a box of tissues any time...



    PS How's Tone these days?

  • Comment number 17.

    Sezza, sometimes what seems like a hurdle is just an opportunity. Good luck with the mulling over.

    And hallo to mark - are you new? The moderators are being really careful these days.


  • Comment number 18.

    Oh, there you are mark. Howdedoody.


  • Comment number 19.


    It's NEVER too late to make a difference. If you want something .....

    GO FOR IT!

    Much love

    Cheryl xx

  • Comment number 20.

    Hi Annie

    Just a weird day for me, with it being MiniNic's birthday - I feel a bit left out of all the "family" stuff if that makes sense ...... but hey ho! As Nic said earlier, we will celebrate the birthday again at the weekend as our family of 3. Gawd, it's so hard sometimes innit.

    Anyhooooo, enough moping. I'm on my own in the office tomorrow so I plan to work on my hangover once Nic gets back from the birthday party.

    Have lovely evenings everyone.


  • Comment number 21.

    Aw Deevs, know just how you're feeling. I have 2 stepchildren (although they're quite grown up now and can make their own decisions). And, yes, it's really hard trying to find that balance.

    Hope the weekend birthday party goes well. xxxxxxx

  • Comment number 22.

    Thanks Annie. I will blimmin' well do my bestest to make the little fella smiley all weekend and send him home to That Woman with hurty cheeks from grinning!


  • Comment number 23.

    I remember my stepson, when he was about 5, saying 'You're not my mum' and me thinking 'Thank God for that!' We're great friends now so it's worth all the hassle.


  • Comment number 24.

    Sezza, wise words from Annie as ever!!

    Sometimes I jump into things, other times I mull over them....I'm a typical Libran, I like balance in my life!!

    I'm currrently balanced, so God help anyone who tries to tip that balance...lol

    JG x

  • Comment number 25.

    Annie - we get on like a house on fire (he even winds me up calling me "mummy" when we go out sometimes!) which makes it all the harder not seeing him on his birhday.


  • Comment number 26.

    Hi JG. Seems like I'm hogging the blogging tonight. Am putting off packing that bloomin' case.

    You and my daughter - very well balances individuals, but don't dare tip those scales!!!! Don't know about you, but she's really scarey when crossed.

    I might not have a phone signal up there among those hills, so have a lovely birthday on Tuesday. Hope you're doing something nice to celebrate.


  • Comment number 27.

    That should have been 'balanced', not balances. Doh.

    Deevs, there'll be other birthdays, just bide your time and it will all come good. Mine are 23 and 24 and it's taken some time, but they are part of our family now - my stepdaughter is having a wee girl in March next year, so that'll be SEVEN grandchildren. Honestly, will it never end??


  • Comment number 28.

    JG, I've got a real "back to school" feeling just now!

    No cupboard is safe, the clothes for donating are mutilplying and I feel like part of it too!

    Deevs, I'm sure mini-Nic will have a fab weekend and go home talking of nothing but the fun he's had! also, next year his burpday will be a Saturday!

    Annie, have a lovely weekend and keep laughing

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 29.

    Deev, that's why I made a point of meeting a bloke without kids...I couldn't cope!! I can't even cope with his work hours....

    I barely see him, but that's ok with me, I don't want a "relationship", and neither does he, we have both been burned by an ex...

    Annie, did you get my fb message re Bids? Bids did you get mine?

    And, no, not doing anything for my birthday...apart from go to work..LOL

    JG x

  • Comment number 30.

    JG, I did, and thanked Bids for her lovely gift.

    Thank you Sezza. I'm actually having a week away with gorgeous daughter, son-in-law and 2 oldest grandsons. Will be fabby. We're setting off tomorrow up north. Can't wait to get to Loch an Eilian, where I'll find somewhere to sit and contemplate the universe.


  • Comment number 31.

    Aw Christoff our little fat friend.

    A word to the wise, now; remember that outside every thin bloke is a fat bloke tryin' to get in.

    Me, I'm partial to a bit a cake meself; so imagine my delight at watchin' that Adonis Paul Holywood an' 'is sticky buns. By the crin I've not bin' in that much of a trance since Damian bet me I couldn't eat a Scotch Bonnet an' I thought me eyeballs were bleedin'. Watchin' 'imself showin' that bread dough who's boss, I'm thinkin' THERE's the chap that could 'andle ME. Well, if 'e were insane an' got tabasco in 'is eyes of course.

    I should say also that Renee's one observation during the programme was "Well you wouldn't catch ME eatin' THEM after 'e's 'ad 'is fingers all over that icin'. You'd think 'e could afford a proper whatsiname wouldn't you."

    Now then I just have to offer my two-penneth after hearin' your headline this morning that Lyin'air are to cut back on toilets. It's perfectly true. On Monday night the GD and meself returned via said airline from Madrid; and once all 500 of us were oiled up, squeezed in an' shackled safely into place, we were covered wit tea-towels an' left on the tarmac to prove slowly to twice our size for 40 minutes until take-off. (Ok the tea-towels are a fib.) At this point we were treated to the obligatory demonstration of how to fasten the lifejacket (as if I didn't know already); and then informed that the toilets at the front of the aircraft were out of action. Ergo, once airborne, everybody immediately wanted a wee and a long queue formed at the back. So imagine the delight of the cross-legged people in the queue when at 35,000 feet up over France, the bing-bong went up to Return To Your Seat And Fasten Your Seat Belts; whereupon the cockpit door opened, the pilot swapped over wit one of the trolley-dollies an' sashayed down the plane for a wee.

    Bless Michael O'Leary. Self-proclaimed Entrepreneurial Gob**ite.

    Hope all is well in Blogland,


  • Comment number 32.

    And of course I forgot what I really wanted to say; which was that I LOVED the Welsh chaps this morning, no wonder there wasn't a dry seat in the house.

    Me, I can't hear a brass band without squawkin' like a parrot wit its beak on fire. I put it down to my Granddad (not the bold one who claimed that durin' 'is time as a Special Constable in Wigan, when a horse dropped dead on Shelmerdine Street, he dragged it into King Street as 'e couldn't spell Shelmerdine), but the one who fought hard for workers' rights and played the euphonium in the Working Mens' Band. Bless 'im.


  • Comment number 33.

    Hi all

    Just a quick pop in to wish Annie a lovely holiday.

    Clodagh - great to see you, don't leave it so long next time.

    Back tomorrow, night all.

    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 34.

    Ta muchly mtd.

    Clodagh - lovely to hear from you. You've reminded me of the Working Mens Clubs in the North East of England. My dad sang, my grandad played the piano and my uncle played guitar. And that's where I met my husband - for my sins!!!!


  • Comment number 35.

    For your sins, Annie?

    A lovely family.

    I'd call that a result :)


  • Comment number 36.

    Hello all.

    Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes for little grandson, he had a wonderful day.

    Annie, enjoy your holiday and don't forget to send me a photo. xx

    Deevs, have a lovely weekend with little one. xx

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 37.

    Night everyone.

    Sleep well and take care.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 38.

    Good morning all,

    Well that lovely sun is making yet another appearance over the roof tops yet again giving us all sunshine .Blue skies and it's very still and calm ,just right to go for a nice long stroll ,I wonder if my boss would miss me today!!.

    Now is it just me ,or is it that when you get to Friday and you're just mulling the week over and monday only seems like yesterday ,or is it that i should give in and admit that I'm old and that my life is fast flashing forward.ha!!!

    Busy w/end for me ,Mr B's big day on Sunday ,family here tomorrow ,but Free day on sunday.Just might get out and about if the weather holds.

    Have a good day all and enjoy your w/end. And Good Luck Wales..

    Take care ..Bids.xxx.

  • Comment number 39.

    Morning all.

    The sun is shining here.

    Electricians have just turned up with out their tools. What a laugh!

    Today is oldest daughters birthday, so will be seeing her later.

    Bids, have a lovely day with your family tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 40.

    What a difference a week makes!

    I have loved the show this morning so much

    The wonderful harpist, Clare, has sent shivers down my spine and brought tears to my eyes

    Jeff the Jag's beautiful voice, reading those stirring words nearly reduced me to a small puddle on the chair

    Even Lord Sr'Alan seems to be in good spirits - I did wonder how he would be but he's really on form and seems to be enjoying the morning

    All this and a bon mot from Clodagh!

    Got to be the start of a great weekend!

    Sezza xxxx

  • Comment number 41.

    Hi everyone:

    One is so terribly, terribly pleased it is the last working day of one's week.

    That's the polite version of TGIF!

    Cheryl: I completely missed that it was mini-Nic's birthday yesterday. I hope he had a great day, and I am sure that he will have a WONDERFUL time with you both tomorrow. xx Fantastic advice to you from our lovely Annie, as always.

    Sezza: sounds like you are enjoying the clearing out ... it's so addictive, isn't it? And I agree about this morning's show - I could hardly bear to leave the radio this morning. Did Chris play Delilah? I was sure he would, after starting the show with TJ, and another TJ after the 7 o'clock news.

    Clodagh: how I love, love, love that story about the dead horse in Shelmerdine Street! And, just hilarious about Lyin'air! Youse a ruddy genius!

    Bids: have a lovely weekend with your family, all celebrating the birthday of Mr Bids. Enjoy it all. xx

    CSN: hope your daughter has a lovely birthday. xx

    Hope everyone is ok.

    C xx

  • Comment number 42.

    Good day everyone,

    That's 2 dry days in a row now, amazing.

    On Vanessa's show this morning she was asking people to ring in with their versions of slap stick moments, I couldn't contact the show as I listen from 5.40 - 6.30 whilst walking the dogs but I can share it with you:

    A few years ago we were going to Inverness for a few nights between Christmas and New year, it was snowing quite heavily and I was driving, on the way up we stopped at Blair Atholl as I needed the loo, when I drove up to the junction to join/cross the dual carriageway, I rolled down my window to get a clear view of the road, unfortunately that was just at the moment the snow plough passed us from my side spraying me fully in the face with all the snow/slush etc., from the road, the rest of the journey to Inverness was spent with me dripping wet and tasting salt and us all nearly p**ing ourselves laughing.

    Then on our first night in the hotel the fire alarm went off, we are early bedders and woke up thinking we had been sleeping for hours when we heard it, and headed outside with our night clothes on, only to realise it was only 11pm!! and everyone else was still up, boy did we feel stupid.

    Have a good weekend everyone.



  • Comment number 43.

    Hello all.

    Gail, loved reading your story, very funny. xx

    Thank you Chrissie, daughter is having a lovely day. xx

    Electricians are now back with tools. LOL!

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 44.

    Hello lovely Bloggers, it's me - Country Girlie ........remember me?

    Its ages since I've been on here and no chance of catching up.

    After the horrible year I've had and the little breakdown, the fabbo Mr CG took me off to NZ for 6 weeks two weeks on the North island and four weeks - wonderful. We unfortunately arrived back before the rugby started, so didn't get to see any of it, but Ben Youngs who plays for England is the son of friends of ours. Lovely guy.

    Work have been fantastically understanding and I'm now back on the straight and narrow, so you'll be 'seeing' more of me again from now on.

    Cheryl - great to see you were awarded a 'distinction' as if there was any doubt.

    Big hugs to everyone else that needs or wants them and have a great weekend one and all

    CG xx

  • Comment number 45.

    Sounds like you had a fab time CG, glad you are back on the up again.



  • Comment number 46.

    Thanks Gail. how's the horses?
    x CG

  • Comment number 47.

    They are great thanks for asking, apart from Ash nearly bucking me off last night on the road twice, don't know what got into him, cheeky monkey!

    Any thoughts about getting another one yourself, or is it too early for that yet?


  • Comment number 48.

    I think I'm ready, I miss it all so much and a fast gallop across the fields was always my stress-buster but I'm going to wait for the right one. I'll start looking soon - aiming for the spring to avoid all that hard work in the winter!

    I'm going to go for lessons with a mate in the meantime as I've totally lost confidence, and hopefully I'll be out hacking on an old piebald cob soon.

    CG x

  • Comment number 49.

    I'm not surprised you've lost confidence, anyone would under the circumstances, and I'm sure your boy will be very hard to replace so take your time, I'm sure the right one will find you!

    It's a sensible cob I should have but I'm afraid as I bred Ash myself I am stuck with him, he really is too much for me at times, but I wouldn't part with him for anything.

    Good luck to you.



    p.s. Off home now, so have a great weekend everyone.

  • Comment number 50.

    Hello all

    CG, So pleased to see you back here and to see that you are thinking about starting riding again. I can't imagine how much you have missed it but I bet that as you'll soon get back into it

    CSN, Had to laugh when I heard about the dozy electricians (sorry Gail!) Hope they're working hard now

    Chrissie, another pile of old bags sorted today - that's a cupboard not the ladies at work!

    Chris did indeed play Delilah this morning - straight after Candyman! Fantastic start to a Friday!

    Right, need to get the next Rafa Nadal to his lesson!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 51.




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