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Blood Red Shoes - 'Heartsink'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:37 UK time, Saturday, 14 August 2010

Blood Red Shoes

It is maddening to feel that you are selling yourself short. To know that you're built for better than the reality you have provided for yourself. To look about you at the ordinary people living their ordinary lives in what appears to be a permanent state of contentment, and be aware that you, with your extra depth, intelligence and maturity, should not be among them. Yet you are, and you've no-one to blame but yourself. How positively GHASTLY.

Of course, if you needed a way to vent this frustration, you could do worse than write yourself a nice finger-pointing song about the despair of being forced to exist in a place which does not recognize or cater for your advanced needs.

It's going to have to be a particularly furious kind of song though. Your Mumford strum wouldn't really get that small-town suffocation across - even though a lot of ye olde folke music comes from a very similar impulse, if you think about all of those songs about working and jobs.

(Here's the video. See? Utopia awaits!)

No, what this calls for is some elephantine guitar, playing the kind of strafing, dive-bombing, dakka-dakka-dakka fiery boom that really shows your townies that you have a taste for stronger poisons than they do. And set it to a sarcastic disco beat, played with venom. Plebs love disco, the plebs.

But just in case the message isn't really getting across, your lyric needs to be clear-eyed, dispassionate and utterly scathing. No Scouting For Girls "whoo-hoo", no cheeky wink into the camera. This isn't entertainment, it's a new constitution for a better life, a life where no-one is bored, no-one has to do things they don't really want to do, in exchange for the means to feed themselves. No-one has to put up with ordinary people and their ordinary lives - even if it means giving up on such mundane luxuries as the post, food, waste disposal, public transport or Blood Red Shoe shops.

And just in case it is too much to expect one song to be able to heal the wounds your expectations have inflicted on the harsh realities of your everyday life, well at least you've got something to dance to. Mosh it all out of your system, ready to go back to the grind on Monday, tired and achy, but temporarily relieved.

Four starsDownload: August 16th

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(Fraser McAlpine)

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GoldFlakePaint says: "It's probably safe to assume that Blood Red Shoes 'Fire Like This' album will rank highly on GFP's end-of-year list."


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