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Had a sneaky Friday morning ...

Chris Evans | 15:12 UK time, Friday, 14 August 2009

.... 18 holes this morning on the glorious track that is Sunningdale Golf Club. The stuff of dreams.

Tash and I were separated for the first time in a long time, with us ending up playing against each other - something we don't usually like to do.

We were playing with a guy they call The Colonel. Ex army, he left to join the music business and in 1979 happened to sign a little combo' by the name of U2. Strangely enough hasn't looked back ever since.

He told us the story of the night he went to see them and thought "Aye, what do we have here then ?"

He's off tonight to see them at Wembley.

Meantime back at base, Tash, defeated alas and pretty convincingly too (5 and 4 if you must know) and not to mention smarting, has picked up Junior from her Ma's and is immersing herself once again in the therapy that is motherhood.

Anniversary tomorrow, I still have no idea what she has planned - all I know is that I have to be on parade by 9 am. In the morning.

Might produce first ever Saturday Blog to let you guys in on whatever it's going to be.

Have a blast of weekend. Off now to the first meeting for next years Children In Need Drive time Dine and Disco Weekend.

Love and peace, peace and love.





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