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  1. Chief Fundraiser

    Fraser’s mum Shona had a perfect pregnancy. But during his birth, Fraser’s heart stopped and he was starved of oxygen. Near death for the next 72 hours, he spent the next six days in intensive care.

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  2. Digital Content Producer

    Find out where your local BBC outside broadcast for BBC Children in Need appeal night is taking place. Why not pop along and join in the fun?

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  3. Digital Content Producer

    The BBC Scotland Children In Need Choir came together for the first time this week - 123 pupils from 22 schools across Aberdeen and the Shire. They'll perform live on the BBC One Appeal Show on 16 November.

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  4. Digital Content Producer

    BBC Scotland has just unveiled its plans for this year's BBC CiN Appeal. Jackie Bird will present the Appeal Night for BBC One Scotland, and a full day of fundraising will take place on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday 16 November.

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