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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:09 UK time, Saturday, 7 August 2010

DJ Fresh

Sometimes the brightest gems are right in front of your eyes, hiding in plain sight. Or just obscured by people who know they are there, but have forgotten to tell you.

With this song, and its fantastic video, I will admit that my attention was miles away, probably raking through some slower, drabber, less fun things (ie: ANYTHING ELSE). I had no idea something this ker-ay-zee, this life-affirming, this astonishingly chipper was released across on my beloved internet just seven days ago, until a friend dragged me over to look at what he called "the skipping video" on his phone.

Yeah, that's right, a skipping video. I mean how impressive can a video which features people either successfully or unsuccessfully jumping over a moving rope actually b...oh my LORD have you SEEN THE SKIPPING VIDEO? YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THE SKIPPING VIDEO! THE SKIPPING VIDEO IS AMAZING!

(Here is the skipping video. JUST WATCH IT OK?)

Now it's important to say that the skipping video would be as naught - NAUGHT I TELL YOU - without a suitably helter-skelter, pell-mell soundtrack. I say this even though there is a man in the video who is clearly the Timbaland of Double Dutch, but the beats have to move as fast as the ropes. This is not a video which would suit a slow jam, or a whimsical skiffle from the Kooks. What you need is the crushing skitter of ridiculous drums, you need angelic harmonies, some ranting, a four-chord turnaround which just won't quit, and it has to be FAST and FURIOUS.

It has to feel like you almost can't assimilate everything you're hearing on one listen. It has to feel massively distracting. It has to be the kind of song it would be impossible to do homework to. It has to be the kind of song you would only play to help you get over a breakup if the person you had split up with was Jeremy Clarkson. It has to feel like the kind of song which demands stage-diving, even if you're listening in your kitchen and the only soft surface to land on is your nan.*

THIS IS THAT SONG! It is to music what super-caffeinated energy drinks, mixed with sugar, and that stuff they put in chocolate bars that has a name like guano - guanana? Guerina? GUARANA! That's it! - are to tap water. Yes there are long term health implications, yes it's not as nourishing as a good square meal, and yes you can have too much of it, but OH GOLLY WHAT A RUSH! I FEEL SO ALIIIVE! RACE YOU TO THE SWINGS!

Can you tell I'm writing this in a state of high excitement? I'm not sure if it comes across.

Five starsDownload: Out now

BBC Music page

(Fraser McAlpine)

Data Transmission says: "When the half-beat drops, you realise how popular this track promises to become."

Gravity Skank says: " I'm not usually a fan of Ministry Of Sound videos but this one is pukka."

I Like Dance says: "The drum and bass scene rarely offers the world a track that has as much mainstream appeal as it does underground credibility."

* NOTE: Do NOT stage-dive onto your nan. EVER.



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