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Chris Evans | 09:02 UK time, Friday, 22 December 2006

T'was the show before Christmas...

…and the ageing d.j. was akip in his pit. He was deep into a sleep induced by far too much munch at the works Christmas dinner the night before. Twice he’d already been up for a wee, his bladder not what it used to be and once he’d been up to try to separate his tongue from the roof of his mouth, it was stuck there as a result of drinking some particularly nasty cheep dark port.

Several crazy dreams had come and gone. He’d dreamt he was the fluff in Steve Wright’s belly button but it was yellow, not blue like everyone elses, and it insisted on only watching Q.V.C. Then he dreamt that he’d come up with a new laughing feature, where he would laugh for as long as it took the stag to appear, the stag that would tow him on his skateboard through the wood not far from the Paris flat he shared with a man he’d never met, the hands of whom could often be seen doing the washing up, the rest of the body nowhere to be seen.

As another dream began to begin, as things that begin to begin must, the d.j. felt a dead weight drop upon his bed. He knew only too well who it was.

“Enzo, my faithful hound, not on the bed, you’re not allowed, you know that, not ever since I caught you at it with that lady dog you met at the German embassy last semester. Your fur’s never been the same since!”

But the huge weight took no notice and besides the d.j. secretly loved his doggie being on the bed, even if it did cause some confusion as to who was pack leader in the park the next day.

As he began to begin drifting back off into the land of giant fluffy pink elephants sipping exotic cocktails on Worthing sea front, he heard a humming, a melodic resonant humming that made the sheets on his bed vibrate. It was someone humming a tune.

“Who on earth is that ?” He said to himself, “and what on earth’s that tune they’re humming?” He listened again, as was becoming all the rage nowadays. Well if it wasn’t the theme tune to The Magnificent Seven, a little jollier and up beat than even the original, no mean feat, as the original is pretty bang on in the first place.

He half opened one eye, half because that’s all he could manage and half because he was more than a little scared…

“Ahh hello, my friend,” said a deep voice. The voice was most certainly deep, not as deep as Barry White or James Earl Joyce but nevertheless pretty darn deep. Not as deep as an ocean but probably as deep as quite a deep lake. The voice was also immediately friendly, so friendly in fact that the d.j. was no longer scared, not a bit.

“Sorry, who is that ?” he pondered, whilst at the same time attempting to open the other half of the eye that was already half open, or any of the eye that was not yet open at all.

“It is I young Christopher, Santa Clause. I’ve come to request a tune, I’ve been told by my elves that it’s ALL REQUEST FRIDAY and seeing as I’m always being asked for things, I wondered if I were to ask for something whether I would get it or not.”

“Oh my goodness me,” thought Chris. “It really is Santa Clause.”

Both Chris’ eyes now hastily opened themselves completely, all wide open, just like two goldfish bowls, more open than they’d ever been before, right there and then. They weren’t gonna miss this for the world, no way man. If they missed this, what on earth would they say to all the other eyes down the club next Tuesday. They once knew an eye who’d nodded off just before the bit in Trading Places where Jamie Lee Curtis takes off that red top, the eye in question had never lived it down, never come to terms with it. It ended up turning to drink and loose women before closing for the final time in the lonely door way of a Harley Street optometrist. No note was found.

Santa was at the end of the bed, his black gloved hands on his knees, smiling the widest friendliest smile a little boy or girl could ever wish to see. His beard was white and bushy made all that much whiter by the contrast of his black skin.

“Santa, wow, it’s so good to meet you, you know I always had a suspicion you were a black dude.”

“Really, why was that?”

“I don’t know, it’s just that the world is full of people of all different colours and creeds, yet for some reason you’re always depicted as a white guy, I never got that.”

“Well to be honest Chirstoff Lambie Pie, I’m whatever it takes, you see me how you want to see me and if you want to see me as a big happy black guy, that’s cool with me, I’m down with that man.”

They both began laughing, Chris’ started to laugh like he’d never laughed before, Santa’s laugh was as loud as an earthquake, so much power, so much joy. As they continued to laugh Chris felt this overwhelming sensation of being free, the more he laughed, the freer he became. He wished he could just keep on laughing until he was all done with everything. Santa, on the other hand, was becoming almost breathless, as the man who has the best laugh in the world is allowed to be. Real laughter is exhausting.

As the final chortles and giggles subsided, the two friends, as they now were, for when you laugh with someone so heartily you become ther friend for life, soon got back to the question in hand.

“So Santa, would you really like me to play a record for you ?”

“Well, yes if that would be alright, I mean is that how it works ?”

“Yes, Santa that’s exactly how it works and it would be my honour, my dream come true, to play a record for Santa Clause himself, well I never.”

“Christopher young man, if you would be as so kind, tonight I would like you to start your show with….”

Before Santa could finish his sentence, Chris held up his hand.

“Ah, ah, no sir, there is no need to tell me, for I know which record it is you want. I’ve always known, I just never thought I’d get to play it for you.”

“Ho ho ho, I had an idea you might know what it was.”

“May I whisper it to you just to make sure?”

“Of course my lad, here don’t get up, I’ll come to you.”

And with that Santa, a giant of a man, stood up with a big sigh and leant over to let Chris whisper in his ear. Santa was soon chortling away again after he’d heard what Chris had to say.

“Ho ho ho, you do know, that’s exactly it, that’s the one, ho ho ho, what a thing that is, what a marvellous thing indeed, a d.j. who knows what his listeners want and me too, someone who’s never requested a record before in his life. What a lovely, lovely thing.”

“I’ll play it as the first tune tonight, straight after the news at five. What a complete pleasure and may I say, by the way, what an excellent choice.”

“Ok well thank you Chris, it’s a song about a guy who never grew up, like so many guys, except this guy wasn’t ashamed to admit it.”

“I know Santa, I know.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, give the Mrs a mention would you, she used to a big Johnny Walker fan but she’s warmed to you now. She says it sounds like you’re back in a good place, actually that’s the other reason I dropped in on you, she said I was to tell you not to mess up again, it’s all far too precious.”

“She sounds like a very nice lady Santa, a very nice lady indeed.”

“Oh, she is my boy, she is," said Santa quietening, as he did so his whole face seemed to soften and he appeared to have drifted off to somewhere else altogether. "They don’t make ‘em like her anymore, nope that's for sure.” He sighed again, this time a much gentler sigh, his head bowed slightly. It was a beautiful moment.

Chris saw what he could have sworn was the smallest of tears drop from Santa’s eye, roll down his cheek, off the bottom of his chin and disappear into the deep lush red fur of the sleeve of his coat.

“Oh, you didn’t see that, did you ?” said Santa a little embarrassed.

“See what?” said Chris.

And with that the two smiled at each other. Chris felt himself falling back to sleep. His eyes being forced to close by some magical power. The last thing the happy d.j. saw was that smile, that big wide, kind, generous smile.

It was a smile he would never forget.

Happy Christmas everyone.



  1. At 09:17 AM on 22 Dec 2006, ashy wrote:


  2. At 09:19 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Eleanor's Mum wrote:

    What a lovely, lovely dream Christophle - and will be glued to find out what song Santa chose.

    Better than my dream last night. Ugh. Nightmare. Two unsvaoury people had kidnapped the Pig and huzzband and I had to fulfill increasingly impossible demands to ensure we got her back.

    Woke up half way through and never did find out what the last challenge was, just knew she was in hospital and ill... horrible, horrible, horrible.

    Will try to get in a request this evening, but is Squiggly Pig time, so might not hear it (but am gettign used to it, though the chaps in the phone call-taking room are loverly.

    Wishing everybody (all the usual suspects, plus new bloggers) a very merry, happy, warm and safe Christmas - and to Enzo - how could you forsake cashmere for a duvet?

    love love love y'all - counting the hours until I can go home and shop, shop, shop, then eat, eat, eat and cuddle cuddle cuddle my family.

  3. At 09:19 AM on 22 Dec 2006, V. wrote:

    Hi Chris,

    Just want to wish you and all the team a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

    Feeling very Christmassy today stop at lunch for holidays, off to a Christmas do tonight at Hampden Park James Bond theme so really looking forward to it.

    Well off to shuffle some paper about looking forward to listening to the show.

    All the best.



  4. At 09:26 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Tiggy wrote:

    Morning Christophe and all,
    Merry Christmas!

    Chris, your mind must work overtime to have such vivid dreams!
    I can well believe that Santa is a black dude though, how else is his laugh so deep and soulful?
    Have a fab day all, finishing work at 12.30 today, yippee!

    Tiggy xx

  5. At 09:27 AM on 22 Dec 2006, John B wrote:

    Happy Christmas

  6. At 09:29 AM on 22 Dec 2006, jillygoat wrote:

    Oh my gawd CLP - what the hell were you eating last night?!!!

    Of course, now we'll all be on tenterhooks until 5pm comes and we'll all be agonising over what the song might be. You are a little tinker!!!!

    Can't believe we'll have to go three weeks before we hear you again after tonight - needless to say we'll all miss you terribly. The two weeks was bad enough!!!!

    Hope your house move goes/went well and that it's already warm and cosy for the holidays.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Mr E and love to Mrs E Senior too - may you and yours be blessed with nothing but good stuff.

    jillygoat xxxx

  7. At 09:32 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Bill Taylor in England wrote:

    Thanks Chris, Happy Christmas!

  8. At 09:34 AM on 22 Dec 2006, The BigUN wrote:

    Morning bloggers and schloggers,

    Oh Chris, you may blame the amount of alcohol on the amount of times you visit the loo during the night and yes cheep dark port will dry your mouth but please stay off the strong blue cheese and crackers (that’s you my friend) ;-))

    So the first tune on tonight’s show will be dedicated to Santa, sound fair enough tome :-) Mrs B is similar to Mrs S where she used to be a big Johnny Walker fan but you have won her over and we both enjoy your show! ;-) It is just another thing we have in common ;-)))



    A little girl wrote a letter to Santa it read "Dear Santa, could you please come early this year? I've be very good but I don’t know if I can last much longer. Please hurry!"

  9. At 09:49 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Richard's Dad wrote:

    Dear Chris
    You forgot to mention Santa's Scottish accent, or don't tell me that you haven't heard "Santa's a Scotsman" - the best Christmas record of the year. Ken Bruce is playing it. Why aren't you? Richard tells me that it is No1 in the HMV downloads. I got it off i-Tunes, and you can hear it on Myspace.

    You certainly bring out the best in people, so keep spreading joy.
    best wishes
    Richard's Dad (if he makes any money off this, I might get a Christmas present.)

  10. At 09:52 AM on 22 Dec 2006, T wrote:

    Roll on 5pm! I do hope the day doesn’t go slowly now while I wait to see what the song is….

    Merry Christmas!

  11. At 09:57 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Em M wrote:

    God I feel so sick today -got up at 6 watched first half of Transamerica, had a bath but still feel terrible. No its not cos of too much alcohol celebrating (?) turning 38, it was, yes you guessed it, two slabs of Hotel Chocolat chocolate. I can honestly I never want to eat again. Just typing the c word makes me want to reach (or should that be retch?) for the sick bucket. Why am I such a glutton? Think I'll have a nice salad for lunch.......

    Merry Christmas Chris and to all you bloggers out there, you seem like a lovely bunch of people and I hope Santa brings you everything you're dreaming of.

    Not even going to attempt to get through on All Request Friday, just don't think some things are meant to be.

    Lots of love Em xxx

  12. At 10:00 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Lynne wrote:

    Happy Christmas to everyone. Have a great time.

    Lynne x

  13. At 10:06 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Baldrick wrote:

    Christophe, bloggers and Santa

    Took my new lady to the pictures last night. We saw "The Holiday" with Cam Diaz, Kate Wins and Jude Law, oh and Jack Black (sorry Jack).

    Very funny, predictable (ish) with a few little twists, great film for Christmas and for any romantics out there, and if you like Christophe, then you are by default.

    She texted me later (yes 50year olds do technology) and said that she felt confident with me as I let her be as mad as she wanted to be and I didn't care. It's not that I don't care, I just don't see her as mad, just normal, anyway, she wasn't the one who did the Orang Utang impersonation in Asda (other major food stores are also available to be embarassed in).

    If it's all request Friday could you play anything from "The holiday" soundtrack for Lindsey in Aldbourne from Pete?

    Everyone have a great break and remember, you only get a hangover if you stop drinking.


  14. At 10:10 AM on 22 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Morning all xx

    Oh Chris what a wonderful dream, thank you for sharing it with us xx I felt I was in the dream with you when I was reading it :-) When he was describing Mrs S I immediately thought of you Mum xx My excitement has just gone up a notch in anticipation of what song he has chosen!

    I've missed you all over the last couple of weeks,
    hope you haven't forgotten about me :-( I have been catching snippets of the blog, will catch up properly during the holidays and get back to having my daily fix :-)

    Take care everyone, have a very Merry Christmas and all the very best of luck, health and happiness for 2007 - lots of love and hugs
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  15. At 10:12 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Sally wrote:

    Hi Chris

    Fantastic dream, made me feel all festive, looking forward to hearing Santa's song. Will be travelling home from work listening to the show as we've been told in no uncertain terms that the working day is like every other and we finish at 5pm, bah humbug!!!

    Merry Chrismas and a very happy and healthy new year.


  16. At 10:16 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Prof Plum wrote:

    Yawning one and all

    Bit tired this morning after a few too many schooners of sherry last night. Followed by gabbling on to much about how to set the world to rights. I have that why did I say that feeling this morning.

    Dreams are strange things. I once dreamed that on opening a tin of sardines that they were still alive jumped out of the tin and swam down the plug hole in the sink. I have never eaten them since.
    I wish everybody here a very merry christmas but a special note to Mr Chris, The show is brill the music too and it could not happen to a nicer person. Peace and Goodwill
    PS Fairytail of New York followed by U2 it don't get much better than that Santa does it

  17. At 10:17 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Hellbell wrote:

    Not blogged for an absolute age, but read it every single day.

    Had to blog now to say Happy Christmas one and all, you have all provided some excellent entertainment over the last few months, sometimes poignant and thought-provoking, sometimes completely loopy, but always fab.

    Happy Christmas to you too, Christoff, Big Un is right, stay off the cheese at night. Also, hope the move goes smoothly.

    Love to you all

    Helen xx

  18. At 10:18 AM on 22 Dec 2006, cath wrote:

    Oh what a lovely dream ... and Chris, please please heed Santa's wise words and stay in your good place - you are a lovely bloke and you deserve to be happy.

    Well, last day of work before Christmas and I just wanted to wish everyone a really happy holiday, and may all your dreams come true in 2007.

    If you're feeling blue over Christmas, just a reminder that Samaritans are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - I've called them in the very early hours of Boxing Day before now when I've felt really low and alone - and they're fab. 08457 90 90 90. I hope no-one needs them but it's good to know they're there if you do.

    Much love to you all and see you all in 2007 - it's got to be better than 2006 (for me anyway!!!!)


    OOOH one last thing - Chris, if you have "O Holy Night' could you play it tonight? It's the most beautiful christmas carol in the world! Ta x

  19. At 10:20 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Kazza wrote:

    Hi Chris

    What a brilliant dream! If I could get rid of my insomnia I would like to have a dream like that.

    Just wanted to wish you, the team and fellow bloggers a merry christmas and prosperous new year.


  20. At 10:22 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Eleanor's Mum wrote:

    Em M - you have my sympathies. Have been trying to nibble leetle bits of posh dark chocolate, rather than ramming whole bars of cheap rubbish into my mouth sideways.

    Needless to say, it hasn't worked. The half-pound of Noir Framboise left me feeling horrible...

    As for all request, I can get through (have done twice, feel like a teenager when the phone rings - never ever put it down...), but then am asked, albeit nicely, if I can change my choice of song (a bit narked about that, as it is supposed to be 'request'), then spend the rest of the show waiting in breathless anticipation. Not fussed about being on the radio - would be a bag of nerves - but would just love to hear my dedication. Me and about 3 million others though...

    Maybe we could ask for bloggers to get the first 10 songs...

    mine would have to be I Believe in Father Xmas today.

  21. At 10:29 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Suzanne wrote:

    What a wonderful planet you live on Chris...You made me feel festive for the first time this year and I even shed a tear with Santa - great blog.

    Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas and looking forward to a fantastic 2007 with Drive Time.

    Suzanne xxx

  22. At 10:30 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Lorna wrote:

    Pure genius!!!

    Merry Christmas Everyone

  23. At 10:51 AM on 22 Dec 2006, LeeS wrote:

    What a dream Chris! It must be hard work, putting them into words. You have quite a talent for it.

    Really enjoy listening to the show when I get chance. You've managed to convert me to Radio 2 at the mere age of 26!

    Will be tuning in @ 5pm to find out what Santa's choice was.

    Myself and my wife are looking forward to our 1st xmas as a married couple in our new home (here's to not burning the turkey!).

    Unfortunately, I'm a little jealous of those people who are finishing work today until after the new year. I'm working xmas eve and then on the 28th and new years eve (the joys of being a shift worker!). At least this year I don't have to work on Boxing Day! Do many other people have to work over xmas and new year?

    Merry xmas everyone and all the best for 2007.


  24. At 11:03 AM on 22 Dec 2006, steve potts wrote:

    Hi Crissie baby,
    Great sentiment young man, you,ve got it all going on in the right places mate.

    Everyone deserves 2 bites of the cherry,and we all know you will not mess up. Their are not many people, if they are honest that have not gone walkabout at some stage, I know I have .

    You have found your nirvana, good hearted people usually do.

    So in conclusion I have to say jobs a good un.

    Merry Christmas one and all.


  25. At 11:08 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Mark Crutchley wrote:

    Chirs have a good one!

    looking forward to the show... previous
    comments yesterday about jam house are right well worth a visit when your in Brum !

    and good luck with the move

  26. At 11:09 AM on 22 Dec 2006, BINGO STAR wrote:

    Hello radio bloggers, BINGO STAR ere. I'd like to wish CHRIS EVANS, ALL OF HIS TEAM, ALL YOU BLOGGERS out there & ALL THE RADIO 2 LISTENERS : A GREAT CHRISTMAS & A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and if you can't have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR have a VERY, VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR - know what i'm saying!

    Aye Chris mate you say ageing DJ- don't put yersen down mate- your only as old as you feel + life begins at forty friend!
    Very interesting dreams lately Chris.
    The Steve Wright dream of his belly button fluff being yellow. I think it's true, that must be the secret of why his show has been going for so long & so popular for so long- he is powered on a diet of YELLOW ONLY SMARTIES with a hint of URANIUM- hence slight side effects of yellow button fluff. Don't try this yourself Chris it's only for ex Radio 1 Disk Jocks friend!

    PS CHRIS, Your show is brilliant! when Jonnie Walker left drivetime I thought heavens above, what are us listeners going to do, as Jonnie was great, BUT although nobody could replace him, Chris your doing a great job at trying, the last year's drivetime was brill, peaking with the recent UK tour, great idea!
    It's EVANS FROM ABOVE- am tellin' yer mate. I'm joking but being with a serious meaning with it -
    PLEASE keep it up in 2007 Chris- Great Show! BUT NO YELLOW SMARTIES - IT's TOO RISKAY!

  27. At 11:09 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Neil wrote:

    Hi schloggers, Happy Christmas all, great dreams Chris, hope myn are as good tonight, hehehe, can't wait for the song;-)

  28. At 11:20 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Alice wrote:

    Step Kids for the first xmas ever! All ready and guess what - no heating or hot water this morning! WOW we are going to have a ball whatever is thrown in our way!

  29. At 11:27 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Debbie wrote:

    Hiya Chris

    Haven't blogged for ages- but have read them all. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the new year.

    You continue to be an inspiration and always make me smile.
    Debbie xxx

  30. At 11:30 AM on 22 Dec 2006, JF wrote:

    The best Christmas Fairy Tale since The Snowman!
    Mr Evans, you rock.
    Merry Christmas one and all, it's been a pleasure.
    See you on the other side!

  31. At 11:35 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Ceri Andrews wrote:

    Just want to say a very Happy Christmas to everyone. Chris you have really made me feel very Christmassy this week listening to the show. Finish day job today but working in my bar job tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday lunch and then also working Christams Day as the boyfriend is a chef so has roped me in to help him! Still it stops having to decide whether to spend the day with Mum or Dad! Will see them both of course though.

    Might not get to hear the opening record as I will be having a kip before the night job, but I'll try to find out what it is.

    Thanks for sharing your dream with us! You really are happy with life at the moment aren't you? And so you should be, you make us all very happy.

    Hope everyone has a good one and for those like me who have to work try and enjoy, someone has to do it!

    Love Ceri xx

  32. At 11:44 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Jill wrote:

    Berrrilllliant blog, XChrisX
    Christmas cheer all shared, lots of fun.

    Hope the reindeers didn't damage the roof. One year we looked out the window onto the snow-covered garage and saw little footprints and a carrot left behind. HONESTLY!!!

    I didn't throw it there.... and it would be out of character for husbando to have done so. Must have been the elves.

    Wish you all a Christmas full of love and hope for the future, confidence that you can DO whatever you would like to do, and live your dream (the good one of course) - because you can, with the help of the powers-that-be... God, angels, wizards, Santa's elves etc etc etc.

    Happy happy happy Christmas-time every-bubbly.

    Jill xxxxxx000000

  33. At 11:46 AM on 22 Dec 2006, christoff wrote:

    ALICE # 30.

    Your post was the 10,000 th to be posted since the b log began, hurrah for you and God bless us one and all !


  34. At 11:50 AM on 22 Dec 2006, sarah wrote:

    May I wish the Shloggers, Chris, Sally, Jonny, Rebecca, Helen and all the rest of the fabulous backroom staff at the Chris Evans Show a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a peacefulland harmonious 2007.


  35. At 11:50 AM on 22 Dec 2006, MarkE wrote:

    Agree with the comments that you need to take it easy on the cheese & avoid those dreams! Only a week to go until Christmas, cos Mrs MarkE's working Monday - 60 Christmas lunches - & daughters are away. I'll be alone all day, and I'm not allowed to open my prezzies!

    I bet Santa didn't ask for the great Bob Rivers, "walkin' 'round in women's underwear", or did he?

    Cherry Mishmash to all.

  36. At 11:50 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Daniel wrote:

    Hi everyone,

    Looking forward to Santa's song tonight then Chris!

    I'm hoping to finish work early today; lets hope the Directors are in a festive mood too!

    Happy Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a great, happy time and you get what you want (well within reason anyway!)

    Take care



  37. At 11:51 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:


    Genius yet still so down to earth.

    I am going to miss you all more than you could know.....I don't care if that sounds 'saddo' or 'cute'....it's how I feel, so I'm going to say it.

    I so want to list those who have become my special friends on these pages but am too worried I may inadvertently miss someone off the list. You know who you are

    I wish you all a wonderful time.

    CHRIS AND ALL OF YOU. Thank you ALL for the happiness and inspiration you have given me since this blog started

    much love


  38. At 11:52 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Jingle in Cork wrote:

    I'm staying off the mulled wine after reading todays blog entry!!

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS to ALL and to all a good night!

  39. At 11:55 AM on 22 Dec 2006, Jan wrote:

    Merry Christmas Bloggers ....

    Hope you all have a joyful, peaceful time and a great New Year.

    I'll be wrapping the last of my presents tonight during the show, and imbibing the odd VAT!

    Jan x

  40. At 12:05 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Kitty wrote:

    Kitty Says

    I so enjoyed the show last night. Well every night actually. What will happen during three weeks with no Chris Evans show. Could they not play them again instead of having a stand in. The best of type of thing.

    A very Happy Christmas to everybody may your goose go with you.

    Hugs and kisses.X

  41. At 12:12 PM on 22 Dec 2006, CrispyJ wrote:

    Happy Christmas Everyone!

    Hey Chris - Any chance you can play Snowbound by Genesis????????

  42. At 12:15 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Dr Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Hello all

    What a nice dream Chris. I have to admit that I never considered Santa in quite that way. But of course there is no reason why he should be from any particular background is there?

    I wish you, Chris, and everyone else here, all the best for Christmas and New Year. I have enjoyed commenting here, and am very happy to have made some new friends (you know who you are). One day I hope to meet you all, or at least send my emisary.

    I'm going to be taking it as easy as possible after the disaster of the Christmas party. Part II is here, if you are interested. I'll post part III tomorrow.

    The twins are now back home, running around and causing havoc. Dolores has told me, quite emphatically, that I am in charge, and that she needs peace and quiet. Whether the two things can feasibly exist at the same time, I'm not sure. I think if I try to force them together I might generate a paradox. You may know already that paradoxes cannot actually exist. So if I accidentally generated one by following Dolores's instructions...well, it would spell trouble for the whole human race, mark my words...

    On that potentially explosive thought, I wish you a very, very Merry Christmas.


    J McC

    P.S. To anyone who has bought the BOTB: If you have any comments you'd like the world to read, please can you leave a message on the guest book at www.matangini.org.uk

  43. At 12:21 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Jules wrote:

    Merry Christmas one and all - Chris the drive home over the next three weeks will be dire as you are my company on my way home from work each night.

    Have a good christmas

  44. At 12:25 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Little Sue wrote:

    Chris et al,

    Happy Christmas to everyone.

    My 7 year old son (called Chris!) was worried about something he said they discussed at school last week.

    He said that they talked about how few christians there were in the world that they were thinking of changing the term "Christmas" to "Wintermas" !!!

    He has thought about this, as children do. Surely someone was being sarcastic?


  45. At 12:51 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Damon wrote:

    Hi Chris & the Team,

    It's almost 1pm, I'm sat in my office in my fully fledged Santa outfit, Beard, Sack, Cape and Hat ready and waiting for the all clear to shoot off home and start partying.. My Santa doesnt need much padding, and Im pretty sure that it will need even less by this time next week.

    Im getting right into the Christmas spirit now and really hope it snows a little over the Christmas Period.

    Anyway, I hear footsteps coming this way, so fingers crossed we can start the jollies. But, just before I go, I would like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. All the best to You (Chris), the Team and everyone on here... in fact, pretty much the whole damn world.

    Luv Damon (Daffy !) ..

    Ho Ho Ho .... !!!!!

  46. At 01:20 PM on 22 Dec 2006, maryla wrote:

    Big Ho..Ho..Ho... to Chris, The Team,
    The Bloggers & Mr.Enzo

    Have a Great Xmas
    Sweet Dreams that come true

    Love, mange tout

    P.S Chris, has Enzo got a prezzie ?


  47. At 01:26 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Mary - we missed you very much xxx.

    Dr JMcC - did you note that my recommending your book has indeed resulted in a purchase by one of our mutual, virtual friends.


  48. At 01:37 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Ms Mayhem wrote:

    Good Afternoon Christoph and our blogging community

    Wonderful blog today Christoph - simply wonderful.

    Please wish Mummy Evans a Great Christmas and give a big hug to Enzo for me, and you have a fantastic time.

    Finally to all the bloggers and schloggers - HAVE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS - and may the angels be with us and keep us safe and well over Christmas and the New Year. Enjoy.

    I really love the blog and long may it reign.


  49. At 01:47 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Em SK wrote:

    What a wonderful story to end the year with Christoff, you made me smile right into my tummy.

    I won't be back on the blog until January so I can't miss this opportunity to wish everyone


    Remember that the original message of Christmas is Peace and Joy to humankind - what more could you ask for Peace ie no worries and Joy ie pure happiness. So Peace and Joy to you all.


    Em SK

    One more thing to LYNNE following yesterdays post:- Lynne thank you for your understanding!! and yes I love Carlisle - actually live in Lockerbie, but do love to shop shop shop in Carlisle - the Christmas Decorations in the shopping precinct are BEAUTIFUL too. I'm blessed enough to still have folks in my home town down south so I still get to visit, but I know how it feels when somewhere feels like home but also somehow alien. Have a great crimbo.

  50. At 01:51 PM on 22 Dec 2006, cate D wrote:

    Dear All

    thanks for the fun this year and lets look forward to more great shlogging in the New Year

    Great blog today loved the dream Chris. Thanks for the great shows this year it’s been a pleasure to drive home with you. Best wishes to you and your family.

    Alice - good luck with the step kids and the lack of heating. May I suggest thermals, layers, hot drinks and lots of walks to keep you warm.

    Hope we have lots of Christmas tunes between 5 and 7 this evening so we can all sing along in a virtual choir. I'll be the short dark soprano - who will you be?

    Back to work for me - only a few pages to go.

    Merry Christmas to all



  51. At 01:53 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Billy Shaw wrote:

    HI Chris....WHAT a dream! .......
    LOVED your show last night( listened with my headphones on as I worked at the pc ). Dont usually get the chance but IM OFF for 2 weeks (crowds cheer in the background accompanied by the sound of church bells.......... bliss :)
    Video killed the radio star...... these days ,he would get off on a technicality with the help of some smartass, Ally McBeal style lawyer ( grrrowlll) pleading his case :) This is one of THE pop songs of all time! The intro is perfection. ANY one whos ever dreamed of writting a hit song would do well to come CLOSE to that wee classic.
    OFF to give blood today......reserves are low and I dont think Santa or his helpers can give theirs as they are type hO ,hO,hO..... which unfortunately DOESNT exist! Im a wee bit apprehensive as Ive felt a wee bit dizzy when ive given in the past...... well.., the nurse WAS extremely close and VERY sexy Chris ( wink wink):))
    Can I leave you with another of my fave sayings..... "its the old dog for the hard road....and the pup for the pavement". THAT reminds me , Ive got to pick up the kids from skool after giving blood..... better get my skates on (more ecconomic than the car .... FASTER than the bus.... and GREEN TOO!)
    Before I go Chris, I LOVE your old theme tune from TFI Friday ( man from uncle in a suitcase?) lol...... and as its ALL REQUEST FRIDAY can you play it buddy?

    Finally, A little advice to anyone having a hard time at this time of year.... IF your going through Hell....KEEP GOING! Love to ALL.
    MERRY CHRIS tmas everyone.

    Billy:) xxxxxxxxx

  52. At 02:14 PM on 22 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Awwe thanks Gaby xx Upon your recommendation I too have done my bit to support our good Dr McCrumble, just placed
    my order on Amazon :-)

    It's so nice to be back in the land of the living again :-) The last two weeks have been so busy work wise I hardly had time to come up for air! Just let anyone try to stop me being in my car for 5pm!! The good news I'm not back until the 3rd of January as the 2nd is also a holiday in Scotland.....yipppppeeee

    I'm soo excited, only 3 mores sleep until Santa and less than 3hours to the show..............

    Bye for now
    love Mary

  53. At 02:19 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Amanda wrote:

    Good Afternoon!

    Your dream was a good read, and I felt like a little kid again getting all caught up in the 'santa magic'.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face Chris, it's been a rough few weeks for me and now you have just brought Christmas alive.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours x

  54. At 02:26 PM on 22 Dec 2006, anna wrote:

    wow, a christmas story just for us..... and arent you ever so PC. Which is very good, although i must admit that santa will always be a big jolly white man, with red cheeks and a fabulous white beard. To me, anyway.

    Am reading your story, whilst watching my favourite christmas move on the telly - Santa Claus the Movie. Will wrap the final presents next and then take the dog for her christmas haircut.

    Now i really do feel the christmas vibe.

    Baldrick, i can just sense the excitement as romance blossoms. Enjoy!

    Have a fabulous christmas blogging pals. Im not going to name for fear of missing someone, suffice to say - you all contribute to making my enjoyment of the blog so special. Have a lovely time whatever you do.

    Chris - a big, heartfelt, squidgy thank you for your generous writing of the blog. You are a gent.

    See you all on the other side of Christmas.
    Peace, love and goodwill to all men....women....children....dogs....cats....etc etc etc.


  55. At 02:30 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Rozzer wrote:

    Thought I'd begin my Christmas by blogging for the first time ever! Loved the dream and you write very well, CLP, yet another talent - enjoyed the Saturday Kitchen appearance as well, watched it while pounding the treadmill at the gym. I'm working till 5, then off to Waitrose (other supermarkets are available etc etc), then home to make a spaggie bol for my husband and son who are travelling home from London and then to find our vids of "It's A Wonderful Life" (ZuZu's petals - my mouth's bleeding Bert!) and Box of Delights. We have a ritual of watching these every Xmas. Mmmm, life's all pleasure! Have a wonderful Christmas one and all and happy house move, Chris. XX

  56. At 02:34 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Hello Friends ! :)

    Just a quickie as I`ve been feeling rather poorly these past few days....

    Chris - Good Luck in your new home. I hope it brings you years of warmth, happiness, joy and security - I am sure many a happy memory will be made there x x x

    I hope that everyone has a wonderful break over Christmas and that 2007 brings you all everything you wish for.

    I will have a read of the past few days of blog and listen to the listen again at some point soon. I`m sure a few days more rest will sort me right out !!

    Happiness to all

    All my love as always

    Tracey-Ann x x x

  57. At 02:57 PM on 22 Dec 2006, kathy prochyra wrote:

    Dear Chris have been listening to you from Australia, just wanted to thank you for making my christmas so special, have been listening to you on broadband every day whilst putting the lights up around the palm trees in my front garden. Feel like Christmas this year is even better than when I wasa a kid and enjoying it so much in the sunshine with my two children and lovely hubby. Life is brilliant, Keep up the good work

    Christmas hugs and lots of love


    ps used to love to listen to you back in the UK on radio one when I was in a really crap job commuting two hours each way each day, you kept me sane then. So glad to hear your life has got better we deserve great things!!!

  58. At 03:20 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Dr Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Gaby - Thanks very much for your recommendation. Indeed, it seems to be working!

    Wilsmar - Thanks for buying the book. Dr Booth told me he despatched it yesterday, so hurrah to the Royal Mail, for once.

    MWK - Thanks very much.


    J McC

  59. At 03:54 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Jani wrote:

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking for a while and love reading all your blogs, I feel as if I know you all.

    Am worried as am getting quite addicted to the blog but is a bit like swimming for the first time, wasn't ready to jump in until now. I decided to say hello before Christmas and end 2006 in style!

    Thank you Chris for making the drive into work so enjoyable, I'll try and catch Santa's song tonight. Merry Christmas to all and happy and peaceful new year.


  60. At 03:59 PM on 22 Dec 2006, lyndyloo wrote:

    Happy Christmas Bloggers and Chris!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for all your support and laughs over the past year. You have all made my every week day aproach with something for me to look forward to.

    Chris, you have been a true superstar and I love you more each day. It seems like a lifetime ago since the BB and DFYT but you just keep getting better! Enjoy your new home and may you have just what you ask for from Santa.

    Everyone else (far too many to mention all by name but you know who you are) have the best time EVER this Crimble. Eat, drink and get as merry as you like... as they say ... tomorrow you may diet!

    Seasons Greetings and Com'on you New Year!!!!

    Loads of luv"n"stuff

    & the bears

  61. At 05:10 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Joannie wrote:

    Hi All....
    Sorry I have been missing for a few days...busy busy busy.....getting ready for the festivities.

    Christoff...PLEASSSSSEEE write a book. You just need to!!! I wish you and your brilliant team at radio 2 a fantabulous Christmas and a wonderful happy and healthy 2007.

    (((Tracey-Ann))) - I will be emailing you.

    I wish all my likkle family here a beautiful holiday and all the very very best for 2007. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all and blogging with you (oohhh that does sound rude!! :-)

    I picked up my kids from Uni two days ago so my house is full of noise and happiness....they will be with their dad some of the time but I am relishing in MY time....

    Take care of you and yours.
    Lots of Love
    Joannie xxxxx
    PS - Still dont know if I got the job, I think so, they are just doing background checks etc so I actually should know this afternoon. So I will let you all know. If I do get it, I will have to get up really really early to blog before I go off to my new job :-)

  62. At 05:41 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Victoria wrote:

    Woopeee! Nearly Christmas! Just broken up from school and am now free for a couple of weeks *evil grin and cackle*
    Merry Christmas one and all!

    Best wishes

  63. At 05:47 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Anna R (Anna Ryman) wrote:

    Evening All,

    Bit late in the day today.

    Wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas.

    Anna - Found the Goose fat in a tin as you said in Sainsbugs. Thank you again!

    Had my 20 wk scan today and it was the most fantastic experience ever and all is well.

    Just got another 5 months to go!

    Nuff baby talk.

    Thankyou to Chris and the Drivetime team for a fantastic festive week of radio - you really are geniuses! Well done and enjoy the break.

    have a good one everyone

  64. At 06:36 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Sam Downie wrote:

    Seasons Greetings to one and all!

    Chris's writing is sooooo great, and SHOULD be in a book.. Chris please write a book, with the wonderful writings on ur blog that you do, you should do a book! if Chris Moyles (Radio1) can 'write' a book, then you can too!

    So, who's with me... in getting Chris Evans to write a book!?

    A MERRY CHRISMO everybody!

    Sam D
    Popular music podcast presenter
    'Straight Outa Bristol'
    get it from the iTunes Store.. for FREE !!

  65. At 06:49 PM on 22 Dec 2006, clocker wrote:

    Merry Christmas everyone. I'm new to the blog and keep hearing about it on the show, my new years resolution will be to read the blog each day.

    Just want to thank Chris for keeping me company while I cook the kids tea every night, I'm usually at my grumpiest at that time of day, but not anymore!

    Wishing everyone what they wish for themselves this Christmas.


  66. At 07:07 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Caroline wrote:

    Hello Everyone

    I have been listening via internet - and so have been able to catch up, some, on the comments over the last few days (as some of you know, I've been in Paris this week) and i'm with Sam Downie...Chris should write a book.
    It definately should have recipes in it too.

    Lots of love and Christmas hugs to all commenters/bloggers, and of course to Chris and his A team

    See you in the new year!
    A bientot..Mange tout

    Caroline xx

  67. At 08:02 PM on 22 Dec 2006, Paul Clark wrote:

    All the best Chris to you and yours. As well as all in the blogosphere.

  68. At 11:29 PM on 22 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Merry Christmas to everyone...I too will not try to name everyone for fear of missing some names out there...

    Had a foggy journey down to the West Country today, but made it safely, and had the advantage of being in the car for most of the show...a real Christmas Cracker.

    Best wishes to everyone for the coming New Year. I can't thank you all enough for the feeling of community I've experienced in the last month on here...can't believe it's only a month, boy you can get hooked so easily!!!
    I am embarrassed and honoured that so many of you included me in their wish lists, despite my recent appearance here.

    I'll have to stop now and go and lie down...


    PS Amazing how many first time bloggers have joined in the last couple of days...may I welcome one and all.

    PPS Congrats on the 10,000th blog Alice!!!

    PPPS 27 sleeps to go...

  69. At 08:14 AM on 23 Dec 2006, DWNB wrote:

    Hey Folks.
    I missed yesterday (Friday), cause I went out Food shopping on Friday morning and then out to Christmas Lunch with my Sister and Brother in Law and my Husband. I missed most of the rest of the day too,

    Loved Christof's Christmas Story. Was beautiful. Missed Santa's request.... WHAT WAS IT?

    Going Back To Bed Now.


  70. At 09:55 AM on 23 Dec 2006, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Hello all

    I've just posted part III of my staff Christmas party report. I cannot help but give you the facts in these matters, due to my deeply ingrained scientific modus operandi


    J McC

  71. At 10:38 AM on 23 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Moose....I have just secured my tickets for THE New Year's Day match at the Mad Stad....what a corker

    Good day to you all

    Must now prepare for today's pre-match warm-up....c'mon you Royals


  72. At 12:07 PM on 23 Dec 2006, big bad bri wrote:

    And one and all

  73. At 12:19 PM on 23 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Ooh just had a thought, with reference to afore-mentioned match on New Year's Day, I may have to fall out of love with Teddy Sheringham for the day. Maybe just for 90 minutes actually. Thinking it through, I could still be in love with him as long as he is on the bench. He probably won't be starting, but, hopefully will be needed by the hammers to 'turn' the match because that would mean that Reading were winning!! It could well be that I have to fall out of love for a few painful minutes only.



  74. At 12:36 PM on 23 Dec 2006, Ross Hemsworth wrote:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Chris and a seasons greetings to all the bloggers on here!

    Drink plenty, eat plenty and recover by hibernating until the New Years Eve party! lol

    Ross Hemsworth
    Net Talk Radio

  75. At 02:06 PM on 23 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Gaby - Calm down, calm down....you've got a whole week to go. You'll do yourself a mischief. You need to get Christmas over first and then start the slow build up...
    Let's hope he comes off the bench to score in the next 30 mins....sorry Matt from Rudgwick...

    Have had my Christmas haircut and first proper pasty of the trip, so am feeling light headed in more ways than one.

    Started reading McCrumble's book of the blog last night...I fell asleep after about 6 pages. I too am only reporting facts...I am convinced that the cause was a long stressful fog-filled drive and had nothing whatsoever to do with content.

    Come on you irons.

    PS Can't believe we'll be without a show for over a week. However will we cope? Please stay blogging anyone who is around and sad enough to read. We can keep each other going...

    PPS DWNB Ride like the Wind - Christopher Cross

  76. At 02:22 PM on 23 Dec 2006, cathmel wrote:

    I hope you all have the Christmas you desire.

    Keep posting while Chris is away!!!!

    Love to you all


  77. At 05:32 PM on 23 Dec 2006, DWNB wrote:

    Thank you so much, I checked the Play List but it hadn't been updated. I'm happy now I know.

    What a fantastic story Christoph told yesterday, I was quite away with it.

    I'm still recovering from the excesses of Christmas Lunch yesterday which ended after 8 hours... with a fish supper, which my Sister forgot she had had! She also forgot she was approached by 15 year old boy to buy her booze, and when she refused, he asked for a snog instead!!! My son fully intends to seek him out .... .and question him on the underage drinking and the granny grabbing!!

    We had a ball - my sister and I pole danced in a local boozer. ha ha ha - Me thinks the old men in pub were a bit flabbergasted. I have the photos. Me knows my sister is VERY concerned about this.... tee hee. Give me a day or so, and I'l get them up on my site!

    Merry Eve of Christmas Eve to you all.


  78. At 07:57 PM on 23 Dec 2006, anna wrote:

    Anna R - great news on the goose fat, may your potatoes be crispy and light! Great news re the 20 wk scan. I remember mine so clearl. 'H' is 16mths now and he is th emost amazing little person in the world. You have such an amazing experience to look forward to.

    Moose - the reason you get remebered is that you are such a giving and thoughtful blogger.

    Welcome new bloggers.

    Will sign off now, wasnt going to log on till the new year but just couldnt help myself. Made my cranberry sauce a la Nigella. Also done the gravy in advance, am going to do the almond tart tomorrow and the pavlova on Christmas Day night ready for boxing day.
    I cant wait to eat it all!


  79. At 10:29 PM on 23 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Evening all

    Nice to hear from those of you who are still blogging

    CARRY ON BLOGGING...it really does sound like a film ; )

    ooh matron

    Must dash - got to catch Match of the Day and see how many free kicks Reading SHOULD have been awarded and whether it should have been a penalty. I love 'being there' but always miss the replays......

    Moose - will try to keep calm - I was a little concerned at myself whilst in the bar at the Mad Stad for the pre-match libation...I was more concerned at catching a glimpse of Teddy on one of the TV screens or to find out the result of the Irons vs FFC aka Moose vs Matt f R instead of the Royals pre-match chat : ).... such is the power of the blog : )



  80. At 07:53 AM on 24 Dec 2006, cathmel wrote:

    Morning it's christmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It might as well be christmas day the kids are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One sleep to go

    x x x x x

  81. At 12:49 PM on 24 Dec 2006, DogwithNoBrain wrote:

    HeyHo Everyone.

    Christty Mas Eve and I'm in work. Have dragged Toolibelle in with me to keep me company and keep sending her out for Chocolate and Rolls. Why is it that your body demands excess food at Christmas Time.

    DWNB's Husband took first son out to Piccy's last night. Deja Vous. Some time travel extravagansa. DWNB FS say it was brill.

    DWNB took First Daughter to the Ballet. It was lovely.

    THought I would give her cultural experience for Christmas. Was Brilliant. She could not believe that she could understand everything that was happening even tho no one spoke.

    All got home at 11.45. V. Tired. Up this morning. Did FS paper round this morning. Did not fall off bike, which is progress from Thursday morning. Bruise is still shiney.

    Looking forward to tomorrow morning. think FS and FD may explode with happiness. THink that is what it is all about eh? That and the food.

    Speak to you All Later.

    Christmassy Dog with No Brain.,

  82. At 02:29 PM on 24 Dec 2006, Katie_O wrote:

    Hello one & all,

    Not blogged for a while but have been reading them still. Just wanted to wish everyone the happiest Christmas and send best wishes for a wonderful 2007.

    Take care



  83. At 05:01 PM on 24 Dec 2006, Amanda wrote:


    The day is finally upon us. Santa comes tonight. I can happily report that I finished my knitting just in time. Whew! Now I can turn my attention to other things...like imbibing some wonderful Nog without worrying about dropping stitches due to blurriness of vision.

    Let me be the first to say, that it has been a complete joy participating in this blog over the last several months or so. I so look forward every day to what Chris has to say as well as all of the blogging friends. Let us look forward to 2007 full of wise words, funny anecdotes, and just all around good fortune.

    Merry Christmas everone!

  84. At 07:32 PM on 24 Dec 2006, Jani wrote:

    Merry Christmas Eve all,

    Just a last word from us workers. Finish tomorrow morning at 9 then home for a bucks fizz and bed, hope I wake up to Christmas lunch made by daughters and the 'one'!

    Reading the blog has been such great fun, hope to be brave enough to participate more next year.


    Jani x

  85. At 10:28 PM on 24 Dec 2006, The BigUN wrote:

    Merry Christmas one and all,

    All of the presents are wrapped and under the tree ;-)

    I just thought I would pop on here to wish you all well and hope you all get exactly what you want from Santa (as it is the season of good will to all, even the BP :-) ).

    I have to go to bed early as I have been a good BigUn and do not want to risk doing something to change Santa’s view of me ;-) After all we all need socks, underwear and deodorant don’t we :-(

    Merry Christmas


    P.S. At least the sprouts are nearly ready :-)))))

  86. At 11:43 PM on 24 Dec 2006, Alex F. wrote:

    Happy Christmas Chris from Mexico! Congratulations for your show, I hear it every day on the internet.

    By the way, is James Earl JONES ;)


  87. At 02:53 PM on 25 Dec 2006, DWNB wrote:

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Guess what I got.... The Bread Maker.. Yeahhhh


    Five People you meet in Heaven

    Lovely Jubly.

  88. At 04:40 PM on 25 Dec 2006, Jill wrote:

    Hiya Blogging Buddies

    Happy Christmas Day, hope you all having a great day as I am. Everyone else asleep or watching Muppet's Christmas on DVD so just popped in to send hugs to you all. DWNB I got 'Five People You Meet in Heaven' too but have already read it so will have passed it on to my eldest daughter, think I gave the first one away too after I'd finished it. Good book I thought. One of my best prezzies was a dinky little tea strainer to hold the leaves of green tea in my cup, saving me from drinking them. It comes with a ittle chain and glass bead which hangs over the edge of the cup. It's the business.

    Love and tinsel to you all xxxxx Jill ;-) (-:

  89. At 05:24 PM on 25 Dec 2006, Prof Plum wrote:

    Noel one and all

    Did you get your new front teeth for Christmas or what.

    I got a new pair of super duper speakers for my pc.

    Problem... no english instructions. So it was a case of trying all sockets. The computer then crashed with a serious message. The pc has detected a fatal error ....... Physical Dump 10000030000000X now what does that mean in english ........... S..t probably.

  90. At 05:28 PM on 25 Dec 2006, Lynne wrote:

    Happy Christmas everyone.

    Just dropped by to see how everyone's doing.

    Actually I was using Skype but their phone's battery is running low, so they said they'd ring me back.......

    Just as well I understand my sister. Maybe her son hasn't told her I've rung, maybe the other phone's battery is low as well. So it might be tomorrow before they get back to me.

    We're having a quiet day today after the festivities of joining in with a traditional Swedish family Christmas yesterday. It was lovely and we felt very honoured to be part of that. Especially when the hostess said that she thought of us as family.

    We had an array of meats , fish, vegetables and salad, and it was lovely to be able to get up from the table without feeling stuffed. We had the ice cream and cakes several hours later after Santa Claus had been and dished out the presents.

    Today has just been quiet with the two of us. The turkey carcass is simmering away in the pan and as there doesn't appear to be anything on tv we'll put 'It's a wonderful life' DVD on to watch shortly.

    Hope everyone's happy and contented out there.

    Lynne x

  91. At 06:46 PM on 25 Dec 2006, jillygoat wrote:

    Happy Christmas one and all !!

    Well, I received a lovely jewellery box and perfume from 'im indoors, together with an iPod shuffle !!! At last, I'm wired for sound! It's about the size of a Christmas stamp - it's so dinky - and I'm now downloading music, hence the opportunity to blog.

    Hope you all got what you wished for!!!

    Just returned from a lovely Christmas dinner at the pub down the road - all the usual stuff, but no washing up !!!!

    Some of the party are now piling up the zeds outside the various bedroom doors !!!! zzzzzzz

    Take care and I'll be back soon, jillygoat xxxxx

  92. At 07:15 PM on 25 Dec 2006, fillybay wrote:

    Bother spent ages writing a happy blogg n then comp went iffy.Might have something to do with the cherryade Tw spilt on here at lunch!!!
    So Happy Christmas to all esp you Chris.I hope you and Mummy Evans are having a fab time. Did Enzo get pressies too?
    Saw you yeaterday in Gford,wanted to grab{!} you for a chat but thought better of it.Very cool in the ong black coat!!!
    The gooseberry sauce went well with the turkey Tw requested for dinner today.So pls say a thankyou to the chef at the Mberry.
    Will pop in sat eve to say a special ta.
    Well its off now to friends for drinks,that will be yet more mineral water as have been driving on and off all day.Still v sober.
    Love n stuff,GOOD WILL TO ALL MEN,xx

  93. At 08:03 PM on 25 Dec 2006, ASHY wrote:


  94. At 11:15 PM on 25 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Happy Christmas everyone!!!
    Am full of Christmas pudding, and very good it was too....

    Matt from R - honourable draw = best result not to come between us!!

    Gaby - should we hope for the same?

    Jillygoat - we will always be of one mind...

    Anna - thank you! I really need to work out what's different here vs my real life...only seem to get grief for being selfish in real life-dom.

    Mooselets have had a wild Christmas and I'm now tired as a result...sort of looking forward to when they don't need me to play with them but sort of not...know what I mean?

    I played 3 rounds of golf today, shooting a 2 over par 74 as my best round. Was well pleased until my 5 year old hit a hole in one...in case you can't guess, my fave present was a virtual golf game (real feel golf club and console you plug into the telly) well cool! Can play a round in about 10 minutes!!

    Goodnight all, I have some more Mrs Moose avoidance tactics to negotiate :-(


  95. At 12:11 AM on 26 Dec 2006, Steevie fae Dundee + Glas wrote:

    Happy Christmas one and all (whenever this gets 'posted')

    Particular thoughts for

    1) those of you who are on your own

    2) those of you who can't - for whatever reason- be with the one(s) you want to be. That may or may not be linked to (1)

    3) those of you in mourning, from recent or not so recent; be glad of the contribution they made to your life and remember that to miss / mourn you have to have loved and that can never be taken away from you.

    Thoughts and thanks also to Christophe &the team for the show which ends my day's radio listening on a high, educates informs and gives me a laugh and of course keeps me company on the days I am on the road back and forth between the two cities. An additional thanks to Chris for this Blog and of course all the shloggers for cheering me up, making me think and for raising an eyebrow from time to time. From one who started off writing loads and who has evolved in to being a lurker with the occasional contribution.

    Take Care you lot. And keep it coming.....

  96. At 11:52 AM on 26 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Happy Christmas beautiful people.


    pre-match warm up ongoing together with decisions about how much money to put on a Reading win 16/1 !!!! - got to be worth a score.

    Moose - an honourable draw indeed my friend.

    Facing Chelsea in a matter of minutes - helppppppppp!!!!

    Love to one and love to all




    ps sprouts were cooked to perfection xx

  97. At 05:07 PM on 26 Dec 2006, Joannie wrote:

    Happy Shishmush to all......
    Its all over now - we are all exhausted and happily so :-) Too much food and too much booze and way too many cookies etc...but hey who was it that said we can diet tomorrow :-)

    Steevie # 95 you made me cry. My kids were with me and one left for Calgary to see his girlfriend this morning and the other one is with his dad....so yes, it is lonely but I have a terrible cold so I am quite happy to rest. It is an awful feeling though but I now have the debris to clear up!! Spent two days in the kitchen making my kids fave veggies etc. for Xmas dinner. Everything was perfect, the turkey was great (even though I am a veggie I cook it for them), the veggies, cookies etc. We had strongbow (yum) and wine with dinner. We were all full, happy and content afterwards so it was great. I love spending time with my children, we have such a great time together!! They bought me my fave perfume, the Beatles 'Love' and a couple of books so I am pleased as punch (with alcohol) :-))))

    I hope you all had a lovely day. I am now going to try and tidy up till I feel like I need to sit down again!! I am exhausted, I think I got sick from running around for days!!

    It is my birthday New Year's Eve...not sure what I am doing yet.. (29 again) What are my great blogging family doing New Years Eve????....I actually like to curl up and veg but because it is my birthday, everyone seems to think that I should be doing something....they are all so sweet. So we shall see....

    I will know about the job on Friday and if I get it, I will start Jan 2, so I will let you all know. I think I mentioned it is not really what I want to do but it is great money, so I cannot pass it up and it is a one year contract so that is perfect.

    I will be back bloggers.
    Take care all - Happy Boxing Day to all.....
    Joannie xxxxx

  98. At 08:14 PM on 26 Dec 2006, anna wrote:

    Merry christmas all. santa was generous and the food was great..... even if i do say so myself. the gravy in particular!

    moose - all i can say to that is that i think expectation makes us react a little differently! I am much more generous if i am not expected to deliver.

    Well i have done my mums christmas, my dads christmas and we have seen the outlaws. not bad for two days, can relax now with some nice cheese and wine.
    After a busy few days rushing round after everyone, i am now off to look at the lanhams website to find somewhere nice and st ives'ey to stay for next christmas!

    lots of love to you all

  99. At 09:11 PM on 26 Dec 2006, Dan the man in Belfast wrote:

    Happy Christmas one and all - hope you had a great hol!!!

    Thanks for the love, laughs and tunes in 06 . . .

    Have a great New Year - blog you in 07 !


  100. At 10:39 PM on 26 Dec 2006, Roberto Carlos Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR wrote:

    Happy Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, and a Happy New Year.

  101. At 10:57 PM on 26 Dec 2006, Susan S wrote:

    *****Belated Merry Christmas everyone!!!*****

    Dear Christoff, and fellow bloggers and blogettes .... I pray you all had a blessed, fun and exciting Christmas. May peace be your gift and your blessing through 2007.

    Love the little look into your dream world ... love it though it's a little scary!

    Andrew, Charis and I had a fab week last week on the Isle of Arran - I made them listen to you every night, Chris! Your shows really got us in the Christmas mood! And I have to say - you are so fantsastic with the kids! You'll make a great Dad!

    We got back home to Inverness on 23rd .... major panic ensued ... tidy the house ... get a shopping in ... get the chairs put together (thank you, Peter for putting the dining table together!) .... check if we've got pressies for everyone! Mum and Dad travelled up from the bonny town of Oban on the 24th .... sister Ali travelled across the river .... and spent the whole eveing wrapping everyone's presents .... the Watchnight Service had the obligitory drunk adding his tuppance worth .... the streets were white and frosty ... and there it was .... right there ... CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!

    Charis had a blast on Christmas morning ('Baby Jesus birthday, Mummy!')! Then it was off to Bona Church on the beautiful shores of Loch Ness for the Christmas Day service, followed by tea and mince pies.

    The first disastor of Christmas Day .... went to open the car .... no key part, just a fob! Where's the key bit gone!!!! Aaaaarrrrggggh!!! It's in the ignition ... of a locked car! A quick prayer .... pressed the fob ... phew ... the car opened and the key fits back into the fob with a bit of persuasion.

    The second disastor of Christmas Day ... got the turkey out ... switched gas on in the oven to pre-heat .... the oven isn't working!!!! Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggghh! It's ok, we have a top oven ... but we have starters, garnishes, potatoes and roast parsnips to do for 10 people!!!! Don't panic! Sister Ali and brother Iain jump in the car and race back across the River Ness to cook all of that in sister Ali's oven! Great dinner was had by all!

    The third disastor of Christmas Day ... I can't find my mobile phone charger and my phone is dead! No texts ... no phone numbers .... no phone!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!

    The fourth disastor of Christmas Day .... the laptop goes phhhhtttt!!! So I've lost ALL my photos of the last 3 months (Dumb Blonde doesn't back up! Doh!) ... and worse I can't get on to my blog or Chris's blog! (Thanks for the lone of the laptop Mum!)

    But, all is well apart from that! Missing my fellow bloggers and blogettes ..... but, most of all, missing you, Chris!

    Gotta go .... Charis is getting hyper!

    Loads of Christmas cheer and love,

    Susan xxxx

  102. At 09:36 AM on 27 Dec 2006, Lynne wrote:

    Happy after Boxing Day to everyone,

    Why is it called Boxing Day? I'm sure Moose would know. We were wondering that whilst on a walk yesterday.

    Well it's a bit more frosty here this morning. Lots of birds about after the food I've put out fot them.

    Think we're off for another walk shortly.

    Well done Amanda for completing your knitting. How were the knitting pressies received?

    Susan S Where did you stay on Arran? We used to holiday on Arran when the children were young. We loved it. In fact that's where I had my first honeymoon.

    Hope everyone's enjoying themselves out there and doing okay.

    Got to go.

    Lynne x

  103. At 10:43 AM on 27 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Thanks for the confidence - misplaced though it is in this case!!!

    There is no general agreement as to why it's called Boxing Day. There are various ideas regarding employers giving money to their employees on the first day after Christmas (in a box), some stuff about putting leftover food in boxes (sounds way too American to be true to me) and churches opening their collection boxes in order to distribute the money to the poor and needy. Of course the other tradition is that it's when families who normally can't stand each other are forced to spend time together, and it's on the 26th that tempers finally break and the fighting starts...

    But no-one really knows. In Germany I know the concept doesn't exist...it's called the 2nd Christmas Day (assume it's the same in Sweden?)

    Why do so many people insist on so much shopping for stuff that we'd never normally buy if it wasn't on SALE? The retailers are just getting rid of all the rubbish they have left over...and it's left over because nobody wants it. They (or I suppose I should say "we") have created a buzz around the sales in order to clear their (our) warehouses. Personally, I stay as far away from the shops at this time of year as I can.

    Gaby - more than honourable draw!!! Much as I hate to see Man U with a lead, it's good to see those old West London adversaries get a bit of comeuppance from a team in blue and white hoops...

    Anyway, happy 3rd Christmas Day!!!


    PS 22 sleeps to go

  104. At 10:43 AM on 27 Dec 2006, DWNB wrote:


    Boxing Day... something to do with St Stephen,boxing up the remains of his turkeylurkey and giving it to other people.

    See the whole of Chrissymas is about giving.

    I have had whole CLP Christmas.
    1. Breadmaker
    2. Five people you meet in Heaven
    3. French Women don't get fat.

    ha ha ha - All very very excellent.


  105. At 10:57 AM on 27 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Oh and Anna, I think you are right about the expectations thing. There is something about joining a group where nobody knows you (or indeed who you really are) where you can feel free of expectations. Maybe even the pseudonym thing helps us (me?) to hide away identity to allow our real personality out.
    So is the real me the name or the personality?

    What do you answer when someone asks "Who are you?" Name, rank, serial number...or the equivalent today is name, what job you do or what family you have. But who ever answers the question with reference to the most important values you live by? Or the principles you follow? Or your main character traits?

    Getting a bit deep for a Wednesday. Doesn't feel like a hump day today though...


  106. At 11:47 AM on 27 Dec 2006, Susan S wrote:

    Good morning Christoff, and fellow bloggers and blogettes!

    How many of us had to go back to work today? :-( Och, well .... only 3 days til the weekend ... then it's Hogmanay!!!!! Wayhey!

    I hope everyone is thinking about their New Year resolutions?

    Lynne - we have a timeshare at the Auchrannie in Brodick - we go there from 16-23 Dec every year. It's such a peaceful way to spend the week before Christmas!

    Gotta go and bath Charis!

    Hugs all round, Susan

  107. At 05:27 PM on 27 Dec 2006, The BigUN wrote:

    Hump day to you all,

    Well that is Christmas nearly over and I have to say good riddance to it.

    I caught a stinking cold digging my son’s car out of a ditch. I have been sick and bad and can not stop coughing and sneezing. I have injured a rib form all of the coughing and it hurts like hell even taking a deep breath. :-( By Christmas day I had passed it on to Mrs B and she is as I type still in bed coughing and sneezing. I keep offering to rub Vicks into her chest for her but she tells me to get lost :-( and I am only trying to help ;-)

    My house has developed a water leek. I have had the water board here all day digging my drive, right up to my front door to establish exactly where the leek is. Good news for them as the leek is under my house, bad news for me as none of my insurance policies cover me for the water pipes under ground so the full cost will be to me. That is expected to be a couple of grand :-( When the insurance company asked if there was anything else they could do for me at the end of the phone call I said yes do you have the number for the Samaritans? Poor girl did not know what to say ;-)

    Please forgive me for feeling so Bah Humbug but I have to admit to having had better Christmases! To top it off there is no Chris on the radio to cheer me up.


    P.S. At least the sprouts turned out fine.

  108. At 07:15 PM on 27 Dec 2006, The BigUN wrote:

    Ah well at least I made myself laugh of course I meant “leak” not “leek” just in case none of you noticed {Blush} LOL


  109. At 08:33 PM on 27 Dec 2006, Lynne wrote:

    Sorry things aren't going great for you at the mo' Big Un. Hope things pick up for you soon, and for Mrs Big Un.

    DWNB- thanks for the info. I think you should post your pics re pole dancing. Big Un needs cheering up!

    Moose-thanks for the info. I don't think Sweden has a Boxing Day either and I don't think my confidence was misplaced, you offered several suggestions. What is the reference to only 22 sleeps to go, surely Chris is back before then?

    Susan S- We used to stay at an old cottage near Kildonan.

    Well I've made myself feel sickly by eating a chocolate brownie whilst writing this. It was just too much following the chocolates!

    Catch up with you all later.

    Lynne x

  110. At 08:56 PM on 27 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Good evening to one and good evening to all

    How bizarre - I posted an innocuous missive round about noon today and the BP have conviscated it. I made no cheeky innuendos (not that I can recall anyway).....once again, don't know what I did wrong

    Here is a precis.

    Moose - I agree with you and Anna about the expectation thing. In my opinion, people's expectations, in life generally, can sometimes determine the degree to which there is appreciation, happiness, enjoyment of what's happening etc. I know that makes it sound very simple which it isn't, and obviously there are other contributing factors to the afore-mentioned states but I do feel that expectation is really relevant. I have banged on about expectation a few times on here but that may have been 'pre-Moose'...and how rich we are for your joining Moose : ) and all the others who have joined too : )

    Talking of honourable draws....oh, wow, haven't been that excited for ages : )

    Hope this get's posted, not that it's particularly interesting, but it is lovely to hear from those of you who are still around and it's nice to be part of that.

    Keith...thinking of you....get well soon xx



    ps mange tout, mange tout

    pps Leroy Lita....we love you

    ppps there could be even more silly mistakes in the above than usual but I am not expecting my post to appear after what happened earlier - so am not bothering to proof read....what a rebel.....one draw against Chelsea and I appear to think I can have an attitude!!

  111. At 11:12 PM on 27 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Good Nitol


  112. At 11:40 PM on 27 Dec 2006, Granny Bev wrote:

    Happy 3rd day of Christmas to everyone. I read the blog daily and add my two-penneth (is there such a word? two-pence worth) occasionally.

    I am lucky enough to have spent yet another Christmas with my two sisters and our immediate families - 17 of us altogether. Wonderful!

    We were, also, lucky enough not to have any disasters (that I know of) and I have no idea how Boxing Day came about.

    The BigUN - so sorry about your water leak; we had an outdoor leak that was, thankfully, the water boards problem - otherwise it would have cost at least a grand. I'll refrain from telling you about a friend of my daughter - it would spoil Hogmanay!
    I hope your and Mrs BigUN are recovering from your colds; my better half (?) gave me his cold on Boxing Day - so I am not best pleased!

    Happy/Better New Year to fellow subscribers to the brilliant Chris Evans blog, and of course to Chris and his loyal team.

    Granny Bev

    PS Happy New Year to the BP!

  113. At 12:08 AM on 28 Dec 2006, Granny Bev wrote:

    Spell check to No 112 to BigUN: I hope YOU and Mrs BigUN are feeling better!
    Granny Bev

  114. At 09:31 AM on 28 Dec 2006, Prof Plum wrote:


    Big UN sorry to hear about your leek. Hope you manage to Turnip off.

    Well New Year will soon be upon us so I'm off to Icelands for those wonderful little party things. Turkey swizzlers and sausages rolls ... fabulous.

  115. At 10:32 AM on 28 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Morning all,

    Well, I'm feeling thirsty already...I suppose as I'm lucky enough to be on hols still that shouldn't be a problem. I think it' a result of feeling left out - we all went out for a meal last night and I was driving.

    BigUn - sorry to hear about your vegetable related problems. Maybe I can get a request played for you on the radio - "Little Red Courgette" or "Green Onions" maybe? Seriously though, trying times for you. Hope the next few days sees things looking up.

    Gaby - thank you.

    Lynne - til the Once A Month Club meeting in Covent Garden.

    Anna/Gaby - starting to have nervous thoughts about the afore-mentioned OAMC. Do you think the expectations of each other will change if we meet? Is an essential part of the community on here the very fact that we have NEVER met? Will it all change and start to go downhill once our expectations of each other are more like normal in the real world?

    I think not and hope not, because I think what's important are the expectations at the start of a "relationship". Since we have a foundation between each other built here, virtually, I think that a subsequent physical meeting will be not a problem, but actually an enhancement. What do you guys think?


  116. At 10:46 AM on 28 Dec 2006, Phoenix wrote:

    Sorry to hear of BigUn's water problems and the cost of repair - you have my sympathy and plenty of tea to go with it.

    Moose - don't worry friends are always friends when they meet up.

    All the very best to Prof Plum I am now back in deepest Dorset after a short sojurn up in Somerset where the Mendips were mighty find indeed for walking.

    All the very best to everyone for New Year as I return to the Mendips again this weekend - serves me right for living on the South Coast instead of near the family.....

    It's been fun reading all the messages and a great many thanks for Chris for instigating the Blog in the first place - a grand idea indeed.

    A Happy New Year to one and all

  117. At 11:13 AM on 28 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Morning schmorning

    Just a quickie - as have to dash out - I have a large order for fresh pancakes - a little tricky at the best of times, especially without any fresh milk!!

    Keith - I do hope today is a brighter one for you x

    Moose - personally, I don't think it will go downhill having met. I think the very fact that we don't have expectations is the key. We communicate on here because we enjoy it for what it is - not because we think/hope it will lead to something in particular in the real world, in person I mean. It is not as if we are hoping we will get on in the 'real world' with a view to having relationships for example. If we were on a dating site then I guess, by definition, we would have expectations. I don't feel there are any expectations here - we have a community that is special in the way it interacts but I think the only expectation, if there is one, is that we ourselves continue to give ie the expectation is on ourself from ourself, in the form of a pleasing responsibility,and feeling of wanting to contribute to our community rather than an expectation of others. I have lost myself now, not for the first time this week. Hope that made sense. It was meant to be friendy and reassuring.


  118. At 12:46 PM on 28 Dec 2006, Jax wrote:

    Doh! I just posted on the wrong day. Too much adult pop over Christmas methinks.
    I have yet to catch up on all the posts since last Friday but in the meantime I hope everyone had a fabby Christmas and are recovering nicely in time for New Year.
    Mine was interesting:
    Jillygoat - I had my phone switched off (most of the time). Things were all a little sad but I still ate and drank lots :-)

    Anyway Happy New Year one and all - may 2007 bring you everything you wish for

    Lotsa love,

    J x

    PS I'm now in bed with a stinking cold - how rubbish is that!?

  119. At 03:12 PM on 28 Dec 2006, Prof Plum wrote:

    Evening all

    Pheonix from Arizona or deepest Dorset via Hampshire. Thank you for your good wishes. Good wishes to U2.

    i'm not sure about this meeting of the blog people guy's. It could spoil an illusion. Frankly I don't want to be the old kid on the block or blog even.

  120. At 04:22 PM on 28 Dec 2006, Joannie wrote:

    Hi all....
    Ahhh so it was you BIG UN who gave me my cold!!! I felt sniffly Christmas morning and felt progressively worse after that. I have been out for the count since, feel a bit better today but still lousy!! I think a lot of it is the stress and running around we did before Christmas.....anyway BIG UN, MRS BIG UN and JAX I hope you all feel better....I am now starting to cough..and Big Un - I wish I had somebody to rub Vicks on my chest :-)))))

    MOOSE....if we all met, I think it would enhance the already great comraderie we have. I would have no expectations, it would just be great to grow my circle of friends. We could even do the OAMC - how neat would that be!!! Gaby is right - dating sites - there are expectations (been there done that :-) - but we have such a great likkle family here....it would be great to meet. The only difficult thing is if it did happen, chances are I could not make it if it was over there....although, what a great excuse for a trip :-)))))
    Also MOOSE, I think I like the Boxing Day story where the family are ready for the boxing ring - makes more sense :-)

    I find out about the job tomorrow....I am definitely in the running with I think two others.... the waiting is killing me. I will let you know.

    Anyway, gearing up for New Years now....it is my birthday New Years Eve, I just hope I feel better....

    Take care all.....
    Hot toddy's all around ???
    Joannie xxxxx

  121. At 08:31 PM on 28 Dec 2006, Susan S wrote:

    Good evening Christoff, and fellow bloggers and blogettes! Can anyone tell me what day it is?!!

    How are we all today? Where are you holidaying, Chris? Hope you're having a fantastic break!

    Mum and I went for a fabulous meal last night ... and consumed much fabulous wine .... and an amazing dessert of espresso coffee (chilled), vanilla icecream and liqueur! I've never tasted anything so scrummy! Then we went to a great bar that had huge, comfy sofas and great music! Just as well Mum and I don't live in the same town - we'd end up leading each other astray!

    ALICE # 30 - Meant to say congratulations!!!!

    Keith 108 - Sending hugs to you and Mrs Keith! Why do these things always happen at this time of year!? Hope you both get over your bugs soon and that the leak gets sorted.

    Lynne 109 - We went a walk along the coast at Kildonan when we were over in April with my folks - amazing scenery and we've never seen so many seals! The photos should be in my blog around April time!

    Granny Bev 112 - Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas!

    Prof Plum 114 - LOL!!!!

    Moose 115 - I don't think relationships change, or expectations, when folk from a community like Chris's blog met. I think it deepens the relationship and our appreciation of each other. I think it would be ablast to meet up with fellow bloggers and blogettes! (Hint, hint, Christoff!) I have become firm friends with 3 lassies I met online - we all live within a 30 mile radius - we love meeting for coffee and a natter. There are some fantastic folk on this blog! What is the OAMM? I love Covent Garden!

    Gaby 117 - Yum ... pancakes! Maple syrupp please!

    Joannie 120 - get well soon, honey! And don't pass it on! Let us know how the job goes - fingers and toes crossed!

    Well, going to run for now!

    Hugs all round, you wonderful bunch of people ... and an extra big squeeze for you, Chris!


    “Another fresh new year is here . . .
    Another year to live!
    To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
    To love and laugh and give!

    This bright new year is given me
    To live each day with zest . . .
    To daily grow and try to be
    My highest and my best!

    I have the opportunity
    Once more to right some wrongs,
    To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
    And sing more joyful songs!”

    William Arthur Ward

  122. At 11:52 PM on 28 Dec 2006, Jill wrote:

    Hi and Ho Ho Ho He He Hee

    Glad to know so much news and action and friendship on the Blog.

    Big party here today, hot lunch, cold puddings and lots of booze for loadsa people. Funny how so many people crowd in the kitchen - there were lots of chairs by the fire in the dining room and sitting room too, but all the action was in the kitchen. Rich boeuf bourgignonne (sp?) to start - maybe CLP would call it a ragout. We were given Nigella's 'Feasts' cook book for Christmas and so I made some of the puds from the 'Wedding Breakfast' menu - great frothy meringues, and a pile of profiteroles with the shiny toffee glaze rather than the usual chocolate for a change. Yummy.

    Big 'Un: Hope you and Mrs B feeling better. Sorry to hear about your disastrous Christmas, what a blow for you all.

    Tracey-Ann, hope things went well for you and that 2007 brings good health and lots of fresh veg in the allotment.

    Cheerful wishes and sunshine to you all
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jill

  123. At 02:54 AM on 29 Dec 2006, Billy Shaw wrote:

    Hi Everyone..... Hope your enjoying your well earned break Chris but HURRAY BACK!
    So this is Christmas...and what have YOU done? I IMAGINE youve all been overeating and knocking back a wee drink or two? ;))
    The New Year is a great time for STARTING OVER and 2007 ( the number of times my team Rangers have LOST this year?) cant come quickly enough.
    Can I say "hi" to my boss Wendy who is in Tennerife as I write....she has more holidays than Santa that WOMAN! Maybe Ill get that rise now ? lol
    Im not a JEALOUS GUY but Chris seems to have it all......... looks,talent,fame, money......looks! Is he happy? DAMN right he is...... and deserving of every last minute of it too!!! So what do YOU hope for in the coming year Chris?
    Whatever it is , have a great 2007 ( the number of resolutions I have broken in 2006?) lol
    Can I leave you with one of my old sayings?
    "Its easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission"! So please forgive my bad spelling and awful , awful jokes:))) .

    Look out 2007 ( the number of times ive put my foot in it THIS year?) HERE WE COME!!!
    Get well soon BIG UN.... your lucks gotta improve any day now.Believe it.

    Billy xxxxx GO BLOGGERS!!!

  124. At 12:54 PM on 29 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    Good afternoon friends

    Hoping all you lovely people that are suffering with colds etc are feeling better today.....Keith, Mrs Keith, Jax, Joannie......

    Susan S - wow your meal sounded fab - Mmmmmmm : ).

    I don't really feel I have anything exciting to post - not that I normally feel that I am in a position to please the populus (sp?) with a plethora of plentiful pleasures.....I just feel a bit quiet today (oh joy, I hear you cry).

    I am still sorting my car out - cost that needs to be incurred to make car roadworthy is prohibitive - over £2500. Car is worth less than £500!!! - I am enjoying driving my hire car - and am going to sort out a permanent lease...oh, and also I am going to buy a lottery ticket!!

    Anyway, have a good one guys and let us hope the wind blows in our favoured direction at Old Trafford tomorrow. C'mon you Royals.

    Good day to you


  125. At 01:34 PM on 29 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Good Afternoon All xx

    Feeling a bit down today, so it's been good catching up with all your posts xx Thanks for
    making me smile xx

    Keith - What a hassle for you at this time of year, hope it gets sorted soon with minimum expense for you xx

    Sending a get well soon {{{{{{hug}}}}}} for Keith, Mrs Keith, Jax and Joannie and those suffering from colds or just feeling down xx

    Gaby - sorry to hear about your car troubles, I had to spend £600 on mine before Christmas!
    If I will the lottery I will send you the money to buy a new one xx

    I'm having a quiet day at home today, think I will have a nice relaxing bath and pamper myself. I received Dr McCrumble's book today so I will snuggle up on the sofa with my book - have a feeling it will make me chuckle!

    I need some of Chris's positive energy through the airwaves to pick me up - might have a listen again to some of last weeks shows. I'm determind I am not going to get too low - I want to see the old year out and the new year in feeling upbeat and positive xx

    The weather here in Central Scotland is cold wet and blustery so it's a day for staying in being snug and warm, so thats just what I'm going to do :-)

    Have a good day all
    Take care
    Love Mary xx

  126. At 01:42 PM on 29 Dec 2006, Mariella Wolenski, apparently! wrote:

    Howdy Doo everybody.

    Tis true I haven't been on here for a while. Whilst in Spain the gremlins came in and wrecked my tinterweb connection so now I have to sneak in to unsuspecting friends and relations to try and catch up. Must admit this hasn't been very successful as you lot are eager beavers and I can't keep up! So, while I have the chance I would like to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and a very slightly early Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a better year next year.

    D J McC - I was hoping you could help me with a parasitical question or two. In my line of work I deal with animals, and as such often come across fleas. Please could you let me know if it is common to become obsessed with catching these little critters and squeezing them between your thumb nails until they pop - also does this have a scientific name? I would also like to know the dangers of said pastime, especially when you achieve a high pressure explosion and you end up with flea innards in your eye. Or is it just me?

    Hazel Love - I have not managed to see Hogfather yet, though I do have it sat in my front room waiting for the dvd player to be mended - or maybe just plugged in. Last time I plugged it in the kettle stopped working and my fish tank started to bubble rather ferociously so I have my concerns about trying again.

    Abigails Diva - where you gone???

    Christmas passed for me rather uneventfully, which is probably the best way to spend christmas. New Year's Eve will hopefully be a bit more lively. I will be hitting the town, sobre as something very sobre - I wanted to say judge but I'm not sure that is a fair simile, and a-shakin my booty to the latest funky tunes. At least thats what it says on the ticket. I will be avoiding the minty fresh/lager vomit breath of many a man come midnight (hark at me, many a man indeed!) and then will sing out of tune and all the wrong words to Auld Lang Syne. No doubt there will be attempts at high kicks throughout New York, New York and trying to explain calmly why I don't want a slow dance with somebody that can barely stand at the end of the night, that has asked me my name 5 times who has toilet paper wrapped round his shoe (the last bit of toilet paper in the building I might add), and that has been chatting up my mate all night until she had firmly and distinctly told him that she would rather stick hot needles in her eye than spend another second talking to him. I am really looking forward to it!

    So to all of you, from all of me


  127. At 02:37 PM on 29 Dec 2006, Tiggy wrote:

    Happy New Year to all bloggees and the blessed CLP
    May 2007 bring you more of what was good this year and (hopefully) none of what was bad!
    See you all again in 07

    Tiggy xxx

  128. At 02:41 PM on 29 Dec 2006, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Good afternoon Blogsters!

    I just thought I’d pop my head round the e-door and see how everyone is.

    I hope Christmas was as lovely as everybody hoped and not just the ‘blink and you miss it affair’ that it seems to become every passing year.

    Quick thought. Have you ever seen anyone putting up or taking down the Blackpool Illuminations that they have all over their houses? No, thought not. So how do they get there and where do they go for the rest of the year?

    Any road, New Year beckons. In a way I prefer New Year. As well as a time for reflection, for me it is time to draw a line under the past 12 months and decide how to really make a difference in the forthcoming 12. This time next year Rodders....

    We are having a detox, booze free January. Surely that’s a good start? The book is going to happen – Moose, thankyou for the inspiration. We’ve got the road trip in June and I will reach the ripe old age of 37 in September.

    2007 is going to be a damn fine year.

    Keep blogging and hold on tight to those dreams.

    Peace all


    PS Hope all is well in the new pad Chris

    PPS There’s going to be a robbery at Stamford Bridge tomorrow

    PPS Nightswimming. Deserves a quiet night.

  129. At 02:48 PM on 29 Dec 2006, Phoenix wrote:

    Greetings one and all - this is my last post before New Year as I return back to the Mendips for New Year with the family.

    To everyone who has been ill, I wish you a speedy recovery. To those with house and car problems, I wish you good luck with getting these fixed and the costs that go with it.

    To everyone not with families over this festive time - you are thought of.

    Have a nice break and hopefully when January begins once more all will be well for everyone.

    A lack of computer equipment will mean I will be unable to log on and read Chris's blog until at least Wed next week - so peace and harmony to one and all.


  130. At 03:30 PM on 29 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Hi again

    MWa! - welcome back and thank you for your cheery msg. I wish you a very Happy New Year xx

    Matt from Rudgwick - I'm going to steal (hope you don't mind) some of those positive vibes I picked up from your msg :-) Im with you on the booze free January xx

    Have a great New Year everyone xx

    Take care
    Love Mary xx

    ps. Gaby - You know my msg should have read if I "win" the lottery - wish I did have the power to "will it to come up with my numbers" :-)

  131. At 03:47 PM on 29 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Afternoon blog stars,

    Not much to report today either. Have been cooped up inside for the last few days, not wanting to stray too far from the "facilities" if you catch my drift. I think the meal out on Wednesday didn't agree with my insides...and they've been revolting ever since.

    On to more pleasant matters...

    Matt - good to have you back in town! Keep on going with the book. I've managed about 20 pages of the second book and some editing and stuff on the first...am definitely going to do the publisher search thing in January.

    Not that it's a New Year's resolution - I don't believe in them. Am more of a fan of the December resolution...I think we did that back in December?

    I feel like my whole body and brain have just slowed down and switched into first gear - ticking over. I guess it's the normal stresses, and when they go away, the adrenaline drops off and I go into some sort of hibernating state. Am just enjoying it for now - I hope I can kick back into a higher gear next week.


    PS 20 sleeps to go

  132. At 05:05 PM on 29 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    me again,

    Mary - thinking of you, was lovely to hear from you. When I read Mariella's message I thought to myself how it would cheer you and that I hoped you would hop on again and then you would see it there.....I scrolled down and ...you had : ).....

    .....I feel the same today - am sending you lots of positive thoughts and love....perhaps a group-reading of McCrumble's book will do the trick : )

    Mariella - lovely to hear from you - hope the afore-mentioned Doc can help you with your parasitical question.

    Phoenix - it has been lovely to keep in touch - have a lovely New Year and safe journey back to Mendips

    MfR....hoping for the same at OT

    Moose - I drove by the Mad Stad today on my way to Reading - the next home fixture is, of course, displayed on the board outside. Teddy is coming to town, oh yes : )


  133. At 07:48 PM on 29 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Gaby - you are such a sweetheart - thank you xx
    Had a really relaxing pampering session, bath with candles, facial, pedicure, manicure, feeling
    very cleansed :-)

    Just read Mariella's msg again - very funny,
    appeals to my sense of humour :-)

    Susan S - Thanks for sharing your poem xx

    Have a nice evening all
    Take care
    Love Mary xx

  134. At 11:08 PM on 29 Dec 2006, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Hello all

    Hope you all had a merry Christmas!

    Ours went not too bad, which was a relief after the disaster of the staff Christmas party. I've finally received permission from Dolores to post the story.

    Part IV is here

    In other news:

    If you are going to CAMBRIDGE tomorrow (Saturday 30th), you can meet Dr Mark Booth (my marketing manager), in person at the Downing site, on Tennis Court Rd. He is running a charity car park for the Matangini Project.


    MWK - Hope you enjoyed snuggling up with the book. If it made you weep, I do apologise.

    Mariella - You may have a condition known as Acne Squeeze by Proxy. Many people take pleasure in squeezing things that exude something when they pop. Often times they restrict themselves to their own spots. But fleas offer the same kind of pleasure, at least by proxy. Ask your GP for some advice on how to reduce the compulsion.

    Fleas are known to carry pathogens, the most well known being the agent of the bubonic plague (Yersinia pestis), and several rickettsial infections (unpleasant). Whether squeezing one in close proximity to your eye will cause the disease will depend on many factors. If you insist on practicing this method of flea disposal, I suggest you wear a full face visor.

    Gaby - please go ahead and organise a group reading of McCrumble. I wish I could join you all.

    Matt - good luck with the book.

    Moose - send me an email if you want suggestions on publishing

    cheers all

    J McC

  135. At 01:43 AM on 30 Dec 2006, Joannie wrote:

    Hi y'all....
    First of all - I GOT THE JOB!!!! YAAAAYYY!!! I start Jan 8 so I have to get my blogging sorted so I wont miss anything.....I found out today so I am really pleased. I think I told you all, it is not what I planned to do as I have my own business but it is not paying the bills so I have to do something else for a while...this is a one year contract (mat leave) so it is perfect. At the end of it maybe I will get the offer of another job in the organization. I will keep you all posted.

    Thanks to Mary, Gaby and Susan (and anyone else I have forgotten) for your well wishes. I am feeling better today but coughing so I guess that is a good sign right??

    Mary - your cleanse sounds wonderful....nothing like a nice soak.

    Moose - Sorry to hear about your tummy troubles but so glad to hear about your 20 pages so far for your second book...way t'go laddie :-)

    MFR - Blackpool illuminations - can't answer that question, but you are right - what happens to them? Booze free January, sounds good to me, although I dont drink that much but a great detox is what it is all about!!! You are veggie right??? And yes, 2007 will be a damn fine year!!! We decree it so :-)

    Mariella, you made me laugh...toilet paper attached to his shoe - lol. Your new Years eve sounds great!!! Shake your booty girlfriend.

    It is my birthday New Years Eve.... going over to a friends for nibblies and a nice glass of wine. Then home to bed....must be getting old :-) (but I wont tell you how old - I am needing to transpose numbers now!!!)

    Anyway I will check in again before New Years Day but in case you are all out partying, I wish you all the very best for the new year and let's keep our blogging family close.
    Take care
    Joannie xxxx

  136. At 09:44 AM on 30 Dec 2006, Jani wrote:

    Hello all,

    I will be working New Years Eve so am taking this chance to wish you all a Happy New Year, think of me at midnight!!

    Moose - I have to ask, 20 sleeps to what?? Is it a significant birthday I wonder?? Will there be a party?

    Most of you sound to have had lovely Christmases, all warm and cosy and Christmas card-y. I did too, for the first time in many a year I was with my girls and someone special - I feel really blessed.

    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda to you all, see you the other side of 2006.


    Jani x

  137. At 09:45 AM on 30 Dec 2006, Lynne wrote:

    Congratulations Joannie. So pleased to hear your news.

    Have to dash, friends coming round for a meal tonight, so I'm busy cooking. Catch up with you later.

    Lynne x

  138. At 10:22 AM on 30 Dec 2006, Ross Hemsworth wrote:

    Happy New Year everyone

    Check out my blog whilst Chris is away!


    Have a drink for me on New Years Eve!!

    Ross Hemsworth
    Net Talk Radio

  139. At 10:23 AM on 30 Dec 2006, Jani wrote:

    Me again,

    Actually, don't know if my first post has been accepted yet so you dont know that I'm here again but anyway......

    I also meant to say - Joanie - fantastic about the new job. It's a great way to start 2007!

    Jani x

  140. At 10:57 AM on 30 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    great news - and a great contract, for one year... you will be able to get to know the company and then decide whether to accept the jobs they offer you at the end of the contract : )

    must dash - back later (sorry)


  141. At 11:13 AM on 30 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Morning Friends xx

    Just on my way out but had to come on and say Well done and Congratulations Joannie, what a great start to the New Year, I'm delighted for you xx

    See you all later

    Love Mary xx

  142. At 01:59 PM on 30 Dec 2006, jillygoat wrote:

    Hi to all bloggers

    Sorry I haven't been around lately but having Christmas guests has meant all the "stuff" that usually stays in the spare room has had to come into our tiny study and I haven't been able to even see the computer, yet alone reach it to blog!!!!

    Anyway, it's just me and 'im indoors now and the "stuff" is back where it should be. Now then, what have I missed?

    Joannie - way to go girl - well done on the new job and what a fantastic early birthday present!! Hope you have a lovely birthday and very good luck to you in your new endeavours.

    Moose - so sorry you've been poorly x

    We're away for New Year's Eve so I won't be able to blog again until I'm back at work on 2 January, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a very Happy New Year and a healthy 2007 to all. Looking forward to blogging in the New Year with you all.

    Tracey-Anne - more positive vibes to you x

    Love to all, jillygoat xxxxx

  143. At 05:20 PM on 30 Dec 2006, Prof Plum wrote:

    Well hello.... one and all

    Well done to Joanie on the job front.

    Alas, today I saw one of my sources of income greatly reduced as the secretary of the Suddam Hussein fan club. As one door opens another closes as they say.
    Still, will give me a bit more time to finish The Wonderful World of JMC.
    Almost finished it. It's a blast I almost choked on my coke.

  144. At 06:32 PM on 30 Dec 2006, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Plum - take care! I can accept no liability for readers of my misadventures who exit this world through choking on sweetened, fizzy beverages. Please put all your affairs in order before continuing.

    J McC

  145. At 08:16 PM on 30 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    evenin' all

    I posted this afternoon but my pc did something with it...which reminds me Prof Plum...did you get your super speakers sorted?.....I too have had some very strange 'error' messages appearing on my screen.

    Previous (unsuccessful) post was somewhat football orientated, so it was probably just as well it didn't make it - I can be a bit of a bore.

    Now what else did I say before....ah, yes....get well very soon poorly friends. xx

    Dr McC - I too am enjoying your book : )

    M f R - what a result at the Bridge - we weren't so lucky at OT - almost though : )

    Moose - my newspaper today informs me that West Ham have made more substitutions this season than any other 'top-flight side'.....I am sure Sheringham's substitutions account for most of them (thankfully)...so kind of the manager(s!) to keep us laydees happy : )

  146. At 10:05 PM on 30 Dec 2006, cath wrote:

    Hello my friends. I've been feeling so lonely, and I suddenly wondered if any of you were out there even tho christophe is on hols. So glad to see you are.

    I've found this week so difficult. My 3 1/2 year relationship as you may recall finished 3 weeks ago, and altho I know it's the right thing, I'm finding it really hard not to contact him, I've spent much of the time in tears. I've also had the worst cold which at the moment means I've lost my voice, and I can;t even talk to friends or my lovely counsellor to get some moral support.

    I'm so sorry to be blue, but I know that some of you at least out there will understand where I'm coming from. This can be the best or worst time of year, and at the moment for me it's the worst.

    I hope the rest of you are doing better than me.


  147. At 10:09 PM on 30 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Evenin' all,

    Did something for the first time in my life today...can you guess what it was???

    Joannie - many congratulations!

    JMcC - unfortunately not in the Cambridge vicinity today. Thanks for the offer on publishing. In the meantime I think I have answered my own questions through web based research, including your very fine self-publishers down 'ere in Cornwall...

    Matt from R - congrats on the result.

    Jillygoat - German alcoholic medicines are helping, thank you. I thought I was recovering and risked a pasty for lunch...the complaints have returned...oh well.

    Jani - to the inaugural Blog Once a Month Club
    meeting in Covent Garden - Jan 18th all welcome.

    Gaby - commiserations - I'm feeling it double today after two 1-0 defeats.


    PS 19 sleeps to go

    PPS Went to a pantomime! What were you thinking you dirty lot...Dick Whittington and the mooselets had a great time (and me too!)

  148. At 10:51 PM on 30 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    cath......I really, really feel for you. Just had a cry myself over stuff I won't go into now. I don't know what to say because it could all just sound like cliches and would almost seem hypocritical for me to be coming out with lots of 'be positive' advice after I have just been crying myself!! : )

    .....however......of course you have the urge to contact him, but you are right not to......day at a time and the days will pass. Please forgive my not remembering the exact details of what happened - I was going to try to guess on which blog it was you told us so that I could re-read it - but that would take too long when I wanted to reply asap.......not that what I am saying is going to really help but I just wanted to send my love and thoughts. As time goes by, you know that you won't feel the urge to contact him and everything will seem much more in control. In the meantime, please keep yourself busy...use whatever you can think of to take your mind off things. I really do know that it is easier said than done...the last thing I intend to do is sound patronising.

    I will stay online for a good while, in case you want to post again tonight for a wee chat.


    ps we need Chris back don't we - come back Chris....THIS BLOG NEEDS YOU

  149. At 11:42 PM on 30 Dec 2006, Prof Plum wrote:

    Cath. sometimes you can make it on your own.

    DR JMC . I have adequate laughter death insurance so should be ok.

    Gaby. Got my speakers working thanks. However if you disconnect hardware from your pc, whislt stwitched on. The pc goes to a Dos Screen. The error messages are written by comdian programmers for example Physical Dump 10000030X. Self explanitory really I suppose.

  150. At 12:17 AM on 31 Dec 2006, Joannie wrote:

    Hi again,
    You are all probably out partying or sleepybies but it is only 7pm here so just getting dinner ready....but had to comment.

    First of all thank you all so much for my congrats on the new job...it is so nice to be able to tell you all and have your love and support.

    Cath - Gaby is right....not to sound cliche...it is one day at a time and do anything to keep yourself busy so you wont get the urge to call him. I completely understand, as most probably will, it is sometimes not all ho ho ho at Christmas time - it is hard. I too have had my off days this Christmas (divorced). It is times like this when everything is magnified, I miss my mum, my dog, (my kids when they are with their dad) - but hang on my dear, it will get better...promise. Give yourself time to heal. Stay positive and get yourself well....then you will be fighting fit!!! 2007 will be a new start, a better start :-)

    Moose - sorry to hear about the return of your tummy ache!!! I guess it is no food for you for a few days till you get over whatever it is....no more mince pies for you my boy :-) Try drinking a ton of water (I said water :-) to flush out whatever it is.

    I just want to say also, I must have missed the blog about the oamc...I am kinda feeling left out. Suffice it to say, I would be there with bells on (Christmas bells even) if I could. I am there in spirit though (hic) and want pictures....so how many are expected Moose? any idea?? Awwwwwwwwww, not fair, I wanna come!!! Yes I want some whine with my cheese - LOL.

    I guess after the new year, things will pick up again on here....there are a lot of people away and yes Gaby we are missing Chris, it is not the same when we have no guiding star :-)

    Anyway my dears - I will check in tomorrow and say happy new year to all.......my birthday tomorrow, my son (the other one is snowboarding in Calgary) is going to make me breaky in bed - although I may have to wait till 2 pm!!!! You know what they are like, not up before noon :-)

    Take care all
    Joan xxxxx

  151. At 01:37 AM on 31 Dec 2006, Billy Shaw wrote:

    Hi everyone....its the last day of 2006 and Im STILL not sure if it was a great year or awful year for myself and my family ( I used to be indecisive....but now Im not so sure :~)
    On a personal level its been great but I have had to look on as family and friends have struggled to cope with lifes most serious problems. Its just not possible to seperate your own good fortune from your loved ones misfortune ,is it?
    All you can do is offer a shoulder to cry on and a wee word of encouragement here and there but it just doesnt feel like its enough sometimes does it?
    Anyways...... i would just like to leave you with one last old saying before 2006 becomes another little peice of history.
    "The things that count in life cant always be counted......and things that can be counted dont ALWAYS count!"

    Hope your settling into your new place Chris and we ALL look forward to your return to the airwaves.

    I have left my journal address for everybody and anybody to check out and leave a wee comment on if you find time.



  152. At 10:08 AM on 31 Dec 2006, Em M wrote:

    Happy new year to Chris and all the bloggers, here's hoping 2007 is a fantastic year for us all. I'm off to a Bond party tonight, hope you all have a fun new year's eve whatever you do.

    Has anyone else voted in the Best British Band thing on the R2 website, I think there's only one winner and their name begins with a Q!! (bet you can't guess who they are!!)

    Love from em xx

  153. At 10:08 AM on 31 Dec 2006, Lynne wrote:

    Happy Birthday Joannie, Have a great one. What a time to have a birthday. Do you find it an advantage or a disadvantage?

    It was my birthday on 28th. Usually I would have the family round and it would be a continuation of the festivities. I love having the family round, any excuse to bake cakes and play party games! A busy time for us all. As it was we are miles away from the family and had to think of some alternatives because to be honest we're both missing family and friends.

    All the local places my husband thought of taking me for lunch were shut (what's up with this country don't they want our business?) Anyway we went to the next village and took in a very small exhibition of paintings and lunch. Whilst there the owner a vey nice lady who encourages us to practise our Swedish told us about the fireworks on the lake tonight at midnight, so we now have something planned for tonight, not sure whether we'll actually be on the ice as planned though as there's a bit of a thaw happening here at present. Anyway I'll let you know what happens.

    Last night we had our Swedish friends over for a meal their first one with us even though we've been to them loads including Christmas Eve. They seemed to enjoy it, they had seconds so it couldn't have been too bad. It was a bit nerve wracking as our friend thinks Sweden is best for everything and doesn't rate British food, though we had to laugh once we found out that he tends to base that assumption on Little Chef!!! So I didn't let the side down. We started with Red Pepper soup which they hadn't had before, followed by (sorry Moose), moose, except they call it moose here as you know but it's really elk. Our friends enjoyed the roast parsnips which they hadn't had before. We finished with Chocolate Terraine that has prunes in the recipe, and Raspberry Sauce. It's something I haven't made in a while but is worth all the 'faffing' about with loads of different bowls, and that went down a treat! So a great night was had by us all.

    We listened to Bruce Springsteen on Radio 2 the other night. That album the Seeger Sessions has become our 'album of the year'. I first heard some tracks off it before moving over here, then once here my husband heard some tracks in another Swedish friends car who then 'copied' him the album. It became a firm favourite with us. My husband bought me the album which includes a DVD for Christmas. We were very pleased to see that the session that was held in London in May? was shown on tv here the other night. I don't suppose you'll read this Chris- but you certainly seemed to be having a great time, it looked a fantastic session!.

    Well please forgive the long sentances and spellings, I seem to have been writing this forever- hope I'm not boring you.

    Best wishes to everyone for a better, brighter 2007.

    Cath, stick in there. I'm not very good with the 'right words' for things like this so I am usually very brief. Just know that you're thought of and it will get better.

    Catch up with you later, if I don't fall through the ice!

    Lynne x

  154. At 10:30 AM on 31 Dec 2006, anna wrote:

    hi all, a few days away whilst the family came round, took over and made themselves at home. Which was all good. still got some here but this is a quiet moment so i am taking full advantage.

    Moose - i echo your apprehensions actually. On the one hand it would be lovely to meet my blogging pals, on the other, i like the fact that nobody knows me so if they judge what i say, it doesnt matter...... if we knew each other, would that start the social sensoring of our comments, for fear of upsetting each other!?

    Joannie - well done you. Congratulations - I am very excited for you, a new year and a new beginning. BRilliant.

    Cath - hold on, be strong and see today as the end of a difficult year and tomorrow as a new start. I know it sounds simplistic, it isnt necessarily easy, but it can be definately that straight forward if you choose it to be. Have faith in yourself and your future. x

    Jax - well done fo surviving.

    Jan 18th - as i said before, part of me would like to be there and part of me would not, i suspect however that my little man and 'im in doors might wonder where i was to be honest, this is my 'me time' so am not going to start explaining the blog thing to them either. I will definately be there in spirit. Where is it going to be at again?

    In case i dont get back on for a few days, happy new year all. see you on the other side of it all, and thank you, from the heart of my bottom, for being my blogging pals. You are all very lovely.


  155. At 10:43 AM on 31 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:



  156. At 12:12 PM on 31 Dec 2006, cath wrote:

    Hello all. thank you so much for the wise words and support. I still feel like cr*p, but at least I know I'm not alone.

    You're right - one day at a time. The first entry in my new diary (it has wise words every week) says :

    "We often tend to perceive the future as a blank, which can have the unfortunate effect of making it seem unenticing. In fact, the formlessness is the very essence of its potential. Think of your future as a mysterious, exciting gift box. The gifts inside are the opportunities your future has always wanted."

    Looking forward to seeing what's in my box. Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for being so great. I feel very lucky to be part of this blog :-)


  157. At 02:10 PM on 31 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Hello Everyone xx

    Have a great day!

    Cath - Sorry to hear you are suffering, hang in there! Wise words from your diary!

    I woke up with a strange feeling of excitement this morning, I don't know why because my future is a bit like Cath's diary note, empty! Perhaps I have a box somewhere I haven't opened yet! :-) I've developed a very positive attitude since joining this blog, so a very BIG thanks to everyone because you have all done your bit to help me xx

    Moose - Hope your tummy troubles are left behind in 2006 :-)

    Lynne - Your meal sounds very nice xx A belated happy birthday for the 28th xx

    Dr McCrumble - Your book hasn't made me cry, but then I don't cry when I'm laughing :-)

    Jax - Thinking of you, proud of you for switching off and staying strong xx

    Tracey-Ann - Hope you are doing ok, and that 2007 brings you strength, health and happiness xx

    Keith - Wishing you and Mrs Keith a full recovery from your colds xx Hope you managed to get the leak problems sorted xx

    Gaby - I didn't realise you lived near Reading. I lived in Thatcham for a number of years, then Warfield (near Windsor) before coming back to Scotland. Enjoyed my time down there but I had personal problems after my divorce extra and my Mum's health was deteriorating so I decided to come back to Scotland.

    New Year was always a great time for us as a family, my Dad's favourite time of year. After my Dad passed away it was never the same and in my Mum's last few years I always spent Hogmanay with her, one minute we would be crying and the next we would be laughing. Since my Mum's passing I have spent it with my Sister and her family, but tonight will be the first one on my own, through choice I must add. So tonight when I'm watching the fireworks go off at the bells I will raise my glass to my Mum, Dad, family, friends and a very special thought to my new found family and friends on the blog!

    It would be good if there was a virtual way some of us could link up!

    I wish you all the very best of health, luck and happiness for 2007 xx

    Take care
    All my love
    Mary xx

  158. At 02:18 PM on 31 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Sorry me again!

    I come on with the intention of saying all that I did in my previous msg, it just spilled out because that's how this blog makes me feel. I am able to be very open and honest with feeling I'm being judged. Would that be the same if we met, I think it would because none of us have any great expectations from each other. I'm very envious of the BOAMC, but I might get to one next time I visit my Sister who is in Farnborough.

    Anyway, going now. Off to get all my cleaning done before the bells!!!

    Take care
    Love you all
    Mary xx

  159. At 02:30 PM on 31 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Sorry my last msg should read

    "I didn't come on........"

    Mary xx

  160. At 02:34 PM on 31 Dec 2006, MWK wrote:

    Oh I made a right meal of that msg......it should also have said....."without feeling I'm being judged"

    I know you would all have known what I was meaning but I just wanted to clarify xx

    Mary xx

  161. At 04:39 PM on 31 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    afternoon all,

    wow - so many of you still out there....HI : )

    Mary - you made me smile with the additional parts to your message. I can't believe how many mistakes I, myself, make on here. I realised only yesterday (having read McCrumble's own blog) that I have been spelling 'confiscate' wrong - and it is a word that I have had cause to use often here : )

    Lynne - belated and very Happy Birthday xx

    I declare that after THIS message I will not mention anything else that is related to football for the whole of the rest of the year......

    ....but I must just share my excitement about tomorrow....I have already told you I am going to see my team at home vs West Ham....but, even better, I, together with my party, am having a tour of the stadium which includes the changing room. I think that it will be the home side's changing room - but there is a chance that I will get closer to Teddy Sheringham's shirt than originally anticipated. You see, the afore-mentioned player has been my hero since he first appeared on the football scene. Anyway, enough said, I won't sleep tonight - but then tonight is not a particularly tough night for insonmiacs (especially excited ones) because we are only meant to be asleep for a few hours anyway : )


    ps nom de plume

    pps Mary - I will be thinking of you tonight xx

    ppps Moose - an honourable draw would be the honourable suggestion, but 3 points would be handy. There is no complacency here though - we would be very happy with a point.

  162. At 05:54 PM on 31 Dec 2006, cate D wrote:

    Hi All

    I have been email-less for a week as I was away from home. SO have just checked in to see what’s happening and I am sad to read so much illness and sadness but pleased to see the support and love that is being provided in return. This is a great group of people who have come together because of one man (Mr E) but many stay for the friends they find here. I have really enjoyed being part of this group in 2006 and look forward to more blogs good or bad, happy or sad in 2007. I know that whatever happens the people here will offer their time, their experience and their caring.

    Thanks folks for 2006 and whatever you are doing or not doing tonight remember that a new year can be a new start for each of us if only we can find the courage to take a first step.

    Love and best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and successful 2007


  163. At 06:04 PM on 31 Dec 2006, Gaby wrote:

    I think I have had a post confiscated : (

    Despatched it ages ago and it still hasn't arrived : (

    oh well, I won't say much this time, will just send my love......surely that will slip under the radar??


    ps aux jeus des gendermes de blog!!

  164. At 06:24 PM on 31 Dec 2006, moose wrote:

    Happy Birthday Joannie, and a belated one to Lynne too...

    Off to Mousehole tonight to see the lights and see the New Year in near Newlyn.

    Best wishes in 2007 to one and all.


  165. At 06:48 PM on 31 Dec 2006, the_feline wrote:

    Hi Chris and All,

    I haven't blogged for a while - but en route to getting incomprehensibly drunk tonight I thought I'd stop off at the blog and wish y'all the most wonderful new year ever!!
    I've got the champagne on ice, the cats are asleep on the sofa and the nibbles are on the coffee table ready to dive in to. I hope 2007 brings you all health & happiness and you have a wonderful time whatever you're doing,

    loads of love and good wishes
    the _feline

  166. At 07:14 PM on 31 Dec 2006, Jani wrote:

    Hi all,

    Well, I say all, may be just me and a few friendless insomniacs by now on New Years Eve!

    Reading the blog will keep me happy and not feeling so left out of celebrations while at work - not that I whinge or anything!!

    Joannie - Happy Birthday!

    Anna - so agree with you about this being 'me time', my other half just doesn't get it at all.

    Cath - about 5 years ago I went through one of the worst times of my life following a break up, won't go into details, am here to tell the tale but it took time.

    Moose - Jan 18th would be great but depressingly I will be on nights again! Always miss out on the good do's because of work. Will definately be thinking of you though.

    Once again, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda,

    Jani x

  167. At 07:24 PM on 31 Dec 2006, The BigUN wrote:

    Happy New Year bloging friends,

    You are all such lovely people; it is such an honour to be part of this blog :-) Thank you for all of the get well messages.

    I have not been around for a few days due to this bug I have. I do not know what it is but it still is affecting both me and Mrs B. She is still in bed today and we have cancelled all of our plans for celebrating the New Year. My rib has defiantly gone pop and every time I cough I am still in agony. I will contact the vet in a couple of days to get something stronger than Lemsip and Anadin Extra ;-(

    Joannie, happy birthday and congratulations on the job! Xx

    Cath, I am so please in your time of need you turned to the blog for some comfort ;-) Here is a little comfort from me {{hug}}. For what it is worth I think you are right not to contact him, deep down I think you know that but find it hard to do it as you are such a nice person. It is nearly another New Year and a perfect time to make a fresh start and a pledge to you to keep putting yourself first! Xx

    Mary, Have a wonderful New Year, I will be thinking of you. X x

    Gaby, I am impressed with your passion for football and knowledge. Reading have done really well so far this season.

    Moose, I am please your ailments have cleared up in time to inflict some more ;-)

    So to one and all please have a fantastic time doing whatever it is you have chosen to do!

    Good health and the very best of season’s wishes and a bright 2007!

    Keep smiling :-))))


  168. At 07:38 PM on 31 Dec 2006, Jani wrote:


    Just read my last blog and realised how rude it sounds!! 'Friendless insomniacs' - OMG how rude!
    Not how it was meant at all, I was just feeling sorry for myself because of being at work.

    Heartfelt apologies - hope have not offended anyone just as I was getting couragously bloggy.

    Jani x

  169. At 08:45 PM on 31 Dec 2006, Joannie wrote:

    Hi all......
    I know you are probably all out or getting ready to go out but it is only 3.30 here so I am going to get ready soon.

    Whatever you do this evening, I hope you all have a blast!!! Yoooohoooo to 2007!!! Let's hope it is a great one for all of us!!

    Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes, Lynne, Gaby, Mary (you made me cry with your Dad's story awwwww) and all, plus the best wishes for my new job!!! A good start to the new year for sure and one which I am very grateful for.

    Lynne - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU for the 28th, I hope you had a great time!!! You asked if having a birthday Dec 31 is an advantage or disadvantage - I guess growing up it was a disadvantage cos I did not get a lot of presents cos Xmas was just before it. It is OK now, it kind of gets all caught up in the Xmas frenzy but as long as the ones I love remember, that is all I care about. You have the same thing though right??? being right after Christmas....we still have to milk it for all it is worth !! LOL

    Cath - get better :-) I second your motion!! This blog has been great for all of us. What a great bunch of people and Chris our guiding star!! I hope his move went well.

    Anyway, enjoy your new years eve and all the very very best for 2007. I want to also thank you all for being there this year, it has been a pleasure virtually meeting all of you.
    Wishing you all health (most important) and happiness.....
    Joan xxxxx

  170. At 08:52 PM on 31 Dec 2006, Joannie wrote:

    Hi again,
    Thanks to Anna, Moose, Jani and Big un for my birthday wishes too.....so sweet :-)

    Glad you are better Moose....enjoy tonight.

    Mr and Mrs. Big Un - I am so sorry you are still sick, it is best you stay in and get better... you have each other and that is nice. Your rib sounds painful, definitely get to the docs - I dont think Anadin is cutting it!!! Take care you two (((xxx)))

    Lynne - dont fall through the ice!!!!

    Tracey-Ann - will email......sounds like it will be a Happy, happy New Year :-)

    Joan xxxxx
    Happy (hic) Ne(hic)w Ye(hic)ar :-))))))))

  171. At 10:27 PM on 31 Dec 2006, DWNB wrote:

    Hey Ho One and All.... been away.

    Sitting in snug inside my house while all hell rages around outside.

    Have lost my 6foot hight, 36 foot long fence. Bummer. We have hidden the bunnies in the shed, so they should be okay. My son's tree nearly got it when the fence came down, but we moved the fence and tried the tree up again. Hopefully it will be okay.

    All public hogmany celebrations in Scotland now cancelled because of the weather..... had to be eh? We took a drive to the harbour and beach from -the car was being hit by waves as we drove along the road. Was amazing and just a little bitty scarey.

    Have posted one pole dancing piccy on my web... enjoy. O M G I can't believe I was that drunk.

    Have a good one everyone, and I'll speak to you all in 2007.


    Oh PS - Say Ta Ta to my Broth-In-Law John, who is flying off to India tomorrow morning to work for a month.... ta ta JOhn. Take Care and remember my duty free on the way back!!!

  172. At 11:41 PM on 31 Dec 2006, Granny Bev wrote:


    # 135 Joannie, congratulations on your new contract and belated Happy Birthday!

    # 136 Jani, so pleased you had a special Christmas with your girls and special someone.

    #146 Cath, I empathise - my daughter suffered similarly; I hope your diary's wise words are prophetic.

    #157 MWK, did you see any fireworks? or did the weather put a kibosh on the party?

    #171 DWNB, similarly, did you see any fireworks? My niece is spending the New Year in Edinburgh and I know many events have been cancelled due to the weather.

    BIG'UN AND MRS BIG'UN, I hope you are both feeling much better.

    I'm not au fait with Prof Plum and Joseph McCrumble - I think I am missing out - BIG TIME! I will rectify this in 2007.

    To those I have not mentioned by name, I wish you all the very best for 2007.

    "Always remember for 2007; life is short. break the rules! Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truely, laugh uncontrollalby and never regret anything that made you smile!"

    Only 15 minutes to go!

    HAPPY 2007!
    Granny Bev

  173. At 02:02 AM on 01 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:



  174. At 06:03 AM on 01 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Hi all..........

    Thanks Granny Bev :-)

    DWNB - Sorry to hear about your weather, kinda puts a damper on things to say the least!!! At least you wont forget this new year's eve right :-)


  175. At 07:59 AM on 01 Jan 2007, Susie wrote:

    What on earth were all of you lot doing blogging on New Years Eve?!!!

    Crazy McCrazy!

    Happy New one Chris

    S x

  176. At 09:37 AM on 01 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:




    Am currently blogging from bed after going a bit too far with the whisky last night. We were invited to the house-party of one of the shopkeepers who was at our Christmas party. I think he hoped, somewhat unrealistically, that we would come along with McCavity and Chloe. My party-detesting wife, Dolores, developed a headache about 10pm and left me alone to usher in the new year. I greeted it with unbridled optimism, as I do every New Year's eve. Today I start paying the price. The bad weather has caused some damage to the Institute roof, the children are both feverish, Dolores's pregnancy is giving her problems, my head feels like it is being eaten by a large carnivore and Denise has handed in her notice. I doubt she means it, as it has become something of a ritual for her to declare that she needs to 'broaden her horizon' with each new year.

    Good luck to you all!

    J McC

  177. At 10:02 AM on 01 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:

    Good Morning and a H N Y to you All.

    Garden not so back this morning. First Son's Tree Still Upright..... Fence absolutely not so. Joanie... was looking at your lovely home page....Absolutely beautiful what you do. Excellent!!! Have a Good Years Business...where R U?

    There were fireworks last night. Sounded like mortars on top of the wind. Heaven knows who thought it would be safe to let them go.... they must have been taking off at all angles.

    First Daughter struggled to stay up til the Bells, then her and me fell into bed about 12.45. First son continually text me thru the night, until he came home at 5.15!!! Oh woe is me. I didn't sleep waiting to hear the key in the door, and of course I promised him a long lie, and I'd do his paper round. So I got up. I'm making bread (in my bread maker).... I've started Soup. and I'm just waiting for the paper shop to open so that I can go and deliver 26 papers! THEN I'm going back to bed.

    Is amazingly calm outstide this morning, in spite of the wind last night. The sky is still very heavy and I expect more of the LARGE hailstones and lightening,but at least everything is not blowing at 70 mph. AND most improtantly. Bunnies are safe and sound inside shed. Must go .. yeah, I did. Thought I better go and check that the Bunnies and the far side of the side were still there. and they are. Sigh... relief. Yeah.

    Okay. So have a lovely day everyone.... I'm heading off on the paper round now. Wish me luck!


  178. At 12:37 PM on 01 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:


    So it's the Year of the pig. I am checking what the year hold's in store in my Old Moores Almanack.
    It says......2007 Year of Adventure. This is an excellant year for individuals who are prepared to broaden their horizons.... I can quote no more as it is copyright.
    However I think I can quote an ad here. It says ..
    All the luck in the world can be yours. Send off for your lucky Charm. For example
    African go away Charm. "Don't put up with troublesome neighbours, a problem person at work, an unresonable partner etc, use this powerful spell to make them go away. The spell does no harm, it brings about polite behaviour or the urge to pack and leave."

    If only life was that simple.......

  179. At 01:18 PM on 01 Jan 2007, ASHY wrote:


  180. At 02:48 PM on 01 Jan 2007, Steevie fae Dundee + Glas wrote:

    People :

    Happy New Year. I hope that 2007 is good to you all.

    I'm sitting here having (yet) another mug of Herbal (or Green) tea, still not quite able to believe that I toddled over to the gym this morning for a class at 10.30, Baby Elephant on my head notwithstanding! I didn't even feel self-righteous afterwards (ha ha) but DID have a great scalding shower afterwards. Their showers go MUCH hotter than mine.

    Glasgow City Centre was absolutely DEAD last night (Hogmany / NewYear's Eve, depending where you are). As has been noted here earlier, the wind and rain caused the call-off of the outdoor festivities. Edinburgh apparently called theirs off at 8.30pm having previously insisted that they had reinforced structures in place to cope. Glasgow cancelled about 3pm. It was the first time that Glasgow had ever cancelled (Edin cancelled two years ago as well for the same thing) Someone in the pub last night said to me that both of Glasgow's train stations (Queen St and Central) were closed, nothing going in or out. I don't know if that were true, but if so might have (partly) explained why the town was so quiet. I had imagined that the pubs would have been bouncing with the 'outdoor' having been cancelled but it seems most folk just stayed in. I was myself sitting in listening to the wind howling past the houses and windows thinking "Am I really going out in that" but once I did I thought "Is this it?" It sounded much worse than it was.

    As I hear a trailer for "Torchwood" it reminds me to say "Congrats" to John Barrowman who signed the Civil Partnership with his long-standing partner.

    Cath #146 : Cry as much as you need to. It cleanses. It's not going to "go away" next week or the week after. I got dumped in March and sometimes it STILL feels raw. We'd only been going out 4 months but it was one of the best four months of my life. I felt bereaved after I was elbowed. It was Thursday past when it all caught up with me unexpectedly and *I* ended up howling at the moon (so to speak), arms wrapped around myself tightly. Aside from thinking "This is RIDUCULOUS, you are 42 years old, get a GRIP", I thought I was never gonna 'stop' and I thought I was gonna burst. Part of it I think though was I knew I was going to a funeral of someone who had died at 56 and I was just concsious of life being 'too short' and I so badly wanted to 'reach out' to the ex, particularly at this time of year. I thought last night's "celebrations" were going to be hard because this time last year we were so 'together' and one of my best Christmas / New Year. I was passionately and deeply in love - it was without condition and it was uninhibited and unashamed. But I was OK. As you will be. You will have good days and bad, then good weeks and a bad morning etc etc. Just don't let the bitterness set in because it's only you it affects (and those around you who care about you who despair at your descent in to your living hell). Make time for yourself to do something "different", a facial, a sauna, go swimming if you haven't been for years. Just don't sit in and mope. Face the world up even although you are breaking up inside. Don't be afraid to go places you both did together, whether that be pub, cafe or whatever. For my part, I will be texting them a "Happy New Year" later on and will accept the inevitability of there being no reply. That's my 42p worth. Hope you get summat out of it.

    (Oh, and 'congrats' too to a certain Geraldine in a wee place called Dibley who I am reliably informed is getting married some time tonight between 9.30pm and 10.30pm on BBC1)

    Take Care one and all.

  181. At 04:55 PM on 01 Jan 2007, Em M wrote:

    Had a great time at the Bond party last night, but feeling a little wobbly today, to say the least! Don't know how many martinis I had, and then went onto the white wine. It was one of the best new years eves I've had, lets hope the rest of 2007 will be as much fun.

    Did anyone listen to best British band then?? I was right (I always am!).

    Lots of love to those of you who are feeling a bit low or who have had a rough 2006, isn't it lovely that we can come on here and it makes us feel a bit better? I'm a bit worried Chris might want to give this up soon, he's the sort of person to get bored of things don't you think? What will everyone do then? I find writing on here quite therapeutic, and everyone says such lovely things to eachother.

    Love Em xx

  182. At 06:42 PM on 01 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hi all, and a Happy New Year to everyone.

    Good time at Mousehole last night with the mooselets playing on the beach at midnight, fireworks, waves crashing over the sea wall it was so stormy, and a naked man running into the harbour just after midnight...something for everyone! The glass and a half of champagne back at home at 1am seemed to do the tummy good too. So much so that I even thought about going for a run today. But the i-pod being out of juice and the stormy conditions managed to put me off. Looking forward to Wednesday morning in the gym instead.

    Long day in the car tomorrow travelling back with everyone else no doubt...

    Gaby - thanks for not gloating (yet!!) Hope you had a great time there. Must have been some atmosphere! As I've said before on here, the beauty of being a fairweather fan is that defeats such as today's impact me only slightly differently from a certain 3-3 draw and loss on penalties back in May last year. (Did I get in there first with that "last year" reference?...feels slightly wierd.) My theory is that it's healthy for me NOT to be too bothered by what happens to 11 men in shorts that I don't know. Was Teddy looking good for you? Did he give you a wave? I did ask him too...but he might have been depressed by events and he forgot.

    Cath and Steevie - I feel for you both. I know it's no consolation but remember there are also a lot of people IN relationships who feel lonely at special times too, when things aren't going too well. I think what I'm saying is you are not alone in feeling how you do. And Steevie, well impressed with gym on Jan 1 in the morning!!


    PS 17 sleeps...

  183. At 08:29 PM on 01 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Happy Monday :-)
    Happy New Year to all.....I did say that quietly for all the peeps with headaches :-)

    I am feeling OK today (went for a run this morning - it was great cos it is 9 degrees here!!) only had two glasses of wine last night (and a glass of shampers at midnight) cos I was driving. I went over to a friends for dinner, it was quiet but nice. My youngest son was in bed sick with a cold (he must be sick if he did not go out new years eve!!) I suggested I stay home with him but he was adamant I go out. So I went even though it did not really feel right and I called him twice before midnight and then at midnight. He is still in bed today so I am looking after him (which I am loving by the way cos both my kids are at Uni so I dont get to 'mother' them very often).

    I hope you are all feeling a bit better now, alka seltzers must be sold out everywhere!!!!

    DWNB - I hope you got your paper round finished OK...lol - the things we have to do :-) Thank you for your lovely words about my webpage. I am an interior decorator and landscape gardener. (I am in Toronto). I have (unsuccessfully) been trying to get my business off the ground for a year now. My new job (start Jan 8) is in an office again but a management position for a one year contract. So it will give me some breathing space till I decide my next steps. So I am starting the new year off in a very positive way which is great!!!
    I hope your weather improves...sounds like your cobwebs got well and truly blown away!!!

    Steevie...you made me cry (in a good way :-) How spot on your words are. You put it so elequently how a lot of people feel at this time of year and also when a relationship ends. You are right though, you have to try to move on and not be bitter. Thank you for your words though, they were uplifting and heartfelt. It is hard being alone at this time of year (I am divorced) - cos you feel so very alone but Moose was right too....some people who are in relationships are lonely too. So thanks for your words to Cath - cos it helped me too :-)

    Happy New Year all.....
    Talk to you later
    Joan xxx

  184. At 10:43 PM on 01 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Good evening to you all,

    Hope you have all had a good day and those feeling low/poorly are feeling the positive and loving thoughts from these pages x

    Moose.......it was an incredibly exciting day... I was a bit gutted when I saw that Sheringham wasn't even on the team sheet. Just before ko I went to powder my nose and on the way back I saw him in the corridor (we were invited to the hospitality part of the stadium today : )) That was exciting enough.....but, after the game, as we were about to leave, I bumped into him again - shook his hand, had a quick chat....am still buzzing

    .....oh, and as for the match..... we needed the 3 points....the previous 2 away matches have been impressive games, but it's the points that make the prizes


    ps actually 'buzzing' is a very big understatement

  185. At 10:45 PM on 01 Jan 2007, Lynne wrote:

    Happy New Year to you all.

    It's lovely reading all your comments, I do like the sense of togetherness that we have here.

    Sounds as though the weather in the UK put a bit of a dampener on celebrations. We ended up being invited to a friends house for the evening. So we went, met more Swedish people they are all so lovely. We had a lovely meal, played pool, watched a short English comedy film that I can't remember seeing before but it has been on Swedish tv every New Year for the last 40 years! It's part of their tradition to watch it. Just before midnight we went outside to let some fireworks off. As their garden overlooks the lake we could see fireworks that other people were letting off all round the lake. So we didn't make it to the village for the firework display but we could see it in the distance. So, no danger of falling through the ice.

    Today we had the offer of some kind of speed racing on the ice, but it was cancelled as it has been thawing and raining here today.

    Thank you to you all who sent me birthday wishes.

    All the best to all of you for everything that you wish for yourselves in 2007.

    Lets hope that in 2007 we see progress towards world peace and care for the environment.

    Take care, Lynne x

    p.s. May this blog go from strength to strength!

  186. At 09:39 AM on 02 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Morning all

    What a shock to the system having to come back to work today. I got up this morning and went to turn on the light for our fuses to blow so had to proceed in darkness! All fixed now thanks to some new fuse wire and my hubby fixing it once he could see.

    I cannot believe it’s all over for another year. I have not managed to blog for a while as we have been away on the Isle of Wight and not have access to the big www. It’s good to be back on the mainland and was fortunate enough for the weather not to impact our New Year celebrations – had a few too many G&Ts while attempting to play on the latest games consol! I am sure we all must have look a picture trying to play tennis under the influence.

    Gaby – What a result for the Royals yesterday. 3 points but also no negative goal difference!

    Happy New Year!


  187. At 09:53 AM on 02 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:

    Stevie..... Fae Dundee and Glasgow??

    Aw. You are LOVERLY. A guy who expresses his emotions..to all of us you are a special kind of person

    You'll get someone VERY special.

    In fact I know of someone.... 36 also looking for someone very special, someone who is prepared to fall very deeply and passionately in love.... let me know if you want an intro...


    PS - Is not me.

  188. At 09:56 AM on 02 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Morning all,

    Good day to you

    I posted one late last night but it was confiscated. I think I do understand why this time, for once.

    Moose - yesterday was so exciting, that I can't deny. We needed the points- the previous 2 matches had been impressive but it's the points that make the prizes : ) Also, I shook hands with him. Am still buzzing : )


  189. At 11:16 AM on 02 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Good morning bloggers

    Happy New Year to one and all - hurrah!

    Well the Christmas festivities are well and truly over here and normal service has been resumed. The fellas at work are their old miserable selves again, moaning about how much Christmas cost them and competing with each other on how much they drank over the holiday! Happy days ...

    'Im indoors is waiting for a phone call to find out if he's got a new job. He had three interviews in December and it would a great step up for him if he gets the job - it's between him and one other person so please can you cross your fingers (not advisable when trying to blog though!!) for him? Many thanks and I'll keep you posted.

    Hope CLP is enjoying his new home and his extended holiday - lucky beggar - but on a selfish note I'll be glad when he's back on the airwaves!

    Oh well, head down and back to work - blog later.

    jillygoat xx

  190. At 11:50 AM on 02 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    HNY to all. I enjoy the festivities but blimey its nice to have the house back to my little family for a while! New Years was lovely, a little street party with our new neighbours. A tad blustery, and with all of us having little ones it was also a gentle evening, but perfect i thought.
    My sister in law stayed with us whilst her hubby is in Afghanistan and it was lovely to feel i was doing my bit in terms of looking after the family, it wasnt always that easy!

    Anyway, am back to work today - working from home so not too bad. In Nottingham tomorrow but they are my favourite client so that is fine too. And I am now to enter into the busiest time of my working year which i relish - two arts festivals between now and the end of May so a lot of work to do to make sure we have an audience! Wish me luck!!

    Moose - Mousehole at new year, my favourite cornish gallery is in Newlyn, the show an artist called Andrew Litten and he is very special, managed to buy a small piece of his last year and am defo saving up for another!!

    Jillygoat - fingers crossed.

    Steevie - blimey thats impressive, gym on new years day. You are an inspiration. And thanks for sharing.

    must dash and put the kettle on before i get stuck in to the next batch of emails. see ya


  191. At 12:19 PM on 02 Jan 2007, Laura E Alexander wrote:

    Missing the thoughts from u over the festivities as with so many DJs missing from Radio 2, there is a huge void in my day.
    Write to us soon.
    A healthy NY to all.
    LEA x & 0

  192. At 12:55 PM on 02 Jan 2007, Flo wrote:

    Happy New Year Chris and to all other Sloggers.

    Christmas was FAB and a great time for a rest. I have now promised myself to relax more and enjoy life more, rather than worrying about what I don't get done - I will eventually.

    Be happy, healthy and make others around you smile.

    Love to Chris and you all Flo xxxxxxxxxxxx

  193. At 02:39 PM on 02 Jan 2007, Jennie (from the blog) wrote:

    Afternoon all,

    well, as promised I handed in my notice this morning! It was met with a stunned silence then grumbles then good wishes. Only my secretary sobbed dutifully!!

    so now I can get on with worrying about what to do with myself for the next few months!

    Off to celebrate this evening - going to see Kylie at Wembley ! (hurrah)

    Happy new year to you all


  194. At 02:41 PM on 02 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    This is the first time I've posted for ages as I've had some proper time off! It's been wonderful catching up on sleep, seeing friends, walking the bears and generally taking it easy but now back at work I feel the need to say hello to all my blogging buddies. It's good to see so many of you have been keeping in touch and being so pro-active, DWNB, Big Un, Cath, Joannie, Gaby, Jillygoat, Prof Plum, J McCrumble, Em, Moose and all the rest of you lovely people (in no particular order) it's given the rest of us lazy lot something to look at.

    I feel that 2007 is going to be a mighty fine year, not only for me but for a whole load of us. We all know Chris will go from strength to strength and keep us all entertained when he gets back and I'm sure that as we wave goodbye to an old year we can all wave goodbye to the things that held us back. We can start a new year with a new sense of purpose and look forward to all the magnificent things we have yet to come!

    Oh yes this is going to be a great year and it's all the better for knowing you're all out there too!

    & the bears

    ps. the bears are my 2 labradors (just in case you wondered)

  195. At 03:10 PM on 02 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Was not going to bother blogging till our leader was back, but, i thought what the hell.
    Well 2007, when i was a little young boy the year 2000 was so far away i never thought i would live that long, (sad i know) but look at us now 2007 and going strong. Like everybody ive spoken to i have had a belting xmas & new year. Back at work today, got here early due to the roads still being quiet, and looking at the traffic queing to get into meadowhall shopping centre, i reckon a lot of people have not got back to work yet. Well i looked in the mirror this morning and thought OMG Kev you've put a couple of pounds on, well ok a couple of stone, over the last 12 months not just xmas !! Im really going to have to get out and do some excercise. Even my kids have said Eh Dad come on, your getting FAT. But i got pantomine in 3 weeks, so if i diet now my dress wont fit !! well thats my excuse. Oh YES IT IS !!

    i end by wishing all fellow shloggers a very healthy and happy 2007

    Kev C

  196. At 03:53 PM on 02 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Moose - we was robbed and no mistake! And you were just starting to feel better too ........

    jillygoat x

  197. At 06:00 PM on 02 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:

    Jennie from the Blog

    GO YOU!!!!!

    3 years ago I was in a job which was slowly grinding me into madness - I had dreams of driving away down the motorway and not coming back. I took the step and handed my notice in... with nothing to go to and an operation to face in between......It was truely the best thing I ever did.

    I look back now and think "why did I let them treat me like that" - it was pure psychological torture. I bimbled around for a year but then found the job I'm in now, and tho its not as career intensive, I'm working with people it's genuinely fun to be around.

    Life is what you make it, and it can be good!


    PS - Just been at Fridays and stuffed myself useless can hardly walk.

  198. At 07:44 PM on 02 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Jennie - you wont regret it. Ditto what DWNB said, i have done it too and it was the best move. I love what i do now and wouldnt be doing it if i hadnt took control!
    Well done you and good luck.


  199. At 07:50 PM on 02 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:



    Happy New Year. I was planning my annual visit to a get my tarot done and have decided not to go. I will make my own future and enjoy the present instead of wishing my life away!


    1) Be better with money
    2) More patient with the kids
    3) Get closer to my full potential
    4) Meet the man of dreams and if not then have at least one bedroom encounter
    5) Be mentioned on Chris's show
    6) Attend the OAMC

    (this is not an exhaustive list and can be changed agt any time without prior notice other lists are avilable)


  200. At 09:08 PM on 02 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:


    I have been blogging for several weeks / months now..... and I too am a blogaholic.

    We need help.


    Come Back

  201. At 09:28 PM on 02 Jan 2007, ASHY wrote:

    Hello everybody kids back to school tomorrow so today has been spent cleaning shoes ironing uniform etc. etc.DWNB LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Great photos of a lovely family!!and what an inspiration for women of a certain age.Thankfully Wales did not suffer too much with the gale force winds.....Does anybody know when is Chris back?????I do like Mark Goodier but it's not quite the same.XXXXXASHY

  202. At 09:32 PM on 02 Jan 2007, ASHY wrote:

    Hello everybody kids back to school tomorrow so today has been spent cleaning shoes ironing uniform etc. etc.DWNB LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Great photos of a lovely family!!and what an inspiration for women of a certain age.Thankfully Wales did not suffer too much with the gale force winds.....Does anybody know when is Chris back?????I do like Mark Goodier but it's not quite the same.XXXXXASHY

  203. At 10:46 PM on 02 Jan 2007, kaz wrote:

    Happy New Year

    Another year gone and still have not
    made progress with someone I like. I
    need to make the first move because
    he won't but I can't.

  204. At 11:36 PM on 02 Jan 2007, Amanda wrote:

    Hello one and all!! Happy New Year!

    I have not blogged since before Christmas as I have been visiting friends and family and simply refused to bother turning on a computer.

    It is this time of year that I remember how fortunate I am to have the career I do. I am a university professor and we are in between semesters; we don't start again until the 17th! Woo Hoo!! That is not to say that I am sitting around doing nothing...oh, no! I am reading all of the books I have saved up since Fall term started; I am figuring out how I can prepare every meal from this day forward using my new KitchenAid Mixer I got for Christmas; I am knitting; meeting friends for drinks; catching up on my movie watching; and yes, eating the occasional bonbon.

    Ok, I am doing some legit work/writing as well. But only as a diversion from the fun. Too much of a good thing and all!

    I hope you are all keeping at your New Years resolutions. Keep up the good work. Only 363 days to go until next year!


  205. At 08:30 AM on 03 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:


    Hallo everyone - hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and a suitably celebratory new year.

    Gonna catch up on my reading now...

    a tout a l'heure

    ps have forgotten my spectacles today...will have a head ache by about 11.

  206. At 08:33 AM on 03 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Well Happy New Year one and all.
    Many thanks to all those that wished me a successful stress free house move, 'twas indeed what I hoped for. So I have now left the big skies of Norfolk behind and have moved into roundabout city! First impressions are that it is a nice place to live with all the facilities that you could possibly need.
    Only ongoing problem, and why I haven't blogged until today, Bt can't get our broadband connection working, but hopefully that will be sorted today.
    Some serious nest building going on between myself and Mrs DD, loadsamoney being spent getting chez DD just so!
    Had a good Christmas and New Year inspite of stinking cold and heavy russian (Chestikov) but clearing up now and am back at work, aaaaaaaagh it's all too soon!!!
    Have to say that I have missed the blog, the show, and the mighty Evans lad!
    Trust you are all well and had a good season of celebration, and that it was everything that you hoped it would be and more.

    DD of MK out

  207. At 09:25 AM on 03 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Well I don't know.

    Them Blog Police peeps are back on duty.

    Just wanted to wish everyone well, and a happy new year.

    Am trying to catch up with blog comment reading, but have forgotten my specs, so all is a bit swimmy...;~(

    Have got up to #100 and am going to take a rest!

    All good so far

    Gaby, did they win?

  208. At 09:38 AM on 03 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Good Morning One and All !

    I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful 2007 so far!

    I have missed you all but have been a very good girl and stayed under strict Doctors instruction !

    The meds took it out of me for a couple of weeks, really drained me, but - I’m feeling LOADS better ! A million times better infact. I am so happy to be getting my life back. I have reacted well to meds and my body is beginning to feel like my own again. I have loads more energy, I’m not in pain, I feel more alive than I have done in months !

    The down side was that I didn’t really do anything over the Christmas / New Year period. Lots of lovely friends came to visit but I took it easy. That said - now I’m feeling like my old self again there will be no stopping me ! There are after all 24 wonderful hours in every single day and so much to see and do as a result. Myself and a friend have just returned from a very spontaneous day trip to Wales as we were sitting in Surrey musing about the places in the UK we were yet to see and realised neither of us had been to Cardiff... So off we went ! Hopped in my car and followed the road ! A great afternoon !

    I have yet to read all of the comments / posts so apologise if I have missed out on any massive news...

    Joannie - Happy Belated Birthday :)

    Loads to do - have hundreds of E mails that have been building up at work in my absence...(Sorry Lyndyloo !!)

    I hope you all have fantastic days - I can’t wait to get my teeth in to 2007 - Its going to be great !

    All my love as always

    Tracey-Ann x x

    P.S - ASHY - I believe Chris is back on Jan 15th

  209. At 10:15 AM on 03 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Mornin' all

    Jennie - congrats on your courage and I hope 2007 is your year. If 'im indoors gets his new job I think I'll be looking to do something similar, especially as my firm can't seem to make up their minds what to do with me - perhaps I'll make their decision easier!!

    Hazel Love - lovely to read you again - missed you babe xx

    Tracey-Anne - can't tell you how pleased I am that you are feeling stronger and are raring to go. Please don't overdo it (as the rest of us have done!!) but if it feels right, most definitely do it !! It's so good to hear you sounding so happy and healthy (if you can indeed hear someone's health?!) but you know what I mean - positive vibes still winging their way to you xx

    I thought Christoph was due back on the 8th and am now devastated that there's yet another week to go - how could he be this cruel to his faithful bloggers? I guess that just confirms what I've suspected for a while .... that I too am a Chrisandblogaholic ... there, I've said it now, phew, what a relief!!! Hope there's not a cure!!

    jillygoat xx

  210. At 10:30 AM on 03 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Happy New Year to All (and Chris, if you are having a wee peek at the blog!)

    Back to work today - it's not too bad I suppose! We had a lovely Christmas and a cozy and happy Hogmanay. Not a single cross word between me and our daughter, we hugged and kissed more over the last fortnight than we had the whole of 2006! One of my resolutions is to hug more and nag less!

    Well done to everyone who have kept the blog going since Chris took off (again!). Em M #181 - I agree - hope Chris keeps the blog going during 2007. Won't be easy for him, it's a big commitment every day, but fingers crossed. I would miss everyone so much, wouldn't know what to do with myself!

    Tracey-Ann, I am so pleased to hear you feel better. I am sure that right now you must be feeling on top of the world and even the wind and rain will feel fabulous! Enjoy 2007!

    Cath, Stevie, Joannie, Jillygoat, BigUn, Jax, DWNB, Susan S and well, EVERYONE, take care and all the very best for this new year.

    C xx

    P.S. Moose, sorry I have missed the thread with you - what are you counting down to?

  211. At 10:38 AM on 03 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Morning all and a big lovely welcome back to Hazel, Dissing Dave and in particular TRacy-Ann. No favouritism, of course but blimey its heart warming to hear you so full of energy, spirit and positivity.

    I admire your strength.

    Must say that today i have warmth in my heart and a spring in my step. Funny how the end of a year and the start of a new one can make you feel so invigorated, despite the cold, lack of sleep and hangover following 2 weeks solid indulgence in red wine.


  212. At 11:03 AM on 03 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    JillyGoat - Thanks :) I do feel so much more like my old self. Its great ! I`ve said yes to going to a few gigs and day trips and have booked myself in to a nice little place in Arromanches for 4 days in June... Lovely. I will make sure I embrace 2007 and get out as much as I put in !

    I think Chris is back on the 15th but who knows. I was told Mark was still filling in next Monday. Maybe he is coming back mid week ? Maybe I have got it all wrong !!!??

    I must admit I haven’t listened to Mark at all...Isn’t that terrible !??

    Until next time

    Tracey-Ann x x x

  213. At 11:15 AM on 03 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Morning all,

    Welcome back to everyone who has been out of touch, out of action or out of their mind!

    And those just back from having a break - any tips for us blogaholics who just can't do it? Take a break that is.

    Watch out - this is a long one...

    Tracey-Ann - great to hear you back again, especially as I can virtually feel the health emanating from you!!


    Dissing Dave - glad the move went well. We often drive to and through roundabout city - the Bottle Dump roundabout is my particular favourite! At least you have a well-known Swedish furniture store just up the road for the nest building...love those meatballs!

    Back to work this morning and I'm bored already. There is a little bit of work to do but I've managed to delegate just about everything so I can sit back and relax until 4pm when we all have a meeting to update me on the work everyone has done today!! Management is great isn't it? Do I sound a little too David Brent? Must watch that...Honestly, I'm not normally like that (I hope) but given the current situation here I'm indulging myself for a few weeks or months.

    I am thinking about making everyone re-apply for their own jobs. The interview will consist of a song and dance number to a Bee Gees track of their choice, a tango with a local dance teacher (roses supplied), an ice skating competition to Ravel's (no, JMcC, not him) Bolero followed by a week in the New Forest (can't afford the jungle - Cathmel, can we use the mobile home?) eating Kangaroo parts and a second week locked in a house near Watford.

    Haven't heard anything from my corporate suitors. Can't decide if they've gone off me or are respecting me having told them I was away until today. I shall assume the latter!

    Gym this morning was a struggle but I was there and stayed on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I even switched it on for some of the time.
    Slightly horrified to see on BBC Breakfast talk of writing books as a New Years Resolution. Don't know why I was horrified but I was. Anyway, anyone not serious and passionate about writing will give up very quickly anyway, so we don't have to worry about a flood of books on the market to compete with our own efforts!!!

    Am feeling very positive today. Sometimes the little things can make such a difference...Mrs Moose's mum said something yesterday just as we were leaving their house that made it clear to me that she saw that all was not well and wanted it to be better. She said it in a very subtle and kind way so as not to embarrass anyone, but somehow the thought and the meaning were very clear (to me at least). I guess we all need to feel understood, don't we, and from someone in the middle of things it made a real difference...
    I once heard a motivational speaker (I don't normally like them) talk about TNTs - Tiny Noticeable Things. It's them that make the difference, both positive and negative. Not grand gestures or big plans...just the TNTs. We all have a filter and it's the TNTs that get through - anything bigger gets blocked...
    And I'm grateful to my mother-in-law for that one. It made me reflect that it's what makes this blog so great - there are lots of little positive TNTs flying about the place ALL THE TIME. It's the nature of the thing. It is what it thrives on, because it's what we all thrive on. Long may it continue...

    Have a great day everyone.


    PS 15 sleeps to go to the OAMC...I returned today to find an invite from my "boss" to a get-together for his team at his house on...you've guessed it...Thursday 18th January. I will inform him that I have a much more important previous engagement with some people that I CHOOSE to spend time with, rather than some work colleagues I would prefer to spend as little time as possible with. You guys had better turn up now...

    PPS Sorry, I'll shut up now!

  214. At 11:31 AM on 03 Jan 2007, Jennie (from the blog) wrote:

    Thank you all for the support - I promise to keep you updated on progress.

    I went to see Kylie at wembley last night which was brilliant - not only was the show spectacular but inspiring. It certainly brought home the idea that life is too short not to give it all you've got.
    It isn't a spectator sport!

    I think the bloggers new year resolution should be to make at least one of your own dreams come true, and for that warm and fuzzy feeling how about trying to make one of someone elses come true too?


  215. At 12:03 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Right then. I have just been lucky enough to be able to go and fetch my glasses. The headache is rapidly becoming a thing of the past hoorah. I got to reading about 104 before everything in front of me turned into tadpoles. The downside was that (being the girl) I had to get provisions while I was out. Have just made some delish toast and marm (both marms) and oh look - we have no water, therefore cannot have yummy cuppa. Hopefully, if this is going to be the extent of the peaks and troughs this year I think I can cope...

    I can't possibly catch up with all the stuff on here. By the time I've got to the next comment, I've forgotten the previous one...this would be mainly due to JD & coke, wine (general) and vodka. I have no resolutions (gasp, shock, horror etc) but it is not the boy's birthday until much later in the month, so I may just stick to barley water (other tennis beverages are available) until then.

    MAN HAS ARRIVED WITH WATER...Oh sweet potato pie...gotta go, kettle is calling...

    Good to be back babies!
    Lets get 2007 a-rockin'!!!!

    laters crocodiles

    You all sound as though you had super fabby times....Tracey Ann - glad you're feeling a bit more chipper!

  216. At 12:13 PM on 03 Jan 2007, JF wrote:

    Just about coping with being back at work after the excesses of the Festive Period!
    Wanted to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2007. I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be a good un!
    Bring. It. On!!!
    Love JFx

  217. At 12:14 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Good afternoon friends,

    oh my goodness, is he really away 'til 15th!!!?!! Has the beeb not read the bloggers' terms and conditions?!!

    Due to my expert positioning of some outdoor fairy lights (providing warmth) my geraniums (geranii?. geraniarum, geraniaris,geraniaris) are still blooming lovely. Global warming could have something to do with it.

    Talking of warming, I thought I was having an (early (just), age-wise) hot flush the other day...but, then remembered that the little camisole I was sporting was, in fact, one of the thermal genre......PHEW

    laters lovely people


    Hazel Love - lovely to hear from you -and, in answer to your question, they won indeed

    T - it really was a great day : )

    Tracey-Ann - how wonderful that you are feeling so much better

  218. At 12:21 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Tiggy wrote:

    Hi fellow bloggers and blogettes
    It's good to see that once again we are keeping this wonderful blog going without the aid of our illustrious leader!

    Dissing Dave - you've moved to roundabout city? I work and used to live in roundabout town, keep an eye on your tyre wear, it's not even if you have lots of roundabouts to contend with!

    Tracey-Ann - so glad you're feeling better, but as previous comment said, don't overdo it

    Tiggy xx

  219. At 12:28 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Jill wrote:

    Belated Happy New Year to you all. Inspired by your wishes and resolutions for the New Year. All Good Plans. May your dreams come true and any setbacks prove to be a source of wisdom and growth.

    Kaz - go for it, be brave, you can do it! Ask him out... Nothing tried, nothing gained.

    We saw in the New Year Winnie-the-Pooh style in His village with the owners of the WTP shop. They run the fan club too.

    Love and hugs

    Jill x

  220. At 01:06 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Good afternoon one and all

    Fantastic to see everyone slowly emerging from the fog that was the festive season.

    For the very first time in my life I can honestly say, brace yourselves, I am glad its all over.

    Not because we didn’t have a good time, we did. I think it is a combination of getting just a tiny bit older – its only taken 36 years – and, wait for it,

    I feel really up for 2007.

    I can’t put my finger on exactly why. Mrs MfR is having a ragged time at work as they systematically try and dissolve her job from under her, I still harbour my desires to pack it all in and become a marzipan farmer in Tanganyika and Fulham aren’t really doing that well (apart from the Chelsea game – obviously).

    No, there isn’t a particular reason for my optimism, but its there alright.

    Maybe the effects of my detox, after 2 and a half days, are kicking in already?

    Who knows. Haven’t seen Mr E in the gym lately, but I guess he is too busy deciding which angle to put the sofa at for optimum viewing and arranging his new cutlery draw.

    Keep smiling and keep dreaming. This could be the year.

    Peace all.


    PS Moose. OAMC. Will you remind us of the details?

    PPS Brian Jones. Jimi Hendrix. Jim Morrison. Janis Joplin. Kurt Cobain.

  221. At 01:10 PM on 03 Jan 2007, kaz wrote:

    Thanks Jill

    Have asked him out before - just not sure
    what he really thinks about me. Lost lot
    of confidence recently. Anyway 2007 to look
    forward to and am going to book an evening


  222. At 01:25 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:


    The 18th is a new moon. I suppose instructions will be mailed by carrier pigeon to be read then eaten? (Just the message, not the pigeon - too tough, what with all the flying etc)

    DD - glad the move went ok babe, although MK is a bit like the Truman Show in that you can never find your way out again.

    anna - you have to have white as well so it doesn't stain.

    Jillygoat - what is going on with your raise? I had a chat with my boss before our Christmas do (seems SO long ago now...) and apparently we will be having a 'talk' about it this week.

    ...and for those of you who didn't have a White Christmas...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

    * * * * * *
    * * * * *

    ...some snow...

    Mary, of COURSE we missed you, and Mayhem too!

    BTW Moose and Cath - me and the boy had a near miss on New Year's Eve which nearly culminated in one of us spending it in the car rather than together. Hopefully it's all going to be ok, but as he is away again it's hard to talk on the phone, and I had a big ol' boohoo after he left last night. Whatever is happening, we'll all be fine. It's a lot of getting over, and Christmas is a tiring and emotional time altogether, even without additional upset!

    ChrissieS - the OAMC. This is the story of actors aged 30 playing either suntanned teenagers or parents of same, in some place with only one bar in America. The first episode will be shown on BBC1 (other terrestrial channels are available) on Thursday 18th January at approximately 19.30 I think.

    J McC - I told my colleague about Chloe and he thinks he saw her at a bar in Amsterdam once.

    BigUn - do hope you and Mrs B are feeling better. I am now reduced to phlegmy old man coffin, but feel MUCH better!

    Gaby - the Geraninainandndums outside our place are still flowering. I think they must have seen Little Shop of H*rrors recently. (Other B-movies are available)

    This has turned into a right spartacus.

    milles feuilles

    No Aves Neognathae were harmed during the making of this film.

  223. At 02:24 PM on 03 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Hazel Love - thanks for asking.

    I've been told that I'll get another £1K this month but that my job will be changing. They need to issue a new contract but this can't be done until at least next week so .......... watch this space!!

    Meanwhile, I'm ploughing on as usual and I hope your chat goes well.

    jillygoat x

  224. At 02:24 PM on 03 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Checking in again!

    Hazel Love, thank you - you always answer my queries! I will watch the OAMC with interest! Incidentally, this will be aired the day after my 31st wedding anniversary! WHO gets married in January?!

    Kaz - please believe me, even though it was a very, very, long time ago I was desperately in love with a.n.other. I dreamt about him, thought about him last thing at night, first thing in the morning. Unfortunately neither of us were free at the time, so I had to accept it was not to be. This does not appear to be the case with you. Go for it. Ask him direct - to a show, for a drink, anything. If the answer is no, then you have your answer. If the answer is yes, please stay in touch until it is your 31st wedding anniversary!

    C xx

  225. At 02:51 PM on 03 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    blimey Hazel, back with furvor (.....is that how that is spelt!?) And based on your advice i have just slung a white in the fridge - an after thought maybe, but will hopefully do the trick.

    Matt from Rudgewick - I'll have a few pounds of marzipan off you. Him in doors thinks i should be baking christmas cakes next year as my supermarket special didnt really hit the spot this time round!


  226. At 03:08 PM on 03 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    ChrissieS - me too. it will be mine and him in doorseseses 3rd wedding anniversary on 10th January. Every year about this time i can feel the butterflies in my tummy as I remember how i felt before getting married. I was so excited and i can almost taste that emotion on the 10th January every year since.

    January is the best time to get married, people want something to look forward to after christmas....... and the hotels do everything on the cheap cos no-one can afford to go out in January.

    Sadly i didnt stay off the mince pies before the wedding. Think i am the only bride who ever had to have her wedding dress let out.

    Romance isnt dead.


  227. At 03:09 PM on 03 Jan 2007, MWK wrote:

    Hello blogging friends xx

    Hazel - Great to hear from you, missed you xx

    Tracey-Ann - You sound in good form and it's great to hear your feeling like your old self again, it's very easy to over do it so take care xx

    Stevie fae Dundee and Glasgow - Your msg tugged at my heart strings, I hope 2007 brings you the special someone you deserve xx

    Moose - Something you said in your posting on the 29th that has made me look at handling my depression and ME in a more positive way. You said your whole brain and body had slowed down and you were just ticking over - unfortunately I suffer similar symptons more often than not, although at times I feel im not even ticking over. However, I will adopt your analysis of the normal stresses going away and the adrenaline dropping as a more positive angle to look at things from. Thank you for your inspiring words, im very grateful xx

    MFR - Pleased all went well with your house move. Hope it's filled with lots of love, luck and happiness. I too feel very positive about this year but I have no idea why because I don't have any major plans for the year ahead - just feeling positive is an achievement for me and for now I will thank my lucky stars for having that xx

    First day back at work today, good news is it's only a three day week :-)

    Happy Hump day everyone.

    Lots of love
    Mary xx

    ps. I remember Chris's saying he wasn't back until the 15th - I believe Moose it's counting sleeps until the first OMAC - lucky bloggers! :-)

  228. At 03:23 PM on 03 Jan 2007, MWK wrote:

    pps. Gaby - so pleased for you that you got to meet Teddy xx

    Like you I have always had a thing for Ali McCoist and have been fortunate to meet him through a couple of charity events however the best surprise was when I went to see Robbie Williams and we had VIP tickets......... Guess who was lucky enough to sit next to Mr McCoist......yep me, I was more excited about that than I was at see Robbie.......mind you might have something to do with Mr Williams being a tad too sure of himself! Glad Mr McCoist was there to save the day, and he is just as good looking and funny in real life :-)) xx
    Aaahh the memories :-)))

  229. At 03:26 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Kaz - DO IT !!!!

    I have decided to exactly the same thing and have already made small steps !!

    I have liked a chap for about 10-12 years. He has changed a lot over the years, as have I. I`ve had a couple of relationships in that time and even had my heart broken (learnt alot from it though) but I still can`t get this one chap out of my head.

    Anyways I was at dinner with my girlfriends on New Years Day and they have convinced me I need to take action...So I`m going to ! Well, infact, they are going to ! Bless them, all playing matchmaker on my behalf...

    Good Luck with it Kaz - I hope it goes well. Everyone deserves to be happy :)

    Keep us updated !!

    Tracey-Ann x x x

  230. At 03:38 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Dear Prof Plum

    I have just this minute read the second paragraph on page one of the BOTB and have spat my coke everywhere.

    Before I attempt to progress any further, please would you be kind enough to furnish me with the details of your insurance company.

    Kind regards and a happy new year

    H. Love

  231. At 03:45 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Happy New Year to everyone.

    Crumbs - what a busy lot you've been! Not able to check in at home and only just back at work today. Thought I should leave a decent interval between arriving in the office and settling down to check the back(b)log - now I need a lie down to recover! It's a brilliant way to brighten up a dull day and is definitely addictive. You always raise a smile ...

    Does anyone else agree with the person that emailed the Togmeister this morning to say that she wasn't going in to work today - she'd tried it yesterday and didn't like it, so she thought she'd stay at home? Or is it just me?

  232. At 04:05 PM on 03 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Just to be clear....

    The inaugural Blog Once A Month Club will meet on Thursday 18th January in Covent Garden...can't remember the name of the pub but will do some research. For mutual recognition purposes, please carry a copy of McCrumble's book prominently. Hazel - 7.30pm is a good time and will allow CLP and the team to join us after the show if they can make it!!! Then every 3rd thirsty Thursday of the month...

    Regionally challenged bloggees (ie those who can't make it into London) should feel free to set up local chapters, or simply raise a glass at home at 7.30pm and you will be with us in spirit.

    ChrissieS - we will raise our glasses to all those fortunate enough to be married in January 1976.
    I think I remember you being in bonnie Scotland??? must be enough of you to form a parallel group, no?

    Anna - try fervour. And try telling Mr Anna if he wants to complain he should make the cake himself!!! Men are the best cooks after all...(hee hee)

    Gaby - definitely geraniums. Have you seen the rumour that either Teddy or his missus are going to be in celeb BB this year??? Can't be Teddy cos it's mid season and we need him too much. Well impressed with your encounter - had a similar one with Paul Scholes at OT last season for the West Ham game - I have to say I wasn't half as excited as you as he's really not my type!!!


  233. At 04:25 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Hi guys,

    wow......lovely to see so many friends returning - and to those of you who lurked with the likes of me...thank you for your company : )

    So many people I want to reply to and so little time to do it.

    Mary - I loved your Ali McCoist story - could soooo relate to it : )

    Moose - I loved your TNTs - so true, wow, so very true. Thanks for turning down your other invite. I, for one, will be there and I won't mention the match - mentioned it once but I THINK I got away with it

    Hazel Love - so pleased your gerianiariuminimums are enjoying the climate, just like mine : )

    Keith - hope you are ok x

    So lovely to read all your posts.


    ps pas de deux

  234. At 04:31 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Good afternoon baby lambs (and Krystoffe if he's looking...)

    If anyone can tape the OAMC for me on 18th I'd be grateful. DVD for preference.

    OH IT'S NO GOOD I CAN'T DO IT!!!!! T'IS THE O.C.!!!!

    ChrissieS - love you and bless you for making me laugh out loud.

    The OAMC is a rip off from Chris for the 'Once A Month Club'. Some of us blogees (it remains to be seen who) may be congregating at a well known landmark on 18th January in order to meet (gawd 'elp us) and probably partake of some landlord or other's finest porter (other alcoholic beverages are available)(actually other alcoholic beverages are probably preferable). This will likely be in Covent Garden somewhere, but I don't think the 'somewhere' has yet been decided. Watch this space.

    Doorman, call me a cab.

    Fervour. Conviscate. 2007...luvvin it.

    PS Buddy Holly. The Big Bopper. Busbys Babes. James Brown

  235. At 04:57 PM on 03 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Right, Hazel Love, I was completely taken in! You are very convincing (but in my defence, I was completely in the dark and had no idea of what the countdown was about!). Must be great to be part of the "in crowd"!! Well, you guys have a wonderful time, I have no chance of being anywhere near Covent Garden on 18th Jan, but will be thinking of you of course.

    Gaby and Mary - girls, his name is ALLY McCoist! Yes, he is lovely. I have met him many times (he drinks in a pub in Glasgow I used to frequent) and he is very funny, very attractive and I would take a wild guess, he knows it! Nothing wrong with that of course!

    Moose, it could be that some people who married in January 1976 would rather not think about it, so I won't be convening a meeting!

    I will try to pay closer attention to this blog in future!

    C xx

  236. At 04:57 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Hi All,
    Just need to release some nervous energy. Tonight we rehearse our PANTO on stage for the first time, OMG, why oh why do i put myself thru this ??
    We're getting close to showtime, 22 days !! and my dress is not ready yet.

    Will let you know how rehersal went.

    Kev C

  237. At 05:38 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Hazel Love - thank you for making me smile so much

    Kev C......oh no you're not.....hope it goes well tonight....he's BEHIND YOU

    Moose - this cannot be - the BB rumour....like you say, the Irons need him ....I will be forever blowing bubbles until I find out whether we are dealing with rumour or fact.

    Geraniums - I thank you, muchimos gracimos... in potus est plantus bloomus maximus. globalus warmethus est.


    ps is it too early to put the sprouts on

    pps pied a terre

  238. At 06:03 PM on 03 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:

    Only 3rd time on blog and first time since Christmas....... it's cold and dark outside but there's great people and great reading on the blog (close your eyes and you could already be at the OAMC)....

    I can't remember who, but someone said they changed jobs to work with good people and not for a career move. Myself and my partner have done exactly that we both worked for a company who treated us extremely badly......we decided to move back to London and we now work for people who appreciate us. It's not always about money (although it helps). I haven't yet made many friends down here so maybe I'll brave the OAMC?

    CHRIS - missing you, fancy taking a holiday in January when we all need a lift - hurry back, full of energy and give us a boost this January.


  239. At 06:59 PM on 03 Jan 2007, kaz wrote:

    Hi Tracey- ann

    Thank you. Hope it goes well.

    Have not been in a relationship in years
    because have had to bring up child on
    my own but now I have got older
    feel I have lost out on a lot.

    May give it one more go - but think
    I may be flogging a dead horse!!


  240. At 07:16 PM on 03 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Kev C, which panto is it? I may just drop by - is near sheffield then??

    Gaby - leave the sprouts till tomorrow. You wouldnt want them to spoil now would you!

    Moose - mane tanks for the spilling correcsion. Woz never mi stringost subjct at skool.


  241. At 11:02 PM on 03 Jan 2007, Jill wrote:

    What a happy day with so many cheery blogs.

    Moose - glad your m-in-law feels for you (not too literally I trust), mine is the same! Hope you can resolve things at home. It's a worthwhile 2007 Rissolution.

    Covent Garden is a haunt of mine and the OAMC get-together (not a Club, I hope, which sounds so cliquey) is so-o-o tempting but Thurs evenings are for bell-ringing practice in the village! Ding-dong, and something that's no good at all even if a drop of alcol-hic-hol in the blood stream!

    Maybe it won;t ALWAYS be on a Thursday.....???


    p.s. pas de deux

  242. At 12:39 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Attention Hazel Love

    I do recommend death by laughter insurance when reading the BOTB. I got mine from Toby Hancock insurance company. I also got a free pair of sports socks.

  243. At 02:24 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Good evening bloggering friends :-)

    My boys are both out at a basketball game so I actually get my computer back for a while!! I am not complaining though cos they are going back to Uni on Sunday so I will miss them :-( I start my new job on Monday 8th - somebody was asking....it was supposed to be the 2nd but I did not get the contract in time. It is fine though, I get to spend more time with the boys!!!

    Nice to see all our blogging friends back after the holidays, Cathmel, Hazel (with glasses :-), Jennie, Lyndyloo, Kaz, MWK, Tracey-Ann, Gaby and D Dave.....I hope I have not missed anyone....

    Tracey-Ann - sent you an email - I hope you got it, soooooo glad you are back and fighting fit!!! Must be all that fresh air on the allotment!!

    Moose - love your TNT's - I will be looking to do some of them myelf this year....your m-i-l is definitely tuned in ....I hope you resolve whatever it is :-) I would like to apply for somebody else's job at your place. I love the Bee Gees and hey I can't skate but I will try the tango......have to get my fancy frock out for that!
    OAMC - BLOGLOG STARDATE London, Thursday January 18th - for those of us who are geographically challenged :-( .....and can't have a local chapter, we will have a tipple at 7.30 your time which means it will be 2.30pm for me here - and I will be a couple of weeks into my new job - do you think it will be OK to be drinking that early in the day?? I could explain to my boss! I think I may be carted off to the pink room when I tell him about bloglogs and Topher.....I am sure he would understand :-) LOL

    Kaz - go for it (and Tracey-Ann) you only live once!!!

    Gaby - glad your geraniumumumums are still OK....our weather here (I hope I dont jinx it) is absolutely amazing - no snow and I like it that way!! Of course the ski bunnies hate it but I dont ski so I am liking it!!!

    Where is Keith??? I hope he is feeling better!!!
    Come out come out wherever you are !!

    Anyway, off to do some laundry etc etc...
    Talk to you all soon.
    I am missing Topher for sure, I thought he would be back next Monday!!! I hope his move went well, I am glad yours did D Dave.....
    Take care all
    Joan xxxxx

  244. At 07:18 AM on 04 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Kaz - I've been a single mum for four years now but havent given up hope on meeting a good man!! Def not flogging a dead horse!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moose - mobile home always available for OAMC or any initiation ceremony planned for bloggers.

    Joannie - the magic of christophe and blog hard to explain to closest friends never mind a new boss!!!

    On a slightly political and personal note re news artical on bbc today - is it a surprise to anyone that if thousands of nurses are being made redundant that in a few years there will be a shortage??????????????????????????????????????????????

    C x x

  245. At 08:31 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Good morning schmorning to bloggers, shloggers, lurkers, and tout les petit pois,

    Kaz and Tracey-Ann ....I agree with our other friends...go for it...perhaps you could have a collective push or pull, as it were.

    Joannie - it's lovely to hear from you too. I know we will 'chat' before 8th Jan but all the best for your new job. I am job-hunting with fervour (!) - a lead came up (totally unexpected) and I have gone for it. Wasn't sure if I was being too impulsive or listening to the wizards (I like to think it was the latter : ). For anyone that didn't read Chris' blog about the wizards it was truely wonderful and led to a frantic frenzie of magical postings and excitement...I am guessing it was back in September....?

    ....Joannie, re local chapter tipple - it's never too early; it's always 6pm SOMEWHERE in the world....or 12 noon even : )

    cathmel- lol re initiation ceremonies!! - one-liners flowing far too freely around my mind!! - but it's too early for that (!), the sun has barely risen. You are so right about the magic of CE and blog being hard to explain to others. I expect there are a few of us on here who have spoken about it, only to be met with a blank, confused, slightly concerned countenance.

    anna - thanks for sprouts advice - nothing worse than when they're overdone. Thank goodness I didn't put them on yesterday.

    Keith - I do hope you are ok

    Good day


    ps vives les jeudis soifs

    pps cushdie

  246. At 08:35 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Morning Bloggers Thirsty Thursday and all that!!

    Thanks Joan for your thoughts!

    I know we're all freestyling like mad on the blog at the moment without the aid of the ringmeister Lamby Pie, but nice as it is to chat about Chrimbo and the Neues Jahr, I feel I am missing the structure of the daily blog. So I thouhgt I would put up some suggestions for discussion

    Toys and Games that we wanted for Chrimbo as kids that we didn't get? Buckaroo, crossfire, and Action Man with Eagle Eyes.

    Fave sweets from yesteryear, Texan bars (that were recently re-introduced by Terry's but seemed smaller, or have I grown), Jelly tots, Candy Tots, Teddy tots and Tiger Tots.

    Fave TV shows from the past. (Did anybody else watch the Swap Shop programme over Christmas?), Were you a Swappy or a TISWAS fan?


    ((())) & xxx to you all.

    DD out

  247. At 09:10 AM on 04 Jan 2007, moose wrote:


    Joannie - thoughts of you drinking at your work and being carted out made me laugh out loud...my office colleagues did give me a funny look, but I thought better of trying to explain!

    JoJo - come along! You never have to see any of us ever again if you don't want to. And we've all never met before either!

    Dissing Dave - appreciate the thoughts. My boys received Buckaroo for Christmas this year!! I want them to get a really huge Scalectrix next year...Swap Shop.

    Cathmel - we get the politicians we don't vote for, so what do you expect? We had a great discussion over Christmas about "VALUE" and what constitutes value in today's society. My view is that it all comes down to money and celebrity. If it ain't got one or both, it is not valued. Therefore nurses, stay-at-home mums, etc etc etc are not valued today. We were discussing how they used to be valued, and what had changed?
    The strange thing is that on a very personal level, money and celebrity don't count for anything in friendships and relationships...or on here! I like it that way.


    PS Have to run to a meeting now...Bee Gees or Show Tunes today??? Decisions, decisions...

  248. At 09:13 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    In the words of Mr Richie Benot...

    ...morning everyone...

    Prof Plum - Thank you so much for your information. I shall contact them directly. Probably just after I've managed to ring my mum to wish her happy birthday.

    Joannie - SO glad you got your job...and how handy, having another week off! Enjoy the boys.

    Jill - If you aren't that far from Covent Garden, maybe it could be planned that the OAMC comes to you, then you could join everyone after your campanological exercises.

    Cathmel - TOTALLY agree with you!

    JOJO - Come! anna is bringing paella.

    Oh good grief. The men are having a spring clean. I can hear and smell hot hoover. It is only a matter of time until one of them comes in here and expects me to do the same. I wouldn't mind, but it interferes with the electronics. Too late. It's happened.... I absolutely REFUSE to clean their loo though. Even if the marigolds didn't have a hole in, I wouldn't do it.

    ANYWAY, I've got lots to do today, so I'll probably only be able to get on here about 16 times.

    You have been warned.

    pas beacoup

    PS 'Celebrity' Big Brother...(very nearly) in the words of that Nicki person (from last year)..."Who ARE you?"

  249. At 09:26 AM on 04 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Mornin' all

    DD - there's a sweet shop near to where I live which specialises in sweets of yesteryear, such as gobstoppers, sherbert dabs, toffee bon-bons, kola kubes, traffic light lollies and sherbert pips. It's heaven and hell all at the same time!

    I was defo a Swappy fan - never got into Tiswas - but my favourite Sat morning TV progs were Going Live and Live & Kicking - I have secretly loved Phillip Schofield for years!! Such a great giggler ...

    Anyway, am off to reminisce about Black Jacks & Fruit Salads - aah, halogen days.

    Kaz - faint heart and all that - go for it !!!

    Moose & Hazel Love - I'm nowhere near Covent Garden either but will raise a glass (a big glass) to all bloggers on Jan 18th

    Have a great thirsty Thursday one and all

    jillygoat xx

  250. At 09:31 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Dissing Dave.....

    An Action Man that was 'suited' to my Action Girl. She always fell for the wrong kind of guy. She was a long-haired brunette, GSOH, capricorn, not good at keeping the stables in good order but apart from that a pretty good catch. Could she get the right guy....oh, no - she kept falling for my brother's bearded Action Man with the cord down his back which if pulled, made him utter some trans-atlantic prose which was inaudible if he was bend double mucking out the horses. He was an attractive doll (as opposed to a guy) but just not her type.

    Fruit salads - always tasted better on a saturday or perhaps that was because I was only allowed them on a saturday.... or maybe because it was Dickie Davies' ITV 7 on the box and then Final Score.

    Swap shop - but didn't watch it much. Missed TISWAS...I know, I know - I haven't lived : )
    I think I used to be spending my pocket money on a saturday morning, so I missed the TV progs really.


  251. At 10:00 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Gaby - interested to read that your Action Girl had gas central heating.

    Dissing - I had fruit salads and blackjacks in my New Year's Eve goody bag. Don't like blackjacks though. Never have liked them, and can't ABIDE liquorice - vile muck. Ate the fruit salads whilst watching Wind in the Willows...

    Swapshop...and always Swapshop.

    Why are 'Drumsticks' not on a stick any more?

    KAZ! How much more encouragement do you need?

    Tracey-Ann - You have some cool friends...although, if you really want to go for it, you should DIY!

    Does anyone remember a children's programme about paganism and Avebury Ring? There was another kind of wizardy one with an owl in it too. Anyone?

    and now I have a craving for parsnips. What is that all about.

    kisses and hugs

    ps voulez vous

  252. At 10:34 AM on 04 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hazel Love - I remember the programme but not what it was called. I can reassure you that you are not making it up though!!!


    PS Chocolate Orange - especially the central core bit.
    PPS Just for Gaby - TRULY scrumptious, I'm all in a FRENZY. Sorry, I'm a bit obsessed and I've never even read Eats Shoots and Leaves...
    PPPS Werthers Originals, given out by the "uncle" who was generous with his sweets if slightly creepy...

  253. At 11:02 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Steevie fae Dundee + Glas wrote:

    Hi people :

    1st of all : Tracey-Ann #208 : Glad you are feeling better or at least approaching normality. Isn't it weird how when one has been ill one feels so *wonderful* when returned to standard health.

    2nd : Tiggy #218 : Roundabout town and Roundabout City ? You should try East-Kilbride (6miles outside Glasgow). There are so many roundabouts there the things have names! (Whirlies Roundabout etc etc)

    3rd : For all of you "impressed" by my Jan 1st sortee to gym (moose #182 and anna #190 et al), my halo might fall down and choke me! The truth of the matter is that I was strong-armed in to going. Last Sat (30th) in class, a member advised me that there would be a class on the Monday 1st (which I knew but I played dumb) "and we really should come and support it since they have put it on for us regulars. You don't even have to drive, you can walk" (Damn! *WHEN* did I tell her THAT, and more importantly WHY !!!???). So at 10am on Jan 1st, despite the Baby Elephant sitting on my head bouncing it's heels off my foreheard I went to the gym, had a cup of tea and went to the studio at 10.30 (grumping loudly for anyone who could hear "what am I DOING here???". I also, I have to say, had very sore ankles too. The reason for that was given Glasgow was so QUIET on NewYear's Eve, with no-one about, I rather childishly jumped in every puddle on the way home from the City to mine. Quite forcibly, some with a "Steevie loves....... " I was well soaked (and *NO*, I didn't fall in any!) A 20 min walk took at least twice as long with a couple of "Oh look at that one" diversions. I did have a moment when I thought the police car that passed me with two "God God look at that" occupants was going to stop but it didn't. And neither did I...... (So, if anyone is 'down' I can highly recommend "puddle therapy".) Anyway, to get back to the class, there were seven of us in the class (and four more in the gym). Needless to say (and this will come as much as a non-surprise to you as it did to me) SHE was NOT one of them! Obviously had more Red Wine than I had Vodkas. Wait 'til I see her this Sat...... I can't even claim to have felt self-righteous going to the gym. I couldn't believe how BUSY it was tho at 11.30 when the class finnished.

    4th : For those of you who commented on my #180, writing to Cath #146 (and my previous #95), I am glad some people got something out of them. Joannie #183; I'm not sure if I should apologise for making you cry, even although it was in a good way. DWNB #187; I'm NOWT special, I'm me. I passionately believe in the rights and safety of the individual and if I can 'help' then I will. I can't deny that I had a slow exhalation of breath out the nose and what passes for a smile knowing someone got summat out of it, and maybe others did too (probably countered by those who thought "oh get a life laddie" (or the south of the Border equivelant - ha ha))

    Additionally, I'm one of those who also believe in the clause of "cause and effect" and I am a "flag-waver" for "the little things matter" mentioned earlier. I have to confess I despair at the way we, as a race, treat one another. But I'd better not go too far down THAT route!

    Me, I like to do nice things without worrying if anyone will find out and try to polish my halo. In fact I worry more about being found out (but conversely, having recently topped up my ex's mobile remotely on their Birthday, I did have a belated shameful drunken snigger to myself at the thought of them puzzling over it and "blaming" it on someone else. Then in my (partial) inebriation, I had the horrible thought that they would re-imburse the "prime suspect" because that person does, by arrangement, top up the ex's mobie. Assuming of course it was even noticed, or indeed they still have that number. They've maybe given the phone to a relative or friend and I topped up what is now someone else's !!! Wouldn't THAT just serve me right! ). Do our minds go off on MORE tangents when boozing or do we go around in circles?

    In terms of finding "someone special", I thought I had. Or rather I *know* I had found and still do. But it can't be. I'll heal, albeit with some scars. I still send out "thoughts" for them in to the ether. I take no joy from others telling me "it's their loss". Things are not as clear-cut as that. Without the bad times, we don't appreciate the good. Oh, and DWNB, thank you for the offer of the intro. I appreciate it. Genuinely. But..........

    As always people, thank you.

    Have a good one..............

  254. At 11:03 AM on 04 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:

    Watched the Swap Shop Thingy. Was cringing at the atmosphere between Maggie and Cheggers oozing out of the screen at us. oh dearie me.... things went badly wrong there.


  255. At 11:06 AM on 04 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Hazel Love - I've found Drumstick lollies on a stick - if you're desperate for them I'll give you an email address!

    Was Catweazle the wizardy & owl programme? No, on second thoughts, I think he had a pet toad. Hmm, will ponder on that one.

    I absolutely love liquorice but sadly if I eat too much I get tummy ache so I have to limit myself there as well - it's just not fair!

    I'm currently addicted to sweet potato - might try the old butternut squash next! Any recipe recommendations anyone?

    jillygoat x

  256. At 11:16 AM on 04 Jan 2007, GillyM wrote:

    Hazel Love,

    I think the TV programme with the owl was called "The Owl Service", i remember that one very well, as it used to scare the hell out of me!

    Best wishes


  257. At 11:20 AM on 04 Jan 2007, joybells wrote:

    Hey Everyone,

    Have a happy,and peaceful new year. Can't wait for the show to come back Chris.. missed you. Hope y'all have had a good Christmas and not eaten too much. I have eaten so much chocolate....

    love,Joybells XXXXX

  258. At 11:30 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    H R Puff n Stuff (sp?)

  259. At 11:36 AM on 04 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Morning all. I am feeling fully refreshed, working from home today and after packing the man cub off to nursery with him in doors i decided that 7.30 was too early to start work so went back to bed..... slept till 10 which is about the time most people in our industry starts work anyway.
    Am now just battling with the guilt over it all. Which as you can imagine is appeased by my sitting reading the blog with a cuppa. None of this is getting my work done!


    Gaby - the wizards are always right, and if its meant to be.

    DD - it pains me to talk about this, but for the sake of the blog. The one present i always wanted was a cabbage patch doll. I yearned for this tiny, slightly scary, doll so that i could complete the adoption and practise my maternal skills on my new child. (would probably have slept in then too!). That christmas, i ran down stairs fully expecting santa to have answered my prayers, i ripped off the paper, took a sharp in take of breath and found....... a cauliflower kid..... the alternative (cheaper) version of said CPD rammed in, head first, to a plastic cauliflower - and no adoption papers. The illusion - and my heart - was shattered. Atleast i have this blog to talk about my pain. thank you.

    Moose - show tunes, always!

    Hazel - i think ive burnt the paella. can i pick up fish n chips instead

    Jillygoat - far be it from me to be terrotorial over men (moose that probably isnt spelt right either!) but Phillip is mine and always has been since the days of the broom cupboard. I have his autograph and everything, so that must mean he loves me...right?

    right, must do some work. Got to proof a brochure, which given my clear grasp of spelling and grammar should be a breeze. or not.


  260. At 11:38 AM on 04 Jan 2007, MWK wrote:

    Good morning xx

    Dissing Dave - I can't think of any games I didn't get but I do have fond memories of one I wasn't expecting. It was a doll called Lucky Lucy who had a small cup in her hand and when you put a dice in it would automatically shake and then tip out, she came with the usually board games like snakes and ladders and tiddlewinks.
    Much to everyones annoyance I insisted she took part in any board games we played. :-))))

    I love black jacks and anything liquorice, especially sherbit dib dabs - think you can still get them.

    Didn't watch much Saturday morning TV - I had ballet and tap dancing classes!

    Keith - Hope you and Mrs B are ok xx

    Bye for now
    Love Mary xx

  261. At 11:42 AM on 04 Jan 2007, Em SK wrote:

    "Oh my ears and whiskers, how late its getting" -

    "Well no wonder you're late... this clock is exactly THREE days slow"



    Em SK

  262. At 12:19 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Afternoon All

    Hazel hope you got the insurance sorted. I'm not too sure what to do with the free sports socks though.

    Dizzing Dave.
    Iused to love something that resembled an old twig..it was supposed to be liquorice in it's natural form. Also Cherry lips and parma violets.

    Top of my list of kiddy progs had to be Super Car, Stingray, The Munsters and the Adams family. Oh and Cat Weazel.

    I hope the meeting of the blog goes well and look forward to reading all about it

  263. At 12:20 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Moose - my most 'umble alopogies for sp mistakes - it didn't look right but I still went for it (story of my life). Please forgive my inadeqeezies and please remember that I am a lady who has only just discovered that Teddy has a missus and that I will, therefore, have to cease lusting. I am of both a fragile and an unrequited disposition.


    ps must try harder

    pps am obviously not destined to become top journalist, unless I have a top proofer : )

  264. At 01:16 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Oh dear. I've just had a thought. Browsing through some other comments...in particular, one from the lovely Gaby...

    The words 'local chapter' caught my eye. Hmmmmm. We could all fashion neat jerkins with 'Evans Angels' on the back. (By the way, after yesterdays non-specs incident, I have a VERY sore left eye, so it was probably the right one it caught more than the left...)

    Jillygoat - Roast Butternut Squash (and sweet potatoes too if you fancy) with Lamb Chunks, Rosemary and Thyme... Clean and scrape the squash, cut into 2cm x 5cm chunks, (sorry Tracey-Ann, I don't know the correct cutting term, but I'm sure there is one!) blanch for 2-3 mins and drain. In the meantime, chunk up some nice lamb, about 3cm chunks. Put the squash and the lamb into a roasting tin and trickle with ev olive oil, some balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle with fresh rosemary and thyme and turn all with spoon to ensure all covered. Loosely cover tin with foil. Preheated oven about gas 3-4 for about an hour, take off the foil for the last 20mins. Serve with brown rice to which you have also added some of the herbs. (The roasting time is a rough guide, and I would say that it does depend on your oven...This is why I'll leave the actual time up to you!) Also nice with natural Greek yogurt as a side dish.

    nb perhaps they're not allowed to sell drumsticks on sticks darn sarf, what with all the risk legislation...although, where does that leave chupa chups...but they must be ok as they are sugar free they won't hurt if you stick them in your eye???

    GillyM - I've found them!!! (just having a fag break as opposed to genuine skiving) 'Children of the Stones' and 'Ace of Wands'. The owl was called Ozymandias. Don't remember the Owl Service???

    Moose - I can only make up things MUCH worse than these were...Couldn't sleep again last night, too many creatures, bumps and crashes. The final straw was when I HAD to go and have a look downstairs, but decided that I couldn't actually GO 'down the stairs' because of aforementioned creatures, bumps and crashes. My friend Dawn used to say that you couldn't pay her enough money to walk through a graveyard with me at midnight OR midday! I expect she'd have probably done it for a fiver though. That was a lot of money in those days...

    How on earth did I get into my line of work, when I grew up watching this sort of programme?

    In the meanwhilst, I'm hoping that Keith is ok, and just far too busy and important to get on here lately (or on holiday?) but W H E R E H A S W E E Z I E got to???????? Could she still be on hols?

    Steevie fae - I went to a gym on Christmas morning once. Staying in hotel with friend and it's use was free, and away from all the 'old' people. (This was the same Christmas break when the receptionist thought me and my buddie were the band because we were the only people under 70 staying there...)

    MWK - We all KNOW you were at Saturday morning pictures really...

    anna - shocking. After learning how to cook it and everyfin. F&C sounds fine, but I will have to avoid anything fizzy afterward else we will be asked to remove from the chosen establishment...

    bonnes vacances

    PS cathmel and Steevie fae - I'm currently having the 'I've lived longer than I've got left to live' crisis. Instead I try to worry about the little things and take it all a bit at a time. There's that saying about the things you can change, can't remember it right now, but it's the opposite of don't sweat the small stuff, which I personally always thought was trite nonsense.

    PPS does typing a lot help you not to get arthritis?

    PPPS ...and to you also Em SK xx

  265. At 01:42 PM on 04 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Anna - I'm sorry but I saw him first so that makes him mine. End of. No I'm sorry, I'm not going to argue with you, he's mine all mine - woo, ha, ha. (That was supposed to sound evil and scary by the way - did it work?)

    DWNB - I watched the Swap Shop programme over Christmas too - definitely an atmosphere - ouch

    Talking of presents, I bought a friend of mine the Racing Grannies for Christmas. She said that they were a huge success with her and her two sons (she's nearly 60 and her boys are in their 20's!!).

    jillygoat xx

  266. At 01:52 PM on 04 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:


    favourite sweets of yesteryear.... space dust
    Saturday was TISWAS never a day to miss coz... Did I ever tell anyone I used to work for the phantom flan flinger? It was one of my claim to fames from years ago.... his name was Brian
    Games I always wanted... Mousetrap

    I've just agreed to take part in some female fan research at Leicester City FC and apparrently there's one woman that travels from Glasgow to see the boys every week!! What dedication.


  267. At 02:08 PM on 04 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Hazel Love - the b/squash recipe will be tried & tested at the weekend - thank you xx

    Gaby - isn't Teddy's latest squeeze one of the Celeb BB housemates? She looked totally bemused by the whole thing last night!!

    jillygoat xx

  268. At 02:11 PM on 04 Jan 2007, MWK wrote:

    Awwwe Hazel I thought no one would notice :-)

    You've put me in the mood for roast parsnips, mmmm yummy.

    Hope your eye is better soon xx

    Mary xx

  269. At 02:11 PM on 04 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Thought the BP were on the case again this morning but they were just reading Hazel's contribution :-)
    I'm afraid I have to see that as a challenge, cos that's just the kind of testosterone driven moose I am...

    Gaby - I find the MS Word spell checker does very nicely. I love that nice neat red underlining when you've got it wrong, and sometimes it even corrects it for you! Amazing thing technology innit!

    We was talking over Chrimble about a writer friend (who died early last year) who wrote all of his books on an old typewriter, right up to the end (he was still writing in his last year). Theory was, you had to think more before you wrote and worry about spelling and grammar and stuff because it was just too difficult to go back and change errors. A discipline (ooh there's a dirty word these days!) that has been lost what with pooters and spell checkers and all...

    Nice recipes once again, making me feel a bit peckish - and I've only just had lunch! I purchased a big pile of veggies last night with the intention of making soup tonight - gone with a colour theme of sweet potato, beetroot, red onion, red cabbage, carrots, lentils and kidney beans. A healthy drop of vino tinto will be added just as the gently fried onion turns translucent (only for added colour you understand and to keep the theme going).
    Question 1 is, should I add pancetta or not?
    Q2 is whether to liquidise and at what point. Plan is currently to do all the stuff excluding lentils and beans, liquidize, then add pulses and cream/cornflour if thickening required.

    Just heard this morning that a colleague that I really didn't respect much has left us to join my Corporate Y suitor. And I thought they were more discerning! I had begun leaning quite heavily towards them too (having heard that Corporate X is highly political and understanding a little more about their structures and the seemingly endless layers between me and the top bods if I go there). Anyhoo, I'd probably have to work quite closely with the guy at Y. Having some serious doubts now. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Has made me more determined than ever to get my editing done and start getting a mailshot to literary agents out in the post. A friend's wife is a writer and has just finished her second book and I spoke to him yesterday...if only I hadn't forgotten to e-mail my latest draft to myself (too many pooters in too many remote locations!!!)...am making do with some cathartic writing instead. I know I haven't revealed too much of the Me and Mrs Moose saga on here - hope you don't mind me keeping it private for now. But I have just blurted out 3 pages of verbal d... dia.... diarrr... darn, where's the spell-checker when you need it?...and am feeling much cathartised by it all. Not to be confused by being catheterized...ouch, that made my eyes water {:-0}
    That self-portrait is frighteningly accurate...not quite chubby-cheeked enough.

    Back to the OAMC - would bloggers preference be to go for a pub and leave food to chance, or go for a "bar with food" type of place where we can eat too?
    Jill - Thursday choice was purely driven by CLP's thirsty Thursday thematic, and I'm sure it can be moved...

    Anna - territorial


    PS Did I make it? Phew!!!

  270. At 02:20 PM on 04 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    There is so much enthusiasm for 2007 – it has really cheered me up. Moose, the TNT’s really makes sense and it has certainly made me think – thanks.

    It has to be Spearmint Mojos for me or Fruit Salads.
    Hate Fruit Polo’s, Black Jacks/anything liquorice.


  271. At 02:40 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Happy Thursday Friends !

    Its bright and crisp this afternoon in my part of Surrey - Lovely !!!

    Finally managed to catch the Torchwood finale last night. I am not a sci-fi lover really. Never watched Doctor Who et al but loved Torchwood for some reason. After meeting the dashing Mr. Barrowman a few weeks back it tweaked my interest even more and I was hooked !!! Excellent series, can’t wait for its return.

    Joannie - Thank You :) Yes, I have got your E mail. I have been run off my feet since coming back to work but promise I’ll reply soon !

    Cathmel and Lyndeloo - That goes for you too !!! Thanks so much for the E mails. Expect to find me popping up in your inboxes imminently !

    Gaby - A collective push / pull with Kaz hey ?? I think mine is going to be a few months in the making yet but tentative steps are being made..

    HazelLove - Agree with the DIY but not really an option at the moment....

    Dissing Dave - I was too young for Swap Shop and Tiswas - I did however LOVE Live and Kicking and Going Live... Excellent programming. Swing Your Pants anyone ??!?!

    I still eat the occasional jelly tot when I`ve been a particularly good girl and think I deserve a treat ! I do tend to err towards the kids sweets more than grown up ones - so much more fun ! Fruit Salads were great too ! And Wham bars - Yum !

    Steevie Fae D & G - I don`t think I was made as a "standard" model hence when I do return to "normal" health I feel wonderful. Because I am ! I didn`t like not being able to do as much as I normally do, being limited on what I could do, not feeling like my normal self. It is so refreshing to be living life to the max again :) Although, for all of those who expressed your concern - don’t worry I won’t over do it. I know my limits, and I promise to behave ;)

    JillyGoat, Gaby, Moose, Anna, MWK, Tiggy - Big massive hugs to you all !

    Right then back to work.....

    Have wonderful Thursday one and all....

    Off to The Beeb at the weekend....

    Much Love


    P.S - I’ve still got some rather fab Gladiator Parsnips in the ground HAZEL LOVE if you like I could knock you up some yummy roast parsnip crisps :)

    P.P.S - Keith - WHERE ARE YOU !!!?? Hope you are ok :)

  272. At 02:47 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Lyndyloo - TOTALLY read your post incorrectly. I thought you were saying that the name of the Fantom Flan flinger was Brian Games. I always wanted Mousetrap.

    Prof Plum - Yes thank you. However I was disappointed to find out that the sports socks offer was finished. I could now choose between a £10 M&S Voucher or a handsome Carriage Clock.

    and finally GABY! What ARE you thinking! I personally have NO idea who this Teddy is (I'm thinking he's a sports player of some sort) but to call her a missus! (more like a misses) Heaven forfend girl! If you dinged her on the head with a spoon, she'd crack open like an egg! You are saved from a F worse than D if that is the sort of female he prefers!!!!!!!!!!!

    c'est tout par maintenant
    j'avoir le travaille

  273. At 02:48 PM on 04 Jan 2007, GillyM wrote:

    Hey, does anyone remember FollyFoot??

    All us girlies used to swoon over Steve and be jealous of Dora(moody so and so that she was!!)

    Ah, my long lost youth!!


  274. At 02:56 PM on 04 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Moose - you have the support and respect of us bloggers whatever, OK? xx

    MWK - I've seen the sherbert dib dabs in the supermarket - it seems that the sweeties of old are most definitely making a comeback - oh no!

    Hazel Love - in case my last post didn't get through, thanks for the recipe - it's on the agenda for le weekend x

    jillygoat xx

  275. At 03:19 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Moose diarrhoea!

    It was my claim to fame at school, that I was the only person who could spell runny poo properly.

    People think it's very funny but it's really very runny!!

    DD out

    I've just re-read this post prior to posting and decided that I needed to clarify that I wasn't passing comment upon your last post Moose merely showing how anal an ex spell checker and proof reader could be

  276. At 03:25 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Doesn't Saturday morning programming age you?

    Swap shop & tiswas - around the dreaded 40

    Live and kicking and going live - 30's

    Aaaah Space Dust!!!
    Strawberry boot laces
    pink shrimps
    black jacks and fruit salad

    A time when pineapple chunks didn't mean throwing up

    mojo's 3 for a penny


    Proper Curly Wurly's

    Mars, Marathons, Topics

    Animal bar sandwiches (An Animal Bar in bread and butter)

    Plain crisps with the little blue sachet of salt!

    DD off into a haze and out

  277. At 03:25 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:


    In my opinion...(other opinions are available)

    If you go to Y you will already be harbouring a resentment because this other person works there. Also - if you had really wanted to go, you'd have done it by now.

    Wait until corporate Z comes along, and that'll be reet laddie.

    Also (as well as) it's none of our damn business anyway. We only wish you and yours well and that all will be ok xx

    Anyway...Is that short enough? (as the actress said to the bishop)


    by the way 659 v 580 if you must.

  278. At 03:31 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Susan S wrote:


    ******** HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! ********


    Hello Chris! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!! So .... when's the house-warming???? I'll bring the starter if you like? With a nice bottle of something.

    Hello my dear fellow bloggers and blogettes! I've missed you too!! And I don't have time to catch up with everyone .... we are still lap-topless and I don't know when we'll be back online. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    My Resolutions :

    1) Get organised!
    2) Get Charis to eat!
    3) Diet!!
    4) Get fit!
    5) Start mounting and framing my photos.
    6) Start my novel!

    Hmmmm .... I'm sure there are more .... but my brother wants his laptop back!

    Group hug!

    Love, Susan >

    How beautiful the turning of the year!
    A moment artificial yet profound:
    Point upon an arbitrary chart
    Passing like a breath upon the heart,
    Yearning with anticipation wound,
    New hope new harbored in old-fashioned cheer.
    Even when the boundary line is clear,
    We recognize the oneness of the ground.
    Years, like circles, do not end or start
    Except we lay across their truth our art,
    Adjusting dates as they go round and round
    Revolving to a tune long sung and dear.

    By Turlough O'Carolan

  279. At 03:51 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Well hello there everyone....
    I don't really have anything to post but wanted to touch base with you all.

    Dr. J McC - your book arrived today. Am very excited about reading it :)

    To all of those who suffered from colds over the festive season I hope you are feeling better now.

    Lotsa love and best to all for 2007

    J x

  280. At 03:58 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Sweets.....does anyone remember Pacers? They were mint chewy sweets with 3 green stripes around them....My nanny always used to give them to me. I loved them.

    Otherwise, yep - jellytots for me too.....

    There I feel I have contributed properly now....

    Lotsa love


  281. At 04:23 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Hazel Love - I also read Lyndyloo's post incorrectly. Glad to see I'm not the only one :-)

    J x

  282. At 04:29 PM on 04 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Oh my god, wham bars - Tracy-Ann, they were the bain of my life. I had braces (the teeth variety, i understand others are available) so anything that took 3 weeks to eat was off the menu from 11 - 17.....

    I had to console myself with trev and simon instead - not in the literal sense, that was also off the menu till 17.....and lets face it they were no replacement for said Phillip (to be honest Jillygoat - i dont mind not being at the front of the queue, i could wait for him!) ..... but i definately swung my pants.

    Moose - x


  283. At 04:37 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    and another thing (am leaving very shortly (I'm sure you'll all be relieved to hear) and it's a bleedin' blizzard out there - good job the dogs don't mind)

    Oh Mooooooooose!

    A pub which may or may not serve food as long as one can partake of the occasional cig. (If CE is still puffin, he prob wouldn't come if he couldn't, but chances of him turning up are poss slightly less than my odds of winning celebrity big brother in 2009). I like the occasional cig (see previous posts) especially with una bebida.

    bons noisettes

  284. At 04:38 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Hello all

    Have to keep this brief as I have an experiment about to reach a critical phase. I'm quite excited, as I think I have managed to keep a population of hookworms in suspended animation for exactly 3 months. If 50% of the little critters are still alive when I revive them, I'll be down the patent office before you can say Ancylostoma duodenale.

    So what? I hear you cry.

    Well, it could lead to a way to provide parasitologists with worms at short notice. A worm bank, if you will. It's not always easy getting hold of the worms you want, and I will therefore be providing a service to parasitologists everywhere.

    J McC

    P.S. I cannot make the OAMC, but my marketing manager, Dr Mark Booth, will, by complete coincidence, be in London on Jan 18th. If you like, I could tell him to pop along. Where are you all going?

  285. At 04:41 PM on 04 Jan 2007, anna wrote:



    I want a trio and I want one now.


  286. At 04:42 PM on 04 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    oh and by the way, DD -

    Going live can be 20's. I admit only just, and to be fair it will be 30's in 6 months time, but please let me hang on to my 20's till the bitter end.


  287. At 04:49 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Just a diversion campers,

    COMPO time,,,,,,,,,,,,, guess my real first name and I will award the winner with a packet of twiglets. The clue is in the blog.

  288. At 04:51 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Billy Shaw wrote:

    Hi everyone... The kid with the most sweets at skool was always popular till they ran out then they returned to being just as unpopular as the rest of us! Longlasting gobbstoppers were designed by some evil teacher/parent as a way of keeping kids quiet for a few hours with the added bonus of an occassional child having a choking fit! Rainbow drops were TOO pretty for the boys to admit they liked them . My fave was SHERBERT LEMONS outta the big jar at the sweet shop on the corner . They cut the top of the inside of your mouth then the sherbert made it sting .....but it WAS worth it.SWEET HEAVEN.
    THANKS to everyone who hads left a comment or helpful suggestion on my blog. Much appreciated.
    Anyways..... whos been watching celebrity BB? Some very interesting celebs are in there and its gonna be smashing telly.Personally I would have liked to see GEORGE ,ZIPPY and BUNGLE from Rainbow in there. The sparks would be flying around the BB house. Can you just picture Zippy in the DIARY room ...hed be slagging off EVERYONE!! lol... If they REALLY wanted big ratings they could go one better and stick the cast from THE SOOTY SHOW in there beside them just for good measure. Sweet SUE.... the ULTRA cute Panda would be add sex appeal and would be my tip to win the show!! Zippy and Sweep would be killing each other as they fought for the spotlight.... a clash of TITANIC egos if EVER there was one. Meanwhile , Sooty and George( who would be best mates in no time !) would have their work cut out as peacemakers!
    OK...enough insantiy already! Even though it IS fun! lol
    Time to leave you with an old saying. " Speak when your angry and you will make the best speech youll ever regret" Could THIS be one of SOOTYS favourite saying? lol
    All the best folks....
    Chrissy~ Chrissy~ DOO~ WHERE are youooooo!!

    Billy xxxxx http://journals.aol.co.uk/brownbshaw/a-number-one-song...-

  289. At 04:52 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Just a diversion campers,

    COMPO time,,,,,,,,,,,,, guess my real first name and I will award the winner with a packet of twiglets. The clue is in the blog.

  290. At 05:04 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    hello again, hello

    Mousetrap...yayyy!!! Spangles...yayyy!!!

    Moose......I would advise that you try not to let guy's presence at Y deter you from going there. He may not stay/they may not keep him. Layers at X don't sound too progressive. Apologies if you have already stated this but I wonder how much you want to leave?? Probably very much, in which case my question gets us nowhere. Come to think of it, many of my questions get me nowhere!! - but kaz and Tracey-Ann please don't let that deter you : )

    I would go al rustico on the soup - bit like a casserole - but maybe that's because I am blender-less.

    Susan S - so pleased you were able to tune in. I loved the 'lap-topless'.....words that go together in a delightfully wicked way.

    Hazel Love - your advice is sound (as always : ))....I shall transfer elsewhere the affections of my heart, toute de suite, tous le temps et avec tout de force


    ps Moose - anyhow, computer ; )

  291. At 05:09 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    anna : ) : ) ....last time I shouted that out loud I got arrested


  292. At 05:12 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    anna - lol : ) : ) ........last time I shouted that out loud I got arrested

    jax - I'm sure I remember Pacers - can taste them but can't picture them (should I be concerned). Have been thinking of you and hoping you are as ok as is possible.



    ps creme caramel

  293. At 05:22 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    ooh, forgot to ask...

    kev C - how did the panto rehearsal go..... the one you attended last night ....OH YES YOU DID



    ps must switch off my machine and go and do something..........less interesting instead. Have just been politely reprimanded by the BP for excessive (and without enough time between) use.......those were the days

    pps a glass of dry sherry in the drawing room please Hudson

  294. At 05:28 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Hello Peeps,
    Well it went as well as can be expected, my nerevs clear after my first few lines,so,

    GABBY Oh yes i was but it went well Thanks

    ANNA were doing Babes in the Wood / Robin Hood, But the panto is in Huddersfield, i work in Sheffield so its about 45 mins up T road luv. But your very welcome got a few tickets left for the opening night and theres about 30 others commin from Sheff, Oooo the pressure haha.

    Same again tonight, i do hope i get my song words in the right order.

    Ill tell you what, I hope Chris as been reading the blog daily otherwise he's got a days reading to catch up with.

    Have a good un

  295. At 05:30 PM on 04 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Hazel love - try and accept the things you can't change and change the things you can't accept. Oh bugger not it but I know what you mean!!

    C x x

  296. At 05:35 PM on 04 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:

    Moose & Hazel Love - Thanks for making me feel so welcome.

    Hazel Love - 'Evans Angels' t.shirts, don't think the boys would wear them. Remember the episode of Peter Kay in Max and Paddy (Charlie's Anals) - do you see where I'm going?

    Dissing Dave - would you wear an Evans Angels t.shirt or an Evans Anals t.shirt? Trying to change the subject........Sweeties - Star Bar! They were fab, came back, but again smaller than before.

    Jillygoat - I too know a great 'sweets in jars' shop - great choice, they wear gloves now to dish out the sweets, not like before when the old guy down the corner shop just dipped in with his bare hands - if only I'd known then, what I know now!!!!

    Drumsticks - round off the bottom of the stick and pop a chefs hat on! - SORTED!


  297. At 05:53 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Anna And Gaby - You are responsible for me sitting in my office giggling like a loon... Not only the fab trio song but for some reason I found Gaby’s reply hilarious ... Maybe its just my demented mind !

    Delightful evenings one and all....

    Actually, as Mr.E is away I have been playing my IPod in the car on the way home...excellent technology being able to hook it up to the stereo !... Anyway, I digress... I am really enjoying the anticipation of which song will be next on "shuffle"... Its great. Its like a sound track to my life. Every song seems to take me back to a different time in my life... I’ve uploaded everything in my collection (CD`s) on to my pod. Unfortunately not the vinyl :(

    Only problem is I uploaded all my audio books too and my podcasts so one minute it`ll be something fab by someone fab and the next it`ll be a mad American banging on about positive mental attitude ! The sheer anticipative nature of it all...

    I`ll be off soon to enjoy the Ipod lottery - who will it be tonight... Deepak Chopra or Sam Cooke.. Who knows !

    Anna and Gaby - Thanks for making me laugh !!

    Tracey-Ann x x x

  298. At 06:15 PM on 04 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Hazel Love and Jax and anyone else I managed to confuse......Many Apologies......Fantom-Flan-Flinger was Brian. His sons used to appear as the baby-bucket-bunger and the Frank Spencer impersonator with Lenny Henry. Great family!


  299. At 06:34 PM on 04 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Kev C - Huddersfield, now there is a lovely place. My friends husbands mum is from there and used to direct lots of pantos..... dont know if she still does. Makes the best millionaire shortbread i seem to remember.

    I once drove from Chesterfield to Huddersfield to get chips from the best chippy in the country. It was closed (the chippy, not huddersfield - i hear that only closes on every third thursday of a leap year now - which is nice). I digress....

    Sadly, since i moved down south.....well to Nottinghamshrie anyway (i can tell its south, they dont serve chips and gravy! - whats that all about!!??) I dont get up to Huddersfield so often.


  300. At 06:52 PM on 04 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Prof Plum - is it Chris as this is a christmas blog or Forp Mulp or uuuummmmmmm eeeeeeeerrrrrrrr maybe just steve?

    If I win can I have something else as I don't like twiglets??

    x x

  301. At 10:09 PM on 04 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Evening all,
    So much to reply to:

    Dr JMcC - haven't fixed the exact location yet but Covent Garden, if there's a pub there that fits Hazel's very exacting requirements :-) Tell Dr Mark he'll be very welcome...

    Gaby - I really want to leave. I think I'm with you about the other guy. There are idiots everywhere. Also, he may not be an idiot. The current place does very strange things to people...seems to bring out the Dr Jekyll side of perfectly normal Mr Hyde's. I might just find he's a normal, professional, intelligent human being with a real desire to do the right thing.

    Anna - chips and gravy! brings back memories of Manchester. They also did curry sauce with the chips, locally known as "smeg" I understand...

    JoJo - you are welcome! In both senses...

    Prof Plum - easy! It's Professor...

    Pacers - I do remember them. Like Opal Fruits only green and white stripes instead...was basically toothpaste solidified into squares.

    Evans Angels infinitely more acceptable than the other option, as long as on a real leather biker jacket - oh, and I'll have the BMW to go with it!!!

    Gaby - good wavelength on the soup. Rustico is exactly where I went. Hand blender shoved in the pot and wizzed for a few seconds but some lumps left. Then added the kidney beans but left out the lentils. Was very good but I ate too much of it - still there can hardly have been any fat or calories in it (apart from the pancetta - which went in - the cream, the olive oil I fried the onions in and...oh well, diet another day) And there is a huge potful left. Fridge and freezer will be full of the stuff for a while. I shall bring a flask of it on 18th to share out!!! By that time I think we should be able to send a sample to Dr JMcC via Dr Mark Booth for analysis, as I believe the parasites will be well brewed by then. Also, if I throw a few sprouts in now and leave it on a simmer, they should be al dente too by the 18th.

    T - can't take the credit but I'm glad it helped.

    Enough for tonight. Sleep well all.
    Matt from Rudgwick and Keith - where are you guys today? Hope all is OK.


    PS Celeb BB - I succumbed despite my better judgement and tuned in tonight. Thought it was hilarious as Jo was saying she didn't know who anyone was. Me and Mrs Moose couldn't agree more!!! Still resisting BB's Big Mouth though - for the obvious reason...

  302. At 11:00 PM on 04 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Prof Adam Plum?

  303. At 01:54 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Evenin' all......

    BLOGLOG STARDATE Jan 4 - beam me up Scottie, there is no sign of life down 'ere :-)

    Been out, retail therapy today - I have to look half decent when I show up for work on Monday :-)

    First of all - Steevie....will you marry me ???? :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    You sound like such a good sort, the lady in question must have been nuts....you will heal, just take your time and remember I am free :-) I think I am a few years older than you but hey whats in a number?? LOL

    Anna, sorry to hear about your cauliflower kid....therapy must have been needed for that one :-)

    Tracey-Ann - great to see you back in fine form....you sound so up! absolutely fantastic :-)

    Moose.....I think you should go for the move....as you say, this guy may turn out to be the opposite of what you expected. It sounds like you are ready to move on!! I wish you lotsa luck whatever it is you decide. Here I am practicing ..... Smiiiile an everlasting smiiiiiilllee, a smile can bring you near to meeeeeeeee.....yes Bee Gees! Come on work with me here people!!! :-) Your soup sounds good. I think you wizzed the right bits and left the right lumpy bits :-) But you know, it all goes down the same 'ole love!! :-)
    You are also right (have you noticed how right you are all the time Moose??? :-) about money and celebs...that does not matter...people matter!!

    Something strange happened here in the news. Our prime minister, Steve Harper is now replacing our environment minister....our weather has done a complete flip - we have had no snow (usually have some by now) and it is really warm, 13 tomorrow (will be a record). Even though el ninio (sp??) has something to do with it, our wonderful PM is panicking thinking that it is global warming and that he had better do something fast (even though he pulled out of the Kyoto accord).......he loves George Bush....nuf said, dont get me started!!!!

    Hazel - thank you for your good wishes....have you finished your spring cleaning then???

    Gaby - Thanks for your good wishes too.....You mentioned a job that has come your way - you go for it girl!!! This job I got came out of the blue and it is not really what I wanted but things happen for a reason. I think the wizards had a bit to do with this too.... keep us posted.

    Anyway, I did not get through all the posts but will be back tomorrow, off to watch a movie with my eldest..... they will be back at Uni on Sunday....I will really miss them....soooo quiet.
    Tomorrow peeps :-)
    Joan xxxxx
    BIG UN - come out come out wherever you are!!! Are you still having Vicks rubbed on your chest :-)

  304. At 08:05 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Morning all,

    I am not quite awake yet - sleep inducing medicine still not worn off...actually, methinks it is just kicking in.

    Joannie - thank you. We will keep you company when your boys go back. I don't mean that to sound trite. Hope you treated yourself on your shopping spree.

    Dr JMcC - wow, great news on the suspended animation front. Get on down to that patent office before anyone else (make sure Ravel keeps an eye on Dr Booth) so that you don't suffer the same fate as the poor geezer who did actually invent the telephone. Please keep us posted.

    Moose - soup sounds fab. Re the job, as Hazel Love said, maybe job Z will present itself. A situation may arise which makes the decision very easy for you.....a job Z, a couple of other influencing factors that lead you one way only with no more analysing to do. : )

    Must go.......loads to do


    ps Prof Plum.....by jove, I think I've got it

    pps CHRIS....just because we are having fun on here, IT DOESN'T MEAN WE ARE NOT MISSING YOU. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  305. At 08:59 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    by the way....

    ...the sleep inducing medicine to which I referred is not of a medium-bodied, red, fruity nature from the pharaceutical house that is labelled 'Cabernet Sauvigon Shiraz'!!!.....it is a bona fide soporificator



  306. At 09:02 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Good morning all.

    After a week of ‘back to school’ insomnia I finally got a full on, top dollar nights sleep! I must say, I really am looking forward to this weekend, packing away those pesky Christmas decorations – you can have too much of a good thing – getting the house back to normal, and a tee-total weekend with loads of zzzzzzs.

    2007 has been dubbed ‘the year of challenges’ in our house. First up we’re headed up Snowdon. I walked it in December last year and now Mrs MfR wants part of the action. In the snow. I shall be monitoring the weather over the next few weeks to pick a sensible time to go and will let you know how we get on.

    Tried to explain the OAMC the other night. Think it through. It’s not easy.

    ‘’I’m off out with Moose, jillygoat, Prof Plum and others, whom I’ve never met, who are fellow bloggers on Chris Evans’ ‘shlog’. Each day we await his verse and duly respond with our playful banter and words of wisdom. The community hail from far and wide, although it is apparent that I am the only blogger in the village’’

    The white coat brigade are banging on the door as I type these words.

    I feel a long walk to clear the mind followed by a chapter of my book is in order this weekend. For the time being at least, I feel at peace with the world.

    I’m sure that will all change soon.

    Best Wishes.


    PS The Aeroplane

    PPS Bonham or Moon?

    PPS Tea and oranges that come all the way from China.

  307. At 09:24 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    just a quick reply...

    Matt f R.... lol at your description of OAMC and it's trickiness : )......

    ......I have, at fairly regular intervals, reminded my offspring about the dangers of 'chatting' to people that they don't know, on the internet. When this blog started, and my contributions were infrequent and in their infancy, I mentioned this blog to one of my kids. I think it is fair to say that they now know I am a regular. Inevitably, an intelligent (not from my side you understand) and in depth conversation arose a few weeks ago from a question posed by my eldest ........ 'how is your situation with the blog any different from ours'. 'How come YOU 'chat' to people you don't know and yet you don't want us to?'

    I replied that the difference was that the blog was more of a situation where people post comments and replies inspired by Chris' post etc and that, in any case, the commentators on these pages were communicating with each other with no intention of meeting up. The situation would not arise where I was in a position of meeting anyone I didn't know. Ahem. A moral dilemma ensues.


    ps Moose - I can't find my spell checker button - please be gentle with me

  308. At 09:26 AM on 05 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Morning All

    For some reason the traffic was very quiet so I have managed to get to work really quickly, still obeying the speed limit!

    Moose, the soups sounds wonderful. If I can make the OAMC I look forward to trying some! I am still unsure as I may be sent to the cold of Canada that week.
    We are trying an organic veg box this year and got our delivery yesterday, so I am certainly thinking about some soup. We got some Jerusalem artichoke in it, which I have never cooked before – any ideas?

    Celebrity BB – Can we really call them celebrities? I have not been drawn in yet, but I am sure it will happen fairly soon as already there are the daily catch ups in the office regarding the latest events, so without watching it I strangely seem to know what is happening!

    Have a good Friday one and all

  309. At 09:28 AM on 05 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:

    Oh Wow.

    I got to Friday.... I didn't think I would, but I did. We have a lovely shop in our Town which is olde worlde sweetie Shop - loads of jars of hundreds of different sweets is lovely.

    In for a busy weekend. Toolibelle performing in Panto on Saturday and Sunday. I am Chaperone for Under 14's with my Disclosure Form to Hand. Is lovely. I could never go on Stage, but happy to help out behind. How my wee 12 year old can do it I'll never know.

    We are presently hiding in office from our local binge drinker. He has been in state of inebriation since 31st December. We are concerned that he may fall in water, however, are more concerned that he may come in and gas us when he tries to celebrate New Year with us. Am confused about drinking pattern. I made a comment to him in the summer about having a nice glass of wine, and he said "don't touch alcohol".... obviously just absorbs it, because he is breathing fumes.


  310. At 09:31 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Good morning lovelies!

    Miss Chriss tooooooooooo boo hoo! Mark Goodier is lovely but I can't find the OOMPH...

    OH YES and some complete g*t nicked my ariel last night!!!!!!!!! As if my poor car isn't suffering enough!!!! She's gotta go! Sob!

    First things first.

    Moose - Dr Jekyll was the good one.

    Prof Plum - Bill?

    J McC - Delighted that Dr Mark can join the London trip. Are these the worms that can cause ulcers? Duodenale?

    cathmel - Nearly!

    MfR - See my comment 222 re explanation for OAMC. I thought oranges came from trees?

    Gaby - I took partook of sleep inducing medicine last eve. However, I think I was too strung out from the previous two nights of very little sleep, so the effects were minimal. I do however think that I did a bit of somnabulation as the cat food was open when I went down this morning, and I KNOW none of the cats have opposable thumbs...I am going to capitalise tonight though, and perhaps take the medicine with a small glass of red rather than water...

    Joannie - OF COURSE you're gonna miss 'em, but think of all the washing you're not gonna have to do, and you can get on the computer as much as you like! We love you and we ain't going nowhere xxx The spring cleaning (on my side anyway) was just a bit of light hoovering. They cleaned their own loo thank goodness! That doesn't even come under 'any other duties' in my job description!

    Kev C - I trust Nurse Molly Coddle managed to get her rights round the word way last night? I'm going to do something this year - big decision as haven't done anything for 3years or so, but now we're settled I think it's time to take the plunge again.

    BigUn and I and several others are thinking of doing a Blog Pantomime for 2007...you up for it?

    Second things second.

    I really do have a lot to do today. A road has just been opened and another one is closing on Monday, so I have the reparation and the preparation to do so...

    ca ne fait rien

  311. At 09:36 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Good morning all

    Hope you are all enjoying this current heatwave,or did I leave the heating on all night?

    Back to the compo...

    Gaby sorry not Adam.
    Moose sorry not Proffessor.
    Cathmel, I have been accused of being a certain Steve on another message board. But no sorry.
    not a Chris either.

    The prize fund is now doubled to two packets of twiglets or this can be exchanged for a ticket for Lulu.

    Matt from Rudgwick keep those white coats away.

    Dr JMC Have finished the BOTB. It was a great read. I think it left me with the thought that Fact is stranger than fiction sometimes.

    Have a good day all.

  312. At 10:02 AM on 05 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:

    Is me.

    Can someone tell me, where, and when OAMC is. Please.

    I keep seeing references to it, but can't find definitives.



  313. At 10:21 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Hazel I really don't think you should wash your car in ariel. and No not a Bill.

  314. At 10:34 AM on 05 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Morning Bloggers!!

    It's a bit strange us not being shloggers at the mo isn't it? My life feels out of synch without my 2 hour fix during week day evenings.

    I am contemplating the OAMC and have been encouraged by Tracey-Ann (god bless her) but find myself having the same thoughts as Gaby's offspring (does that mean I'm getting older or staying younger?). I mean we all know the dangers of meeting unknown people off web sites and probably more than one of us has vocalised that to others. Still it feels different on here.... I suppose as long as it's well publicised which venue we intend to meet at then all will be fine.... it's not like we're sneaking around behind anybodys back now is it?

    I think probably the stance that Gaby could take with her young'uns is that this is a very public site that anyone can look at, we have access to other peoples web sites (if they chose to leave them on here) and Radio2 has it's BP on guard.... Do you think that sums it up? Seems a lot safer than going on a blind date (though that can be fun too!).

    Anyway I'm still contemplating so I'm off to make a cup of tea to help.



  315. At 10:39 AM on 05 Jan 2007, Em SK wrote:


    A little more time to post today than yesterday although not much... so will be brief.

    1. Does anyone remember Nutty bars, peanuts on the outside with soft fudgy toffeey (phoenetically TO-FEE-IE- don't know if that makes more sense but am trying...) stuff in the middle- they weren't crisp like peanut brittle just all soft and chewy and DELICIOUS. They had brown wrapper with orange writing on. I miss them a lot.

    2. Given that we are all spread far and wide regional OAMC's with an OAYC (once a year club for those who aren't with me) gathering in the centre of the country (just get out a map, measure and stick a pin in and we'll all go for it...)

    3. Prof Plum - maybe am being too lateral and going in the wrong direction- but is your first name Peter.....?


    Em SK

  316. At 12:00 PM on 05 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    A cloudy good Friday morning to you all,

    Well, I felt so good this morning after cleaning out my insides with a large amount of "Moose's red soup" that I went to the gym this morning. Was then feeling so righteous that I treated myself to a small Friday fry-up. Yum! A little bit of what you fancy never did you any harm! A lot does...

    Hazel Love - I'm so glad you appreciate my irony!!! I agree with Prof Plum on the car wash front, but then I did used to work for the makers of Ariel...

    Joannie/Gaby & Others re job front - have decided to go with Corporate Y. It suits me best from the current options, provides a clearer exit route for me if and when I want it, and may even be advantageous from a book sales point of view. i called the guy who has been trying to headhunt me and am now awaiting his call back to make me a fantabulous offer!

    Prof Plum - Gary? And I love twiglets!

    Cathmel - I'm afraid there is no future for us. Marmite/twiglets are an important polarising factor that it's important to be united on. Sorry to disappoint ;-)

    DWNB - 18th January, 7.30pm in a pub in Covent Garden (sorry, in pub that sells food and will allow Hazel to smoke the odd ciggy) still to be defined. Bring a copy of DrJMcCs book with you for ID.

    Joannie - thank you for the TNT. I once had a boss who delighted in telling me that being right wasn't enough in my position. In fact, he told me, it wasn't really necessary at all. He then used my arch-nemesis-target-of-hate (who I shall call M for mystery) as a classic example of someone who got things done, had huge influence and was on an upward career path. M was hardly ever right about anything. And when he was right he'd usually stolen the idea from someone else (usually me - the reason why he is arch nemisis figure of hate!). I think I count that as the second least motivating bit of coaching he ever gave me...sorry third, how did I blank the other one!!! He was definitely of the Brent School of Management (first class).
    I feel the need to quickly share the other two now...
    1. I convinced the notoriusly stubborn CEO that I was right about something and he was wrong (hmmmm, noticing a pattern there) and this led to a significant change in strategy plans. My boss (who wasn't even at the meeting) informed me that "CEO now thinks you are all a bunch of merchant bankers, and you Moose are the biggest merchant banker of them all". Thanks!
    2. When asking for a pay rise, the discussion somehow moved onto my domestic situation and I happened to mention cooking most nights (cos I like it and Mrs Moose hates it). He told me in a father like way that I really should get some domestic help (cleaner, cook, gardener etc) as he found it took all the pressure away from a relationship. facts were: 1. I WAS ASKING FOR A PAY RISE - HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO AFFORD ALL THESE SERVANTS, and 2. HE WAS DIVORCED - very acrimoniously!!! I very nearly lost my rag and punched him.

    I was going to comment of the dangers of meeting strange people from the internet, but I have a meeting to go to now. All I will say is that you are all perfectly safe with me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (evil laugh). To put you all at ease, my real name is Lecter, H. Lecter.... you can all guess what the H stands for if you like...


  317. At 12:08 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    lyndyloo - : ) I am comfortable meeting up despite the fact that I don't know any of them. My dilemma is whether to tell kids what I am doing. I do feel that honesty is the best policy, so I will tell them. : )

    Hope you come too


  318. At 12:12 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Prof Plum - Barry, James, Enzo, Earl, Joyce??? Jamie, Lee, Curtis, Owen, Johnny, Elvis?

    DWNB - the OAMC. This is the story of actors aged 30 playing either suntanned teenagers or parents of same, in some place with only one bar in America. The first episode will be shown on BBC1 (other terrestrial channels are available) on Thursday 18th January at approximately 19.30 I think.

    (Other slightly less spurious and more accurate explanations are available. These would include such as the inaugural meeting of the Blog Once A Month Club meeting for a drink on the third Thirsty Thursday of each month or thereabouts or hereabouts or whereabouts somewhere in the Covent Garden area)

    Lyndyloo - It's a leap into the unknown. No we aren't sneaking around, but it is still best to let a couple of people know where you are going, what sort of time you should be getting home, and agree to check in with them every now and then so that they know that you are safe.

    Em SK - Uuuuuuuuuuuuurgh! Nutty Bars bleurgh. Dunno why as LOVE peanuts, toffee, fudge etc, but I think they were way too sickly...

    Re your other point...there was discussion last year(!) about a BlogFest in the summer. Some kind of fete with a beer tent and a white elephant I think. Apparently Prof Plum has a 'retired artiste' at the home, who is well versed in the handling of such creatures who may be willing to get in his howdah for a fiver and come and assist.

    The sooner I get my work done, the sooner I finish. This is some sort of law I think, such as 'Sod's', but my mum would probably tell me that procrastination is the thief of time.

    I wouldn't mind, but he probably nicked my arial too.

    devant et dessous

  319. At 12:20 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Em SK wrote:

    Prof Plum:- is it Simon (lateral thinking along the same lines but with more sense)


    Em SK

  320. At 12:59 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Billy Shaw wrote:

    Hi everyone.... this blogging lark is getting addictive trying....not.....to.... to ..press....th the ..k.keys....bb but ...CCCANT STOP MYSELF!! Is there a clinic for this condition? LOL
    Hazel Love,if someone stole your ariel you can just stick a metal coathanger on there...it was quite popular to do that in Glasgow during the 80/90s and it works surprisingly well! Actually , that would be a great example of how the more inteligent species of USA citizen( aka ...THE REDNECK )might deal with the problem.!You know ...the guys from THE SOUTH who make moonshine in thier bathtub and have more cars in their yard that dont work than flies at a barbeque then spend the evening drinking beer from a six pack on a couch outdoors howling at the moon along with thier six loyal bloodhounds! ( phew ! :) gotta remember to breath ! lol
    YOU might be a REDNECK if you do,say ,think or are familiar with ANY of the following:-)
    1)..your front porch collapses and more than 6 dogs are killed!
    2)...the only condiment on your kitchen table is an ecconomy size bottle of ketchup!
    3)...you married 3 times and STILL got the same inlaws!
    4)....your mother has been involved in a fist fight at a school sports day!
    and finally (5)....3 quarters of your clothes have logos on them...
    Hope that comes across as funny and not offensive yawwwll ?lol Tracey Anne (297) Why not "pimp your ride" and install twin decks to play your beloved vinyl in you car THEN hire a mobile DJ ( GERRIT?)to play your old skool tunes as you cruise to work.RESPECT. Personally I think this should come as standard along with a funny car sticker on your back window. My fave old sticker says" my other stickers funny" . Just loved that sticker. STILL makes me smile.

    Lookin forward to the return of Chris...no disrespect to Mark who is also cool.

    Billy xxxx http://journals.aol.co.uk/brownbshaw/a-number-one-song..-

  321. At 01:15 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Hello All !

    Wow the first week of 2007 is almost over already! It’s flying by!

    The OAMC - I will not be attending, although, rather annoyingly, will be in London that evening schmoozing clients... Maybe next time.

    I can understand everyone’s point of view re actually meeting but there seems to be quite a few of you going and its all very public and well informed. As others have said its not like some sleazy chat room encounter and you’re meeting up on a one on one with no fear for your safety or sanity. Seize the moment I say !!!

    If the blog goes deathly quiet on Jan 19th the remaining of us will know why!!!

    Punch and Judy is always a popular choice in Covent Garden... Always packed though... The Crusting Pipe is a lovely place for a meal (especially the string quartet in the corner) but it’s rather more formal than a pub setting and is quite small... Other than that I guess there is always Champagne Charlies down in The Arches on Villiers Street - they do a mean bangers and mash! I love Covent Garden.....

    I was going to meander round Kew tomorrow but have had a call from a lovely little Irish chap (who is at least 80!!) asking for the keys to my potting shed and access to my tools (!!!) He has kindly offered to help me dig over my allotment plot so that it’s ready for spring. I only met him on Christmas Eve when I popped down to get the rest of my sprouts (yes I know Hazel Love – ridiculously under cooked as a result!!!!) and he mentioned that he would be happy to come and help me out. Sometimes the good nature of people takes my breath away!!!

    So – lots of digging and plot planning at the weekend interspersed with a trip to the Beeb, White City tomorrow evening. I love BBC Television Centre. I don’t know why but its always so magical whenever I’m up there… You always tend to run in to all sorts of fab and interesting people…

    Kew will have to wait until next weekend…

    Lyndyloo – Yes, Go !

    Massive fingers crossed for Joannie for her first day of work on Monday – lots of positive vibes coming your way x x x

    Wishing fantastic weekends to one and all

    Until next time

    Tracey-Ann x x x

  322. At 01:23 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    My posts keep getting confiscated.

    lyndyloo - hope you decide to come : )Personally, I am comfortable meeting despite not knowing anyone. My dilemma was whether to be honest to my offspring about what I was doing. I find it hard to lie (in fact I don't lie) and so I will tell them the truth.


  323. At 01:28 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Well so much for my resolution to actually do some work in 2007 (for the first week at least) before I got to reading this blog stuff again.

    Should the OAMC regional chapter meetings take more of the "My name is Anna Log and I'm a Chris Evans' blog addict ... " format?? There seem to be a lot of us out here in cyberspace. I may not contribute much but I just HAVE to read the daily ramblings of a disparate bunch of lovely sounding people (perhaps the blog should be subtitled "an everyday story of country folk" - that sounds familiar but I just can't place it ...).

    Prof Plum - is your name Victoria? I couldn't possibly accept a ticket to see Lulu though - all that shouting!

    PS Would you risk it for a Swisskit?

  324. At 01:44 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Time now 13.42.

    I think I have been BeePeed.
    We Shall See

    On top of this I now have to go on a hunt for some superglue (other adhesives are available and don't try this at home) because my blasted glasses have broken.

    First the arial and now this. I don't even want to consider what the third flimsy metal thing to break is gonna be.

    Just off to check for any loose nuts...

  325. At 02:04 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Em M wrote:

    Hi everyone,

    I think the OAMC sounds great fun, the only thing holding me back (apart from the fact i live a couple of hundred miles from Covent Garden), is the fact that we have all bared our souls on here and I think I'd be a bit embarassed to meet you all after that. I've said stuff on here I probably wouldn't say to people I actually know, and I think I've done this because i know i never will meet you. Saying that though, I will be logging on on 19th to see what you've all been up to! Am I a coward?!

    Em xx

  326. At 02:07 PM on 05 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:

    Oh No.,

    I am tooooooo far away, but I will be with you all in Spirit and will drink copious amounts of Alcohol in order to keep up with you all.

    Next OAMC should be further up the country... I could make Manchester at a push.


  327. At 02:17 PM on 05 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Prof Plum - I've changed my mind. It's Joyce.


  328. At 02:42 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Hello all

    You may have seen something about how celebrities should be more responsible when choosing campaigns to endorse. As a celebrity-scientist, I see both sides of the coin. If any celebrities are reading this blog, I suggest they read my open letter:

    Calling all celebrities


    Moose - what is your red soup? Can it be used for medical purposes?

    Plum - Phew, glad you enjoyed the book without actually choking to death on coke.

    Jax - Hope you enjoy the book. Please keep away from coke whilst reading

    Hazel - No. Ancylostoma duodenale is a type of hookworm. They cause anaemia.


    J McC

  329. At 02:51 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Hazel Love, You need to calm down babes. It's Friday and que sera, sera! Somebody obviously decided that they need your aerial more than your brum chuffer. Fortunately, you have no christoff to listen to so you have chance to replace it prior to the return of the chosen one! or to install the wire coat hanger Mk 4 as seen on many old Ford Cortina's in my yooff!
    I know it's frustrating as hell, but c'est la vie.
    Re. glasses, have you tried occulus reparo, it works for Hermione in Harry Potter films.

    Keep smiling all TFI Friday!

    Out with Mrs DD tonight to the pickies and a meal at Ask afterwards!

    Can't make the OAMC in Covent Garden on the 18th but am in CG on the 15th if you need a recce undertaken!

    Pacers - OhmiGod I'd forgotten them, Minty opal fruits.

    Professor Enzo Plum surely??

    For loose nuts check the mirror!

    DD out

    PS Dean Ashton, where are you?

    PPS Bonham

    PPPS Stuart Pearson windmill arm!!!

  330. At 02:57 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Boo Hiss Boo - I`ve been BP`d..... Never been BP`d before... Oh well..... x x

  331. At 03:04 PM on 05 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Have now eaten a Danish and had a cup of coffee...

    More seriously now to the meeting up thing. I guess as a 6'2" male that is on the chunky side (someone once missed off the c...or was that just in a dream?) I guess I can be a bit blase about these things and think that I can handle myself so I'm not putting myself in any danger. Clearly, trying to put myself in some of your shoes (not literally - my size 12s might split some of those high heels), that may well not be case for everyone.

    I do think that lyndyloo and Gaby have very good points - that there does feel something different here. Very different purpose and a very different drive to join, different commonality between us. We have mostly said that our ages are in the 35+ range. Normally people up to mischief are pretending to be young in order to lure the unaware. What we've shared with each other probably wouldn't lure too many people if we had sinister intentions!!!

    So, I'm going out on a limb here (makes a change) and speaking for two other bloggers. Matt from Rudgwick, Dr Mark Booth and I - I'm assuming we have a similar approach to the danger aspect of this (if Dr Booth has anything like the stomach for worms and nasty things that Dr J does, I have to be right, and Matt, well, it just makes sense - you support Fulham after all).

    So, here's the deal:
    the three of us will meet up for a drink in a pub in Covent Garden on 18th January at 7.30pm. CLP did once say that 3 is the ideal number for a OAMC anyway. If anyone else wants to be there and "lurk" before committing themselves to an introduction, do it. I will be carrying my copy of DrJMcCs book, as I'm sure will Dr Booth. So you will know who we are. You do not need to carry a copy so that you can continue to lurk if required or if repulsed or revolted by the sight of any of us (Dr Booth - don't bring the worms, just in case, and I'll leave the soup at home too).

    BTW - don't think that you can't join in because there are 3 of us...I just meant it's worth doing with three.

    Matt and DrJMcC - hope you don't mind me being presumptious. Dr J - you seem to be rather good at talking on behalf of Dr Booth anyway :-)

    Also, if there is anything else anyone would like us to do to make the situation safer, tell us and we will try to oblige. More public it doesn't get. More central it doesn't get.

    One thing...if Christophe were there, there would be a very large incentive not to try anything...so come on Chris, how about it. Protect your bloggers!!! Come along, and bring that bodyguard Jonny with you, and Sally and Rebecca and anyone else on the team...

    Anyone still not happy with that, just don't come. I don't mean that nastily, I just don't want anyone to put themseves in a situation they are not comfortable with. Let it lie. It's not THAT important anyway. And it's a once a month club so plenty of opportunity in the future...


    PS Luis Boa Morte

    PPS I spoke to Corporate Y today and told them I want the job so they can pull their finger out and get a formal offer to me asap...ooh errrrr! 2007 is going to be a year of big changes for me, if nothing else! Must make sure I use the "gardening leave" to get the book published (Y are direct competitors to my current lot, so I may well have to have 3 months off - shame!!!)

    PPPS Matt - did AP end up buying the B in the end? I'm worried about it getting vandalised in sarf lundun...

  332. At 03:07 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Prof Plum - I had another thought. If the clue is in the blog, could it be Suzanne?

    But then I looked back to find that your competition was in progress before Suzanne crept into the proceedings. Dammit and I thought I was being so clever!!

  333. At 03:07 PM on 05 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Just returned from a large swedish furniture store, spent too much and indulged in too many meatballs. Oh well, Paul McKenna does say to eat what you want, when you want...... must have missed the bit about portion sizes..... and the fact you need to be hungry to eat!

    Prof Plum - Victoria.

    Moose - fingers crossed for a fantabulous offer. Nothing less than what you deserve i am sure.


  334. At 03:08 PM on 05 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Prof Plum - Is it Full?

  335. At 03:14 PM on 05 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hazel - that's cheating! Larfed and larfed at the ideas of the third flimsy metal thing that were conjured in my mind!! I must have a filthy mind...oops - does that make me a dangerous person to meet?

    Oh I wish I had work to do...would go home but I have a 4.30 meeting. I keep thinking that I have to time my journey to start at 5, momentarily forgetting the current temporary lack of imperative to be listening at 5 (no offence to Mark G, but he's not CLP and he doesn't talk about us!)...anyone else suffering similarly?


  336. At 03:20 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Hi to all my new found friendly peeps, ( FRIENDs)

    All request Friday !! not got the same ring to it without our leader. Can't wait for him to get is butt back in the chair.
    I keep seeing ref to O.A.M.C well i did promise myself i would do one this year or have one. But i cant seem to find any dates on here or who is organising, anybody got any answers, where when etc.
    ANNA we got loads o' chippies in Hudds Luv, which area was it, any idea. Panto went well last night, we were rehearsing the finale walk on and song - crash bang wallop what a pic...........OMG good though !!

    HAZEL LOVE still getting wrong words in right order Urrrmmmm or is it right words wrong order Dear Oh oOppsss Oh Dear Im sure I get it right on one of the nights, not sure which one tho. LOL. were you once a fellow thesp, not that Ive ever been a thesp. We just do it for the Local kids, and the buzz you get at the end. Get yourself back on stage girl its hard work but a great laugh !!

    Well here comes the weekend, i'm looking forward to catching up on some ZZZzzzzz don't know about you but I feel shattered after 4 days at work. All request Friday Ummmm Mine this week as got to be a uplifting tune, SNAP - RHYTHM IS A DANCER

    aka Nurse Molly Coddle 20 days to go

  337. At 03:28 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:


    I forgot to say GOOD LUCK or BREAK A LEG to DWNB 12 yr old in panto this weekend !!

    ps i started writing my blogie bit about 2 hrs agobut put on hold, CUSTOMERS Uh !!

    Have a good un

  338. At 03:31 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Hoorah! Not BeePeed at all...phew etc

    J McC - I trust this Worm Bank will not be one where one is expected to make a deposit? While one is waiting for a withdrawal would one be requested to take a seat at the bar on a stool?

    "Yippeeeeee!" cried Toad. "For I've finished all my work for today! Poop poop!"

    I do hope your speriment turned out well. This time next year you could be a millyonaire... Denise will then wish she'd stayed eh?

    Gaby - I think the BP's have some kind of 'alien' which requires blog energy in order to remain alive. It's called the 'Sarah-Blog Mysteries', and is the 'Blog-Mother'.

    DD - Have you ever thought of doing a TV ad for es*re?

    I do happen to have a wire coat hanger (it's a MkII though will that matter?) currently stuck in the back of my clock radio, but will be better served with it attached to the car I feel... and just a thought...If Hermione had been half as clever, she'd have mended his eyes instead of his glasses. Up Gryffindor.

    No. I need more sleep. I think my glasses falling to pieces should have stopped me doing anything else, and now, as the other day, everything in front of me is turning into tadpoles...which is all well and good for Mr Toad, but not for me.

    I wish I could go home soon, but at least I don't need my specs to see the BIG RED BUTTON which needs pressing for Monday.

    Je n'regard pas

    ps daddy or chips?

  339. At 03:44 PM on 05 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hazel - I've checked mine. They are all firmly in place.

  340. At 03:45 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Thinking more about the OAMC – I guess its no different to my days as a member of The New Kids On The Block fan club. We all used to be each others pen pals having never met and then we`d all meet up somewhere and talk about our appreciation of the finer points of the Hangin` Tough dance routine. Ok, maybe its completely different! ... I`m sure if I was a 13 year old girl now my parents would not let me chat away on the internet to people I had never met but back then posting letters to each other and having exciting days out culminating in seeing New Kids at Wembley Arena seemed perfectly acceptable !

    Saying all of that – I did meet a guy in a queue for a gig once and then a couple of weeks later flew to America with him to see a gig and then flew home. Turned out he was a bit of a fruit loop….In a quite harmless way….Still, that’ll teach me to jump on planes with virtual strangers !!!

    I’m far too trusting… Sad state of affairs when you have to be weary of people…

    Anyways I’m sure you’re all a jolly nice bunch and you’ll all have a fabulous time ! ………. X x x

  341. At 03:53 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Parker wrote:

    Happy new year all,

    2006 was a pants year for me, lost my job split up from the mother of my child, got another job which barly pays the bills, etc, etc.
    So i'm believing that 2007 will be a good year.
    Just got to find miss right, and a job that pays some decent money...easy.

    Got back to work on Tuesday, and then on Tuesday night the boss has a heart attack, not a major one, but it will keep him off work for 6 weeks.
    During this period i will have to do my job and his.
    Do you think i should ask the company for extra money??
    I want to but not sure how to ask. Any advice?

  342. At 03:56 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Parker wrote:

    ment to add, any Single Sheffield women out there, interested in a 37 year old guy, let me know

  343. At 04:03 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Prof Tommie Plum?

    ps this was confiscated first time round - how very interesting

  344. At 04:09 PM on 05 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Dr J McC - I am not currently aware of any medicinal use for my red soup (recipe up a few pages...). As I made a large batch of it last night, I expect to be able to report more after the weekend as I will no doubt be feeding on nothing but for the next few days (depending on spare capacity I can locate in the freezer)

    Possible lines of enquiry:
    1. The hookworms may be turned as red as the poo, in which case they might be easier to spot under the microscope or be more visible to whatever little nasties eat hookworms
    2. The gut "cleansing" properties of the copious amounts of fibre might wrench the little blighters free from their grip.
    3. It might give you hookworm
    4. They might like it, absorb lots of it and become hookblobs as they gain weight, and then all decide to let go and go and veg out on the sofa instead.
    5. It is a weight loss miracle cure that will cause me to hit my ideal weight within 2 weeks.
    6. None of the above

    My money is on 5.


    PS Off to see HR lady now. Wondering whether to use the words "constructive", "dismissal", "large", "cheque", "please" and "lawyer" all in the same sentence or just sprinkle them randomly in the conversation one per sentence...

  345. At 04:16 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Prof Plum - Is it Santa, like TPT`s younger sister ?

    Or perhaps Monica as in Santa Monica !!??!

  346. At 04:19 PM on 05 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Moose - I cannot be moved on the whole love it hate it situation. I HATE IT!! I have to admit I am a little disappointed as I was hoping for some moose on the side ho hum not to worry I'm sure my heart will survive.....................

    Prof Plum/Peach/Nectarine or whatever your name is can I have another clue please?

    Big'un/weezie where are you guys??

    Trying to get childcare for the 18th (not easy on a school night)

    X x x x x x

  347. At 07:08 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Yikes.....if my screen is to be believed - we have gone almost 3 hours without a post appearing. Blog police ....please let some through.

    So much to reply to - I don't know where to start...and, as I commence typing (commence typos, some would say) I can smell something sticking to the pan....already....so better be quick (those were the days)

    Yeah, Prof, we need a clue......please

    Moose - '5 'til 7 confession'.....I have only listened once - I apologise to any MG fans - I am not being rude to him....I was only thinking today exactly what you said Moose - there just isn't that imperative........

    I have forgotten everything else that I was going to say....stressful sticking to saucepan smell and sound is superceding.......

    Have a great evening



    ps nice sign up Curbs

    pps I will join the 3 of you on the 18th - if that's ok ...good, that's sorted then.....anyway, I had a great time the last time I was in the company of West Ham supporters....Moose, I am REALLY sorry about that last comment - I just couldn't resist it. How did it go with HR lady.

  348. At 08:03 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Breaking news.....

    This particular corner of West Sussex is now a Christmas-free zone.

    All traces of the 'C' word have been erdicated from the house. Altogether now......

    ....doesn't the room look big without the tree!

    Tee-total Friday night and what have I done? Launched an all out assault on those wretched freebie CDs and DVDs that come with the Sunday papers and manage to work their way into every orifice in the house. We've all done it. Ooh look, The Towering Inferno, we're bound to watch that one day. And look, the Very Best Of The Goombay Dance Band. Pop that to one side, you never know when that may come in handy. I've found hundreds of the things.

    Moose. AP hasn't bought the B yet. JFH has though. Clearly word is spreading darn sarf.

    Any Surrey/Sussex/Hants based bloggers out there? Perhaps a splinter faction of the OAMC could be arranged. Maybe at CLP's pub? Thoughts please.

    Must go and knock up my veggie stir fry before settling down to a glass of lemonade.

    Fab weekend all.



    PS ''All men will be sailors then
    Until the sea shall free them''

    PPS Farewell, Dead Snake.

    PPS Aron, not Aaron.

  349. At 08:12 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Steevie fae Dundee + Glas wrote:

    Three quick things :

    1. Joannie #303 (at the back of 1 in the morning!): Thank you for the proposal of marriage. Is this the Blog's 1st proposal ? I forget. It is MY first (of 2007 - ha ha. Actually, I lie, it's my first ever). I feel such a Cad (note the capital....) politely declining. I refuse to speak badly of the individual with the big "E". They did what they felt was best for them, and that is all that matters, albeit they were strong-armed in to it by third parties who said an emotional (etc) relationship with me was not in their best interests. I think what hurts more is that the "let's stay friends" hasn't happened. But I intend to try to make 2007 the year I rebuild myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    2. Gaby #307 (and anyone else needing spell-checking) : if you download the free Firefox web-browser, it has spool-chicking built in. It underlines spelling mistooks in red, you highlight the word and right-click and it offers alternatives
    in a list which you can choose from. Firefox is awfy good. Some of the features in the new Internet-Explorer-7 (IE7) such as tabbed browsing as opposed to opening a new Window were in prev versions of Firefox. It's completely independent of IE7 and nowt to stop you having both on your system :


    3. Christophe is def not back Monday at any least. Marky said "See you Monday" at the end of Fri show.

  350. At 08:31 PM on 05 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Gaby - was beginning to wonder what was going on until your post arrived.

    HR lady picked up on the vibes (I went for random sprinkling of words) and told me that I didn't have a chance, especially not if I have another job, and definitely not if I want to go to a competitor (the agreement required has a clause about going to competitors). Ho hum. I think I need proper legal advice. The good thing it doesn't change anything for me. It's just worth a try after everything that's happened.

    Hope the burning wasn't too problematic. and of course you are welcome to join.


  351. At 08:36 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Moose -

    It gives me great satisfaction to read your efforts at engaging with science, as one of my primary aims is to bring the fascinating field of parasitology to a wider audience. I'm sorry I missed your recipe, but having reviewed it, I see now that it is unlikely to have any of the effects you suggest (bar inducing weight loss if you eat nothing else).

    You see, hookworms are nasty little critters that manage to hold on whatever passes through the gut. They are susceptible to certain classes of drug, but are very well lodged in your capillaries, sucking your blood, and difficult to dislodge by mechanical means alone.

    However, if you do take some soup, you could hand over a sample to Dr Booth at the OAMC meeting in Covent Garden. He will post it to me and I'll test it out intravenously on some hamsters that I recently infected. I don't need much, as hamsters can't take much fluid intravenously without popping.

    I talk about Dr Booth in glowing terms because he does a lot for charity but seeks virtually no recognition. For example, tomorrow he is yet again braving the wind and rain in Cambridge to man the car-park on Tennis Court Rd. For just £5 you can park there all day, and all the money will go to help dig a borehole and attach a water pump in a remote school in rural Kenya.

    He tells me that he is very much looking forward to meeting you all at the OAMC. He'll be waving a copy of my book as instructed.

    Hazel -

    The worms died. The worm bank idea died with it. I will not be a millionaire next year unless Uncle Jake pegs it and leaves me a slice of his fortune. As he is only 58 and fit as an Olympic rower I doubt this will happen.

    J McC

  352. At 09:59 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Steevie fae Dundee..... thank you for your remote and superb IT training - I now feel an expert : ) I really hope that this is a happy year for you....and that the difficulties of last year will, day by day, fade into a less significant compartment of your heart.

    Matt f R.....now I don't want to appear as if I am going to gate-crash any social that is within these shores....but......I am on the cusp.....verge...borders....edge....of your geographical boundary. I frequent the shopping streets of Guildford - so, count me in.

    Moose - like you said, you had to ask. Sounds like you have made great progress today - contacting corporate Y etc etc. Caramelised spag bol was delicious - kids didn't notice and one of them even commented on how lovely it was - I said it was the organic mince.

    Steevie fae Dundee....again, love and lots of positive feelings.



  353. At 10:09 PM on 05 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    JMcC - I am grieving with you and feel for the loss of your friends the worms. They have gone to a better place where there will be no more suffering or pain or parasitologists. No of course I don't mean that...of course there will be parasitologists in the better place - especially ones that do lots of charitable work. What I mean is that by then the said parasitologists will probably have ceased to try out ill-fated cryogenic experiments on said worms. Oh dear, I think I'm getting myself into trouble with this line of reasoning and I should change the subject very quickly...

    Matt - do I detect from your post that you will not be able to attend on 18th? Would be a great shame...but at least we have Gaby as a ready and willing 3rd person replacement, willing to risk what the Cambridgeshire chapter have to offer (sounds much grander than me and Dr Mark...).

    I now have a picture in my mind of three rather sad individuals in a pub, all staring intently at a jam jar half filled with a mouldy red soup-like substance, which is being burrowed into be various types of worms. An academic looking man is making studious notes while the other two are wearing blue and white hooped shirts which differ subtely from each other in that one of the teams seems to win a lot while the other doesn't and is in a lower division. A number of other strange looking individuals are lurking in the background, looking on but pretending not to. They all seem to be hiding books under their jumpers.
    One is eating twiglets.
    One has broken her glasses and they are stuck together with large blobs of superglue.
    One is passing out flyers for a mobile home in the New Forest.
    One is telling jokes.
    One has some hand bells and is annoying a group of Scottish people who are on a live video conferencing facility thing in the corner.
    One is wearing a purple suit and standing outside because he's left his ticket at home.
    A small bearded man in a white coat stumbles into the pub and joins the group in their observations.
    The lurkers all do a double take. They remove the books from their jumpers and all look together as one, from the book's cover to the scientist and back again.
    "It's him" they start to whisper. "It's him. It's McCrumble". Hearing his name, he looks up, fear etched into his brow. He runs screaming from the pub. "Nooooooo he screams. I'm just a figment of someone's imagination. They can't possibly recognise me. I don't really exist."
    "Huh, typical," said the one taking studious notes. He didn't look up from the worms and their fascinating if slightly disgusting romp through the remains of a lump of beetroot. "That's the thanks you get for creating a lifelike character."
    "I think I should have left the hand blender in a bit longer," said the male in blue and white hoops. "That piece of beetroot is a bit big for that worm."
    "At least you didn't burn it," said the female in the blue and white hoops.

    Sounds rather fun and I might have to include the scene in a future novella.

    Matt - hope the writing goes well this weekend. It will be a great weekend for it. We too are almost C free. The decs are all packed up in boxes ready to go back in the loft - one of my weekend jobs, along with piles of washing and getting 3 sets of antlers trimmed.

    I am home alone (again :-( ). What a sad life. I really should be more depressed about it. Sometimes I think I must be really really stupid to maintain my relatively positive attitude...

    But I have cheered myself up by sticking a bread in the machine tonight. I really wanted an early night, but now am under an obligation to stay up until at least 11 when the timer is due to ping and I can remove the loaf. It's a raisin bread made with multi-vitamin juice. First try-out. Had to be done tonight in case it flops. We have run out of bread completely, and the mooselets so enjoy a poached egg on toast for Saturday morning brekkie, that I didn't want to deny them the pleasure. Hence the necessity for a home-baked loaf ready at about 9 in the morning.

    Outlaws are coming early next week for a couple of days. I am feeling very positive that this might lead to some more positive TNTs on the Me and Mrs Moose front from the mother-in-law. But I'm not holding my breath. Have really been trying hard to send TNTs out to Mrs Moose this week and I even got one back...progress indeed!

    Nuff said ("too much" I hear you cry). Time for some sleep aid of the merlot brand...


  354. At 10:46 PM on 05 Jan 2007, Jill wrote:

    Helloooh again

    Only three sleeps until CLP is back with us(unless you nod off on Sunday afternoons, which would make four)...

    Prof Plum - you've got my mind racing with your poser. Is it
    - Nicholas Saint (from Santa Claus in the blog)
    - Mulp Forp
    - Rory (something akin to Rest Home for Retired Artustes)
    - Budgie (one of the residents as I recall - have his feathers gwown back?)

    Worth a try, given the prospect of a packet of twiglets


    P.S. Twiggy?
    P.P.S Can hardly wait for the result to be announced

  355. At 09:23 AM on 06 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Morning all

    Youv'e all done very well!! but alas still not found my real name.
    The prize is now three packets of twiglets which can be exchanged for a ticket to the Russian State Circus.

    One more clue.... 321 STYLE.


  356. At 11:24 AM on 06 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Morning all,

    Prof Plum - Ed ?

    The bread turned out fabulous, even though I say so myself. Which of course means that I ate too much of it for brekkie - 3 slices!!

    Was reading the paper late last night and found an article about the correlation between top 10 bestselling books and being recommended by Richard and Judy. Tells me that our targetted marketing efforts may need to go in a different direction. What if we all bombard said celebrity couple with copies of our books?

    Happy Saturday Kitchen day to everyone.

  357. At 12:10 PM on 06 Jan 2007, Ross Hemsworth wrote:

    We've all heard some disasterous stories about car repairs and garages but I took my Merc into a local garage for an MOT in Sept 2005 and finally got it back yesterday (Jan 2007!)Find out why on my blog today at www.myspace.com/rosshemsworth

    Happy new year one and all

    Ross Hemsworth

  358. At 02:08 PM on 06 Jan 2007, jani wrote:

    Hi all,

    I know it's been a while but I'm still here!

    Have been off shift for four days and my daughters boyfriend offered to debug my pc - its speeded up no end - just can't find some coms port thingy so can't go online - waaaaah! Will have to take it to proper pc doctor as trying to read five days worth of blogs is making my head spin and it may be a while before I can comment on any specific blogs - I'm sure you can't wait.

    Good to know you're all still there though.

    Jani x

  359. At 04:06 PM on 06 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:


    i wrote really long and eloquently this moring. Laptops web cams and a United Nations OAMC. Obviously offended someone.


  360. At 04:20 PM on 06 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    boo hoo.......I was BP'd....and what's worse....I have only just found out.

    Sent a quick one in (hours ago) to say :

    Moose - your post was absolutely brilliant. I had got soaked taking down my outdoor lights and needed cheering up and your missive did it alright.

    Prof Plum - thanks for the clue - will have to think quick before the trio of prizes is snapped up : )

    I am clueless as to why my post was witheld. Never mind. Have just got back from a rain-soaked Madjeski Stadium - we got soaked.


    ps baubles, bangles and beads

  361. At 04:23 PM on 06 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Prof Dee Plum ?

    BP - please send my post through - not many of us around today and it took me ages to type my post this morning; the one that you didn't deem fit to be seen

  362. At 05:30 PM on 06 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Prof Kay Plum?

    Prof Jay Plum?

    Moose - I think I can smell the bread....Mmmmmm


    ps am cold and shivery - got very rained on twice today - a dilemma ensues........

    ..................lem-sip/Merlot? lem-sip/Merlot? lem-sip/Merlot?

  363. At 05:37 PM on 06 Jan 2007, kaz wrote:


    Thanks for your comments Chrissie S have only
    just read them. So nice to be able to share with
    people. He is someone I met at school and let
    go - that is23 years ago!!! I thought he was too good for me then and now I still think he is! Have been in contact again for about 3 years now and been out a couple of times but not been able to
    go that step further. Will try again when I have got
    a bit more dutch courage!!!


  364. At 05:58 PM on 06 Jan 2007, marshie wrote:

    Hello everyone,

    Big Boo hoo, my blog was sploggged by the BP too!!!

    It was a long one though. It's great to be reading everyone else's again and catching up.

    Happy New year to you all, have missed you.


  365. At 09:33 PM on 06 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    BLOGLOG STARDATE Jan 6 - 4.20 pm

    Hello again....been very busy....nearly as busy as you Moose with your red soup, danishes, fry ups and now delish bread. When the boys go back tomorrow they will have chicken parmesan for about 4 meals, scalloped spuds, plus Xmas cookies which I DONT want to eat. I made a great fry up today too - English sausages I brough back with me in November, eggs, toast, home fries and canned spaghetti - Canadians think that canned spaghetti is disgusting - what do they know!!!! Puts hairs on your chest!!

    Prof Plum - I thought I had it worked out - Jack - cos of Jack Horner in the corner eating his pie and pulling out a plum, then the clue threw me completely off so I will have to think again now!!

    Moose - So glad to hear about the TNT with Mrs. Moose....keep it up, I am sure she appreciates it :-)

    Gaby - I know you are all there for me when the boys go back - and you dont know how I appreciate that.....:-) I had to laugh at your organic mince story Gaby....that is something I would do too...
    Also, did you tell the kids yet about the OAMC??? what happened??

    Hazel too...thanks :-) I will have to be up and at em early every day so I can blog before I go to work, that is after all more important!!!!
    Also, Hazel did you find your arial thief yet??? I am sure you would like to put the coat hanger somewhere if you did find them :-) Yes, the laundry will be finished - yay...speaking of which I had better hurry, got more to do :-)

    DWNB - how did your 12year old's panto go??? great I hope...

    Lyndyloo - go the the OAMC - you are right to be careful but it is in a public place etc. I have been on quite a few dates from the internet and I always make sure somebody knows where I am and with whom and I make sure it is a public place - I think you are safe with these bloggers....I can feel it in my water :-)

    Moose - what happened with the offer? anything yet? Loved your stories about your boss making you feel so 'special' - do you want to be right or happy is what I say..... M sounds like a typical person in every company - I feel sorry for them, they need help!!

    Tracey-Ann - how nice of that Irish guy to help with your allotment....it makes you realize there are still loverly people out there for sure. Thanks for the positive vibes for Monday, I am looking forward to it, just want to get going now....I will email you too :-)

    MFR - My Christmas tree is coming down today or tomorrow...then it is official here too, no more C word or anything to do with it :-) ho ho ho

    Steevie - I do believe it is our first blog proposal :-) I wish you all the best for the new year, I am sure it will be a good one for you.

    Anyway, laundry is a'callin
    Talk to you all later
    Joan xxxxxx

  366. At 10:23 PM on 06 Jan 2007, Billy Shaw wrote:

    Hi Everyone... the blog addiction clinic was closed today. I think the therapist was away blogging in secret....... shes probably in here right now ! The thing is I wanted to know if any of you could remember an old tv show ....its been driving me nuts trying to remember what it was called! It was about a group of friends and thier adventures solving spooky goings on in haunted mansions and castles....I can remember there was a dog in it called Scooby! Can anyone help?
    Professor Plum....is your name Ted Rogers by any chance? The bookies are giving 3 to 1 that Im right. Whatever happened to Dusty Bin when the show cancelled? I heard he fell off the wagon ( gerrit? ..ouch). Actually, they should have put him in celebrity Big Brother..... he would have been the biggest star in there. Saw his picture in the papers a while back and he surprisingly hasnt changed a bit..... has he had PLASTIC surgery? Come on ... work with me people! lmao
    Actually , Im a big fan of quiz shows and even watch KNOWALL EDMUNDS in "Deal Or No Deal" and think 3 2 1 is due for a comeback. With that flimsily constructed link i would like to leave you with one of my fave old sayings ! " Its better to conceal your knowledge .....than to reveal your ignorance. "
    Chrissy~ Chrissy~ DOO where are yoouuuooo!!

    BILLY XXXX http://journals.aol.co.uk/brownbshaw/a-number-one-song...-

  367. At 11:40 PM on 06 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Evening all

    Look at what you could of won........ I have eaten all the twiglets and now only have a free flight to Barbados to offer flying from Bristol Airport.

    The clue given was the letter I. Then again given 321 clues it could have been a microwave oven or a car.
    Now a four letter word with I in it and you have it.

    Moose if I make it to one of the literary gatherings I will indeed wear a purple suit...

    Jill Blobby the budgie has grown back his feathers thank you and is currently starring in panto. "The Birds"

    Gaby good try.

    Billy Shaw. Dusty bin has been in great demand recently and is due to make an appearance on the Johnathan Ross show in the near future.

  368. At 09:41 AM on 07 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:


    ....and please can I fly from Eastleigh?


  369. At 11:28 AM on 07 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Gaby I think I have been ripped off by the famous travel site exposia.com Seems the reason I got a ticket to Barbados for £1.99 is because the aircarft can't use the runway.. Irish tarmac'ers I guess.

    However I am not a Brian .....not a mathmatician but thats five letters anyways.

  370. At 12:13 PM on 07 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:

    I A I N

    It is it is it is it is it is.


  371. At 12:15 PM on 07 Jan 2007, jani wrote:

    Hi all,

    Have decided, can't catch up in depth so brwosed most of missed blogs.

    Joanie - just had to say I feel for you, my daughter going back next week and although the shampoo will last three times as long I still don't want her to go. Only difference is, she's making me braised beef and roasted garlic pie supplies for the freezer - v shophisticated cook for a student!

    Prof Plum - was convinced you were Victor/Victoria but the four letter clue scuppered that.

    Moose - How was the bread, been dreaming about that - I know, I need a life! OAMC, will be raising a glass with you at 7.30 and wishing I was there.

    Jani x

  372. At 12:17 PM on 07 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:

    Dear All,
    Since I was BP'd yesterday, I'll reprise.

    All of Us
    Web Cams
    Skype or MSN
    Alloted Times
    Big Surge of Power thru Internet.
    All Schloggers "HIYA"

    That's All


    PS - Panto Went Brilliant. I'm honoured to work backstage alongside fantastic Kids. They are a pleasure to spend a Saturday Night With. SAying something for 30 12-20 year olds eh? I'm still singing. "Although We Don't Know Where We're Going, We Shall Sit And Do Our Sewing and We'll Find Out Where We're going when we Gettttttt There"

  373. At 12:22 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Prof ...Neil ?

    lol re number of letters - I am so bad at reading instructions properly - maybe that is why I am no longer a scientist (although some may say 'once a scientist, always a.........'!)

    and lol re Bristol Airport - I wondered if maybe you had read a very early edition or whether it was coincidence : ) : )

    yours anticipatingly (Eastleigh would suit be better)

  374. At 12:36 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:


    yayyy - you must be right - brilliant babe!!!!!

    can i carry your bags for you - or a good old-fashioned chaperone - every gal needs one. Barbados here you come!!!! - and, maybe, me too : )

  375. At 12:58 PM on 07 Jan 2007, jani wrote:

    Me again,

    'Brwosing'!!! Sorry, is little known pastime is the burbs - lol.

    D W N B - you must be right, hey ho - I'll unpack the sunscreen.

    Jani x

  376. At 01:40 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Joannie....good morning...thinking of you today as your boys go back - before you know it they will be home again : ). Lots and lots of luck for tomorrow - I guess it will be mid-afternoon here when you walk in - will raise a cup of tea at the time as a toast and wish you luck once more. |I haven't heard about my job yet - I keep telling myself that no news is good news, but I am not so sure - would love to go into detail but I haven't remained very anonymous on here really (regrettably, as far as some 'chats' that I would like to contribute to are concerned : ) ), and I should just be careful not to say too much.
    I haven't mentioned the OAMC yet to young'ns...time is ticking on....: )


  377. At 05:02 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Sandra H wrote:

    Phew! I had to miss a few postings out but at least I feel I've caught up with the general feeling of what's been going on since Christmas! The O.A.M.C. sounds fab, but unfortunately I'm in the Midlands so it would be a bit of a hike, but I'll keep my eye on it... I feel I may be a little late in the 'sweeties' postings but I do remember the 'Nutty' bars, they were great. I was a big fan of the rainbow sherbet too along with 'jubblies' that made your lips feel like they'd had too much Botox!! I was a SwapShop kid, but have not yet watched the TV prog that was on @ Christmas, will do tonight.

    My Christmas was one to 'be left in the box', not very pleasant but I won't bore you with the details...

    I'm starting to arranging to meet up with old friends during Jan/Feb to clear away the blues & have something to look forward to. Have made soup today in a vain attempt to get some of the '5' back into my system.

    I miss Chris!!!!!!! I've missed reading the blog & I should've read it during the holidays... Just so my 'blues' can be helped along, does anyone else feel a bit down during these short dark winter days?????

    will check later, after roadtesting the soup!!!

  378. At 05:05 PM on 07 Jan 2007, mulbartonboy wrote:

    hi to all. please excuse the interuption as im not a member. i would like to be but am very worried that i dont qualify. sir christoff at the beginning of this refers to blue belly button fluff being standard issue and i assume compulsory for all of you established blogee's. mine isnt blue nor is it even yellow! obviously i have now booked in for a full body examination with bupa and an awaiting results....very scary stuff not knowing. a bit concerned that it may be due to some sort of kinky parasite. can they do that? another thing that i wonder is where does belly button fluff come from ? whats the best way to remove it ? i have tried using a toothpick, a fork, a good suck and a kango hammer (commonly used to dig up roads) all without success. am i doing it wrong i wonder. i need to get it out then dye it blue and replace it before applying to join any norfolk branch of the oamc.

    ps . my guesses are lisa,andi,isla or any combination of. may i swop the prize for a tractor please.

    have fun andgood luck in whatever you do out there.

    alan 51

  379. At 06:13 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    It's rather spooky but Prof Plum when not MajorTom is Jill.
    Hope you can sleep tonight now!!!!

    All the bes, sorry no winners this time. Anyway it's raining in Barbados!!

  380. At 06:40 PM on 07 Jan 2007, The BigUN wrote:

    Hello bloggers and schloggers,

    Just catching up…..thanks for all of the where are you BigUn, shout outs :-)))

    I thought I had better pop in to update you on my recent ailments :-( as I have not been very well at all! :-( My cough continued and my ribs hurt so bad I eventually went to the vet who was not very happy with me for leaving it so long. By the time I saw him I was in agony and was coughing up quite a lot of blood. He sent me to A&E for an x-ray and further tests. Guess what they kept me in to investigate the bleeding further. My ribs where hurting because what I had was in fact pneumonia and with my history of cancer they were not willing to just send me home as the blood could be connected with that. So I have started 2007 with tubes down my throat so that they could take samples of my lung tissue and phlegm and on a drip to get both fluid and antibiotics into my system quickly. I have now been released for good behaviour and have an appointment on 19 Jan with my cancer consultant who will investigate further if required ;-(

    The good new is that he drugs are working and my cough has now nearly gone but my rib is still painful even to sit in a chair. At least I got sick on my own time as I go back t work in the morning ;-)

    My driveway is dug up again as the plumber repairs my water leak so I still have money until I get his bill on probably Tuesday (I can not wait) it is likely to be around fifteen hundred pounds :-(((.

    When is the Chinese New Year? This one has started so badly that I am thinking of celebrating theirs and start a fresh!

    Still thanks for all of the “where are you BigUn” and the like I do appreciate being missed ;-)

    Happy 2007 everyone!


    P.S. Drive time back to normal tomorrow so that should help to make me feel better ;-)

  381. At 06:58 PM on 07 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:


    Welcome to our mad little world. You no need to be member....we just are.

    By the very practise of entering a comment you have become at one with us all.

    Welcome and Enjoy. Is only Christophe Lamby Pie who has knowledge of the true colour of Belly Button Fluff......perhaps only Christophe the one to like to know the colour of Belly Button fluff. Me, I prefer to poke things in my ears (behind the back of my husband who tries to stop me, in order to stop me poking a hole in my ear drum again). Belly Button. I don't like, because it is in the middle of my flobby wobbly belly.

    Guess What Everyone.....

    Have enrolled in Tap Dancing Classes!!!! Lovely Theatre Daughter was at.... do Adult Tap Dancing Classes. I shall keep you informed as to my progress.


  382. At 07:43 PM on 07 Jan 2007, The BigUN wrote:

    Hello bloggers,

    I did post over an hour ago but it would appear that the morons that are the BP have decided that an update on my illness is not appropriate to be posted on this blog! :-(((

    My guess is that they have not had any nookie this year and are a little frustrated ;-)


  383. At 07:45 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Mulbartonboy....welcome : ) .......nice guesses on the name game - the Prof has gone a little quiet....keeping us all in suspense : )

    DWNB ..nice one - step shuffle ball-change (or was that Shane Warne's mantra)


  384. At 07:58 PM on 07 Jan 2007, The BigUN wrote:

    LOL……………Woops I am so impatient !!! ;-))))))

  385. At 08:49 PM on 07 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:

    Mulbartonboy - welcome!

    Prof Plum - Mike? Bill? Pimp? Will?

    TheBigUn - Good luck with your results. I have been sick for 3 months (since moving to London!!), bad chest problem, lots of chest x-rays, anti-biotics, steriods, and inhalers. It is scary when you are in the hands of the professionals and spending a lot of time waiting for results, it looks like mine's asthma (induced by polution no less!) - which is something and nothing. Fingers crossed you are on the mend now and can go into 2007 getting stronger. Bad news though - Chris isn't back tomorrow, one more week to go....... keep blogging.....

  386. At 09:08 PM on 07 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hi all,
    Well, Prof Plum...I feel as aggrieved as I used to by 321 when the answers had absolutely nothing to do with the clues!! I shall console myself by opening th emarmite jar and taking a darned good sniff. Also, I'm afraid the purple suit, despite your name, is reserved for someone else very special indeed (sorry Christoff for the reminder!!!)

    Joannie - Expecting a concrete offer during this week. Also expecting THE discussion with current boss this week. As to the choice of happy and right, I do have the unfortunate tendency to want the right!! Keep putting my size 12s firmly in my mouth.

    BigUn - Welcome back. Sound horrendous. I really do hope you are on an upward slope now. Would you like me to send some soup? Or bread. Oh no, there's no bread left...but the freezer does still have copious quantities of soup left. Get in quick before McCrumble's worms eat it all...

    Jani - see above - so good it's all gone! Although that is the trouble with bread-machine bread, a relatively small loaf with no preservatives goes quickly one way or the other.

    That reminds me of a funny story. I used to live in Germany. I got the bread machine as a wedding present while living there. I used to extol the virtues of the fact that there were no preservatives in it to anyone that would listen and a number who wouldn't. Only problem was, I didn't know the German word for preservatives. So I did what I usually did...I germanicized the English word. Found out after a while that "die Praeservativen" actually means "the condoms". For a few weeks people had simply given me strange looks for liking bread without condoms!


    PS Life really is too short to spend locked up in a house with Jade and her mum. If I were Jack I'd top myself, and good on Ken!!!

  387. At 09:43 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Keith...I have been worried about you. So sorry to hear about what has been happening.

    'til tomorrow


  388. At 09:45 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    BLOGLOG STARDATE Jan 7 - 4.35 pm
    Afternoon all......
    I have to tell you, I am knackered!!! :-) ...been cooking and cleaning all day, well actually for 2 weeks but that is another story!!! I made the boys bacon and eggs before they left this morning and finished up their laundry too. It is so hard saying goodbye to them.....I love having them around. I am hoping to go visit them in a couple of weeks so something to look forward to.

    Prof Plum - or Jill - funny, I just thought you were male - as did most other people too...your secret identity is now uncovered!!! :-)

    Billy- cant help with show sorry....did you figure it out??

    Jani - now the boys are gone, not had a good day...I will be OK, it is just so quiet for a while. Plus my eldest will be moving to Calgary in August and will only be home briefly for next Christmas - yes I am worrying about it already :-) It wont be the same any more....I guess a good different though, they are both great guys and they have their lives to live. I had some friends drop over today who told me how great the boys are so of course it made me happy and sad all at the same time.....I did all the cooking though, send your daughter over here :-) Yes, its true, the food lasts longer, shampoo etc. but I would rather have them here for sure.

    DWNB - I am so glad the panto went well....good for you :-)

    Gaby -- Thanks for the luck for tomorrow. I am going to bed early tonight so I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed !! :-) Keep us posted about your job....I hope you get it. If it is meant to be, you will get it for sure :-) Everything crossed for you :-)

    Sandra H - Sorry you did not have a good Christmas.....it is over for another year and maybe the next one will be better for you. I miss Chris too.....

    Mulbartonboy -welcome the the blog... we are a great likkle family on here so you will have a great time :-) I hope your tests go OK...keep us posted....

    And last but of course not least Big Un - we have missed you and I am so glad you are feeling better. You certainly have been through the mill and I have been thinking about you. I am sure you feel like going back to work tomorrow right??..... It is a while you have to wait to see the specialist but hopefully you wont have anything to worry about. We are all thinking about you.
    Take care of yourself.....

    I am going now, I have to do my nails and get organized for tomorrow.

    I may miss tomorrow but thank you all for your good wishes and I will let you know how I go on.

    Take care all
    Joan xxxxxxxxx

  389. At 09:48 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Just had to say....I was in stitches reading your story about condoms and bread Moose......I am glad you are not sending me any of your bread - we dont know what we may find in it - LOL
    Thanks for the laugh
    Joan xxxx

  390. At 10:08 PM on 07 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Evening Bloggers xx

    Keith - Sorry to hear of your health troubles xx Hope you are on the mend and make a full recovery very soon xx {Hug} just a little hug so I don't hurt your sore rib :-) Lots of love to you and Mrs B xx

    Joannie - good luck for Tomorrow xx Thinking of you today, hope the boys have a safe trip back to University xx

    Moose - Your bread sounds yummy, could just go some with a nice cup of tea :-) Do you have a twin brother who happens to be single? :-)
    I'm sure Mrs Moose appreciates you very much, sometimes it's so easy to become very complacent with what we have and we forget to show our thanks xx I really enjoy reading your posts Moose, I can't wait for the book! Good luck with your job offer and discussions with current boss xx

    Gaby - I'm now faced with a similar dilema as yourself! Mr McCoist has only gone and agreed to be part of the coaching team for the old firm team I don't support!! :-) Mind you I managed when he played for them. I'm sure I will cope considering the sigificant lead we have in the league and the fact they were knocked out of the Scottish Cup today.......awwwwe shame! (So sorry Billy Shaw xx) Next season may be a whole different story but for now I will enjoy our success and look forward to seeing more of Mr MrCoist hey looking at it from that point of view it may not be so bad after all :-))

    I'm lost on the Prof. Plum naming game - has anyone got it right?

    Only 8 sleeps until the return of Mr E xx Drive time just isn't the same without him :-(

    Goodnight and godbless, sleep well everyone xx

  391. At 10:27 PM on 07 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    ps. moose - me liking your bread has nothing to do with the condoms........hahaha

  392. At 10:43 PM on 07 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    The Lovely Big `Un....I hope you feel a million times better VERY VERY soon.

    Thinking of you and sending you lots of very positive and healthy vibes x x x

  393. At 11:02 PM on 07 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    mulbartonboy .... WELCOME!!!! We may be a strange bunch but we need more like us!

    Big Un! Much love! Happy New Chinese Year! We have all missed you and I only wish I could have been sending you more positivity and cheer... will try to do better in future -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-

    Sandra H- Goodbye 2006 and roll on 2007! Everyone has bad times along the way and I'm sure yours were. Look forward with the friends that you're going to see and know that we're all here when you need to sound off.

    Anyone that's from the midlands and up for the OAMC please try as I'll be making an effort and could do with some local support (thanks to Tracey-Ann and Joannie)

    Mange Tout

    & the bears

  394. At 07:59 AM on 08 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Morning all, and good luck to Joannie. First day at a new school - i hope it goes/went well!

    Gaby - fingers crossed

    Sandra H - sorry to hear you are feeling blue. Keep reading this blog, the positive vibes are kind of infectious! x

    Mulbartonboy - welcome, that contribution makes you sound like a seasoned contributor. Look forward to more of the same......no pressure!

    BigUn - so glad you could drop in, sorry to hear about the last few weeks. I hope the vets are looking after you and make you all better, sending you lots of positives vibes and gentle hugs.

    DWNB - Tap, my favourite - the triple time step with full break is a great move on the dance floor i find.

    Moose - Bread without condoms is my favourite actually. Sending you some positive vibes too - just feel like maybe they would be well received. x

    Lyndyloo - i wish i could jump on the train and do the OAMC with you, the midlands representation should be strong - as mentioned before, him in doors and the man cub need me at home that night. Im a bit more North than you i think, but basically midlands. I will be raising a glass instead. enjoy and report back!

    Right, off to get properly back in to work. Managed to procrastinate quite nicely last week but things are hotting up now so better get on with things.

    have a good day all!

  395. At 08:52 AM on 08 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Morning shmorning,

    Why oh why do they insist on adding caffeine to paracetamol preparations. I had dosed myself up yesterday to alleviate pain, so by the time I came to bed-time, I may as well have imbibed half a dozen double espressos each with an additional shot. I lay awake for, quite simply, hours and hours and had time aplenty to contemplate the logic of the said caffeine/paracetamol concoction. Do they have some strange symbiotic relationship? The effect of the caffeine certainly seems to be enhanced by the presence of the paracet but surely not the other way round? who knows, and most of you, understandably, probably don't need to care. Problem is, when I got up this morning, I fear lest I was in a stimulant/sleep-deprived haze, because when I turned on the radio I am sure I heard 'Baby It's Cold Outside', i think it was the Cerys and Tom version (not that that's relevant). I thought that was a Christmas-style song. A little later I thought I heard Uncle Tel singing one of my faves....'In the Wee Small Hours ....'. Must get more sleep to avoid such hallucinatory activity. Am barely functioning - please excuse grammar, syntax and spelling mistakes - at least today I have an excuse : )

    Joannie - thank you. Your 2-week visit will come round so quickly : )

    Mary - lol re McCoist dilemma : ) I like to think of it as a foot/boot in each camp : )

    Anna - thank you xx

    Moose - 'no additives and preservatives' now takes on a whole new meaning : )

    Keith and Mrs B xxx


    ps Chris, we miss you

    pps vive les jeus du lundi

  396. At 08:55 AM on 08 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Morning all - am back in the land of work and blogging.....it's been a bit hit and miss recently but I'm back....

    Gaby #292 (ish) - thank you for thinking of me. Things aren't great but I feel I shouldn't moan as I can't walk away. There's good days and bad days (with him) - emotional blackmail then apologies and tears. I really need to go to this group thing sometime and it may help me to work out what I should be doing. He's waiting to hear about a psychiatric appointment and some emotional anger management therapy - do I want to be with him even if he gets better? That's what I'm not sure about.....it's all so mind boggling.

    Prof Plum - have lost track on the name competition but want to have a go....is it Bill/William (I was thinking along the lines of Compo as you typed it in capital letters - am I thinking too much here???).

    Tracey-Ann, Halzel Love, Dissing Dave, DWNB, MWK, Prof Plum, Dr McC, Jillygoat, Lyndyloo, Moose, Joannie, Cathmel, Cath, Em, BigUn, Matt from Rudgwick and anyone else who 'knows' me - how the devil are you all? Well I hope?

    OAMC - am definitely up for that. Live in the Surrey/London area so can get to it too....

    Happy Mondays...
    Let's get blogging :))

    Lotsa love,


  397. At 09:01 AM on 08 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    To Whom It May Concern at the Beeb Blog

    We are having difficulties accessing these pages because they are so full.

    Please could you start-up a continutation thread or something to enable us to access the blog pages more quickly.

    It would be a shame if, in a couple of days, people stopped posting because it was just taking too long for the pages to download. Until Chris comes back and starts a new thread we are just heading towards overload : )

    Thank you very much

  398. At 09:03 AM on 08 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Good morning all

    Mulbartonboy - welcome to the nuthouse!

    Big'Un - I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time lately and fingers crossed you're on the mend. I believe the Chinese New Year starts on 18 Feb this year so go for it!!

    Missing Christoph like mad but having read about his supposed "new love" in the Sunday rags, I doubt he's missing us too much!! Still, he deserves some lurve .....

    Have a good Monday - blurgh, didn't want to get out of my warm pit this morning at all.

    jillygoat xx

  399. At 09:30 AM on 08 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Morning Dorning!

    YAY KEEEEEEEEEEEEEF! So sorry to hear you've been such a sickly bear. Hope Mrs B is giving you lots of loving care. Have you got one of those cage thingies over your ribs with the blanket balanced on the top like they have in all the old black and white hospital films? Pet, stroke, love to you honey xxxx

    DWNB - Hope Toolibelle got on ok!

    Joannie - You'll only notice the quiet for a little while, but at least you are sorry to see them go rather than being glad they are out of your hair!

    cathmel - BIG LOVE to you honey x Try to change the things you can change and don't try to change the wheel?????

    Prof Plum - WOT a surprise! I was SO close with Bill though! (Could've been Wilhelmina...) I don't mind not getting any of the prizes as Lulu gives me the pip, Barbados is full of Michael Winner, and I'm a bit off salty snacks...

    Gaby - I can't have caffeine either. One day nurse (other cold-relief preparations are available) taken early in the morning keeps me awake with the shakes all day! (Otherwise I generally just have the shakes...) I took a well advertised sleep inducing medication last night, and I think it's kicking in just about nowwwwwwwww..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

    Jillygoat - Hope you enjoyed the lamb squash thingie.

    Welcome Mulbarton Boy. Coming on here may well be the wrongest thing you have ever done...

    J McC - Sorry to hear about the worms. I was looking forward to summering on your yacht. In all seriousness though, they probably got sight of Chloe, and from what it sounds like, NOTHING could live through that.

    Jax - It will all be ok, whichever way it goes. I just hope he has as much faith in you as you do in him.

    Moose - It WAS you round the back of the bike sheds. Mr Butters said that he wanted the person responsible for the 'mess of crumbs and rubber' to clear it up at breaktime.

    TAG - Morning honey x

    I'll have to catch up later again...

    saucissons et pomme de terre

    ps lucozade aids recovery

  400. At 10:04 AM on 08 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:

    Jax, Joanie, Gaby, Hazel Love, Ashy, Moose, Steve, Jilly, Anna, Prof Plum, (AKA JILL), Dr McCrumble, and Big Un (Probably missed folk out and offended, but didn't mean to...

    What think...?? Shall we get a time together and all get on line with MSN and Web Cams.... what a giggle, we could probably bring the net down...

    Back at work, feeling more awake this week. Life looking good. Rieki Course, Tap Dancing.... Could I get more active? Two Weans.... Something on every night of the week. DH becoming more outgoing every week.... is all good but I think I may explode with enthusiasm for life.

    Later Peeps.


  401. At 10:24 AM on 08 Jan 2007, mulbartonboy wrote:

    hi to all and thankyou for the welcome. i didnt realise it was so easy to join - thought there had to be some sort of initiation process at least. im wary of those from a previous embarrasing incident of my youth...
    DWNB. tap dancing can be dangerous if you overbalance and fall off. take care ok.
    Moose. i have an idea - have you considered condoms of the flavoured varirity for your bread ? it could be a winner ! failing that contact the manufacturers (hovis / durex)and sell them the recipe of the red soup and they could expand their range worldwide. we could be millionaires if it comes off !!

    must go - work calls. try to pop back later..

  402. At 10:44 AM on 08 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Unless, fair Gaby, we go to a previous date? Would this work?

    DWNB - I haven't got a webcam. I can barely operate what I do have!

    The men are being mean to me today. I have threatened to go elsewhere to be miserable (not having a 'happy' day today, dunno why, prob missing my boy...boo sob...etc...d'you know what I mean? Just generally all a bit off centre?) ANYWAY since I made the announcement, my boss has downloaded about 50 songs all about Leaving (Midnight Train to Georgia, Missing You, Don't Leave Me This Way etc etc (other sloppy sentimental songs are available)) and is playing them REALLY LOUD in the room next door. I wouldn't mind, but he's scaring the fish.

    He is now singing 'Leaving, in a broken-down Corolla' to the Midnight Train to Georgia choon, thinking he is side-splittingly funny, (sorry BigUn, no ribbing intended) but is also making me a cup of tea so things aren't all bad.

    Here's hoping he doesn't come up with 'When I Need You'!

    Evans above said the Welsh vicar

    ps parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

  403. At 11:09 AM on 08 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Hazel Love - the lamb squash thingie was divine - thank you so much - and I earned a billion brownie points from 'im indoors with that dish!!!!!

    However, it's now back to Slimming World (other diets are available). Thankfully it has the word "unlimited" in it, which is great. It's worked for me before but then I met 'im indoors and contentment and cooking for two took over, not that I'm complaining, you understand!!

    So, on red days we can have 'unlimited' meat, chicken & fish and on green days 'unlimited' pasta, rice & potatoes, both days to include heaps of fruit & veg. For me, it's the easiest regime to follow as there's hardly any weighing out of food involved, and I can still include me glass of merlot as a Syn!!

    Wish me luck!!!

    Prof Plum - there are a few of us Jills on the blog now - and there was me thinking it was a rare name nowadays, especially spelt with a 'J'.

    Jax - my heart goes out to you and I hope you find the strength to do the right thing for both of you xx

    jillygoat xx

  404. At 11:50 AM on 08 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Hi all My Friends & peeps on the schlogg.

    Glad the panto went well DWNB well done to the little dwnb.

    Well here we are with only 1 week to survive on this never ending thread (fingers crossed) Hurry up Christoph.

    Only 17 days before my Panto, still struggling to get my song words in right order, got to sing solo (sort of) with the two Babes (babes in the Wood) song is from Chitty Chitty Bang called "You Two" where the father sings to the two little un's I Have You Two !! nice song for panto just hope i can pull it off on the night's !!

    Very wet and misserable in Sheff today, but i feel great and glad to be back to normal with all back at work and getting busier by the day, i think 2007 is going to be a great year. Had a nice quiet weekend for a change, caught up on some ZZzzzzzz, Sat in a nice coffee bar and chilled with a Latte (& my script of course) for about 1 hr, was good to watch the world go by. Had a couple of cheeky ones Sunday afternoon while watching a live band at my local, then home for a nice roast pork lunch and some more ZZzzzzzz.

    Oh well must do some work before lunch, i feel rather peckish today, not sure what to have for lunch Maybe fish & chips, or a nice chiken salad ???

    Rehersals Tue, Wed & Thurs this week My My a busy week ahead.
    Hope we all have a great week and our leader starts another thread very soon.

    aka Nurse molly Coddle

  405. At 12:11 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Prof Plum wrote:

    Morning all

    Thank you for joining in the name game....just a bit of fun. I was surprised to see the name Jill on here as normally it is spelt with a G or short for Gillian. I will stay Prof Plum to avoid any confusion or then again.... maybe it's time for a new character.....

    Have a good week all looks like the blogs full up so might have difficulty posting for the time being.

  406. At 12:41 PM on 08 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Afternoon all,
    Have actually had some meetings this morning...not all spent talking exclusively about work, but hey ho, you do what you can...

    DWNB - Congrats on being number 400!!!

    Gaby - I was just thinking how the spelling and syntax and grammar had improved...maybe this is the symbiotic benefit of caffeine and paracetomol? :-)

    Hazel Love - you sent shivers down my spine with the recollection of crumbs and rubber behind the bike sheds. Were you at school with me?

    Mulbarton Boy - thanks. Rodders, this time next year...

    Oh, news on the book front. I have this guy that I mentor (he's a blogger too, and me telling this story could just out me to him if he's on here too...if you are, let me know!!!). Anyway, one of my meetings was a catch-up. And his brothers girlfriend is a literary agent...just what I need.

    Must dash - called to another mtg.

    More later

  407. At 12:43 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Tiggy wrote:

    'Ello everybods!
    Tiggy here (Gill with a G in the real world)
    Good to see we're all carrying on blogging without the Boss's input! What's this about a new laydee, didn't read the papers yesterday, they are still in the back of my car!
    Only a week to go til CLP is back, can't wait! I do listen to MG, the alternatives in Wiltshire are not good and I'm way too old for Radio 1 now, and all the good presenters are on R2 anyway!
    Looking forward to a healthier 2007, hopefully my ongoing problems will be resolved in the not too distant future and hubby and I can think about heading towards sunnier climes to ease my horrible psoriasis for a few months at least. I think I need to move to a hot country but I love my job too much to move away.
    Ah well, I've put up with it for 31 years already.......
    TTFN all
    Tiggy xxx

  408. At 01:01 PM on 08 Jan 2007, marshie wrote:

    Hello bloggers,

    My last post was BP'd so a shorter version!!

    Moose, guess what??? I resigned from the Corporate company to join a smaller family owned business and i'm NOT ON GARDEN LEAVE! Can't believe that stroke of bad luck. Am desk bound for 8 hours a day with nothing to do for a month, pure torture. Have even booked a dentist appointment for tomorrow to get me out!!

    Trying to remain cheerful, only 3 weeks to go!! Good luck with your new job and 3 months garden leave!!

    Happy new year to everyone


  409. At 01:18 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Afternoon all!
    Spent this morning in a meeting, and back into a different one shortly. I trust you all had a good weekend? Welcome Mulbarton Boy from a former Attleborough Boy!

    Hazel Love, please stop your boss downloading dodgy tunes, or they'll be in the charts next week! Trust you managed to get a Mk4 wire coathanger over the weekend as I don't think the Mk2 was up to the job, couldn't pick up the FM wave!

    Good to hear from Keeeeeffy pie!

    Speak to you all further tomorrow but TTFN

    DD out

  410. At 01:36 PM on 08 Jan 2007, cath wrote:

    Hi Guys! Happy New Year if I haven't said it already. I'm feeling much better - back at work today, I have my voice back (sort of) after losing it for over a week, and mentally feeling much stronger and getting ready to face new challenges - new job next week, and joining a choir tonight - eeeeek!!! I used to love singing at school - hope I still do now. Only trouble is I still can't speak properly so doubt if I'll be able to sing at all, but at least I'll get to meet everyone. And I've had this date in my head for a couple of weeks now, if I don't go I never will!

    Much love to all - I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!!


  411. At 01:43 PM on 08 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Good afternoon bloggers,

    Well I have made it to work but I have to say the journey was a little uncomfortable sitting in the car with my ribs hurting like they do ;-(

    Thanks again for all of the hugs they do help! :-))

    I am really busy at work as nothing has been done for over 3 weeks ;-( and I do not feel up to it. There is so much on the blog that I have not been able to read fully so please accept my apology for not paying full attention and I promise to buck up soon! ;-)

    I will try to come back on later ;-))


    P.S. An engineer, an operations manager, an accountant, and a software technical support person were travelling together in a car to attend an urgent meeting. Ten miles from the meeting the car breaks down.

    The engineer says "Give me ten minutes and I'll have it fixed."

    The operations manager says "If we all get a cab we will still get there on time, and, under the circumstances the cost is acceptable."

    The accountant says "We could get the bus, still get there on time and at half the cost."

    The software tech support guy says "If we all get out, then get back in again one by one... it should start!!"

  412. At 02:03 PM on 08 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Hi, One And All,

    Just checking in really. Haven't commented for a few days - really too old for the Swap Shop/Tiswas/sweets debate! But enjoyed reading it all.

    BigUn, so sorry to hear of your troubles. I feel really quite ashamed as I all I keep doing is moaning about how tired I am being back at work! And it's all my own fault - I am going to bed far too late and stayed in bed far too long at the weekend! Hope you are feeling much, much better, pet lamb!

    Kaz, just caught up with the comments from last week. Hey, NO-ONE is too good for you! We are all equal, all children of the universe and if you have put this guy on a pedestal, then get him off it ASAP! He's just a guy, you're just a girl - if this meant to be, it will work out! Be brave my lass!

    Jax - thinking of you too. Oh, the dilemma you are in is so unenviable! Try to take the step of going to Al-Anon. They will show you how to "detach" - not abandon - but will teach you that the more you think you are "helping" actually the opposite is happening. It's fascinating to read their literature and when I did, it was as though I had written it myself. Everything they say, I've experienced it, on some level. You may find it's not for you to attend meetings, but if you can get some advice of where to start healing yourself, you will be amazed!

    Thinking of you all. Wish I could be funny like Hazel Love, Gaby and Dr McCrumble! I am quite funny in real life, but for some reason not on this blog!!

    C xx

  413. At 02:09 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Hazel Love and Moose....lol...my final words to Mr Butters before he knocked me for 6 (like an Aussie good'un) over the school gates and my subsequent expulsion were......

    '..but Sir! When I said' I want a Trio...and I want one now.....' what I meant was.........'


    ps pied a terre

  414. At 02:10 PM on 08 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    BigUn - for you...with no worries you'll be laughing too hard to damage your ribs...

    An engineer, a priest and an accountant are all at an interview.

    The question: What is 1 + 1?

    Engineer: Statistically speaking, there is a 100% chance that the answer lies between 1.999 and 2.001.

    Priest: The good book tells us that the answer is 2.

    Accountant: What do you want it to be?


    PS Marshie - having not done a lot for the past 8 weeks, I can sympathise. My only advice is "Write a book"...

  415. At 03:12 PM on 08 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Afternoon bloggers xx

    Chrissie - I'm not funny or interesting but I still blog xx My friends and family would disagree, but then they know me as a person not as an annonymous blogger xx

    Lots of us have missed you, so please keep blogging xx We all contribute something in our own unique way xx

    Keith - Please take it easy, maybe you should have had a couple more days at home!

    I'm feeling really drained today, I had quite a restless night and didn't sleep too badly but I had some really strange dreams! In one I was
    attacked by my brother - I know this would never happen but I think it might be because I don't get on with my sister-in-law who seems to have a problem with the close relationship my brother and I have! In the dream he punched me in the stomach and I was calling for my sister! In another I was trapped by a leopard who kept circling me and trying to attack me, he kept growling and jumping up at me but didnt touch me! Then a bird came in between us and the bird could talk and I was trying to tell him to fly away before he got killed
    and he said he couldn't fly! So I picked him up
    and said I would throw him up in the air to help get him going. I did this but the poor bird
    had a crash landing into some bushes! What on earth is all that about!! And....for some reason Dissing Dave's name kept coming into my dream and I was saying to myself why do I keep thinking of Dissing Dave! Got to go, just been told a white van with two men in white coats has pulled up outside and they are looking for me!

    Take care
    Love Mary

  416. At 03:33 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Mary, I apologise profusely ;-) but I think you may indeed need the men in white coats if I am appearing in your dreams.

    For heavens sake next you'll be dreaming that you met Chris Tarrant in a pub and he was about to do a sponsored ... ah you lot know the rest!

    Meetings finished, sleep over for the day!

    DD out

  417. At 03:45 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    I bee'd BPee'd again.

    Have to say I don't blame them, had a massive rant, but did make me feel better!

    ChrissieS - Thank you for a lovely compliment x

    Moose - I think I was a couple of years under you. Marginally too long possibly...

    Apropos of nothing, I'm still not feeling very jolly. Or anything else ending in olly.

    But thank you for asking.

    ANYWAY - MWK...for you. You have some trust issues. I feel that you don't trust yourself to be successful in whatever it is you are thinking about. It is only you who can make the decision, and if you are that unsure, think very carefully about what you need to surround yourself with for your peace of mind and security.

    Monsieur les Beurres

  418. At 04:12 PM on 08 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Hi again,

    Mary thank you - and of course you are right, we all contribute something to the blog. This is why I became addicted to it so quickly - at first I tried to "skip" a few comments, but it proved impossible! BTW, your dream was very interesting and funny, so actually you are both!

    Just desperate to get home tonight. My intention is to make a simple, yet nutritious meal, clean the kitchen and get to my bed! Turning 50 last months seems to have played havoc with my energy levels!

    C xx

  419. At 04:17 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Hello again everyone :o)

    Happy New Year!

    Glad to see that the comments have continued without the direction of the blogmeister. I've been just soooo busy over Christmas and New Year and feel that I've only just caught up with myself.

    Am looking at new puppies after Charley departed early December, there are sooo many cuties out there!

    Someone from Friendsreunited sent me a message at the end of December - that was a shock, to be confronted with a message from someone you hadn't thought about in about 15 years... Scary stuff.

    I must admit I haven't had the time to catch up on everyone's news but hope all is well and that you all had a good holiday

    :o) Jo

  420. At 04:24 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Hi Jo!

    Glad to have you back lovely xxx

    Barney is still rocking and rolling at the moment, but we have a trip to the v-e-t tomorrow, and I think she is going to tell me that he is getting too thin. Despite the fact he can still clear an eight foot fence...

    Get one with a spot on it's nose.


  421. At 04:27 PM on 08 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hazel Love - I'm sure I would remember you being a few seconds under me...but a couple of years? Well, even in my peak I'm not sure I could have managed that...on seconds thoughts I am sure - I tried once and I definitely couldn't. Maybe it's these ancient memories of me that are disturbing you? I suggest the following treatment:
    1. I have to rename myself "Jolly"
    2. a dose of Mark G in 35minutes time (not the best cure on the market, but the only one available this week. The ideal cure is currently out of stock until next Monday.)
    3. The show should be followed, preferably within 1 to 2 hours, by a couple of glasses of red liquid (no, not the soup).

    Hopefully then you will be feeling "Jolly" very soon...

    Moose :-)

  422. At 04:28 PM on 08 Jan 2007, missy wrote:

    I thought chris would be back today. is he back next week? i miss you chris! well i haven't been on here for a few weeks but back now!
    I went to see kylie last week, Oh she was just amazing and looked so beautiful.
    So chris is in love, could this be girl on the sofa, we do love her! I hope you all had a wonderful new year can't believe christmas was two weeks ago! Chris come back soon, missy xx

  423. At 05:24 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Hazel Love - yes, great suggestion indeed my friend re going back to a previous date.

    Please forgive very short message - I am really shattered today - will def be taking that well-known soporificator tonight, the pharaceutical kind.

    I wonder how Joannie is getting on today.

    Keith - it's lovely to have you back

    .....and all the others who are gradually coming back to the pages - lovely to have you back.


  424. At 08:26 PM on 08 Jan 2007, Sandra H wrote:

    Joannie, Lyndyloo & Anna (apologies if I've missed someone) - thanks for your replies! I feel better already!! My new year resolution includes keeping up with the blog & if I feel brave enough I'll post again...cheers. xxx

  425. At 02:23 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Hi all....
    Gaby - I hope you feel better - no sleep is no good baby cakes...thanks for thinking of me today and everyone else too. I kept waking up last night too cos I kept thinking, ooooer what if I miss the alarm...know how you do???

    Anyway, please forgive me for the short note. I am exhausted. The day went extremely well. Everyone is lovely and the President of the company asked me where I was from, I said Manchester, he said do you like Coronation Street ... I said er yeh so he said we have to talk....LOL My boss took me out for lunch, very nice. There is a lot to learn and it is very taxing on the brain for sure. So I am off to bed shortly....thanks you all for thinking of me and your good wishes, I will keep you informed.

    Anna, thanks - yes I miss the boys - better that than wanting them gone for sure :-)

    DWNB - dont have webcam but maybe could get one, I think it would work if we all get tuned in and turned on.

    Moose - glad to hear about the literary agent, keep us posted and GOOD LUCK.

    Big Un - awwww take it easy - you need more rest...dont be doing the 70 hours this week or we will all be mad at you - take care of YOU (())

    Kev C - Good luck

    Jillygoat - good luck with the eating plan (notice I did not say diet :-) - you can do it...good for you.

    Cath - great that you are joining the choir...excellent...that sounds like fun!!

    Hi Hazel :-)

    Anyway, all .... off to bedeeebies
    Thanks again
    Joan xxxxx

  426. At 08:01 AM on 09 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Morning all. Got another busy day and my big bruvva is coming round to see me, the man cub and him in doors tonight. Was going to cook but after last nights cheffing for a chef i feel i have probably earnt a rest, fish and chips it is!

    Chef had thirds so cant have been that bad. Only did a macaroni cheese, but it went down well - even tho i did forget the red wine vinegar. Feel a little delicate this morning tho after 2 bottles of red and half a bottle of port between 3 of us. I dont even like port.

    Jax - i was so pleased to see you intending to do the OAMC. I think it will be just what you need, well done you.

    DWNB - i dont have a camera either but would do the msn thing if i got a bit of peace and quiet, sadly at the moment that tends to be in a morning when them two have gone to school.

    Mulbartonboy - by jove i think we've got you! This is where you pretend you arent hooked to the blog and slowly but surely it takes over your life.

    Hazel - i think the description you are looking for, with regards how you felt yesterday, is Higgledipiggledy. That is what we are teaching the mancub to say when he isnt right but doesnt know why. Sometimes it just happens doesnt it. Hope you are feeling less so today! x

    Gaby 413 - LOL!!
    DD 416 - LOL!!

    going to drag myself into the shower to hope that it brightens me up. Have a few mtgs today and could do with being on the ball!

    Probably wont get chance to drop by again today, missing you already.


  427. At 08:30 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Morninall xxxx

    Glad the first day went so well Joannie. Look at you all in with not only your boss, but the President as well! You'll be far too important to be bothering with the likes of us soon!

    Feeling marginally better today. Still didn't get much sleep even with mild assistance. The wind was blowing a right hooley (as my boss would say...dunno why coz he ain't Irish but I think he just likes the sound of the word...) and howled around my accommodation ALL NIGHT, so...

    How did you get on Gaby?

    Having said that, the wind is still keeping up the gale concerto, the outside door here keeps flying open every time there is a gust, so I'm wrapped up snugger than a baby penguin and about to partake of a nice cuppa char.

    Moose, aka Mr Jolly. I like the first part of the plan! I didn't listen to MG last eve. I got home and cooked comfort food, then had some warm milk (in the absence of any red liquid, not even sloop, I only have one bottle of white left and it's not quite the same is it?) before bed, having spoken to the boy who was all dozey in his hotel room lucky s*d!

    The boy can sleep on the edge of a knife. I can't. Still there is no point in being bitter...

    Anyhoo, I have filing to do. Riveting.

    Le bureau de ma tante

    ps snakes and ladders

  428. At 08:46 AM on 09 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Morning bloggers,

    Well I do fell a little better today so I can only assume the tablets are working, so I hear you “keep taking the tablets BigUn!”

    Joan there is no need to be mad at me I am taking it easy…first day back I only worked 11 hours (plus 2 hours commuting) ;-))

    My resignation letter I submitted has caused a real still. (I am please if not a little nervous) I have a meeting to day to discuss what we I want prior to a full on meeting on Friday with more executive than it is safe to have in one conference room!

    Just to prove I have now read the back posts…..moose, no need for the soup just yet but if I loose my job I may be visiting some soup kitchens so please keep some in the freezer (just in case). Gaby, I will be dusting off my frocks and could be available for a blog pantomime next year if selected (I guess there will be an ugly sister or two?) at audition! ;-)) I see the OAMC at Covent garden is gathering pace and numbers are growing…….unfortunately I am not able to attend this month but please be sure to invite me gain next month an I will try harder ;-)

    I can also see the BP have been over active which IMO is not really necessary on this blog as it is not offensive at all although I see Hazel Love may have ranted a little and agree a blocked post may have been necessary, personally I would have loved to read it ;-))) but then I am not easily offended. ;-)) It is also nice to see we have some members who are being BP’d for the very first time, brings a tear to my eye!

    I will return later so be good and be happy!


  429. At 09:01 AM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Good morning everyone,

    Feeling a little hoarse this morning. Not from shouting too much last night, but from the cold I am currently refusing to get.

    I feel like I'm on the cusp of a day of big change. Offers are feeling like they are very close now. I need to call the lawyers for a view on my current legal situation/right to claim pots of cash.
    So I have started the day downloading my personal files from my work laptop onto my brand new flash drive. It feels slightly subversive and underhand. Especially as you can put so much information onto such a small bit of blue plastic!
    Why is that? They are my personal files after all. My musings and articles I've written. My books, book plans etc. And yet I still feel guilty about doing it. Maybe it's because of the reason, the intent to be out of here that has not yet been spoken...

    Joannie - glad the first day went well and you seem to have nice colleagues, boss and President. That's rare indeed!

    Hazel Love - I've just re-read my last post from yesterday and realised what a stalker I must sound like. Oops! ...I guess it shows that there's a fine line in trying to be funny, and it's easy to step just over the line...Hope no offence caused and that you are just feeling jolly today.

    Gaby - hope you slept well.

    Matt from Rudgwick - are you out there? Hope all is well.

    See, my day is full of hope.


  430. At 09:11 AM on 09 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Morning all

    Joannie - so pleased your first day went well - I wish you continued success - fancy meeting a Corrie fan on your first day!!!!

    The new 'eating plan' as we shall now call it started well on Saturday and to my amazement I'm not feeling hungry at all. However, every waking moment seems to be taken up with what I've just eaten, what the next meal will consist of, whether I need to go food shopping and the cooking itself - it's food, food, food!!! I hope this phase passes soon ........

    Jo - good luck looking at puppies - you'll want to bring them all home with you (I know I would)!

    I've heard from quite a few people through Friends Reunited over the last few years, including two ex-boyfriends, and one of them even appeared in a national paper recently - it gave me quite a shock to see him!! Worse still, he hasn't changed a bit - pah!

    Methinks it'll be a long week until CLP comes back to us.

    Big'Un - take care x

    jillygoat xx

  431. At 09:17 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    My first post of the day got got. Ah well...I don't rightly know what content may not have passed the censor...BigUn...yesterdays contained something about Rene Zellweger, Ugly Betty and another thing that I can't recall now, so it can't have been that bad after all...Still did me good to get it all off my chest...ahem!

    Once more with feeling.

    Morninall xxxx

    Glad the first day went so well Joannie. Look at you all in with not only your boss, but the President as well! You'll be far too important to be bothering with the likes of us soon!

    Feeling marginally better today. Still didn't get much sleep though. The wind was blowing a 'right hooley' (as my boss would say...dunno why, I think he just likes the sound of the word...) and howled around my accommodation ALL NIGHT, so...

    How did you get on Gaby?

    Having said that, the wind is still keeping up the gale thang, and the outside door here keeps flying open every time there is a gust, so I'm wrapped up snugger than a baby penguin. My feet are still cold, comme la penguin...

    Moose, aka Mr Jolly. You just made me laugh lovely boy! I like the first part of the plan! I got indoors, cooked comfort food, then had some warm milk, (in the absence of any red liquid, not even sloop, I only have one bottle of white left and it's not quite the same is it?) then went to bed, having spoken to the boy who was all dozey and cuddley in his hotel room!

    The boy can sleep on the edge of a knife. I can't. Still there is no point in being bitter...

    Anyhoo, I have filing to do. Riveting.

    Le bureau de ma tante

    ps snakes and ladders

  432. At 09:41 AM on 09 Jan 2007, ASHY wrote:

    As an infrequent blogger it was lovely to be mentioned in one THANKS DWNB400.Big Un so pleased to hear you're feeling a little better today, any jokes please!!!I marvel at the witty and exciting comments you all seem to reel off at great frequency and even though I would love to do the same I am often left staring at a blank screen.Must go now to try and concoct[is that how you spell it] a tasty tea time dish for hubby and two kids from the contents of a post christmas fridge[parsnips,beetroot,CHOCOLATE AND LOTS OF IT and not much else]any suggestions gratefully received!!!XXXX ASHY

  433. At 09:47 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Mornin' all

    Snap Hazel, my boy can sleep on a knife's edge too - I struggle to sleep sometimes but always have a good book handy just in case it takes a while and unlike you I am bitter about it - he will sleep on the sofa from round 9 o clock until bed time then just go straight back to sleep once in bed (most of the time!)....It's just not fair! Then he dares to tell me that he's tired aaaghhh! (It's not divorce worthy though)

    I think Friends Reunited is great (if a bit scary!) and as I am a nosey kind of bird I enjoy checking out people I used to know. My friends message was funny, she signed off with the dull and boring 'it would be great to hear from anyone who knew me back then' supplementing it with the genius phrase 'bullies need not apply - you know who you are'.

    Jillygoat - what was he in the paper for? anything interesting and good or was he revealed as a master criminal?

    I look at the profiles of people who picked on me at school and am have a glowy feeling when I see that I am happier and have achieved more than they have (I know gloating isn't nice but yah boo sucks to anyone who doesn't use Friends Reunited to do just this!)

    Anyhoo, work beckons (unfortunately) must dash

    :o) Jo

    PS am moving at the end of the month (hopefully) a bit closer to the out-laws which is a bit worrying but we will have a dog sitter on our doorstep (and possibly lots of out-law visits but you can't have it all)

  434. At 09:54 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Morning all,

    Hazel, batten down the hatches at a time when the wind is blowing a hooligan (hooley) west-country slang word for a wind that causes damage, later changed to anything that damages property hence “football hooligan”!

    Caught the footie on telly from MK last night and at half time Jeff Stelling was heard to say the wind conditions were atrocious, stuck my head outside the front door and had to agree with him. Then went back to watching “Waking the Dead” followed by the “Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses 2”. ooooo!

    Now sitting here with my Innocent Pomegranate, blueberries and acai smoothie v. tasty. And much better than a cold coffee enema!

    It sounds like everyone is starting to recover from their bouts of sickness, good to hear and best wishes to you all. Moose good luck with the espionage!

    Chat later

    DD out

    PS Ludo

  435. At 10:19 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:


    DD out

  436. At 10:30 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:


    Have just tucked into mint spy and it had PEEL in it. Even with prunes and squid in the equation, there is NOTHING worse than peel. Who on earth wants to eat something that tastes like ear wax???

    (You know you all know what ear wax tastes like now then!)

    ay ay ay ay Moosie, I know how you feel. I was made redundant from a job first day back after the new year (nice) but had to ask if I could take my 'personal' stuff with me. I was given 15mins to download! Was easier to email myself in the end...

    My day is now full of hope too. I will not be having another mint spy, so it can only get better!

    I'm not a fan of friends untied. Second husband went off with one of his old school friends...'nuff said...and anyway, the people I want to keep in touch with, I do.

    ASHY! Was just this minute thinking about you! I don't think your fridge contents warrant even a snack (apart from the choccie OBVIOUSLY)...time to go food shopping!

    Yeah, Jillygoat? Dans la journal pour quoi? Was it him or a photofit?

    Now there is something going on 'over there' and I can't quite see, but there are flashing blue lights. Hmmmmmm will have to put muffler, mittens etc on and go and have a look-see...Don't want them upsetting the dogs now do we...

    moules mariniere

  437. At 10:30 AM on 09 Jan 2007, missy wrote:

    good morning fellow bloggers!
    just had to leave feedback on ebay so thought i would just pop on here and leave a message! Now of for a lovely massage. can't wait as i feel the knots in my back and legs!
    hope you are all fab today you beautiful people.

    p.s MULBARTON BOY, do you live in mulbarton, norfolk?

  438. At 10:31 AM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Ashy - hmmm, let me think. What about Parsnip and Beetroot soup, followed by lots of chocolate for dessert. Stick a bread in the machine (can't remember if you have one but as a blogger there's a good chance you do) - herb bread goes great with any form of veggie soup...either that or scrap the fridge and get a take-away! We did chinese with the outlaws last night...it was a pleasant break from cooking for me. If no bread machine go for pasta in the soup.

    The surfeit of chocolate remains is a disaster at this time of year isn't it? The mooselets were given loads, most of which is now in the cupboard, along with what's still left from Easter last year (yes I know, but it is down to a couple of creme eggs now...) - the outlaws brought more with them yesterday!!! Aaargh! It wouldn't be so bad if I had any will power.

    I feel a wee Tuesday blog survey coming on....

    What do you call the last course of your meal...
    Dessert or Pudding or Afters or Sweet?
    Any others for the list?
    Is it regionally dependent, class dependent or both?

    I was brought up an "Afters" boy in Essex from a lower middle class family

    On a similar note, do you call a scone a scone or a scone?
    Oops that one doesn't work on here, does it...
    OK, I'll try again: Scone rhyming with gone or Scone rhyming with phone
    (I'm sitting here trying to say scone and gone and scone and phone in various accents in my head to test whether that works for them all. Very difficult not to say it out loud!!! Gaby - grammar point of the day - Reminds me of the comma question about whether in "pig and whistle" there is a comma between the pig and and or and and whistle or between pig and and and and and whistle. Or neither...)

    I always thought the "gone" was really posh but have been educated by Mrs Moose that where she comes from it's the "phone" that's posh...and they do know a thing or two about scones down there.
    Jam first then cream...on that point we are united!

    Must be time for a coffee and a snack...


    PS Jillygoat - I find the trick is to try and stop myself thinking about food all the time. Training your mind to ONLY connect food with hunger (and not boredom or mealtimes or anything else) works for me. Obviously, after re-reading my post above, it's either not working today or I'm hungry...and I've completely scuppered any efforts of anyone else if they join in the blog survey. Sorry!!

    PPS I am also guilty of both sleeping on a knife edge AND falling asleep on the sofa only to then go to bed and fall straight back to sleep. Jo - you're not Mrs Moose in disguise are you? "Oh no you're not" - you said it was not grounds for divorce...and we're not moving (as far as I know)

  439. At 10:36 AM on 09 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:

    yeahhhhh. I was 400!!!

    What an Achievement.

    Re Friends Reunited. I've taken my name off it.... #

    my husband's daughter who he hadn't been in contact with (not his choice) for 15 years found him thru it, and it was like one of those stories in a magazine until we got over the lovely swoony bit of wee girl grown up meets dad and half sister and brother.... who are all the double of each other and who loved each other very much, until the story of the Evil Woman who stole her Daddy came to the surface when Dad wouldn't meet her at a convenient time for her.

    Not something I'd want to repeat. I'd like to add tho, am not evil woman really.


    PS - have started studying my Reiki. Am feeling very At One with myself today. Am also starting Tap tonight. I shall be bouncing everywhere tomorrow.

  440. At 11:21 AM on 09 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Good Morning everyone!

    Feeling so much better today, starting to get to grips with 2007! I was in bed by 7.40 last night, reading Terry Wogan's latest, wonderful autobiography. Love that man.

    Anyway, want to say to DWNB #435 - I've always been very wary of putting my details on Friends Reunited or anywhere else. I just know that with my luck, the most horrendous people from my past would show up!

    Seriously though, I can identify a bit with your story. Several years ago we were found by a relative who had been adopted. We had never forgotten about her and had hoped that she would have had a happy life. When she came into our lives, I told my relative, who had her adopted, to tell the girl (30 years old at that time) the real story behind it, but they did not do this, resulting in the girl absolutely hating the rest of us, thinking we were the pits. If my relative had been truthful, there is a real chance it could have worked out. However, it was a disaster and something I still think about in the dark reaches of four in the morning.

    So, I can guess at the trauma you have experienced. You tried your best of course, but once the facts are distorted, the game's a bogey!

    Just thought I'd share!

    C xx

  441. At 11:35 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    No comma in 'Pig and Whistle' as they are to be seen as two objects together, like 'shirt and tie'. If you were, for instance, with a friend, showing this particular pig to said friend, you may say "Look at the pig, and whistle!", but then this may be deemed to be some kind of pig discrimination if you didn't then whistle at the other pigs, should other pigs be present. If other pigs are not present (the pig's present or the pig's whistle) then feel free to whistle Dixie!

    Fastest bun in the west?

    >>>>>>> Scone >>>>>>>>>>

    Cream first and a dobby of jam.

    Regarding the third course of lunch or dinner, depends how posh we're feeling...yaha?

    In the USA they call some kind of horrendously synthetic chocolate (flavor?) mousse, 'pudding'.

    Are you a pudding, Moose?

    I think I'm going to have to go and stuff a mushroom. Life's too short...


    DWNB - Enjoy the Reiki. It is FANTASTIC! If you are hungry and don't know what to eat, make a lovely bowl of porridge. Beware of having some odd dreams, because you will, but it is only because your senses will be slightly heightened. It is one of the best things I have ever done, and it is such a wonderful gift to be given.

  442. At 11:50 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Morning everyone!

    So I saw oh troublesome one last night and we had a really lovely evening. That doesn't help me with my boggled head. In a way it's easier when he's drunk and nasty as I can ignore my feelings.
    Am not feeling great today - I feel so tired it's untrue. Think I'm just run down.

    So in a bid to get a life separate from the troublesome one I have joined my library and a reading group but also tomorrow evening I'm going.....wait for it......

    to belly dancing classes!!!

    I've found that since the trouble has magnified between oh troublesome one and me I have lost all my confidence and social life. I'm staying with my parents and do not really do alot. So hence joing the aforementioned groups.
    I'm scared as hell about tomorrow evening - I haven't done anything by myself for a long time.
    Next week, hopefully, I will summon the courage to go to the Al-anon meeting as well.

    Sending my love and best wishes to all.
    BigUn - glad to hear you feel a little better.
    Everyone else - happy vibes and {{{{{big hugs}}}}}.

    I seem to have missed the date for the OAMC in Covent Garden.....has it been decided?

    Lotsa love


  443. At 11:51 AM on 09 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Hazel, love, is it the porridge that gives you weird dreams or the reiki! If it's the porridge perhaps we should get CLP eating it before bed instead of Cheese and Mushrooms, it could be v. entertaining!

    Big 'Un, meant to say thanks yesterday for the IT Tech joke! Thanks ROFL & PMPL. Keep on smiling everyone tomorrow is hump day, and I'm off to the boat show in Docklands at the weekend! Yee haa

    Mrs DD is being grilled at the moment for a new job, and has another mild toasting tomorrow for a diff job at the BMJ near Euston! everything crossed for one of them!!!!

    DD out

    PS Take that ....... with water!!!

  444. At 12:51 PM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hazel Love - In many ways, yes I am a pudding. Today I feel as though I have pudding between my ears, rather than in them, which would make it taste of ear wax - a taste which I am in fact unfamiliar with. Although your comments make it sound like a forbidden delight that I may be tempted to try. What goes well with it, red or white?

    Pudding does have the unfortunate possibility of being confused with a number of savoury dishes. Although not from up north, I do enjoy a bit of the black variety with a fry up now and again, but not every time. That would spoil it and I have to be in the right frame of mind. A treacle sponge pudding with custard or a spotted dick is hard to beat, isn't it?

    Not all sweets are sweet, now are they? Cheese for example. Does cheese count as a sweet or is it a separate course entirely? In France, so I am taken to understand, they eat cheese between mains and sweet-dessert-like-pudding-after-the-mains course. Rachel's trifle in Friends is another example.

    Afters is just common isn't it? And I love it for that reason. When footballers fight they often call it afters and I always imagine the two protagonists sharing a nice tart together after the match and talking through their differences. Or I suppose they could join Gaby in enjoying a Trio. Maybe our Man Utd and Arsenal friends could just remember that in future - so much more civilised than a food fight, don't you think? Except Rooney who should avoid all pastry items.

    Dessert is just so easily confused with sandy places or someone leaving and makes me feel sad. It's especially difficult for those who are grammatically challenged. It has the most universally acceptable use though, spanning regions and classes and accents. Except German, where the t is silent, as in the French. Oh and French. But then who cares about that?

    Good that's sorted...time for lunch.


    PS I think MSG must do something very strange to the synapses in the brain...I haven't been this obsessed with food for a long time...and I did consume rather too much of it last night. Or could it be the Chateau Neuf du Pape to blame? It is the only mild hallucinogen that I have partaken of in the recent past. Although there were those mushrooms in the chow mein...hmmm, that's got me thinking. If only I had some work to do to take my mind off it.

  445. At 12:56 PM on 09 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    OK try this ;-))

    Spreadsheets explained!

    "You never finish a spreadsheet. You just stop working on it."

    "A macro does what you tell it to do, not what you want it to do."

    "Excel NEVER crass"

    "Microsoft Orifice: It blows! It sucks!"

    "Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach. Those who cannot teach, develop spreadsheets."

    "You never understand VBA, you just get used to it."

    "Accountants do it between spreadsheets!"

    "To err is human. But to really foul things up, you need Excel."

    "Lotus 3-2-1: The Spreadsheet For Dyslexics"

    "Spreadsheet users do it in the Lotus position."

    "Definition: Macro - The last half of an expression of surprise."

    "Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers and nobody thinks of complaining." (Jeff Raskin, interviewed in Doctor Dobb's Journal)

    "Word Perfect isn't, Excel doesn't, Works won't."

    "It's easy to make mistakes using formulas. But if you really want to foul things up, write a macro."

    "Old spreadsheets never die; they just lose some of their functions."

    There are two ways to develop error-free spreadsheets. Only the third one works.

    Spreadsheet Developers: Solving today's problems tomorrow.

    Hit any user to continue.

    The spreadsheet industry is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.


  446. At 01:04 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Not many of us about today then huh?

    Dissing, dave, it's the porridge, but only if eaten in the twenty minutes before you go to bed. (Although having said that, if I make it with milk as opposed to water, I do tend to want to go to sleep feeling all snuggly.)

    Porridge is EXCELLENT poorly food...but must be left to cool to optimum temperature to avoid mouth burn risk.

    So, double cream and the sweetener of your choice, or milk and the sweetener of your choice, or T&L's finest GS, or salt?

    ...and would you ever have it for pudding, afters, dessert or sweet???????

    Am shortly to prepare toasted sandwich for 'lite' lunch. Again, an example of a food which must be left to cool to optimum temperature to avoid mouth burn risk.

    Now am in trouble with occasional visitor as have had last of milk in tea. As tea is currently being left to cool to optimum temperature to avoid mouth burn risk, will need to watch like hawk as visitor likely to steal mug for self.

    da da da da

    ChrissieS - I don't really know why people still bother with FR. All I've ever heard are horror stories, although Jo has a point from the 'smug' angle...

  447. At 01:11 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    And a fine afternoon to you too.....

    Detox Day 9 and all is well. If one thing has come out of this it is my improved sleep.

    The year kicked off badly with an intense week at work coupled with the inevitable bouts of insomnia, but the first weekend of the year was sleep heaven. Woke up so refreshed on Sunday that I went straight to the gym and ran 10k (still no sightings of Mr E though).

    After my rant about freebie CDs and DVDs that fall out of the weekend papers and infest your house, only to be found huddled together in batches of 100 two years later, I chanced upon a disc by Paul McKenna on Saturday. It proclaims to enhance postive thought, so on Sunday I gave it a whirl. Try it. I duly plugged Mrs MfR into it when I finished and although she said it was ‘odd’, she tackled the summit meeting with the aforementioned ‘company trying to pull the rug from under her’ with aplomb on Monday. So much so, I now appear to be married to Rudgwick’s very own Richard Branson. Of the female variety, of course.

    OAMC. I still hope to attend, but getting from sunny Kent to Covent Garden for 7.30 and back to Rudgwick before I turn into a pumpkin may be a journey too far. If it can be done, it will. Failing that, I propose a splinter meeting at The Mulberry in February.

    Operation Snowdon is all go. We now have everything we need, it is just a case of picking a weekend with the right weather. May wait until February though, after all, a celebratory drink afterwards would be right and proper.......

    Peace all.


    PS Trout Mask Replica

    PPS Gardening at night

    PPS Hold on to your friends

  448. At 01:11 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Friends Reunited sounded like such a good idea at first but, as just the few entries on this blog show, it can have disastrous effects and now I'm not so sure about it. Personally I have only ever been contacted by two people from there and both thought I was someone else entirely ... I was obviously a really memorable child! I did have a fairly common surname for the area so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised about the mistaken identity but its still disappointing that I didn't make more of an impact. Perhaps I should have called myself Anna Log back then ... This might come as a surprise but it's not my real name! (Although my sisters Di(a) and Kat(a) and aunty Mona might have something to say about that.)

  449. At 01:41 PM on 09 Jan 2007, mulbartonboy wrote:

    hi everyone. its lunchtime / dinner / time to feed my face here . not at all sure what you call it where you are anymore.

    missy - yes it is mulbarton norfolk ! do you know it then? 1 pub,1 village hall,1shop and yours truly as the 1 village idiot. i like it anyway.

    dissing dave- i drove thro attleboro last night and it was empty. are you some sort of pied piper ?

    can i take it that a blog panto is being considered ? this is the first time in about 14 years that im not in one and i miss it like crazy. hard work but sooooo much fun to do. i would be very interested in a blog one anywhere anytime !! (call me martini man). good luck and break a leg to all of you who are involved this year. i hope the mulbarton players re-form with new key members for next year so i can once again dress up with no fear of arrest .

    i think i might try reiki as it seems to be so highly recommended....you have to do something to try and switch off. for me tai-chi works very well and i find 1 massage a month recharges the batteries nicely too.
    of course red wine or soup is a cheaper option although fraught with danger if overdone.

    take care out there you nice people.
    i'm not sure how or why some sign off in french with sweet or game names but i will have have a go if thats allowed . please let me know if i do it wrong...

    sherbert fountain
    parlay voo jiggy jig (say loudly in english)

  450. At 01:49 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Hazel, agree totally on the relevant qualities of porridge, however, I'm a morning Porridge Oats man, stems back to me mam making it for me before going out to do my paper-round 20+ years ago, therefore have never tried it before bed, it could however explain some of the foul-ups I used to make on my paper-round, particularly on a Sunday those damned broadsheets and silly little letter boxes.

    Q. Why do the people with the smallest letter-boxes order the biggest papers?

    Back to Porridge, have to agree a touch of T&L's GS on a cold wintry morning keeps you warm, not quite an orangey glow warm but certainly enough fodder for the body to work on!!!

    Have to say that the blog is providing alternative employment to the damned set of Excel spreadsheets I am currently amending! Who invented these damn things, and who requested the graphs package on it?? and why am I the only person in the office today who has the knowledge / ability / is schmuck enough to amend these poxy things?

    Q. Is IT Helpdesk the biggest Oxymoron ever?

    Q. Why do Helpdesk personnel only come back with "Have you tried turning the computer off?" whatever the symptoms and whatever the computer says? "Computer says do not turn off your machine and report this message to the Helpdesk"! Helpdesk says "Have you tried turning the Computer off?" D'oh!!!!!!

    Still hooleying outside, so will be aiming to be left by 4 this afternoon, perhaps get home and concoct another home made veggie soup! Nah Curry tonight!!!! With a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon ................. for purely medicinal purposes of course!

    Just listening to Jeremy Vine describing the crushing of a car on the radio which he can't see and neither can we .......... great radio!!!!!

    DD out

    PS Larsson and Solskjaer

    PPS Cottee and McAvennie

  451. At 01:49 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    (DWNB, it's not really the porridge....sssssssssh!)

    ...and Jax, the best thing to do is something! Enjoy the belly dancing, we're all behind you hon! (There's no need for that, Moose, I meant figuratively)

    I bought some chocolate synapses to enjoy over Christmas. I was disappointed because I thought they'd be more like matchmakers. I would recommend trying SMS instead of MSG.

    BigUn. You have an error message. Could you read it out to me? And what EXACTLY were you doing when this occured? Had you saved your work? Have you tried 'control, alt, delete'? Have you switched it off and on again? You need to wait at least 15mins before you switch it back on though. Have you tried turning it off at the wall? D'you want to try that and call me back if it still doesn't work? No, I can't call you, we have inbound phones only. If you can't get through, you can send an email from your colleague's machine. Yes, if you speak to someone else, all my notes will be on your file. No, you won't need to repeat your problem again.


    petit neige

  452. At 02:06 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:


    I was the life in Attleborough, but it was Monday and was therefore only open for through traffic, well it's quicker than the A11 at the moment!

    On signing off, do what you like, this is one place you cannot be wrong! Liberté

    Just shouted "Parley Vous Jiggy Jig" down the office, got some peculiar looks! but made me lol!

    DD out

    PS Kerplunk

  453. At 02:17 PM on 09 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Jo - LOL - no, he wasn't a master criminal or anything like that! I think it was some sort of good deed he'd done.

    I understand about Friends Reunited though. Someone I know lost their partner to an ex who 'met' up through FR. Luckily, my two ex-boyfriends have stayed friends since schooldays so there were no surprises there!

    Jax - bellydancing sounds like great fun and I doubt you'll have any time to think about anything else while you're doing it, which I guess is the whole point. You'll be fine - I wish some of us were nearer, then we could join you!!!

    Moose - thanks for your help on the food front - not!!!! Now all I can think about is tea & scones - mmm, mmm!

    jillygoat xx

  454. At 02:17 PM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Not many around or...the BP are overactive again???

    Jax - NEXT THURSDAY 18th JANUARY. Only 9 more sleeps to go!!!!

    BigUn - thank you. Although I felt a little sad that only as an accountant could I laugh quite so much at your spreadsheet list...
    I am not so sure it's the Universe that is creating bigger and better idiots. Watching the Baby Borrowers last night, I'm convinced the parents are to blame! The government (generally, not just this specific one) also have a lot to answer for. So much for evolution and advancement, huh? Anyone ever think we're going backwards?

    Anna Log - nice one. Have been there on FR for a number of years. Only been contacted by 3 people who I didn't get on with at school so I didn't bother replying. I have no details on there as it felt like a stupid competition about who has done the most, travelled the widest, been the most successful etc. Still, it is interesting to read others pathetic attempts and gloat to myself!!! The couple of people I would like to contact are sensible enough not to be listed!!!
    There was me thinking you must come from Yule (being one of the Yule Logs) or Captains (being one of the Captain's ....yeah you get my drift). I think I'll stop there before I go too far again.

    I hated my school years. I had next to no friends and was a sad, lonely, spotty, smelly and most of all extremely boring child/teenager. I was into sport but was short and fat so wasn't good enough to be popular simply on the basis of my prowess. I feel sometimes that it wasn't really me and that I must have been living someone else's childhood. If anyone out there lived mine, I hope it was a riot! I don't look back with any relish whatsoever and even if offered a ride in a DeLorean, wouldn't go back for any amount of cash.
    Some things haven't changed: next to no friends, sad, lonely, boring etc.
    Still, at least I got taller.


    PS I mean "real" friends, as opposed to "virtual" friends, of which I now have many!!!

    PPS This was in NO WAY meant as a sob story...I am glad to have the history I do as the bitterness makes me the angry young(ish) man necessary to bring bite and humour to my writing. Someday I'll show them all....and this time next year, Rodders...

    PPPS Also, the spots have cleared up now and I use deodorant most days (just in case you were put off attending the OAMC)

  455. At 02:34 PM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Jax and Hazel Love - between the two of you I am all of a quiver...

    Hazel Love - thanks for the advice, but SMS makes my thumbs hurt, and my fingers are too stubby to only catch one key at a time.

    Dissing Dave - do I detect some Hammers allegiance from the 80's? One of my sad and very small claims to fame is that my mum taught Cottee at school (when he turned up). Him and Justin Leonard. I suppose technically they are my mum's claims to fame. I really must get a life of my own.

    Mulbarton Boy - spot on!!!

    Has anybody got any spreadsheets they'd like me to look at for them? I am that bored and have nearly three hours to my next meeting. Should be enough time to open up the spreadsheet, have it crash, reboot the PC three times, open up the spreadsheet again, update the links, realise I didn't want to update the links, close it again without saving it, open it up again, crash the PC, reboot another three times, look at the first line of code in the macro, decide I don't really understand VBA, delete the first line of code because I didn't know what it did, do a copy and paste values on the entire spreadsheet in order to reduce "formula errors", save it again (over-writing the original file of course) before phoning the helpdesk to tell them that I fixed all the issues myself without bothering to log the calls.


  456. At 02:36 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Good afternoon friends and how lovely it is to tune in.....

    Guys - your posts make such good reading. I have had a very, very busy morning and this is the first chance I have had to catch up.

    I am being controversial and am typing without the assistance of a dictionary or a spell-check button (fancy getting to the age of 43 and 1 month and not knowing where your button was! (That was 'fancy' as in 'how 'bout that' rather than' how do you fancy?'))

    Joannie - so pleased you had a good day - great news : ) : )

    Hazel Love - I hope Gale Concerto is less windy this afternoon. I would recommend that she lies down on her back.

    Moose - good luck with the offers : ). Please let me know what your lawyer says re how to claim pots of cash - I could do with a little cash injection right now : ) ....mainly to reimburse me for the pots of cash MY lawyer has extracted from me.
    ... pudding for dessert for this sarf londin girl and a (gone) scone please. I laughed out loud at your comments re footballers fighting etc. I did notice that my name was rather close geographically to your mention of footie protagonists sharing a *'tart'* together afterwards!! : )

    Jax - try not to worry that your mind is aboggling - you are only human. Please try to let the emotions come and go and maybe you don't need to make any decisions today. Maybe you don't need to make any tomorrow. Take care - you are being so strong and doing so well, please keep reminding yourself of that. Have fun tomorrow : ) : )

    So many to reply to - lovely people that you are.


    ps I got the job

    pps can't go to the replay tonight - got a meeting at one of the schools.

    ppps you can take the girl out of sarf londin but you can't take sarf londin out ..........

    pppps bientot l'heure du the

  457. At 02:38 PM on 09 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:


    Sweet potatos. - With Coconut and Garlic in Soup. Yummy. Cook the garlic with onions over butter in a pan, chop up the sweet potatos in to lumps, add enough water to reach the middle of the potatos. let it stew for a bit, add half a 500 tub of Creamed Coconut, pour into blender. Blend. Add remainder of coconut and eat it til your sick. YUMMM

    Also - roasted on Sunday, with Parsnips and Carrots. Par-boil the carrots, but not the parsnips or sweet pos. Put some olive oil over them all (chopped into lumps - see how technical I am) - then coat in honey, or maple syrup, and roast for about 45 minutes. o m g scrummy.


  458. At 02:51 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Hazel Love - as much as I like the thought I feel that Moose's heart belongs to you ;))

  459. At 02:55 PM on 09 Jan 2007, mulbartonboy wrote:

    hi again. dissing dave must have pronounced it wrong to get a laugh. on a certain drunken evening in cologne i shouted it (parley voo jiggy-jig) in a club with some work mates and the correct response in german is "200 euros". being from norfolk i have no idea why....

    i cant stop thinking about treacle pud and custard ..........and gravy......not at the same time tho and definately in that order.

    treacle pud

  460. At 02:56 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    One of you lovely people made a joke related to tap dancing, and it reminded me of a fab Two Ronnies sketch where Corbett is processing council house applications and Barker is applying. Barker says that Sammy Davis Jnr wants a council house.

    Corbett: " does he tap dance?"

    Barker: " no, he won't be any trouble"

    .....classic. Sorry if it lost itself in translation - they do say 'it's the way you tell 'em..... : )

    Have just eated big ham sandwich, cheese 'n' onion crisps and a big slice of coconut and cherry cake (like I said....you can take the girl out of south london.......)

    I hope my last post got through - but it may not have as I mentioned lawyers....: )


    In an attempt to be a good mum (not the only attempt I have made recently, I would like to add), I said to one of my offspring 'Let's go for a walk and get some fresh air, we need to get some fresh air.' She replied 'I have had some fresh air today'. She added with impeccable comedic timing 'I opened my window' and then, with perfect timing once more added dryly 'and I opened it wide too'.

    ps you make me feel like dancing

  461. At 02:58 PM on 09 Jan 2007, cath wrote:

    Hi Guys,

    Hope everyone is well today. Just to let you know I had a fab time at choir :-) - what a lovely bunch of people, and no personal pressure cos you're still part of a group when performing!

    i'm going to say au revoir till next week cos it takes my 'puter so long to load up all these blog messages that it sometimes crashes!!

    PLEASE come back soon Chris!

    Love you all

  462. At 03:16 PM on 09 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    MfR - what part of Kent are you in? Perhaps we can hold a regional OAMC of our own!


  463. At 03:21 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    No real Hammers allegiance, only that numerous members of the outlaws including Mrs DD support or used to support West Ham (I managed to convert Mrs DD to the best team in London, so obviously Man Utd). Have always said that if I was forced to support a team in London it would be the 'Ammers, even though really with my birth location being Sarf-East London it should be the Addicks, or historically speaking the Gunners, but I couldn't bring myself to do it!
    But I used to enjoy the games between the only 2 Uniteds, and the craic and banter between the supporters was something else!

    Gaby's offspring - lol, out of the mouths ......

    end of break between spreadsheet updating


    DD out

    PS - Johnny Lyall's Claret and Blue Army

    PPS - Space Invaders on the Atari

    PPPS - Noah and Nelly

  464. At 03:32 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Moose....calamity! My second belly dancing class is also on Thursday 18th. What to do....that's such a shame


  465. At 03:44 PM on 09 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:


    Just want to say "well done" to Gaby - you must be delighted! I would love a new job but for many many reasons I am stuck here for the time being!

    Joannie, I keep meaning to say congratulations to you - you just sound so excited about it all! Sounds terrific so far, so all the best.

    In Glasgow, we say scone as in gone and always ask for a sweet rather than pudding or dessert. In the west end of Glasgow, they ask for "pudding" which is decidedly up-market!

    C xx

    P.S. Jax, just want to say to you - I think you are coping just brilliantly! Look after yourself and in no time with the old belly dancing you will be as fit as a butcher's!

  466. At 03:45 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Mfr and Gaby. Welcome to Tuesday afternoon.

    and Gaby, xxxxx CONGRATULATIONS!!!! xxxxx

    Gaby, you went all fancy (that's 'dressed up' fancy not 'do you fancy') in your second post...Wassa bart sarf lundin innit? Unfortunately Gale had Heinz Big Soup for lunch, so we have no hope.

    Moose, a quiver is what you keep your arrers in...but interesting none the less. On another point entirely, thank goodness you did all those post scripts. I was gonna walk into some pub next Thursday looking for a short, spotty etc etc who is clutching a copy of the BOTB. Narrow escape huh!

    Mary, where are you? I left a note for you somewhere further up yesterday.

    Wind is still havin a hooley. Thinkin of holdin a ceilidh. If Eilidh is free.

    DWNB, see no. 264

    J'ai du the

    oh yes, MfR, If I'm going to be in the Brighton area (as long as I'm home), and I can make it to Covent Garden, I think you should take the bit between your teeth and getcha a*se up there too...xxxxxxx

    and Keith, you sound as though you are picking up steam. Hope you are feeling loads better. XXXX-))

  467. At 03:49 PM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    I think I owe everyone an apology. I seem to have ruined Jillygoat's "eating plan", distracted Mulbarton Boy from his work, got Hazel Love and Jax fighting (I'm not worth it and you'll make cathmel jealous) and upset Gaby with an unintentional juxtaposition of comedic effect (oo err missus)...

    ...and a post regarding the OAMC doesn't seem to have made it yet, so maybe I've upset the BP today after all - I guess statistically speaking one post today had to get rejected! To explain, some days I'm just in a blog kind of mood rather than a book writing kind of mood - today is one of those days and you all get to suffer the consequences with me. There's togetherness for you!

    And my meeting's been delayed so it'll be even longer before I get to go home...

    Gaby - congratulations on the job. As for cash, I'm seeing the lawyer tomorrow morning. I think that my chances are based on being in either a redundancy or constructive dismissal position, so unless you're there I'm not sure I can help...I am dreaming at the moment that my case is so clear cut that the only negotiating point is whether the settlement should be rightly measured in the hundreds of thousands or fractions of a million. What is the cut-off point? 250k I think - any smaller fraction is a bit pretentious, but a quarter is acceptable, in more ways than one. Shame most of it would be taxable so Gordon makes nearly as much as I do out of it. Still, I shall consider it as a charitable donation to the NHS and education system. As long as he doesn't blow his share all on an election campaign or an ill-conceived war in the Middle East...

    Back in the real world, enough to fund a few weeks break from work to play golf in Spain and finish the book would make me happy - anything more and I'll be ecstatic.

    Matt from Rudgwick - good to hear from you. Depending on what happens with job offers, lawyers, gardening leave etc, I am planning to be in London earlier than 7.30 on the 18th. If that suits you better, let me know and if you can do earlier but want to get away, the two of us can meet up earlier. We do have lots to talk about...If not, we'll just have to get that beer at Chris's place you talked about before Christmas.

    Ta ta for now - you know I'll be back again, and again....

    PS Jillygoat - the sad thing is that even though I've gone on and on ad nauseam about food on here today, I've eaten relatively little myself today...I promise to go home and eat chocolate until I'm sick to make up for it...

  468. At 03:57 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Moose, how strange you should mention the Yules. They are distant relatives but we've kind of lost touch. I'm afraid most of us don't talk about the Captains ... not sure why, but I think there may be a skeleton or two lurking in their closet.

    It's very quiet here today ... is it anything to do with the fact it takes half an hour to load up?? I resolved to log in once a day to see what you all had to say and not to put my twopennorth in so that I could concentrate on the filing. That lasted about long enough for the blog to load. Does anyone know where I can get some will power?????

  469. At 04:04 PM on 09 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Not had the chance to blog for a day or so and there is so much to catch up on. Not sure if I should stay away for so long next time.

    Moose – I have plenty of spreadsheets I can pass your way. I have just been given that last minute work required by yesterday! Luckily, I have delegated most out so I can catch up with the important things like the blog, but may be you can also help?
    Hazel Love – thanks for the insight to ear wax, I will make sure I decline, assuming I ever do get the chance to try…

    All this talk of food is making me hungry, especially scones. I am definitely scone (gone) and not scone (phone), and have to say very well explained. It got me thinking on the bath or bath query too?

    I am not being sent to Canada next week, but still being relatively new to the blog, I am undecided on the OAMC. Is there an agreed establishment yet or do we have to frequent the streets and mix with the street acts until we find those fitting the descriptions given above (cannot remember the number..)

    The stats and spreadsheets are calling!


  470. At 04:05 PM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Darn, looks like they did nick it...now you'll never know where the OAMC is going to meet...

    Jax - priorities, priorities! I find that in cases like this a synergistic solution must be found...come and belly dance for the rest of us in the pub!!

    Dissing Dave - Is there a part of London sarf of the river? I never knew it existed...I was always turned back by the signs on the bridges saying "Abandon hope all ye who enter here".


    PS Four candles

    PPS Nags Head

  471. At 04:08 PM on 09 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Moose - I should think so too!


  472. At 04:11 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    late afternoon all my friendly schloggers
    Dont know why but my earlier post not on here ?

    Moose i say PUDDING and plenty of it with custard please.

    DWNB tell me about reiki i fancy a try of that, i just been reading some books on massage & i think reiki will be next, hope you enjoy.

    Made some carrot & corriander soup for Mrs & teen C's last night, lovely with fresh bread, went down a treat.
    Well i think i got my song for Panto sorted AT LAST i hear you all shout. Got script rehersal tonight which im ok with (i think) only pressure now is it's a sell out 300 peeps per show 3 shows OMG why do i do this !!

    I had a rant about Corrie earlier i wonder if thats why my post didn't arrive?

    Ha ha just had a laugh with our works cleaner BLESS HER, she as seen a mouse in her house, she came to work an hour early because she is scared. Sat her down with a nice brew and a BUN, Dont the older ones make you laugh. I cant wait for my Mum to come back from her holiday in Oz, she is 73 and always puts a smile on my face
    with the things she says and does. She's out visiting my sis in Perth for 3mth comes back late Feb. Im going to have to get myself out there and see what its like. Got to be better weather than here at Mo !!

    Well Panto rehersal in 2 1/2 hrs best strat to work on Nursie.
    chat soon.
    aka Nurse Molly Coddle

  473. At 04:16 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Littlest Hobo wrote:

    Good morning from Vancouver and good evening to all back in Blighty,

    Firstly, I would like to convey a most pleasant, prosperous and portentous 2007 to each and every one of our online community. Sadly, professional commitments have arrested my ability to share any thoughts in this forum of late, but your contributions have been enjoyed most eagerly.

    Considering my workload, not to mention my bounden duty to spend time enjoying pre and post prandial libations whilst joining in the merriment at my local, I am surprised to have time even now. That said, I hope that this correspondence finds you all in the finest of health, the heartiest of spirits and the welcoming arms of contentment.

    I look forward to the return of Mr. Evans, as I am sure we all can concur, and many more of your compelling commentaries. If my professional work is the meal, then your continued contributions continue to act as a perfectly delightful lagniappe.

    Good day to you.

    Dr T

  474. At 04:30 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Me? Jax? Me and Jax? Fighting? Me and Jax, fighting?

    Come now Moose. Neither of us would wish in the slightest to upset the fair cathmel. If your heart does indeed belong to me kind sir, why, I should have to decline your advances because I already have a gorgeous boy of my own (who I am missing horribly dahling!!!!), and I would not want to risk the wrath of Mrs Moose either. I am a coward, and I don't like to run unless I'm wearing a sports bra.

    ...and a small idea to throw into the melting pot that is the (B)OAMC, perhaps instead of the 3rd Thursday of each month, it could be on the same date each month? Same principle.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    mon chaise

    ps buckaroo and flying saucers

    pps mulbarton boy - Moose is the nominated person to suffer from blog paranoia. That means you don't need to.

    ppps Jillygoat. Snacking is bad for you. Grazing is good for you. Apparently.

  475. At 05:03 PM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    What are you talking about?
    Do you mean me?
    Did I do something wrong?


    PS NAGS HEAD, James Street

  476. At 05:09 PM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hazel Love - If and when you ever get to read my book, I think the first chapter will be enlightening regarding my intentions...it is the most strartlingly and embarrassingly autobiographical bit and probably slightly too revealing for my own good.

    Until then, take my word for it that the various boys need have no fear of usurpation.

    Have just re-read that and realized how it might be misinterpreted...oh well, what the heck...


    PS Or girls...

    PPS Nags Head, James Street, just opposite Covent Garden tube and down a bit (see google maps) 7.30

  477. At 05:10 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Here's a quick one or it could be long depends how many peeps join in.

    This blog thread started with chris playing a tune for Santa, a few of us was trying to guess what it was going to be............... You've guessed it !

    What will Chris's 1st tune be on Monday 5.03pm ?????????? could it be

    "young at heart" - The Bluebells (i think)

    Im also wondering what will he write in his blog, OMG what if he doesn't write in the blog, i dread to think.......

    aka Nurse Molly Coddle

  478. At 05:23 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Thank you so much for your congratulations.

    Just a quickie ("thank goodness for that", I hear you cry) ......got to go out again soon...

    Moose - I rather enjoyed my juxtaposition ; )

    Hazel Love - lol re Gale : ) you make me laugh so much : )

    Carry on Blogging (ooh matron)


    ps There's only one Blue Army : )

  479. At 05:28 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    OAMC can't make this one due to Panto rehersals, but i hope to make next if poss, sorry but im sure you'll have a cheeky one on my behalf.
    Got to thinking would we all wear a red rose in a lepal or maybe a drive time base ball hat, or a christoph face badge ??? hehehe

    I also wonder if Mr E himself will partake in a cheeky one with us ????

    have fun
    aka Nurse Molly Coddle

  480. At 07:04 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Moose - now there's a thought - belly dancing to you all at the OAMC. I would do so but seeing as it will only be my second lesson I do not feel I would put you through such a traumatic experience. Perhaps I will do so on another occasion......or maybe the OAMC could all come to my belly dancing lesson - now that's be a sight to see!

    Hazel Love - definitely not fighting, afterall your idea of the OAMC taking place on the same date each month instead of 3rd Thursday is genius. It means I could make it.

    I don't actually know if any of you are still out there??? No one has posted since 5.28 - is anybody out there?

    Thanks to everyone for your votes of confidence. It's eartening to hear that you think I'm coping well.

    Lotsa love and petit filous

    J x

  481. At 08:30 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Hello all

    Sorry for recent silence. I have been preparing a lecture course at the same time as clearing the Christmas backlog. Dr Booth has been in touch to tell me that his latest charity car parking thing worked quite well. From the 2 Saturdays he managed to make £860. With all the other money that's come in over the Christmas/New Year party (including the proceeds from the few brave souls who purchased the BOTB) he can now start on the borehole and pump at Mbeetwani school in Kenya. No doubt he will 'bore' you all with his stories at the OAMC.

    Sorry, that last comment was in bad taste.

    In other news:
    Denise hasn't returned to work. I'm not yet concerned. The longest period she has spent away discovering her inner self is two months. She normally gets back within two weeks.

    The unborn child in Dolores's belly has started to speak, in what may be a world record time since conception. I managed to extract an endorsement, well sort of. You can hear what he/she said:HERE

    Moose #353 - My friend, you have a vivid imagination. Either that or you've been eating too much of that red soup. To think that I, one of the most ersthwile and genuine people on this planet may be a figment of someone else's imagination is just...well, unimaginable. To be fair, it's not the first time that someone has had this idea. I admit that some of my stories may seem a little incredulous, but as Plum pointed out, fact can indeed be stranger than fiction

    Dr Booth tells me he will be in the Nags Head as instructed, but will not be wearing a lab coat. You may recognise him by his smile, which is legendary, apparently.

    DWNB - MSN yes, webcam no.

    Kev C - Break a leg

    Hazel - spare no warm thoughts for the worms. They deserved to die. I'll perfect my suspended animation technique one day, and then I'll take everyone on this blog out for a spin on my yacht, I promise.

    Jax - I'm as well as expected thanks. May the belly dancing bring you unexpected joy.

    Big Un -Get well soon. If you had worms, I could probably cure you, for a small donation.


    J McC

  482. At 08:46 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:


    Blimey, where is everybody?

    Hazel. The reason it could be tricky is that I have auditors in next week, so sneaking off early is off limits. I work in Sevenoaks and live in...erm..Rudgwick, so I would have to drive somewhere sensible to get a train and then head back there to drive home. Not impossible, but tight. I'll see how things pan out. As I said, failing that, the first round at The Mulberry is on me next month.

    Moose. Sorry to hear about your school days. I always feel sad when people describe a painful time growing up. I guess I was lucky.

    Swam 116 lengths of the pool tonight. OK, it's not a very big pool, but that is still a mile. I described, many moons ago, the pleasure I get swimming underwater, the sense of escapism and the feeling of security, that no-one in real life can get you down there. It still works.

    How many accountants are there here? Are our jobs really that boring that we have to spend so much time blogging? Don't answer that. It does seem that many of us share an awful lot in common (apart from the love of blogging and a strange devotion to a certain Mr E). If ever we do all get together I think that certain subjects will have to be left at the door. Spreadsheets for one.

    Anyway, enough waffle.

    Sleep well and much peace to all


    PS Me, my thoughts are flower strewn
    ocean storm, bayberry moon.
    I have got to leave to find my way.
    Watch the road and memorize
    this life that pass before my eyes.
    Nothing is going my way.

    Phil. RIP, my friend.

    PPS I am the law.

    PPS ''That guy's got to stop...He'll see us''

  483. At 08:53 PM on 09 Jan 2007, Sammie wrote:

    Happy New Year!

    First time I've looked at the Blog this year; I miss Chris!

    Well, I for one am determined that this year will be a helluva lot better than the last - 2006 was my 'annis horribilis' and I hope I'll never have another like it.

    I have one goal for this year (prefer goals to resolutions), which is to get a new job. I've started the hard slog on the CV and have a few interested parties, so we'll see how things go.

    My friends and my mother seem to have the same resolution where I'm concerned, which is to find me a man - preferably one that breathes, is employed and not married. Tall order???? Apparently 12 months on my ownsome (apparently my 'special friend' doesn't count, because he's away all the time - duh - he's in the forces! Although I have to confess that I think I probably want more than he can give me, so... Can't talk to him though - he's somewhere in Africa doing secretive stuff and haven't heard from him now for 3/4 weeks.) is long enough - bring 'em on!!

    I will try some more online dating sites - I'll keep you all updated on my endeavours - last year, I met a widower clearly not over the death of his wife, a young man not much older than my daughter, a compulsive liar and a cross dresser who thought he and I were the same size..... I also met some really nice chaps that I did have dates with, but we agreed that friendship was all we wanted from each other - better luck next time eh?

    My kids are driving me nuts - they seem to have developed a deep seated hatred for each other over the last week and can't be trusted to be in the same part of the house without trying to start WWIII. Very worried! They used to be so nice to each other! Hey ho - the fun of single parentdom!!!

    Well Chaps and Chapesses, it was good to catch up - hopefully I'll be a little better at staying up to speed with everything!

    Humpday tomorrow - all downhill after that!!!

    S. XX

  484. At 08:58 PM on 09 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    ooooh, thought i had been BP'd but it did appear after all. Thank goodness - i think my earlier blog was some of my best blogging work...... or not.

    Evening all. Just bid a fine farewell to my big bruv. He dropped by for 45 mins on his way back down south. Was nice to see him, but cant help feeling like he was ticking me off his to do list. His nephew has no idea who he is and im not sure i do either..... sometimes i find the boys in my family are a bit of a dissapointment to me. I shouldnt have expectations i know, we have had that discussion before n'est pas, but at the same time, i am his little sister and i have had a baby and i would like him to adore us..... or atleast to like us a bit! Oh well - if something awful happened and i really needed him i guess i know he would be there.... that probably should be all that matters.
    thanks for letting me offload.

    DWNB - reiki, its great. I dont do it so much on other people but i find it has been invaluable for the mancub. He doesnt get upset very often but when he does it calms him down straight away. It feels really special to be able to give it to him, a real bond strengthener. He looks into my eyes when i am doing it and just seems to get it.

    Moose- i dont know about stalker, i thought your response to Hazel was very very funny.

    Gaby - well done on the job, brilliant news. Patience is a virtue after all!

    Jax - the OAMC, there is no question! I think it would do you the power of good. Belly dancing will be there another time!

    Hazel Love - In the event you cant locate a good sports bra, just take a leaf out of a certain celebrity DVD and hold on tight.....!

    Cant wait to go to work tomorrow. Been rebranding an organisation i work with and all the print finally comes back tomorrow including a magazine i was putting together to promote it. I cant wait to see it as our designer has done an amazing job.

    am off for now. sweet dreams.

    PS afters and pudding depending whose house i was in. My dad is posher than my mum and wouldnt even let me dunk my bread in my soup as a child.

  485. At 09:02 PM on 09 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Well I'm glad someone noticed my gentle flirtation with moose at last! I though I was going to have to come on a little stronger - actually I'm not the jealous type after all what is better than two??? Well three (thats a story for the OAMC) or even four who's up for it??

    I have a message waiting on alreadyparents.com a dating website for single parents from a guy who has noticed my profile but I can't see his as its being updated!! How frustrating.............................

    Going to our local panto on sat - oh yes I am!!

    gros bisses

    C xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  486. At 09:29 PM on 09 Jan 2007, ASHY wrote:

    Well well well Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out!!!Dissing Dave computer says no.....Hazel Love definately food shopping tomorrow.....Moose parsnip and beetroot soup....maybe, but at the moment my breadmaker lives in the shed....thinking of you Jax....be strong......scone as in gone.....pudding not sweet.....Just watched Gilliam Mc Keith on tv must eat healthier!!??!! Well maybe...First song on Christophes return....Peters and Lee..welcome Home cheesy I know but soooooo true.Is this blogging thingy addictive second time today it must be a record.XXXASHY

  487. At 10:11 PM on 09 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:

    O M G

    Back from the Tap Dancing.... thanks for the Joke Gilly..... Oh Wow. I don't think I'm going to be able to walk tomorrow. Who'd have thought it was going to be so flipping energetic. My face was scarlet after about 20 minutes. I thought I was going to expire after 30. Legs were numb after 40, and the butt went numb after 50. Flipping hairies she kept us at it.

    Really Enjoyed it tho......


  488. At 10:47 PM on 09 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Evening All xx

    I didn't get a chance to blog today, my boss's first day back, how inconsiderate of him! :-)

    Didn't have any crazy dreams last night, in fact I don't think I slept long enough to get into a dream! Weather kept me awake as well as having to get up every half hour to spend a penny because I started a detox yesterday and drank lots and lots of water! :-)

    Gaby - Well done and Congratulations xx I'm delighted for you xx

    Hazel - Pleased you are feeling better today xx You are spot on with the dream analysis! Lots of things I would like to change but I don't have the courage or confidence to do it!

    Dissing Dave - no need for apology xx I remember in the dream I was trying to think what your blog had said incase there was something significant that would save me from the leopard! Probably not a good idea to blog just before going to bed! :-)

    Weezie, MWa! and Cake - haven't seen you for a while, hope you are all ok xx

    Pudding for me - treacle tart & custard - yummy!
    Scone as in gone.

    Night night, sleep tight xx
    love Mary xx

    ps Shut the box!

    pps Whoppers!

  489. At 11:37 PM on 09 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    DrJMcC - It's Ok, I'm a figment of my own imagination too. It wasn't meant as an insult in any way, shape or form. Quite a compliment in fact. Sorry I couldn't make it to Cambridge last weekend - I did seriously consider it but a number of piles of washing stood in my way and prevented me leaving the house.

    Cathmel - Cathmel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jillygoat - I couldn't quite make it but came close. Filled up on spaghetti with rocket and asparagus first, then tucked into the Ritter Sport and the Lindt Lindors...

    Matt from Rudgwick - understand the pressure of auditors. Get there if you can!

    Jax - next time then... you will be more expert by then and we will get the full pleasure and benefit of your expertise...

    Hazel - I don't want to be a grouch but what about if the date falls on a weekend? We could do a rolling rotation system on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights of the third week. That way anyone with 1 weekly date misses 1 in 3, with 2 weekly dates misses 2 in 3 and with 3 weekly dates will need to get their priorities sorted and get one of them cancelled to attend. Maybe not.

    Nighty night...

  490. At 01:29 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Good mornin' you lot!!! I figured it would be by the time you all read my entries....

    First of all GABY - CONGRATULATIONS... I am very proud of you....way to go!! So now tell us all about it, what, where, when, how and why - in triplicate :-)

    While you are all sleeping in your comfy little beds, I was working late....OK - can I quit now??? I have worked 2 days. My brain urts...too much to learn. It will get easier I know, but I am exhausted and feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

    T - why were you coming to Canada and when? Will you come at a later date. Whereabouts too...if you are near Toronto, we can have our own BOIALC (once in a lifetime club) LOL

    So Moose...pots of cash, you can pay for everyone to get to the OAMC....did I hear about jet picking me up....I am sure I can get time off work LOL Good luck at the lawyers, keep us posted.

    Jillygoat - I have been on every diet known to man....I know exactly what you mean about obsessing about food. Just do your best and drink water before eating and it will fill you up. Try and drink loads of water when you can, it is good for you and is a filler :-)

    Hazel - I will never be too important to speak to my bloggers! NO WAY.

    Ashy - chocolate, starter, main and afters sounds good to me :-)

    DD - Good luck to your luverly wife with the job.

    Big Un - Glad you are feeling better.....stop working so hard!! That is an order :-)

    Anyway, my love to all...
    Going to bed soon...oh wait, gotta wash some clothes for tomorrow...so I will catch you all later
    Joan xxxxxx

  491. At 07:33 AM on 10 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Morning all, wow so close to the big 500. Who will make it this time!?

    DWNB - so glad you enjoyed your tap class. I will be keeping an eye out for the national tour. Definately one to book for one of our festivals!

    Moose - OAMC tue/wed/thur first/third/seventh..... oh i am so confused. Atleast the location for the first meeting has been confirmed. I will so be there in spirit. It would have been nice to meet the blogs most wanted moose. ;o)

    Joannie - glad to hear the job is going well, if a little tiring. Just think, its humpday today which means its nearly thirsty thursday and then its the weekend!

    Will drop by later.


  492. At 08:09 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Good morning all

    Would it be to much, you think, if I were to ask you all to pay a visit to the following site and vote for my story, what is in competition to win a brand new laptop computer?

    Love to Lead competition

    You will understand the reason for my forthright request when you reach the end of the story. Of course, if you think any of the other entries are superior then I understand. May the best blogger win!


    J McC

  493. At 08:30 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Morning all!
    Finally finished amending the spreadsheets for this month, so I can sit back and look forward to the same job next month!! Oh deep joy! Now I have to start preparing the new spreadsheets for the next financial year!

    Where did I put that shotgun???

    Still, Humpday everyone, and approaching 500 posts on this blog! Mr E will be so pleased that we haven't yet crashed the Beeb's computer system!!!

    Driving into work this morning and had to negotiate a Moses moment, not so much a puddle as a sea to part, I swear there were waves and whitecaps on it!! Do we still have a hose-pipe ban? As the togmeister has oft asked?

    Keep on smiling, ........... it makes people wonder what you're up to!!!

    DD out

    PS I've started so I'll finish!! God bless you Magnus!!!

    PPS Giggs, Villa Park, Patrick Vieira, Ha Ha!

  494. At 08:37 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    1 vote for you Dr JMcC!

    Good luck & best wishes

    DD out

    PS Who will be 500?

  495. At 08:50 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Mornin' all,

    DWNB - sorry, I forgot to say 'yes' to MSN. Your description of tap dancing reminded me so much of my days doing it : )

    Dr J - so nice to hear from you - I look forward to congratulating Dr Mark Booth on his marvelous contribution to the BOTB : )

    Moose - good luck with the lawyer. If you want a cat, ask for a horse first.

    Sammie - lovely to have you back - I really empathised with your comments re friends trying to find you a man : )

    Joannie and Anna - thank you . It is very part-time which really suits me - am pulling my horns in (well, most of them ; )). I am a little apprehensive about it but I just had to follow my instincts and go for it.

    Gale Concerto visited my neck of the woods last night. I was lying in my soporificator-induced haze and also in my bed, listening to the galing howls, when I remembered that I had left my back gate open so that the gutter man could inspect my soffits and guttering in my absence during the day yesterday (I'm sure there is a joke there somewhere but we are a good 12 hours away from the watershed). At present, the rain water cascades off the horizontal bit as the vertical pipes have become detached. All of them....how inconsiderate. Anway, where was I, oh yes......although I had put a heavy object against the opened gate to pin it back, I was still concerned Gale would be able to dislodge it and have it freely swinging and banging all night (ahem). Just as I had come to the conclusion that it would be quicker to get up and fix said condition than to lie awake thinking about doing it, I must have slipped into deep slumber, to be woken by the alarm clock. Oh joy. I am a little too easy to please, methinks.

    'til later


    ps pas de deux

    pps piece de resistance

  496. At 08:51 AM on 10 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Good morning (again) bloggers,

    I only say again as I did post this at about 6:30 this morning and for some reason it has disappeared ;-( so I will try again!

    Moose I am pleased there are a few of us who could appreciate the spreadsheet joke. I have been posting jokes for what seems to be such a long time it is hard to remember what I have and have not already posted. If I had thought the blog would have lasted this long I would have kept a list ;-)

    J McC I remember and take you up on the offer should I ever have worms ;-)

    Gaby, great news on the job honey. xx Just while I remember I did hear about a week ago a cheeky text message being read out by Alex Lester I think from one Gaby who had met one certain Teddy Sherigham and he had stole her heart…..or something like that…..so I put two and two together and thought of you ;-)

    I must be back at work as the sleep problems are back again ;-( I think I may have found the root of the problem. I have so much going on in my head that I can not switch off and just slllleeeeeep. I was wide awake and so I left home at 5am this morning and have come into work to get some of it off my mind :-) I know I am my own worse enemy

    Joannie, I have to admit to working to hard and putting it first, just part of my nature I guess ;-( On a different note I had an interesting discussion over Christmas with my nephew who came to speak to me as I did live in Canada for 2 years some years ago now and he is thinking of emigrating with his wife and kids (Hamilton, Ontario area) and Mrs B and I have had a look at it again to get our of the rat race I am in. So you never know we have sent off for the information pack ;-)


    P.S Did you hear about the guy whose office went on fire - it really frightened the wits out of him. Every week after this when the fire alarm was tested, he would leg it out of the building as fast as he could.

    Needless to say his boss was not impressed so he went to the doctor who said.............................

    “Don't worry” said the doctor “it's only a case of premature evacuation”!

  497. At 09:01 AM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Morning all,
    A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Moosecave last night.

    I left work having still not received the call from Corporate X that was promised. I started musing, as one does, about what I would say to the lady when she called, given my preference for Corporate Y but unwillingness to close down any avenues without a concrete offer yet, and my desire to be honest in all my dealings.

    My thoughts turned to what I would say if I was being brutally and frankly honest about what I want - not as a plan of what to say, but just one of those thought experiments you do with yourself...do you? or am I just freaky that way?

    Anyway. What I came up with was that I don't want to work for a big corporate and I don't want to work in London (can't really move due to schools situation and the travelling will kill me).
    So that rules out X and Y then...

    At that point the phone rang. And guess what? Yep. It was Z. Now Z is a friend of mine who is going to go for a start-up business in Germany and wants me to be his right-hand moose.

    Started me thinking that some of you (sorry for not recognizing it earlier) have already commented that Z might come along anyway and be more what I'm looking for.

    So X didn't call, I haven't heard back from Y, I'm more convinced than ever that I was just picking the best of those 2 rather than really deciding what I want, AND...
    I also suspect that the lawyer lady will tell me that I stand more chance of more cash if I do NOT have another job lined up.

    Fun times, big decisions...

    First things first though - I'll see the lawyer lady today and then decide what to do based on her advice. I suspect it will be to close things down here before deciding on anything else, which buys me some time anyway. And if X or Y or Z disappear from view during that time, so be it. I'll take it as a sign that they weren't right for me.

    So a big "we're not worthy" to those who said Z would come along...or that X and Y may not be right for me. I've finally come to my senses.

    I wrote an article last week that starts with the phrase "I am the man who realized too late..." - it's a bit of a theme in my life.
    The important bit is that it's not true. I do realize but don't act. I often freeze in the face of the decision/action that needs to be taken, instead of going for it. I hope this time that "I am the man who realized just in time AND acted decisively to do the right thing".

    Thanks to those who have helped me get there. It feels great!!!

    The real big question though is what I really want to do and what I'm passionate about. I have at least 5 things, I'm just nervous that none of them will pay the bills or fit with family life...
    So if anyone knows a part-time pastor who runs a successful executive coaching practice, is the head chef of their own restaurant, CEO of an environmental charity and writes books in their spare time (plus lecture circuit on their books/ideas), can you give me their name so I can get some tips...

    Let's just pick the common elements between that vision and X, Y and Z shall we?
    Oh, that was quick....


    PS Sorry for being so self-obsessed this morning. I need to write things to get them clear in my head. I usually reserve this sort of stuff for my diary but today it seemed to all just spew out on here...hope no-one minds too much.

    PPS Do you think I've written enough to hit 500 by now???

  498. At 09:11 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    oops, I just had a technical problem. I had gone onto your link Dr J to vote for your story, but when I came out of that page Chris' blog page came up with 'thank you for posting your entry'!!!! - you know that I have a keen interest in sales and marketing but not even I would be that crafty as to try to post your material directly onto Chris' blog : ).

    So...apologies in advance of whatever gets posted under my name (yikes, I had a number of windows open at the time)...could be any number of items : )

    For once, I am hoping the BP are alert and fully-functioning and put a stop to my madness.

    Yours concernedly


  499. At 09:15 AM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Anna - thanks for your nice comment. I'm thinking now that I shouldn't turn up and spoil the illusion...

    Used to love the comment: "It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

    Translates to: "It's better to be anonymous and be thought a spotty and smelly teenager than to turn up at a OAMC and remove all doubt"


  500. At 09:15 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    We're on our way to Wembley (or Cardiff)
    We're on our way to Wembley (or Cardiff)
    La La La L-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a
    La La La L -a-a-a-a-a-a-a........ooh

  501. At 09:22 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Morning Humpers! Hi-de-hi!

    Golly, it feels as if I've only been away about 27hours and already it's busy in the pool.

    J McC - grand to see you back in the fold. I have no warm thoughts towards the worms. In fact I spit on them...ptah! There, see. Do you know the best thing to treat Miliary Dermatitis, or isn't that a parasite? If not, I have found a suitable spray, but cannot yet find anyone who stocks it, and the v-e-t wants to charge me three arms and a leg.
    On a lighter note, I shall have to wait until I am able to get on my home pc to hear what your unborn child has to say...they don't allow sound cards where I am...and an even lighter note, absolutely delighted that the esteemed Dr Mark will be at the Nags Head hoorah! Will he be bringing the delightful Jo with him too?

    DWNB - I have always found it's the day after the day after when I ache the most, so do as many gentle stretches today as you can, then hopefully you shouldn't be too bad tomorrow!

    Joannie - Glad everything is going ok for you. It's horrible being the new bug, but give it a week and people will be asking you how to do stuff instead of the other way around... I'm thinking of looking for another job. I love what I'm doing, and the guys are wonderful to work with, but I can't live on the money! The grass may be greener though, so it needs BIG thinking! I am also having (another) 'chat' with my boss later today, so we shall see after that.

    BigUn - BE CAREFUL!!!! ...and good luck with the notice thang... xxxxxzs because I can xxxx

    Moose - Those who can make it can, those that can't, can't is all I'm thinking. Trying to make it accessable to as many as possible, if anyone was coming from further away or sunnink. Dunno, as I said, it was just an idea...If it was 20th each month (after this one) there are two on Fridays, and only one on a Saturday...

    anna - I have to hold on tight just going up the stairs...!!!

    cathmel - From what I gather, the Moose is an accountant of some description, (as well as being male) so you'd have had to hit him with a mallet hon!

    MfR - The auditors will WHIZZ through I'm sure...well you can hope they might eh?

    as for me...nothing of note today. My car is gradually falling into more pieces and now sounds like a WWI bi-plane rather than a tractor.

    Chocks away!

    ps Yellow armbands out now please

    pps One vote for J McCrumble

  502. At 09:28 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Morning all, Happy Hump Day (it's been an almighty hump this week)

    Afetr all the talk of sleep problems I went out and spent £100 worth of Boots points on one of those bodyclock alarm clocks. In essence it's free as I got the points after doing a mammoth shop for work (about £550 worth :o) ), probably not strictly legal but hey ho, who cares!

    Last night I set it to sunset and the room slowly got darker and I fell to sleep... This morning when the real alarm clock went off I woke up with a ping (not literally speaking of course) to a light room (but a light that my eyes were ready for as it didn't make me squint or anything!) and was ready to face the world at 6:45. Bearing in mind it normally takes a good 1/2 hour to raise myself out of my stupor I thought this was ruddy marvellous, hopefully it will help alleviate some of the tiredness during the day too.

    While I know I don't have that S.A.D thingy I can't help but feel a bit more cheery this morning!

    Following on from the scone, scone debate and the pudding, dessert, sweet and afters conversation can I add this into the melting pot. How about Breakfast Lunch & Dinner, Breakfast Dinner and Tea or any variation on the above. I must admit that it depends who I'm with as to which I use. Currently, working in the Black Country I feel more comfortable with Breakfast Dinner & Tea, although sometimes I slip a Lunch into the mix!

    Also, another burning question, Pork Pie (from the farm shop of course!) with brown sauce or not??

    Sorry to bring the blog back to food again for all the dieters and detoxers!

    :o) Jo

  503. At 09:33 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Good Morning All,

    I recieved an email last eve from my sis in Oz. She sent a few pics of my Mum, who is on a 3mth visit to my sis. Wow she looks really well. I really need to get some cash together and get my butt out there, Ive not seen my sis since Dad died 8yrs ago, i really miss them both.
    Mum spent xmas day on some beach in perth sounds right up my street.

    back later

  504. At 09:37 AM on 10 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Morning all and happy humpday!

    Well, it was my first weigh-in yesterday since starting the new eating plan/way of life and I've lost 2lbs so far. To be honest, I'm surprised, as I'm still drinking the old merlot, albeit as part of my allowed Syns, and have succumbed to the occasional Quality Street lurking at the bottom of the tin since Christmas - you know, the orange and coffee ones that no-one seems to like!!!! Anyway, at least it's 2lbs off and not on, so onwards and downwards!!!! Thanks for your support and encouragement everyone - it's much appreciated - and needed!

    'Im indoors has been off sick this week with the dreaded 'man-flu' and I'm trying to do my impersonation of Florence Nightingale. Hope he's better soon 'cos the novelty's wearing off fast !!

    A bit late, I know, but I'm a scone as in gone girl, and we have pud or afters rather than dessert, but that's my father's cockney influence for you. We used to fight over the rice pudding skin, we were that poor - aaaaah !!

    MfR - I've never heard of Rudgwick in Kent - it's a new one on me. Used to go caravanning at Oldbury Hill though.

    Anyway, only a few days til the return of our beloved leader. Bagsy me be number 500 - pleeeeese?!

    jillygoat xx

  505. At 09:50 AM on 10 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:

    Morning ALl.
    Great News......

    I can stand and move my legs this morning. And I have discovered that the Stationery cupboard floor has great accoustics. I'm off there now to practise a few of my smooth moves.

    All I've got to work on now is a sports bra which can stop my ever so impressive bosums killing me.

    Have I made 400 too?

  506. At 10:03 AM on 10 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Woops! Mental note to self don't blog after the second vidka, lime and lemonade!!

    Still maybe it's better to be ourselves isn't it!

    Actually I think I must have earned myself some blog points for getting that post through the blog police!

    Does anyone fancy answering ten questions? I usually use them to get to know potiential men friends but they work well in finding out about any friends!

    1. Favourite food?
    2. Last C.D. bought/download?
    3. Fav film?
    4. Last book read?
    5. Best moment in life so far?
    6. Worst moment in life so far?
    7. Programme on TV that would make u turn over?
    8. Best place in the world u have been to?
    9. Best place in the world u have yet to visit?
    10. One thing to do before u die?

    My answers:

    1. Roast Duck with mushrooms
    2. Leona (for my kids honestly)
    3. Love Actually
    4. Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie
    5. Loads - having my girls, getting divorced
    6. My dad dying
    7. Waking The Dead, Spooks, Torchwood
    8. I love Provence and Cote D'azur
    9. New Zealand
    10. Fall in love

    x x x x x

  507. At 10:04 AM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Pickle with the pork pie.
    On a good day: Breakfast, Lunch and Tea.
    On a bad day: Pre-gym snack, Breakfast, snack, elevenses, lunch, snack, tea, snack, dinner, supper, small snack before I go to bed.


  508. At 10:37 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    YAY! Moose at 500 ***** Five gold stars! You are now eligilble for a counter job at an international burger chain...Corporate M

    and YAY! Jillygoat - Well done babe!

    Anyway, Moose - Of course we don't mind. It's always the audience that gets it right on millyonnaire. (Heaven only knows why the contestants use the audience for the easier questions?) You'll make the right decision eventually I guess!

    BigUn - Me and the Gabster aren't sleeping too well either. Both on 'Sleepe Aide', and it's not really helping me...Dunno if it's work, think it's probably worry, definitely missing my boy, but the irony there is, I can't sleep when he's home at all...see previous posts re kicking, snoring, punching etc Then I wake up about 5mins before the radio goes on, and can't get it together at all!

    By the way, is it just me, or does anyone else find Aled Jones very calming? He seems to be a very gentle chap...very easy to bumble about to in the early am...I sometimes find Sarah a bit shrill (Oh strike me down!) first thing...

    Jo - Didja getta puppy? Didja? Definitely Piccallili with Pork Pie. Brown Sauce or Branst*n come close seconds though... Good luck with the lamp. A friend of mine got one and said it revolutionised his life! It'd be no good to me as I can't get my bedroom dark enough in the first place...

    MWK - Glad I could help. You need to take a step back hon, and have a look at your main priorities without being overwhelmed by the more obvious ones if that makes sense?

    Kev C - Big hugs to you. You sound terribly sad...xxxxxxxx

    Lawks! Another magnum opus...

    Je suis un rock star

    ps Black Forest Gateau

  509. At 10:46 AM on 10 Jan 2007, annie b wrote:

    Thought I might join in the ramblings at last - maybe be the big 500, an achievement for a first timer - have been watching you all for a while, a blogging stalker you may say, you seem like a big party and i do like a party !

  510. At 10:55 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Oh no!




    You must have the five gold stars immediately!


    and a brisk six of the best for me...!

    What will Moose do now? (He'll sit in a barn, and keep himself warm, and hide his head under his antlers...)

    Must remember to refresh regularly...


  511. At 10:57 AM on 10 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Gaby - well done on being the 500th !!!!!

    Cathmel - good quiz - here goes:

    1. At the moment, absolutely anything!!
    2. Lemar (phwoar)
    3. Brief Encounter (I blame my mother)
    4. Gardens of Delight by Erica James (chick-lit, I love it)
    5. 'Im indoors asking me to move in with him
    6. Having to pay off my ex-husband - grrrrrr
    7. Match of the Day
    8. Normandy / New Zealand
    9. Italy
    10. Learn sign language

    Cathmel - re: no 10 - you will, you really will xx

    jillygoat xx

  512. At 10:59 AM on 10 Jan 2007, DogwithNoBrain wrote:


    1. Favourite food? Red Wine Risotto
    2. Last C.D. bought/download? Lemar
    3. Fav film? Dogma
    4. Last book read? All Good Fun until Someone Looses an Eye - Christopher Brookmyre (EXCELLENT)
    5. Best moment in life so far? Oh God - too many. Birth of Kids, Getting into bed every night with My Si,
    6. Worst moment in life so far? Thnking we wouldn't make it thru the day. Long Story.
    7. Programme on TV that would make u turn over?Celebrity (ornormal) big brother
    8. Best place in the world u have been to? Paris. roof top of Wee hotel overlooking Eiffle Tower on one side, Sacre Coure on other, 2am, Glass of Wine in Hand. WIth my Si
    9. Best place in the world u have yet to visit? Morecambe Bay to see Eric Morecambe Statue
    10. One thing to do before u die? revisit Manahatten with my gang.


  513. At 10:59 AM on 10 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    People, people - enough with all the food !!!! LOL

    I've just been sent this and though it might help some of us:

    In April, Maya Angelou was interviewed by Oprah on her 70+ birthday.

    Maya Angelou said this:
    "I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.

    I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.

    I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life.

    I've learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as "making a life. I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance.

    I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back.

    I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.

    I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one.

    I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone."

    "People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.

    I've learned that I still have a lot to learn.

    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

    jillygoat xx

  514. At 11:04 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    1. Favourite food? Duck a l’orange
    2. Last C.D. bought/download? Aerosmith – Greatest Hits
    3. Fav film? Top Gun, Sorry I’m a teenager from the Eighties
    4. Last book read? Jeremy Clarkson – Can’t remember the title of the latest one
    5. Best moment in life so far? Marrying my wife
    6. Worst moment in life so far? Having a breakdown over work. It ain’t worth it!
    7. Programme on TV that would make u turn over? Turn over to anything on Cricket, Turn over from any soap.
    8. Best place in the world u have been to? Dubai / Las Vegas / Hawaii / Maldives
    9. Best place in the world u have yet to visit? Galapagos Islands
    10. One thing to do before u die? Hopefully, more than one thing, but visit Oz, New Zealand, and Galapagos Islands

    Congratulations twice then Gaby, winning last night and being No. 500.

    DD out

  515. At 11:12 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:


    1 Roast Chicken Dinner
    2 U2 & Scissor Sistors
    3 Close Encounters & Sound Of Music
    4 Stuart Pearce Autobiography
    5 My Wedding Day & Birth Of Son & Daughter
    6 Father Dying
    7 The Office (cant stand him)
    8 Yorkshire Dales & Crete (Greece)
    9 My Sister in Oz
    10 Cant Print It On Here !! or maybe Win Lottery

    Sorry i got 2 answers for some of these but i cant split them.

  516. At 11:14 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Em M wrote:

    Hi all, couldn't resist completing cathmel's questionnaire, a shrink would probably have a field day with my answers!

    1. Steak and kidney pud
    2. Radio 1's Live Lounge (bought for me for my birthday by my 14 year old niece - v. good)
    3. The Remains of the Day
    4. Zadie Smith - On Beauty
    5. Completing Go Ape
    6. Contemplating Go Ape
    7. That's So Raven
    8. The Suffolk Coast
    9. Italy
    10. Have my novel published.

    I can't wait read everyone elses - go for it guys!

    Love Em xx

  517. At 11:26 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Massive wrote:

    So, who's Natasha Chris? You've been spotted in London's Evening Standard Magazine. Please tell us all about it.

  518. At 11:28 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Good morning all

    Jillygoat. Rudgwick is in West Sussex (just). A few miles from Cranleigh in Surrey.

    Cathmel. I don’t know whether I qualify as a potential man friend, but here goes;

    1. Cheese, tomato and pickle sandwiches. The best ever. Fact.

    2. Rage Against The Machine downloaded from iTunes.

    3. Heat with Pacino and De Niro. Awesome (and on BBC3 or 4 tonight if you’re interested).

    4. Biography of Frank Sinatra.

    5. Very, very close call. You may recall my introduction of my father to his father. That was so precious. Our wedding must get a shout though.

    6. Mmmm. Being in the middle of the crush at Donington Monster Of Rock festival in 1988 where two people were killed wasn’t pleasant.

    7. Pretty much any soap. Second thoughts, Big Brother. Never seen it, never want to. Did you mean turn over to watch or to avoid? To watch, nothing.

    8. New Zealand and California are high on my list, but for all round enjoyment and somewhere I’d consider living, Vancouver.

    9. Don’t know, haven’t been there. Sorry. Always fancied Alaska.

    10. Crikey. Run a marathon. Probably will die very shortly afterwards.

    Terrific hump day to all.



    PS MfR v Moose. Saturday.

    PPS Detroit Rock City

    PPS Indians scattered on dawn's highway
    Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile egg–shell mind.

  519. At 11:40 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Bren wrote:

    Very funny short story Mr McCrumble - you have my vote (although I didn't read any others!).

  520. At 11:53 AM on 10 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    wow - you guys 'n' gals have been busy while I have been out .....

    jillygoat - sorry that I inadvertently took the 500th position. The irony of my celebrating a footie victory whilst occupying 500th position made me laugh out loud : )

    Hazel Love - 'Gabster' - i love that - quite a few of my friends call me that : )
    Re Aled - I had decided that today I would be contraversial and say how much I was enjoying Aled rather than Sarah. His voice is luvvrly first thing in the morning : )

    DD thank you - : )

    must dash


  521. At 12:12 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    ps thanks for all your messages you lovely people (was it Tommy Trinder who used to say 'you lovely people'?.....I really have aged myself with that question, haven't I? Most of you are saying "Tommy WHO?" I can hear you from here)

    pps hope to reply later - bit of a busy one today

    pps Keith - re Sheringham text - yes, 'twas me. They were doing a 'what has a celeb borrowed/taken from you and not given back' text-in. The thing is, that was before I knew he was partnered-up : ). I have managed to stop lusting (just) after him now that I know he has a missus : ) I got his autograph and a hand-shake at the match at Reading on 1st Jan (am trying not to mention the awesome thrashing we gave the Hammers on that wondrous day as I don't want to upset The Moose)....I have mentioned it once but I THINK I got away with it.

    It is lovely to have you back Keith x


  522. At 12:14 PM on 10 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Hi Folks xx

    Cathmel's questionaire......

    1. Roast chicken dinner
    2. Jack Johnson
    3. When a Man Loves a Woman
    4. Last book read - Billie Piper autobiography
    Currently reading Dr McC's book
    5. Spiritual message from my Mum
    6. Losing my Mum
    7. Little Britain
    8. New York
    9. Australia
    10 Be the special someone in someones life

    It's breakfast, lunch and dinner for us.

    Gaby - Congratulations on #500 and going to Cardiff xx

    Hazel - Thank you xx

    DWNB - Your tap class sounds fab and brings back happy memories of my tap dancing
    days :-)

    Have a good hump day everyone xx

    Take care
    Love Mary xx

  523. At 12:19 PM on 10 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    MfR - thanks for that. Realised having re-read some of the blog that you work in Kent rather than live in Kent - must be the food deprivation that's affecting me noddle !

    Gaby - well done on the new job xx

    Lots of you getting new jobs or contemplating the same - good luck to everyone out there!

    Sounds as if Christoph is having a good New Year too - good for him.


  524. At 12:22 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    HAZEL LOVE Ta for the hug babes, im ok really, i just miss Sis loads especially xmas time and even more so when Mum goes out there for xmas & new year.
    Ive got plenty to take my mind off, with the Panto only 2 weeks away. OMG

    MFR your no 10 in cathmel Q's, not sure on your age, but if your gonna try a marathon. Try do the LONDON, i did it in 1987, Ya 20 yrs ago this year. It is fantastic, and the crowds are just awesome, they just carry you round the whole course. May I suggest you watch this years race / run in April for inspiration. I remember watching the first ever London marathon in 81 then losing 4 1/2 stone and running loads of half marathons 10k etc then London in 87. Hope you get to do it one day mate.

    Em M Oooooo Steak n Kidley pud, Ummm whats for lunch, got my taste buds going that as.

    kev C x

  525. At 12:30 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Sammie wrote:

    Morning, morning (oh, it's THAT time already!!)

    Gaby - thanks, nice to know I've been missed and that you find my friends' efforts on my behalf amusing.... I know I will have dinner party stories (or round the open fire at the pub stories) for 12 months based on their efforts - AND the subsequent dates... will keep you informed!

    DWNB - until I lost weight, I used to wear two sports bras - one a Shockbuster or something - the one advertised by Anna somebody or other and the second was a vile, disgusting zip up affair by Z-Bra. They did the trick though!

    Cathmel - even though I should be working damn hard....

    1. Favourite food? - Anything really, shared with friends/family

    2. Last C.D. bought/download? - The Kooks for me - Some R&B stuff for my daughter.

    3. Fav film? - Breakfast at Tiffany's

    4. Last book read? - A Suitable Boy - Vikram Seth

    5. Best moment in life so far? - realising i CAN take control of my life

    6. Worst moment in life so far? 2006

    7. Programme on TV that would make u turn over? Most

    8. Best place in the world u have been to? Mum and Dads house in Crete

    9. Best place in the world u have yet to visit? All over! Iceland is on the cards for this year.

    10. One thing to do before u die? Just one? Abseil from a ridiculous height for charity.

    Have a fab day everyone!

    S XX.

  526. At 12:40 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Just had to chip in with this lot ... (any psychiatrists/psychologist out there - you don't know where I live, do you???)

    1. Marmite sandwiches (sorry - I know this will alienate half the population)
    2. Robbie Williams Greatest Hits (sorry again!)
    3. Far from the Madding Crowd
    4. Arthur & George by Julian Barnes (didn't like it that much but had to finish once I'd started)
    5. My wedding day
    6. Having to tell my dad his mum had died
    7. Turn over to miss? anything with "celebrity" or "big brother" in the title. Turn over to watch? not much these days but used to love NYPD Blue
    8. Venice
    9. Won't know till I get there but possibly New Zealand
    10. Complete at least one leg of a long distance ocean yacht race

  527. At 12:43 PM on 10 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Hi Everyone,

    First, would like to say to Anna - happy wedding anniversary! The week before mine, not likely to forget! Have a lovely day!

    Jo, breakfast lunch and dinner. My darling brother, no longer with us, lived in Canada, came home for a holiday years ago. We invited him and his family to our place, saying come for the evening and we'll have supper. Well, in Canada, supper is your dinner and in Glasgow supper is what you eat before you go to bed! So, no dinner ready for the troops, they were starving but didn't like to say anything! Just endured it until I provided a light supper a 9 o'clock! See how confusing it all is!!

    Hazel Love, I was just thinking this morning, how lovely Aled is. Just the right combination of chat and music. However, looking forward to Sarah's return - she's a stoater!

    My ten:

    1. Fish & Chips
    2. Chilli Peppers' latest single
    (can't remember what it's called!)
    3. Twelve Angry Men
    4. Animal Farm (read it once a year)
    5. Our daughter being born
    6. Our daughter being born and me realising
    that this was just TOO big for me to handle!
    7. Anything with voilence and/or blood
    (have never seen ER!)
    8. New York, New York
    9. Capri
    10. Must get back to New York!

    Sorry to have gone on and on!

    C xx

  528. At 12:46 PM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Well, I don't know. I pop out to see the lawyer lady and when I get back I've been 500 then lost it again...But I must say it gives me great pleasure to have lost it to Gaby (no offence to anyone else...roll on 600!)

    Cathmel's 10:

    1. Blueberries off the tree - but my alter ego would go for just about anything Italian especially seafood
    2. Razorlight - America
    3. Shawshank Redemption
    4. Nick Hornby - A Long Way Down (and McCrumble of course)
    5. Arriving at the wedding reception in a car festooned with ribbons, Mrs Moose in a wedding dress, me in a tux to be greeted by the question "Are you the bride and groom?"
    6. My dad dying
    7. Turn off: Anything with Russell Brand or awards ceremonies - the combination makes me burn the TV
    Turn on: Not a lot
    8. Bit non specific but the entire west coast of North America from Alaska down to San Diego - superb all the way down with Tofino on Vancouver Island and Alaska as the highlights. Did both in the same holiday once... (Matt - you have to go it's awesome)
    9. Luton. Sorry, misread the question and thought we were still doing best and worst. NZ.
    10. OAMC and get the book published (aww go on Cathmel, I know you'll allow me two...)

    Lawyer lady has given me a plan. There is one small thing that could scupper it and leave me penniless. Otherwise...the only way is up!!! Now need to see if I can start implementation this afternoon - speed is important apparently? Hope it was worth £150.


  529. At 12:54 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Tiggy wrote:

    Hey bloggers!

    Firstly J McC, I voted!

    Secondly the tem questions
    1. Fave food- lemon chicken
    2. last cd - Paul Weller
    3. Fave film - Dirty Dancing, have to watch the ending at least twice!
    4. Last book - Cross by James Patterson
    5. Best moment - marrying my wonderful Andy 11 years ago
    6. Worst moment - losing my beloved Grandad to the big C 12 years ago
    7. Tv to turn over for- Waking The Dead/ Spooks
    8. Best place ever been - Mexico (Pacific coast not Cancun, might as well go to Florida instead)
    9. Best place never been - New Zealand, would love to go one day
    10. 1 thing to do before I die - get healthy, I'm diabetic (thru weight not genetics) and have had psoriasis for over 30 years.

    Only 3 more shows til CLP is back, yay!
    Congrats Gaby on 500

    Tiggy xx

  530. At 12:56 PM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Gaby - you never did get away with it but I have a very good filter mechanism that means I only read/hear what I want to...you must know it, all blokes have it.

    Still only one of last years finalists still in the cup!!!!

    Matt from Rudgwick - the way the form is going, guaranteed three points


  531. At 01:10 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Afternoon All

    Busy Busy Busy this week !

    Will read all the un-read blogs when I have a moment but thought I would (try) and answer Cathmels questions while I have 5 minutes to myself !

    1 – Home made chicken quesadillas – Yum !
    2 – McFly “Sorrys Not Good Enough” CD Single. Download was Counting Crows “Angel Of The Silences” Acoustic Live
    3 – Mannequin – A very lame 80`s chick flick which I adored when I was 12. Its had a special place in my heart ever since ! I have lots of other much more grown up, classic choices but that was always my favourite growing up and its stuck with me !
    4 – The Lovely Bones by Alice Seabold
    5 – Far too many to mention… Its been a ball….
    6- Mum getting cancer.
    7 – Most of them these days….
    8 – Edisto Island in South Carolina, Seville or The Ardeche
    9 – Definitely without hesitation, The Galapagos Islands
    10 – Visit Galapagos because other than that I’m already living the dream !!

    Joannie – Hope the job is going well – sounds like you’re fitting in fabulously

    Cathmel – Thanks for the E mails :)

    Hazel Love – I’m taking that TAG is me… If it is – Spooky ! Loads of people refer to me that way !!! Right back at you :) x x

    Gaby – Fab Fab Fab Fab Fab !!!! x x x

    Moose – You make me laugh so much ! I love reading your posts… On a serious note, if you need any “legal” advice with regards to corporates and employment rights feel free to click on my name and drop me a line.. I have studied Employment Law as part of my professional qualifications and come up against this stuff quite a lot. Happy to help if I can.

    Loads of other super comments to reply to but work calls… Will be back later !

    Until next time x x x

  532. At 01:14 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Hi Em M - hope you're well hon x

    Sammie - looking forward to the stories! There's nowt better than real life! Good luck babe x

    1. Favourite food? Crispy duck but no Hoi Sin sauce
    2. Last C.D. bought/download? Leaving London
    3. Fav film? Blues Brothers/101 Dalmatians/ Apocalypse Now
    4. Last book read? Still immersed in the BOTB
    5. Best moment in life so far? The first time the boy looked at me with his dreamy, loving, soft, sexy, (ahem - sorry BP), and totally SWOONY dahling, beautiful brown eyes…blaaaaaaaaah!
    6. Worst moment in life so far? The whole moment between the 16th – 24th June 2001
    7. Programme on TV that would make u turn over? To Robin Hood from Match of the Day
    8. Best place in the world u have been to? Cala Galdana, Majorca (for the sunsets!)
    9. Best place in the world u have yet to visit? Venice
    10. One thing to do before u die? Find something I REALLY want to do!

    ...and yes, Cake, M.W.a! and Weezie! Ou est vous??????

    Jillygoat - You made me go aaaaah xx

    and Gaby...your 'La La La La-a-a-a-a-a-a-a........ooh' really made me laugh, I did it!

    Cathmel - Thank you for a great quiz, andtTo echo Jillygoat (and at the risk of sounding like Mrs Doyle) Ach, you will you will you will!

    play for today

    ps Lawn Tennis

  533. At 01:26 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:


    Spent some time on Vancouver Island in 1991. Camped under the stars on Long Beach and whale-watched from Tofino.

    Those were my beardy-hippy-21 year old-salad days!

    Mrs MfR and I are driving the West Coast in June. We've been drawn back to that part of the world many times.


  534. At 01:46 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Nicki wrote:

    Hi all,

    I know it's far too late for this but HAPPY NEW THINGY, I've not been around much lately and only started back to work this week after the Hols.

    I just wanted to say to Sammie - Iceland, its a must, I spent a week out there a couple of years ago, it truly is a magical land, and it is possible to sunbathe at 3 in the morning. Then get up and spend the day playing in the snow on the glacier.
    Or wait for the geezer (I know that's not correct) to blow steam way up high (every 20 mins on a good day)

    It was summer (obviously) whilst I was there, but I would love to go again in winter to see the Northern Lights.

    So, hope you make it, you'll love it.

    take care all

  535. At 01:47 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Ok, so the questions of the day----

    1. Very specific of me but it has to be Shepherds pie with cheese on top with gravy (Bisto variety) peas and a dollop of brown sauce to complement the flavours

    2. Not sure, probably Oasis (you know the greatest hits one, never really liked Oasis, was always more of a blur kind of girl)

    3. varies according to mood, Grease always in the top 3 for sheer entertainment and recitability (yes I pretty much know all of the words)

    4. Eragon - V. good book considering it was written by a mere child!

    5. Probably wedding day but some of those 6th form days were just fab. no responsibility (apart from exams but I failed them anyway) cheap drink and plenty of parties :o)

    6. My G'dads funeral, closely followed by the day charley left us

    7. Coronation St or Emmerdale (unsurprisingly my G'ma watches both and made us do the same when we visited)

    8. My favourite place at the moment is Sicily as we went there for our honeymoon but it could easily have been our regular campsite on the banks of the dordogne

    9. Not sure really, would like to drive the pacific coast road

    10. Have a family and more spotty dogs :o)

    On the other point (Aled vs Sarah) I am enjoying Aled but think it's like when your grandparents came to babysit when your parents were away... it was fun at the time but you look forward to returning to normal!

    ;o) Jo

  536. At 01:54 PM on 10 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    SO this morning i am driving to work and see a personalised number plate like this BIG UN. I nearly crashed - I should have pulled over and demanded it be taken of the rather large Merc it was on and hand it back to its rightful owner.....unless that was you on the A614 in to Nottingham this morning !!

    Jmc. Voted - fingers crossed.

    Gaby - 500th, and with such a worthy contribution, I was quite moved.

    Cathmel - here goes:

    Fave Food - Roast Dinner - preferably pork.
    Last download - Tenacious D - so very very funny!
    Fave Film - Grease. Sorry.
    LAst Book - The Island
    Best Moment - marrying hubby (3 years today!) and the day my son made his own choice to come and give me a hug. When they are small its usually the other way around!! (id love to say the day i gave birth.... but it wasnt that great. And it took 3 days so i am not sure if it counts anyway!)
    Worst Moment - possibly day(s) i gave birth. :o(
    Turnover prog - not much, i can watch most rubbish and let it flow over me easily.
    Best place been too - St Ives, it may not be far away or glam but it will always have my heart.
    Best place not been to - Australia, one day!
    Thing to do b4 i die - Make sure that my mancub grows up to be happy, confident and healthy.

    Welcome AnnieB to the madness we call home. Well lets face it, most of us spend more time on here than we do in our actual homes.....or is that just me!?


  537. At 01:55 PM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Someday I think we should hold one meeting of the OAMC at the Wellington or Auckland Marathon. A lot of people would tick off 9 and 10...

    Auckland is on 28th October 2007. No idea if that fits with your new scheme Hazel...

    Wellington is on 24th June 2007. Less prep time but there's a half marathon and 10k which might stop it being the last thing some people do (including me!!).

    Start training now!!!

    btw matt - was well impressed with your swim. I am currently trying to build up the distance I can do continuous front crawl for, in prep for an anticipated Olympic triathlon entry later in the year...Well, I figure it's a better thing to do in the year of the big four oh (shhhhh) than get a new trophy girlfriend or Harley. Maybe I should practice in your 5 metre pool as the number of laps you can do must be motivating, right?? :-)


  538. At 01:56 PM on 10 Jan 2007, jillygot wrote:

    New Zealand is featuring highly on the 'best place yet to visit' question.

    I know I've mentioned it previously (and sorry for any repetition), but my brother emigrated to NZ in Dec 2005 and I travelled out there with my sis-in-law and the four ankle biters in Jan 2006 (can't believe a year has gone already) to join him. It is such a beautiful country for so many reasons and if any of you out there get the chance to go, then you must.

    Myself, 'im indoors and my 75 year old mum have just arranged flights to travel out there this time next year to see my brother and the family. My mum's never flown before so this will be a real adventure for her. Sadly, my dad's not well enough to travel that far (doctor's orders) but he's very keen that my mum doesn't miss out, so we're taking three weeks out next Jan.

    It will be lovely to see them all again, but saying goodbye to them when I left NZ is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do - heaven only knows how my mum will be.

    Kev C - how lovely that your mum is in Oz, and I understand how you feel. It was lovely to speak to the children on Christmas Day but I really missed having a cuddle with them all, especially my brother. It also brought home to me that should anything happen to my mum or dad, the responsibility is on my shoulders and at some point I'll have to make the call telling them to get back to the UK. I know it's morbid, but it'll happen one day.

    Anyway, for now everyone is very well and my mum's getting excited already!!! Bless .......

    jillygoat xx

  539. At 02:04 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Good afternoon all

    Thanks to everyone who has voted so far. I feel like I'm some kind of virtual reality show where I have to plead with a virtual public to keep me in the competition. Currenly in 3rd place, but severely lagging in terms of votes. If you want to read my story first and then vote, you can do so here...

    My story

    The 'vote for me button' is at the end of the story. Just press it and my vote count goes up. You can vote once every twenty four hours, until the end of the week. If you enter your email address you can win your own laptop.


    J McC

  540. At 02:09 PM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    We were probably there at the same time. That wasn't the year of the tsunami was it. Well, the predicted tsunami that turned into nothing at all? We went whale watching that morning as we were informed that the safest place to be was out at sea...was dubious but went anyway and had a grey breach right next to the boat. That might even surpass my previous entry for best moment...don't tell the wife.

    Only places I've ever been on holiday that I felt I could actually live in (rather than the romantic unrealistic holiday fever):
    1. Seattle
    2. Portland (Oregon)
    3. Portland (Maine)
    4. Vancouver
    5. San Diego

    Not necessarily in that order. Distinct pattern there and yet another freaky coincidence. You really must add Alaska to your list - especially if you are into hill walking/outdoors which you clearly are.
    Denali National Park - we were on the first bus into the park in the morning. Best time for wildlife spotting. Saw the BIG 5 - Wolf, Bear, Caribou, Mountain Goat AND last but very definitely not least, MOOSE!
    Our bus driver said he had been doing the tours for 5 years and he'd never seen a wolf before. Bet he tells that to all the tours!
    Kenai Fjords amazing boat trip too...got to the stage where you were bored by "another" humpback or "another " pod of killer whales etc etc
    Glacier Bay watching glacier bits break off and fall into the water and so many more humpbacks that the pilot stopped pointing them out to people after a while, and repeated humpback breaches missed by all of our boat trip except Me and Mrs Moose as it was raining and everyone else was inside the boat! Fools! Amazing Crab Claws 2 feet long (can I change favourite food as well!) and a fellow guest at the hotel came face to face with a bear on a walkway inside the hotel grounds!!
    Watching the northern lights at Skagway waiting for the ferry down the Inside Passage. The Inside Passage!!!
    Watching a bear enjoying a Sunday afternoon spot of sunshine only for the bloke in the car behind us to get out and shoot it...
    More relations of mine than you can imagine...popping up all over the place.
    Alaska State Fair with a vegetable competition to kill for. Cabbages 3 feet in diameter and leeks as fat as my thigh (it's a 24 hours of daylight thing apparently).
    Fantastic people who spend their lives on the edge and are so friendly and welcoming you forget you are in the States (no offence...)

    Sorry, am I going on a bit?

    Littlest Hobo - how jealous am I?


  541. At 02:28 PM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Just to say well done to Cathmel. Your inspirational leadership has taken us from 490 to 534 already today and the blogging day is not half over yet.
    (Boy I was up late last night wasn't I? Was digging up all my legal documents, contracts, offer letters etc to take to the lawyer lady.)

    Tracey-Ann - good to hear from you and thanks for the offer. I think I have what I need for the discussion I need to have, and a mapped out plan on the most likely scenarios of what could happen in that meeting and what I do then...But if anything goes awry from the plan, I may well take you up on the offer, despite the revelations of the real me that it would entail!!!

    Is now the time to confess that I can't stand Sarah so I'm a Five Live or CD man in the mornings only switching to R2 for the drivetime bonanza. Gasp! Am I allowed to say that on here?

  542. At 02:40 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Mary - hi - sorry I didn't see you there first time round. That reminds me of Hazel Love's great line 'must refresh more often' lol....

    ....How inconsiderate of your boss not to stay away 'til at least March. Well done with the detox though - I think I am past it - body wouldn't know what was happening : ) xxxx

    Guys, I really don't know how I am going to manage with work having to take over some (only SOME) of my blog-time. Note to self: mention to MD tomorrow that we need to build-in to working day 'blog-time'. An essential part of everyday life for the Gabster : )

    Hazel Love.....my soporificator is working - have had two great sleeps - I do feel it for a good while in the morning though. I will have to vary the experiment and try wine soon - it would be wrong to assume that only one type of tincture works now, wouldn't it? : )

    Loving your work people


    ps avez-vous?

    pps voudriez-vous?

    pppps where is ppps?

    ppps oh, there it is

  543. At 03:07 PM on 10 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Moose - shame on you!!!! tsk, tsk. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of Sarah's but I can't be bothered to re-tune the radio every day!

    Anyway Moose, good luck with the plan x

    jillygoat xx

  544. At 03:15 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    I`m back !

    Moose - Don`t worry, your secret would be safe with me ! Good Luck with it all though, I hope it goes well !

    Dr J McC - I’ve voted. Will diligently do so again tomorrow

    Anna - Happy Anniversary !! Congratulations !

    Big Un - Lovely to read your posts. Still sending lots of positive, healthy vibes your way :)

    Gaby - Who’s Tommy Trinder ??!!

    Matt From Rudgwick - Heat is an AMAZING film. Right there with you on that one. On another note I used to frequent Cranleigh quite a lot !!...

    The Breakfast Sarah / Aled debate ... Its neither for me ! I IPod it all the way to work ! I don’t listen to any radio station ( except traffic reports) except for the magical 5 - 7 slot Monday to Friday....

    Anna, Mary, JillyGoat - Hello !!! :)

    All of you that answered question 5 with something about your kids or your partners....Its lovely to see so much love....

    Work Work Work .............. x x x

  545. At 03:48 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    TAG - Of COURSE it's you! xx

    ...and do you know what? It's turned into a beautifully spiffy day, that's what! Sun out, various birdies tweeting etc. Now I just need to find out where the strange buzzing humming (and actually quite irritating once you can hear it) noise is coming from and I'll be set! Ah! Blessed relief, it's stopped. Now I just have to hope that it wasn't anything important.

    My new scheme Moose? Nay, tis not a scheme, merely a suggestion, and any suggestion that I could ever partake in the running of a marathon is not even a twinkle in the Almighty's eye...wouldn't even CONSIDER it, even with a Shockblaster or a zebra.

    I feel as though I've sparked a minor revolution with my early listening comment about Aled...but some days I can't wish El Tel around soon enough!

    cathmel - you are surely up for two awards? One for getting 'that one' through last year, and one for your smashing quiz.

    It's all been jolly fun today (see things are picking up, my boss reckons that once me and the boy are reunited I'll be unstoppable. He also said quite a lot of rude things too but that's not for here...) and now I've been joined by him and a couple of others, I am being expected to speak French to my H&S Officer.

    Je ne sais pas les mots pour 'He'll be lucky'

    ps Quoits anyone?

  546. At 04:13 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Em M wrote:

    Moose, I have something even worse to

    confess, I don't even listen to the radio in the

    morning, i watch telly!! I'm such an addict I've

    got one in the kitchen, so while i'm making the

    sarnies, I'm watching Freshly Squeezed followed

    by Friends followed by my fave Everybody Loves

    Raymond. Only at the mo Celeb BB is on from

    7.30 so I have to watch GMTV!! Mind you, I

    have got a bit of a thing for Andrew Castle.

    Thank God none of you really know me, now

    you all know my guilty secrets!

    Em xx

  547. At 04:29 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Oh Tracey-Ann - you are my saviour! My friend gave me an mp3 player/walkman thingie for my birthday - I can listen to that instead of driving around with my hand on the roof of the car as a substitute aerial! Hoorah! Will have to hunt it out tonight...yay, music to my ears!

    Gaby, I'm giving the insomnia-busters another chance tonight before I revert to the green stuff. The irony is I know that'll work, but the grogginess is a bit iffy whilst driving (if you can call it that in my current vehicular situation) to work in the dark...

    Moose - not a scheme my love, just an idea...but I too would need a shockblaster and a zebra to even contemplate a marathon. Anyway, aren't they are called snickers now?

    ...and do you know what? It's turned into a beautifully spiffy day, that's what! Sun out, various birdies tweeting etc. Now I just need to find out where the strange buzzing humming (and actually quite irritating once you can hear it) noise is coming from and I'll be set! Ah! Blessed relief, it's stopped. Now I just have to hope that it wasn't anything important.

    I've rather enjoyed today all things considered,(see things are picking up, my boss reckons that once me and the boy are reunited I'll be unstoppable. He also said quite a lot of rude things too but that's not for here...) and now I've been joined by said boss and a couple of others, I am being expected to speak French to my H&S Officer.

    plus ca change

    ps please hand all found plots to Matron

  548. At 04:40 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:


    thought i'd been got at, so similar but not the same...

    muchos apologicos.

    i think the bps are having a little game with our hazel...

    now that's one off the twenty five i would be able to send in tomorrow.


  549. At 04:43 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    JILLYGOAT, I had to do that phone call 8 yrs ago to my sis, that was part of the worst time i've ever had. Not a nice thing to hear on the other end of the phone i would imagine. But on a good note with todays tech, i could see & speak with my Sis & Mum via web cam. How good is that Yorkshire to Perth Oz for only pence !!
    Mum looks really well she's a little upset she's going to miss this years Panto, not for me but my son always plays a great part and like a proper Nanna she always shed a tear for him. Aaawwwwwww

    Kev C

  550. At 04:52 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Littlest Hobo wrote:

    Good morning from a snowy Vancouver and good evening to all back in Blighty,

    Well, it would appear that my city of residence is somewhat popular with regards to places people have visited.

    Moose.....Tofino is indeed one of the finest places in the province and unless one has been there, it is hard to truly describe the majesty, beauty and tranquility...and all whilst watching whales. Few places can offer such things and it is truly enchanting. Anytime you, or indeed any of our other online comrades are over here, let me know. I shall be happy to show the sights and induct you as an honourary local in my favourite drinking establishment.

    At the risk of sounding like an advocate for Vancouver Tourism, this truly is a special city in which to live. I have travelled all over the world- I met my wife in New York, lived with my brother in New Zealand, got married in Montreal and have had the honour to travel to many continents and learn about many cultures. Though I still love to travel (Dubai or Tokyo next...) my heart now resides in Vancouver, though it will always be partly in Wales, country of my birth.

    With Vancouver, setting is everything, nestled between the majestic mountains and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The air is clean, the attitude laid back, the eclectic population vibrant and the natural splendour is something which I will never take for granted. One visit will soon have you hooked. Skiing on demand, great golf, superb water sports and so much more. Truly inspiring.

    Other favourite cities for me, in no particular order, include Venice, Brussels, Montreal, Cape Town, Durban, Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, Edinburgh, Christchurch, London and Florence.

    Good day to you all.

    Dr. T

  551. At 05:27 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Evening !

    As many of you know I LOVE my allotment. This was brought to my attention earlier today and I wondered if anyone else would be interested in signing. Its not my area geographically but I would be heartbroken to have to give up my plot if I were in their position.....


    Thanks for reading :)

  552. At 05:37 PM on 10 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Oh boy – what a day! I started to write this at 8.30ish and have been pulled into meetings all day.
    I have also lost track on the entries today, something I said yesterday I would not do. Failing at the 1st hurdle is not great.

    It’s a bit belated now but I have to say congrats to all with new jobs or those considering new opportunities. It’s a great start to a new year – I did it a couple of years ago and do not regret the move at all and still love my current job, even if some parts are a bit dull.

    J McC – you got my vote!

    Joannie – At the moment it appears to be every quarter that I am in Canada, but its all work related. When I am out, I am in Waterloo Ontario, and always fly into Toronto, so, you never know we could try for a BOIALC!

    Cathmel – Here you go:
    1. Favourite food? Italian
    2. Last C.D. bought/download? Scissor sisters / George Michael
    3. Fav film? Dead Poets Society (strange I know)
    4. Last book read? Confessions of a shopoholic
    5. Best moment in life so far? My Wedding, Sisters Wedding, 1st house/mortgage
    6. Worst moment in life so far? My mum’s death when I was 16
    7. Programme on TV that would make u turn over? Any sci-fi
    8. Best place in the world u have been to? Moscow, Maldives, Egypt (pyramids)
    9. Best place in the world u have yet to visit? New Zealand / South America
    10. One thing to do before u die? Learn to ski

    It’s almost Thirsty Thursday……

  553. At 05:58 PM on 10 Jan 2007, fillybay wrote:

    A v late Happy New Year to all..........the computer was banished to the cupboard to make way for christmas festivities. Back in action now.Have spent most of the new year in a field of mud,we have all the fun down here in the country!!
    For you Matt from Rudgwick,neighbour and fellow blogger.Yep not quite the other blogger in your village, but one just down the road.I think a splinter faction of two may be a little sad,but the Mberry would suit me fine{two mins down the road!!!}
    We could organise transport from Hmere station for those who make it down here by train to visit the boonies!!!
    Come on Chris get back here and enlighten us with your words of wisdom!!!!

  554. At 06:03 PM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Anna - Happy Anniversary, and well done for getting St Ives (for clarity: Cornwall version) onto the list!!!

    News Update: My plan is in tatters - oh well. Maybe the lawyer lady can pick me up and it's not all as bad as it appears to me right now. I wish I was less emotionally influenced by the most recent conversation I've had, and more able to be my own man/moose without so much external influence. How does one learn that at such a ripe old age? I thought it was in the manual that you learned that a bit earlier in life.

    Right, I'm hungry. I need comfort food and I need it NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    It's all a game really isn't it. Getting upset isn't in the rules of THEIR game. I made a play, they have returned with their play. I have to hit it back to them with a huge confident smile on my face and make my counter play. It was never going to be easy or straightforward. Today was the opening attack but there's still a lot of time left on the clock.

    Littlest Hobo - I really wish I was in Vancouver right now, away from all this XXXX. We have friends who have a house in Victoria and a flat (sorry apartment) just near Stanley Park. I love hanging out on Granville Island. Never been there in the winter though...

    I'm off to the pub and it's only Wednesday.

  555. At 06:35 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Littlest Hobo wrote:

    Good morning once more from Vancouver and again a good evning to all back in Blighty,

    Moose....What a fine coincidence. I too live in a flat in English Bay, just a short stroll from Stanley Park. I often traverse to Granville Island for the very best fresh fish, fruit, veg, wine, cheese, bread and more. I catch the aqua bus at the jetty just two minutes from my place and within three more minutes, there I am at Granville Island.

    It is one of the finest food markets I have ever been to and I must say, I cannot wait until Saturday morning when I shall be there again. I also make sure I pop into the brewery for a pint of pale ale whenever I'm there, or one of the other dockside pubs. What a fine place to enjoy a libation and a true jewel in the crown of Vancouver.

    Incidentally, I too am off to the pub later today too. Rude not too. Wednesday Whistler Wetter.

    Good day to you.

    Dr. T

  556. At 07:11 PM on 10 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Valued blogging friends,

    Thank you - (in no particular order) anna, matt from rudgewick, T, Tiggy, jo, anna log, sammie, hazel love, tracey-ann, moose, mwk, em m, dwnb, kev c, chrissie s, jillygoat, dd for answering my questions. I have to say I did keep it clean - potential men friends do get the opportunity to expand on other likes and dislikes...................

    do keep them coming donlt be shy we are all friends here.

    Just to clarify - q7 I answered about TV I love - I don't want you thinking I hate spooks or torchwood.

    Moose - to be truthful I don't quite understand the ins and outs of current situation but I can feel you are very distressed and experiencing turmoil in your life. I am sending you very positive vibes and love (in a pure way not flirting!!) and genuinely hope this resolves in the way you want {{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Welcome annie b

    Dr J - I have voted x x x

    dwnb - tap dancing sounds fun. There is a ceroc dancing club near me I might give it a try - maybe that's where I'l meet the moose of my dreams

    Gaby {{{{{{{{{{500}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    I noticed parker shamlessly advertising so why not - if there are any single 36 (ish) single men in the chesham area - let me know!!!!!!

    x x x x

  557. At 07:38 PM on 10 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Good Grief! That will teach me for being a busy bunny for a couple of days...

    Well done Jilly goat
    Happ Anni' Anna
    Hi Tracey-Ann
    Moose, sorry it's all getting so confusing for you, maybe it's time to sit and work out just what it is you want to do and all the reasons that whatever it is, is so important to you. Maybe the time isn't right for you to make the changes yet.... You'll know when it is.
    Now to the important questions I've missed:
    1. Favourite food? Home made chilli fajitas
    2. Last C.D. bought/download? Orson, The Feeling, Scissor sisters
    3. Fav film? Top Gun
    4. Last book read? Angels & Demons
    5. Best moment in life so far? LCFC winning against Derby at Wembley in the play off finals to go into the premiership
    6. Worst moment in life so far? My Grandma dying
    7. Programme on TV that would make u turn over? The Bill
    8. Best place in the world u have been to? I love New York but The top of the Grande Motte on a clear day is breathtaking
    9. Best place in the world u have yet to visit? The Himalayas
    10. One thing to do before u die? Find my soul mate

    And with that I'll sign off for now...


    & the Bears

  558. At 07:46 PM on 10 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    well how freudian (?spelling) I have put single as a desired characteristic of a future mate twice!!! Between you and I the most interest I have had in the last four years of singleness has been from married men!! I NOT INTERESTED IN MARRIED MEN i'd like a man of my own please.

  559. At 08:15 PM on 10 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    thank you to all those who wished me and him in doors well on our anniversary. He is just sorting mancub out, who was allowed to stop up late for our special tea, before we enjoy a bottle of white and a reminicse. Moose - prob spelt that wrong!!

    Will catch up with you all tomorrow.

    take it easy

  560. At 09:03 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Sandra H wrote:

    Crimes! It's hard to keep up when I only get the chance to log on in the evening!!! Am pestering my 'employers' to let me have internet access to the outside world - just so I can keep the pace with all!!

    Joannie - I'm a Manchester lass living in the West Midlands, I may as well live on the other side of the world though cos sometimes I really struggle with the accents here!!! They no doubt struggle with mine too....but at least I can translate the Corrie speak for them!!

    Tracy-Ann - your favourite book The Lovely Bones...i've just finished reading it for the 2nd time, somehow it makes me feel close to my mum that I lost at the end October... I've passed it on to my friend now.

    Aled/Sarah thread - anything gentle & easy in a morning does the trick, I need to rouse slowly but I would like Aled just to loosen up a little.

    So, that's me for now, thank you all for my daily fix (sooo much better than watching the TV all evening). think I'm going to like being a regular blogger/schlogger.

    OHHH but please can I have one little rant?? Is is just me that can't stand listening to other folk 'chomping' when they eat??? My 'im indoors is terrible & has just followed me around doing the said 'chomping' on the last of the Quality Street caramels, he may as well scrape his fingers down the blackboard! Finished, thanks xx

  561. At 09:32 PM on 10 Jan 2007, BevD wrote:

    Hiya chris and fellow bloggers,

    Wow I have not blogged for ages, cuh don't know about u lot but Christmas and the New Year got in the way a bit !! lol In fact I haven't had time to read the 'new' blogs yet so can't make any comments... oi no need for the communal sigh of relief! Hope u all had a 'good one' and will catch up soon.

    Luv Bev x

  562. At 09:36 PM on 10 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    A pint of Extra Cold Guinness and a chat with a mate, and I am feeling a whole lot more positive. It was an emotional and draining meeting earlier because doing these things are emotional and draining. It's not a reflection that I did anything wrong.

    I chose to play my card today and they fought back in the only way they could. I am now totally convinced of my next move. And it still won't be the end of the game.

    I'm glad I didn't play my next card today - it would have been the right card but the wrong time to play it. Tomorrow is another day.

    Glad to see all your musings...

    Littlest Hobo - sounds like you do the trip every weekend that I do every time I'm in Vancouver, lucky you. Food market is fantastic - if you can't eat healthily with all that great stuff you never will. And I love the little water ferries - great way to get around the city and it's made for them.

    How can you be homesick for a place that's never been home?

    Cathmel - I get the message. No more flirting allowed. Even the harmless "just having a bit of a laugh and nothing will ever come of it" flirting. Deadly serious now. Got it. Over and out. btw - thanks for the hug, I really did enjoy it.
    Have one back { } Just a small one - don't want you or Mrs Moose getting the wrong idea.
    I'm afraid my knowledge of 36 year old single males in the Chesham area is about as limited as Russell Brand's chances of getting on my "Favourite TV personalities" list.

    Anna - yes you did, but I know you did it on purpose, cheeky. Or maybe you have secretly already opened the vino. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Especially on the anniversary. Not that you'll be reading this tonight..making new mancubs (other genders are available) by now, I reckon....or just practising.

    Filled up the Moosewaggon on the way to the pub and bought a cheeky pork pie...must have been the influence of the blog today. Unfortunately I don't keep a ready supply of pickle in the car. Or brown sauce. Or piccalilli (now that's a challenge for a spelling test). Normally I buy the ones with pickle already in (what a fantastic innovation) but the range in the petrol station doesn't stretch to them. So a plain one had to suffice.

    T - film choice not strange at all. I waver between the Dead Poets and the Shawshank myself (ahem), usually depending on which I saw last. Shawshank was on over Christmas...

    Lyndyloo - are you really entirely sure about your best moment? Really really sure? I think you may be holding something back...unless of course your soul mate is Gary Lineker.

    Will sign off with my favourite moment from my meeting today:
    HR Manager: Well we all know that you've been looking for other jobs outside.
    Me: Just to be clear, they have been approaching me. I am not looking.
    (Hee Hee)

    "Moose! Moose!". That'll be the Chateau Neuf calling...does it go with Guinness? Only one way to find out...

  563. At 09:39 PM on 10 Jan 2007, ASHY wrote:

    Hi everybody,Dr J Mc C GREAT STORY voted today and will vote again tomorrow...........jillygoat well done on the weight loss and also the Maya Angelou quotes so inspiring.........annie b WELCOME!! Gaby 500th great timing ........Anna happy wedding anniversary.......Cathmel loved your quiz/ten questions
    1.chicken rogan,fried rice,garlic naan,yummmmmy
    2.james morrison/paolo nutini
    3.as good as it gets
    4.all the agatha raisin books
    5.meeting the love of my life[husband of 22 years]and having two wonderfull children
    6.my mother dying when she was only 54
    7.don't like the bill,holby city/casualty
    8.now this is where it gets rather boring compared to so many of you who have travelled soooooooo much.I DON'T LIKE FLYING[I have flown a few times but now choose not to] so back to question
    8.Love The Lake District
    9.has to be North Wales where I live
    10.learn to ballrom dance[loved strictly come dancing]

    must go fridge is now full to overflowing[thank you Morrisons]and a smoked salmon/pasta concoction is quietly simmering on the cooker God Bless to you all what a great little family we all are XXXXXASHY

  564. At 09:42 PM on 10 Jan 2007, Jayne wrote:

    Hello Chris

    Where are you? I am missing listening to you on my drive home every evening and thought that you would be with us from Monday 8th January.

    I started a new job mid October and wondered how I would cope with the travel time in the car.
    I start my drive home from Bracknell to Wallingford at 16.35 each weekday night and as my drive takes me approx 1.5 hours dependant on traffic - you have been a real lifesaver on that journey.

    You make me laugh, each night is different, offerring a different perspective on current affairs, your sometime and often irreverance on current affairs and celebrities and real people - I love the children being able to tell us about the first time they do things, and you have so much energy and enthusiasm, no matter what you are covering.

    I have told so many people that I admire you for the fun and energy that you pump out every night and told them to listen to you. I get into the house from my car and immediately put my raduio on to ensure that I have "seamless listening". I loved your gigs in peoples' houses around the UK in December. You are inspirational. I work in a sales environment and
    would love to think that my "program" could be as successful and sound as happy as yours is and that my team could sound as happy and motivated as yours.

    Anyway - where are you??????????

    Is anyone going to say anything? I have an inventive and bizarre imagine and am hoping that your absence is because you have been approached by Tony Blair to run his popularity campaign, are preparing for a new multi million pound budget program called "who's pet am I?"
    or have just not emerged from the Christmas duvet....failing that you have taken over the BBC and running a drive time radio program is now beneath you.............

    Any way Chris, be well, be happy whatever you are doing, and let us all know...........no pressure of course, but if you are not coming back on the 5.00 slot - I may need to change my job cos I can't face that journey without you.

    Where the hell are you?


  565. At 07:56 AM on 11 Jan 2007, Sallycat wrote:

    Hello everybody and I hope you don't mind if I join you. This isn't quite as daunting as walking alone into a room full of strangers of course, so here I come.

    My brother had told me about the lovely Chris Evans show and the blogs. I started listening to him not long before the Christmas break and now can't wait until the 15th.

    Anyway, last night I thought I'd have a quick look at the blog site as I want to put together my own website, including blogs. Goodness knows how many hours later I finished (thanks Jayne 562) and was completely hooked! Absolutely caught hook, line and sinker.

    During that time I'd laughed with you all, giggled, cried, sighed and thought about things that hadn't crossed my mind for years. The compassion showed for one another, when things were bad and the joy when things went well was wonderful. I loved all the comments, jokes and kindness that rippled out from your messages.

    You're all great and I do hope that 2007 is really happy and successful in whatever you're striving for.

    I almost daren't say what my favourite radio and TV programmes were when I was a child - bearing in mind that my son calls me a 'wrinkley'.

    O bother, let's dive in and get it over with - as a special treat I was allowed to stay up late and listen to 'Dick Tracy' on the radio and my favourite TV programmes were 'Muffin the Mule' and 'Little Grey Rabbit', bearing in mind that at that time there was only one hour of children's television a day. Sweets - all I can remember is a Cadbury's chocolate bar costing one old penny, that was roughly the same size as the bar now costing about 40p.

    There I've confessed all, but am certainly not ready for the chair and slippers by the fire and hope I can join all you dear people.

    I've got rather a busy day today, but will certainly catch up with you all when I get back later on.


  566. At 08:02 AM on 11 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Good morning bloggers,

    I keep checking in but too much work and not enough play is limiting my involvement on the blog ;-(

    Gaby, well done on posting the 500th post xx It could not have happened to a nicer Gaby! Xx

    Jayne, calm down love ;-) Chris is back next week ;-)))))) So yours, mine and anyone else who cares to join in on the long drive home will be able to listen again ;-)

    Cathmel, not interested in married men :-( just when I was thinking of making an offer :-0 I am sure this dating agency we call the blog will turn up trumps for you! Xx

    Moose, hang in there I am sure it will all work out for the best in the end. I hope the drink last night helped ;-)

    Later one and all,



    The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and will tell you whether you are qualified to be a professional manager. Scroll down for each answer. The questions are NOT difficult. But don't scroll down UNTIL you have answered the question!

    1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

    The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

    2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

    Did you say,
    Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator?

    Wrong Answer.
    Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the
    elephant and close the door. This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions.

    3. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. All the animals attend... except one. Which animal does not attend?

    Correct Answer: The Elephant. The elephant is in the refrigerator. You just put him in there. This tests your memory. Okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities.

    4. There is a river you must cross but it is used by crocodiles, and you do not have a boat. How do you manage it?

    Correct Answer: You jump into the river and swim across. Have you not been listening? All the crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting. This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.

    According to Anderson Consulting Worldwide, around 90% of the professionals they tested got all questions wrong, but many preschoolers got several correct answers. Anderson Consulting says this conclusively disproves the theory that most professionals have the brains of a four-year-old!

  567. At 08:13 AM on 11 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    J McC, Great story by the way! I have just attempted to vote and it has informed me that I can only vote once in a 24 hour period…..Ok ……….except I have not voted before and it is blocking me from doing so! I will as they request try again later, even tonight from home, just thought I would let you know as it may affect your chances of winning the prize ;-)

  568. At 08:26 AM on 11 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Morning Bloggers!

    I hope you all had a great night's sleep. I can't say the same. I think my life was brought into perspective a bit yesterday when my brother phoned me to let me know he was safe. He's an RAF helicopter pilot instructor at Shawbury where the 2 helicopters collided yesterday afternoon. I think shock and releif do very strange things to people and even though I'm obviously soooooo happy that my Bro is alive it's made me think how easily it could have been a different story.

    I intend to send emails to all my family overseas and make some phone calls to my close friends to tell them how much I care for them today.

    Just goes to show you how precious every day is. Apologies for starting the day on such a deep note but felt the need to share.

    & the Bears

  569. At 08:46 AM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    I think I was BPd last night...grrrrrrrrr!!! Please please please can we find some way of knowing what we've done wrong because so many of us fall foul of the rules unknowingly.....or I could be judging too quickly as I can't believe no posts since 9.42 last night. Maybe BP were just enjoying their anniversary too! And are still hung over and trying to catch up on the backlog. Maybe they are helping out the real police to catch up on all the criminals with foreign convictions. Ooh controversial. Political statement! (Yes I was at Manchester Uni at the same time as Ben Elton!)

    In short my post of last eve was.
    Irish Stout Beverage beginning with G.
    Red wine.
    Better mood. Thanks for the hugs/concern etc but I'm doing well. Know what my next move is.
    Anna - I think it was probably my comments to you that caused the block. Suffice to say that I wished you two a fabulous anniversary celebration ;-)
    Hobo - love the market too! Still dead jealous!

    And the question that I posed was this:
    Can you be homesick for somewhere you have never lived?


  570. At 08:47 AM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Goodle mordle everybubble, and a happy Thirsty Thursday to you all...sip sip mmmmmmmm

    What an amazing day! Gale Concerto has hung up her boots, and we are now being visited by Mr Harry Cane - my but it's blowy!

    Ashy - I take it you went shopping then? The salmony pasta thingie sounded delish, any recipes gratefully received!

    Fillybay - wondering where you'd got to hon. Happy new year to you too xx

    lyndyloo - thought you'd disappeared off the radar...

    anna - belated congratulations for yesterday...the paracetomol are in the bathroom cupboard should you feel the need this morning...

    cathmel - the quiz was fab.

    Gaby - I feel like I've been punched in the head today. I didn't really feel as though the pills kicked in, and what with the wind howling too, I couldn't settle...I will be back slugging the green stuff tonight I think!

    Moose - Whadda we gonna do with you huh?

    Other news...

    I have an ENORMOUS draft coming underneath the outside door. I have requisitioned a sausage dog to put in front of it before I freeze to deff. My boss suggested I ask one of the engineers to lie down by the gap, but anyone is more likely to fall over him than a sausage dog I feel.

    My car is now sinking so far in the west, I'm considering attaching sails or an outboard motor. With the current gusts I could be home in about 3 minutes. Mind you, with the snow I could probably fashion it into a passable covered sledge.

    bien sur

    ps will have to wait til later to vote J McC - they must count the hours and the minutes!

    pps any idea about the miliary dermatitis?

    ppps this ain't rock and roll, this is genocide!

  571. At 09:19 AM on 11 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Good morning one and all

    Oh Moose, in the absence of anything I can do or say to help, I'm sending you big hugs {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} and I hope that the positive vibes from us bloggers will help to give you strength to do what is right for you.

    Sandra H - 'im indoors does the chomping thing too - it drives me slightly round the bend!!!!! Perhaps that's why he bought me an iPod for Christmas - I should plug myself into that and I won't hear him!!!!!

    Someone has sent me some canine quotes - this one made me smile:

    "women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea"!!

    Happy thirsty Thursday to us all - not much longer until the weekend ...................................

    jillygoat xx

  572. At 09:56 AM on 11 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Good Morning and Happy Thirsty Thursday all!!!

    Moose, my thoughts, best wishes and (((()))) are with you with whichever way you go with the process. I could have gone through the process myself last year but in the end decided it was better for me to make a clean break and get the hell out of there! Not judging your choice in any way!

    Jayne, welcome, but ease up your tone is a bit stalker-ish and I fwightened!!! Christophe is back next week!

    Sallycat!! Welcome aboard! and a special hug ((())) from moi, I'm sure others will follow!

    I Bought a new blender in the sales and am currently poisoning my wife with various concoctions. Last night was soup time, Carrot, Coriander and Orange soup, added Tomatoes and beetroot for additional colour, Soup now called Orange Soup in homage to the now famous Red Soup, V. Tasty, but Mrs DD not impressed! Ho-hum!!

    Gale was up all night last night again I see, she kept me awake anyway!!

    My thoughts and best wishes to Da Gabster, Hazel, Moose, Big Un, Dr JMcC, and in time honoured radio fashion anyone else who "knows" me!!!

    DD out

    PS He lives in a house, a very big house in the country!

    PPS 55 weeks to the big 40

    PPPPS Gaby have you stolen the PPPS again? Please put it back where you found it when you've finished with it!! It's called filing!!!

  573. At 10:03 AM on 11 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Morning all

    Work is much quieter today (so far) therefore giving me time to catch up on the blog. A query that arose yester evening while flicking between tv channels, was how can a car be voted car of the year 2007, when we are only 2 weeks in! May be I have missed the plot here but surely the remaining 50 weeks of the year count – don’t they??

    Hooray for thirsty Thursday. Its pub quiz night for me this evening and I hope we can improve on some of last year’s performance. It was all going so well last year when we won 1 week, but its been down hill ever since - we won, then came 3rd, then 5th, then 10th! Hopefully it will get better again. I don’t think I can blame it on the increased consumption of beer and wine in the run up to Christmas anymore…

    Moose – I am glad you are feeling more positive. Hope the next move works for you - let us know the outcome when you have made it.

    Until later

  574. At 10:09 AM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Sorry for the duplication...I think that 24 hours between submitting and a post appearance must be some kind of record? Any challengers?

    OK I know it was a long one but it didn't take THAT long to read...

    Blog Police - you were out on the tiles, last night, weren't you? Come on now, admit it...Can you please give us a post from yourselves, just to say hello. It would be nice to see your "human" side. Just a quick hello...go on you know you want to...or is it against your own rules??? Maybe you are doing it already? What's is your secret pseudonym? I don't think it could be Gaby or Hazel Love or BigUn or Moose, unless you are operating a very elaborate game of double bluff. So who could it be????

    Hazel Love - what to do with me? Open the door, put me in the fridge and close the door again. Simple! Remember to remove any giraffes or elephants first though...

    BigUn - It's the way you tell 'em! Even the old ones sound good coming from you! The 2 others I know of and like are as follows:
    1. The classic nine dots and 4 lines puzzle...I need say no more?, and
    2. Why are manhole covers round?

    Sallycat - WELCOME!!! You slipped into joining the fun with the mad people very easily....well done!

    Sandra H - just to let you know I am eating my muffin very quietly this morning, just for you!!! I am however, slurping my coffee very loudly.

    No, "eating my muffin" is not a euphemism. Nor is it a euphonium. Nor an elephant.


    PS Manholes are round because it's the best regular shape where you can't drop the lid down the hole (remember the lid has to be marginally larger than t'hole). There is one other regular shape that also works, but is not as practical and "person shaped". Do you know what it is yet?

  575. At 10:14 AM on 11 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Hello all

    Just a quickie as I'm off to catch a train to give a lecture somewhere

    hazel - I'll look in my library this evening for some relevant information on your cat's dermatitis. It's normally confined to cats who are allergic to fleas. You may want to get yourself sprayed in case you are carrying any and causing the poor moggie to suffer.

    Re: Love-to-Lead competition. I'm currenly in third place to someone with a 2 day head start. The ability to vote more than once is flawed, IMHO, but will have to ask once again if you already voted.

    J McC

  576. At 10:56 AM on 11 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Cor blimey Sallycat welcome to the madhouse ;-) Your brother obviously has good taste and was right to expose the merits of Mr E and the blog to you! You do know that once you blog you just can not stop don’t you?

    Moose, I could not agree more with you and the BP thing although at the moment (reaching to touch wood) I have been slipping under the radar recently ;-) I have had so many posts that have disappeared without trace or ever even being notified by the BP mafia. It is not as if we do not have to include email addresses is it!

    Lyndyloo, lucky for you but my heart still goes out to those involved ;-( very sad and you are right every day is precious!


    P.S. Equilateral triangle?

  577. At 11:08 AM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Correction: 12 hours, not 24. Sorry!!!!

    Would still be nice to hear from the BP - or for someone to admit that they are them...

    DD - Mrs Moose had the same reaction to the Red Soup first time out. Many herbs were added and a distinct improvement was noted. Next time the remains were mixed 50:50 with H...z Tomato Soup and everybody seemed wildly happy. Although the cream element somewhat reduces the fat burning properties. What effect they have on the hookworms? No idea.

    Jillygoat, T and DD - thanks!!!


    PS Vote McCrumble!!!
    PPS Roll on 600.
    PPPS Gaby, Dave - Seems to be here

  578. At 11:15 AM on 11 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Dr J McC - I've voted so fingers crossed for you!!

    Kev C - my bro & I have discussed webcams but it's not top of his list at the moment - perhaps I'll just buy him one for his birthday. Missing the children's nativity plays etc really hit my mum this year but she's just received a DVD from NZ and has been watching it - I think it almost made it worse if you know what I mean?!

    Jo - I'm intrigued by the BodyClock. I did a bit of research after reading your blog and have suggested to 'im indoors that we try one. It would have to be the version with a radio but assume it does the same as the others. Just gotta persuade him that £80 is worth it - mind you, I'll just have to remind him of how grumpy I can be when jolted awake by Sarah Kennedy - that should do it!!!

    jillygoat xx

    PS If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.

  579. At 11:17 AM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    BigUn - you are GOOD and RIGHT!!!

    An old boss of mine (many moons ago) used to ask the question in interviews (why are they round). One chap said he didn't know. The boss said the answer (only shape etc). The guy immediately said: "That's not true, it works with an equilateral triangle too." The boss was stumped, had to admit the guy was right, but didn't offer him a job. Too much of a smarta..e!!

    I keep having to stop myself from using the blog as evidence that I don't have a real job -along the lines of "How could I spend this much time on there if I had a proper job to do?"
    You must all remain my secret vice.
    I haven't mentioned the book either...would also be a bad move, methinks.

    Let's just hope that neither the boss nor the HR lady are on here masquerading...or indeed just lurking...


  580. At 11:22 AM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:


    Thank you J McC - it's not fleas fortunately...I have a certain neurosis where those yummy little critters are concerned. There are no wee visitors in here Dr Finlay! All pussies are regularly frontlined too so...in this house we do not use the 'F' word...

    I look forward to your reply, thank you.

    I, myself, am currently adorned with a rather pleasant vanilla aroma....

    I am SOOOOOOOO busy this morning. I can see an umbrella shaped blip on the screen so I'm following it's progress...has anyone advertised for a Nanny lately?

    mes petits shoes

    ps by the way, what does IMHO mean please?

  581. At 11:30 AM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Have just played my next card....exciting isn't it???


  582. At 11:36 AM on 11 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Hallooooooo Wo ist da Gabster?

    Moose, isn't mixing Red Soup with H*$£z cheating, or is it just an enhancement to 58 varieties?

    Lyndyloo - Phew, working with the fly-boys, have this concern all the time, thoughts and best wishes to the unfortunates though!

    blog a bloke checking out

    DD out

  583. At 11:47 AM on 11 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Hi Everyone,

    Great, great comments since last night! I love coming into work and reading everything since 6pm the day before! MUST get a computer at home, but then I'd never be off this blog!

    I'll try to keep it brief:

    Cathmel - what a success your quiz was, eh?! Loved reading everyone's replies. Re: married men - for the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would settle for an affair. A friend of mine has been involved with a married man for NINE YEARS - what is that all about?! Yes, I understand that you can meet someone and he just sweeps you off your feet (or whatever!) but I'd really have to take stock after nine years! Ye gods! Anyway, your Knight is out there, get down to the armour shop immediately!

    Moose - what a time you are having (but still managing to be hilarious!). All I can say is (old Glasgow saying) "what's for you, won't go past you". All the best.

    Dissing Dave - 55 weeks to 40! You have NO idea how young you are!

    T - I agree - can we wait until December 2007 and then decide what was the best car of the year?!

    BigUn - loved the quiz, and it will come as no surprise, I would have managed to get every question wrong! Very, very funny.

    Hazel Love - marathons are now snickers! See what I mean? You are FUNNY!

    Lyndyloo - so glad for you that your brother is safe. The thing is, as we get older, we do start to realise - there really IS only today! Make sure you tell those people who matter that you do love them. I tell my sister regularly but it really embarrasses her - I wonder why? She can never say it back to me, but I know she does love me, of course.

    JMcC, loved the story, have voted - will do so again later today!

    So, so many replies - I could actually reply to everyone, but you may get a little fed up!

    Be back later no doubt!

    C xx

    P.S. Welcome to Jayne (don't worry, Chris will be here on Monday and it will be worth the wait!)

    Also to annie b - you've gone and done it - your life will never be your own from now on!

    And to Sallycat - you are going to love it here! No-one cares about age, you are welcome to say whatever you like (within reason, I suppose) and if someone finds what you've said remotely interesting/relevant, you'll hear from them! It's the very best club I have ever joined!!

  584. At 11:49 AM on 11 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Hello my friendly schloggers, By flipping Eck its a bit windy in it.
    Been a bit busy wi work this morn, it'd be a bit easier if i won lotto t'nite. Then i could blog as much as i wanted to.

    Big Hi and welcome Sally (( )) Enjoy babes.

    Lyndyloo, I know what you mean dear, I was so glad i got to tell my Dad that i loved him so much. I remember a coversation with a very close cosin, his Dad died in his 50's, and the thing that stuck with him is, he never got to tell is Dad that he loved him. I always make a point of telling Mum how much i love her. Life is so
    Anyway, Happy Thirsty Thursday, I got to be honest i had a couple of cheeky ones last night after Panto rehersals, due to having a dry throat of course !! BTW i did my solo last night and got it word PERFICC

    BIG UN
    I just pe** my self at your Quiz,

    Chat Laters Peeps

    aka Nurse Molly Coddle

  585. At 12:09 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    I must tell you the first time me and my sis saw each other via web cam, we sat there crying at each other for about half hour, then just laughed i dont what at, it was just like cant believe we can see each other. Like how small is the world becoming !! I sent last years panto with Mum for my sis on DVD she said her and her boys laughed all the way thru.
    As the old Ad says
    "Its Good To Keep In Touch" not sure if thats an ad but sounds like a good tag.

    Nurse Moll X

  586. At 12:10 PM on 11 Jan 2007, wilsmar wrote:

    Greetings all, I'm back!!!
    #580 Ms Love .... I feel fairly confident (?) that it;s In my humble opinion. (other opinions available of course).
    For now....... Wilsmar

  587. At 12:15 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Morning Morning Morning !!! (well, it was when I started writing this)

    How exciting - I have spent the evening reading the Defra guidelines about keeping pigs - "The New Pig Keepers Hand Book"... enthralling stuff.

    I am looking in to getting a Kune Kune pig as a pet, I was born on a farm and grew up with pigs, goats, horses, cows etc... I miss it !

    I think I am going to go for some laying hens and a Kuney... We shall see what the local government have to say !

    SallyCat - WELCOME !!! Lovely first post :)

    LyndeLoo - Hello !! Hope your sleep improves. Lovely to hear your brother is ok....

    Matt FR / Jillybay - I`m not too far from The Mulberry... Could well be swayed ! London is just as easy for me....

    Moose - Hope its all going well and the game is going according to plan. Good Luck...offer still stands !

    Dissing Dave - So, 3 weeks til 39 then !!??!

    Dr J McC - GOOD LUCK !! I will be voting again today (if the site lets me of course !)

    Hazel Love - IMHO - In My Honest Opinion :) x x

    Hope you are all well and fab and looking forward to the weekend !

    For Now,

    Tracey-Ann x x x

  588. At 12:15 PM on 11 Jan 2007, AS wrote:

    Hope the BP don't get me for this. I enjoy reading all of your posts but can never find the right words to post myself. You all seem to enjoy a good laugh so hope you find this as amusing as I did (I have removed some of the more contentious ones!)

    Economic Models explained with cows

    SOCIALISM: You have 2 cows, and you give one to your neighbour

    COMMUNISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk.

    FASCISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you some milk.

    BUREAUCRATISM: You have 2 cows. The State takes both, shoots one, milks the other, then throws the milk away...

    TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income.

    SURREALISM: You have two giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons

    AN AMERICAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows. Later, you hire a consultant to analyse why the cow has dropped dead.

    ENRON VENTURE CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell three of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, then execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all four cows back, with a tax exemption for five cows. The milk rights of the six cows are transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island Company secretly owned by the majority shareholder who sells the rights to all seven cows back to your listed company. The annual report says the company owns eight cows, with an option on one more. Sell one cow to buy a new president of the United States, leaving you with nine cows. No balance sheet provided with the release.
    The public buys your bull.

    THE ANDERSEN MODEL: You have two cows. You shred them.

    A FRENCH CORPORATION: You have two cows. You go on strike, organise a riot, and block the roads, because you want three cows.

    A JAPANESE CORPORATION: You have two cows. You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk. You then create a clever cow cartoon image called 'cowkimon' and market it

    A GERMAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You re-engineer them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month, and milk themselves.

    AN ITALIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows, but you don't know where they are. You decide to have lunch.

    A RUSSIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You count them and learn you have five cows. You count them again and learn you have 42 cows. You count them again and learn you have 2 cows. You stop counting cows and open another
    bottle of vodka.

    A SWISS CORPORATION: You have 5000 cows. None of them belong to you. You charge the owners for storing them.

    A CHINESE CORPORATION: You have two cows. You have 300 people milking them. You claim that you have full employment, and high bovine productivity, and arrest the newsman who reported the real situation.

    AN INDIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. You worship them.

    A BRITISH CORPORATION: You have two cows. Both are mad.

    AUSTRALIAN CORPORATION: You have two cows. Business seems pretty good. You close the office and go for a few beers to celebrate.

  589. At 12:19 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    DD - Call it cheating, call it keeping 'er indoors happy. Whatever. The biggest issue was it did indeed make it more orange than red, hence the danger of a naming convention dispute breaking out. I hope I have the Cisco trademark lawyers on my side, and you've got Apple's.

    Kev - I have to agree with your sentiments. We were never great talkers. I wrote my dad a letter a few weeks before he died. He never said much apart from thanks for the letter, but the look in his eyes when he said it was enough. I knew I'd said what I wanted to say. He'd heard it.

    I say, there's a twelve in the hour and an r in the month. It must be lunchtime. Doesn't time fly when you're busy blogging?


  590. At 12:27 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Hazel, IMHO In my humble opinion

    Moose, alright love, higher than a six you say!!!

    Keep your cards close to your chest! and good luck!

    Kev C, break a leg!

    Just a thought following Basil Bush's surge announcement! Why?

    May any of you with friends and relatives deployed to a war zone soon receive the news that they are coming home safe and sound!

    DD out

  591. At 12:43 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Moose, Now there's a fight I don't need to be embroiled in. If you're going to get all legal on me, I'll change the name to terracotta soup. Although after last night I think Mrs DD would prefer to call it Harry Cane soup, but I think someone else on here might sue if I use that one!

    Kev, in the words of Mike and the Mechanics "I just wish I could have told him in the living years." I made sure of just that, but Mum and Dad are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary later this year, and I will be re-stating it in March in public! I'll miss them both when they are gone, so I make the most of them while they're here!

    Currently sitting in the dark in the office, I think someone forgot to put 50p in the meter this morning, the only light is a harsh white one from the blog and a dull grey one from the window. Wind now seems to be easing, and the sky getting brighter, or is it just the carrot soup I had for lunch?


    DD out

    PS Will you still need me?

  592. At 01:08 PM on 11 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    I AM HAVING THE WORST DAY AY WORK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Phew that's better - sorry for the shouting - just needed to share that with people who care!!

    I'll explain more later when I get home

    x x x x

  593. At 01:18 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Hi Again, Still chuffin windy here,
    Just sent out for fresh spit roast chicken and fresh bread for lunch, then hoping Dorothy our cleaner brings in scon for afters n coffee. that if her mouse not scared her again !!

    Dissing Dave
    I love the saying at end of #591 nice one mate.

    nearly #600 who is it gonna be ????

  594. At 01:19 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    DD - how did Mrs Dissing get on please?

    Moose - the game you are now playing, I think you have definitely earned your oo license.

    Yay, Wilsmar, saw you on McCrumble - glad you're getting about now dear...

    TAG and Wilsmar - Thank you for IMHO...I s'pose it depends if you are Uriah Heep or not which on you choose...


    A small distinctive breed of domestic pig from New Zealand. They are hairy, have a dumpy build and unusual tassels (or pire pire) hanging from their lower jaw. Colour ranges include black and white, white, gold, tan and brown. They have a placid, friendly nature and like the Pot-bellied pig are now often kept as farmyard pets...later to be used for chops.

    Welcome Jayne, sallycat (can I have a balaclava if you're doing any knitting...?). You are like unsuspecting flies caught in a silky web...there is no way out...

    Littlest Hobo - The boy and I cannot afford a holiday this year. Please stop telling everyone how lovely it is where you are. Quite amongst all the other delights your city offers the boy adores food markets, would probabaly answer 'picnic' as favourite food! PS I used to have an Auntie Betty who lived in Vancouver. If she is still alive she'd be REALLY old by now. I wonder if you know her?

    AS - The surrealism one got me...!

    Golly so much going on today

    Glad you seem to be up and bouncing about again luscious Keith, must be all our lovin and happy vibin man dude xxx hugs & kizs xxx and to Mrs B too xxxxxx

    la plume de mon chapeau

    ps Moose - I have Banana's

    pps Cisco, nabisco, they all fall down

    ppps Why do giraffes had such long necks?

    ......Because their heads are so far from their bodies.

  595. At 01:25 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    AS - love the cow economics. I almost choked on my marmite sandwich (other fillings are available).

    Unfortunately (for me, if not for the rest of you) I'm too far from the Mulberry and even further from London so couldn't make it to a "do". It would be great to visit the Mulberry - used to live nearby many years ago (30ish, although I don't like to think about how old that makes me sound) and drink there when it wasn't quite so upmarket! Happy days ...

    And for everyone who needs cheering up today please accept this positive thought ...

    When you feel that nobody loves you,
    Nobody cares for you,
    And everyone is ignoring you,
    You should start asking yourself...

    Am I TOO sexy?

    And now I really have to do some work - the boss keeps looking at me funny and wondering what happened to the energetic & dedicated gofer that used to occupy my seat - she's been replaced by a blog-addicted couch potato, that's what!

  596. At 01:26 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    I think you need to lie down in a darkened room, damn that's what they're doing with me!!!

    Honestly Cath, it's thirsty Thursday, only a few hours till a drop of the red/black/white/Amber liquid can pass your lips and after a few hours it will all seem better. Waiting to hear what the problem is. A problem shared is a problem halved! We'll speak later, we care!
    Is it really only one day since we passed 500, 600 approaching rapidly!!!

    DD out

  597. At 01:26 PM on 11 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Moose, sometimes I surprise myself ;-) I can not think how I even knew; it was a calculated guess I have to say! ;-)

    Anna, I am shamefully only now still catching up with all of the posts (In my defence there was a lot of them yesterday, well done everyone) and have just seem your comment regarding the number plate. Sadly it was not me, (I would love the plate though) it would have to be on VW and in the South West…….maybe someday it will be me!


  598. At 01:26 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Tiggy wrote:

    Hey all you love bloggers (and soon to be schloggers once again)

    DD - my sentiments exactly on the Living Years quote, I luckily managed to get to say goodbye to my beloved Grandad the weekend before he died, now spend as much time as I can telling my whole family how much I love and cherish them
    Secondly, I only have 45 weeks to big 4-0, boy does that sound odd!

    Tracey-Ann - sounds like a regular Good Life you have planned, what with the allotment and everything, are you gonna go all Dick (is that his name?) Strawbridge and self sufficient on us?!

    Always think of things to say while reading, have usually forgotten them all by the time I get to post, which is exactly what has happened again today. Have no time to go back, really ought to be working now, oh well!
    Back later, if I have time, otherwise, see you all tomorrow

    Tiggy xx

  599. At 01:29 PM on 11 Jan 2007, wilsmar wrote:

    Now I've prised the lid off I can't stay down........ #591 Re the PS: Mr DD ... not only need but will feed you for at least the next 25years and 3 weeks.
    Will definitely need help getting out of the chair and into the kitchen by then though - I have an 11year 4week start on you.

  600. At 01:33 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    cathmel....darling, baby....oooh dear! I had one of those on Monday too. I was in the WORSTEST mood, and everything and everyone was totally vile.

    Sending peace, love and pink light for you...


    ps This would be for everyone else too. I'm feeling very giving today xxxxxxxxxxx dunno why though!

    pps I found a ppppppppps in my drawer. I'll hand it in to Matron if it belongs to anyone?

  601. At 01:39 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    DD - sorry! I seem to be extrapolating my legal advice and conflict mindset into inappropriate areas. I'll keep it more focused on the real enemy in future. Terracotta is cool with me...I am getting concerned about your carrot-based-soup intake though...are you sure you are within prescribed limits? Maybe that's why the lighting seems strange in the office, it's playing havoc with your eyes. I'd recommend something good and stodgy and comforty like a sponge pudding and custard. Will soak up the carrots nicely. Now that's an idea...I'm off for pud!


    PS Sorry Jillygoat, we're doing it again aren't we...It's my weigh-in day tomorrow - it's not going to be pretty!

    PPS 7 sleeps to go. Next week's thirsty Thursday is THE day, friends...

    PPPS THE BIG CORPORATE CAPITALISM - You have 2 cows. One bloke milks the cows, feeds the cows etc. Another bloke takes all the credit with the CEO. The CEO promotes the guy who took the credit. You buy out another company with 2 cows. You downsize and restructure the synergistic overlap opportunities and now you have 3 cows. You give a trading statement to the city which says you have 50% growth this year, thanks to the hard work of all your people. The same bloke is now milking 3 cows. The other bloke takes the credit for the 50% productivity improvement, gets a pay rise, a bonus, some stock options and another promotion. You buy another company with 2 cows. You worry that 67% growth will overheat the market so you slaughter 1 cow and claim only 33% growth to keep the analysts expectations low. You adopt "Underpromise, just about overdeliver" as a company mantra. The bloke milking the cow is made to chant it to himself whenever he is milking one of the 4 cows. The CEO is knighted and retires to become a special advisor to the PM. The bloke who has taken all the credit succeeds him. The bloke who milks the cows is arrested for indecency. In the ensuing PR scandal, the new CEO is forced to resign with only a £5million payoff. In the meantime, a mezzanine funded split leveraged venture capitalist steps in and buys the company for £1. He gives the bloke who milks the cows his job back, strips everything else out of the business and sells it on for £1billion to your biggest rival.
    And everyone lives happily ever after...well, except the shareholders, the pensioners and the bloke who milks the cows' wife who has contracted a range of rather irritating bovine-related diseases.

  602. At 01:45 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Afternoon all - am having a very busy work day (how very dare they) but thought I would just say that

    Jillygoat - bodyclock is amazing, have twice woken up to gentle glow before 7am and gradually woken up more as it has gotten lighter - I havn't set the back up buzzer as that's what I have a husband for :o)

    I thought about the radio version but figured that husband has DAB alarm clock his side so they would be horribly out of sync. Anyway, I'm going for the light way to wake up.

    Anyhoo, another meeting to go to

    Must dash

    :o) Jo

  603. At 01:45 PM on 11 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    I do hate to get onto the subject of food again, but I do have to share with you, I have just had the most wonderful Italian pasta for lunch. Not had a chance to get out all week, so a bit of a treat today. In order to counter balance this I did have a green salad to accompany. Hopefully this has given me enough fuel for the meetings I have this afternoon and was not too much that I end up having an afternoon nap instead.

    I have the day off tomorrow and plan to bake some Banana muffins – can’t wait.

  604. At 01:52 PM on 11 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Good afternoon lovely people xx

    Just had a good cry after reading today's post
    re parents. Sadly both of mine have passed
    on and I missed them terribly - loved them both dearly and often told them so. Whenever I dream of them, the first thing I do when i see them in my dreams is tell them how much I love them and thank them for coming to see me xx I'm making myself cry now!

    Cathmel - Your quiz was fab yesterday and I really enjoyed reading everyone's input. Sorry to hear you are having a bad day today. We are here to share the good and the bad so off load to us whenever you feel like it xx Sending you a BIG {{{{{{hug}}}}}} to get you through the rest of the day xx

    Moose - I'm enjoying your excitement and I have everything crossed for the outcome you wish for xx

    Sallycat - Welcome to the blog xx

    Dr McC - 2nd vote has been lodged today. Good Luck!

    Lyndyloo - Pleased your brother is safe and well xx Sending special thoughts to those less fortunate!

    Hazel - Thanks for your advice, your absolutely right! I do need to step back, prioritise what I want to change and then tackle them one by one instead of looking at my situation as a whole and feeling overwhelmed by it all. xx

    Gaby - your reply to my post re my boss made me giggle!

    Dissing Dave - Just to say thank you for your closing msg on post #591 xx

    Enjoy the rest of thirsty thursday everyone xx

    Chilli and Merlot awaits me at home tonight! Yummy...........

    Love you all for being special people
    Take Care
    Mary xx

  605. At 01:57 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Ms Mayhem wrote:

    Blinkin Bloomin Heck People - I have been away for far too long - its gonna take ages to read these blogs!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thursday Thursday has arrived ** YIPPEE ** I have been on antibiotics for a tooth/gum infection and I cannot wait for a big glass of red!!!!!!!! Anyone want to join me? Altho it will probably take a bottle - the time it will take to read whats been happening

    Love and big hugs {{{{{{hugs}}}}} to everyone


  606. At 01:57 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    My bet for 600 is Gaby, 'cos she has been Bjork today!

    Moose LOL

    Hazel, she didn't get the local job! Too much knowledge & experience. They were worried that she's be bored. Still awaiting on the BMJ job. but half expecting that to come back and say "Sorry not qualified enough!". It's the story of my missus' working life and one you cannot fight, too much for one, not enough for the other! frustrating as hell though!

    DD in mushroom mode

    DD out

  607. At 02:14 PM on 11 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Hazel well done on #600 xxxxxx

    Love Mary

  608. At 02:19 PM on 11 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Sallycat, you are welcome. For once in our life, age is of no consequence, if only that were so in the real world!

    Moose - sorry that i inadvertently caused the BP to step in and take your message. Bu thank you for your sentiment, in response. We did [have a nice time], and blimey o riley i think we just might again today. That'll be it then for the rest of the year.

    and moose - home really is where the heart is, so if your heart is there, even if you are not - its the place you should lay your hat.

    DD - i was thinking about chock a block the other day, genius.

    Wilsmar, welcome home!!


  609. At 02:27 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hazel Love
    First and foremost. Congrats on the 600. It might change, but I thought I'd get in while it was still you...
    Second and nethermost. Apart from coming from NZ I thought you were describing me! Very clever given you have not (yet) met me. How do you do it? Please do not use the words pot-bellied and pig (where's the comma go?) in the same sentence when we meet...
    Next (lost count). Can I be double oh zero? Or is that taken?
    Also. I do think it was probably me going on about Vancouver. I willingly take the blame and any punishment you deem necessary to hand out.
    And finally. Thanks but no thanks. Don't like them. A chocalate bar with minty bubbles has already passed my lips.

    Jo - am tempted by the light alarm. Am terrible getting up and I waste hours of my life pressing my snooze button. I have to press mine cos I can't locate Mrs Moose's button these days.

    T - but I do like banana muffins. Well they do have muffin in the title so I suppose it's a dead giveaway. Banana flavour good. Raw, on it's own banana texture bad.

    Cathmel - a very platonic {}

    Tiggy/DD - popular year among us for the four zero (shhh). I have 20 weeks left.

    DD - Living Years has the power to make a grown moose blub like a baby moose. Even though I WAS there that morning...and later that same year I heard my newborn baby cry. Am even filling up sitting here writing it - silly old fool.

    Moose out before the keyboard packs up...

  610. At 02:51 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    And am I the nearly man or what...499 AND 601. how unlucky is that? I've just checked back and I had 103 AND 301 as well...it is destined never to be. I shall survive. Stiff upper lip. I said LIP. Don't know what was up with me around the 200. And I was in the car all day when we went through 400.

    Let's keep going peeps and tomorrow, maybe, just maybe, it might be me...


  611. At 02:52 PM on 11 Jan 2007, mulbartonboy wrote:

    hi to all addicts and inmates of the blog.
    haxel love - you got the 600 slot ! great stuff , credit and kudos to you.
    i love all the jokes.cow stories,facts, figures, fiction and fantasys born from demented imaginations . its real life folks and makes me feel at home.thankyou.

    steak dianne
    eva cassidy. songbird
    snow white and the 7 small people (pc)
    now we are six my sons fav bedtime read
    being there when he was born
    losing my dad
    i have always had 3 . write a book , play a musical instrument and paint 1 good picture.

    have fun everyone
    treacle pud and custard

  612. At 02:53 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    I fear I have some bad news for you. In my concern for the whereabouts of Gaby (honestly I'm not stalking her woo ha ha) I have been carrying out some research.
    Has anybody seen Matt from Rudgwick today?
    I fear that Gaby and Matt are sitting in a tree k i s s i n g! either that or the wind put them up there!!!

    Well done Hazel

    DD out
    Lights now on!!!!!;-)

  613. At 02:54 PM on 11 Jan 2007, ChrissieS wrote:

    Hazel Love,

    600! Well done!

    Acceptance speech please!

    C xx

  614. At 03:13 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    ChrissieS - You are far too kind my love!

    However I have passed your comments on to my mother who has, for all these years, called my musings 'inane drivel'.

    That'll show her huh?

    Dear Mrs Dissing
    May your search for a job be a fruitful one. I feel it will be about mid-march until the one you really want is possible.
    Yours faithfully
    Gypsy Rose Hazel

    My boss is avoiding all efforts to sit down for our 'chat'. He has now been called away to an 'urgent' meeting about a freezer. Apparently seal meat goes off if you let it get warmer than -0.4 degrees, but I wouldn't know about that.

    nanook nanook

    ps DD make a note and let me know?

    pps Kev C Well done on the mords wate!

    ppps I'd like to thank all previous contributors who helped me reach this exalted position.

    pppps I'd like to remind Moose that there is many a slip 'twixt cup and lip, and if it's stiff you're just going to make a mess.

  615. At 03:22 PM on 11 Jan 2007, dogwithnobrain wrote:

    Cow Economics???

    I used to lecture Economics, and If I do say so myself, my Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns Class was quite impressive.

    In order to demonstrate all aspects of Marginal Utility, I'd lecture for 2 hours about something really boring. Then we'd head to the pub and have a good long pint / whisky / vodka whatever. The Utility derived from that first pint was brilliant. But with each drink, the margin of utility derived was slightly less.
    Once we had drunk enough to make ourselves sick, We had achieved Negative Marginal Utility.

    Waaay Haaaaayy. Who says Economics has to be boring.


  616. At 03:30 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Anna - you are right. I'm sure you always are. You are the original Mrs Right. Mrs A Right. A for Always. And Anna. Glad last night was fun...if I concentrate and try really really hard, I can just about remember celebrating wedding anniversaries in a similar way.

    Oh yes, there was that time on the Oregon coast in the hot tub....delicious. And the wine was good too.
    And Tofino. In the hot tub. Twice.
    I think I need to move to the West Coast - it definitely has something attractive about it.
    Or maybe just get a hot tub.

    Littlest Hobo - littlest job for you for the weekend. Please keep an eye out for my hat in the food market. It's probably at the fish stall buying lobster or in the pub trying the micro brew. Failing that try the coffee shop (mmm muffins). It's a standard bushman's hat in brown felt, but you can tell it's mine as it has 2 large holes in it so I can fit my antlers through. It's an extra large size as I have a big head. I always say I need it that big to fit my brain inside. Mrs Moose always says that size isn't everything. Anyway, it must be on Granville Island somewhere. Anna says so. And she's Always Right.
    However, if on this rare occasion she were to be wrong, can you check out the Wickanninish Inn at Tofino (ooh Crab Bar - yes please!) and if not there then nip down to Cannon Beach.

    Mulbarton Boy - welcome to the budding writers blog club! You are in grand company here, my boy!


  617. At 03:36 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Nicki wrote:

    OK OK OK, if this one gets zapped as well I'm really gona sulk!

    3 times I've tried to post a little notelet and 3 times it's ended up in a black hole someplace, I'm not a bad person, so why they no like me?????
    Oh Well here goes again.

    I know it's very late but HAPPY NEW THINGYBOB PEEPS, LETS HOPE IT'S GOING TO BE A GOOD ONE. and glad to see the usual suspects are still around.

    Sorry I've not been about much lately, still back at work now, which gives me more time to blog! (oops sorry boss, I meant to work very, very hard)

    From reading your posts lots of you have had disturbed sleeps of late due to the amazing noise of the wind (outside) So I thought I would share my nod of to sleepybies method with you.

    I pretend I'm in a huge old castle in a massive bed (with my georgeous guy)with huge open fire at the end of my very big bedroom, it's a kind of Heathcliffe/Cathy type picture in my mind if you get my drift. Works every time, give it a go tonight, I shall look forward to reading the results in the morining.

    Well, I hope this actually gets through, it's good to be back.
    Take care


  618. At 03:39 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Q wrote:

    Hi all and Chris Evans.

    I am not one to contrbute to message boards as my job is of a sensitive nature You all sure do write a mean blog so thought I would say hi.
    I moved to England 10 years ago having been born in Texas. I served my time in the Navy Seals and now based in the UK.

    Have a real nice day all.

  619. At 04:08 PM on 11 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    mwk - big hug to you {{{{{hug}}}}} xx

    I've never ended a conversation with my parents without making a point of telling them each that I love them dearly. The older they, and I get, the more I appreciate their presence. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the NZ adventure with my mum.

    Hazel Love - # 600 - well done you!!!!!

    Moose - I sympathise with you on both the weigh-in AND not reaching the significant milestones on the blog! Our turn will come .........

    DD - sorry about Mrs D's job but hopefully she'll get the BMJ one - wish her luck from us x

    SallyCat - welcome to the nuthouse and remember, there's safety in numbers!!!!

    Jo - thanks again - I'm definitely going to get a bodyclock xx

    jillygoat xx

  620. At 04:10 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Blog seems to be playing up a bit today. You don't think we're overloading it do you?

    I think it might be my computer. Hard as it may be to believe, I am doing some work in between posts. I don't think my computer knows what is happening as usually it only has to come with the internet open.

    Warning: There follows a job/game update...
    So I played my card earlier (had to be done via e-mail), and about half an hour later I got a call from boss (well, maybe one time, might still be, not quite sure, ex-boss or could still be boss - all subject to still outstanding contractual clarification), having not spoken to him for ages. He just called to check I was "fully employed" (his words), remind me how wonderful everybody thinks I am up to and including CEO, how it's really hard to achieve what we have in the last 6 months, tell me what a valuable piece of work I'm doing at the moment and how it's critical that I'm seen as belonging to the other boss (to whom I played the card) and not him in order to have the right impact. (Important thing I forgot to say is that this guy wasn't copied on my e-mail.)

    Now, call me suspicious...

    The really good thing is that between them they have unwittingly (some might say dimwittingly - HE'S BEHIND YOU!) given me another ace to play at some point in the future. Said ace is well and truly up my sleeve. I love it when a plan comes together!!!

    Time for a celebratory cup of tea while resisting the urge to eat cake-like substances. Or is it too early?


  621. At 04:24 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Q - It's you. You are the blog police.
    Let's examine the evidence...

    "Not one for contributing to message boards" because you are too busy checking everyone else's contributions.

    "Job of a sensitive nature" speaks for itself. You must be very sensitive to separate the funny if slightly risque from the downright rude. Ok, now and again one of cathmel's slips past you.

    "originally from Texas". Slow reader...makes sense as to why it sometimes takes so long for posts to get through. Sorry! :-) We love GWB really....NOT!

    Your post got through suspiciously quickly.

    And finally, the ultimate proof. Your name. Q was the one good with gadgets but highly secretive...a perfect background for the BLOG POLICE.

    Go on, admit it. It is you, isn't it.....

    What do you think guys and gals - do I live up to my new-found double oh zero status or what???


  622. At 04:31 PM on 11 Jan 2007, dogwithnobrain wrote:

    Hey Q

    Give us a link to your web page, so that we can all share in the sensitive nature of your work.... you never know... a problem shared and all that.


  623. At 04:35 PM on 11 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Well it seems that we're happy to keep the old blog going strong without Mr E but it's getting very slow to refresh now... do you think we'll crash it if we carry on and if so, how many blogs do you think it will take to make it go down?

    & the Bears

    ps. aren't you glad that wrighty's still on?

  624. At 04:38 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Moose. Sorry but you just get oo. Previously you could only get one of these with some tea...

    ...but then Moose T is/was some sort of gangsta rappa or something...

    ...henceforth, the oo is now moot. Like a swan.

    Dear all

    I sincerely hope I get more than no sleep at all tonight. Otherwise the situation regarding any of my contributions to this massive tome tomorrow is grave. The tirederer I get, the worse it gets, and (Ashy, who said it was her favourite film), that, dear friends, is as good as it gets.


    ps toto cuelo

  625. At 04:59 PM on 11 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Moose - You may not have made a significant milestone within this thread of the blog, however,
    you have made the main page under recent comments :-) xx

    Mary xx

  626. At 05:11 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Matt from Rudgwick - get rid of those auditors and get your a...e on here. We need you.

    Was just doing some research. We must have been in Tofino in 1996 (one of a number of times). The Wickaninnish Inn opened in 96 according to their website.
    We were walking along the beach just near there, in the pouring rain, as you do, when we saw this magnificent wood and glass structure on the headland and thought - great house!
    We got closer and closer and thought - that's too big to be a house. Got closer and thought - we'll stay there tonight if it's a hotel, no matter what it costs.
    We got there, breathed in the fumes from the cedar columns leading up to the entrance. This place looks brand new. Funny that - it was.
    So we walk in, wrapped antler to hoof in Goretex, dripping all over their nice new floor. We ask at reception if they have rooms available and the prices. The receptionist tries to hide her dismay at these two drowned-rat tourists, looking like something a grizzly bear would turn his nose up at. She tells us the prices with an air of superiority - you know the one..."You couldn't possibly afford it" tone of voice. She tells us the 3 prices, ranging from "expensive" to "how much?" We pick the middle one. I carefully unzip the little waterproof chest pocket in my GoreTex jacket, extract the only item in there, and put it down on the counter with that satisfying crack you can only get from a credit card when you catch it just right.
    "Just the one night, thanks," I said with a cheery smile.
    I was so wanting her to reply with: "American Express. That'll do nicely, sir. And would you like to....." (I leave the rest to the fading memories of Not the Nine O'Clock News fans or the imaginations of the others.) Needless to say Mrs Moose was hoping for a different response.

    Slept that night (well, a little anyway) with the balcony door open and the sound of the waves washing over us. The hot tub was in use evening and morning...

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Good memories.


    PS Gaby - you too. Where are you?

  627. At 05:18 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Well were flying along nicely today, could be something to do with the wind?

    Welcome Q , and i wonder what this sensitive jobbie could be. Hope to hear more from you, I'm sure you'll enjoy the break from the sensitive bit.

    Moose these 2 sound like a pair of characters from my Panto, " behind you" good luck mate.

    Lyndyloo, Ya, i've been a wrighty fan for years, i remember seeing him one year on the radio 1 roadshow. He even had is darlek with him !!

    Well just about ready for journey home, Ooo cant wait to get on that M1 in the wind Huh.. Going to have a quick look at script before Panto rehersals at 7.00, not sure on what part were doing tonight. will report in morn.

    Eh only 1.5 shows left before he who should be obeyed is back..........Yipppeeeee.

    Tatty Bye
    Nurse Molly Coddle

  628. At 05:22 PM on 11 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    DD - 612, V V Funny.

    Moose - i no like that you seem so sad about things sometimes. It makes me want to hug you. On the brighter side, cos im not big on overt displays of affection - public (crikey, glad i spelt that right!) or web-based, i am liking the regular update on your work situation. do keep us posted, im right behind you all the way!

    Q - give us a sign. our very own 007 is no fool you know!


  629. At 05:56 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Thirsty Thursday it is, and break out the bubbly!!!

    I have in my hand, Mrs DD, who has just been offered a job at the BMJ!! WOOOO HOOO WAAAY HAAAY and even a Wooo ha ha!!!

    2007 is GR8 (see that text speak from an old codge)

    Aaaah Pamela Anderson!!! Lucky Big Yin!!!

    Happy days are here again, the skies above ...........

    PS A Mr Winston Kadogo of 55 Mercer Road


  630. At 06:25 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    So much for today's crystal ball...


    As the sun is WAY past the yard arm, if I may, I shall join you with a glass of a rather piquant little red number in a toast.

    ** Cheers and congratulations on your new job Mrs D...when do you start? **

    and here's to the rest of us too...mwah

    Gaby, oh GABY! Hope all ok babe xx

    salut mes braves

    ps and wearing a loud shirt in a built-up area

  631. At 06:32 PM on 11 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Hazel…600 you go girl ;-))

    Q, a big blog welcome to you! Be sure to come back and visit us again now. And oh yes ”Have a nice day”

    Hazel Love, I am with you hoping for a better night sleep tonight ;-( I am not holding my breath though as tomorrow is a very big day for me.

    It is D Day with my big bosses (The A Team). I will have a total of seven of them around the table from 9am till noon with the idea of them trying to convince me that I should not leave my job and they will support (or not) my proposals for pay and reform of workload in an attempt to bring me down to a 40-45 hour week. Surly it is not too much to ask? What they have at the moment is a Bentley with the running costs of a Skoda, my proposal is to keep the Bentley but make them pay for a Mercedes! Fingers crossed as I if it does not go well I could be out of a job by lunchtime. It that is the case I will have to contact moose for the number of a good lawyer ;-) I did have an off the record discussion with one over the Christmas period and she said I had a nailed on case for constructive dismissal so I will have to see how it goes. Anyway that may be the reason I may not be around much for the day. If all goes well I may have to go to the pub…….or I could just do that anyway! :-))))

    Keep smiling everyone and remember there is always someone worse off than you even if sometimes it may not feel like it!


    P.S. Gaby missing in action?

  632. At 06:32 PM on 11 Jan 2007, M wrote:

    Dear Sirs

    I would ask that you take no notice of Q. He isn't quite poised to press the big red button. He's an orderly.

    Kind regards

  633. At 06:49 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Now see I reckon MfR either: doesn't have a pc which can cope with the magnitude of this 'Happy Christmas' blog OR he's saving up for the BIG 700.

    ...as opposed to the big 007 Moose - calm down!

    ...and now you're getting virtual sympathy/empathy from the lovely anna too! Apparently anna makes a cool paella...

    jillygoat - Many thanks. I is feelin well smug innit.

    Time for another glass landlord!

    ps the memory kinda lingers

  634. At 06:53 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Littlest Hobo wrote:

    Good morning from a cold but sunny Vancouver and good evening to one and all back in Blighty,

    Moose- As soon as I have rounded up my piquant consumables from the market, I shall seek out your hat. Or go fora couple of quick ones at the brewery. Tough choice. Maybe I'll just put a flyer up on the lamposts. Incidentally, the market is delightful in winter, especially the rather wonderful hot soup stand. Delectable. Oh, and the heated beer garden at Dockside Pub.

    Hazel Love- At the risk of inspirting more ire, I can report that the market of which I speak would, I am sure, thrill your boy. Fish from the Ocean just steps away, fresh produce, bread, cheese, wine and all manner of other goodies await. As for the muffins, I am sure Moose can fill you in on that....

    Incidentally, for those wanting a brief glimpse at this fine city, check out the live webcam at www.katkam.ca

    I live just a few buildings from where this is located, sharing much the same view from my window.

    Good day to you all

    Dr T

  635. At 07:29 PM on 11 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    huraagh for mrs DD - 2007, happy times n'est pas.

    mmmmmm the taste of cream flow - all hail thirsty thursday.

    am on my own tonight, say hi if anyone is there!


  636. At 07:36 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Heard you missed me, I'm back!

    Spent this windy Thursday in Reading (a mere free-kick from your second home Gaby) preparing stuff for my sweet, loveable auditors.

    Not snogging Gaby.

    Snuck off early though and got a gym session in - still no Mr E, he must be daytime gymming or he's too loved up to care.

    Aah, the West Coast. 1991 saw me traverse Canada with two friends, first by Greyhound, then by 1972 Chevrolet Malibu Classic, purchased in Canmore, Alberta for the princely sum of $300. I still have the licence plate - MMT 939.

    We finished up in Vancouver, living in a tent in an RV park under the Lions Gate Bridge.

    In the rain. Loads of it. Days and Days of it.

    It was then we took off to the island and Tofino - surely a OAMC venue for the future.

    Since then I have visited various parts of the Pacific Coast on many occasions. My favourites? Ragged Point on Big Sur - just along from Hearst Castle at San Simeon, which is well worth a visit, LA still holds something for me, well bits of it anyway. Driving up in the hills and canyons is a special experience. In 1995 I spent a few weeks in LA and one day went to Mexico. By accident. Without a passport. In a rental car. Long story, but the moral is don't do it.

    Anyway, pasta to cook, with chestnut mushrooms and some leeks that need using up. I shall raise a glass (of orange juice - detox day 11) to Thirsty Thursday and look forward to the return of our captain on Monday.

    Keep smiling everyone.



    PS Moose. Our shared experiences are becoming too numerous and scary to mention. We must have met somewhere before!

    PPS Old man Johnson's farm

    PPPS Au revoir, les enfants

    PPPPS Clint Dempsey

  637. At 07:44 PM on 11 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    DD, good news ;-)

    Anna, I will still be in work for a short while longer ;-( although I have to say this site is no instant messenger :-(


  638. At 07:49 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Dr T

    I shudder to think about asking Moose to fill in my muffin, but there we go.

    Thank you and a BIG hallo to Vancouver!


  639. At 07:56 PM on 11 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Hi folks xx

    Jillygoat - thanks for the hug xx

    Congratulations on the new job Mrs D xx

    BigUn - Will pray and keep everything crossed things go your way tomorrow {{{hug}}} xxxxxx

    Anna - Hi xx

    Gaby - Hope your ok :-) xx

    Gale is paying us a visit! So glad I'm at home nice and cosy, tummy full of chilli and another full glass of red to be enjoyed.........

    Take care all
    Love Mary xx

  640. At 07:56 PM on 11 Jan 2007, wilsmar@home wrote:

    Hiya Anna!!!!
    Thanks for the earlier welcome home.
    ........... Wilsmar

  641. At 08:07 PM on 11 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    from the memories moose has been recounting i would suggest he'd do it expertly hazel!

  642. At 08:10 PM on 11 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Having said that, with all the talk of hot tubs i may retract my former statement.

    well lets face it there is nothing worse than a soggy muffin!


  643. At 08:26 PM on 11 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    big un, you are right - its not so good for chatting!

    but by crikey i think i may have been BP'd... for the first time ever. Such a rite of passage - so my statement retraction wont make much sense as it has already been retracted....

    you can probably work it out for yourselves, suffice to say, hot tubs were involved.


  644. At 08:32 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Forgot to mention.

    Started reading The Life & Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid last night.

    Very nearly wet myself laughing.

    'Toity Jar' anyone?

    Sleep well one and all.


    PS You're the one for me, fatty.

  645. At 08:36 PM on 11 Jan 2007, wilsmar@home wrote:

    Promise this will be the last today...... going to get some food.

    Anyway Mr MfR slightly spooky feeling ............... I work in Reading and have a meeting with the Auditor(s) - hopefully only the one - tomorrow morning. I thought I knew what info was required but if you have any insider info you are prepared to drop here?????

    Gaby... as other's previously commented - hope all is well - especially thought of you on drive home tonight - been for a haircut and the route home took me on M4, as I passed Mad Stad - that place always brings your name to mind.

    Tracey-Ann - all the very (continued) best.

    Ms Love - as your ex social secretary I hope you don't mind that I took on the role of usurper repellant and batted any pretenders for the #600 slot back into the ether; which was a breeze today with the gusts an' all.

    Off to the kitchen then.
    Take care all.

  646. At 08:47 PM on 11 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    patience is a virtue - the BP didnt step in after all.

    but maybe the life police should, if i asked them nicely they may give me one. Shame there is no-one else around. I wouldnt feel half as sad if there was!!


  647. At 09:00 PM on 11 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:

    Wow! Not been on on here for 3 days and taken me the best part of the evening playing CATCHUP.

    Too late to do the top 10 thing, but enjoyed reading others. Thanks Cathmel!

    Jillgoat - Inspiring stuff from Maya Angelou, cut and pasted that for future reference to put life in perspective (suggest others do same).

    Moose - full of admiration for what you are doing, been through similar situation and made a clean break (just like Dissing Dave), found later could have taken Employer on Constructive Dismissal, but too distraught at time to think straight and worried nobody else would employ in the future. Funny now considering starting own business so wish I'd gone for justice! I have a feeling you are going to come out on top here - the best of luck to you! Go get 'em!

    JMcC - voted for you - need a new laptop...oh yes, and great writing from you too......

    Would be interested to know if this theory fits - whilst bored at work one day we got into the debate of BROWN SAUCE or TOMATO KETCHUP? Discovered 10/10 males prefer Ketchup and 10/10 females prefer Brown Sauce. Would this vote go the same way on the blog? If you ID doesn't give away your sex, you may need to own up if you vote?


  648. At 09:14 PM on 11 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Anna - I've tried to post twice but they haven't got through!

    Your not on your own, there are probably more of us out there but we are not allowed to get through because the BP are spoil sports!


  649. At 09:37 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Lovely, lovely friends

    It has been a delight reading all your posts. I had my first day back at work today after a philosophical 6-month ,horn-pulling-in break.


    Thank you all for your lovely messages. Thank you , thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I have spent almost 30 minutes reading ( and I thought I was a reed speeder) your posts from where I left off last night. You lot are simply lovely.

    What's more, I haven't ages to post now as I don't think we have clean shirts for tomorrow and my geraniminimums need watering : )

    You guys have had such fun today intermingled with work anxieties (Moose)

    Dissing Dave - thank you for your mentioning me - made me feel so nice - what a sweetie you are.

    Moose - In my opinion, you really do have a drive for negotiating - fancy a job in sales? : ) : )
    I can't beat your 24 hr challenge : ) or the 12 hr challenge: )...was going to be the mistress of triple entendre then .....but thought better of it.

    Hazel Love - empathies re 'drugs don't work' - we will have to have a collective shift to the hard stuff tomorrow ' - mine's a Pinot Collapso.

    Mary - I can't put into words how much I wish for your happiness.

    Wilsmar - Mad Stad : ) ........bless ya xx

    I could chat all night - but kids need seeing to - shirts need to at the very least attempt to cross the threshold of the washing machine before 10pm. I am at work 2/3 days a week - may have to reconsider my positon in light of lack of time-to-blog : )

    My little front garden is very confused - my geraniums are still flowering and (what's even more interesting) budding, and yet, my bulbs are coming up - oh my goodness - how is Gordon Brown going to talk his way out of that one.

    I am so sorry that I have missed so many replies - but, time is of the essence.

    Moose - keep us posted - I hope it all falls into place for you very soon.

    ps ppppppppps - thank goodness you found it Hazel Love - no need to give it to Matron - it is mine......all mine : )

    pps Matt f R - sorry the weather was so poor for your trip west : )

    ppps I intend to have a quick blog before departure tomorrow - just to wish you all a good day - never too early

    pppps toute de suite

    ppppps pomme du jour

    pppppps asta loo aygo mi amigos

  650. At 09:43 PM on 11 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    JoJo - nice to see you xx

    My preference is brown sauce and it has to be daddies :-)


  651. At 10:28 PM on 11 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    See, there's 2 of 'em working in shifts. Q & M - thank you for fulfilling my request and saying hi. We all love you really. Just a few hints now and again from you on where we inadvertently offend will be much appreciated.

    Matt - Canmore. Bed & Breakfast with a lady called Debbie who told us all about how she used to be in the Canadian Olympic ski team, kept referring to "mother" who we never saw but was allegedly in the kitchen cooking our blueberry pancakes, and refused to take no for an answer on staying another day. We were keen to get to Banff, Lake Louise (nice lake, horrible carbuncle next to it!!!). Very surreal.
    Ragged Point, Big Sur, Hearst Castle - love it if a little foggy when we were there. But don't call me fatty.
    June 10 - Edge to edge marathon. Check it out!!!
    We have friends in LA - have been there 4 out of the last 5 years.

    Muffins, muffins, muffins. Can't get enough of them.
    Muffin, muffin, muffin. I declare my undying love for you.
    Muffi, muffi, muffi. My sweet sweet muffi.
    OK. I'll stop there. Q or M or whoever's on duty now wouldn't allow it...
    BTW - Soggy ones just fine with me. As long as it's Ok for me to use a spoon. And add custard.

    Anna - thanks a lot. Not much of a one for displays of affection myself either - neither public nor the other misspelled ones!!!

    Hazel - Should I bring muffins with me to OAMC? Or will you provide the muffin?

    JoJo - I'm thinking the same thing. Have always been nervous about the impact on my CV or story to other employers. But I've decided that they morally owe me. And the self-employed thing is possible anyway. And even if not, I'm taking the risk.

    DD - congrats to Mrs DD

    Gaby - you sound worn out! Take a break. Hope you sleep well.

    Keith - hope all goes well. Seem to be living somewhat parallel lives. Hope your meetings go well.

    Must dash off to bed now....need to conserve energy for more fun and games tomorrow. And muffins.


  652. At 10:45 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Sallycat wrote:

    Many thanks for the lovely welcome I've been given and you've certainly encouraged me a lot.

    For a while this evening I thought nobody had noticed (guess who's paranoid here) until the following dear people said hello:

    TheBigUn, Dissing Dave - you're right, I can't stop now, Moose, Chrissie S, Kev C, Tracey Ann, Hazel Love, MWK and jillygoat.

    Hello to Q and the other new boys and girls. I'm looking forward to joining in and getting to know everyone.

    I'll be really glad when I know who's who. There are so many messages now, that by the time I've read through and scrolled up to write my messge - I've forgotten what I wanted to say in the first place. Must make notes I think as I go through them all.

    Talking of which I must jot down the lamb and squash recipe and the beautiful Maya Angelou quotes, before they disappear into the void.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow everybody and good luck with all your endeavours.

    love from


  653. At 10:50 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Keith - couldn't forget you - thank you : ) xx

    good nitol

    ps anyone for tea and crumpets

  654. At 10:58 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Sandra H wrote:

    I know it's late, just got back from having curry with new team & new boss - very enjoyable! had to drive but just allowing myself one ickle glass of red before I batten down the hatches...
    The replies re 'chomping' made me chuckle, have bought some industrial strength earplus now - the snoring's started!!!
    Ta-tah for now

    ps mmm Danone.

  655. At 11:53 PM on 11 Jan 2007, Jill wrote:

    Late night greetings!

    Have had a good read and enjoyed catching up with you all - a pleasurable end to the day, which was taken over by need to update my business accounte - not my sort of thing at all but, well, has to be done. Grump grump.

    Week so far has been v.v. busy with little time to participate in this much-loved activity with virtual buddies - roseses, stargazer liles and geraninumumums as you all are. No pansies, weeds or wallflowers.

    DD - share your joy re Mrs DD job. Great news.

    Keith/B'Un - hope things turn out just as you hope

    Moose - Same for you. No-one in your office would want to be without you, I'm sure, life would seem so dull.... but when do you find time to drag yourself away from the Blog to work?

    Tracey-Ann, I clicked on the Allotment website and have registered but need to wait for approval before signing the thingy. BPs on Allotment s too!

    Hope life will get balanced again so that I can be around more often

    Big online hugs


    p.s. Who's for on-line dancing?

  656. At 03:14 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Linda Paterson wrote:


    Still in Perth, in Oz ( still not sure about the place...still miss England loads!!) and only just had time to read yr blog..( have I missed something because 22nd Dec is last one I can see, I hope it's not the last???!)
    Anyway...can someone please tell me what the song was please?!!!
    Loved the blog Chris.
    Love to everyone...xxxx

  657. At 04:09 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Hi all....
    Just a quickie, off to bed...I missed yesterday so I did not want you all to think I had deserted the bloggers ship :-)

    I am so exhausted...I am sure I will be better next week, the first week is always tough.

    Anyway,Moose and Big Un, good luck with your 'discussions' - keep us all posted.
    I have been trying to read all the entries but it is hard to keep up when you have to work too!!! :-)

    T - let me know when you are next in Toronto and lets see what we can do - just think, maybe we can get all the other bloggers over here too....

    I will talk to you all later..... hugs and kisses to all. Have a great weekend. Chris is back next week, boy I have missed his blog (and him of course) but a few of you seem to think he is having more fun elsewhere :-)

    Here is my two penny worth
    fave food - avacado sandwiches
    last cd - beatles - love and scissor sisters
    fave film - a few but I liked Mickey Blue eyes
    Last Book - the last Harry Potter
    Best moment - having my babies
    worst moment - mum and niece passing away
    TV thing dont know if it is supposed to be good or bad but good - corrie bad - cant think right now
    Best place ever been - BC - yes another one - loved Tofino :-) it is all so awesome though. Although I have to admit there are some gorgeous places in England too.
    Before I die - I would like to meet Mr. Right and see my kids happy

    PS I am going to get the Lovely Bones book...I know Tracey Ann and somebody else read it and said it was good....thanks :-)
    I will be emailing you TA
    Take care all

    Bye for now
    Joan xxx

  658. At 05:37 AM on 12 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Hi Linda in Perth, Oz. Santa's request was Arthur's theme - Between the moon & New York City by Christopher Cross.

    Chris has been on holiday since the 22nd December thats why we are still using that link. It's not the last - dread the day that happens :-(
    He is back on Monday (15th) Yipppeeee :-)

    Have a nice weekend

    Take care
    Mary xx

  659. At 07:22 AM on 12 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    sorry not to get back to you on my work day. I wont bore you with the details just to dsay my frustrations were to do with the politics of the NHS. have any of you been watching that thing on BBC 2 on the NHS - it's so like that if not worse. Anyway I am back to normal today and am going to clinic in Windsor today and I'm happy about that - I love my patients.

    I spent yesterday evening at a friends house and she's in the process of realising she needs to leave her current relationship. It's a hard step and she can't quite imaginf herself as a single mum! Before Christmas he tried to strangle her while high on coke. I thought that might have done the trick but no! Still I remember the feeling of I donlt deserve better and I can't cope on my own (financially). Men like that love to sap your confidance. Anyway peeps can you send her lots of positive enpowering vibes and fingers crossed for a sensible decison!

    Brother moose - all hugs are platonic here as i might have mentioned yesterday I am not interested in married men and whether you push her buttons or not I believe there is a Mrs Moose!

    Big hug and love to hazel love, jillygoat, mfr, wilsmar, big'un, dd (& mrs dd - bmj brilliant), tracey-ann (thanks for the email), joannie, mkw, Dr Mc, dwnb


  660. At 07:36 AM on 12 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Morning bloggers,

    Just a quickie……..ooooerrr Mrs’s ;-)

    I have been in work for over an hour to ensure all is well for today! I feel like I have not slept at all :-(

    Thanks for al of your good wishes for today!

    Hope to pop on later and give an update.

    Love to all


    P.S. Cancel AWOL Gaby has been found ;-)

    P.P.S Symptoms of a new virus that is affecting more and more of us the Senile Virus:

    1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice.
    2. Causes you to send blank e-mail.
    3. Causes you to send e-mail to the wrong person.
    4. Causes you to send e-mail back to the person who sent it to you.
    5. Causes you to forget to attach attachments.
    6. Causes you to hit "SEND" before you've finished the e-mail.

  661. At 07:42 AM on 12 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Good morning all, i am very excited today as driving down to London to see the mancubs godmother tonight (who also happens to be my best friend!) we dont see each other often so when we do its all good. She is one of those inspirational friends who never fails to make me laugh! She has made me promise that at her funeral i ensure they play 'ding dong the witch is dead'.

    just got to get through a couple of meetings first! Concentrate.

    JoJO - Red, always. Brown is the devils sauce...!

    Gaby - and relax. Look after yourself missus! x

    Moose - methinks your interest in Q & M is a little more than passing, suspicous...!?

    Jill - are you on-line asking?

    Linda P - lovely to hear from you.

    Joannie - Avocado sarnie, you are soooo right. That is going to be my lunch today!

    incase i dont get chance to drop by later have a great weekend all. See you on the other side, funny - never looked forward to a monday quite so much as i do today!


  662. At 07:55 AM on 12 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    had a self self self moment - sorry....

    Moose & BigUn - Fingers crossed.


  663. At 08:17 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Big 'Un

  664. At 08:19 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Morning all,
    TyPiNg a iCkle WoBbly thIsh MoRNiNg, Too mUsCh ScHamPaaGne lasHt NighT!

    Thanks all for the kind wishes.

    Gypsy Hazel Lee, sorry you got the prediction wrong, although if everything doesn't work out she may find another job in March, who knows what the future bring! OOoooooo!
    Mrs DD starts on Monday week (the 22nd), and having just woken her up, as requested, seems to have a woodpecker in her head who is trying to get out. Ain't Thirsty Thursdays great?

    Gaby, good to hear from you, we woz all sooooooo worried! Thought perhaps you'd already gone down to Cardiff to queue?

    At least that cad MfR failed in his dastardly attempts! Sorry Moose for setting that herd a-galloping!

    JOJO - Mrs DD and I both ketchup I'm afraid

    DD out

    PS Can we crack 700 today? You betcha

    PPS I like truckin' boing boing boing

    PPPS Countdown is progressing

    PPPPS CLP back on Monday!! YAY

  665. At 08:20 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Big 'Un

  666. At 08:28 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Morning schmorning

    Just time for a quickie (ooh matron)

    Hiya Sallycat : ) welcome : ) xx

    Linda in Perth - I have been wondering how you are : ) xx

    Hope you all have a fab day - all request friday - I must confess, though, I have only listened once - just haven't really made the effort to tune in since 22nd Dec.

    Am suited and booted and ready for the off - shirts asparkling (wish I could say the same for the eyes!!).....and looking forward to catching up with your news.

    I have completely forgotten everything I wanted to say ("thank goodness for that", I hear you cry).

    Loving your work



    ps is the hosepipe ban still on

    pps aux jeus de vendredi

    ppps sur la table

  667. At 09:18 AM on 12 Jan 2007, dogwithnobrain wrote:

    DWNB here,..... I think you are right. I think we have overloaded blog and it is going to

  668. At 09:42 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Happy Friday!

    Well, we’ve made it. All Request Friday, albeit without our leader, and on to the weekend. As it detox days 12, 13 & 14, I’m going for more zzzzzs, a bit more writing and, of course, a couple of trips to the gym.

    I hope you don’t mind me reminiscing a little more, but Canada & NZ appear to have risen supremely to the top of everyone’s desired destinations and I have been fortunate enough to have visited both.

    After purchasing ‘Old Foisty’ (the Chevy ’72 Malibu Classic - $300 of your finest Canadian Dollars – ‘Foisty’ – three lads in a car for a couple of months without very many laundry opportunities. Use your imagination) we headed up into the Rockies for some quality hiking. I look back on those days with great fondness for the lifestyle, 20 years old, living in a tent in the most beautiful part of the world, but also as a time of introspection. I travelled with twin brothers and I was very much the outsider, despite us being good friends.

    We ‘bagged’ many peaks, including Mount Rundle in Banff. This is directly across the valley from Sulphur Mountain, which is accessible by cable car, and offers fantastic views down into Banff and beyond. As we neared the peak we met a group of classical musicians, all around the same age as us, who were from many different parts of the world. We had the most wonderful packed lunch at the top, something we dubbed our UN ‘Summit Meeting’.

    In Lake Louise (Moose – monstrous carbuncle indeed) I purchased a book about bear attacks. Later that evening, as I read about a group of hikers being torn limb from limb by a rampant Grizzly, I realized the event had taken place in the very campsite we were in, just a couple of years previous.

    We were lucky enough to see bears on several occasions, including a Grizzly catching salmon from a bank in the middle of a river at dusk. Unlike your bear, Moose, ours was frightened by a passer by shining car headlights on it rather than being blown away.

    I feel so lucky to have had these experiences. Waking up in a sleeping bag in four inches of water, setting light to the tent, growing a beard, getting bitten alive by Black Fly, standing on the edge of a glacier, camping wild next to the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, it is all priceless.

    Enough waffle.

    Have a fantastic weekend all.

    Love and Peace


    PS Ogopogo.

    PPS Hairdresser on fire.

    PPPS None more black.

  669. At 09:47 AM on 12 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Happy Friday to you all - yee ha, the weekend cometh!!!!

    To Mrs DD - humungous congrats on the new job! Way to go Mrs D!!!

    Cathmel - my thoughts are with your friend and I hope she finds the strength to make the break - she deserves so much better xx

    TFI Friday!!!!

    jillygoat xx

  670. At 09:48 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Tracey-Ann wrote:

    Moose & Big Un - Good Luck !!!!!!!!

    Gaby - Hello !!!! :) x x x

  671. At 09:49 AM on 12 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Morning All!

    Thinking of Big Un and his meeting today and sending him lots of ++++vibes.
    Cathmel- all you can be is "there" for your friend, she'll make the decision to leave when she can.
    Moose- I get the feeling that whatever the outcome of your espionage in the workplace you'll end up coming out of it ok. You're far too shrewd not to ;)
    Mrs DD big congrats!
    Gaby- welcome back!

    It's the last weekday before our main man comes back HOOOORRRAYYYY!

    As for sauce it's Tommy all the way for me.

    & the Bears

    ps TFIF
    pps co'mon #700!

  672. At 09:51 AM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Anna - you have me rumbled...NOT! Although thinking about it driving in this morning (that's sad sn't it!!!) I did think I might have jumped on them a little too quickly.

    Imagine I'm wrong (yes it does happen...) and Q and M are innocent virgin contributors. they've been lurking for a while (as we all did) and then finally crossed that line of the first post. And then a thumping great moose accuses you of being the Blog Police.

    So, Q & M, if I'm wrong (IF...), then I humbly apologize, welcome you to the blog and sincerely hope you have not been put off by my insensitivity.

    But if you are who I think you are, great!!! Do you have any other sidekicks...I can't believe it's just the two of you covering all 24 hours? Is there a Z or a J or maybe a PPPS hiding out there somewhere too?

    Gaby - hope you have another good day. No thanks to the job in Sales. No offence but it's just not for me. I've worked closely with enough Sales teams for that to be informed opinion...

    Anna - enjoy the trip to the smoke...

    Jill - ah now you see that's where you're wrong. First, there's no-one left to miss me. I don't have a team any more (part of the whole 'situation'). Second, it's my anonymous alter ego that actually turns up at work here. Not me at all.
    Work? Usually in the gap between me posting and Q or M approving it (or not - that is not approving it, or not Q & M, whatever!) and another 20 minutes or so. So usually I can do about 40 minutes work followed by 20 minutes of reading other posts and writing mine. They're getting quite a lot out of me!
    Also, I think writing my book has helped to speed up my typing...if only I wasn't so obsessed with grammar and spelling I could save loads more time on corrections and checking...it's tough being a perfectionist!

    Gaby - no tea thanks. Just the crumpet for me. Well they are almost muffin-like aren't they?

    JoJo - saucy! In our office we came to the conclusion it was more of a north-south divide than a male-female one. With reference to bacon sarnies anyway.
    Me? I'm a brown man down south.

    DD - forgot to say I'm glad there's one Not the Nine O'Clock News fan that was with me. Cheers for that...and Gob On You!


    PS Chocolate chip

  673. At 10:16 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:


    Wild? I was absolutely livid.


  674. At 10:37 AM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Matt - we bagged Sulphur Mountain (and only took the cable car to come DOWN, I might add!). I really don't need any more convincing that you'd love Alaska. You could probably be happy spending the rest of your life in the Denali National Park. I seem to remember there's a nice motel at the entrance to the park with wooden cabins (and hot tubs on the decks outside!! No, it wasn't me. Not in public! Honest guv.)
    Good luck with the writing this weekend - how is it going? I'm not getting on with my editing very well at all at the moment. Just a down patch - probably spending too long on here. Thinking about it, there's no probably in it...

    Must be about time Boa Morte scored a hat-trick?

    How about a little Friday sweepstake, just to help us on the way to 700...?

    It's my weekly weigh-in tonight.
    What will be the change in my weight since last week?
    I measure in kg (hangover from living in Germany) and my scales have one decimal place. Very roughly there are 2.2 pounds in a kg. Last week's weight is the base, we'll call it 0.0
    Only guesses on this blog accepted. Time stamp is proof of being first with a guess. Plus and minus guesses are allowed (I won't be offended). Only 1 guess per blogger.
    First prize to be handed out at the OAMC (has to be done in person...)

    Here are a couple of (maybe) helpful hints...
    - I was 0.1 kg LIGHTER on the last weigh-in before Christmas so I put on 0.1kg over Christmas - I call it a rounding error!
    - I've had man flu this week and apart from swimming on Monday (21 x 50m lengths) and the steam room this morning, I haven't made it to the gym at all.
    - I listened to my Paul McKenna mind bending CD once during the week.

    Good luck!!


  675. At 10:39 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Sammie wrote:

    Morning, morning!!!!

    Hope everyone feels wonderful today - it is Friday after all!!!

    Quick blog today - have sooo much work to do and will be out of the office for 4 days next week! Blimey, don't bosses realise I do have a family that I quite like to see??!!

    Firstly - Hazel Love and Gaby - thought you'd like an update on my dating shenanigans...

    Logged onto v good dating website last nite... (Girlsdateforfree.com - other dating websites are available...) and updated profile, etc. (Been hidden for some time.) Before I know it, seemingly nice chap - my age, only 30 miles away, etc, etc wants to chat. So we do. Only very light stuff - hello, what you doing, that sort of thing, until he offers to drive over, as he thinks he could be with me in 30 mins.... Now, this is 10pm at night!!! Why else would he want to drive over at that time of the night? Yes, you guessed it... so I politely pointed out that there were other sites that people used for 'nsa sex' and that I wasn't interested.

    WELL, he went ballistic! Made out I'd really offended him! But, come on ladies, what would you have thought (and previous experience has taught me something...)? LOL!!!

    My goodness me - what a way to launch myself back onto the internet dating scene!!

    Thankfully, I'm not going out this weekend - not sure I'm ready to meet new people....

    Secondly, as previously referred to - why do bosses think they have a right to EXPECT staff to work evenings and weekends? I have a great job, BUT am a single parent, with a life! I really don't mind working late/weekends occasionally, but why do they set up your diary so that you HAVE to work late/weekends? Case in point: next week - am in Kent Monday, Cheshire Tuesday, London Wednesday AND Thursday!! That leaves Friday for doing all the stuff I need to do, as well as the stuff I'm bound to get on the other days!!! Grrrrrrrr.

    OK - moan over - feel better now :-)

    I'm off - ARF tonight - think I'm going to request '9-5'!! Heehee!!

    Kisses all,


  676. At 10:52 AM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Thanks Gerald the gorilla.

  677. At 11:04 AM on 12 Jan 2007, wilsmar wrote:

    Morning to all.....
    Moose my guess is 1.3kg loss. Unless you advise you have had your hooves and/or antlers clipped? The muffin mania has worried(?) me slightly but I reckon unless you have been eating the humungous muffins from Costco - other wholesalers are readily available - my prediction is definitely for a loss.
    Best of luck with your other efforts to gain the pounds (£)'s!

    Big Un .... up and at em. Best of luck.


  678. At 11:29 AM on 12 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Eh up friendly peeps & shologgers Yippeee All request Friday, He's on is way back !!!

    My my ive just spent 30 mins trying to catch up sorry if i miss you.

    Good Luck to Moose & Gig Un

    joJo I already cut & paste the Maya Angelou thingy, cool init !!

    Cathmel Oh i do hope you can get your mate sorted, were not all like that you know. He's just a chicken, would love to come n help & MEET HIM !!!! OOooo it does wind me up that sort of thing.

    Anna I hope you have a great w/e in the Smoke wi your friend she sounds ace, made me giggle "Ding Dong the witch as gone" LOL

    Sally, just to let you know, i am, NurseMolly Coddle in this yrs Panto in Huddersfield from the 25th, But im male, mid 40's Married 23yrs 2 teen bratz (good kids really) and i love them all.

    Moose, you do right keeping an eye on them 2 Q & M heheheheh
    I think we need help from the audience, so, " If you see anything, will you all shout!!! He's BEHIND YOU !!!!"

    Q & M only havin a laugh welcome to you both if your not BP. If you are BP HeLLLLLLOooooooo

    Well Panto Re went really well, not long now. Got some more props and scenery painted. Its all falling into place now. Only tickets left for opening night. Great should make a nice little sum for the charity.
    Oh and we all had a cheeky couple of golden ones last night, a bit grogy eyed this morn. Got my mate & his Mrs coming round for a drinky poo's and a bite tonight. She is veggie so im not sure what to cook, maybe a pasta a'la sum thing. open to suggetions.

    The Sauce thingy cant remember who asked the Q i think it was JoJo. I must be G** because i like both !! Brown (daddie's) on my bacon buttie and Red on my bag o'chips.

    Must do some work now, before lunch.

    Nurse Moll X

  679. At 11:50 AM on 12 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Gaby - lovely to see you again xx

    Moose - I'll plump (hee hee) for 1.1kg (not sure the pork pie will have helped) but I wish you luck my friend x

    Sammie - I'd have assumed exactly the same as you, to be honest, especially at that time of night. Sounds like you had a lucky escape!

    Don't be discouraged - like Cathmel, you will meet someone who deserves you and who you deserve - I can feel it in me water :-) or that could be the 2 litres of Adam's Ale that I'm trying to plough my way through - actually, can you plough through water?

    jillygoat xx

  680. At 11:54 AM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Kev C
    Never one to miss a recipe request...I make this just about once every week. It's quick, simple and very good...even gave it to the outlaws on Tuesday.

    Load of asparagus spears, cut into 1-2" pieces, boil them for 5-10 mins (depending on how thick they are)
    Meanwhile, loads of rocket into a large bowl. Add chopped garlic, red chillies, grated lemon rind and juice (1 lemon for 2 people), grated parmesan and a good sloosh of EV olive oil.
    Drain the asparagus (keeping water on the boil in the pan!) - slotted spoon required! - and add to rocket mixture.

    Throw spaghetti in the pan to boil (I prefer fresh, but...)
    When al dente, throw it in the bowl, add more EV olive oil, sea salt (other salts are available), freshly ground black pepper.
    Mix everything together well. Add more parmesan on top. Serve.

    We eat as a main course, or you could reduce the quantities for a delish starter...if you're up for a full 3 course jobby!
    Hope you're the kind of cook that doesn't need exact recipes, otherwise this is going to be impossible!

    Good luck

    PS Wilsmar - thanks for the confident opening gambit!

    PPS Anyone see the Fiona Bruce food thingy last night?
    PPPS Must buy some garlic tonight...

  681. At 12:28 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Ooeerrr missus. Our computers all died temporarily this morning - I wonder if it was anything to do with me trying to catch up on the overnight correspondence here ... Hope not or I'm in deep do-do.

    Moose - I predict a loss of 1.7kg (that's what my sister lost at her last weigh in and it sounded good to me).

    Sauce Debate - don't like either type. Could tolerate red on chips if forced to, but as for the other stuff ... Ugh!

    On a similar note where do people stand on fish finger sandwiches? I don't mean on which part of the bread do you put your feet, obviously, but just what is the popular opinion? I think they're a weird concept but 'im indoors swears by thick white bread, loads of butter, grilled fish fingers and lashings of ketchup. Is this a sign of something iffy in his upbringing or am I depriving myself of a rare treat?

  682. At 12:31 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Apologies, I've obviously not been reading closely enough. A lot more of you Pamela/Griff/Mel/Rowan fans out there. Hazel Love - that one's easier to miss written down!!! Where are you today?...hope everything's OK.

    Sammie - I think there's a clue in there somewhere...these are MEN that you are trying to date on the internet, and these bosses are presumably mostly MEN too? Much as I hate to admit it, rather too many of the "males of the species" do appear to be rather:
    - sex obsessed
    - insensitive
    - chauvinist pigs
    - bad bosses
    - stupid
    Present company on this 'ere blog excepted...

    I hate the way most blokes are. Even though a number of my posts probably provide very clear evidence to the contrary, I hope I don't fit ANY of the above descriptions. I may pretend to occasionally but only for comedic effect.
    I think you were probably right to call the bloke on it. You have a high probability in being right about what he was after. Report him to the site. Suggest castration as a punishment.
    As for the bosses...when the revolution comes!!! They'll get their just desserts (or pud or whatever - been there).
    My theory is that, especially in big companies, there is no reward for being a good boss. I try to be, and have never got ANY real recognition or credit for it. In fact the opposite - you get told you are a soft touch, get overlooked for promotion and generally put down and held back. It's hardly surprising that a lot of people give up and stop bothering. My second book is a lot about this sort of stuff in big corporates.

    My solution is to make it illegal for any company to have more than 150 people in it, all in. When you grow to that size you have to split in (at least) 2 new, independent companies. Check out the A.W.Gore company. Although not fully independent, they do it for their business units.

    Why? 150 is the maximum number of people that we can have meaningful relationships with to maintain common goals and purposes, allowing people to act altruistically for the good of the community and restrain selfish greed somewhat. A leader can know all 150 people and they all know her (or maybe him). Above 150 you lose it and the law of the jungle takes over. Greed becomes good. Get to 300,000 people like my place, and it's not surprising what you get...

    Enough ranting now. I'll save it for the book.


  683. At 12:37 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Go on then Moose, I'll have some of that action.

    With the week you've had, Man Flu, job stress, post Christmas/New Year best efforts, etc.

    A loss of half a kilo (1.1 lbs in old money)

    Big Un, Good Luck with your meeting, and I seem to have posted your name twice without anything else on the post, what's the name of that disease thingy!

    DD out

    PS and meets another trucking trucker truckin down the road!!!

    PPS 'Ello John got a new motor!

    PPPS and on and on and on and on and on and on

  684. At 12:50 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Anna Nowt wrong with a fish finger buttie,

    what about this one.
    I like cold Mash and salad cream butties, is this weird ??

    Kev C

    PS gonna have to get lunch now

  685. At 01:14 PM on 12 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Anna Log - nowt wrong with his upbringing and you are indeed depriving yourself of a very rare treat!!!! Fish finger sandwiches are dee-vine!

    Take two slices of buttered white bread, place at least (!) two fish fingers on one slice (for the deluxe version add a few baked beans and a couple of chips) then add tomato ketchup, place 2nd slice of bread on top, press together and enjoy - ooh, I'm positively drooling now!

    Ahem - sadly this is not on my Slimming World healthy eating plan (other diets are available) but oh, more halogen days!

    Moose - I seem to have been a bit mean with my guesstimated weight loss for you, don't I? It's not that I don't have the utmost confidence in you, but suspect the pork pie and G******s could be laying a bit heavy!!!! I hope I'm way, way out x

    jillygoat xx

    PS On subject of jobs/raises etc, I've just been told that I am now going to get my original increase of £2.5k after all - yaaay!!

    PPS Ref the above, I now have a hot date with a fine bottle of Castilla del Diablo tonight (other Merlot is available!!) - you can see why I need the diet, can't you?!!!

  686. At 01:20 PM on 12 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Kev C - sorry, but yes, that is weird!!!!!

    jillygoat xx

  687. At 01:22 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Anna Log
    When I first started work, I had so little cash after buying a car, a suit (just the one!) and a new pair of contact lenses (got them free as a student as I used to offer myself as a guinea pig to the optics students to practice on), that I had £5 to live on one month. I already had 2 boxes of fish fingers and a large bag of sausages in the freezer. The only thing I bought for the month was bread. I ate toast for breakfast, no lunch, and then I used to alternate between sausage and fish finger sandwiches each night. I made it through, but have not had a fish finger sandwich since. And that's got to be 18 years ago now. I've managed to retain the body shape that I acquired during that month, though...

    You've made me all nostalgic for them now. If Mrs Moose is off gallivanting tonight, I might just "treat" myself. After the weigh-in though, just in case people think they need to adjust their guesses! And very definitely with tomato ketchup.
    Your hubby's right about the white bread - I'll need to stop at the local store on the way home.


    PS Am I allowed to join the sweepstake?

  688. At 01:29 PM on 12 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Off work today so i have had plenty of time this morning to catch up on the posts – I have just realised what a bust lot we all are! Thirsty Thursday passed with a few lovely glasses of rioja, unfortunately the pub quiz was not so great!

    Off t make the muffins soon – think I will do banana lemon now (not together in case you were wondering)

    DD – congratulations to Mrs DD.
    BigUn – hope the meeting went well this morning – looking forward to the update on how it went
    JoJo – I am definitely of the red sauce variety, but do prefer mayo with chips! Hate the Brown stuff.
    Cathmel – wishing you all the best to your friend – hope she gets all the strong vibes from us.
    Joannie – will let you know next time I am across in Toronto. Perhaps we can persuade some more to join us!
    Sallycat – welcome (slightly belated)

    Will check in later this afternoon – Happy Friday to one and all


  689. At 01:30 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Tiggy wrote:

    hey bloggers!

    Kev C, thought mash sandwiches were just me, hubby thinks I'm mad!
    Also, love fish finger butties, thick bread, butter, fish fingers and lashings of red sauce (my preference all the time, hubby's is brown so I guess we buck the trend as a couple)

    Last show tonight before CLP is back, if he can drag himself away from his new laydee that is!

    Tiggy xxx

  690. At 01:33 PM on 12 Jan 2007, annie b wrote:

    Hello one and all, thank you for the kind words of welcome to a new member.

    Think I overdid the Thirsty Thursday thingy last night - feel a bit grim today. My detox didn't last past day 8 when sister turned up with good news and a bottle !

    Felt like I had a good excuse, had a training day here at work - got a mini promotion as a colleague is off to the 'big smoke' at the end of the month and I have been landed with his job, overseeing the cr*****st project ever ! Still only for a few months I am being regionalised (does it hurt ?) and finish here end March anyway.

    Don't think much of todays sandwich choice, fish fingers yuk but cold mash even yukkier !! Makes my choice of today (prawn mayo) seem positively pedestrian.

    Do like the sound of the pasta dish tho' asparagus one of my abs. faves

    Anyway, onward and upward - more training calling

  691. At 01:35 PM on 12 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Oops – forgot to add fish finger sandwiches are great – even better with a hangover!

  692. At 01:35 PM on 12 Jan 2007, marshie wrote:

    Good day to everyone.

    Have just popped home for lunch to blog!!! (very limited internet access at work) Too dull.

    Notice period is going very slowly but am instigating topics for general discussion and distracting colleagues all over the place, am having a lot of fun now!

    Moose, sending you a huge hug for being a good boss, you will be recognised one day when everyone realises that bad bosses need to outed, they may look very effecient, dynamic and all that but they just upset people and really unhappy people just leave and it ends up costing more to replace and train them!!

    I'm sure you will continue to be a good boss as it isn't in you to be any other. I agree with your point about not allowing companies to get too big. It makes perfect sense and perhaps the same principle should be used for the EU?? Can 27 countries really know each other and make decisions that blanket all? Was 6 or 7 originally enough?

    Will hopefully catch up and read the rest of the blog later, it does feel strange reading it at the end of the day, almost like most people have gone by then.

    Hurray for Friday and the weekend

    Marshie xx

  693. At 01:37 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Sorry Kev C but that is very weird. No offence meant.

  694. At 01:41 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Nothing strange about fish finger sarnies!

    However, what's with chips with cheese on, and then (sorry, JOJO) covered in ketchup. (We call these sinister fries)!

    However after a few beers they are as good as a kebab, and you don't drop the salad!!!

    DD out

  695. At 01:42 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Kev C - I like most stuff but I have to agree with jillygoat. Cold mash and salad cream I understand completely. Just don't put it in a sandwich...

    Used to go out to Holland a lot on business. You'd like it there. For lunch they would eat bread with chocolate sugar strands (or banana or whatever flavour - they had hundreds of flavours of hundreds and thousands).
    But the crowning glory was when I saw someone have a cake sandwich. Now that may bring different pictures to mind for some (where is Cake? has anyone seen her in the New Year?) but I mean 2 slices of bread, thickly buttered, with a giant slab of fruit cake in between...

    So Kev, are you Bergkamp in disguise, are you Ber..ergkamp in disguise?


  696. At 01:57 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Anyone think I'm trying too hard for the 700???

    - congrats on the pay rise. Enjoy the merlot. What wine goes best with fish finger sandwiches?
    - and don't feel bad about your guess. I think everyone has been VERY generous. TOO generous probably.


  697. At 01:59 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Nicki wrote:

    Hi all,

    Just thought I would drop a little note - thank doo dah its Friday! can't wait to get out of here.

    Just a note to Anna Log - I don't think its wise to stand on a fish finger sandwich, I tried it once, it took ages to get it out of the shag pile! however this was years ago and have now been veggie for years so no fear of doing that again.

    I have to say I agree with Moose 100% re company size, I have in the past worked for very large corporation and I feel was a good boss, hardworking and reliable but due to the magnitude of the company became virtually invisible, I now work for a much smaller company where I am allowed to be 'bigger' if that makes sense? By the way in Chesham, and no, haven't found any avilable male folk (possibly 'cos not looking) but the law of averages says there must be at least 1 or 2 surely.

    On the subject of bigger I'm predicting a loss in weight of anything between 1 and 1.5 kgs.

    And Not the NineO'clock News was a stonker (this is a good thing)

    Also please don't think I'm being cheeky as have not directly blogged to either of you before, just being frendli.

    Take care

  698. At 02:05 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Hallo totally gorgeous everyone!

    All request Friday...can I have another drink please?

    All the systems todally crashed man, and have only now just un-crashed. Been missing you all this morning, and now you're all well into the afternoon!

    Anyway, thought I'd better check in before I catch up on this todays japes and jollities...although I already spy the return of the Gabster, hoorah!

    Dans une heure

    ps lemon trees my dear Watson

  699. At 02:08 PM on 12 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    Moose..... -1.4kg Good luck!

  700. At 02:15 PM on 12 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Moose - fruitcake sandwich - that pretty much sums up this masseeev blog doesn't it?!!!

    Not sure I'd waste a good fruit cake like that but there's no accounting for taste, as this blog will testify!

    I really hope the return of the Blogmeister steers us away from the subject of food - it's not helping the diet any.

    I'm off to have my very low fat yoghurt now - yay.

    jillygoat xx

    PS Does anyone else like eating cold tinned rice pudding? Oh, oh heaven ........ it has to be eaten out of the tin for maximum bliss effect)

  701. At 02:21 PM on 12 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Moose - 2lbs old money


  702. At 02:24 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Sammie wrote:


    Thanks matey - made me smile lots!!!


    Jillygoat - glad you agree too! I'm not completely losing the plot then! Couldn't believe the guys cheek at the reverse psychology trick of being indignant!!!

    I have a phrase that describes what the guy wanted and the consequences.... "gratuitous sex cycle". Like it? It means having sex with someone to feel better about yourself - e.g. that you're wanted, but in actual fact you feel crappy about yourself for going down that road, which makes you do it all the more...Thinking of patenting it... Nothing wrong with it - if that's your bag - but it's not mine (and, by the way, if it was, I have had many offers....). Also, am very well aware there's probably another name for it - either a laymans term or full on psychological name, but I like mine!!

    S xx.

  703. At 02:36 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Welcome home Hazel!

    Annie B - warning the asparagus and rocket is addictive! Almost as addictive a sthe blog.


  704. At 02:39 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Anyone ever had poutine? Joannie - I bet you have. You can even get it in McDonalds in Quebec. Chips with gravy and cheese on top as far as I remember...

    Not to be confused with very strong Irish moonshine that makes you go blind.


  705. At 02:50 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    When should I get there? 5 mins after they come out the oven is my preferred timing - still warm but reduced mouth burning danger.

    Might influence the result of the weigh-in...

  706. At 02:54 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Nicki wrote:

    Hi again all
    Just had to add my personal fave flaves as it were (is)

    Chips - Its got to be Mayo, or if hungry Cheese or if very hungry both.

    Red sauce - yuk
    Brown sauce - even more yuk and possibly the work of the devil along with sprouts and beetroot.

    Cold mash - IMHO only any good for bubble

    However a real fave is Cheesy Peas, I know this used to appear on a comedy show (was it the Fast Show?) but they are truly yummy.

    I know I've been away for a while, but it seems no one tried my castle sleeping experiment, a person could begin to think they are getting the cold blogder (nearest I could get to shoulder)
    Have a fab week end

  707. At 03:02 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Jennie (from the blog) wrote:

    Dear all,

    sorry for being absent - you have been busy!

    today is my last day in the office! I will be unemployed from this evening (well strictly on gardening leave but whos arguing?)

    Matt FR - I would love to gate crash the OAMC if you are Mulberry bound. (one of my locals along with the white horse of course) although strictly the Merry Harriers is my Local - since i live immediately next door - but a sometimes need a break from the "warm beer and lousy food"

    keep us updated!

    will look in on monday - when i eventually wake up! hurrah

    Love Jennie (from the blog)

  708. At 03:10 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Who is 700?

    DD out

    PS Hedgehog Sandwich

    PPS Mash sandwich mmmmmmmm

  709. At 03:12 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    As a confirmed veggie for the past 17 years I feel a bit left out of these guilty pleasure snack chats. In fact, my claim to fame, even as someone who discovered beer at a fairly tender age, is that

    I have never eaten a kebab.

    And never will.

    However, cold pizza with the slightest hint of salad cream always goes down a treat.

    As does Marmite, applied in chocolate spread fashion, on a hunk of freshly baked granary bread.

    Moose. Mrs MfR and I are driving from Seattle to San Francisco and onto Las Vegas in June. We know Seattle, SF and the desert areas towards Vegas, but not much about Washington state, Oregon or northern California. Any tips would be welcome!


    PS OU812

    PPS Can't remember a Boa hatrick. WH 1 - FFC 2 (Montella/McBride)

  710. At 03:23 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Keith - hope they sat up and took notice! I do a 40hr week anyway, usually with no breaks to speak of, so about 45 in reality, and I think I'm hard done by! You really shouldn't be doing longer hours, and you should have an assistant at the very least! Here's hoping it went your way hon!

    Moose - there is WAY too much for me to catch up with you! Suffice to say 0.8kg loss. Soggy? Muffins? Custard? Soggy Muffins? and Custard?


    Sammie - been somewhere similar, didn't do it! You had a good escape. There are always going to be nasty chancers. Don't forget, if someone really wants to meet you, they'll make proper arrangements, and they shouldn't mind if you bring a friend with you too.

    cathmel - all big love to your friend babe.

    Fish finger sarnies. Have to say, have had these for tea twice recently. White bread, anchor butter, at least six ff's inbetween slices, and a puddle of red sauce for dobbing in.
    The mash and salad cream concoction sounds like something you invent when you have b*ggerall else in the house to eat...
    I, myself have had a mixture of weetabix (other high fibre cereals are available), bisto (likewise gravy browning), and lemon meringue pie mix. Had I had eggs and or milk, I probably would have made the meringue pie, but there you go.

    jillygoat - fab news about your rise! HOORAH! Still none on mine! I have to say I've been looking at job ads, but it might be coz I'm a bit low at the mo missing the boy, that everything else seems pants! Still, it don't hurt to look!

    anna - can't remember which posts, but I've laughed out loud (much to the chagrin of my colleague) at some of your posts. ah! are you on-line asking. That's the one.

    Littlest Hobo - am currently looking at a view of Burrard Bridge taken at 17.25 on 11th Jan. I'm going to add the katkam to my faves so I can enjoy your fair city too. It's sounding way too idyllic!

    wilsmar - many thanks for that. Without your valiant batting efforts, my strive for victory would have been for nothing! Have you thought about opening for England?

    Joannie - have a good rest this weekend...you've sure earned one!

    MfR - knew you weren't far away. We call ourselves the Auditors.

    Red or brown? Depends what with. I am nothing if not decisive.

    The wind continues loud and hard.

    lucky seven

    ps Mr Balowski

    pps Gaby - you will have to see Matron coz you have to sign the book to say you've got it back.

  711. At 03:32 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:


    I do now you've pointed it out.

  712. At 03:39 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Moose - I hope you have already posted for 700!

    The irony if this one makes it!

    :o) Jo

  713. At 03:41 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    ...and Sammie, there is a very good layman's term for it. It begins with d and ends with ickhead. It means that the thinking is done in a different party of the body from usual and is often the result of a brain deficiency. That is, a complete lack of brain cells.


  714. At 03:46 PM on 12 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    afternoon - boo, my friend is poorly so having to postpone the big smoke trip.... hope she gets better soon.

    But on the plus side i do atleast get to blog again today! cool.

    Moose, that recipe is a definate winner. Going to try this weekend. Re the weightloss - 2Lb defo, whatever that is in old money ;o)

    Anna Log - Fish sarnies, sorry - not feeling it. And Frankly Kev C, thats just wierd.

    Jillygoat - well done on the handling of your work situ. a raise well deserved.

    Must tidy house as here all weekend, wish i had a cleaner!


  715. At 03:55 PM on 12 Jan 2007, lyndyloo wrote:

    I need a moan!

    Someone has sneaked into my front porch and stolen 4 jackets! What is it with people? (All of you on here excluded) I shouldn't have to lock myself in my oen home in order to protect myself from theives!

    Not Happy!

  716. At 03:58 PM on 12 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Oh moose so near yet so far – 701. Lets hope you can do 800 or even be the first to respond to C on Monday!

    Sorry – I may have missed you at the door, 5 mins after the muffins came out the oven. On the slim chance of there being any left by Thursday I could bring one to the OAMC for you, but cannot guarantee freshness by then!

    Anyone heard from BigUn yet following his meeting?????

  717. At 03:58 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    I feel really special. Got 701, 702 AND 703!!!! Isn't it strange that on here my missives arrive just too tardily, while in real life they seem to spurt out prematurely? More garlic is the only answer...

    Congratulations to Sammie...and thank you - at least I was mentioned in #700 - that's got to be something!!!

    Cathmel - I think that means you've got 0.9kg...

    Nicki - you'll have to be more specific if you want the prize. Big assumption that you'll want the prize. Anyway 1.1 and 1.3 already taken...

    All entries accepted up to the point I post the result...probably about 8pm.


    PS Hey Q & M - who's on duty this afternoon? Hi there whoever it is!!!

  718. At 04:01 PM on 12 Jan 2007, AS wrote:

    Oh dear Moose - 701-702-703 - God loves a tryer. Commiserations to you!

    Well done Sammie the big 7-0-0!!!

  719. At 04:07 PM on 12 Jan 2007, dogwithnobrain wrote:

    hey Moose.

    Here's my tuppenth worth... 8 lb old money.

    No probs.

    Sandwich......Bacon, Strawberry Jam, and Ketchup, but the ketchup has to be on one side, and the Jam on the other, and neither should meet, but the Bacon should experience both of them.


    When in Hangover mode : Salt and Vinegar Crisp sandwich

    My Daughters (yeuk) Pea Sandwich, with Tomato Sauce.


    Check this out, for really freaky pictures..... They are cool, but they freaked me a bit.

    Have a great weekend ..... See You All On Monday..... and THANK GAWD HE'S BACK!!!


  720. At 04:07 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:

    Ho hum

    I thought I was a dead cert for 700 but my post appears to have been terminated. Unless its being held back for dramatic effect.

    Hazel. Don't get me started on TYO!

    Neil, Neil, orange peel, will we ever see you again?


  721. At 04:17 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Anna Log wrote:

    Ohhhh Moose #701 - Missed it by one again.

    P'rhaps the next big one ... if we make 800 by the time Mr E gets back or before the whole blog thing spontaneously combusts in a flurry of nice thoughts, good vibes, sleepless nights, gale force winds, work stuff, assorted coloured sauces, muffins, fish fingers and fruit cake sandwiches.

    I did read that right didn't I? Fruit cake sandwiches??? That's truly strange. But I do like a nice banana and brown sugar toastie. Why can't I stop thinking of food?

  722. At 04:35 PM on 12 Jan 2007, wilsmar wrote:

    Good evening all, well actually it isn't as the sky's getting quite scary here - currently changing from mid blue to inky black ...... See you all in Oz and bring some red shoes (and perhaps some flesh coloured pressure stockings) for the return flight.

    Ms Love, sadly I do not have the keys to the bar the England cricketers (sic!!) have been frequenting so am unable to take up your offer to open for them - would be available for their next vacation in the Windies though. Fancy a return trip to the Bridgetown Oval - but can I be the sub and I'll wait with the locals in the Bajan stand. Pure madness!!

    I wonder if Mr E will "sponsor" a Country for the year and learn the language/eat the food etc as he mentioned in a November blog?

    Mr Moose - strange you asked about CAKE as I thought I would put a call out for her too and was going to ask if you had seen her when purchasing muffins?

    Also Charis' mum - where are you Susan S? Hope you and family are OK and the ME isn't the cause of your absence.

    Safe journey home people.

  723. At 04:35 PM on 12 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Well done jillygoat 700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bad luck moose I got 701!


  724. At 04:37 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Oh Dear Moose missed on #700 and you tried so hard. AAaawwwwwww
    Not to worry there is always 800 to go for or maybe the MAGIC 1000
    Ive never been to Holland, although Ive eaten a few of their PIE's. I must add I do like a Banana buttie, 2 slices of buttered bread slice the banana then place nicely on 1 slice of said bread sprinkle with a little sugar add top slice of bread, Yum Yummy.
    Moose i think i might try the asp & rock tonight, will let you know how it goes.

    Annie B didn't realise you were new welcome, Hugs x

    My have i been busy this aft, only 1 hr to go and then the weekend is all mine, a couple of cheeky ones and some nice nosh. I might even give Mrs C a bit of a cuddle later (wink wink) I just dont seem to see her these days with the Panto thingy going on.

    Whats this i hear about our leader and a new girlie, Ive not seen anything anywhere. Whats she like ???

    Cheers for the weekend !!

    Nurse Moll

  725. At 04:41 PM on 12 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Afternoon bloggers,

    What a day! I am an emotional wreck ;-(

    I had the meeting this morning and I have to say it went very well, my report was well received and I got some really good positive vibes from all except one of the members (well there is always one). My biggest shock was the verbal support I got form one certain individual who I have to say had certainly done his homework and was very, very supportive of the way I have conducted myself and the value my effort at work had been to the organisation! I do not mind telling you it made me blush. I felt like giving him a standing ovation at the end ;-)

    They asked what I wanted and I said to work a 40 hour week (This week will be closer to 60 by the time I leave to go home tonight plus another 10 hours travelling).

    The upshot of it all is that they had nominated a three person team to conduct a full survey of working practices and report back with the findings and possible solutions required to support me. I have been asked to hold ff my resignation and give them a chance to make the changes……………….I played it cool and said I would have to think about it over the weekend and get back to them on Monday!

    I left the meeting felt like fainting. Most of the tension was of my own making but the adrenaline rush has been a real buzz.

    A big THANKYOU to all of you who have sent me messages of support and good wishes they did and still do mean a lot……THANKS!!


    P.S. right now all I have to do is today’s work? Guess what it can wait until Monday I think there is a bottle of red and a gin or two with my name on it! ;-))

    P.P.S moose 3kg ;-) I have faith!

  726. At 04:42 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Oh Mooooooooose! Never mind hon. We're nearly at 800 soon....and by the way, re 703 (at the moment) see 646 - 'being left to cool to optimum temperature to avoid mouth burn risk' is possibly where you were headed. Either way, YOU BE CAREFUL YOUNG MAN!

    ***!!!!!!!! WELL DONE CATHMEL !!!!!!!!***

    la la la la la la la etc etc

    Prof Plum - I was surprised to receive delivery of a rather smart pair of sports socks yesterday evening. I imagine they must have been returned to the insurance company by a disgruntled customer. They are a 6-9 though, so I will only be able to use them for bedsocks rather than the aforementioned sports. The Carriage Clock was delivered to a neighbour who sold it on ebay.

    Nicki - !!! I had all intentions of doing the the castle thing last night, but by the time I went to bed I was relatively plastered what with celebrating Mrs Dissings job offer...so I didn't. There is always tonight though Josephine...

    On another note, I know you're all there, so...

    Well bloggang, I'd like to say thank you to you ALL for keeping me partway sane this week...I've been a bit low to be honest. Loads of reasons why, and I'm feeling all sorry for myself and right miz. I've called some friends last night so see what they are all up to later, and they're all doing stuff, but not me. The thing that upsets me about that is that I'll always keep in touch with anyone if I know they are on their own, if only to make sure they're ok, but it don't seem to work both ways. Perhaps they all think I'm busy doing something else.


    Thank you for listening. It wasn't a rant by the way, although I do feel a bit better for getting it off my chest (even without the aid of a shockblaster). I'll be fine. It's just one of those things I guess...I think I shall make my lamb and squash recipe this eve. Yummy comfort food - and I'm not giving any away wooo ha ha ha etc

    quelque chose

    ps It fell down the stairs sir

  727. At 04:44 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Oh I forgot
    You must try the Mash Sarnie and smear salad cream on top, try it "you never know you might just like it " It sounds daft but really nice.

    Note To All
    No offence taken by the way,

    Oh Dorothy the cleaner here, with a nice cuppa n a muffin. I think Im going to have to join Moose on his diet.
    Moose 1lb 6oz not sure what that is in decimal !!

    Nurse Moll

  728. At 04:54 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Anna Awwwww babes, never mind open a nice red sit back n relax. Maybe you could try a mashNcream buttie !!
    Enjoy your weekend and send warm hugs to bestest mate in smoke.

    Nursie X

  729. At 04:55 PM on 12 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Are the BP in action again……or are they being slow sifting through all the posts on a Friday afternoon. I cannot believe there are no updates in over an hour. Perhaps Q or M are back on the scene.

    Off to play my 1st ever game of squash this evening – will I regret it? I will have a bottle of the red stuff ready (& I don’t mean ketchup) for when I get back as I think I may need it.

    Moose tried to post earlier re the muffins but the BP may have stolen it – sorry if I missed you knocking at the door – if any are left by the OAMC then I will bring some along, but cannot guarantee freshness

    Have a good weekend all – will try and check in if I can before Monday


  730. At 04:57 PM on 12 Jan 2007, wilsmar wrote:

    Don't know what's the matter with me today but I'm like the hiccups - you can't get rid of me....

    Mr DD - congrats to Mrs DD and hope her head is fully recovered..... also re who's 700 ... I think the Face of Boe is millions of years old (allegedly) but it could be The Doctor as I know he's definitely knocking up the years now.

    P.S. Speaking of Doctors..... has the good Dr Mc returned from his trip yet or was he hijacked at the border for his specimens.

    Will try to go on a blog diet and restrict usage... Till the next one.

  731. At 05:08 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Last one before I go home...

    anna - cathmel already got 2 lbs - share the prize or vote again, up to you!

    Matt - how much time have you got? We did a 3 week holiday. Flew into Portland. Drove a sort of figure of 8. Down the Oregon Coast - Cannon Beach (great hot tub) down to Pacific City (great micro brew called the Pelican Inn - and although no hot tub, I have distinctly good memories of the morning after the night before and running on the beach afterwards. Where I got the energy from I have no idea! That beer must be seriously good stuff) to Gold River (boat trip up the river worth doing) to Crescent City, then up through the interior of Oregon - Oregon Caves are a must see (nice lodge), loads more fossils and lava caves around Bend (yes it really is called Bend, because there is a bend in the river)and stuff to Mount Hood (nice lodge at the top with very nice own wine). Great micro brew called something about Horses.. Red Horse or Big Horse maybe??? in Hood River. Then on to Mt St Helens, Mount Rainier (nice lodge) and Seattle (Pike Place market - FISH!, and great coffee). Across to the San Juan Islands - if you like Vancouver Island, you'll like the San Juan's too. Then back across the water and around the Washington coast - Olympic National Park, back to Portland...phew.

    Sammie - sorry was premature again with the congrats, which move to jillygoat for now...but I still get a mention!!!!
    Or did that post of mine get nicked ? - might have done, was a bit close to the bone.

    Food. Cold pizza a particular fave. I will even leave some pizza to go cold to enjoy for breakfast the next day. Yes to cold rice pudding out of the tin. Works with beans too. Had cold leftover chinese on Wednesday night - that was surprisingly acceptable too.

    Try a peanut butter, marmite AND cheese sandwich (cream cheese works best out of the tube). Or bacon and peanut butter - think I've recommended that before on here...bit of a satay kind of thing going on.

    Got to go in case I'm on mooselet duty tonight.
    Will try hard not to eat anything before the weigh-in. I rather suspect that Dissing Dave is going to be closest as he predicted the smallest weight loss.


  732. At 05:30 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Littlest Hobo wrote:

    Good Morning from Vancouver and a good evening to all back in Blighty,

    Hazel Love-I live but a three minute walk from the Burrard Bridge, a few streets east of where it is located. Each day, I enjoy the majestic view and soak in the tranquil beauty that surrounds me. Nature has always inspired me and living here has heightened that further. I hope that, even though it may be a webcam, something of the splendour is sufficiently conveyed. Enjoy.

    Moose- In a roaringingly strange coincidence, I had poutine for lunch yesterday. For the uninitiated, this is the most delicious combination of chips, thick gravy and cheese curds. To say it is piquant is understating the tantalising pleasures of the French Canadian treat. The finest of all the poutine is to be found in Quebec, but in Vancouver, there is a Belgian/French place that makes superb poutine. Delicious. May have to traet myself to some more today...

    Matt From Rudgwick-I was in Banff in December. Sulphur Moutain, an afternooon dog sledding, a horse drawn sleigh ride, some fine beverages by a roaring fire and the opulent, salubrious surroundings of my hotel, the Banff Springs, are just a few of the great things we did. The Canadian Rockies, as you rightly point out, are truly spectacular and inspiring on many levels.

    What a true delight it is to hear fellow contributors appreciating such fine things. To the most recent new contributors, I wish a hearty and sincere welcome to this fine forum.

    So, another weekend gallops towards us with all kinds of confidence. -8 here in Vancouver today but nothing a nip of Oban at lunch won't sort out.

    Good Day to you all

    Dr T

  733. At 05:39 PM on 12 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    I have retrieved this as it would appear the BP have a problem with it and so many of you have been asking for an update. I first sent this at around 4pm so I guess there is a chance it will be on here twice….so what! ;-)

    Afternoon bloggers,

    What a day! I am an emotional wreck ;-(

    I had the meeting this morning and I have to say it went very well, my report was well received and I got some really good positive vibes from all except one of the members (well there is always one). My biggest shock was the verbal support I got form one certain individual who I have to say had certainly done his homework and was very, very supportive of the way I have conducted myself and the value my effort at work had been to the organisation! I do not mind telling you it made me blush. I felt like giving him a standing ovation at the end ;-)

    They asked what I wanted and I said to work a 40 hour week (This week will be closer to 60 by the time I leave to go home tonight plus another 10 hours travelling).

    The upshot of it all is that they had nominated a three person team to conduct a full survey of working practices and report back with the findings and possible solutions required to support me. I have been asked to hold ff my resignation and give them a chance to make the changes……………….I played it cool and said I would have to think about it over the weekend and get back to them on Monday!

    I left the meeting felt like fainting. Most of the tension was of my own making but the adrenaline rush has been a real buzz.

    A big THANKYOU to all of you who have sent me messages of support and good wishes they did and still do mean a lot……THANKS!!


    P.S. right now all I have to do is today’s work? Guess what it can wait until Monday I think there is a bottle of red and a gin or two with my name on it! ;-))

    P.P.S moose 3kg ;-) I have faith!

    P.P.P.S Jillygoat……700!! :-). Moose I think that is you complain about a post before number 700 and you can get it deleted you may move to 700……a dirty trick but it might just work! :-))

  734. At 05:42 PM on 12 Jan 2007, wilsmar wrote:

    My previous comment "can't get rid of me" was because I had sent a message shortly before -and it appears to have been zapped....... I was responding to Miss Love's suggestion that I open for England. Nothing in it to suggest ambiguity - well I did refer to England having a cricket team, perhaps it was stopped for legal reasons.

    Oh well!
    In the words of Jim Trott and his mate Owen
    NO NO NO NO NO NO - Oh b*gger!

    P.S. Moose strange you should put the call out for CAKE as I was going to ask where she was and had wondered if you had seen her on one of your muffin purchasing trips?

    Where's Charis' Mum - Susan S hope you and the family are well - also not the ME causing your absence.

    Take care on your journey home.

  735. At 06:16 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Littlest Hobo wrote:

    Good morning from Vancouver and good evening to all back in Blighty,

    Sadly, I seem to have been censored by the so called 'Blog Police'. Well, I shall not be disheartened and shall try once again to pen my original thoughts.

    Hazel Love- I live but a three minute walk from the Burrard Bridge, three streets along on the same side as the camera location. The view from my living room is much the same as you see. Such natural beauty and tranquil surroundings consistently inspire me and remind me why I make this fair city home. I can but hope that the serenity, majesty and beauty is, in some small part, conveyed through the image.

    Moose- Poutine, for me, is one of the finest foods to come out of Quebec. For the uninitiated, this is chips and gravy topped with liberal lashings of cheese curds. Fattening, filling, warming, delicious poutine. Though the very best is to be found in Quebec, here in Vancouver there is a Belgian/French place that makes a pretty good poutine. That does it, I am having poutine for lunch this very day, then a quick one at the local. Rude not to.

    Matt From Rudgwick-Having been in Banff in December, I can but echo your sentiments. Dog sledding, mountain walks, all manner of wildlife, delightful potations by a roaring fire and the honour of staying in the salubrious surroundings of the Banff Spring Hotel. Luxury indeed. Few places can offer the rugged majesty of the Canadian Rockies and I read with fondness your cherished memories of time spent there.

    So, another weekend gallops towards us with all kinds of confidence. To all contributory newcomers, I offer the most hearty of welcomes to this fine forum of folks. To each and every one of you, I proffer my best wishes for a fine weekend and I shall raise my customary toast at my local to friends back in Blighty.

    Good day to you

    Dr T

  736. At 06:26 PM on 12 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:

    Hi All

    Well that's my Sauce Theory out of the window, incidentally ....
    Moose - I'm a brown girl from the norf recently moved darn sarf! Your weight loss probably 1.2kg, mostly water at this early stage.

    TOP TIP TO ACHIEVE WEIGHTLOSS WHEN ATTENDING WEIGH IN - If you've had a 'bad week' - Remove heavy jewellery winter clothes, and have a hair cut and some waxing to help reach your target'! HEY, do I sound like I'm talking from experience...........


    If I win the weight competition, Blueberry for me please.

    Recommended wine with fish finger sandwiches, try a nice South African Chenin Blanc.

    KevC - weird about the mash thing, but just might try it!

    Cheese and Beetroot sandwiches - Special!

    Fancy applying for a BP job - what qualifications do I need, and how well does it pay?


    JoJo x

  737. At 06:37 PM on 12 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:

    BigUn - BigUp!

  738. At 06:44 PM on 12 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    hazel, there's a take-a-way and a glass of vin rouge in my kitchen with your name on it. If you cant get up to Notts. (I know - its a tad far, and too short notice!) then bear in mind that i will be indulging in said takeaway and vin rouge at 8pm and will think of you. Maybe not physical company but its nice to be thought of if nothing else.

    BigUn - well done you, just dont let the adrenalin rush wear you out!

    Lyndyloo - :o( people have no respect or care these days do they. [hugs]

    Tracy-Ann - hi.

    ordering the takeaway - cant remember if you are veggie or not Hazel?? Will get a selection and some prawn crackers. There is a white in the fridge in case you prefer that!


  739. At 06:55 PM on 12 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Good evening friends xx

    Gale really is out in force in central Scotland tonight!

    Moose - I'm going to be controversial and say you will have gained 0.5kg, and it's got nothing to do with you not acknowledging me......I'm not taking it personally honest! :-)

    Gaby - Thank you for my msg, you are such a kind and thoughtful person xx

    Hazel - If I lived nearer I would be cooking your favourite dish for you xx {{{hug}}}

    Fishfinger sandwiches - Yummy...white bread, lurpak butter, as many fish fingers you can fit on the slice of bread, salad cream or mayo!

    Cold rice, cold baked beans, cold pizza also like cold peas and cold harricot (spelling?) beans - we call them butter beans in Scotland!

    Now onto the mashed potato sandwich - I agree cold mash with salad cream doesn't do anything for me, however, what I do enjoy is - one slice of bread toasted on one side, mashed potato (preferably with spring onions mixed through) spread on the untoasted side topped with grated cheese and popped back under the grill! season accordingly with whatever tickles your taste buds. very tasty trust me :-)

    Off to do my weekly pampering session!

    Have a nice evening one and all.
    Lots of love
    Mary xx

    ps. Moose - If I win I nominate Hazel to collect my prize as on this occasion I will be unable to attend the OAMC shin dig :-)

  740. At 07:51 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hello peeps.
    So much to catch up on. Q & M must have been very busy this afternoon to take so long....let's be generous. Let's also hope they are still there and haven't been fired for joining in!

    First and foremost - well done BigUn. Enjoy your weekend, and I know you did the right thing leaving the work until Monday.

    Hi to everyone else...I may come back with some more musings and individual responses, but I'm starving having waited til after the weigh-in to eat. Then I weighed-in and thought I'd better let you know first, so I could kill for a fish finger sandwich right now....

    So the big news is that this week's jackpot is a rollover. The pork pie and the muffin won the day. Maybe I'm suffering from water retention.
    Whatever - I have GAINED!!! And not a rounding error but a whole and entire 1.0kg! oops and sorry for misleading everyone into thinking it would be a loss. Still, at least there's a nice high base for next week's competition...

    Technically, I suppose Dissing Dave wins as I think he had the lowest loss prediction.

    Fish finger, fish finger, fish finger....


  741. At 07:59 PM on 12 Jan 2007, JO wrote:

    BLOGGING FOR ENGLAND............ - Home Alone Naturally!

    Can anyone tell me why there isn't anything decent on TV in January? Will need to visit the DVD rental jobby this weekend if this carries on, can anyone recommend a recent good comedy or feel good movie to warm the cockles?

    8.00 pm - Cheers Hazel, and Anna, I've opened the white stuff.


    JoJo x

  742. At 08:33 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    anna and Mary, thank you SO much. XXXXXXXX You've made me cry, you absolute horrors. Isn't it daft how just a few kind words can set you off sometimes...?

    ...and anna, how spooky? I ended up getting takeaway to have with my vin rouge, after I went to the supermarket, and bought all the makings for said lamb thingie, so decided to do lamb thingie tomorrow! Great minds obviously think alike! Thank you for the invite by the way, may take you up on it another day!

    In the meantime, it must be all the happy vibes, a friend has just called to invite me (well us, but the boy is still away...sob!) to a 'small gathering' at his house tomorrow evening. Of course I shall go dahlings...can't let my public down!

    ...and hooray, the boy has just telephoned...had to not be crying for that though...and we'll be seeing each other again on Sunday night! YAY and more YAY!!! Have told him I'll save him a warm spot if he's not here before I go to bed...

    I'm feeling much more betterer now, bless you all, nice and warm and fuzzy...and I haven't even had a glass yet!


    Oooooooooooooooh!!!! Congratulations jillygoat! xxxxxxxxx

    ps Neil...your bedroom's on fire

  743. At 08:41 PM on 12 Jan 2007, DWNB wrote:

    Big Un.

    Go You! Excellent. What a boost to your moral that must have been. But really think carefully before you jump back in.... although it does sound like they really are looking to change.

    My husband had the same thing happen to him, was over worked, over looked and under paid ... when he handed in his noticed they wheeled him in, offered him a 9.-4.30 position, with "conditions", a managerial role, and a raise. He went to discuss it with a good friend of his in the company - a different section - and discovered that the managerial role was his mate's!!! Nuff Said.

    that said... You have a good weekend.

    See You All Monday.

  744. At 09:13 PM on 12 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Sorry if I gave the impression of ignoring you....I certainly won't any more as you are clearly the most insightful out of everyone here!!! I guess it's sometimes a timing thing - our posts crossing tonight being a great example...
    Congratulations on winning the prize. It will go to Hazel as requested.

    Hazel - bet you're looking forward to that!!! I'll bring a spoon too.

    I have to admit that I found the fish finger sandwich a shallow and unsatisfying experience tonight. Just goes to show what can happen when your expectations are too high. Could be another 18 years before I go there again.
    The bourbon and coke (cola that is, just to clarify...) is going down a treat though and somewhat making up for it. Maybe after another I'll be totally there. Might even pass out and forget that I'm home alone again :-(
    I sound depressed but I'm just tired...
    Sleep well all.

  745. At 10:06 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Well done Keith...best of luck for Monday hon!

    Night night Moose. I'm still on the vin atm in the absence of any JD in the house!

    Good night beautiful people

    ps + + + redo from start + + +

  746. At 11:30 PM on 12 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Good evening friends,

    wow - you have been so busy ablogging today - I will need to catch up first thing - and quick : )

    I tried to speed read - but it was no good - will have to recap tomorrow. Been a long day and eyes are closing.

    All I will say for now is I am sending love and hugs to those of you who could do with some.

    ....and am also sending some to those who don't need it but would like it anyway...


    ps Bring me sunshine, in your smiles

    pps bien sur

    ppps a dry sherry in the drawing room please Mr Hudson....yes, mi lady

    pppps hey big spender

    ppppps and it's goodnight from me....and it's goodnight from him......goodnight



  747. At 12:23 AM on 13 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Hazel love - you are never on your own with the blogging family and there is always a warm welcome and glass of wine waiting for you at chez moi

    a bientot mon amiee

    je t'adore toute la monde ici

    C x x x x

  748. At 01:06 AM on 13 Jan 2007, Sallycat wrote:

    At long last, I've made it and can catch up with everybody.

    Not complaining though, because I've had a really lovely day - the sort of day I wrap in pale pink tissue paper and place carefully inside a beautiful box covered in lapis-lazuli velvet. I've got a collection now, gathered over many years and bring them out when I'm having a rotten day, to remind myself of how happy I was.

    Reading all the messages makes me think of those of you having a difficult, sad or lonely time and I really do wish you well. I've experienced such times myself, only too often in fact and know what absolute misery they are.

    Moose and Big Un - I've been thinking of you both today and hope everything went well.

    Anna - I'm beginning to realise that you're right. Age is of no consequence at all especially in our wonderful world of sheer unreality.

    JOJO - thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for mentioning that it's possible to cut and paste anything we want to keep for future reference. Yippee and I've already saved a few recipes and quotes - including Jillygoat's Maya Angelou. I thought I'd have to be fiddling about for ages! You can tell from that comment of course that I'm a total beginner in the blogging business, so please be patient.

    JMcC - how's the voting going? I've done my bit by the way and will no doubt have another go.

    Cathmel - my heart goes out to your friend and the dreadful situation she's in. The main thing is that she does have a special friend in you and just to know that you're there for her will make a great deal of difference. The trouble is that only she can make the final decision, but she'll make it and succeed in what she wants to achieve. In that kind of relationship, as you said, we actually begin to believe that somehow we deserve such treatment. I'm thinking of her and her little family and wish them much happiness for the future.

    anna - how was your day and I hope the drive to London wasn't too stressful. Was the mancub with you by the way?

    Gaby and T - thanks for your welcome.

    Sammie - I don't blame you for your suspicions at all - what a sleaze bucket. Your comments about bosses are absolutely spot on too. On top of that, if, because you've been dashing about here, there and everywhere you can't keep up with everything else you have to do - you then get it in the neck because of that! Aaaagh!!! Then of course it's all dragged up at your annual review. Give me strength.

    Thank goodness I'm retired and don't have to deal with all such nonsense any more, but I sure have had it to deal with when I was gainfully employed. The fact that I'm busier now than when I was working is beside the point; but I'm doing what I choose to do.

    Moose - thanks for the asparagus recipe, it sounds delicious so I'll try it out soon. I can't cope with chillies though unfortunately so any suggestions for a substitute? I agree with your idea of 150 being the maximum number of people in a business. Three cheers for you.

    DD - my best wishes to Mrs DD please and hope all is well with you.

    Kev C - thanks for the Panto info and I know you'll be a wonderful Nurse Molly Coddle. I'm also sure you'll be an absolute picture of loveliness in your fantastic costumes. How many changes have you got? I belonged to a local amateur dramatics group several years ago and had a great deal of fun. It's hard work, a huge undertaking with all the rehearsals and lines to learn, but all is forgotten when the audience eats out of your hand. Anyway, I'll be thinking of you on the 25th.

    Heck, just look at the time - I'd better say goodnight and post this message before I drone on any longer.

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow dears.


  749. At 09:00 AM on 13 Jan 2007, Joseph McCrumble wrote:

    Good morning all

    The weekend is upon us, and for many people that means a chance to kick off their shoes, sit on the sofa, read the newspaper(s), enjoy a walk in the countryside, enjoy a leisurely pub lunch on Sunday.

    Sadly, I'm not among them.

    We are being visited this weekend by some relatives that I haven't seen for a long time. Five years, to be precise. The husband (let's call him Barrie) is a second cousin on my mother's side. The wife (Belinda) is a former hairdresser, forced into early retirement for reasons she never discusses. They are in their fifties, and they only wear tracksuits.

    OK, that's maybe a slight exaggeration. But they have a reputation for entertaining a lifestyle that many people would find a little, er, difficult to sustain. I happen to know, for example, that they won't buy anything unless it is buy-one-get-one-free. And I mean anything, even if the retailer has previously decided against slashing their profit margin and makes this point quite clear at the outset of the transaction.

    To be fair, the plethora of companies using the BOGOF device has made their lifestyle easier, but I don't actually know where the nearest branch of Iceland is situated, and the local village shops have, to my knowledge, never tried to capture trade using this particular marketing device.

    I predict a somewhat unsettling weekend...


    re: Writing competition
    I'm not doing too badly, but still languishing in second place. Thanks to everyone who has voted. The organisers have told me they are keeping the competition open for another week, so if you have a fondness for voting, feel free...

    *** Vote for me (again)! ****

    If you enter your email address, you will go into a prize draw for another of the computers I'm after. We are looking at a potentially win-win situation here. Just imagine - we could introduce our computers to each other one day and see how they get on. Aaaaw.

    Big Un - Wow, that sounded intense! I'm hopeless in those sort of situations. I keep my fingers crossed that you get what you want...

    Moose - Bourbon and coke is a well known depressent. Stick to red wine. Cold rice pudding and beans...?

    Wilsmar - I successfully completed my mission and returned in triumph to the Institute. As it happens, I was carrying some specimens. How did you know.....?

    Cathmel - you went all French there for a minute - you feeling OK?

    Anna Log - I don't mind them. Dolores can't stand them (It's a snob thing).

    Dr T - Poutine? Sounds like something you feed the children when you've eaten everything in the house and you've spent all the housekeeping on a few bottles of Oban

    bye for now

    J McC

  750. At 10:13 AM on 13 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Good Morning friends xx

    Dr McC - Pleased you are home safely xx
    Voted again today - good luck for the competion and with your visitors :-)

    Moose - Thank you for my msg xx It's a bit like being recognised by the teacher, sad I know but there you go :-)
    With the week you have had I'm not surprised you were feeling tired but you do seem a little down :-( I hope everything sorts itself out both at work and home for you xx Will send you a {{{hug}}} for you to have when you feel you need one xx

    Hazel - Hope you are feeling better today my dear xx It's not long until Sunday evening :-) Not sure what I have set you up for by nominating you for my prize :-))

    Keith - You must feel drained after the week you've had. I'm plased you got the outcome you wanted, it's the very least you deserve! Well done for making them wait and I'm glad you went home when you did. I know it's easy for us to say Keith, but you really must take it easy. You are too precious to your family! Including your adopted blog family xx Good luck for money xx

    Cathmel - I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I pray she finds the courage to do what she has to do xx

    Gaby - Don't think I like you being so busy, for purely selfish reasons of course :-) Make sure you take time for you over the weekend xx

    Sorry, I'm being a bit bossy, don't mean it in that way - I know what it's like to burn out so I become over protective when I see people over doing it and always doing for others without taking time for themselves.

    Okay, I'm off the soap box now :-)

    Going into Glasgow with my Sister today for some retail therapy then a nice lunch and finish off with cocktails - love our girlie days in town :-)

    Have a good weekend everyone

    Lots of love
    Mary xx

    ps. CAKE, Weezie, MWa!, Susan S, Joannie, SteviefaeDundeeandGlasgow - hope you are all ok?

    pps. Was CAKE moving house in the new year? Or did I dream that, not sure!

  751. At 10:19 AM on 13 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    Can't believe I made it to #700 - sorry Moose - your turn next, I promise!!!!!

    Hazel Love - friendship can seem a bit like a one-way street sometimes, but you know deep down that you are loved. Us bloggers think you're fabby, anyway, and I hope your boy gets back before you're a-kip on Sunday !! xxxxx

    Moose - oops on the weight gain but pshh, what's 1kg amongst friends, eh?

    This blog has the ability to make me want to reach out to fellow bloggers when I read of someone's obvious upset, distress or anger. I know we're usually quite light-hearted and even a bit demented on here, but there really is such a great sense of cameraderie and I love it. Thanks to you all for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Now clear off and have good weekends, peeps xx

    jillygoat xx

  752. At 10:54 AM on 13 Jan 2007, Kev C wrote:

    Hi to all my friendly shloggers.

    The weekend is here yipppeeeee, thought i might sleep in this morn, but no woke up at same time. Mind you i just lazed in the sack for an hr. Taken daughter to work, bless her. Son just getting up 10.30 he starts work at 12.00 then got all day to ourselves (Mrs C ) chillin.

    Just wizzed thru a few posts this morn so :-

    Congrats Big Un sounds like it went well !!

    Sallycat think i got 4-5 changes only 1 of which is a very quick one, inc wig change. Hope they stop on hahaha. i got 4 songs + 1 solo. Your right it is a big commitment and lots of hard work but the buzz you get on opening night and the after show party (s) make it all worth it.

    back soon

    Kev C

  753. At 11:59 AM on 13 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Morning all,

    Mwk - you flatter me way too much....Thanks for the hug. Friday evenings are always difficult for me for all the obvious reasons and some I'm not willing to go into full details on here. Thanks to you and all the other blog friends, I now have an extra coping mechanism...

    McCrumble - good luck with the weekend. I have to admit to being a part of the great BOGOF conspiracy...sorry! Still, just think what trouble you'd have keeping Barrie and Belinda occupied without them. I can recommend a certain store in Bar Hill for copious BOGOF opportunities...I'm sure you know the one I mean.

    Glad you all liked my rocket and asparagus recipe. Kev C - did you try it? Sallycat - It does work without chillies but is then definitely missing a certain je ne sais quoi that I have not yet worked out how to replace.
    Although I have to admit it's not MY recipe as such. Not by blood. But I have adopted it as my own...

    Weight Loss (?) news...I had a moment of doubt this morning. I usually do the weigh-in on a Friday night, but sometimes first thing Saturday morning. The morning weight is usually so much lower that it's less depressing and helps to offset the effects of bourbon and coke. My selective memory then destroys any thought of cheating and just remembers the lower weight. Sound familiar???
    Anyway, I suddenly had a crisis of conscience that my base weight might have been a Saturday morning weigh-in. So much has happened this week that I honestly can't remember.
    So I did the decent thing and weighed myself again this morning. I've "lost" 0.9kg of the 1kg gain registered last night, resulting in a net 0.1kg gain (rounding error again!) IF the base was wrong. Fortunately, mwk wins whichever way around!!!
    And in case anyone is thinking 1kg is a big swing just for sleeping, I have to remind you that it's still tiny in percentage terms for me!

    McCrumble - thanks for the depressants warning. I'll stick to the red wine in future. Especially on the dreaded Friday nights...

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Saturday kitchen is over and I'm sitting on the sofa, with the newspaper, trying to summon up the energy (caffeine aided...) to do something today rather than spend the day under a blanket or duvet feeling sorry for myself that my man flu hasn't gone yet.
    I was considering a trip to the beach today. I need the sea air to blow through my head and clear it out. The mooselets love it too. Just not sure I'm up to a 4 hour return drive to do it...


    PS I like Rachel Allen's comfort food. Anyone for sausage and mash?

  754. At 12:42 PM on 13 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Gaby - thinking of you while watching Reading goals on FF...Shane Long's unbelievable angle!!!


  755. At 01:44 PM on 13 Jan 2007, sallycat wrote:

    Lovely, a chance to sit down for a chat, before getting on with the rest of the day. Delayed however as a friend rang just as I began.

    Quick thought - I do hope the entire blog doesn't seize up before our beloved Blogmeister returns on Monday.

    A quick question my dear peeps - can I keep the blog site open and new blogs automatically appear, or does it have to be closed for it to be updated? Once again, please excuse my ignorance in these matters.

    I'm sitting here with my head in my hands (figuratively speaking of course, otherwise I wouldn't be able to type - unless I'm an alien with three arms). The truth of the matter is that I'd deleted all the games, because I was wasting far too many precious hours playing Spider and Patience! Anyway, afterwards I thought I'd have a look at the blogs, following my dear brother's recommendation - only to be hooked on this now!!! I'll have to be extremely disciplined and restrict my participation.

    Kev C - hope you and dear Mrs C are having a lovely day to yourselves. Good luck too Kev with all those changes and hope the costumes aren't too complicated and as for the wigs! Oh dear me yes.

    Jillygoat - I really did love your comments about the support and encouragement given to one another, especially when things are going badly, as well as the rejoicing when things are great. I even went to sleep last night thinking about everybody.

    Hazel Love - how are you feeling today?

    Keith - will be thinking about you on Monday. I also agree with mwk in asking you to take care of yourself - for you own wellbeing, for your family and for your blogger pals.

    mwk - as I said to Keith, I wholeheartedly agree that we have to take more care. As I know to my cost it's so easy to keep going for everyone else and simply burn ourselves out.

    Did you enjoy your girlie day in Glasgow with your sister today?

    JMcC - oh dear, hope your visiting relatives didn't drive you to too much distraction. My father always maintained that we could choose our friends, but were stuck with relatives. Have just voted for you again, so fingers crossed that all goes well.

    I love reading about all the wonderful places that people have visited or where they live, so very many thanks for giving me a glimpse into parts of the country, let alone the world, that I may never have the chance to visit.

    Better get on with things, but will no doubt catch up with things later on today.

    It's crossed my mind that I may well be suspected of sitting alone in my garret, utterly friendless and bored. That's not the case at all and I have a busy, happy life, surrounded by wonderful and precious friends. However, I feel as though I now have a whole new group of interesting, funny, wise and and glorious friends to learn about. Thankyou.

    Thinking of you all


  756. At 02:09 PM on 13 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Sallycat - you are a sweetheart!! Without wishing to sound too sickly, the bloggers are like a great bunch of mates who you can share anything with, from a laugh to a disaster, and they seem to just 'get you' completely. Anyway, it's lovely to have you on board xx

    Keith - hope the rellies aren't driving you mad! I've always thought that two nights should be the maximum for guests - the first night is for catching up and the second night is for sharing what you've done that day before clearing off home again!!! Don't wear yourself out Big'Un - the blog needs you!

    Moose - you need more hugs, so please let me oblige {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

    Hazel Love - I hope you are feeling brighter today xx

    Might catch y'all later

    jillygoat xx

  757. At 02:16 PM on 13 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Keith - you haven't got relatives this weekend, have you?! No, I meant that bit for JMcC - sorry! But I still hope that you take it easy and look after yourself - the blog still needs you xx

    JMcC - oops, sorry about that - I meant to say to you that I hope the rellies aren't driving you round the twist but put Keith's name instead - you can tell I'm on a go-slow, it being the weekend ........ xx

    Phew, glad I cleared that up - play it cool Trig, play it cool, 'cos I don't think anyone noticed ....

    jillygoat xx

  758. At 02:20 PM on 13 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Sallycat - I forgot to say earlier, there's no need to close the blog down each time to get new postings, just press the F5 button to 'refresh' the blog - it takes quite a while at the moment 'cos the blog is so full, but give it a few minutes and it'll be OK.

    jillygoat x

  759. At 03:05 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Hi guys and happy Saturday to you all!

    Just reading through, and am all overwhelmed again about how lovely you all are...I REALLY don't mean that to sound gushy by the way. We've all got our own problems, however large or small, and I'm right up there with Moose as being able to have you all out there helps a great deal.

    jillygoat and Mary, feeling a lot better today after nearly twelve hours sleep.

    Moose, I have to get some sea air (for that read drizzle being whipped into my face at about 50mph...) shortly as I've gotta go and pay some rent!

    On the job front, I'm taking the bit between my teeth and have emailed for one application form, and have to spend tomorrow getting some stuff ready to send for another post.

    Mary - I'll be DELIGHTED to pick up your prize! Is there anyone in particular you'd like me to thank?

    J McC - I hope the weekend passes with the speed of a cheetah!!!! and while I think about it, don't forget to prep Dr Booth before him places himself in front of (almost) complete strangers on Thursday...he probably has NO idea what he's about to get himself into. Mind you, neither do any of us others!

    Molly Coddle - Glad it's all going well! If the company has a web site, you'll have to get them to post some photos so we can all be with you in spirit!

    ...and talking of spirit, cathmel, at the risk of sounding like a total lush, I'll always take up the offer of a glass of wine! Merci beaucoup ma cher xx

    Have just had a text from my friend re his soiree later, and I only have to take myself...yay! and it must be the mystic power of the blog, because another friend has just called, just to say hi!

    The waves are spreading...little ripples, like a butterfly flapping it's wings in the Amazon...

    Gaby, hope you win today!

    petit chat

    ps A bloke goes to the cinema.
    'One ticket for the film in number 14 please.
    Cashier 'Far queue'
    Bloke 'Well if that's your attitude, we won't bother'

  760. At 03:20 PM on 13 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Now I'm just talking to myself, so I'm going to have a lie down .......... seems everybody else has got a life!


  761. At 03:27 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Sandra H wrote:

    Happy Saturday afternoon everyone - 'im in doors went off to the tip about 1 1/2 hrs ago - only with 1 or 2 large-ish items....no sign of him now??? Mebees something to do with purchasing new car yesterday with decidedly nasty stereo, do you think he may have detoured via the car stereo shops? (that are completely in the opposite direction to the said tip). Why not just say "i'm off to buy new stereo dearest".......

    Sallycat - I'm new to this blogging too, so any tips are greatfully received.

    I don't have too much opportunity to post so quite often I'm way behind any of the postings & folk have moved on to other topics!!!

    But anyhow - I'm in total agreement with fish-finger sandwiches, but they have to be on a muffin. Now - a muffin to me is like a 'barm-cake' to some, a 'bread-roll' to others and a "bap" to my southern friends so it can be a bit hit & miss especially when you put a chocolate chip muffin into the equation...

    Think I see im-indoors walking up the drive. Yes,
    as I predicted - a well known 'Car Accessories type shop' carrier bag under his arm with box that no doubt contains a new stereo!! So, that's him occupied for the rest of the afternoon.

    Got my friend coming over tonight - she too is having serious martial problems so a glass or two of chateau neuf de plonke is in order.
    It's almost 9 years since I was in the same position as her but, when we talk about it I can still vividly recall how pants it all was. I was very very lucky to have some really good friends around me who are still here today. So I try my best to be there for her even if I can only offer her wine & an ear or 2.

    Sammie - phfff! Glad you saw that geezer off!!

    So, everyone - have a pleasant evening & I'll look forward to having another blogfix as soon as.!


    ps crepe suzette mes amies

  762. At 03:40 PM on 13 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    afternoon all, hope saturday is good for you. Good to hear you sounding brighter Hazel - enjoy the party tonight! ANd if you are ever in Notts, defo let me know!

    Moose, boo on the weight gain. Tho i have to say that being stressed through work or anything else is not the time to try and lose. As it happens, i feel better now that i have stopped dieting and thrown my scales out, than i ever did before. Should still lose some weight but cant do it till i have accepted that i am not a monstor now and that i will never be a size 6.....nor would i want to be! Confused, exactley. Its no wonder i cant lose weight!

    Sallycat - couldnt do the london trip last minute as my pal is poorly, going next weekend instead - now wishing that we could go down on thursday so i can do the OAMC, really want to be there now. LAst few weeks seem to have given me more faith in meeting everyone! The mancub will be with us next week, i work full time so dont like to dump him at the weekend - he is too much fun!

    Jax and Tracy-Ann, hope you are ok.

    Right, going to make some fresh pesto to go with the fresh pasta and home-made garlic bread for tea.

    have a nice rest of the weekend, the upshot of not going to london is that we can go to a party tomorrow at the local bowling alley. Cool!


  763. At 05:04 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Matt from Rudgwick wrote:


    Not the result that either of us wanted deep down, but from a diplomatic blog-friendly point of view, perfect!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend all.



    PS The bathroom's free! Unlike the country under the Thatcherite junta.

  764. At 05:47 PM on 13 Jan 2007, sallycat wrote:

    Oh boy, oh boy - my intention to be really disciplined and restrict my time on this blog has already fallen by the wayside!

    To heck with it. It's blowing a gale here on the coast and if I was outside I'd be blown out to sea. In addition, if I leave it until later this evening, before catching up with messages and replying, it would take for ever!

    S0 - here goes darlings:

    jillygoat - thank you so much for your advice on refreshing the blog and I've already used it - brilliant. It's also amazing that communication within this blog is so open and without the normal constraints of having to put on some kind of 'front' that's the norm, especially when meeting someone for the first time.

    I also like your suggestion that two nights is the perfect length of time for a guest to stay. I'll put that into operation in future as I'm always concerned about overstaying my welcome.

    Hazel Love - good luck with the job search and just keep on filling in the application forms. It is disheartening sometimes though, so here's wishing you all the best. Hope you enjoy yourself at your friend's soiree.

    I also think your analogy to the ripples spreading like butterfly wings. Beautiful.

    Sandra H - hello, from one new girl to another and I laughed like anything at the car stereo saga and as for the chocolate chip muffin, with fish-finger filling. Oh my ears and whiskers. Muffins, barm-cakes, bread-rolls, baps and now I'm going to chuck in a few stotties - I think I must go and have a rest in a dark and preferably padded room.

    So many people have awful marital problems and although I'm now nearly 30 years down the line, I can still remember the feelings I struggled with. Like you, without the support and love of friends I would not have succeeded. We don't necessarily want someone to tell us what to do after all, just knowing that someone cares enough to listen makes all the difference.

    I always think that just by being given the chance to talk about our situation to a caring friend, enables us to sort out in our minds the action we need to take.

    anna - what a shame about not going to London after all and I hope your pal gets well very soon. Still you've now got next weekend to look forward to. As for the OAMC, I'd like to join in too, but can't make it unfortunately. It's strange really that we feel it is possible for people to meet, even though our only communication has been through this blog.

    Enjoy tomorrow's bowling alley party.

    Finally, I was just going to say, 'read a bedtime story to your dear mancub for me please' and then thought he might not be that young. Could well have been a mistake!

    Moose - I'd had the feeling that maybe the chillies are a vital ingredient, so will try them and make it a bit milder.

    I do hope you've had a happy Saturday, to make up for not such good Fridays.

    Have a wonderful evening everyone and I'll catch up with you tomorrow (or shall I sneak a look later on tonight).

    Much love


  765. At 07:10 PM on 13 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Sallycat - BOO!!!! Ha, ha - caught you peeking!
    Don't be embarrassed though, we've all been therel!!!! You think to yourself "I'll just have a quick looksie - bet there's been nothing added - and before you know it, you're hooked and you're typing whilst trying to look over your shoulder to see if anyone's watching you - and that's not easy, I can tell you!

    Nightie night and see y'all Sunday, no doubt .....

    jillygoat xx

  766. At 07:54 PM on 13 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hi all,
    Well the duvet won. I had a washing in the machine and by the time it was finished I was curled up under some feathers snoring like a good'un. Stayed there most of the afternoon, accompanied partly by footy commentary and thought I shouldn't have bothered...injury time Fulham equalizer and last ditch Hull winner were not on the menu thank you!

    No hard feelings though Matt, even though we needed the points more than you.

    Sallycat - this thing is amazing for it's speed of addictive behaviour consequences...you are stuck with us all now! The chillies can easily be varied by amount and heat - just chop some mild ones really small and you'll hardly notice...

    Jillygoat - this IS a life...isn't it? Thx for hugs.

    Anna - don't ever ever diet, it's fatal. I am just trying the Paul McKenna route to weight loss. I'm incredibly good at sticking to 2 of his rules and incredibly bad at the other 2. I eat what I want and when I'm hungry very brilliantly. I just can't eat slowly or stop! Any chance of booking a day or two off and making it for Thursday night? Go on, you know you want to...you can bring paella.

    Sandra H - I don't care what you call 'em, if they've got anything to do with muffins I'll eat 'em. Hope your friend enjoys some vino and a catch-up with you.

    Hazel Love - dead jealous of the sea drizzle, even for such a mundane task. Breathe some in for me will you...And you Sallycat. The more virtual sea air I get the better.

    Mwk - hope you are well!!...I'm making up for previously lax behaviour!!!


    PS 5 sleeps to go.

  767. At 08:30 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Evening all!
    I thought I would post the overloaded blog and let you all know (if interested) that my first belly dancing class was fabby - was harde work, much tougher than I thought it would be but great fun. It was good to do something where no one knew the trials and tribulations of the mast few weeks of my life. Now to buy the outfit....!!
    Went swimming yesterday too - will be a goddess before I know it (yeah right-o).

    Anyway I am now about to catch up with th eblog as I have not had the chance to do so for a couple of days....missing the madness.

    Love to you all


  768. At 08:31 PM on 13 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Moose - point taken! By the way, I'm only a 2 minute walk from the seafront here in Kent so I'll take great lungfuls of sea air on your behalf tomorrow when I go for my usual Sunday perambulation along the prom.

    jillygoat xx

  769. At 08:57 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Lovely jubblies

    good evening one and good evening all.

    Where to begin? That is the question. YOu have had another fab day: I do remember the days when the blog was very, very quiet on the weekend (do you remember them Keith)...it's lovely to read your posts ...and on a saturday too!!

    Guys, you are lovely - what more can I say.

    Moose and MfR - 'an honourable draw' - I did think of you both. I am, of course, warming up for tomorrow's game.

    Hazel Love - really felt for you last eve. I know just how you felt (sorry, that sounds so trite) ....I really do regret not manifesting myself under a pseudonym here , for there is soooo much I would like to say vis a vis this and loads of stuff - perhaps I could 'come back' as 'Copells Crumpet' or 'Teddy's Tartlet' or such like. Oh, no I am giving myself a reputation, nay cap, that just doesn't fit.

    I have had such a busy few days - I don't know my ar*e from my elbow. Both kids are out for a while, my taxi-ing duties are over for a while and I am onto the blog .

    I was well and truly shaft*d by someone today - am not impressed. Has taken the wind out of my sails - and has left me with repercussions that I would rather not have.....but hey, we have to smile though our hearts are aching....don't we? Shaft*d is a technical term rather than a physical one....and, to be honest, it is not a massive problem to deal with....but, I just don't need it right now. I am in sales so I feel that I can say 'this guy was in sales' : )

    cathmel - I will get round to participating in your fab game with the top fave things - please don't think I am ignoring it. Have started it so many times .........I will complete : )

    I am so looking forward to meeing whoever turns up on thursday - I feel like I know you already - and it will feel 'strange' to have to introduce myself and ourselves because I feel this familiarity already : ) I hope I can 'recognise' you tout de suite because I will feel silly walking round the pub looking for people whose appearance is a mystery to me : )

    Am going to end this one here, in case the BP have it in for me tonight and I will start another one post haste so I don't lose a big one all in one go : )

    Loving your work


    ps Steve Copell

  770. At 09:06 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    So I've been pondering over whether I can make OAMC - I think it's going to have to be a no :-((
    My first 10 belly dancing classes were a Christmas present from my mum which means they have been paid for up front - I really can't miss any of them....
    Hopefully the next OAMC can take place on a different day of the week???

    Anna - thanks for the thoughts.

    Lotsa love

  771. At 09:10 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Moose - I don't know how he got it in from that angle : ) However, here, just off the great west road, we worry not as to how, we are just grateful when we score : ) : )

    I have seen some references to sea air but I haven't had a chance to catch up properly so I haven't investigated the source of the thread.....it is one of my aspirations to have a 'place by the sea'. Any sea will do. I had a fantasy trip on the web a couple of months ago (no, not one of those web sites)....and pretended that I could afford a place in Brighton or Hove (Albion)......it was such fun, I was having a ball. A beach hut appeared as part of my search......a beauty it was, for £10K.....and, what's more, the cutlery and crockery were included. How bohemian and fab would that be.......thank goodness for dreams

    An update (because I know you want one) on my geraniums: today, I dead-headed them (or 'beheaded' them, an ex-boyfriend of mine used to say, enchantingly I thought at the time.......). They are still budding , but are rather confused (as I mentioned on these pages a few days ago) by the adjacent presence of daffodil bulbs aspringing.


    ps Shingle, pebbles or sand?

    pps Single, pand or shebbles?

    ppps Was gutted for QPR - another of my mates (ie as well as you : )) supports them.

  772. At 09:39 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    I know I am handing it in late but here are my ten answers:

    Ham, egg, chips and peas (accompanied by brown sauce to begin with, and then, when there are only chips left, ketchup)...you can take the girl out of sarf londin but you can't take sarf londin.......)

    Paulo Nutini

    Shawshank Redemption

    Tony Parsons 'Stories We Could Tell'

    Best moment: Hugging my kids

    Worst moment: My beautiful Mum dying when I was 12.

    Prog to turn over from: Most of them

    Prog to turn over to: MOTD

    Best place been to: haven't travelled very much over the last 15 years really so I feel inadequate in contrast to you guys...however....I took kids to Majorca in 2005 and I did used to love sitting on the grass next to the beach and sea, taking it all in.

    Best place to visit: There is nowhere I am particularly in love with.....but, I am open to persuasion.

    What I would like to do before I die: I would like to live to a stage in my daughters' lives where they are best able to cope with my death (morose but honest answer). That makes me sound like a sad person.....not so......just honest. It would also be a waste of a loving heart not to have a man to love.


  773. At 09:45 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    I am doing a blog-read in reverse ....easier said than done my friends. Am desperately trying to catch up with all your news. Have just got to :

    Hazel Love....lol lol lol with your cinema 'far queue' joke........what a corker

    Thank you and lots of love my friend.


  774. At 09:56 PM on 13 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    sorry, now that I have restarted - I can't seem to stop......

    pssssst.....ssshhhhhhhh.......I have a secret to divulge.......

    .......I think the BP are snooozzzzzing......

    ...if this post of mine gets through, and if the other ones do too..... then I will have done it about 5 times in an hour and 15 minutes (ahem). I don't like to boast my friends...let's just say....I have laid down the gauntlet : )

  775. At 10:16 PM on 13 Jan 2007, kaz wrote:


    I want to be blog 774!


  776. At 12:20 AM on 14 Jan 2007, sallycat wrote:

    I really will make this my last post of today, I promise.

    Jillycat - Oh dear, you caught me and I laughed when I peeped and there you were, waiting to pounce on me. I've swapped one addiction (spending far too much time playing Spider and Patience on the computer ) for another - although it's far less mind-numbing chatting to all you dear people.

    Moose - thanks for the info about the chillies and I'll give the recipe a go. What sort of day have you had after all? I love being by the sea and seeing how the weather can change from moment to moment. It's fantastic.

    Jax - your first belly dancing class sounds such fun and I hope you thoroughly enjoy all ten sessions. Any idea what colour you want for your costume?

    Gaby - sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience today and I'll never cease to wonder why whoever it was thought it was OK to treat you like that.

    Lucky you being able to meet up on Thursday and I'll certainly be thinking of you all on the day. What time are you all meeting - so that I can raise a glass to you at the same time.

    My goodness, a beach hut for £10K - the world has gone stark staring mad. I love them too and remember a visit to the Norfolk coast once where there was a row of pretty beach huts, all painted different colours and up on stilts, so you had to climb a dinky set of worn wooden steps to get inside. Gorgeous.

    You are lucky having a garden. I live in a flat now, so don't have one any more and I miss it. I used to love grubbing around in the earth and looking through the garden catalogues in the winter, working out the next year's garden. What colour are your geraniums or have you got all mixed ones? Even on my hands and knees weeding could be very satisfying and I love the smell of the garden after rain.

    Yes, I'm with you on ham, egg, chips, peas and brown sauce and I saw Shawshank Redemption on television over the holiday. Thought it was a wonderful film.

    Must confess ignorance of Paulo Nutine and Tony Parson's 'Stories We Could Tell'.

    I found several items in your list very poignant, especially the fact that your dear Mum died when you only a little girl.

    Like you, I haven't been abroad very often, circumstances of course as being a single mum meant that money was in short supply.

    However, I've been a few times thanks to friends and loved every minute - I often open one of my boxes of treasured memories and remember the visits with delight.

    The world is really such a wonderful place and there are so many amazing things to see, that it would take about twenty lifetimes to cover everything.

    I don't think of you as a sad person, just honest and totally realistic in your desire to live long enough for you daughters to be able to cope with your death. I've had the same wish myself and at least my family have now grown up with children of their own, but it doesn't stop me feeling such understanding for everything you said.

    You are such a special person and I hope with all my heart that someone amazing does come into your life. Someone you can love and be loved by in return.

  777. At 12:45 AM on 14 Jan 2007, sallycat wrote:

    Would you believe it. I think I forgot to say goodnight.

    Goodnight darlings



  778. At 01:00 AM on 14 Jan 2007, Sammie wrote:


    Well, between mum duties and potential hot dates (ahem), didn't get a chance to dial in and request my 9-5 toon - will do next week though!!

    Sallycat - you're so right about the annual review thing!!! I hope to be in the same position as you someday (hopefull before I lose my marbles...)

    Moose - listen in.... I have lost 61lbs in the last 13 months.... Start small (that means have a small target - 7lbs is a good one...). Drink 2 litres of water per day. Eat healthily. Don't give yourself a hard time if the week doesn't pan out the way you want it to. Slowly but surely is the best way. My life has changed beyond all recognition - my family say they have the real me back....

    Dating - what can I say - unbelievable - joined a new website (plentyoffish.com - other dating websites are available) and you will never guess who got in touch?:??? YES - the very same blokey from GDFF!!!!! Didn't even respond, just blocked the eejit immediately....

    Have chatted with someone nice tonight (as far as I can tell - will keep you all informed....). Of course - Dirty Dickie, who is very, very funny and very, very charming seems fairly alluring at the moment....

    Hmmm - I'm fed up - got injured at netball today and even though the kids made a fuss (bless - carried my bags - made ice packs etc), I wanted grown up attention!!!!

    I have to go now peeps - am v tired.... Didn't finish work last night - given myself day/night off tonight, so will climb back onto the hamster wheel tomorrow....

    Whatever you do - enjoy it!!!


    P.S. C is back sooooooon.

    P.P.S. I never think of myself as 'grown up' and still have plans for what I want to do when I'm a 'grown up'. What do you all want to do?

  779. At 01:07 AM on 14 Jan 2007, Sammie wrote:


    Have had to come back downstairs and reboot cos I remembered something I needed to say and kept forgetting...

    Are you ready?

    It's life changing stuff....

    Sarnies - fish finger - yes, v good, brown bread, mayo and lettuce.... BUT the DADDY of all sarnies IS....

    Bacon, cheese and MARMITE!!!!! I know, I know, half of you are vomiting at this moment, BUT - don't knock it 'til you've tried it and also - if you're not used to it - just spread the marmite thinly....

    Nitey nite.


  780. At 06:11 AM on 14 Jan 2007, Sallycat wrote:

    Couldn't sleep, so had a quick peep to see if anyone else was awake. Oh dear, yes I confess to nothing short of obsession with this thing!

    Jillygoat - apologies for calling you 'Jillycat' earlier. I can only put it down to sheer weariness.

    Sammie - Just hang on in their kid and I hope you're soon well after your netball injury.

    As for that amazing weight loss. Wow, oh wow! I'm going to start that from now, because what you suggest makes the most wonderful sense. Slow but sure really is the best way and thank you for the info.

    Anyone who joins these dating websites is so brave. I've been on my own a very long time now and although when I was younger I would love to have met someone special, I never dared join a dating agency (dating websites didn't exist in the early seventies - as far as I know - and even if they did, I didn't have a computer).

    Mind you, you've got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

    As for what I want to be when I grow up - I'll have to think about that. I'm currently almost at the end of a two year MA Fine Art course and at the moment just want to put together a good final exhibition. Being a very mature student has been the most amazing adventure, but I don't see myself going on to do a PhD somehow. I'm not that academic and just want to enjoy myself with doing various projects and already have several in mind. It's all so exciting and hope that I have a few years of reasonable health in order to achieve something.

    Must go now I think and will try not to keep sneaking a look at this blog.

    In the meantime though - good morning dears and have a lovely day everybody.

    xxx from Sallycat

  781. At 11:18 AM on 14 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    Sallycat - sorry you couldn't sleep. I hope you got a few more zeds in after satisfying your new addiction by posting a message? Belly dancing was great fun. The teacher had some outfits to sell and one she had was a gorgeous purple colour so I think I'm going to buy that one - either that or red. Hmmm....decisions decision.

    To you all - thank you for being such scrummy people (stop gushing Jax). A lot of you know that my life isn't the best at the moment and I think I can speak for others who are also having a tough time - my blog family have lifted my spirits and made me smile, given me encouragement and picked me up when I needed it. So thanks for being great....:)))
    {{{{{{{Hugs to you all}}}}}}}

    Cathmel and DWNB - great to get an email from you - fell very special indeed now.

    Lotsa love,
    Roger and Out,

    (that looks like I've just given Roger lotsa love!!)


  782. At 12:04 PM on 14 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Jax - shame! We will have to meet the goddess next time out...and I think we've sort of half agreed to change the days around. We will discuss heatedly on Thursday and then agree to Hazel's suggestion.

    Gaby - the pub is small so not much wandering required...partly why I chose it!!! Besides which, the joining instructions were to shout "Voulez vous jiggy jig" very loudly as you walk in.
    We'll have to arrange a OAMC as a Shawshank viewing party...
    Hoops - oh well - first division here we come!
    Sea Air - was me dreaming of a trip yesterday.

    Kaz - you have caught my affliction - hitting one too late. But then who could have predicted Gaby doing it 5 times in an hour? Well maybe we could, we all know what they get up to in sarf London...

    Sammie - impressive progress. Well done. Agree on drinking water makes such a difference. I drink loads of water...hot with coffee and milk thrown in.
    What to be when grown up? Rich.
    Sarnie - sounds great. No bacon in today but will definitely try sometime. Maybe a combo of yours and my two?...add peanut butter to yours and we are there. Maybe I could put a special order in to the Nags Head for Thursday evening (7.30pm)...anyone else up for it?

    Sallycat - you're hooked!!! And good on you for doing the degree it sounds like you always wanted to do...so many people give up their dreams, I'm always so pleased to hear people who haven't. It gives me hope...


    PS Yossi Benayoun - goal of the season or what??? Right in front of where I sit when I go...I hope my mate wasn't still eating his half time pie.

  783. At 12:04 PM on 14 Jan 2007, T wrote:

    Oh what a wonderful Sunday – the sun is shining, and I have the fresh January air coming into the house - been brave and have loads of windows open today, it makes so much difference. Wish I was fortunate as some of you to be near the coast to enjoy the weather.

    I am trying to be positive today after a miserable Saturday – in fact one of my worst. Me and him are talking of splitting or trying marriage counselling. I am really not sure what we want anymore and am so confused. I think I will go for a long walk later in order to try and make sense of it all.

    You have all been so busy this weekend, and I love to read all the positive vibes on here, that I am still trying to catch up on the blogs. Hazel Love – I hope your Saturday evening turned out to be good one with your friends and you are feeling more positive.

    JMcM – hope the weekend is going well and you visitors are not too frustrated with the lack of BOGOF offers available to them.

    Sammie – I am totally with you on the bacon, cheese and marmite sandwich. I also have to add in that fried egg and marmite is also a great favourite of mine. Sorry this does not help all those trying to be healthy, but my motto is you have to have a treat occasionally.

    Sally cat – love to read your entries, you are one amazing woman.

    Oh well, the housework, washing and my long walk is calling. Will try and pop back later if I can.

    Have a good Sunday all


  784. At 01:04 PM on 14 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Lovely people,

    Sallycat - your reply to my missive was so lovely. Thank you so very much. It was so lovely for me to read of your empathy with my aspiration. ........

    .........my geraniums are pink and white - I never know whether to go all red and try to pretend I am in Provence or just settle with being in Berkshire and go for less vivid ideals : )
    Loved the sound of the Norfolk beach huts - there is something just so wonderfully eccentric about them - no offence intended to any owners of said abodes. I would LOVE one!......

    ....and, you were with me on the ham, egg and chips - you have no idea how much stick I get from my mates for that : ) Thank you again for the beautiful things you said. I am so pleased you are enjoying this blog - it is great that many 'new' people have joined in recently.

    Jax - wow, the bellydancing sounds awesome - and the purple outfit, very funky, go for it babe. Sad you won't be at CG on thurs : (

    Moose - hang on to your hoops my friend, you never know. I think Be**ham should go to Upton Park instead of staying at R*al. I am sure he can afford the redemption charges. We could have Ted and Dave, two old boys to bring a bit of forwardguard (as opposed to rearguard) action. (I feel permitted to call them 'old' as I am older than them both ( not both ages added together I would just like to say)).

    Must dash, need to check that one of murdoch's mechanical men who was up a ladder this morning (not a euphemism) trying to fix my many sky problems, has, in fact, left it all working - there is a big game commencing in under an hour. I was there for the defeat at Reading - it weren't pretty. (Please excuse lower case - I think the BP prefer it)

    Dr J - you have my vote - again...and again....and again......let's get you in first place.


    ps In the wee small hours of the morning

    pps Kevin Doyle and Stephen Hunt

    ppps Last night I dreamt that we drew

  785. At 04:21 PM on 14 Jan 2007, The BigUN wrote:

    Happy Sunday to all in the madhouse!

    After the week I have had I took a Saturday off and just did family things. Can you believe hat I did not even read the blog (can’t remember the last time I said that) so imagine my surprise when I log on today and see the blog has gone mad! You guys do know this is the weekend right? (Gaby is right the blog has changed….for the better)

    I am humbled by all of your support you have given me in my quest at work. SO thanks to Gaby, Jill, Joannie, Cathmel, Tracy-Ann, lyndyloo, JOJO, t, DD, wilsmar, anna, moose, DWNB, Hazel Love, J McC, mwk, Kev C, Sallycat, jillygoat, and anyone I have missed ;-))

    Moose, a small gain is not the end of the world. As a BigUn I have to say I think there is far too much importance place on weight alone ;-)

    DWNB, I hear and heed your warning over the job thing. I have been around long enough to know that I should trust very few people. And words are cheap, actions can be so expensive. In fact I would say I am a sly old fox when I need to be and my bosses will not underestimate me. I hope your hubby did the right thing and realign a few kneecaps ;-)

    J McC I was voting from work (eventually) and I have vote twice from home for you story over the weekend. 3rd now I see, never say never, come on bloggers lets win, win, win!

    Jiligoat, you nearly had me thinking I did have rellies visiting and with everything going on I had forgotten ;-) thanks for correcting yourself otherwise I would have been disappointed when nobody turned up! ;-)))

    Sallycat, another member of the sleep deprivation brigade, you will fit in well on here ;-)

    Jax, Keep looking up and forward and so many of this blog will do everything they can to help lift you, I know from experience ;-) I have just spied your blogs and I have to say you look great.

    I am gutted that I am unable to make the O.A.M.C this month. I take comfort when moose said it is a small pub so there may not have been room for a BigUn anyway ;-).

    Only one more sleep and the blogmiester will return with words of wisdom for us all and I have no doubt inspired this blog and the community within to even greater heights.

    Later all you wonderful friends!


    P.S Gaby 1-1 dreams do come true!

    P.P.S, one more night to sleep on my decision, Mrs B may have to help me (I do love that woman) ;-)

  786. At 05:35 PM on 14 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:


    First, I hope I haven't offended in any of my blogs, I sometimes try to make light of things and hopefully make someone smile - I mean no harm!

    Jillygoat - thanks for the F5 refresh tip - didn't know, kept x'ing out and reloading - doh! Also, I used to live by the sea and today when walking by the Thames, I thought it just isn't the same as the sound of the waves and seagulls, leaving footprints in the sand, the smell of the salt and allowing the sea air to blow the cobwebs away etc -enjoyed my happy memories though!

    Mary - glad you know you can cut and paste now.

    BigUn & Moose - I hope you have a better week this week. Go with your heart make your decisions and don't look back - you know it will work out right in the end.

    Jax - well done with the Belly Dancing - isn't any exercise a great lift?

    Hazel Love - loved the queue joke - I think I'll steal that one if you don't mind.

    I should be going to the gym tonight, (New Year's resolution), embarrassing really as I used to be a Personal Trainer and exercise addict, now my circumstances change and I don't have the TIME (Hellooo! Contradiction - but I have time to blog!!!) - I think this is my new addiction - and funny I've just noticed how lean my fingers are looking lately.................and my right bicep is pretty toned with lifting the wine glass up and down..........note........must remember to alternate arms so don't get imbalance.......


    PS I really do need to start making a note of the last blog I've read as I find myself scrolling
    up and down, up and down.

  787. At 05:41 PM on 14 Jan 2007, The BigUN wrote:

    This blog is so addictive, now I have stated I can not drag myself away!

    Anyway as it is Sunday I thought you may enjoy a little joke to hep you through what is left of the weekend!

    God Said, "Adam, I want you to do something for me."

    Adam said, "Gladly, Lord, what do You want me to do?"

    God said, "Go down into that valley."

    Adam said, "What's a valley?"

    God explained it to him.

    Then God said, "Cross the river."

    Adam said, "What's a river?" !

    God explained that to him, and then said, "Go over to the hill......."

    Adam said, "What is a hill?"

    So, God explained to Adam what a hill was.

    He told Adam, "On the other side of the hill you will find a cave"

    Adam said, "What's a cave?"

    After God explained, he said, "In the cave you will find a Woman."

    Adam said, "What's a woman?"

    So God explained that to him, too.

    Then, God said, "I want you to reproduce."

    Adam said, "How do I do that?"

    God first said (under his breath), "Geez....."!

    And then, just like everything else, God explained that to Adam, as well.

    So, Adam goes down into the valley, across the river, and over the hill, into the cave, and finds the woman.

    Then, in about five minutes, he was back.

    God, his patience wearing thin, said angrily, "What is it now?"

    And Adam said …………………..






    "What's a headache?"


  788. At 05:44 PM on 14 Jan 2007, The BigUN wrote:

    This blog is so addictive, now I have stated I can not drag myself away!

    Anyway as it is Sunday I thought you may enjoy a little joke to hep you through what is left of the weekend!

    God Said, "Adam, I want you to do something for me."

    Adam said, "Gladly, Lord, what do You want me to do?"

    God said, "Go down into that valley."

    Adam said, "What's a valley?"

    God explained it to him.

    Then God said, "Cross the river."

    Adam said, "What's a river?" !

    God explained that to him, and then said, "Go over to the hill......."

    Adam said, "What is a hill?"

    So, God explained to Adam what a hill was.

    He told Adam, "On the other side of the hill you will find a cave"

    Adam said, "What's a cave?"

    After God explained, he said, "In the cave you will find a Woman."

    Adam said, "What's a woman?"

    So God explained that to him, too.

    Then, God said, "I want you to reproduce."

    Adam said, "How do I do that?"

    God first said (under his breath), "Geez....."!

    And then, just like everything else, God explained that to Adam, as well.

    So, Adam goes down into the valley, across the river, and over the hill, into the cave, and finds the woman.

    Then, in about five minutes, he was back.

    God, his patience wearing thin, said angrily, "What is it now?"

    And Adam said …………………..






    "What's a headache?"


  789. At 05:48 PM on 14 Jan 2007, sallycat wrote:

    Hello folks - and I think I've been pretty good not having any sneaky looks at the blog since this morning.

    How is everybody and hope you're having a lovely Sunday.

    Jax - I didn't go back to bed this morning, but feel fine so far. My brother came for Sunday lunch, so I didn't want to risk nodding off again and then oversleeping!!! My culinary skills do leave a bit to be desired these days unfortunately and according to my family require a government health warning. They exaggerate of course, but my concentration does tend to wander on the odd occasion...

    ...For example, the other day I had a pan on with an egg gently simmering - fancied a hard boiled egg with a bit of salad - then got on with some reading. A little bit later I could smell burning and thought 'what sort of idiot has got a bonfire at this time of day'. Got up and looked out of the window, saw nothing and went back to my book. Then remembered my simmering pan!!! O calamity!!! Result - one burnt saucepan, a chargrilled egg and an unimaginable smell filling the flat, if not the entire block of flats...

    ... Anyway, the egg was most definitely hard-boiled and not too badly incinerated, so I peeled it, ran it under the tap to remove most of the smell and had it with my salad. Yummy...

    ... Bruv enjoyed his meal anyway (wasn't a nuked egg, I hasten to add) and has gone home suitably content with a full tummy. It was him who had told me about Chris's show and the blogs, so I told him that I'm now blogging like a thing possessed and am also totally hooked. He laughed and laughed but wasn't too surprised. My family think I'm on my own planet anyway, so nothing I do would surprise them. Who needs Sealand for goodness sake, when one's on one's own planet...

    ... On to more important matters - as Gaby suggests the purple outfit, I'm going to go for the red, because you'd look great in either and so you need both. Hope to catch up with you soon.

    Moose - lovely to hear from you and have you, Mrs Moose and the dear mooselets been anywhere interesting today? As for me studying late in life - it's been the most amazing experience and I wouldn't have missed it for the world, so never stop dreaming. We must always have our dreams and if there is some way of fulfilling them, then we need to at least try. I know I've been really lucky, because after many years of bringing up my family and various other things that made it impossible, when the opportunity arose to study I leapt at the chance in my mid-fifties. It's never too late to reach for a dream...

    ... I'm also grateful to my bruv, who has helped me so much by making sure that my computer is always up and running. He upgrades it regularly and if I have any problems with it he fixes them for me. He's a very special brother.

    T - how lovely that you were able to have your windows open today. I'm afraid it was much too cold for that up here in the northeast, so I sat looking out at the sun, but with the windows firmly closed against the chill...

    ... I was so sad to hear that you had a miserable day yesterday and of the difficulties you're going through. Although I can't say or do anything to help, I am thinking of you both and know that things will be resolved in one way or another. Bless you, I'm with you in spirit and so please consider yourself hugged my dear.

    Gaby - geraniums, if you want red my love, have red and enjoy them. I live in the north and people do have baskets of red geraniums planted out and they look stunning. Wonderful flashes of colour that brighten up the place. Let's face it the last few summers haven't been too bad and I did hear somewhere that this year's going to be one of the hottest on record...

    ... If I had a garden I'd have a beautiful Norfolk beach hut in it, where I could sit looking at my handiwork at the end of a busy day. With those dear little steps leading up to it. Don't know yet what colour I'd paint it - oh yes I do, a wonderful singing Provencale blue. Perfect. Now, I'm going to need some flowers planted nearby, maybe a climbing rose for starters - must dash out for a gardening catalogue tomorrow. How I wish I could...

    ... And as for your mates, they simply do not know what delights they're missing by sneering at ham, egg and chips! Have your Sky problems been fixed after all?

    I'd better go now, before I explode the blog all on my own.

    Before I do however, I'd just like to let you know that I'm going to sit myself down by the radio tomorrow afternoon at 5, with my tea and enjoy the return of our dear Chris.

    xxx sallycat

  790. At 05:51 PM on 14 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Evenin' all

    Well, what chance we'll make it to 800 before our beloved leader comes back?!! Come on Moose - it's your turn this time!

    Jax - so pleaed for you that the belly dancing is making you feel a bit lighter in spirit - purple is my favourite colour, so good choice!! Keep smiling - and dancing xx

    T - a few of us on the blog have been in your shoes and my heart goes out to you. It might feel like you're in a long, dark tunnel at the moment, but there's a light at the end of it - honestly - it just might be round a corner at the moment. Big hugs to you {{{hugs}}} and I hope you can come to a decision that's right for you both xx

    Went for a lovely long walk along the seafront today in brilliant sunshine. Makes things seem a whole lot brighter when the sun's shining, doesn't it?!

    Night night - he's back tomorrow - YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

    Sallycat - I can see you!!!!!

    jillygoat xx

  791. At 06:51 PM on 14 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    evening, bowling was good - tho i am really really rubbish. As only us brits could ever say tho, its the taking part that counts.....?!

    Sallycat - the mancub is the perfect age for bedtime stories and wont go to bed without one. He is 17mths. His favourite at the moment is 'thats not my dinosaur'.

    Moose - i watched paul mckenna the other night actually, i thought it was realyl interesting and am trying to remember to put it in to process. Can eat when hungry, can eat what i want (never been a problem!) cant always leave some and sometimes forget that eat whatever i want doesnt mean eat whatever you want in what ever quantity! Will keep on keeping on.

    T - marriage guidance is defo worth a try if both of u are prepared to try it. Trust me! :o)

    Happy Sunday all. See you all tomorrow at 5pm.,..... if not before!


  792. At 07:51 PM on 14 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Good evening friends xx Hope you are all well

    Jax – Your belly dancing classes sound fun,
    what a great idea from your Mum.

    Sallycat – You are an amazing Lady. I admire
    you for following your dream. Your family
    must be very proud of you.

    I really enjoyed my day in town with my sister.
    We are both in our forties but still enjoy a wee
    girlie day out :-)

    Sammie – Well done on the weight loss xx
    I have lots to loose myself, I started detox
    but only lasted three days because on the
    fourth I had put on a 1lb so I give up!! (this was what I based my guess for Moose on –
    it was nothing against you Moose xx) I’ve
    got to be the only person on the planet who
    puts on weight during detox!

    Anyway talking about food :-) I'm with you
    on the marmite & cheese, will add the bacon
    next time.

    I’ve tried the internet dating agencies too,
    but like you came across some unsavouries,
    which has put me off using them! Which is unfortunate because there are a lot of nice people out there but you always get the idiots who spoil it!

    I hope you have recovered from you netball
    injury xx

    When I grow up what would I want to be? –
    To marry and have my own family – I tried
    the first but it didn’t work out – sadly I can’t
    have the second! Don’t feel I have grown up
    yet so, I would still like the first and to become
    a foster parent (going through the process for
    being approved) or be fortunate enough to
    meet someone with a family I could be part

    Moose – Some friends came for lunch today,
    we all enjoy your rocket and asparagus – Thanks xx

    Hope your man flu has gone, and you have had a nice Sunday xx

    Keith – Enjoyed the joke :-)
    Re my msg – it should have read good luck for Monday, I do wish more money for you, but wouldn’t say it the way I did in my msg! Hope that makes sense.

    I need a proof reader as well as a spell checker!

    Hazel – Hope your man surprised you and arrived home earlier than expected xx

    I’m very envious of those living close to the coast, it has always been my aspiration to live
    by the sea. From March my Sister will have
    a Caravan on a site near Stranraer and her
    plot is a stones throw from the beach, so I
    am looking forward to spending some time there.

    Really sorry this msg has gone on a bit, but there is so much to catch up on! Don’t worry
    I’m nearly done :-)

    Opps food again - Moose I’m with you for the sausage and mash, with onion gravy lol

    Gaby – I was annoyed someone would want to
    put you in the situation they did yesterday!

    Your dream came true……1-1
    We lulled our opponents into a false sense of security in the first half (they were winning 1-0)
    but managed to secure a 1-2 win by the final
    whistle! :-)

    Sandra H – I hope your friend will be ok!

    T – Sorry to hear your having a difficult time xx

    Well folks…..
    only 1 more sleep until our leader returns
    only 4 more sleeps until the OAMC
    and only 5 more sleeps until those not attending hear all about it :-)

    Take care everyone xx

    Love Mary xx

  793. At 08:15 PM on 14 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Hello, good evening and welcome : )

    guys, I am on my laptop - am not showing off that I have one - I am not blowing my trumpet......in fact, I didn't know I had a trumpet to blow. It is very antiquated (a bit like it's user)....the point I am clumsily trying to make is that , this machine is cr*p....I can't read all of each of your messages as when I try to scroll down it leaves out big chunks....also, formerly it has crashed because the pages take a while to download (I am boring myself here)....move on Gaby.......oh, yes, was just excusing myself for not having been able to read all of all of your posts. Kids are on pc.

    Keith ....hi : ) .good luck tomorrow - I will be thinking of you. A few of us seem to be at critical points with decisions, don't we.
    Loved your 1-1 dreams.... : )....it was very stressful watching....a big game for both sides...and so many players seem to get sent off these days - so 2 yellows was a worry...........I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

    T.....I don't know what to say - just know that there is loads of love coming atcha. xx

    My mind has gone blank, so many things I meant to say....


  794. At 08:18 PM on 14 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    Evnin all :-)
    OK ...I have been remiss again but I do apologise and I have tried to catch up (sometimes really hard to do) - I have a pounding headache today - I think too much information in there trying to get out!!

    I hope you all had a good weekend and tomorrow the big C is back so I may send this again tomorrow :-)

    Moose....poutine, I may have had some years ago but I am a veggie now so dont eat gravy ...no poutine for me. I was going to vote on your weightloss but missed the boat :-) See what happens when you take a day or two off LOL

    Sammie - I have been on all the dating sites, POF etc etc...no luck yet, if you need help let me know, I must be part owner by now :-)

    Keith - you rest luvvy !! You must have been exhausted this weekend...keep us posted what happens tomorrow....thinking about you ( )

    Congrats Jillygoat on your rise, way to go girly girl!!!

    Cathmel - I feel for your friend....I hope she does the right thing...I guess all you can do is be there.

    T - (hugs) for you...I feel for you, I have been in that exact same position. Try and work it out if you can (I am divorced) - you have to dig deep and try and sort it out. I am thinking about you.

    All you other luvvies, sorry I have to go and lay down now...head a bit better but not great so have to rest cos I do have to work tomorrow.
    I will try and get with the blogging programme tomorrow and keep up - hey maybe this could be a full time job.

    Welcome back Chris...looking forward to hearing your show on the weekend

    Luv to all
    Joan xxxxxxx

  795. At 08:31 PM on 14 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    I know that the lyrics of this song are a little....well, I don't know.......but I think that a few of us have had a particularly troubled few days/weeks/months/years!! ...... this song works better if you sing it. Go on, you know you can.....after three. one , two , four....where's three, oh, there it is.........

    Smile.... tho' your heart is aching,
    Smile..... even tho' it's breaking.
    When there are clouds
    In the sky, you'll get by if you
    Smile, through your fear and sorrow,
    Smile, and maybe tomorrow
    You'll see the sun come shining through
    For you...when you
    Light....up your face in gladness
    Hide, every trace of sadness
    Although a tear, maybe ever so near
    That's the time, you must keep on trying
    Smile, what's the use of crying
    You'll find that life is still worthwhile
    If you-u-u-u just smile

    I hope you sung it - I did - it's made my Sky reception go wonky again but hey....it's only Real Madrid. : )


    Loving your work



    ps bien sur monsieur

  796. At 08:37 PM on 14 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Sky news is doing this thingymajig at the moment - where they are having this running tally of 'UK's carbon dioxide emissions this week' in tonnes......I am sure then when Chris posts tomorrow (we hope), the rate of emissions will decrease exponentially because we won't have to do all that huffing and puffing to get the pages to load.

    Chris - we have missed you...


  797. At 08:50 PM on 14 Jan 2007, Sandra H wrote:

    Hi all! I've got that 'Sunday night' feeling - y'know. the one you had before you had to go back to school on Monday, but this time I'm going to get through my Monday blues by looking forward to having our ChrissyBoy back!!!

    Not nice today - had call from my sister (80 miles away) to say she's taken my pa to the hospital.....he 80, not doing very well so they've got to run some tests on him. It's frustrating to be so far away...but at least I can call him at the hospital.

    Moose - thanks for the vote of confidence for the muffins - whatever shape or form they take. & yes thank you, my pal & I had a good night. I took her mind of her marital problems by plying her with wine & making her watch, now stop groaning, the TakeThat Ultimate Tour DVD. What else does a girl need????? I know I should know better at my age but I just love them!!.

    Sallycat - Hope you are able to get off to the land of nod a bit better tonight, I must admit I've often thought of blogging on in the wee small hours to see who's around.

    To those off to the OAMC, I will raise a glass myself at the alloted time & will wait with baited breath for the first posts to arrive afterwards

    BigUn - loved the 'headache' joke

    & I'm so sorry but I forgot who posted the 'Far Queue' joke but it really tickled me, thanks.

    Sammie - You'll find you fella when you least expect it, don't give up!!

    Well, all the best for Monday folks whatever you are doing, I'll be thinking of you on the drive home after 5.00pm

    xx S

  798. At 08:52 PM on 14 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    It is truly amazing that this thing keeps going all weekend...

    T - thinking of you in your situation. Hang on in there and try and work it out. It's a big commitment to walk away from and worth trying just about everything to make it work. Take it from someone who's in the middle of trying just about everything to make it work!!!

    Gaby - nice draw!

    BigUn - I don't take too much notice of it. I am trying to maintain a general downward trend of weight for the sake of being around for the mooselets graduation ceremonies. That's what I focus on as my long term incentive. I'm currently about 10kg below my maximum ever and just keeping on going. Am going to try really hard to have a good week this week though, in more ways than one. Hope tomorrow goes well for you, my friend. Shame you won't be there on Thursday..next time we'll pick a bigger pub!

    JoJo - thanks for the wishes. This week could be interesting. I'm going to have to let my fans at Corporate X and Y down this week, as well as expecting further significant developments at my place.

    Sallycat - quiet day thanks. Spent the morning still curled up under my duvet, and the afternoon at home. Have not felt up to much more. I'm hoping for a marked cure overnight to give me some zip for the week ahead.

    Jillygoat - one attempt this time, and this is it...fingers crossed...

    Beachhuts - Wells in Norfolk has some particularly nice ones. Were these the original inspiration??

    Jax - purple is the favourite colour in this household...

    Anna - RE Paul McKenna - funny how those 2 rules are the easy ones. I never even get to think about not emptying my plate. By the time I remember I'm not supposed to it's all gone. Take now as a classic example...the usual jacket spuds ona Sunday eve for us. My plate is empty. Mrs Moose not even touched hers yet. She'll eat half, and I'll probably finish the rest off. I can't stand to see any plate not empty, not just my own. Buffets are a particular downfall of mine, and all-you-can-eat restaurants stay open just for my custom. Keep on going. I can recommend the mind-bending CD. I normally hate that type of thing but I have noticed I'm a lot better sticking to the rules when I listen regularly. It's also very relaxing to drop off for half an hour doing nothing at all. I usually listen in the car, sometimes remembering to pull over first!!!

    mwk - I didn't take it personally. And I did suggest in the first place that both positive and negative guesses were acceptable. I was subconsciously trying to tell people not to be too trusting in my will power - well done you for being the only one to pick up on it!!! Glad the recipe went down well.
    And you're another fan of a team in hoops, huh...

    Nighty night all,

    Chris back tomorrow. Shame (in one way only!) I've been enjoying this rather long thread...But onwards and upwards to the next one. I bet Chris hasn't read all 800 or so entries while he's been away. And with a new laydee, who can blame him?


    PS Wildebeest & Waking the Dead. I feel a strange affinity with the first - must be distant cousins - and love the second. Mrs Moose doesn't like it so I have some negotiating to do. I have the remote...

  799. At 09:12 PM on 14 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Yo Moose man,
    Just catching up with the blog on a Sunday evening prior to the start of a new one tomorrow YAY (Should be a stonker after so much time off, Lucky Devil) but I dont want you to think that I was dissing your dietary efforts on Friday. My assumption was simply based on the fact that when I am feeling rough or going through a bad time, I have a tendency to "cheat" for comfort value.

    Anyways, Goodnight all and see you on the flip side tomorrow! Best wishes to those undergoing trials at this time, whatever they may be!!

    DD out

    PS Sleep well all!!!

    PPS Kinda lingers!!

  800. At 09:14 PM on 14 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:


  801. At 09:24 PM on 14 Jan 2007, The BigUN wrote:

    Gaby thanks for that song lyrics.....I will be singing it all night now ;-) Just what I needed although the kids and neighbours have started complaining :-))


  802. At 09:25 PM on 14 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Darn. Missed again.

  803. At 09:42 PM on 14 Jan 2007, Sammie wrote:

    Evening All!!!

    Well, haven't we been busy Bloggers today??? Beautiful day - about time we had one like this - love clear blue skies and sunshine - don't mind the cold at all!!

    Haven't done much today - the kids are feeling a bit low, so have kept them at home (daughter didn't even bother to get dressed - although not sure if that's because she's ill or because she's 15...), although I'm sure a good brisk walk would have done them the world of good. Rugby match was cancelled, so son was miserable, but there again, he wouldn't have been up for much anyway.

    I have been good today and completed the mundane, tedious tasks that we all must - washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc - good job as my mum turned up unexpectedly! She has a way of judging your housekeeping efforts by just moving her eyes - she is VERY houseproud - borderline OCD I think!

    Re: growing up - I'm going to live in a small village in Cornwall with two black Labs and a blue, battered Land Rover. I'm going to write novels and a newspaper column. Every week, I will go into the village for supplies and people will keep their children off the streets, saying "It's Wednesday - the mad woman will be out there"!!!!

    To all you lovelies that responded to the weight loss thing - thanks :-) MWK - you probably put weight on, as you're not eating enough! You'll get there in the end.

    Regarding menfolk - well, what can I say? Maybe I am too picky... We'll see - have been in touch with the nice chap again today - might be nice to have a date with him - shall I ask him, or wait for him to ask me? So confusing!!

    Also - on one website - one of the 'matches' was my husband!!! (We were separated...) YUCK!!!

    I'm off now. Chris is back tomorrow - will I be able to sleep - not sure. Have a lovely long drive to Bexleyheath tomorrow, so will have the whole show on (without interruption from kiddies!!!).

    Take care all.

    S. xx.

  804. At 10:04 PM on 14 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Hey Sammie,
    We need to coordinate our futures. Either we make sure we're in villages at opposite ends of Cornwall, or we'll have to get separate days sorted...otherwise all the villagers will go mental and kick us both out.


    PS Dissing Dave - no offence taken whatsoever.
    PPS Congratulations JoJo - what prescience, and what a classic post for the 800th!! I'm not bitter at all :-)

  805. At 10:27 PM on 14 Jan 2007, mwk wrote:

    Hello again xx

    I love it when I hit the f5 and so many of you have posted :-)

    JOJO - Congratulations on 800 xx

    Gaby - Nice song lyrics xx

    Sammie - Thanks, xx I do try to eat healthily but I am guilty of missing meals, by the time I get home some nights I can't be bothered to cook just for me! I also need to exercise lots but feel to self conscious to go to classes. I enjoy going for nice walks and I have ordered Lillia (from strictly come dancing) dance exercise dvd I need to be a bit stronger and get motivated xx

    Moose - you will get one of the number milestones! I'm going to guess you will be #100 tomorrow :-)

    I have been a hoops fan since I was a little girl and enjoyed watching the games with my Dad and Brother, although I was regularly distracted by my Dad who thought he was on the field at times, it was the same when I watched the boxing with him. You would have thought he was in the ring! Brings back happy memories :-)

    Is this the highest we have got to when Chris has been away? I can't remember what we reached last time.

    I think this is the first time tomorrow being Monday isn't so bad knowing Chris will be there for us at 5pm will get me through the day :-)

    Night night xx

  806. At 11:09 PM on 14 Jan 2007, sallycat wrote:

    This really will have to be my last visit for the day and I hope I don't wake up at the crack of dawn again!

    First of all - a big welcome back to you Chris and hope you've had a fabulous break.

    Mwk - I'm so glad you enjoyed the day with your sister. It is nice being together for a little while. I love to see mine, but it's not as often as I'd like...

    ... As for my family - they think I'm absolutely barking mad to be honest - they love me, but think I'm peculiar. Having said that they've always encouraged and supported me with things, so they're brilliant really...

    ... I wish you all the very best of luck, that you do become a foster parent and may all your other dreams come true.

    Keith - I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, so all the best.

    Joannie - sorry to hear about your pounding head and hope it's gone away after a good night's sleep.

    Gaby - Saw the song and wanted to join in, but had a mouthful of trifle and cream, so thought it best not to at that particular moment.

    Sandra H - yes I do remember those awful Monday morning blues. Shudder...

    ... Very sorry to hear the news about your father and hope he's improved now that he's in hospital...

    ... Beach huts - no, I didn't see them in Wells and can't remember where it was. I went several years ago and have forgotten I'm afraid.

    Moose - all the best for the week ahead. I've really enjoyed these few days and so don't know what the normal situation is when Chris is in the command chair.

    Sammie - I hope the children are feeling better now and I like your idea for when you grow up. Like you I feel very self-conscious going to exercise classes and wish I could motivate myself more. All this and then we read all the delicious and crazy food suggestions that have been flying about this blog!

    Goodnight everyone and thank you for a lovely day.

    xxx Sally

  807. At 03:22 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Joannie wrote:

    So I missed the 800 - I am going to try to be the last one on the Christmas blog before Chris' new one tomorrow or today in your neck of the woods.

    WELCOME BACK CHRIS - we have missed you as you can see..looking forward to your show... hope your move went well. I am so looking forward to your blog tomorrorw.........its our new year blog, can't wait.

    See ya
    Joan xxxxx

  808. At 07:03 AM on 15 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    I have never been som pleased that Monday is here!


  809. At 07:21 AM on 15 Jan 2007, ASHY wrote:

    Morning all.Well the day has finally arrived YIPEEEE!!! roll on 5 o clock...... What do you get if you mix one chilli with a few glasses of red wine???ONE SNORING HUSBAND.Which is why I have spent the last few hours reading the blog, 800+ excellent.Welcome to all new bloggers and lots of love to all that are having not the best of times at the moment.Big Un loved the headache joke many more please.Well this will not get the kids ready for school so will check in later happy Monday everybody back laterXXX Ashy

  810. At 07:52 AM on 15 Jan 2007, JOJO wrote:

    Come on Chris - Wakey, Wakey! We're waiting.........................

    Happy New Year & Welcome back, can't wait for 5 pm, we've all missed you.


  811. At 08:06 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Oh Bugger, missed 800 by posting 3 minutes too early!

    Still the start of a new week, and the return of the one and only, and the best team in radio.

    roll on 5 o'clock!

    Have a good week all,

    DD out

    PS Rocking Reading in charge but Rambo AJ nicks a Sly point!!!!

    PPS The Piranhas

    PPPS Respondez sil vous plait

    PPPPS Ecoutez et repetez

  812. At 08:19 AM on 15 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Morning to insomniacs and the few others,
    Starting to regret coming in to work today. I know I'm a man but am actually beginning to think my man flu might be the real thing. Still, couple of Lemsip (other cold and flu preparations are available) tablets will get me through the next few hours, hopefully.

    MWK and Gaby - Come on the Hoops (whichever colour and flavour). Personally I like BBQ Beef and Original and Rangers (sorry to use that word MWK). I always used to like Celtic too when I was a kid - probably just the hoops thing. I had them in Subbuteo (other table football games are available). Then I dicovered that 2 other Scottish football teams were equal to my team and things started wavering (Queens Park + Rangers = QPR just in case you are feeling slow like me this mornig). Then I was a student and lots of Northern Irish fellow students highlighted that I apparently "had" to be a Rangers fan due to religious persuasion. Never liked being told I "had" to do anything, so since then have returned to liking Celtic just to spite them.

    MWK - I'm really, really not bitter about it at all. OK. Now don't mention it again. :-)

    Joannie - good to hear from you, sorry you are not last. I can see people posting on this one still, even when Chris has posted, just to be last.

    Sallycat - thanks for the msg. I'm sure you will enjoy it with Chris back much more. You will devote even more of your life to it than you have over the past few days.

    Ashy - men huh! Personally, I'm NOT the snorer in our house (except when very heavily man-flued up, or very heavily red-wined up), so I can sympathize.

    I have been avoiding the alcohol since Friday night. Partly because of cold and partly because of depressant effects...I'm looking forward to be back on my feet properly and able to enjoy a glass (or two).

    I was going to say that it's Asparagus and rocket night tonight. But I need to stop thinking about food so I won't.

    I was going to say I'm off for breakfast now, but...


    See y'all later. Maybe on a new thread!!

  813. At 08:20 AM on 15 Jan 2007, anna wrote:

    Good Morning, Good Morning - its great to be up late... well it would have been if the mancub hadnt decided that he was wide awake at 5.30am... oh well atleast i can catch up with you all before dashing off to my 10am mtg.

    So Chris is back today, welcome gome Chris. Looking forward to catching you later! ;o)

    Keith - have a good day! Hope it goes the way you want.

    Moose, Have a good week in all seses. (PS i swear by washing up liquid on food leftovers, otherwise i would have snaffled em without evening knowing it!)

    Gaby - thank you for the song. werent we all in fine voice yesterday!

    SandraH - thinking of you and your Pa.

    Sammie and Moose - bagsy Lelant!

    have a nice day all! See you all at 5pm!


  814. At 08:29 AM on 15 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Smile.... tho' your heart is aching,
    Smile..... even tho'…………………

    Oh Gaby make it stop…………!

    JOJO, well done on the 800 it is indeed a milestone ;-) and well done to us all for the other 799 ;-)

    Welcome back Christoper Evans, you public awaits you ;-))


    P.S. There was once a man, who worked hard all his life, saved all his money and was a real miserable miser.

    Just before he died he said to his wife, 'When I die, I want you to take all of my money and put it in my coffin with me. I want to take it with me to the afterlife. You got that dear?'

    So his wife promised him with all her heart that she would put all his money into his coffin with him.

    Well, he eventually died and stretched out in his coffin, his wife sat dutifully beside him, alongside her best friend.

    When the service was over, just before the undertakers got ready to close the coffin lid, the widow cried out, 'Wait a minute'.

    She produced a small box which she placed beside her husband in the coffin before the undertakers bolted the lid and carried it away.

    Her friend whispered to her, 'I knew you weren't fool enough to put all his money into the coffin with him.'

    The loyal widow replied, ' I am a Christian and I never go back on my word. I promised him I would put all his money into his coffin, and that I did'.

    Her best friend said, 'You mean to tell me you put all his money into that coffin?'

    'Sure did', said the widow. 'I gathered it all together, transferred it into my bank account and wrote him out a cheque. If he can cash it, he can spend it.'

  815. At 08:43 AM on 15 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Anna - you can't come into this at this late stage and start bagsying :-)
    ...although as you probably know, I already have somewhat of a claim staked on St Ives...if not then I'll take Towednack or Morvah (My motorbike was called Morvah. Mrs Moose used to go to a school with someone called Morvah, she knew someone else with a dog called Morvah, and then there's the village. I decided that there should be a motorbike with the name too...). Ok with you Sammie...not sure if your dream is village-specific or general?
    I think we'll still have to ration our days though, after all, Lelant and St Ives are quite close, and I'd have to drive through Lelant quite often. Obviously you'll need to go to St Ives frequently too...I quite like the Badger but it's not the Sloop...and our house and garden are filled with pots from Griggs Forge - we know the potter there so he's done some one-off pieces for us, including a huge bread bin that he had to have 4 attempts at before he could fire one that didn't crack. It's perfect for holding a loaf from the machine (if there's any left...)

    Enough reminiscing. back to cloudy and boring Hertfordshire.
    Just to warn you guys, my blogging activities may be severely dented soon. A new person is supposed to be moving in to my office area today, taking the one desk left and the only one that's behind me...and he's a higher level than me. So I will have to be a little more on guard, and do a little more work...I think I can remember how to do that...

    Oh and Anna - nice idea on the washing up liquid. I'd have to get the left overs into the kitchen first though, or keep a bottle in the lounge...


  816. At 08:57 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Oh fffffffffffiddle sticks.....just posted one and my pc crashed when I pressed 'post' - it said it couldn't load the error template. Well, I wasn't asking it to do that!! Grrrrrrrr : )

    This is the skinny version of my missive ("thank goodness the first one didn't get here", I hear you cry).....

    Mary - nice win for your boys...hula hula to the hoops. xx

    JOJO - nice timing : )

    Sandra H - I hope that your Dad's test results bring you reassuring news. x

    Moose - it made for stressful watching. Good luck with your work situation....Corporates X and Y will do everything to try to overcome your objections in order to have you - WE know it's too late but they will just keep on trying : ) Hope it all goes well for you my friend.

    Sallycat - I think my singing would have been improved by the presence of trifle in my mouth : ) You mentioned that you were wondering how it all goes when Chris is here....well, in a nutshell:

    1 Chris posts (a little later on a monday due to his commuting from the country to the town (ususally))

    2 We go into a frenzy of replying : )

    3 Some old gal called Gaby always seems to post her morning missive just when Chris is posting his which means that everyone refreshes their page to get Chris' new blog up and Gaby's post gets tucked at the end of the thread from the day before, with the result that not many people read it ("thank goodness for her appauling timing", I hear them cry)


    ps Moose #801 - Phil Collins

  817. At 09:02 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Hooray - The Blogmeister returns!

    Did anyone watch the darts last night - never thought I would ever say that! (Other pub sports are available) It was v. exciting (again, never thought I would say that).

    Big Congrats to all for making this blog the longest on record (By my reckoning anyway!),

    moose - why not try for the first post tomorrow? Or the last post here? or the 900th post here?

    I love the 800th post - comedy timing at its best

    When I grow up I want to live by the seaside, but I'm not fussy where, somewhere back in the south west (where I grew up) would be fine (other coast lines are also available), as long as I can walk the dog in the sand over the winter, and run jaywalking tourists over in the summer I will be happy.

    Catch ya later :o)


  818. At 09:08 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Dissing Dave - lol, lol Reading/Stallone : ) xx

    Joannie/Moose - if my last post got through ("hopefully not", I hear you cry)...then this bit will make sense. Having read your bit about being last, I will no longer look upon being last on the thread as a disadvantage : ) : )

    Keith - it's a while since someone has said that to me : ) : )


    ps I can't stop singing it either - who wants to smile when it's all hitting the fan anyway : ) . It's the last thing that helps!! : ) xx

  819. At 09:09 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Good morning Monday!

    ...Beautiful Day by the Levellers...

    What a beautiful day indeed. I did try to put a comment on yesterday, but the whole thing C-R-A-S-H-E-D BIG style, so...

    The boy got home on Saturday hoorah! He thought he'd surprise me, which he did, but unfortunately I was on a bus and not indoors...so he picked me up from the bus stop! We ended going to my friends wee soiree together which was fab, then spent the whole of yesterday having a dressing gown day with no contact to the outside world!

    Thank you so much everyone for all your good wishes. XXXXXXXXXXXX


    Moose - I breathed PLENTY of sea air for you. I walked about four miles up hill and down dale and was absolutely SOAKED by the time I decided to get the bus home! Sat there steaming on the top deck...nice!

    Gaby - You don't know how who got what in from which angle? ahem. Don't think that's the sort of talk that would usually be approved of by the omni-present Q and M...Glad you liked the joke by the way...one of my faves, but a lot of people don't geddit...and anyway, Gaby could be your nom-de-plume, you could really be called Tarquin, and we'll only find out on Tuesday?

    Re the sh*fting - me and the boy are owed about £5000 from 18 months ago. We know we'll never see it, and then the boy got ripped off for another grand towards the end of last year. It has only strengthened our resolve not to be taken for granted in 2007. We have decided we are too nice, and everything with us is unconditional, but we're gonna try to be just a little bit harder...

    Moose - what can I say. The straight, the narrow, the high, the low...many rivers to cross my friend. I felt SO much better after I put my sadness on here, and all the love I have had back has totally blown me away (thanks T, sallycat, JO and every one else xx) and although I know I'm not really alone, it does get to you anyway...

    T - BIG LOVE to you honey. Mine just upped and left, but it was still a right b*stard to deal with. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. We're all here for you.

    I'm gonna post this now as I do actually have some work to do believe it or not, and because of the system nightmare yesterday, I've got even more...

    agneau et squash de beurre

    PS Dissing Dave - I already did that one...

  820. At 09:21 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Moose - terrible news re man moving in to office. YOu must at the very least turn his desk round to face the other way, or at best throw his desk (and chair, just for good measure) out of the window.

    No time like the present

    One of your virtual and concerned friends, Gaby

  821. At 09:36 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Must dash

    Ticket office at Mad Stad opens at 10am - need to try to get tickets for Sheff Utd and Wigan....

    .....am late : )



  822. At 09:49 AM on 15 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Mornin' all - Chris, WHERE ARE YOU???? We need you back - NOW!!!!

    Moose - oh, so close to the 800!

    Sandra H - so sorry about your lovely pa, and I hope you get good news soon. Big hugs to you {{{{hugs}}}} xx

    Hazel Love - what a lovely surprise, the boy coming home early - just the lift you needed, eh? Well done me lovely xx

    jillygoat xx

  823. At 09:49 AM on 15 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Gaby, it has been a while that anything with me has lasted that long! ;-))))

  824. At 09:50 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    mwk - Mary! I've just read your post, tried to do a bit of catching up, then thought I'd do another one! He DID! and it was lovely...I haven't stopped smiling yet (which alarmed the man in the corner shop this morning...)

    Joannie - Best of luck for week 2

    BigUn - let us know!

    Glad you all enjoyed the far queue joke...Sandra H - Thinking of you...

    Now then, Beach Huts. They are quite often up for sale in the Brighton and Hove area, from about £8k or so. There are SO many rules and regs though...they look quaint, but you can't live in them as you have to vacate them by 7pm and you can't open up til 7am, so you aren't 'allowed' to stay overnight! or leave any 'personal belongings' in them. They are basically a very expensive shed in which to keep a kettle and some deckchairs. The only saving grace really is that they do look priddy all in a row!

    Much to my newly hair-cutted boss' chagrin, I am singing the 'Smile' song - thanks Gaby!

    Sammie - Another version for you...try a lightly toasted bagel, scraped with marmite, slather on some 'proper' cream cheese, and sprinkle with crunchy grilled bacon...and a BIG cuppa tea!

    Loving Monday so far, and the fair Krystoffe is BACK TODAY YAY YAY YAY...

    Will we make 900 before then, and does anyone care? My money is on Moose for 899.

    ...and who will be No#1...

    cafe rouge

    ps - anna, I'm gonna come to Notts anyway...now you've been to cookery school, it all sounds too good!

    pps - I've REALLY got to get on now

    ppps - I caught up yesterday before I posted, and it all went horribly wrong, so if I've missed anything vital please accept my most 'umble...

    pppps - Moose - the corporates won't know what they've got til it's gone! Fight the good fight...antlers at stun!

  825. At 09:59 AM on 15 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Gaby - can't turn his desk...it's a little office at the back of an open plan area. I'd have to move MY desk so my back was to the wall, resulting in no way for him to get to his little office (maybe not such a bad idea?). Good luck getting the tickets. Not so long ago, people would have regarded you as VERY strange for being so keen on Reading vs Wigan tickets...think back to 1986 when QPR vs Nottingham Forest was a REALLY BIG game...funny how life changes, innit?

    Hazel - thanks. I feel better already for the higher ozone levels.

    Isn't it funny how the same thing can be so beneficial in the RIGHT place and so harmful in the WRONG place? (I'm talking ozone, by the way, but it applies to many other things...)


  826. At 10:04 AM on 15 Jan 2007, cathmel wrote:

    Moose - I have been feeling a strained atmosphere between us (hope I'm wrong) but I just wanted to sorry you're not feeling well & I hope you get better soon

    Keith - Funny joke!!

    Jo - I love the sea side. I hate being land locked as I am at the moment and get down to the coast as often as I can. I love Cornwall as well especially marazion.

    Dr Mc - how was your weekend? Enough BOGOF for you outlaws?

    Have a great day hazel, gaby, sallycat. jojo

    C x x

  827. At 10:29 AM on 15 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    I'm not going to grow up - ever!

    jillygoat xx

  828. At 10:47 AM on 15 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Sorry, I think I'm being all self-absorbed at the moment...I shall take yours and MWK's feelings as feedback that I have an opportunity to be more giving...definitely no bad feeling from my pov. Promise :-)

    I think I've got into the habit of posting so much that I've got quite reactive to individual points that I see, and have got bad at being complete in my reading and reviewing. In real life too, I can get obsessed with single issues and stop listening to what else is being said...

    Someone I trust suggested to me last week that I should "play the stress card" in my little game at work. I immediately reacted "NO WAY!" as it has always been something I thought I wouldn't do.
    A moment's reflection though, and there are a number of tell-tale signs that I might be ignoring a little too much. I've always prided myself on dealing with the stress very well...a BUPA (other private medical practitioners are available) doctor once told me that stress is not about how potentially stressful your lifestyle is, it's about how you deal with it (they had a scale and I scored 13 out of 14, I think, but had no physical or mental signs of not dealing with it - at the time, but it was about 7 years ago).

    I don't think I'll need to play it though...I have heard a report back from a meeting on Friday (that I wasn't at) of a cryptic comment that could mean the pointy-haired boss is about to roll over and give in. Yippee! if he does. No chickens counted yet though. Three aces ready to play this week, when the time comes...

    Sorry, there I go again.
    Get my point, cathmel??? My point is "Sorry!" Sending you a hug just to reasure you {{}} (platonic of course!!!! I'm a married moose!) :-)

    And you've got Marazion...as long as I can visit to come to the galleries and to go across to the Mount. Especially Christmas morning service in the chapel...went back in 2005 and it was really nice! Over on the boat that turns into a lorry on the sand. Mooselets loved it!

    Hazel - I think you are right...I'm gonna keep posting on here until I get 899 then stop...even if I'm talking to myself (I'm used to that.)

    Sammie - hurry up and claim a village, they're going fast. I'd recommend Porthcurno or Lamorna or Zennor or Sennen or St Just or Trewellard or halsetoen or Newbridge or .....


  829. At 10:54 AM on 15 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    New guy not turned up yet...
    Only 70 to go...


    PS Where is Chris?

  830. At 11:00 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Jax wrote:

    I grew up once but didn't like so I'm never doing it again


  831. At 11:22 AM on 15 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    Jax - thanks for the warning. I won't bother...

  832. At 11:27 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Hazel Love - your day yesterday sounds so lovely. So pleased you had a lovely time. Re Tarquin...darn, my cover is blown : ) Re Gaby...I have already had one friend asking me 'Is that you?!!' Sorry to hear about your being ripped off - that's awful.

    Keith ...lol...lol ; ) Keep us posted...about the job I mean!!!

    cathmel...how we all love Cornwall - could be a beach OAMC in a few years!! : )

    Moose - very worrying news about positioning of your desk, although back against the wall is no bad thing. This could be a time to use that time-honoured command.. to the newby...'If you can't beat us, join us'!!
    ......lol re Wigan vs Reading!! - you are so right...and it's an evening game!!!!


    ps sorry about the 'Smile' song guys : ) : )

    pps half a guiness and a pork pie with pickle in the drawing room please Mr 'udson.....

  833. At 11:29 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Jo wrote:

    Yo! (check me being all urban and stuff!)

    My friend was 30 last week and got engaged - she said it was really wierd as she wasn't sure she was old enough! I share that sentiment!

    :o) Jo

    PS. Can I bagsy Croyde? (Other seaside towns are available)

  834. At 11:30 AM on 15 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    If anyone saw that new Nicholas Lyndhurst thingie, Celia Imrie had one of the best lines ever...something like...if you're a real grown-up, you call yourself an adult, not a grown-up.

    Just for the record, I have never considered myself grown up...it is a bit odd (well probably some people would think it odd) but the boy and I have a few friends whose parents are only a bit older than us, but the parents are grown up...if you see what I mean...?

    I put my eternal youth down to binge drinking, eating what I like when I like (but I do stick to the other two rules as well...), dancing, walking and the occasional cig.

    Now, Gaby, I wonder, as Chris is due back, shall we see all the others return too?


    ps Tongue in cheek

  835. At 11:31 AM on 15 Jan 2007, jillygoat wrote:

    Moose - can I please claim Pendeen? I went there years ago and stayed in a converted barn on a farm, the first week in January - it was bitterly cold but the barn had a woodburning stove and it was one of the best weeks of my life. I still had my lovely doggy then and he went mad on the beach, trying to chase the waves - invariably he lost!!!

    Also, my great-great-grandparents are buried there and when I went there for that week, I managed to find not only the churchyard, but their headstones as well.

    Moose - if the rest of us stay quiet when the blog gets to about 795 you should be safe for 800!!

    Stress - it's a tricky one, as it can just creep up on you without you realising. I had something similar a few years ago and I was the last one to realise that something was wrong. Everything seems such an effort when you're that low, but at least the only way is up after that. It's not an easy one to treat either - everyone's circumstances are different - and it's like a constant fog in your head, but the mist does clear - eventually. Mind you, insomnia was the start of my symptoms .....

    I think Chris and the IT department at the Beeb must be struggling to move the blog into 2007!

    jillygoat xx

  836. At 12:00 PM on 15 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    sold, again as long as I can have access to my favourite eatery in Trewellard (said the Cornish way, with one syllable..try it!)


    PS CLP back on the new blog! - I fear my quest for 900 is doomed to failure...

  837. At 12:09 PM on 15 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:


    If your new boy hasn't turn up yet ....and by my clock it is 12.07pm, GMT....then, surely he has missed his chance of having his 'little office'??

    Your company could have earned half a day's rent on that space - I think he should now be demoted to the desk INFRONT of you so that you can keep an eye on him and poke him with one of your antlers (I had 'your antler' in originally, but I thought everyone might think I was double entendring ....again) if he goes web surfing...or, zut alors, blogging!! I have heard that some people do it at work.

    Be on your guard


  838. At 12:19 PM on 15 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Hazel, careful what you claim as already done by yourself. In best not the nine o'clock news fashion. I said "I did that" and he heet me!!

    Still end of session now we have a new blog!

    Chris is in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  839. At 12:55 PM on 15 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    Oh Mr Dissing...can't have you being last can we?

    Bloke sees a dog licking 'himself' and says to owner 'I wish I could do that' Owner says 'If you ask him nicely he might let you.'

    ...and Gaby...can't think of anyone I know who blogs at work...

    see you next door

    ps that area of carpet is particularly slippery sir

  840. At 01:32 PM on 15 Jan 2007, Gaby wrote:

    Guys your jokes are so good, Keith, Hazel Love - : ) : )


    ps the last laugh? : )

  841. At 01:32 PM on 15 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    ..or you Hazel...

  842. At 01:48 PM on 15 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Why not!!

  843. At 02:36 PM on 15 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:

    oh Moose

  844. At 04:04 PM on 15 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:



  845. At 04:54 PM on 15 Jan 2007, TheBigUn wrote:

    Me, me, me LOL!


  846. At 05:07 PM on 15 Jan 2007, sallycat wrote:

    Just got home after a brilliant day and am catching up with you all. But the best part of the day is yet to come!

    The show has just started and my grub's cooking, so I'm set for a great couple of hours.

    See you later.

    xxx Sally

  847. At 06:16 PM on 15 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Where is everybody gone??






    DD out for the last time

  848. At 06:37 PM on 15 Jan 2007, Viv A'Schuss wrote:

    So please please say what was Santa's favourite Request???

    (was doing m' Streep in Aaaafrica at the time)

    Do go for the growing meat and veg - nothing like sitting crowds of mates down for Sunday lunch knowing that every single thing they eat comes from your garden/fields. Heaven

    Adore the show and we've missed you so much.

  849. At 09:19 PM on 15 Jan 2007, sallycat wrote:

    Would you belieeeeve it - had a blog started and then I touched the wrong key and the whole thing disappeared. I was not amused.

    So - here's another try.

    Hope you all had a happy Monday and got home safe and sound, without too many travelling or general problems - and this includes the weather!

    I did enjoy Chris's programme and am certainly looking forward to the flood of comments. Should be very interesting.

    Moose - How are you and did the Lemsip help after all? Although hearing about a new bod in the office can't have done much to help. And to add insult to injury he'll be sitting behind you. Not good in that, on top of everything else, he'll take you away from blogging. Desk, chair and filing cabinet most definitely have to be hurled out of the window.

    I do hope you'll be back on your feet very soon and ready to get on with things again. Let's hope the pointy-haired boss does in fact roll over and give in.

    Some of your comments were very thought provoking, especially something you said to Cathmel about being reactive rather than stepping back a bit and giving yourself time to listen to what is actually being said. It's an interesting topic for discussion because we all do it at some time or another.

    All I'm trying to say is, please don't beat yourself up about it and simply start being kinder to yourself. The most important part of your life is you, Mrs Moose and the dear mooselets and everything else has to come second.

    Sorry if I've spoken out of turn, because I am very much one of the new kids on the block.

    BigUn - Thanks for your headache joke and I'll forward it to some of my family and friends. Should cause a few smiles.

    Anna - Hello and I hope you're day has been a good one. How did the 10am meeting go?

    Sandra H - How's your Dad and has he had the tests yet? I'm thinking of you and your family.

    Gaby - I didn't fancy clearing up the trifley, sticky mess from every surface in the room and most definitely wouldn't have been able to clean the ceiling if I'd joined in with your song.

    Thanks for filling me in on the procedure now that Chris is back on board.

    Jo - I can't believe the length of this blog and it must surely be one of the longest on record. If there is such a thing as a record of that of course. I'd love to have seen CE's face when he realised what we'd been up to...

    Many congratulations to your friend on her recent engagement.

    Hazel Love - Sorry about today's CRASH and hope it was sorted out very quickly. Lovely that you had such a wonderful weekend with the boy -and bless you both.

    I wonder if the reason we think beach huts are so cute is because they are all in a row.

    As for even more sh*fting and all the other rotten stuff that you've both been subjected to - I can't understand why people do it.

    It's also hard to realise that you have to be wary of people instead of just unconditionally trusting them.

    When things are hopeless and there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel, just remember, you're not alone because we're there right alongside you.

    In fact, it seems to me that whoever's going through difficulties and is sad, the same applies. What are friends for if not that.

    Cathmel - The last (and only) time I was in Cornwall was in 1962 and I fell in love with Perranporth.

    How has your day been? I've had a wonderful one and my mind was buzzing anyway when I got home, so it's positively galloping along now. All down to your good wishes I'm sure.

    jillygoat - How right you are in your comments about stress and the fact that very often we're the last ones to realise that we're suffering from it. it's a dreadful thing and breaks my heart that so many people are having to go through it nowadays.

    Viv A'Schuss - Santa's request was 'Between the Moon and New York City' by Christopher Cross. I didn't hear it myself, because at that time I didn't even know anything about this wonderful group of people and hadn't heard the programme on the day it was played.

    Oh yes, home grown vegetables are sheer heaven and the only such meat I had was some home killed pork that was also delicious. There isn't a taste like it and bears no resemblance to anything bought in a shop or even a good market.

    I think that had better be it for now so I'll say cheerio and catch up with you all tomorrow.

    love to all



  850. At 09:27 AM on 16 Jan 2007, moose wrote:

    no, me...

  851. At 10:55 AM on 16 Jan 2007, Hazel Love wrote:


  852. At 12:07 PM on 16 Jan 2007, Dissing Dave wrote:

    Very good Hazel, now try Doh, ray, fah, soh, lah, tea and finally doh again. I believe they've already solved this problem though ;-)

    congrats Moose

    DD out

  853. At 06:55 PM on 07 Jun 2007, partypooper wrote:

    The End

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