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Own goal over Scotland fixture

Chick Young | 15:10 UK time, Monday, 27 April 2009

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To B or not to B, that is the question.

And here is the answer. No, not in a month of Sundays. Nor Wednesday nights, for that matter.

Why has the SFA decided to take on a B international match at second prize level against Northern Ireland at Cumbernauld next week?

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Old Firm departure would be ruinous

Chick Young | 11:51 UK time, Tuesday, 21 April 2009

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They are, I see, attempting a remake of the Great Escape.

The Old Firm are poised to attempt to tunnel out again but it will all end in tears, as grisly a mess as poor Steve McQueen on his motorbike.

It is a weary debate, but if they go they will have the blood of the Scottish professional game on their hands. Not that, I suspect, huge swathes of their support - blinded as they are with a love of Ireland and England and a loathing of the Tartan Army - will care.

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SPL split starts making sense

Chick Young | 15:30 UK time, Tuesday, 14 April 2009

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Hold that result. I might have changed my mind again.

Yes, yes, yes I plead guilty to the crime of inconsistency. But this time my indecision is final.

It's the player of the year thing. A first it was Pedro Mendes and then it was maybe definitely Scott Brown, but now I just can't rule Andy Dorman out of the equation.

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Scots duo pay dearly for mistakes

Chick Young | 17:29 UK time, Friday, 3 April 2009

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It was a tough enough shift for Barry Ferguson and Allan MacGregor looking on at Hampden on Wednesday.

It's going to be sheer hell for them if Scotland make South Africa.

It was meant to be one for the road at Cameron House. It turned into the end of the road. Oh, boys what have you done?

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