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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

Chris Evans | 11:53 UK time, Tuesday, 30 November 2010

So here it is, Merry Christmas!

December 1st tomorrow and I'm in - that's it, we're there.

The tree goes up, the sherry comes out and it's official. Tash back from her trip on Weds, so the decorations will magically appear as the day unfolds. Perfect.

The show will become Christmas-ified from tomorrow as well, you just wait and see. Jingle all the way now, come on elves of the blog.




Lumpty Dumpty

Chris Evans | 12:20 UK time, Monday, 29 November 2010

My Saturday Kitchen souffle roux was lumpy. What can I say? I panicked and overheated my milk just before we went on live on the air. Warm is good. Hot spells disaster.

As I saw the little globules of devastation forming in front of my eyes, I felt myself go weak at the knees. By the grace of God my souffles rose, but without a silky roux to start - they were never going to be what they could have been.

Six out of ten from a Michelin starred chef. More than I deserved. But oh what a serious amount of fun. It's good to be petrified on live television.




Oops Almost.

Chris Evans | 13:46 UK time, Sunday, 28 November 2010

Two weeks on the run, no Friday blog - that would never do. I can't believe it's only a week since Children In Need by the way !

Two and a half hours at the dentists today, mouth clamped wide open for most of it. So uncomfortable, although I still managed to fall asleep for most of it. Early starts can be a distinct advantage.

Bounced into The One Show later in the afternoon only to discover Alex has been voted sexiest woman in Wales, she beat Catherine Z J for crying out loud ! I am now "officially" working with dynamite totty, of course I privately knew that ever since the first day I clapped eyes on her.

Right you lot, WRAP UP WARM !!! There you are, now you can't say I didn't tell you.




The Arch Bishop Who Never Ceases To Surprise.

Chris Evans | 10:39 UK time, Thursday, 25 November 2010

You know, I thought I was in quite a good place in my life at the moment after my wilderness years and all that and I am, I'm doing ok, family life is very very good for me.

However, when one has the good fortune to meet someone like John Sentamu, you just realise how much further you can go when it comes to being a better person. Just being around him makes you want to improve yourself, and almost exclusively with regard to what you can do for others.

"What prayers do you say every morning John ?"

"I say very sad prayers to remind me of all the people who need my help much more than I need my help. They teach me not to be self centred and selfish."

What a fantastically simple mantra and the road to true freedom as a human being.

If I had a hat on, I'd take it off right now. Here's to J.S. Arch Bish Bash of York.




Mmmm, Not Sure About This One.

Chris Evans | 10:06 UK time, Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The snow is a comin' and I see it in my head as a huge gentle white blanket wafting it's way down South from Scotland and below, waving like one of those huge flags at the opening ceremony of some rather important sporting occasion or other.

That's how I want it to be, but then I think about the wave of cold front that follows in its wake. So for all the fun and prettiness it is sure to bring - pay a visit or make a phone call - and check those more infirm or less able than the rest of us have what they need for the next few days. You know it makes sense.

Now, I'm off to try and not break any bones BMX'ing. I fear the worst.




Hanging With The Wrong Shower

Chris Evans | 10:48 UK time, Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Our shower doesn't work - plain and simple, actually we have no hot water at all and after just arriving home now, and opening the car door to go back inside, I can feel the temperature has plummeted since 5 a.m. when I left this morning. Oh dear, this does not bode well.

I am appearing on a television show later where I have to pretend Christmas is over as it airs on the 27th of Dec - something I wasn't looking forward to doing - and then I realised! The dressing room will have a shower, a really hot, powerful one - I know it will, I've been on the show before.

So, for the sake of a hot douche, I am happy to fake it. Shallow, moi ? If there's no hot water - mais qui, bien sur !




Upsides and Upslides.

Chris Evans | 12:56 UK time, Monday, 22 November 2010

Always look for the upside in life, or up "slide" if you are an ickle telly watcher. You see, Mickey Mouse magically goes up his slide instead of down - which our Noah loves. Trouble is, he now wants one...and as far as I am aware, the Upslide is yet to be invented in the real world.

So, as Noah looks on longingly with a tear of innocent despair forming in the corner of his eye, all I can do is try and convince the little one that Daddy's not being a cheapskate, and that pesky Mickey is having a right laugh at our expense.

It can be such a cruel world sometimes.


2010 (soon to be 11)


P.S. The bloggers were out in force on Friday at Radio 2 answering phones for Children In Need. They come in peace, armed only with Sharpies and books to sign. 'Twas a pleasure.


The One Million Pound One Stop Shop.

Chris Evans | 12:11 UK time, Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wow, how about that, 3 days and a million quid raised for Children In Need. Well done to the team here, especially Hells Bells, Joe Schmo, Suzie Suz, Ellie Welly, Gorgeous Joe G and Funky Phil H. They are all pooped with one day still to go.

But of course, as I said today on the air, we are merely the glue - you provide the bits. All the people who put themselves and their businesses up for auction along with the unbelievably generous lot that bid to come along and hopefully experience something they will remember for ever.

Music Marathon tomorrow, so it's one more deep breath and then CHAAAAAAAARGE !!!!!

If you're flying over Canary Wharf anytime today - give me a wave, I'm hanging by a limb 50 floors up, cleaning windows for Pudsey.




Bring On The Bloggers!

Chris Evans | 11:12 UK time, Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fab Mag 7/Lee Westwood auction this morning - off the scale.

And tomorrow, we dine and disco, with 30 tables for two. Let's see how much they go for.

And don't forget if you too want a piece of the auction action, but just can't compete with the big boys, you can ring our premium rate phone line and win a pair of tickets to what promises to be our most extraordinary Dine and Disco event EVER in July 2011. For just £1.50 you could be eating food cooked by Giorgio Locatelli, bread made by Paul Hollywood of The Great British Bake Off fame, and moshing to Paloma Faith, Paolo Nutini , James Blunt as they play LIVE for your delectation in our 'teepee of love'.

But (drum roll please !)

It's the music marathon with thirty odd of you guys - apparently - manning and womaning those phones. I can't wait, and if you have anything you want signing - skin included, make sure you bring it along.

Love you people.




£65k Not Out!

Chris Evans | 11:34 UK time, Tuesday, 16 November 2010

God bless Malcolm Bluemell and all the other generous souls who bid in our C.I.N. Cricket auction this morning.

Here's a guy who has obviously done quite well in life, and woke up today with no idea he was going to throw such a large bag of sheckles in Pudsey's direction - but nevertheless he did just that.

And he owns his own radio station! He bought it because it was going out of business and he liked the kind of music it played. He may well have just entered my top five coolest blokes of all time.

So, onwards - tomorrow, it's the return of The Magnificent 7. Seven fab Ferraris up for grabs for a two day drive down to the New Forest and back.

See you on the radio.




PS: And don't forget to tune in for our special last minute BONUS auction tomorrow 0730-0800. You could be playing eighteen holes with the World's Number One Golfer Lee Westwood! He got caught up in the excitement of the cricket auction this morning and offered himself up in aid of Pudsey and his pals. What a guy...

PPS: If you too want a piece of the auction action, but just can't compete with the big boys, you can ring our premium rate phone line and win a pair of tickets to what promises to be our most extraordinary Dine and Disco event EVER in July 2011. For just £1.50 you could be eating food cooked by Giorgio Locatelli, bread made by Paul Hollywood of The Great British Bake Off fame, and moshing to Paloma Faith, Paolo Nutini and James Blunt as they play LIVE for your delectation in our 'teepee of love'. For more info click here.

PPPS: And we now have a royal wedding to look forward to. Hurrah, God bless us all.

Pudsey's Back and This Time It's Personal.

Chris Evans | 09:56 UK time, Monday, 15 November 2010

Tomorrow on The Brekkie Show, auction item number one - our Big Boundary package: Freddie Flintoff to captain your own cricket team and bring some of his esteemed pals along, to help out the batting line up! This one could go for fortunes.

Wednesday - The Magnificent Seven ride again, and Thursday -The Drive and Dine tables are up for grabs once more.

Plus on Friday, 31 of the most loyal bloggers will be manning and womaning the phone lines - I believe. We're all gonna need a stiff drink come Friday night.

Don't forget you can have a dabble for a pair of tickets for this year's Drive and Dine for for £1.50 a pop - for the first time ever - in our special phone in competition. Our website has all the details.

And it's gloriously sunny outside! Result !!!

Right, time to try to look at least a stone lighter than I really am at a magazine photo shoot. Toodle pip.




Hurrah For Pudsey And The Children

Chris Evans | 17:27 UK time, Friday, 5 November 2010

Hey you guys of blogland. We have just this second received confirmation of who this year's special guests will be in our teepee of love at our Children In Need Breakfast show Dine and Disco 2011. Now without letting the cat completely out of the bag - which I am not sure I am allowed to at the moment - I can tell you there will be not one but three reasons to jump for joy on our flashing dancefloor when it comes to the big night. When I can reveal the meat to this tale I will but believe me, it rocks. And remember this time around, one pair of tickets for our charity shindig will be up for grabs via a premium charity phone line event for those who cannot afford to get involved in the bigger aspect of the auction.

I leave you with that and bid you farewell for a week. Be nice to yourselves, you deserve it.




Show In A Field Reunited

Chris Evans | 13:18 UK time, Thursday, 4 November 2010

Eight dudes from our Show In The Field came to see us today. They won Jonny's quiz which meant they could come spend a morning in our so called esteemed company. Not so sure about that but they seemed to more than enjoy themselves regardless.

Getting out and meeting our audience is so beneficial all round and we will continue to find as many excuses as we are allowed to do it. So listen out for Children In Need in two weeks' time when more listeners than ever before will have a chance to join us on this year's Breakfast Show Dine and Disco escapade. Watch this space and I suspect you will not be disappointed.




Gridlock Anyone?

Chris Evans | 11:54 UK time, Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Traffic in London - ridiculous. It amazes me how close to breaking point we have allowed our society to get to.

It seems we live on the brink of everything all the time, merely hoping that no breath of wind will come along to bring our flimsy house of cards crashing to the floor.

The ash cloud, the snow last year and the underground strike today. It's like constantly over packing your carrier bags and praying the handles will never snap - of course ultimately one day they're bound to.

We really may well have pushed this world of ours a little too far. We shall see.




Carry On Candy Man

Chris Evans | 12:59 UK time, Tuesday, 2 November 2010

So two weeks ago I'm at a conference in Manchester, and I spy Danny Baker's agent out of the corner of my eye. Alex Armitage, a hugely pleasant and genial human being smiles broadly as he walks towards me. His eyes however were telling me something else. He had news of our mutual friend and not good news, not good news at all.

Two weeks on, we are all now aware of what that news was. The Bakerman has been struck a low blow - of that there is no doubt - but if his demeanour on the telephone last night was anything to go by, this time it has knocked on the wrong door.

Danny starts an extremely lengthy and uncomfortable course of treatment today, as I'm sure many other people are also doing, have done in the past, and will do in the future. Let's all help push them up the hill and down the other side.




Hello My Friends Hello

Chris Evans | 11:45 UK time, Monday, 1 November 2010

So, I presume you heard the story of my mis-introduction of Neil Diamond at the Electric Proms on the radio this am? If you didn't, then listen again at 0750 and 0850 from this morning's re-run on the iPlayer.

Absolutely MASSIVE weekend, non-stop living life to the full stuff, and with barely a moment to draw for breath, we're up and off again today.

Just hit eleven o'clock on the nose - show done, meetings about Children In Need and some music specials for next year, plus a meeting with the boss and phone calls and emails all the way home.

(Drum roll)....... And now a photo shoot in the woods for a couple of hours.

We're a long time dead eh???




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