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Good Morning Great Britain and Thanks For Tuning In

Chris Evans | 11:00 UK time, Monday, 17 May 2010

So it appears that there are a few people who quite like what we do on the radio in the mornings. Thank the Lord for that.

Let me tell you, we were all so pleased and grateful to hear the good news about our listening figures last week. It was the kind of news we didn't even dare to dream about when we took over from Sir Tel.

I still can hardly believe the numbers, but of course we have been in this game a long time and for the same reasons we didn't panic in the beginning - we know not to start crowing now. The race is long and we are all very well aware of that.

Our ratings will go up, as they just have, but no doubt they will also go down at some point in the future - that's the nature of the beast. All we can do in between is do the best show we can every single day we are allowed on the radio.

Having access to a BBC microphone is never a right, it is only ever a privilege, something I have finally come to realise - what a learning curve that was !

Onwards my friends, onwards.





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    Well done Christoph and its GREAT to have you back!

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    A thousand well dones on the figures. Well done for not crowing. x

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    Hurrah!! Huge congratulations Christoff and hear hear to all of the above, as always. It's a wise man who treats all people with respect on the way up the ladder of success; because you sure as hell will meet 'em on the way back down...

    Any road up. It's greetings from a beautifully sunny and thus far ash-free Cork, best be off now to try to extract this angry wasp that obviously crawled into me left ear as I slept and is now roarin' an' batterin' on me skull tryin' to get out.



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    Good morning everyone from a beautifully sunny Ayrshire.

    Great to have you back CLP, and very well done on the figures.

    Had a lovely weekend, lots of riding and walking done as usual.

    Have a good day everyone.



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    Fantabulous show CLP! Thanks for getting me thru the ironing by 9am! For now, I'm off to work ..... laters peeps!



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    Morning again.

    Welcome back CLP - it was so nice to smile this morning (not that I've spent the last 2 weeks not smiling but this was a more comfortable smile).

    Congratulations again on the listening figures.

    (whispering - are you ok Clodagh, looks like you had a blast of an evening).

    mtd ffb xxx

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    Oh so good to have you back Chris.

    Morning again all. Trying to type this very quietly as I think Clodagh might be suffering - bless xx

    Good luck Deevs and you inspired me to iron early too this morning!

    Susan xx

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    Congratulations CLP - life just keeps getting better for you and us. Good luck Cheryl on your temp job - hope it becomes permanent.

  • Comment number 10.

    Good luck Deevs and I am not tempted to iron, not now, not ever.LOL!

    Hope everyone has a magical Monday.


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    Chris: I am just so pleased for you and the whole team - what an incredible achievement in such a short space of time. It really says it all when the Daily Mail issues an apology!

    It's wonderful to have you back xx

    Hi everyone else, hope all is well.

    C xx

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    Welcome back Chris!

    Wise words as always - congratulations to you and the team!

    So good to have you back, you have transformed my mornings.

    Belated birthday wishes to DebbieC and Mr MtF.

    Happy Birthday Prof. McCrumble xx

    CSN - Gorgeous photo's of your grandchildren.

    Lyndyloo - your little man is adorable, thanks for sharing the pics xx

    JG - Pleased your feeling a bit better.

    MC - Have a pinacolda for me! ;o) xx

    MtD - sorry to hear your news, lots of good advice as always from the blog. Good Luck! xx

    Cheryl - congratulations on the temp job xx

    Clodagh - hope you've got rid of the wasp xx

    Hope all is well with everyone else.

    Take care
    Mary xx

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    btw I forgot to say - that was a brilliant new version of 3 Lions this morning - I now know what my ARF will be for the forseeable future....

    mtd ffb xxx

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    Morning all........just

    Great to have you back Chris and the team, and very well done on the listening figures, I just knew they would be good.

    Just back from a very important check up, not pleasant but needs must and all that, now where’s the kettle, for that much needed coffee!?

    Pen xx

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    Welcome back CLP. I couldnt stand it for your first week as it was very quiet with the radio turned off. Second week was better as I was away myself on hols. Got all excited at the thought of getting stuck in Tenerife when they closed the airport on Wednesday but unfotunately it reopened Thursday morning.

    Hope everyone is well.


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    Pen: re: your check up - not the best start to a week for you, I am sure. x Enjoy your coffee!

    Thunder: typical, eh? Just when you wanted that ash cloud to hang around, it cleared! Hope you had a lovely holiday.

    C xx

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    Yes I'm listening to J Vine and yes my blood is boiling !!! Don't start me !!! The ranty pants here are not big enough for me!!

    Beez xx

    just for the record I pay full poll tax in Wales - perhaps Cornwall should do the same :)

  • Comment number 18.

    Good Morning CLP Man & ALL Blog Peoples Of The CLP BBC Blog.....

    Bingo Star ere......

    CLP - Firstly let me wish you most authoritatively warm conradulations & sentimentations of welldoneness to yersen!!!!!!!!!!

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!

    What for you may ask.... a will tell yer.... for getting back from Portugal & avoiding the volcanic ash cloud!!!!!

    Also a would like ter wish the same above sentimentations for yer listener figures being upward in a most friendly way!!!!!!

    As much az a thought Sir Tel waz briliant, a legend in broadcasting.... a loved listening to 'is shows & still do on a Sundee.... but the thing a think yer doing different with the breakfast gig CLP iz attracting more of a younger audience aswell az 'anging onter 'opefully most of Sir Tels Togs!!!!!!!

    A great idea CLP getting kiddy winkles ringing in each morning!!!!!!

    Also CLP... not in a sycophantic way at all.... but a wanter say reaaly like ALL that yerv written above.... a maturing DJ me thinks!!!!

    Just don't mature too fast or yer might lose some of yer younger audience that are VERY much tuning in!!!!!!


    PS Super B - BIG CONGRATES on the Moonwalk on Saturdee!!!!
    No easy feat am tellin' yer... a personally think it would be easier ter gently jog 26 miles rsther than walk... as it seems faster/ less distance if yer moving faster!!!!
    Ter walk 26 miles.... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The thing iz 'ow do we sponser yersen??????

    PS Ave recently entered the ballot for next year's London Marathon & am in touch with some children's charity's.... just wondering 'ow a can raise the amount they require az a don't know enough people ter sponser me!!!!!!
    More problems & stress!!!!! LOL!!!!!

    PPS Chezza - Glad ter 'ear yerv found some work... good luck & 'ope it all goes most friendly!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 19.

    PS What does sycophantic mean????

    It's me new word that ave forgoot already!!!!!!

  • Comment number 20.

    Hi Bingo - Where have you been? Like the new name.

    mtd ffb xxx

    Peesss - you know us lot don't you?

  • Comment number 21.

    Ello MistletoeDipper - Ave been aving a break... meditating & re-aligning the inner workings of... The MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A wanter move forward now & leave the past FIRMLY in the past!!!!!!

    Don't think a will get much time for blogging over the next month though az ave goot me final maths exams early June.... and ave seen last years exams and it's all DAMN IT algebra & trigonometry!!!!!!!
    Algebra confuses me az there's so many different angles to it... and trigonometry confuses me..... as there are also many 'angles' to it!!!! LOL!!!
    Plus the algebra & trigonometry are often intergrated ter twist the mind even more!!!!!
    If am 'onest a 'ave noot goot a clue 'ow do do the exma if it's like last year's.... but a really wanter getta a 'A' grade after me good exam results from March!!!!!!
    So am gonna get boring & make maths me life for the next four weeks!!!!!!!!!

    Really need ter get this qualification behind me!!!!!!!

    Am fed up trucking: long 'ours for low pay..... been doing it 13 years now.... a can't take anymore!!!!!!!

    A know a can do so much more with me life!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 22.

    Bingo: nice to see you back - the blog has missed you!

    mtd: I did see you saying you had been talking to Debs and that it has really helped you - that's great.

    C xx

  • Comment number 23.

    Really great news no better way to start the day just let everyone know what batteries you use as I for one could do with some! Shame you cannot do the drive time as well, oh well

  • Comment number 24.

    Hi Chrissie

    Yes, my fate is now in the lap of the gods - or, to put it another way, my application is now with HR..... the assessment will be later in the week and the decision made next week. Everything crossed please!!! (you can take a break every hour or so to avoid cramping).

    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 25.

    Baggy, congratulations and well done, I can feel your pain with the blisters.

    Chrissie, thanks, coffee went down well.

    Bingo, welcome back, I have missed your posts. Great new name btw.

    Beez, I wondered if you were listening, I don't have a second home but I would definitely want those ranty pants if I did have one!

    Pen xx

  • Comment number 26.

    hi Chris just one thing who do you get to wash a 12 million Ferrari. Hope he is well insured beautiful car bet that gets them looking at the local supermarket. Need a good used rollercoaster to start Noahs collection in the back garden let me know. Not as fast but he would love it

  • Comment number 27.

    Afternoon All,

    2 weeks at home not working and not listening and then 2 weeks when you were on hols, so back to normal today. Good it was too!
    Well done Chris and well done Baggy too!


  • Comment number 28.

    Welcome back Bingo! Nice to see you on here again,

    Hope its going well Deevs

    fingers crossed mtd!

    Well done baggy!!!

    and hello to all the rest of you loverly bloggers mwah!


  • Comment number 29.

    Yo yo Big Chief CLP,

    Well done, old bean, well done . . .

    Glad you had a good rest and made a wee quick purchase or two of fine Italian wheels along the way (understatement of the year . . .) to celebrate . . .

    I think last the last seven days , in your entire history of seven days' happenings must go down as one of the best . . .

    Well done, well done... to one and all . . .

    DtM x

  • Comment number 30.

    Afternoon One and ALl

    Been right poorly for nearly a month and hopefull now turning the corner!
    Glad your back Christoph and had a fabby dabby holiday.
    Just been reading the papers and got REALLY cross - some whinger moaning about the price you paid for your car. You earnt it so you spend it - I say sod them - it's green cheese and big horns! Some folk just can't see you getting on/enjoying yourself.

    Life my friend is FAR FAR TOO SHORT - Just buried a long time friend of mine and she was only 41.

    Sieze the moment, savour and enjoy - tomorrow is another day.


  • Comment number 31.


    Band of helpers duly dispatched on their hairyplanes outa Cork, angry wasp dispatched wit a blast a Nurofen, white puddin' an' beans, so all is well.

    Now then Baggy. Glad the aul bustenhalter didn't chafe, I bet yous looked a picture; well done indeed!!!

    Am now off to Killarney to meet up wit the girls I met whilst doing me diploma, the spectacularly named Grainne (pronounced Gronnya, as in Grainne Bike), Oona and Fionnula. Marvellous.

    Shall be passin' on the vino collapso, like; makin' a holy show a meself once is enough for me at this stage. Twice in 2 days an' I'll be hangin' me liver on the front a the boat home tomorrow.


  • Comment number 32.

    Well done Chris nice to have you back .xx

  • Comment number 33.

    Afternoon all,

    Welcome back Chris ,hope youve had a good breakand congrats on the ratings .

    Notbeen around this last week ,have been busy at home .
    had a nice w/end away last w/end and the Malvern show was very good .Did part with some money as I purchased a Sit A While seat for the garden and looking forward to it coming .

    Hope everyone is well and not suffering too much with travel problems due to the ash again.

    MTF .well done on the no.1post .

    Take care all.


  • Comment number 34.

    Glad to have you ALL back. You've been missed.

    Good luck with your maths Bingo. My OH is a bit of a maths whizz so shout up if you need a hand with anything.

    Beez - why don't you put the bolt hole in a trust for bloggers? It could be renamed Bloggers' Retreat!!! We could hold mass blog meets there. A blog therapy centre? Put Clodagh in there as the Blog Agony Aunt. It'd be a raging success!

    I'm defo off to the gym now - provided train makes it all the way home today.



  • Comment number 35.

    Christoph - the best thing is that there may be millions of people listening but it doesn't feel like it. I mean that in a good way - the show feels like it's just for a little gang of friends. Now I know just how big the gang is I don't mind that you never play my gobsmackers :-)

  • Comment number 36.

    Hi y'all,

    Good to have you back Chris, great fun this morning, although I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Graham Norton this last fortnight too. Excellent news re.figures, but it's good to see you're keeping your feet on the ground.

    Good good good.

    Hi Bridge, not seen you for a while x

    Baggy, awesome girl - hope you're not hurting too much x

    Chezza - went the day well? Did you have a sneaky lurk? Good luck x

    Not much to say here so won't say much.

    Just this - I don't normally watch footie (sorry Sunderland-mad-family, I think you must have found me in a basket, and sorry Gillingham fan husband too, you know I've tried but I just don't like it) but I stumbled upon the end of the cup final the other day and I have two questions:

    Does everyone who interviews a manager or player from another European country always talk to him very slowly, in a sing songy, almost "foreign" accent, even when there is an interpreter standing by? Or was it just the one I saw?

    What's this with tickertape? What a pointless, wasteful, environmentally unfriendly mess. Sorry, I know it's probably been going on for years but it's the first time I've spotted it so I thought I'd try on those ranty pants which keep being passed around the blog (hope someone washes them from time to time). Who clears it up? Does anyone really want it? Were the public actually asked? I demand a referendum.

    Ah that's better.

    Hope everyone is enjoying a little bit of sunshine with more to come - yahoo!

    A x

  • Comment number 37.

    Afternoon CLP and everyone else, and congratulations again on your listening figures. You should all be so proud, especially after taking over from the likes of Sir Tel. Hope you had fun on your break, and well done on beating the ash cloud to boot (I did too, Mother Nature didn't spoil my 30th birthday, hurrah!). Have you taken the new car out for a spin yet?

    Well done Baggy for completing the Moonwalk!

    How has your first day at work been Cheryl?

    Hope everyone has had a good Monday,


  • Comment number 38.

    Hello CLP and All Bloggers.

    A lovely sunny day here on the Wirral Peninsula.

    Big Congratulations Chris on the figures, of course you are the No.1 DJ but I'm glad you're not crowing, merely tweeting!

    Also congratulations on your Italian souveniour. However, if you invite me for a leisurely drive I will have to decline your very kind invitation as I would be scared to eat my burger and chips in such a breathtakingly beautiful car.

    Hope all are keeping well.


  • Comment number 39.


    It's good to have you back Chris, and well done again on the listening figures! Excellent!

    Change of plan here tonight. Mr JG has a bit of dodgy stomach, so didn't fancy traipsing around the shope, so we'll go another night instead.

    Nice to see everyone back! Hope everyone is fine and dandy?

    JG x

  • Comment number 40.

    Evening all

    Had a great day yesterday, lots of fun and laughter. Little boy called both babies Emma. It took a while before Mr CSN could get them all together for a photo because girls were trying to feed crying babies, boys were chatting and I was looking after little boy and girl who were running around causing havoc!

    Girls would like to send all blog Aunties big hugs and a big thank you to Tiggs for all her hard work. xx

    Mr CSN, kindly put some photos on fb this morning, while he was doing this I was having a chat with daughter about yesterday. After our phone call, she found her little boy had been drawing her a lovely picture with a black crayon all over the dinning room table and was sitting on the floor washing his hands with a cup of milk. Oh what joys we have to come!

    MTD, fingers crossed for you.

    Baggy, Well done.

    MTF, sending you big hugs.xx

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 41.

    Evening friends

    Just had a quick catch up and thank you for all the good luck and how'd it go messages. I am pleased to report that it went very well indeedy - the 5 hours passed in a flash! I am actually doing some admin work (whilst on the reception) for the company I had an interview at last week I'm kind of hoping it will give me a head-start over other candidates as it's a lovely environment to work in - a very swish new office building, more akin to Canary wharf than Cannock! I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow as my confidence is growing with every task I undertake.

    And it feels good!

    And the best bit? I was home by 5.10!

    I watched that dramatisation about Boy George when I got home - did any of you see it last night? Fantastic 80s soundtrack and Marc Warren playing Steve Strange was amazing! It kicked up some things I never knew about George and kind of explains stuff he's done. I s'pose it kind of got me "on side", and I'd be really interested to know how much input George himself (and the other prominent names of the day who were represented) had on the script and accuracy. Nice one Beeb2 - really enjoyed that.

    Nic's at the gym at the mo and the marinara sauce is gently bubbling away on the hob waiting for the "on my way" text so I can put the spaghetti on.

    All in all, it's been a great day.

    Muchos amore



  • Comment number 42.

    Glad the day went well Deevs and that you are looking forward to going back. Fingers crossed as I have an interview on Thursday for a perm job - yikes!

    Susan x

  • Comment number 43.

    Oooooh good luck Sus! Fingers crossed it's the right one for you.

    Cheryl x

  • Comment number 44.


    Good luck, will keep my fingers crossed for you.


  • Comment number 45.

    Glad your day went well Deev! It's great if you can be that close to home, I hate my commute!

    Good luck for Thursday Susan!

    CSN, I'm so pleased you had a lovely family day. Yes, you're are probably right, in a couple of years, you'll definately have your hands full!

    JG x

  • Comment number 46.

    Thank you but don't cut off your circulation x

    CSN I just love the photos and your grandson and oldest granddaughter look far to cute to get up to any mischief but I know you know better. It must be hard for your little grandson to understand that there are not two Emmas. Defs hands full time when they are all together especially as they all get older.

    JG are you still managing to extend your choice of food?

  • Comment number 47.

    Yes thanks Susan, I've managed pasta and bolognese sauce today, baked in the oven with grated cheese on the top.

    I think, as long I don't try anything too crunchy or sharp, too hot or too cold, I'll be fine now - oh, and no chocolate yet, as that seems to flare the wounds up!

    I even managed to dunk a biccie in tea yesterday and eat it!

    JG x

  • Comment number 48.

    That's always a good sign when you enjoy the biccie in the tea. Sounds like you are slowly getting there x

  • Comment number 49.

    JG and Susan, It's hard enough work now, god knows what it will be like in a couple of years time!

    JG, hope everything is healing up nicely and you are starting to eat a bit more food.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 50.

    btw nice to see you around Bingo and best of luck with the revision and the actual maths exam.

    Hello to anyone else who has been mia x

    Back tomorrow I think.

    Night x

  • Comment number 51.

    Night Susan

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 52.

    Hi Chris,

    I just wanted to say thank you for a really wonderful breakfast show. Glad you stuck to your guns with the format, you are a talented guy who knows what works and what doesn't. I look forward to your next sporting challenge- the ice hockey was so funny and is still my favourite! Congratulations to you and the team on those superb listener figures and may you long continue to entertain the nation!

    Mcw x

  • Comment number 53.

    Night everyone.

    Sweet dreams.

    csn. xx

  • Comment number 54.

    Hello All- been a bit on the busy side today - to put it mildly!! Same as you Bids! The rant I had was it Thursday or Friday? - received at last correct documents today!! Poor postie offered to carry to the car to me at the sorting office!!!

    Not caught up properly yet.
    Thank goodness you are eating again JG!
    Feet under the table and already doing half the job - it's yours Deev!
    CSN - lovely pics on fb pleased you had a good day yesterday.
    Sus - all crossed hon for Thursday - it's happened before on blog - going for jobs and all getting all at once...
    Good to see you back Bings - like the new name - good luck with the maths - better you than me! I glaze over where maths involved!
    Hi Marj - missed out on seeing CLP's new 4 wheels not on twitter.
    Totally agree BG re the footie and the litter!
    Great the 30th went well Rosie - minus the dust thank goodness
    Amy - agree - feels like a wee group but quite a surprise to hear there are millions.
    Pip was thinking about letting bolt hole out to bloggers only - those who clean/garden/decorate etc etc but going to cut losses. Going to cut price if local family interested - less to the tax man - good for my conscience! Am not holding breath but you never know!
    Good to see you popping in Amy, Angie, Dan, Bly, Pen, Thunder, Shaun, Pen, Mary, Chrissie and all.
    How's the head Clodagh?
    MTD - all crossed with the hourly break for circulation purposes!

    Need to lie down!!

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 55.

    There's always one isn't there! MCW the ice hockey is my fav too and I agree with all - great to have you back Christoph.

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 56.

    Hi all

    Been quizzing tonight - we lost by 1 point........ there were so many questions that we should have known though....

    Anyway, thought I'd pop in before bed. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for everybody else that needs them - we all seem to this week.

    Nite all

    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 57.

    Night night mtd - 1 point - that's a bummer - just about to catch up on gene genie for a wee while - head buzzing so no good going to bed yet. Got 2 hours worth to catch up on.
    Only two weeks ago mini meet with Nic n Deevs and xxx - where the heck is time going this year?
    Night night all - keep smiling :)

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 58.


    Just reading last nights' musings with SK on in the background (waiting for CLP, you understand). So she plays Elvis' Girl Of My Best Friend and then follows it with the words "Ah, the Rolling Stones - they sound good don't they".

    Does she actually know what's on her playist?!?!

    Back to catching up ......



  • Comment number 59.

    Morning All. Blue sky - no clouds and warm - that's more like it!!

    Have a good day everyone.

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 60.

    Same here Beez, absolutely gorgeous!

    Mr JG's got a good week off by the looks of things, swanning about in my car!

    Have a great day everyone

    JG x

  • Comment number 61.

    A beautiful morning indeedio!

    It certainly helps put a spring in your step.

    No news as of yet on the swans and their imminent hatchings. Unfortuantely, my round hasn't taken me past their nest over the past week, lets hope I haven't missed the big day.

    I did however have a new client to see, which took me on a new route around the Chew Magna lake. What a stunning place, covering such a vast area.

    There were hundreds of ducks, coots, swans, seagulls etc...

    As I knew I was going to be going this way, I armed myself with a bag of suitable fodder. Mixed corn and grains and a seperate bag of bread. Bread is suppposed to be really bad for swans, so my plan was to avoid letting them have any.

    One swan however had different ideas!!!

    He eyed up one piece of bread that I had carefully aimed towards a Mallard drake. But as the drake got to it first, the swan did no more than pick the drake up by its beak and toss it around like a rag doll.

    I was horrified as he didn't seem as if he was going to let go. So I grabbed my bag of offerings (which wasn't heavy) and whacked the swan on the back to distract. He eventually dropped the drake, which staggered off in a drunken like manner and turned on me. He squared up to me and hissed right in my face, with neck stretched, he was the same height as me.

    I beat a hasty retreat to avoid any more antagonism.

    So much for the bread being bad for swans, that poor little drake didn't do to well on it either.

    Well, as it looks like being another lovely day, I guess its off to the garden to tend what needs tending. The forecast is not as good for tomorrow, so the indoor jobs can wait until then.

    I hope everyone has a lovely day and things turn out just the way they want them to.

    Lovely discussion about ingrowing toe nails Chris!!!!

    Ooh, have just spotted the fox sitting in the field over the road. he was there for almost 3 hours yesterday, patiently waiting outside the rabbit holes. I watched him for a while as its lovely to see a fox so close to the house, but luckily (for me) he didn't kill anything while I was watching.


  • Comment number 62.

    LOL, JG, I've just read your post which wasn't there when I started typing mine. ( my slow typing!)

    Best warn Mr JG that swanning around can be dangerous!!


  • Comment number 63.

    MTF, you really ought to get the gig at the Beeb presenting Springwatch!

    Right, I've just ordered a new pair of wellies as my 2007 festival wellies are somewhat cracked and well, knackered! Dithered and dallied as to what size to order - my actual size, or a size larger. Went for the size larger and just now hope they fit. Black with pink flowers on - so me!

    What's everyone up to today?



  • Comment number 64.

    good morning

    firstly thank you for all the good wishes regarding my walk - it really was nothing and trust me, if I can do it then anyone can do it. Total is up to £688 and still counting so thank you everyone - Bingo my website details are on fb - msg me if you need the link.

    Okay - full of cold - check, sore throat - check, lost voice - check, sore knee - check, blisters taken over foot - check, east 17 on ispold- check (thats really not my fault - heads will roll)

    Smile on face as its sunny - yes
    Going to Geneva tonight for work - and going on a plane by myself for the forst time ever - yes


    PS - my stuffed giraffe seems to have sneaked into my work bag - :-) That'll be something to hug when I miss mr bp!

  • Comment number 65.

    Oh Baggy hope you feel better for your work trip. Good to see the total still increasing. Well done again x

  • Comment number 66.

    Awww Baggy, I feel like a huge failure now. What do you mean "it was nothing" ..... it was 26.2 miles woman!!! That is something and then some.

    Enjoy your trip!



  • Comment number 67.

    Deev - sorry - didn't mean to undermine your achievement.

  • Comment number 68.

    Morning Lovlies

    Is such a beautiful morning here, absolutely gorgeous. Hope it is where you are too

    Deevs, nice to hear day one went well, sounds like a good start

    Baggy, did you get the blister plasters!! Sounds like you need them. Hope your trip goes well tonight. As you are off to Switzerland am sure some chocolate is in order!

    Right, best look busy in case some one comes to visit my lonely office.


    Seza xx

  • Comment number 69.

    Hello All,

    Congrats on the figures Christoff - fully deserved, but a bit of a surprise at the same time ;-)

    Is anyone else finding the new homepage slightly frustrating? I used to have Blogs as one of my little sections on my homepage, but it's not an option anymore. Was far easier to see when people had updated blogs, rather than having to hunt for them...grrrrr....

    ...what a grumpy old man!!

  • Comment number 70.

    Seza - blister is too big for plasters - I have it banaged and hoping for the best! I don't actually like European choc but I do like toblerone so I think I'll have to indulge in that! I asked mr bp what he wanted me to bring back and he said a leggy blonde - grrrrrrrrrrr!

    Can anyone remember what spirit your meant to drink to make you feel better when full of cold - have a feeling its whisky or brandy but Baileys is sounding good too - seeing as I'm flying airfrance later I might as well have a snifter!

  • Comment number 71.


    You need a port and brandy love! (NO ICE!)
    Departure lounge bar ......



  • Comment number 72.

    *Sneaks in quietly*
    Hello, anyone remember me?



    when you cry.....

    no one sees your tears.


    when you are in pain.

    no one sees your hurt.


    when you are worried..

    no one sees your stress


    when you are happy..

    no one sees your smile ..











    But FART!!!just ONE time...

    And everybody knows!!

    *Closes door quietly*

    Daisy x

  • Comment number 73.

    Good Morning Everybody.

    MTF-I thought of you this morning when my cat left me a gift of a mouse in the hall. BTW take care with those swans!

    Beez-hope all goes satisfactory in the end regarding the bolt hole.

    Baggy-hope the cold and blisters are soon better.

    Deevs-glad you're enjoying the new job.

    Hope everyone is OK.


  • Comment number 74.

    DDD LOL!

    Deevs, sounds like that would cure anything!

    Baggy, Was Mr BP having a heidi moment do you think? blister sounds ouchy!

    Hi Mk

    Seza xx

  • Comment number 75.

    Morning all

    Just noticed that DDD had popped in - welcome back (you don't need to sneak in you know) and LOL.

    Baggy - I'd go for whisky myself (mind you I usually put it in warm milk, I don't think that airfrance will have any of that....)

    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 76.

    New Blog ....

  • Comment number 77.

    Well done i knew you had it in you and don't lose the plot again. How about playing some more Prince and not just the hits, what do you think?
    All the best awooga, awooga, awooga.


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