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Er, well, here's the thing you see...

Chris Evans | 10:28 UK time, Thursday, 5 February 2009

So, my wife has just rushed in and said...

..."Baby baby, the plug has loosened, it's a ball of mucus and it's fallen into place and I think that's the first sign of labour and so I think we're up and running.

Now, she's not a hundred percent but this is all happening as I type so very exciting, very exciting indeed. She's in the other room checking her books, she has at least ten bless her.

I have been working all morning and am still in my dressing gown. I said it would be Friday honest I did and now she says it's probably a day away, that's how long it takes after this plug thing happens. Blimey, so er...

Rock and roll and everything that's good.

May see you on the radio later, may not, who knows ? Not I, I know nothing, or at least very little.

Cup of tea, that's what we need now, strong with half a sugar...

"Coming darling..."





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