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Friday Feels Just As Good As It Should

Chris Evans | 11:15 UK time, Friday, 29 July 2011

My goodness me, we even have sunshine down South now - following the mad fog we had this morning.

Next week is gonna be gorgeous, they say. How does one celebrate such wonderment at 10.45 on Friday morning ?

By stopping off on the way home for a bacon sandwich. Couldn't decide whether to go for red or brown, so went for both and a cuppa in a polystyrene cup. Ahhh, the simple things.

Also, already thinking about a cheeky Friday night pint.

This is all too good.




It's Good To Talk (especially about the things people don't usually talk about)

Chris Evans | 05:17 UK time, Friday, 29 July 2011

So following on from the colonoscopy adventure, sooo many people have contacted me thanking me for talking about it on the radio - many of them currently working in the prevention of bowel/colon cancer. The more I learn about it, the crazier it is that people don't get checked.

Can I thank you for all your thank yous, but there's really no need. That's what shows like mine are for. I simply wouldn't be doing my job properly if I brushed something so important and worthy of exposure under the carpet.

Peace and Love (and sunshine today !)

Bring on the weekend.




All Too Crazy

Chris Evans | 13:34 UK time, Wednesday, 27 July 2011

So one day on from the "procedure" that potentially saved my bacon, I learn more and more about what might have been, and why you have to urge anyone you know who may be at risk from a similar threat to do something about it.

The very same thing that took my Dad away from us forever - when my sister and I were just kids - in what was the most dreadful manner imaginable, was cut out of me in less than a couple of minutes yesterday. Isn't that phenomenal? No pain whatsoever - both then and now - and hopefully 100% successful.

Please please please - take on board the words of the consultant that sorted me out.

"The only thing you can do wrong where this menace is concerned, is do nothing." This kind of cancer can only come in if you leave the door open. So for heaven's sake, make sure it's closed.

Peace and Love.

I'm off for a game of golf and a sausage sandwich.




Live From The Hospital

Chris Evans | 14:51 UK time, Tuesday, 26 July 2011

So I came in, was taken down and went under. Usual story, everyone that works here should be paid a million pounds a minute for what that they do. But of course they're not, and they never will be.

The two angels that took care of me, giving me my paper underpants before, and making me one of the nicest cups of tea I've ever had afterwards, go by the names of Lorraine and Bernie.

As far as the procedure went, it was lights, camera, action and on we go with the show. A couple of pesky potential future little problems were discovered and swiftly removed, but other than that I'm afraid you're stuck with me for a few years longer at least. And please, seriously if you or anyone you know may have any worries down below, get them checked out as soon as poss, because this type of enemy is one hundred percent beatable - providing you don't give it chance to fire the first shot.

Peace and Love,




Hello You Fools I Love You

Chris Evans | 15:53 UK time, Monday, 25 July 2011

Oh my goodness me, do you have any idea how truly wonderful it was to be back at work today? For sure, my job is far less like work than most peoples', but nevertheless let me assure you how much I have missed it over the last fortnight. More than ever before.

And why particularly now? I can only presume it's because it's the most enjoyable it's ever been.

There's always so much going on, so much to talk about, so much energy, so many personalities and so many opinions. I am lapping it up, I woke up this morning before the alarm I was so excited.

And how about Vassos our new sports guy. The nicest man in sport and showbusiness, Jonny, has been replaced by . . . the nicest man in sport and showbusiness. Vassos is so supercool we are going to have to check his DNA for traces of cucumber.

Here's to tomorrow and the next day and the next day and. . . you get the gist.

See you on the radio




Jonny Remember Me/Us

Chris Evans | 18:19 UK time, Friday, 8 July 2011

So how was it for you ? Jonny's Last Stand took place this morning and what an heroic performance the kid put in. I was a blubbing mess from start to finish, I hate goodbyes - a strong statement but it's entirely true. Especially when that goodbye means I will no longer be working with one of the most decent blokes I have ever met. Everything you probably imagine about Master Saunders is true, he is simply an all round mensh.

Five or is it six years we've been hanging out on the radio together and yet this morning it was literally like it was still our first week. It's always felt this way.. Lucky ? You betcha. And now that luck passes into the teaching profession. Jonny will make a fantastic teacher. An extraordinary decision by an extraordinary man.

It was a pleasure working with you JS, the best of the best, top of the shop, the cream of the crop.

You will be hugely missed but we admire and applaud your compunction to follow your heart.




Pouring down in London...

Chris Evans | 16:09 UK time, Thursday, 7 July 2011

Raindrops the size of snooker balls. I quite like though, probably a lot more than my suit jacket, unprotected and suddenly all forlorn. As no doubt Jonny and I will be come six o'clock this afternoon. Lunch is on me for the teacher to be and he is of course more than most welcome. Now, he doesn't know this but the rest of the team are gonna arrive en masse a propos 16.30 hrs. Shhhhhhhhhh - it's gonna be great.



Business As Usual - Well Almost.

Chris Evans | 10:24 UK time, Tuesday, 5 July 2011

After the best CIN Drive and Dine thus far, thanks to everyone ramping up their extraordinary efforts your genial breakkie show host was voiceless come Sunday night.

I suspected this might happen, and so booked the Monday off in an uncharacteristic display of forethought.

Little did I realise though by how much my larynx would desert me. It literally took the day off too, leaving things very late before reappearing at around 4 a.m. this morning.

I actually set the alarm early so I could check there was any sign of life in the old vocal chords. Croaky? Yes, but no more than that. And sure to be loud and proud for Jonny's last show on Friday.

Any tips on how not to cry in public very welcome.




Phew What A Scorcher.

Chris Evans | 11:10 UK time, Friday, 1 July 2011

Can you believe it ? One of the Magnificent 7 has hitched a lift in my car with Mad Max from Italy (the best driver I've ever been in a car with) and so I've had to jib in the team people carrier. No probs being with the team, but it's a bit much when someone nicks yer car - even if it is for charity. Come back!!!!

The time is 10.23 am on Friday, and we're winding our way through the leafy lanes of Hampshire en route to Thruxton. Been on and off the road for 24 hours, yet so much has happened it seems more like 24 days.

Somewhere in amongst the mayhem today I have to get to Goodwood to sort out Sunday, and make it to The One Show in time to join Welsh Alex for a chat with Sir Cliff on the sofa.

After that, it's back to The Cottage Inn near our house for our final drivers' dinner before the Dine and Disco half of this year's event kicks in.

Throw me a rope - I'm going in. Hopefully talk to you back on the radio Tuesday.

Geronimo !




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