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Morning blog fans...

Chris Evans | 11:42 UK time, Thursday, 4 June 2009

... after yesterday's missive re Noah and his William Hague stage - following on from the obligatory baby Winston Churchill stage - several texters to the show last night suggested a couple of other baby look-e-like stages including the John Major sticky-out-curved-over top lip stage, and the Bobby Charlton comb over stage [by the way - do you think comb over should be hyphenated]?

I am loving these - may go big on them tonight. Also considering giving the Bob the Builder treatment to Dire Straits and perhaps having the first ever Noah News read by Noah himself.

Sun is shining here in sunny Berks for now at least. My daughter's birthday today so a big kiss to her. I'm out with the buyers from all the big book outlets tonight to discover how it all works ready for October.

So much more I could go on about at the mo, but brief is always best when it comes to Le Grand Blog.

My thoughts are merely the blue touch paper.



You rock.


PS: The All Request Friday Thing - you know the score. The bigger and brighter, the better.


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