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It'll Be All Kite On The Night - (Er Day)

Chris Evans | 10:13 UK time, Thursday, 2 September 2010

Off to Hampstead Heath to construct my carrier bag kite to fly up against Alex J's super kite.

We're making a little film for The One Show as it's 25 years of The Bristol Kite Festival.

Listen to this:

The Festival features spectacular flying displays, kite fighting battles, synchronised routines, giant inflatables and air sculptures.

International flyers from around the world attend, and it takes place this Saturday/Sunday.

Wanna go ?

Yeh, me too.





  • Comment number 1.

    Good morning blogettes

    Kite flying - bit of a breeze !

    Hugs to all blogettes who need it (you know who you are)

    Cloudy this morning in Cheshire/North Wales. Hoping for sun this afternoon.

    Regards PJ

  • Comment number 2.

    Mooooooooornin aaalllllll

    Sounds kite good fun. Looking forward to Friday's show now.

    My experience of Kite flying is not good, spent 30 quid on a super dooper one and when I eventually managed to get it off the ground it ripped and I lost it. Kite a dissapointment really.

  • Comment number 3.

    Greetings Ter CLP & ALL Blog Peoples…

    Bingo Star ‘ere… Coming To You From….. Sorry A Don’t Know Where A Am…

    CLP - A love kites... remember going ter Gunnersbury Park near Chiswick with me first ever kite when a was about 10... A couldn't stop flying it!!!!!!!

    The simple things in life... bring so much pleasure!!!!!!!!

    A think that's the secret of a 'appy life... keep it simple!!!!!!

    CLP & Alex... 'ope yer 'ave a 'appy time at 'ampstead 'eath!!!!!!!!!

    ALL - Yesterday though I was in the Yorkshire town of Triangle… And the three points a wanted ter share are:

    1 - Remember the ‘Bingo Star First Day Of The Month Weather Prediction!!!!’ Again I’ve noticed the weather seems to change so often with the change of the month!!!
    Again August wasn’t too sunny… And just a few days from the end of August the weather flipped & became sunny…. THUS…. The first day of September is looking most summer like!!!!!
    To me this says…. September is going to be Indian Summer Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy sun fans!!!!

    2 - It’s a shame about the recent cricket fixing allegations!!!! I ‘eard a spokesperson say that this is terrible for Pakistan cricket & as a result Pakistan won’t win anything this season!!!!!!!!
    ‘ow does the spokesperson know that Pakistan now will ‘ave a terrible season & not win anything???????
    A ‘ope the spokesperson isn’t fixing too… while speaking about the fixing!!!!!!!

    3 - To Follow fast……

  • Comment number 4.

    3 - Ok all ave decided ter come clean & tell all about me incident at ‘eathrow Airport!!!!!
    Basically a was staying at a ‘eathrow Airport ’otel even though a wasn’t flying anywhere!!!
    The reason… in peak summer a can’t get a ’otel in central London unless a pay a fortune which a can’t afford!!!!
    So a stay near ’Heathrow where the ’otels are so much cheaper… And it’s only a ’op on the Piccadilly line to get into central London & there’s a most nice night bus directly back all night long!!!!!
    A can feel a Ritchie song coming on…. “Alll nahhhhh long…. All NIGHT long!!!!!!!!!”

    Any way where was I??? Oh I yeah… ‘eathrow airport about ter gt arrested!!!
    So a left me ‘otel to go & meet me new friend from Uzbekistan for a night out!!!
    A felt a needed some energy so a took me banana with me & ‘eaded for the tube!!!!
    On passing through the airport a decided to pop into a well known shop to get a bottle of water… all to ‘elp release the mind whilst on me date!!!!
    A got me bottle of water & went to pay for it at the till!!!!
    A paid for me water & walked out for the tube… still with me banana in ‘and!!!!
    On leaving the store a was stopped by the security officer & accused of stealing the banana!!!!!

    A tried to explain that a ‘ad bought the banana in central London before coming to me ‘otel in ‘eathrow before returning to central London.
    But the security dude was ‘aving none of it!!!!!
    Next thing the police were called & am ‘aving ter explain ter the police:
    ‘A bought me banana in central London before coming to ‘eathrow, even though am not flying, before returning to central London to see me Uzbekistan girlfriend!!!!!!!!’ ALL 100% TRUE!!!!!!
    The police wouldn’t believe me & next thing a found meself being arrested for the theft of a banana!!!
    A said to them talk about the nanny state gone mad… This is total bananas!!!!!!
    A tried ter explain to the police that my banana was of better quality than the ones in the shop… Mine was bigger… with better curvature!!!!!
    And the ones in the shop were over ripe… a sort of diarrhoea yellow but mine not over ripe & more a sunshine yellow!!!!!
    But they wouldn’t believe me… And next thing a find mesen in a cell & trust me ter end up there on a bank ‘oliday weekend!!!!

    A ‘ad ter wait the whole weekend & the Monday until the courts opened Tuesday!!!!!
    A ‘ad me court appearance on & was totally adamant that a didn’t steal the banana!!!!
    A tried ter explain to the magistrate that a ‘ad bought me banana from another shop… and if ’e compared the ripeness & the curvature ’e would be able to tell they are different bananas!!!!!
    The only problem… after me banana spending the weekend in police custody… it too ’ad now gone over ripe & turned a diarrhoea yellow!!!!!!!
    This was not going well at all blog friends… most not well!!!!!!
    In fact a was starting to feel not too well!!!!!!!

    Then it ’it me all… weigh the bananas!!!!!! Everything is done by weight in the fruit trade!!!!!
    A asked the magistrate to get some scales & compare the weights… I knew no large food store would sell bigger bananas at the same price as smaller ones!!!!!!
    So we weighed the bananas…. And there was a total difference all!!!!!!
    Mine was a lot ’eavier - double the weight…. In fact ave never liked buying fruit from small stores at railway stations or airports… yer always get riped, sorry ripped off!!!!!
    And yer get a bigger energy boost if the banana is bigger - better for the mind!!!!!
    That’s why a bought mine from a large supermarket earlier on the day of the incident!!!!

    The magistrate finally agreed my banana could not ‘ave come from the shop with the smaller ones!!!!!

    My case was thrown out of court….. The magistrates scales of justice ‘ad done me justice!!!!!!

    Get it scales of justice!!!!!!!!!


    PS ALL the above….. 64% TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All a will say is be VERY careful if yer take a banana ter ’Heathrow Airport!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 5.

    PPPS ALL - Ave just realised something VERY scary... me triangle blog... 'itting three points... is blog #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All by total coincidnece.... THIS frigthens me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 6.

    Morning CLP

    Bristol kite festival is brilliant. Take a peak on the bbc news for an idea of what it's like. I will miss it this year but previous years have been well worth the trip to Ashton Court.

    BTW Chris have you had your cars checked to make sure they are not of the fire variety.
    All the best to bloggers and lurkers.


  • Comment number 7.

    You get a B+ for the music this morning Chris - good but could do better.
    And I keep asking myself why no new Crowded House? That would improve things then I see this on the music message board:


    Hi folks,

    The latest track from the new Crowded House CD 'Intriguer' to be chosen as a release to radio is 'Either Side Of The World', to be released on 13 September.

    Unfortunately the Radio 2 playlist committee have rejected the song, but I'd like to draw your attention to the wonderful video that has just been made available on the band's official website to accompany the song.

    All comments (both positive & negative) welcome -should the track have made it to the playlist?



    Come on Chris and co surely you can do something about this?

  • Comment number 8.

    Good afternoon everyone from a beautiful and sunny Ayrshire.

    Not particularly into kites myself but David and my Dad have a great time at our house with one until it gets stuck up a tree or something!

    Have a good day everyone.



    p.s. Going out for bar meal and a few wines with a couple of friends tonight - should be good.

  • Comment number 9.

    Twistybass -

    1) you ahve already posted that message
    2) i don't agree with you, Crowded House is too MOR for me, next they will be playing lighthouse family and james blunt
    3) Sorry of this offends you, I'm sure it will nark others, but its okay - deev will play angels at me and I'll beg for mercy!


  • Comment number 10.

    Afternoon all

    I have to agree with Baggy, I think posting this once was fair enough but there must be some reason it didn't make the cut.

    Not sure I agree with point 2 so much, but then R2 is a broad church, musically speaking, where else would you hear Doris Day on a breakfast show?

    How's things Baggy?


  • Comment number 11.

    ..... and my CiN post got modded ....


  • Comment number 12.


    I am sure, when the Queen of Cheznicia and I were away a couple of weeks ago, there was a Bristol Balloon Festival too - the air must be full of flying objects in the South West....

    TwistyBass - are you Crowded House's manager? -


  • Comment number 13.

    Hello Deevs

    GB was asking why on the Mayo blog and I wonder if its similar to when the just giving posts were modded. Does seem strange with CiN being the BBC's own charity?


  • Comment number 14.


    If CH's manager is writing on this blog, it must be being far more widely read than we think and or thought to have some significance.

    Either that or they're just desperate?


  • Comment number 15.

    Hello CLP & Everyone.

    Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height!

    I'm sure you and Alex will be just like Mary Poppins and Bert CLP.

    Have fun on Hampstead Heath and I hope the wind is OK.

    MM x

  • Comment number 16.

    Afternoon MM

    I think Chris's cockernee accent would probably be as dodgy as Dick Van Dyke's!

    Meant to say earlier Bingo enjoyed the tales of Heathrow and I know Triangle and if you stay there any time you definitely won't know what day it is never mind where you are - starnage place in my experience!


  • Comment number 17.

    Afternoon Andy & Everyone.

    I have to say that Wirral is no good for kite flying today. No wind!

    MM x

  • Comment number 18.


    Triangle, W. Yorkshire is famous for the forced rhubarb sheds!

    I don't kn ow how to do the link thingy but when I googled Triangle I found a video of Marco Pierre White buying some rhubarb there.

    MM x

  • Comment number 19.

    PLenty of wind in Cheznicia ...... x

  • Comment number 20.


    The rhubarb triangle is in West Yorkshire but isn't the same as Triangle in West Yorkshire!

    Triangle the place is out of Halifax on the road to Lancashire whereas the Rhubard Triangle is between Leeds Bradford and Wakefield. Not a million miles apart but definitely different!


  • Comment number 21.

    Deev's TMI I would suggest ;)

  • Comment number 22.

    You twos should start eating less curries Deevs & Nic!

    MM x

  • Comment number 23.

    Thanks for clearing that up Andy.

    I might have gone to Triangle looking for some rhubarb!

    MM x

  • Comment number 24.


    I've had a few kites in my time, but I don't think I flew any of them successfully! I hope you and Alex fair better today. Isn't there an Andy Williams song about windy? Or is that Wendy?

    I think I've turned a corner with the cough, I feel about 70% today which is better than I've felt all week. Still coughing but not quite so frequently. A few more glasses of hot milk and honey before I go to bed should do the trick.

    I hope everyone is well. Seza good to see you are on the mend as well.

    Hugs all round


  • Comment number 25.


    I love kites, I've always had them and have aways been able to fly even the trickiest stunt kite....have to be good at something I suppose!
    My current one is 4m power kite that lifts you off the ground (even me) or drags you along the ground on an over sized skate board - bloody hard work but great fun. Well, great fun until I got the four cables tangled the other day on Perranporth beach. The harder I tried to untangle it - the worse it got. I had to stop before I started sobbing with frustration.....

    How cool must I have looked on a packed beach trying to sort the mess out whilst getting angrier and angrier with myself?

    What a plonker!



  • Comment number 26.

    You Rips? Never .....

    N. Utjob

  • Comment number 27.

    You're not a beach dude then Rips?

    MM x

  • Comment number 28.

    Hello Bloggers Next Door

    My other half recently acquired the new Crowded House CD 'Intriguer'- having long been a Finnfan. He was remarkably underwhelmed.

  • Comment number 29.

    Finnfan? Is that like, someone who loves mermaids ....?



  • Comment number 30.

    Andy - thanks for the mention - things could be a whole lot better - but then they could be worse!

    Rips - lol - ps when we doing breakfast - I'm wasting away here ;-)

  • Comment number 31.

    Morning and afternoon from another sweltering day in upstate NY. Thank goodness for air conditioning..... Keep thinking it's Friday today.. Don't know why....

  • Comment number 32.

    Hi all

    (whispers) we appear to have internet tonight... but it did go off at 6 yesterday.....

    Off to catch up with scrabble etc.

    Laters (if I can get back)

    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 33.

    hiya everybods
    Not been about since yesterday am as had to take Mr Tiggs to Weston for his boss' funeral. We stayed the night in The Royal Hotel (wi-fi available but completely CARP) and woke this morning (our 15th anniversary) to see the sun rising over the sea. What a beautiful day to make you remember how good it is to be alive
    love to everyone and to those who are sad or poorly {{{{{}}}}}
    later you lovely bods

    Tiggs xxx

  • Comment number 34.


    Ave just got back from the dentist after 'aving a wisdom tooth out!!!!!!!

    This morning a went about a bit of tooth trouble ave been 'aving for a while.... well bad toothache which ave kept quiet in the area of the blog!!!!!!!

    Any way me dent told me it's best ter 'ave me last wisdom tooth out... and 'e booked me an appointment ter return this afternoon!!!!!!!

    Only problem it took 'im over 15 minutes of pulling ter get it out!!!!!!

    A knew the last one would refuse ter budge!!!!!!!!!

    Sweat was running down me face... blood was running out of me mouth.... And now in an 'our or two as the antiseptic runs out... A know it's gonna be most painful!!!!!!!

    Me main question 'ere is why are wisdom teeth called... wisdom teeth when it's never wise ter 'ave 'em????? AYE???? A????


  • Comment number 35.

    Evening each from sunny Fife.

    Bingo - you are daft, but we love you. xx

    Don't know much about kites but friend Kirstie did fly one on a beach in Barra in April and got a tick in her leg - put me right off!!

    Back later when I've caught up.


  • Comment number 36.

    Bingo, poor you.

    Not a nice experience, i've had to have so many teeth out that I am losing count of what's left.
    Just had another one refilled to try and save it but think it will becoming out very soon. LOL!

    Take some painkillers before the anesthetic wears off!

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 37.

    Tiggs, happy anniversary to you both. xx

    Hi Annie.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 38.


    Did you really have a wisdom tooth out!

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 39.

    thanks CSN xxx

  • Comment number 40.

    Did I break the blog!

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 41.

    Annie G & CleverSuperNanny - Thanks for the advice!!!!!!

    PS A forgot ter putta percentage of truth after me tooth incident....

    CSN - Yer ask did a ave a tooth out... 100% TRUE thatta did!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 42.


    Have had a lovely sunny day here. Took boys for my one and only picnic of the summer but it was a good one!

    Tiggs, It's my anniversary today too! Good day for it even though Mr Seza hasn't even got me a card. :-(

    Rips, interesting that you are Kite Man! We now have a big field behind us and boys have been flying the slightly dodgy kites we have acquired over the years. I'd like to get boy1 a good kite for his birthday, not too expensive, easy to fly but not sure what to get. Any suggestions would be good.

    BTW am very pleased to hear business is good, even if that means your feet aren't touching the ground!

    Seza xx

  • Comment number 43.

    many congrats Seza! (and Mr Seza of course)

  • Comment number 44.

    Bingo, sending you big hugs.

    Seza, happy anniversary to you both.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 45.

    Congrats to Mr & Mrs Tiggs and Mr & Mrs Seza - hope you are all having a splendid evening? xx

    Hi to everyone else. Deevs you must have been modded and put back again then as I was wondering why people were asking what you had done?

    Very quiet again today then!

    Susan xx

  • Comment number 46.

    Thanks CSN & Susan

    Am having a lovely evening thanks. Mr Seza has gone out and I've been dealing with boy2's verucca's!!

    Oh the romance of it!!

    Never mind, I've always seen our anniversary as a 3 day warning for my birthday so he still has a chance!

    Seza xx

  • Comment number 47.

    Hi Maddy, more of a beach 'bum' than 'dude' I'm sad to say.

    Baggy - if I was on any other project than the monster that I am currently attempting to keep caged, I'd say anytime.
    Give me a couple if weeks to sort this one out, then I'm all yours.....sort of! In the mean time - keep your chin up. You'll never be out of work - you may not be in your dream job, but you're extremely employable and more than that - you want to work.
    The last part of that sentence has always served me well.

    Tiggs - Happy Animosity to you both x

    Deev - I know! Who'd have thunk it?

    Love to all



  • Comment number 48.

    ouch! and I thought this was a broad church?

    Did any of you watch the video before you commented, if you did fair enough if you didn't I would suggest informed comment is best.

    Isn't there room for James Blunt, The Lighthouse Family, Doris Day, The Smiths, the Clash, Fyfe Dangerfield, Paloma Faith, The Manics, ACDC, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Paul Weller, Frank Sinatra and Crowded House on R2? Because I'm a regular listener and a big music fan and I've heard them all played.

    Now to answer some of your more specific comments:
    No I'm not CH manager, and I didn't post the CROWDED HOUSE REJECTED BY THE BBC on the messageboard.

    I am a big CH fan though and I am disappointed their new stuff isn't receiving the airplay I feel it deserves. Thats my pov and I'm entitled to state it.

    Baggy - I don't know what your definition of MOR is, but mine is Cherpy Cherpy cheep cheep, Brotherhood of man or the Carpenters. Crowded House can rock out with the best guitar bands check them out on youtube, search for "locked out", or "inside out" or "love u till the day I die" or "mean to me".

    BTW Katymac - I'd advise your husband to listen to Intriguer a few more times, its a diamond in the rough so to speak.

    Well, must go, will blog again with you sometime.

  • Comment number 49.

    Mr Seza's home - I hear rustling!!

    Will report in a mo!

    Seza xx

  • Comment number 50.

    Seza, hope it's not mice!!!

    Loved reading all your posts. Big hugs to everyone who needs them.

    Off to my lovely bed now, see you all tomorrow.


  • Comment number 51.

    thanks Rips!
    Seza, I bought card and gift over a month ago, Mr Tiggs bought mine when we went into Weston this morning then wrote it while I was in the loo in JD Wetherspoons!

    Tiggs xxx

  • Comment number 52.


    I am probably the next biggest CH fan from you..haven't heard the new album yet, as other things have prevented me from getting to the shops to buy it! I don't do online purchases, I prefer to have the cover and the notes in my hand when I listen!

    But, you posted it all twice, and there was no need to do so, that's why people weren't happy!

    I'll let you know when I've listened, but I still defy them to top Woodhouse and Together Alone as albums, but I still prefer the live album that came with the special edition of the Farewell to the World CD!

    JG x

  • Comment number 53.

    Hi everyone else!

    Haven't had chance even to lurk, so hope all are OK!

    No kites here CLP, not a drop of breath of wind here!

    Night all, and missing you all!!

    JG x

  • Comment number 54.

    The rustling was ................flowers!!

    We don't do a lot for our anniversary, rarely go out and don't do gifts but a little something is much appreciated!

    Twisty, I love the fact that I never quite know what I'm going to hear when I turn on R2, they do play such a broad selection. I sometimes wonder how they choose what to play and what not.

    Tiggs, lol at Mr tiggs! Was chilly enough the other night for me to think about wearing a scarf! Not yet but maybe soon!

    JG (((x)))

    Annie, the mouse is in the box with the recycling bags outside - I saw his little bottom vanishing down a hole the other day! As long as he stays out there he'll be ok

    I've taken a leaf out of MTF's book and put him a little food outside the box to try and tempt him not to eat the bags!

    Sleep Well all - nearly Friday!

    Seza xx

  • Comment number 55.

    Hi all ,sorry haven't read all the posts but ,just want to say congrats to Tiggs and c/o and to Seza and c/o.

    Baggy ,nice to see you being feisty ,keep it up .

    Rips ,also nice to see you ,hope all is well with you and is that extention finined yet??.

    Love to all .


  • Comment number 56.

    thanks Bids xxx

  • Comment number 57.

    your welcome hun.xxx.

  • Comment number 58.

    Seza, flowers, wonderful. Well done Mr Seza.

    JG, sending you big hugs. xx

    Night Annie.

    Love to all of you.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 59.

    I havent read all the posts yet either Bids.....

    But, Happy anniversaire to Tiggs and Seza, and their devoted hubbbies.xx

    I go to the Bristol kite festival, its a great day out. There is tho, like with any serious hobby type thingy, such a thing as an 'anorak' of the kite flying world!!

    I know, cos I was there.

    Mostly though, great fun, lovely for all the family, big tip to those going though, dont park down at Ashton and walk up. Kite flying obviously works better at the top of a hill and its a blooming long hike up.

    Its free too.

    If I hadn't driven so much this week, I would be very tempted to go this year.

    I saw the space station pass over Weston on my way home tonight. It was due again about an hour and a half later, flying from west to east. Can someone tell me exactly where it goes during this time, surely it doesn't circum navigate the globe during this time?? bearing in mind, that it is visual for a full 5 minutes to pass overhead here.


  • Comment number 60.

    Hello everybods.

    Sal, a good site for tracking is fun.familyeducation.com/satellite/outdoor
    It gives a timetable and you can select your own area.
    Did you know it only remains visible from the ground for between 1 and 4 minutes? As they add more to it, it will soon be possible to make out it's shape! It must travel an elliptical orbit to vary so much, but I never seem to be in the right place at the right time to see it!

    Ta ta Lin x

  • Comment number 61.

    Thanks Lin.x

    I think because we have such a huge expanse of sky here that avoids any light pollution that we probably get the full quota.

    I didn't know that they were adding more to it! Makes it sound like Lego. LOL!


  • Comment number 62.

    It passed over here twice last night too Lin.

    I waited for ages and was so excited when it first appeared.

    We get all the times off Richard Angwin, who does the weather update on our local BBC radio prog, which I tune into after Mayo.


  • Comment number 63.

    morning all

    thanks for all the comments last night

    Rips - no worries mate - I know how hectic your work can be and all work is good work at the moment - thanks for saying I'm employable (read that first as enjoyable - which is a different line of business entirely), at the end of the day what will be, will be.

    Twisty - thanks for coming back and posting - my definition of MOR is anything that bores me, now it might be my ignorance with Crowded House, adn I will try the songs you suggested - you might have a new convert - I'll get back to you. From your list - BOM has cheese factor, Chirpy Chirpy cheep cheep upsets me as my mother left home when I was little (100% true) and I love carpenters, but more for sentimental reasons then anything else. I appreciate music is completely personal and depends on your mood at the time but its a great thing to discuss and one of my favourite subjects.


  • Comment number 64.

    PS - for every job they are saying I haven't got the right skills I'm applying for two more - surely the scatter gun method has to work?

  • Comment number 65.

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    Even though it has been a short week it has still been a hard one.

    When I was down in Burnham On Sea last week I saw the satelite station pass over us very clearly a couple of times. Hard to imagine the work that has gone into it and that there is possibly people floating around in that star above your head.

    Well looking forward to a warm weekend, housework is done and washing/ironing caught up with and marathon colouring session booked at the hairdressers tomorrow. Why do I always manage to book a hair appointment on the warm days.....

    Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and fortunes change for those of you who are having a time of it at the moment.

    Have a good one

    GBB x

  • Comment number 66.

    Morning All,

    Forgive me for being a tad over excited today, but it's my last day at work for 6 weeks. Although having said that every time I think about my trip to Zimbabwe I feel a bit sick! One week to go!!! This time next week I shall be in a right state, hoping I packed everything, then the emotional goodbyes at the airport - why am I doing this again? It's OK I've remembered :)

    Happy Birthday to Barmy xxx

    Belated Happy Anniversary to Tiggs and Seza and their other halves xx

    I'll be back xx


  • Comment number 67.

    Morning all!

    How exciting to see the space station! Living in the middle of europes biggest housing estate there is WAY too much light polution to see much in the sky at night.

    CLP - common down to the kite festival, you can swing by me on the way, I'll make you a bacon butty and then we can all go together! (i'm assuming you'll be bringing Tash and a ikle pickle Noah for me to cuddle!)

    BTW - loving that popty ping is welsh for microwave!

    Happy belated anniversaire to Mr and Mrs Seza and Tiggs
    Happy birthday to our lovely Barmy for today

    right back in a bit!

  • Comment number 68.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. I'm celebrating by being at work. Never mind - out to my favourite restaurant tonight. Back later. xx

  • Comment number 69.

    Debs, is it really Europes biggest?? I dont feel quite so ashamed now of getting lost so many times now when I have been up to see you.

    Happy Birthday Barmy, now I wonder where that restaurant is? Let me know on the other side some time, its always nice to have a recommendation.x

    I've just worked out, that its this day last year, that I met Bids from the station at Taunton in preparation for the Bristol blog meet the next day.

    Happy Days.


  • Comment number 70.

    Ali, you'll be fine.


  • Comment number 71.

    thanks for the wishes Debs and Ali

    Tiggs xxx

  • Comment number 72.

    MTF - yup apparantly it is - so dont feel bad buddy!

    Oh yes, good times indeed, running across the bridge to Bridge and MTF, chasing stag partys, too many mojitos (Deevs fault!) weebles wobble but they dont fall down and finally the marathon!

    Good times indeed, and what fab friendships formed hey!

    AliB - so exciting!!!!


  • Comment number 73.

    yes Debs, you and stag parties! just looked back over the photies, great memories!

    Tiggs xxx

  • Comment number 74.

    We'll do it all again in York eh?

    Off to google their bridges.....


  • Comment number 75.

    Nine bridges in York itself across the Ouse and 14 smaller ones across the narrower Foss!!

    Yikes, spoilt for choice!


  • Comment number 76.

    New blog!

  • Comment number 77.

    ..... did I hear someone call?!?

    Debs! How very dare you young lady .... I did not MAKE you drink ALL those mojitos and chase after that poor stag party in Brizzle! Any more than I made you eat those nasty hot fishcakes in the Indian!

    Was that really a year ago? Blinky Blimey - how time flies and how my life has changed in those 12 months. I can remember Jane coming to my room in the wee small hours as she couldn't sleep and fancied a chat, and I was just sitting on the bed, willing her to go back to her own room as I felt so ill from ober-imbibing! Although knowing Jane, I'm sure that had I need to "do stuff" she'd have looked after me.

    Happy Birthday Barmy - enjoy your night out!

    And Happy Anniversary to Tiggs and Mr Tiggs and Seza and Mr Seza.

    I'm so relieved it's Friday at last, although missing my emails and texts from my man today as he is in Brum on a works thingydoo. The atmosphere in the office is still unbearable but I've been nicely bust all morning and am out on Reception in about 20 minutes or so.

    Nowt planned this weekend ... .bliss!

    And tonight - caribbean chicken curry and vin rouge whilst the footy's on.

    Back later from t'other console ....!



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