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50 Cent - 'Do You Think About Me'

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Fraser McAlpine | 12:43 UK time, Monday, 15 March 2010


Guest Reviewer: Anna Nathanson

In the past, Fiddy's certainly made no secret of how minted he is, culminating in his last single 'Baby By Me', in which he invites you to reap the benefits of his wealth by having his child.

Indeed, his history of making money-focused music has been long documented and this next offering is no different. But wait up - is that a glimmer of vulnerability I detect?

Breaking from his usual bad boy persona, 50 lets his guard down a bit, utilising some slick radio-friendly production and smooth vocals courtesy of singer Governor to convey his thoughts on relationships and how his wealth has negatively impacted on them.

That's right, there is now such a thing as a 50 Cent song in which being hugely rich and important has a down-side. Who knew we would live to see such a day?

(Can't show you the video, but I can say that it features his ex Vivica Fox, who turns nasty after she catches him cheating. She's shown sticking pins into an actual working Fiddy voodoo doll.)

Ironically, only one song ago he was happy to flaunt his riches to attract women, and now he is sad, because it turns out that some of them are a bit hard-nosed about the fringe benefits of love ("she don't care 'bout me, she just want some cash"). Erm, I hate to say this but you probably should have seen it coming.

Perhaps this signals a more grown up Fiddy, I don't know, but definitely it's a glimpse into the softer side of the man, delving a little deeper than the sometimes superficial nature of his earlier work.

This track might be a little on the schmaltzy side for fans of his harder material, but as a commercial rap record, it works perfectly and is stronger than a lot of his more recent work.

And perhaps he'll start taking his latest squeeze down to Maccy D's and Primarni from now on, just to see if she can handle the realness. But somehow, I doubt it.

Four starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: March 22nd
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