Fundraising Heroes – London and the South East

Chief Fundraiser

As we leap head-first into fundraising season, it’s becoming hard to hide our excitement as all signs show that this could be our biggest and best year yet. We haven’t had to search far for Fundraising Heroes this week as we’ve been stepping just outside Pudsey HQ to explore London and the South East of England, with very exciting results.

Our first heroes are a group of familiar faces. The cast of The Faulty Towers Dining Experience are currently serving up some highly immersive and painfully entertaining comedy at The Torquay Street Theatre in Charing Cross Hotel. Audiences are invited to have a meal whilst being graciously attended by Basil, Sybil, and Manuel in true Fawlty Towers fashion. The cast are hoping to raise £10,000 for BBC Children in Need- if you want a taste, check out this clip of what happened when Pudsey paid them a visit!

Some people have a passion for sport, some for film, but six-year old Louie, from Milton Keynes, has a very unique passion: lawn mowing! Over the summer, Louie has been working hard to keep the lawns of Milton Keynes in top shape (supervised by Dad, of course), all to raise money for BBC Children in Need. Louie’s mum Sarah told us how Louie has mowed 12 lawns so far, but is still as enthusiastic as ever, “he is passionate about mowing so he was totally in his element.” Louie, we think this is the beginning of a beautiful fundraising career.

Has a terrible day at work ever made you want to throw a pie at your boss? How about throw at your accountant? It seems like the staff at PH Accountancy Ltd have experienced this feeling once or twice. On Friday 15 November they’re taking time out of their busy schedules to throw cream pies at their boss, Andy. It’s all for BBC Children in Need, and is also open to the public, so if you’ve always wanted to pie your accountant, this might be for you! We think brave Andy, courageously willing to be pied for BBC Children in Need, definitely deserves a fundraising hero mention.

We were also pleased to hear that the very photogenic staff at Swale Borough Council are hard at work putting together a staff calendar. All paper, printing and finishing has been donated by local firms and the finished calendars will be sold in aid of BBC Children in Need. The busy staff have also organised a two-month treasure hunt. Good work!

And finally, our last Fundraising Hero is Gary Collins, who has organised a gruelling 1000-mile bike ride with his cycling club, the Red Lion Mountain Bike Team. Gary and his team of around 20 riders will be passing through the beautiful villages of Pirton, Hitchin, Charlton and Offley on their largely off-road track, which they’re hoping to complete in under 24 hours. It’s going to be a challenging ride, and Gary and team are hoping to raise an amazing £10,000.

A huge thank you to our heroes – every donation helps children and young people right here in the UK. If you’re currently fundraising or just in the brainstorming phase, let us know! Just email your local address on this page to tell us what you’re up to. You can also get in touch on Twitter by following us and tagging @BBCCiN. We can help you to promote your fundraising events and maybe, just maybe, you could be a BBC Children in Need Fundraising Hero!


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