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Nadine - 'Insatiable'

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Fraser McAlpine | 11:21 UK time, Thursday, 28 October 2010


So, the tabloid hooey that it would be uncharitable to mention in relation to this song can be summarised thus:

Nadine's song is out a week later than Cheryl's. It is like Blur vs Oasis all over again.

Nadine's album is out a week later than Cheryl's. It is like Take That vs East 17 all over again.

Nadine and the other Aloud girls might not be getting on as well as they would like you to believe. It is like Robbie vs Take That all over again.

Nadine might not do as well with her solo album as Cheryl will with hers. This is possibly because one of these women is a key part of a hugely popular weekly TV talent show, and is currently enjoying national treasure status, and the other has yet to prove that she can break out of the constraints of being Nadine from out of Girls Aloud. It is like Sabrina Washington vs Alesha Dixon all over again.

SO, having got all of that out of the way, what's Nadine's song actually like?

(Here's the video. Somewhere there is an empty dressing-up box looking rather forlorn.)

Well it is clearly the work of someone who wants to make it very clear that they are mature, and that their music exists in a timeless sphere which is unaffected by current trends. There are grinding guitars in there, and real brass instruments, like grown-ups use in their songs, and there's a lot of soul in Nadine's pained howl.

There are no spiralling club-banger synths, there is no autotune, there is no mad chanting, and no-one sings "ayo". Four things which would place Nadine at the very now-ness of popular music, and therefore ruin the idea that she's a soul madam from always o'clock.

If we are to draw a parallel with her bandmate, based on the music alone - Cheryl's hit songs seem to speak to a public idea of what her love life is like, while Nadine is attempting to prove that she is no longer the young girl with the big voice that she was in 2002. She's now a fully grown woman with a big voice. And big voices and rocky-soul go together like Paloma Faith and hats.

And actually, if there is a comparison to be made musically, it's probably with something like Paloma's 'Stone Cold Sober', or some of Tina Turner's '80s hits, only you never heard either of those two making that strange "a-haow" noise with which Nadine begins proceedings. It sounds less like an emotive mic-check and more like one of those compression sounds people make when they're clearing out their sinuses.

Work your way past all of this baggage though, and there's a bright, engaging song here, sung by a woman whose voice deserves to be heard on its own merits. Whether there are enough people out there willing to do this, in the midst of a gossip tornado, is a different matter entirely.

Three starsDownload: November 1st

BBC Music page

(Fraser McAlpine)

It's Pop says: "The track is clever precisely because it is not an instant smash, but a grower that takes a few listen to fully reveal itself."

Reflective Inklings says: "What makes things even sweeter is the instrumentation done. The track does not sound like a rip-off of a Guetta-produced track at all."

The Chemistry Is Dead says: "first thing it reminded us of was that Kiss cover by Tom Jones, then a bit of Echo by Girls Can't Catch and Rihanna's Umbrella in the verses"


  • Comment number 1.

    Now heres just another Cheryl Cole career.
    She'll have a hit with this then just be in the shadows just about getting into the top ten.
    Nothing special.
    2.5 STARS

  • Comment number 2.

    I agree completely MassiveFlapJack, although you can quote me when I say that Nadine's not going to be half as successful as Cheryl, purely because the media are against her whilst they wet themselves over Cheryl.

    Great review Fraser, but I'll argue one point - this sounds like a tired, half-completed version of a Cheryl Cole demo record. It doesn't sound half as magnificent as ANYTHING by Paloma Faith, particularly in the vocal department; Paloma has a defined character and sassiness in her voice, whereas Nadine is just, as you say, a "big woman with a big voice", and that is all.

    2 stars

  • Comment number 3.

    I really like this song its not amazing nor is it dreadful its more of an attempt to say her i am i am as good a singer as any and i can right a damn good tune too boot and its yet again not gonna get a look in as the media wants us to believe shes a prima donna with a penchant for cat fights mainly involving my nemesis cheryl cole now maybe if nadine got on a souless talent show this could get her a number 1 or is that just a blanket assumption i think not i hope nadine does really well though oh and i love how 80's this song is.

  • Comment number 4.

    Tom makes a good point y'know

  • Comment number 5.

    Mmmm Paloma Faith...sorry, you were saying something about Nadine?

  • Comment number 6.

    Paha! My sentiments exactly, Olivia! Who is this Nadine?

  • Comment number 7.

    I'm fairly sure every time I see Paloma Faith I fall a little more in love with her. I'd happily marry her if she'd have me.

  • Comment number 8.

    You serious?

  • Comment number 9.

    LOL! MassiveFlapJack needs to learn that most of the regulars here at BBC ChartBlog would happily marry Paloma!

    Move along Olivia! She's mine!

  • Comment number 10.

    Paloma is rather gorgeous, yes. :)
    I'll be honest, I'd rather have Brandon Flowers so no worries about extra competition.

    I'll be honest, I quite like this song. Nadine can just sing, simple fact. I like how she's not trying too hard to sound current and do stupid fancy dance routines, like a certain Mrs. Cole (well, Miss Tweedy).
    At a push, it's not as credible as Nadine probably thinks it is, but still, decent song, I agree with three stars.

  • Comment number 11.

    On Brandon Flowers, he's brought the release of the second single from his début solo LP 'Flamingo' forward by one week. 'Only The Young' will now be released on November 29, but it will face big competition from Nicole Sherzinger, Taio Cruz, Alesha, Akon and Shakira & Dizzee.

    Speaking of rescheduled LP's, after Take That moved the release of both single ('The Flood'), and album ('Progress'), forward by one week (now released November 8 and 15, respectively), Westlife have moved the release of their single and album back one week, to avoid clashing. 'Safe' will now be released on November 15, and 'Gravity' will be released on November 22.

  • Comment number 12.

    Come to think about it...

  • Comment number 13.

    Only objection - I thought Olivia is a girl.
    Wait a minute?

  • Comment number 14.

    I am indeed a girl FlapJack, however for Paloma and/or Shakira I would happily bat for the other team ;)

  • Comment number 15.

    :O wow, Olivia, you're seriously turning me on now!!

  • Comment number 16.

    It'd take Gary Barlow or Max George (of The Wanted) to get me on the other team! :D

    Ohhhh it's all coming out now!

  • Comment number 17.

    Jared Leto guys ? x

  • Comment number 18.

    Oh yeah Jared Leto, what I wouldn't do to him :P

  • Comment number 19.


  • Comment number 20.

    Hahaha good god what have I started?!
    Gotta say though OddOne, Wagner back in the day looked to be quite the fox.

  • Comment number 21.

    I know!
    When I saw that I was like -
    'OMG Thats gotta be fake!!!'
    Imagine if you married him then and you were still married now.
    That would be scary.

  • Comment number 22.

    That's exactly what my mum said! She said you'd be disappointed if you'd married him then, wouldn't you. Although, I can think of worse things to wake up to than a Brazillian Bill Bailey-a-like, if only for the lols.

  • Comment number 23.

    (That last part came from me, not my mum I hasten to add. She reserves all such remarks for John Duttine and David Cook...)

  • Comment number 24.

    Oh John Duttine !!! (blushes)

    Just watched an old episode of Tales Of The Unexpected with him in it .

    He was sporting a very sexy beard !

  • Comment number 25.

    To Serve Them All My Days DVD Boxset = Great afternoon mother/daughter bonding tv but frankly, I draw the line at Heartbeat. I only wish she felt the same way -_-

  • Comment number 26.

    I really dislike this song. Nadine's voice grates on me! That is all.

  • Comment number 27.

    Ha ha !

    My mother/son bonding viewing is the Hammer House Of Horror Box Set .

    The bonding listening pleasure is The Carpenters Greatest Hits .

    She especially likes it when I take her out for an expensive meal and orders me to serenade her with Carprnters songs, in the car on the way home !

    My acapella version of We've Only Just Begun is truly magical !

  • Comment number 28.

    Olivia, please come and join us on the Jedward thread - we could do with someone like you more often ;)

  • Comment number 29.

    I have a feeling this will flop... just a small feeling.

  • Comment number 30.


    Too much information about your Sunday morning antics in bed , Bendtner !


  • Comment number 31.

    Coming back to this Nadine song .

    In my professional opinion it is a largely forgettable track , with only a minimal chorus hook to crow about .
    The verses are forgettable and I can understand why radio has largely shunned this .
    It sounds dated and the production is extremely pedestrian and lacking in magic .
    Insatiable sounds like a watered down , inferior version of Christina's fantastic , "Fighter "

    Nadine , you are going to need a more magical song , with bigger hooks , if you want a number 1 .

    Enjoy the champagne , Cheryl !

  • Comment number 32.

    "if you want a number 1"

    ... Or even a Top 40... Either there's been yet ANOTHER glitch on iTunes or no-one is downloading 'Insatiable'.

    After Cher Lloyd performed 'Shakespeare's Sister's 'Stay', it's soared up to #10, and currently is the second highest new entry this week, behind Alexis Jordan and 'Happiness'.

    Roll Deep are stranded at #70... which I don't really understand? Meanwhile, Tinchy and Taio are a little higher at #63.

    The Flo Rida assisted 'Higher' is at #39, whilst the original still hasn't cracked the Top 10 at #15. I did say moving the release back this far be ruin their chances of going Top 10 with their second best song yet.

    And possibly the most relieving news on the chart - 'Only Girl (In The World)', IS NOW #1. :D

  • Comment number 33.

    It's not in the top 200.

    That's just FAIL.

  • Comment number 34.

    And Rihanna being number one is good news.

  • Comment number 35.

    @ 31 - That's exactly what I thought - it sounds so dated. Wouldn't of sounded out of place if it was released 10 years ago. There's little to get excited about in the song.

    By the way guys, the song is still listed on iTunes for release tomorrow. Bit of a screw up as it will lose ground, but anyway that's why it's nowhere to be seen now.


  • Comment number 36.

    And Kutie , Nadine is extremely marketable .

    So this song should be huge ?

    Or is it the lack of appeal in a sub standard song that will hold Nadine back ?

  • Comment number 37.

    Yes, but as Oddie said - the media are out to get Nadine, which will affect things too. If Cheryl was releasing this song it would go straight to no.1 with massive sales, no problem. Just look at the sales of the boring Fight For This Love, everyone I heard said that was a dull song, but because it was by Cheryl everyone went and bought it.

  • Comment number 38.

    Ok lets try another .

    U2 are extremely marketable .

    Get On Your Boots was a lead single , A listed at Radio 1 .

    It became their first lead single in nearly 30 years ,not to make the top 10 .

    Why ?
    The clue is , it was a very weak song , with an underwhelming chorus.

    Discuss . . . .

  • Comment number 39.

    There is no way on earth that Insatiable has bigger hooks than Fight For This Love .

    Yes , FFTL had horribly cliched lyrics but melodically the verses, bridge and chorus are extremely strong , catchy and with huge pop appeal .

    Insatiable is forgettable and very un 2010 .

  • Comment number 40.

    I agree that Get On Your Boots was a poor song and flopped because of that.

    But it works both ways, depending on the artist. For example, most people (including us on here) agreed that The Saturdays' song Missing You was a poor song, lacking in any decent hooks and very underwhelming. So how did it manage to reach no.3 in the charts (and no.1 in the midweeks)? Because it was by The Saturdays, who are constantly in the papers, always being played on radio, and are extremely chart-friendly. If that song was by a new, unknown group, no-one would of bought it.

    And I never said Insatiable was better than Fight For This Love, I just think they are both pretty substandard songs in general. It's easy to say FFTL had great hooks now it's sold so much, but do you honestly think it would of sold anywhere near the amount it has done if it wasn't by Cheryl Cole and instead by a new, unknown singer? Really?

    And what about songs by artists who don't get the promotion and airplay of the likes of Cheryl Cole and The Saturdays? Didn't we agree that The Ting Tings' brilliant new single Hands, underperformed in the charts because of that very reason? It depends on the artist just as much as the song, if not more.

  • Comment number 41.

    Yeah , of course the magnitude of an artists aura and history may give them a lift when it comes to creating hype and power to get onto radio playlists with future singles , but they have to have the song to back it up .

  • Comment number 42.

    When did Katy PERRY become more marketable ?

    a) When the world saw a picture of her ?


    b) When the world heard " I Kissed A Girl " ?

  • Comment number 43.

    I actually quite liked Get On Your Boots, mainly because of the bassline.

    On the subject of Nadine, I actually really like this song even though everywhere I go there seems to be disapproval for it. It does sound a bit dated but can you really say it's forgetable and lacks a good chorus hook?!

    That chorus sounded huge when I first heard, especially as I was expecting something of Cheryl standard, and still sounds good today, if I was the sort of person who buys singles I would have no objection to buying it tommorow.

    Also the pre-order is at 105 on the Itunes Album Charts so obviously it has some popularity already. I'm predicting top 10 probably around the 5-8 area.

  • Comment number 44.

    @ 38

    Actually, whilst I agree with what kutox said, are they marketable?

    They may have been marketable back in their hay day with songs like 'Bullet The Blue Sky', 'Sweetest Thing', and 'Vertigo!' when guitars were the biggest things around, but when they released their last album 'No Line On The Horizon', synthesisers had already replaced guitars. How many acts were around at that time that were frequently in the charts AND made rock music?

    Just three: Kings of Leon, The Script and The Killers. And even though U2 had a huge following, most of there fans are older than those who like either of the three younger acts - mainly because U2 been around since the 80's and seemed to have failed to pick up new fans and/or they've been replaced by these younger, more marketable acts. So that's a large portion of download sales out the window, because a lot of middle-aged people don't buy music online.

    I think we're all looking at this with FAR too much depth. The reason U2 undersold with their last album and singles was because they've been out-moded. The two big things U2 had going for them have been replaced: the stadium rock sound? The Kings of Leon have it now, and they're a much fresher band than the Irish veterans. The second thing U2 had going for them was that they were Irish. Randy will concur in that we, the Irish, are fiercely loyal to their homegrown acts (cough cough Jedward and their #1 album), so when The Script popped up in 2008 with their lite-rock that was much easier to relate to than Bono's overly peotic lyrics, U2 were forgotten about and The Script had replaced them as the "big Irish guitar band". In fact, you could say Brandon Flowers' lyricism has matched - or bettered - Bono's, so there's another factor in them becoming less and less cared about by the music buying public. All U2's
    assets have been replaced.

    But why have The Script, Kings Of Leon and The Killers enjoyed continued success - in an age where guitars have been replaced by synthesisers and drum machines - when U2 have been left out? Well, it goes down to what Madonna and Kylie Minogue's big issue is - are they "cool" enough?. Madge and Kylie may have kept their sound up-to-date and fresh, but it's like when 'Mamma Mia!' (the film) came out. Everyone wanted to see it, but no-one under the age of 30 admitted they actually went to see it. Whilst Kylie and Madonna are still marketable, no-one admits to liking them anymore - at least no-one under the age of 30 who regularly buys music - and my guess is the under-30's are those who buy the most chart music. But with throwaway pop and "R&B" acts with a much cooler look and larger following, people are ignoring Madonna and Kylie (hence why the mighty 'Get Outta My Way' became Kylie's first physical single to miss the Top Ten in nearly 30 years). The three big rock bands of now are young and contemporary, and much "cooler" than U2, an aging rock band with diminishing sales figures.

    It should've been predicted, as it was almost carved in stone when, in November 2008, The Killers released 'Day & Age' and only had one hit single ('Human'), whereas the remaining three ('Spaceman', 'A Dustland Fairytale' and 'The World We Live In') went nowhere. Sure, the album went 4x Platinum but the Album Charts and the Single Charts are incomparible - acts like Professor Green and Diana Vickers will release an album and it'll chart high then plummet - but acts that have consistantly selling albums rarely do very well on the Single Charts, and the SOLE reason this is: since 2008, people want cheery, throwaway pop music that helps them forget the reality of the recession and the stresses of ever day life, as music is a form of escapism; songs like 'Dynamite' and '2012 (It Ain't The End)' will encourage them to enjoy life and simply party.

    So basically, U2 have been out-moded by The Script, The Killers and Kings of Leon collectively.

    Essay over.

  • Comment number 45.

    Oddone , I cannot believe that you are questioning whether U2 ARE marketable . Unbelievable .

    And are you saying that Bullet The Blue Sky and The Sweetest Thing are two of U2's most marketable songs ?

    Please no !

    The reason Get On Your Boots bombed is that it was an unremarkable song lacking in magic , it sounded tired and lacked a huge anthemic , killer hook. This seriously affected the sales of the album .

    Vertigo totally destroys Boots in the good pop song stakes , hence the results .

  • Comment number 46.

    Current Itunes Top Ten

    1 Only girl in the world
    2 Promise this
    3 Just the way you are
    4 Happiness
    5 Cooler than me
    6 Firework
    7 Forget you
    8 Just a dream
    9 Barbra Streisand
    10 Stay

    Come on Rihanna!!

  • Comment number 47.

    There are so many things at 44 , that I find erroneous but I will focus on one .

    "Get Outta My Way" became the first Kylie single to miss the top 10 in nearly 30 years "

    I will list the OTHERS that missed the top 10 in that period .

    1) WORD IS OUT

    There you go.....

  • Comment number 48.

    I really can't go into your other statements , as I am still laughing at your suggestion that U2 owe a lot of their success , due to the fact that they are Irish .

    Nothing to do with the effect of their songs then .

    Sorry buddy , you got me in hysterics .


  • Comment number 49.

    No need to get heated because I gave the impression I didn't like U2! I love U2, but it's clear they aren't marketable anymore. Synthesiser have replaced guitars. Saying the fact that 'Get On Your Boots' wasa bit naff is not the only reason it an 'No Line On The Horizon' underperformed, there were many contirbuting factors, which I outlined in my post at Comment 44.

    I love U2, but you can't deny people have moved on.

    Okay, 'Bullet The Blue Sky' wasn't the best example for one of U2's most commercial single, but 'Sweetest Thing' and 'Vertigo!' certainly are.

    And in reagrds to Kylie: my mistake.

  • Comment number 50.

    U2 will be back Oddie .

    Don't write em off !

  • Comment number 51.

    And spirit, they aren't marketable anymore, are they?

    The Script, The Killers and Kings of Leon do what U2 did, but younger people will celebrate those three acts mroe than U2 for the basis of being "cool".

    To most, U2 are a bunch of aging Irishmen. It's quite a sad thought.

  • Comment number 52.

    Can't say too much , but when the chips are down , they will deliver .

    They are taking a change in direction and perspective at present, with different production techniques , so watch this space .

  • Comment number 53.

    @51 .

    I take your point , if you are talking about the last 5 years .

    U2 have rightly taken stick for a very tired , unremarkable album , and no amount of spin doctoring can hide that.

    For arguably the first major time in their career , the dreaded national backlash is here .

    It shows that mostly in music , just like a boxer , you are only as good as your last album and U2 ARE CURRENTLY ON THE ROPES .

    The next single and album is crucial to them , if they want to get back to to the top .


  • Comment number 54.

    I heard somewhere that the album's called 'Songs Of Ascent', and will be released in 2011, as an album of religiously-themed tracks.


    Although I do concur, U2 are amazing, but their last album was sub-par.

  • Comment number 55.

    Didn't mean to sound heated .

    That was never my intention.

    On the subject of mistakes , I made one yesterday with Roll Deep . lol

    I don't know you personally , but I have a lot of love for you Oddie .

  • Comment number 56.

    Awww! Well, what can I say!? I have that affect on people! LOL!

    I'm joking of course! And yes, I have a lot of love for you too, spirit; you're quite the joker sometimes!

    Cheryl's 'Promise This' is officially the UK #1. Anyone know exact figures?

  • Comment number 57.

    Over 100,000 , I would wager . . . .

  • Comment number 58.

    Promise This - 157,000
    Only Girl (In The World) - 126,000

    As expected, especially after the first midweek sales had them at 68,000 and 51,000 respectively.

  • Comment number 59.

    Think about next week because theres gonna be alot of sales.
    Rihanna (X Factor)
    Roll Deep
    Alexis Jordan
    Tinchy and Taio
    And Cheryl
    And what about Mcfly and Taio

  • Comment number 60.

    I still don't understand why Roll Deep haven't reached the Top 40 on downloads yet? I heard at Buzz Jack it's a download only release too. Confusing much?

    As for the sales, I'm quite surprised... Rihanna only sold 30k less than Cheryl, yet Rihanna hasn't done any promo in the UK yet. It's no mystery then that if Rihanna's X Factor performance hadn't been moved to this week that Cheryl would've only got #2.

  • Comment number 61.

    I always find that a good measure of the catchiness of a song is whether you can sing it to yourself. I just tried singing the chorus of this in my head and I got "And Iiiiiiiiiiii...I wanna know what love iiis, I want you to show meee". Clearly once I played the song I remembered exactly how it went but it sure failed my memorableness test.

    ...ness ness ness

  • Comment number 62.

    Tinchy and Taio at 24

    Roll Deep at 30

    Nadine at 35

    This is a disaster for Tinchy and Taio and Nadine, not so much for Roll Deep since there album is out next week and POSSIBLY everyone is waiting for that.

    But for Nadine that is terrible.

    Then again, she's had little commerical airplay.

    Commercial airplay gets terrible songs like 'My first kiss' into the top 10.

    Tinchy will have another flop single, a shame really as last year he looked like a future superstar. (Album performance depending now)

    Roll Deep have had NO commerical airplay. And their album is out next week, so fine.

  • Comment number 63.

    Suprised that Nadine and Taio/Tinchy are making such a small impact on the charts, I thought they be top 20 by now at least. Not too suprised at Roll Deep considering I can't even remember one note of thier song though.

    Also it may not be so much of a disaster for Nadine seeing as her single is also being released exclusively in Tescos, this is what Peter Andre did last week with Defender (only with ASDA) and despite his single barely reaching the top 30 on downloads he made it to no.14 in the charts. All hope may not be lost for Nadine.

  • Comment number 64.

    The Nadine single is just not very interesting .

    Meh !

  • Comment number 65.

    Ok , am I missing something ?

    Where are the reviews of chart hits :

    Cooler Than Me
    Hollywood .

    Can't find em .

    Can anyone help ?

  • Comment number 66.

    Can't find em'

  • Comment number 67.

    "Can't find 'em", actually. :L:L

  • Comment number 68.

    On the subject of U2, I do think the lack of hit single did affect their last album hugely. I know people's tastes have changed since their previous album in 2004, but, for instance, Coldplay, who of course are also a huge globally-popular band, still managed to enjoy massive success with 2008's Viva La Vida album, which included their biggest hit worldwide to date with the title track. The album reached no.1 in 36 countries, sold 9 million copies (including the Prospekt's March EP), and became the most paid-for downloaded album of all time. If they didn't have that big hit single, it probably wouldn't of performed as well. I do believe that if U2 had a similar-sized hit (like a 'Beautiful Day') to trail their last album, it would of done much better.

  • Comment number 69.

    Totally agree . One great song with mass appeal can be used to launch albums and really elevate careers . Coming back to Nadine , if your lead single is as poor , uninteresting and as hook free as Insatiable , then no amount of hype or column inches can save you . Sundays chart will prove this point far better than my words can .

  • Comment number 70.

    LOL on spotify her song is down as by another Nadine. To be honest she isn't famous enough to call herself just by her first name.


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