One of the highlights and most important parts of grant-making is hearing from people involved in the work we support. In a very vibrant and sometimes moving event, we welcomed almost 100 young people from across London to come together to ‘SPEAK OUT’ and share their opinions and experiences about the issues that are important to them.

They were joined by youth workers, BBC journalists, representatives from the Children’s Commission, Department for Education, local government and youth work organisations who were invited to ‘LISTEN UP’ to the needs of London’s young people.

An event to give voice to young people from areas affected by the 2011 London riots.

Our event came after last year’s disorder over the summer that touched many young people either as victims, participants, onlookers or volunteers in helping clean up communities. The voices of young people deepened our understanding of what young people need to feel safe, happy and secure and to have the chance to reach their potential.

A year on, these messages continue to inform how we make grants and the types of grants we make. We fund hundreds of projects in London and across the UK supporting young people and will continue to listen to young people and enable them to come together and be heard.


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