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Inna - 'Hot'

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Fraser McAlpine | 09:35 UK time, Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Is anyone out there good at crosswords? I've never really had that kind of brain, try as I might. Scrabble, yes. Hangman, like you wouldn't BELIEVE, but crosswords...not a chance.

I think it's to do with the way your memory works. If you're someone who tends to remember things in visual terms, Pictionary is probably your game. If you're a concepts person - who would see little difference in the words 'bush' and 'shrub' because they basically describe the same thing - chances are you'll be good at crosswords. If you tend to think about words as sounds, stringing together sentences in your head using phrases and expressions you've heard somewhere else, like a patchwork quilt of language, well maybe you should stick to word-searches.

From listening to 'Hot', I'm getting the sense that Inna is more of a Sudoku girl.

(Here's the video. Of course there's no story to it. Who do you think this is? Basshunter?)

Yesyesyes English is not her first language - she's Romanian - and she is clearly using the words to this song as a kind of percussion to break up the music. Unless you good-at-crossworders have anything to add at this point?

Here's the clue: "fly like you do it like you're high like you do it like you try like me do it like a woman"

No idea how many letters there are in the answer, sorry.

Assuming there IS no answer, 'Hot' serves to prove that sense is not a prerequisite of happiness in music. In fact, it's where a lot of pop songs fall down. The recent crop of Sugababes singles all tripped over the same problem, attempting to find a way for the girls in the band to describe how sexy they are. We don't really need that bit explaining.

Thankfully, Inna's pleading gobbledegook is a far more appealing proposition, especially when those ticky synths vaguely recall the glory of Boney M's 'Ma Baker' (LOOK! Lady GaGa's fashion parents!).

You could argue that this is fly-by-night dance music, that nothing really happens after the first minute or so and that it won't stand the test of time. It's basically Jedward's record contract in song form. But that's missing the point. This IS now, if you can't enjoy transitory stuff while it's happening, it doesn't make you too clever to be duped by silly tricks, it makes you the guy at the party who sits in the corner and won't dance.

Perfect crossworder material, in other words.

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