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Chris Evans | 11:13 UK time, Thursday, 31 January 2008

So, here's the deal, every three months we have these things called...


They are the nationally accepted tables of radio listening figures.

The day, always a Thursday, is a day to dread. But not for us today, phew relief, my goodness, thank the heavens, we did alright.

We went up quarter on quarter, December notoriously bad for us so double whoopee, and year on year we went up by over a quarter of a million. We are now properly into the five million + mark.

Thanks to the team, the best, and on behalf of them thanks to you for being there to be counted. Thanks also to my big boss for believing in me and the good Lord upstairs for giving me a second, third, fourth and however many more chances to get this thing called life right.

Funnily enough we have made a few changes, sublte - hopefully unnoticeable and it seems they've paid off. Dare we trim the sails even tighter to the wind ? I think we have to.

So beers all round today, well maybe not before the show, and tonight we announce the drivetime doggie that will be "it" 2008.

Oh, yes and don't forget ALL REQUEST FRIDAY record number one suggestions considered from this moment forth.

Have a great one you lot and thanks again.




P.S. We're doing caffeine tights tonight, the inventor swears they work !


  1. At 12:17 PM on 31 Jan 2008, hazel love wrote:

    ...and I number but 1 in your 5,000,000. Impossible to think of all those people all listening to exactly the same as all the others, and me...it's like when you say to someone, somewhere else...'Look at the moon...and I'm looking at it too...'

    Way too big to even contemplate, so I'm off to do my navel instead.

    Many congratulations Christophe, and tous les autres! You all deserve it.

    You've manged many touts

    ps no, you wanna try the Kelp ones. I believe they are called 'Sea Legs'...

  2. At 12:18 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Em M wrote:

    Well done Chris and the team, always enjoy listening to you.

    ARF - In anticipation of Ashes to Ashes which i believe starts next week (I can't wait, Gene Hunt is gorgeous!), how about playing a bit of David Bowie singing the aforementioned song, its creepy but a little cheesy I think!

    Em xx

  3. At 12:19 PM on 31 Jan 2008, BINGO STAR wrote:

    Whattta Most Spiifa Of A Day Terrrr...... ALL,

    Bingo Star ere.

    Clodagh - Just like ter wish you a very 'SPIFFING BIRTHDEE IN ALL AREAS EXCEPT THE ROADWORKS ON THE A55' - impossible ter be uplifted there - although if it's the ones near Queenserry - they are upliftin' it..... the A55!

    CLP - Looks like you are the opposite of the stockmarket at present - always in an up trend... bet you'll be up in the figures again (not talk about your waist size ere)..... did you say 5 million listeners.... wooooooowwwwww.... I hope 5 million don't re... re... read @;../';[.plmllp.'
    #~@//##'#.... ahhhhh.... ahhhhhh.... tttthis blblblog... am of a nervous dispostition..... cccccan't control me aaahhh... ]]/'##]=''/.afgi.. fingers ere - got the shakes - knknknknow what am ssssayin'!!!!

    Quick swig of lucozade ter calm me down..... deep beaths......... focus... focus.... breaaaath oooouuuuuutttttttttttttttttt...........

    Prof Plum & Anne G - I realise ave misunderstood yer Anne G.
    I thought yer mean't GP as Grand Prix aka The British GP... 6th July!!!
    I realised with Prof's comments... thx Prof!!!!
    I'm off ter me GP later, ter get the mesage, & i'll bang the full diagnostics of me visit on later..... only probs 'e's 'ard of 'earing.
    Just 'ope there isn't a BIG misunderstanding & I end up bloggin' from me local ploice cell like in Carnoustie last year!!!!
    When yer arreasted they make yer remove all yer belts, shoe laces ('appened at Dundee) so yer don't 'ang yersen..... just glad am wireless with me computer!!!!!!


  4. At 01:20 PM on 31 Jan 2008, clodagh wrote:

    Well now Christoff.

    First of all, hurrah hurrah for the figures although to be honest it's not much of a surprise to us lot.

    And secondly, HURRAH! The caffeine tights. I can't WAIT to hear what your chap there says about them.

    But I wish I could bottle the moment when my utterly insane friend Maggie (a woman straight out of Phoenix Nights), completed her fortnight encarcerated in the aforementioned hosiery, stared at her legs in the mirror and declared, "You know I don't think these tights 'ave worked. I've still got legs like a walrus."

    She was, naturally, polishing off her fifth Slimfast Shake of the day with the remnants of her Low-Fat Cornish Pasty and Chips lunch down her front at the time.

    "Well, Go Figure," says I, amid the tears.

    Bless her.


  5. At 01:20 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Cheryl The Diva wrote:

    In the spirit of RAJAR figures, mefinx the first song to be played on ARF this week should be:-

    Rajar Love - Golden Earring

    Mr and Mr Diva are going away for the weekend and will listen to ARF in our honeymoon suite giant jacuzzi with a bottle of bubbly before going out to dinner!

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    CtD xxxx

    PS: Happy Birthday Clodagh!

  6. At 01:32 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Galadriel wrote:

    congrats to one and all on the figures

    1st record suggestion

    The Muppets.....The Mahna Mahna song

    just because.............

    Alice to be the doggy "it"

    such a cute face and gorgeous doggy eyes

  7. At 01:34 PM on 31 Jan 2008, andy from ayrshire wrote:

    ok, how about this for a change.............. :-)

    alabama 3 - woke up this morning (theme from the soprano's)

    oh and black coffee in bed by squeeze for tonights caffeine guy

  8. At 01:46 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Elm wrote:

    can I chose the song 'everybody hurts' for all those going thought a bad patch at the mo - its a great song to all get together and have a group hug.

    specially for my mum who needs lots of hugs at the moment.

    other then the obvious REM version there is also a corrs version which is very nice for a change.

    Elm x

  9. At 01:49 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Red wrote:

    How about .....

    'I'm into something good' I think by

    Hermans Hermits, in veiw of your good news

    about the RAJAS....congratulations Chris and

    drivetime team, your brilliant x .

    Or of course 'congratulations by Cliff....really


    X R

    fingers crossed hazel...read the structions on the bottle :)

  10. At 02:11 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Tinsel wrote:

    Clodagh, big happy one from me (third time lucky hopefully!!, come on Blogmeister, sort it aaaaaht!) Heard El Tel this morning, assume there's only one Clodagh?!! :-)

    Well done CLP and team - the show is fab, not surprised the figures keep going up.

    Ah, the caffeine tights - perhaps you could ask about the kelp tights too, in honour of Clodagh?!

    Plop (one of my favourite words)

    T xxxxxxxx

  11. At 03:28 PM on 31 Jan 2008, clodagh wrote:

    Lambie Pie.

    In the words of Bill Bryson, me message of congratulations got Vaporized.

    Therefore I'll say it again, HURRAH but let's face it. No real surprise there, huh.

    Right I'll shrup now and go get the rollers in, its Pub Quiz night and I'm on FIRE.


  12. At 03:46 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Wibs wrote:

    Well done - your show is jsut the best on the radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just love ya

    I cant tell you how much but you and your team are just brilliant!

  13. At 04:07 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Dan the Man wrote:

    ongrats, congrats, congrats

    I knew you lot wouldnt let me down . .

    Have a beer on me and send the invoice across the Irish Sea . .

    Huey Lewis & The News - The Power of Love . . no.1 tomorrow, here we go . .

    DtM xx

  14. At 04:13 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Jenny wrote:

    Hi Chris,

    How about opening tomorrow's show by playing 'Rio' by Duran Duran for me - I've just got a new job!

    Jenny, Wiltshire

  15. At 04:15 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Rusty wrote:

    Well done CLP on the old listening figures, i'm proud to say that I got my girlfriend into listening to you whenever she's in the car on the way home and she's a wayward Vet student.
    Go on then, my choice for tomorrows all request friday is Sheena Easton "Modern girl", don't know where I got that idea from ;-)

  16. At 04:24 PM on 31 Jan 2008, ChrissieS wrote:

    Chris, you have a lot longer than the next three months to look forward to! I'm going to be completely honest - when I heard you were taking over Drivetime, I really did have my doubts. Particularly because your Saturday show was going great guns. However, the Drivetime show is utterly unmissable. I had to get a taxi home the other night and your show was being played. Kind of like what Hazel was saying .... so you transmit to places other than my kitchen!

    As for ARF - I'm totally with Christine Colwill's suggestion from last week - Hi Ho Silver Lining - brilliant song!

    Anne G - I tried SO OFTEN to post yesterday regarding the spider thingy!
    Please, please, please - impart your knowledge!

    Clodagh - happy, happy, birthday! You are such a star on this blog - have a great day.

    C xx

  17. At 04:33 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Louise wrote:

    We are the champions - queen

    In honour of being champions on R2!!!!

    Looking forward to tonight's show

    leb x

  18. At 04:36 PM on 31 Jan 2008, BINGO STAR wrote:

    Ello, ello, damn ello,

    Bingo Star ere.... coming ter from a NHS car park....

    Ave just damn been ter see me GP & as I thought it all went.... APE!!!!!!

    Yer know when deep down yer get a gut feeling something is not ganna go right.... well it didn't but the gut feelin' did......

    I walked inter the surgery & me doc aka Mrs Emma Royd... she said "Mr Star... helloooo, take a seat!!!!"
    I said "ello Mrs Royd.... i'm okay... ave goot enough seats in me 'ouse but can I sit ere for me consultation?"
    The doc said "yes, yes, yes... so what's the problem?" (She's always been abit touchy since 'er 2003 failed X-Factor attempt).
    I said "I don't know? Am 'ere 'cos Anne G, from Chris Evans's big radio blog, told me ter come & see yer"
    She said "Ali G?"
    I said "neeee Anne G..... from north of Durham".
    She said "but Ali G is from the Staines... massive. South of Hammersmith".
    I said "'ammersmith???? Nee, this is definately Anne G from up north"!
    She said "have some respeck.... is it cos I iz from the NHS that you argue with me?"
    I said "look I believe I ave been told ter come ere for a massage, sorry message.... I ain't arguin'!"
    Next thing me doc, who's also a failed stage school performer, said she can't write outta prescription but she told me something in confidence..... i'll tell yer what she said blog dudes.........

    I went ter see me doctor.......n'guess what she told me?
    Guess what she told me??
    She said.... man, yer better start having some fun,
    no matter what yer do,
    'cos she's a fool,
    cause nothing comparesssssss,
    nothing compares to you,
    nothing compares to youuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

    Blog friends I am even know, sorry now, more confused than before I went ter see Mrs Emma Royd.......

    I've never been a compere!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. At 04:52 PM on 31 Jan 2008, charlotte wrote:

    Well done with the ratings! You deserve it!

    You may think me odd but as an avid fan of the drive time slot I wanted to post my request for all request Friday. I may only have just turned 30 but I have still not grown out of adoring Shakin Stevens! Any chance you could play This Ole House for me! I am usually in the car from 5.30 on a Friday and listen all the way home which is an hours' drive.

  20. At 04:53 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Gilly willy wrote:

    OHHHHHHHHHHH Chrisssssssy how can you choose just one of them they are all fantastic. Just wish I had been able to send photo of my 2 - dillon & duke - my 2 grumpy ole men!!!! if you include my partner that makes 3 of them..... great news on the figures....
    From the mad girl flying back home to Weymouth from Dorchester - the one that does all the actions to the music........ not bad for a 50's + girl...............Ta ra chuck..........opps in Dorset ..... Ohh Ahh Ohh Ahhhhhhhh......

  21. At 04:59 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Phoenix wrote:

    My personal fab hit is Eloise by The Dammed but I can't remember if it made number 1 or not - it sure deserved to.

    Could we have the odd classic music track once a week - Hayley Westernra, Russell Watson, Blake and Bond are all extremely good and I don't hear them very often on Radio 2.

    Clodagh I heard your mention on Terry this morning and thought good on ya girl - happy birthday another aquarian indeed.

    Chris and drivetime team keep up the good work - you make my drive home very pleasant indeed.


  22. At 05:05 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Sandra Webster wrote:


    Surely there's only one tune of choice for tomorrow's show - I Could Be So Good For You by Dennis Waterman.

    Enough said!!

    Congrats on the figures, we already knew you were brill - show is the best


  23. At 05:36 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Anne G wrote:

    I'm getting fed up with this!!

    Andy: I asked for the Alabama 3 before you - Hallo I'm Johnny Cash - but it disappeared.

    Clodagh: Enjoy Edinburgh if you get there through the storms. The Abottsford in Rose St for lunch. Great!

    Good luck to you all in the Highlands.

    Anne x

  24. At 05:36 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Levo wrote:

    Me and my girlfriend are just 4 of the new ears listening to the shows.

    Love it

    Keep up the good work.

  25. At 06:15 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Kirstie wrote:

    Hey CLP,

    Heard about the super slimming coffee tights and it inspired my blog post for today - Thank you for getting me out of a writer's block spot

    Here's the link if you want a schoofty...


    and Happy, Happy Thirsty Thursday...

  26. At 06:53 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Ian Reddish wrote:

    Ayup Chris

    How about 'You Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC, as you can't beat a bit of classic rock to start the weekend off with. It's a song I've been meaning to ring up with on All Request Friday, but never got round to it lol

    Also great to see the viewing figures doing so well, I try and listen to your show when I get home from work, keep up the good show!

    Ian From Chesterfield

  27. At 07:30 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Anne G wrote:

    Well done Chris. You deserve all the plaudits.

    Chrissie: I've been trying soooo hard to post. Conkers - thats the answer apparently. A little bowl of conkers in every room and spiders won't come in. There you go - sorted.

    Bingo: You are such a star. God help your Psychiatrist. x

    Andy: I asked for the Alabama 3 before you so my request should go first! I want Hallo I'm Johnny Cash. Are we the only two people who like them?

    Anne x

  28. At 09:19 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Dissing Dave wrote:

    As I enter the week of the 40th anniversary o fmy entry into the big wide world! Can I request for the ARF, one of my all-time faves. Deep Purple and Smoke on the Water, probably from all my candles!

    I think your Rex Factor favourite should be crowned (even though it's not a competition) The Dog most likely to ...... 2008 - possibly!

    Congrats on the RAJARs, from one of the 5 mill plus!

    Keep up the great work!

    DD out

    PS It's Choosday!

  29. At 09:31 PM on 31 Jan 2008, cathmel wrote:

    Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I have a computer after 3 weeks without any internet access - talk about going cold turkey!!!!

    Clodagh - many happy returns my friend x x x x

    CLP and team congratulations I am not surprised you are all legands.

    Bingo Star - you are certifiable - where do you get the time to pen such long blogs?

    Hi everyone else

    Cathmel x x x

  30. At 09:39 PM on 31 Jan 2008, dogwithnobrain wrote:

    You started something with this.

    Lets have......

    St Elmo's Fire, Robert Parr???

    That is the FIRST Song I played in the Car immediately after I passed my driving test, and I was driving home alone


  31. At 10:04 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Anne G wrote:

    Dissing Dave: Yes!!!! If we can't get Alabama 3 lets have Deep Purple.

    Anne x

    ps: but you should all really experience Alabama 3. They were fantastic at The Wicker Man Festival a couple of years ago. (There's quite a few more of them than 3 by the way).

  32. At 10:05 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Simon wrote:


    It's been a while but I've been away. Overseas don't you know! - still am as a matter of fact but pop in now and again courtesy of 'tinterweb.

    I was perusing old blog entries y'day and found a rather sad one from Lindyloo about her dad. I just wanted to say how sorry I was. I read Clodagh's entry too which I thought hit the nail on the head (as always - in more ways than one).

    Lindyloo, if you read this, it does get better. Ive lost both of my folks, did at a rather young-ish age, and it was devastating. You take one day at a time and remember they are always there.

    I know its tough at the moment but it is our duty to live a good and happy life - for them. They may not be able to share it but they brought you here not to be sad but to be extraordinary in whatever way you can be.

    I'm sure your dad is watching you and is very proud.

    God bless.

  33. At 08:25 AM on 01 Feb 2008, dogwithnobrain wrote:


    Sort the Blog.

    Phil Oakey Giorgio Moroder Electric Dreams Please.

    Tap Dancing..... Friends Madness.... Open Book..... Highers... Stressed Son....... Dedicated Daughter.....These are some of the things you've all missed from my lack of being able to post.

    This assumes that this post makes it......


  34. At 08:33 AM on 01 Feb 2008, dogwithnobrain wrote:


    Sort the Blog.

    Phil Oakey Giorgio Moroder Electric Dreams Please.

    Tap Dancing..... Friends Madness.... Open Book..... Highers... Stressed Son....... Dedicated Daughter.....These are some of the things you've all missed from my lack of being able to post.

    This assumes that this post makes it......


  35. At 10:26 AM on 01 Feb 2008, Harriet wrote:

    Now Christoff Lambie Pie, you don't get any cheesier than the Quo! How about 'Rocking All Over the World'? I think that would be a cracking start to the show!

  36. At 10:29 AM on 01 Feb 2008, MfR wrote:


    Many thanks for all your kind words over the past few days.

    May I toss 'Keep The Faith' by Bon Jovi into the hat for later?

    Keep smiling, keep away from the bad people and keep the faith.

    Peace & love


  37. At 11:09 AM on 01 Feb 2008, jeni wrote:

    Morning all :)

    ARF is here again! I'm amazed it's February already. I'm sure it wasn't yet Christmas, last time I looked...

    Made a successful transition onto insulin yesterday, didn't cry, couldn't believe how flustered I got though. Stupid needles. So that's it. Until I get pregnant and have a baby, in theory, no more tablets! Just many needles. If I'm not cured of my phobia of needles by the end of this, I don't know what will cure me.

    Picking up a new car tonight (hurrah hurrah and double hurrah again) so in theory we will be driving the new car home when drivetime starts! There must be thousands of boppy songs about cars but all I can think of at the moment is that one by the girl whose name I can't remember... Ah well. maybe it'll come to me later!

    Happy ARF everyone, and as MfR so rightly said, keep smiling, keep away from the bad people, and keep the faith.

    I like that. Bless you, MfR :)


  38. At 11:13 AM on 01 Feb 2008, Susan S wrote:

    Congratulations Christoff and team!!! But we knew how awesome you all are anyway!! It is just nice to hear that your Big Bosses realise that too!!! You have a perfect recipe there! Can't mess with perfection!

    I think for the opener you should play Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders! It is an absolutely stonking tune which should have everyone rocking their socks off!! And I always think of the last espisodes of Dr Who last series with John Sim when I hear it! Can you hear the drums?!

    Think of me today my lovely bloggers and blogettes - I'm about to head down the A85 to Oban .... snow allowing!! So even more reason to play Voodoo Child for me!!

    Stay warm and dry wherever you are guys!


    Susan, Highland lass

  39. At 11:17 AM on 01 Feb 2008, clodagh wrote:

    Before I brave the elements, can I just say thankyou thankyou for all your good wishes yesterday. Yous is all sweethearts.

    Even you, Prof. And Bingo, bless 'im. Bonkers.

    You know what. At 53 you'd think you'd 'ave grown out of attention-seekin' on your birthday, but no. I'm fully puffed-up with me own importance so it's just as well I'm spendin' the weekend with the daughter, she'll give me a slap as required.

    Mind you, it was tinged with sadness this time as the very first person I met on earth all those years ago wasn't here to tell me off. Aunty Dot, bless her little heart. I shall miss her forever.

    So. On a more cheery note, we was robbed last night at the Pub Quiz, where the result went to a stewards' enquiry and 3 rounds of fisticuffs in the car park. Damn. If only I hadn't insisted Hilary Clinton was Myra Hindley in the picture round.

    A Bientot eejits.

    Well, hopefully.


  40. At 12:09 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Gaby wrote:


    congratulations on your listening figures - very well deserved.

    MfR xx

    Mange tout et tout le mange.


    ps ooh, song for tonight.......Boogie Shoes from Saturday Night Fever......satisfaction guaranteed : )

  41. At 12:26 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Liz wrote:


    Atomic - Blondie please. A happy, buzzy tune to start the weekend off.

    Liz x

  42. At 12:51 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Dissing Dave wrote:

    They can't all be crackers, so, how about a large slice of Fromage!

    Halfway down the Stairs by Robin the Frog from the Muppets!

    or Rolf Harris' version of Stairway!

    DD out

  43. At 01:23 PM on 01 Feb 2008, hazel love wrote:

    Aha. There is l at the end of the t. That missive has appeared. At last. And it's FRIDAY!!!

    Hoorah hoorah hoorah.

    I have a new mouse. It has a flashing blue light. Am pacifickly thinking of a certain knobbled kneed Man of the Peace. Green does go with Red, so I don't mind you being jealous. Later today I am going to stand at the side of the A27 holding a hair dryer just to see if anyone slows down.

    Anyhoo, nothing particular to report, other than I've thought of a filthy joke this morning...but that's not for here...and I don't wanna tread on Bingos toes...

    So, I shall share this wee pome wot I wrote with you all instead...

    'Tribute to Lewis Carroll'

    Never let it be said
    If you stand on your head
    That your feet will be up in the air

    It may not be true
    If it is, good for you

    But mine are wound up in my hair.


    ps Jo :o) is giving out free snogs and sends her love. The baby is GAWJUS!

  44. At 01:34 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Sammie wrote:


    Before you say "oh, nice of you to drop in..." I do have a sick note...

    Anyhoo - lots for me to catch up on, I know, but firstly - WOW Drivetime Team - keep up the good work!

    Secondly, but no less importantly, Happy Birthday Clodagh!! Hope you had a lovely time and that Genius Daughter got you something lovely.

    I'm having Hollywood birthdays from now on, I'm taking a year off my age starting this year, that way, me and my daughter will be 26 the same year!!! LOL!!!

    Now then - first track tonight - how about "Dancing in the Streets" Mick Jaggar and David Bowie?? Eh, eh? Good track - dontcha think???

    Gorgeous day here, at the moment, anyway - snow is forecast, but can't see it causing any major problems, although you never do know until it hits!

    Quiet weekend in prospect, netball tomorrow, so no drinky poos for me tonight. Mind you, as moving weekend is only three weeks away, I suppose I should start some packing - oh the joys!!!

    I am also growing another head - well either that or this is a disgustingly huge zit on my neck! Yuck - can't quite see, so am going to freak my colleague out by asking her to identify it for me when she's back from lunch...

    Right, back to my Visio flow diagrams (yawn) - I'll post an update later on my growth...

    S xx.

  45. At 02:22 PM on 01 Feb 2008, hazel love wrote:

    Aha. There is l at the end of the t. That missive has appeared. At last. And it's FRIDAY!!!

    Hoorah hoorah hoorah.

    I have a new mouse. It has a flashing blue light. Am pacifickly thinking of a certain knobbled kneed Man of the Peace. Green does go with Red, so I don't mind you being jealous. Later today I am going to stand at the side of the A27 holding a hair dryer just to see if anyone slows down.

    Anyhoo, nothing particular to report, other than I've thought of a filthy joke this morning...but that's not for here...and I don't wanna tread on Bingos toes...

    So, I shall share this wee pome wot I wrote with you all instead...

    'Tribute to Lewis Carroll'

    Never let it be said
    If you stand on your head
    That your feet will be up in the air

    It may not be true
    If it is, good for you

    But mine are wound up in my hair.


    ps Jo :o) is giving out free snogs and sends her love. The baby is GAWJUS!

  46. At 02:39 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Prof Plum wrote:

    Silence is golden one and all

    I can't hear any digging machines, circular saws, drills. Yes my team have embraced POETS day, and go home. Fabulous.
    I don't know if this will post but I did wish you Happy Birthday Clodagh(lost in cyber space) happens to be the same day as my daughters. She's quite mad too.Great show so no surprise on the RAJARS. Which actually sounds like a nice Indian Restraunt.

    Dave the doggy winner was dead cute but Holly my dog just scowled and went back onto the doggy chat lines Hope Enzo is on the mend and not jealous of the new puppy.

    Toodle oo

  47. At 02:39 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Harriet wrote:

    Hello everyone,

    CLP and team, well done! Mr Debbie listens too on the way home now, realised this when he came through the front door recently mumbling 'what's in your locker cocker'.

    I don't think I could get my choice of song on again tonight so I'm not playing today!

    Jeni, my little boy is terrible with needles. When he had his flu jab last December it took me, the nurse and a receptionist to hold him down. It was awful!

    He is having a booster jab next week and I am really dreading that..........

    Clodagh, belated birthday wishes, hope it was a good'un x

    CtD, have a lovely weekend x

    Love to all
    Debbie xx

  48. At 02:55 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Julia B wrote:

    Big congratulations on the listening figures - I loved Drivetime before you took over, but love it even more now!

    As for tonight's first tune - there have been many great suggestions already - I liked CtD's suggestion of "Rajar" Love by Golden Earring, or Phoenix's suggestion of Eloise by the Damned.

    What about Layla by Derek and the Dominoes (aka Eric Clapton) or in a completely different style to get us in the mood for the great music in the rest of the show Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry.

    See ya later.

    Jules x

  49. At 03:54 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Phoenix wrote:

    I had another good song but it got the 502 treatment.

    It was Blaze of Glory by Jon Bon Jovi - great song and not heard much.


  50. At 04:12 PM on 01 Feb 2008, Mark Ford wrote:

    Hey Chris,

    Congrat's on the latest figures - well done to you and the team.

    My pick for this Friday is Just Jack - Stars In Their Eyes. It's for my best friend in the world who auditioned for 'I'd do Anything' as Nancy but didn't make it, unfortunately. So for anybody else who went to auditions today and didn't make it either; this is for you.

    Thanks Chris!

    (East Grinstead, West Sussex)

  51. At 04:16 PM on 01 Feb 2008, John wrote:

    Hi, It is great that figures are rising, as a silver oldy, I appreciate the happiness generated by all of the presenters, okay a bit of PMT by 'Foxy', but it is a pleasure to listen to.
    Why not play 'Lets work together', by Canned Heat, great memories of early M3 blasting thro' St Bernades pass on way to Italy,okay Sally Traffics direction.
    Keep up the fabulous attitude, it makes an oldy happy whilst rattling the pots and pans.
    Regards John.

  52. At 12:34 PM on 04 Feb 2008, LEGENDARYCHRISLOVER wrote:


  53. At 02:08 PM on 05 Feb 2008, mike hitchen wrote:

    Not sure the process but for the all request opening tune:


    And a bang on the ear....

    Would be good to hear - especially as my 3 yr old daughter does laps of the room skipping and dancing whenever it comes on, ideal way to wind up the working week - she especially likes singing 'the road to liverpool' being a scouser although she still doesnt understand how liverpool can be on a song..



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